It was a clear and solid victory for Rand Paul on Saturday with the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) ushering in the straw poll which is taken at each annual event. This is a repeat for Paul who also won in 2013. Here are the complete CPAC 2014 straw poll results.

31% – Rand Paul (1)
11% – Ted Cruz (2)
9% – Ben Carson (3)
8% – Chris Christie (4)
7% – Rick Santorum, Scott Walker (tie 5)
6% – Marco Rubio (6)
3% – Paul Ryan, Rick Perry (tie 7)

What do you make of these results? Where does the GOP appear to be headed in 2016?


  1. Head and shoulders above the rest. Compared to Rand, the rest all look like cartoon characters.

  2. Mr. Paul is a good guy but he is not ready for the big chair anymore than that moron who sits in it now, however I would trust Rand more than I trust the idiot that is destroying this country now. I guess you can tell I am upset with the way things are transpire ring in this administration.

    • So what bothers you about Rand, his line on defense I take it ? I look at Switzerland that seems to have a much better defense system that had been tried and proven in two WW’s. They seem to be able to do a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

  3. Paul is the top choice at this time, but Walker may be a possibility. I’m not sure even Paul knows what his true foreign policies are. Billy, I actually like Israel’s conscription defense and exceptions (maybe our old conscientious objector portion). And I like Switzerland’s everybody’s a lifetime non-drilling reservist.

    • Sam: I disagree. If a country has UNIVERSAL conscription, a person shouldn’t be able to sit home and contemplate his naval while his equals are being killed. At the very least, there should be COMMUNITY service.

  4. What’s amazing here is that as much as many on this stream disagree about many things, Rand Paul seems to be a common denominator. I remember when he gave his victory speech for the Senate in 2010, I figured he would be running for president.

    The GOP seems to have a couple of wings. The bold colored conservative / libertarian wing and the pastel colored moderates. The moderates have the money are loved by the media and Democrats, while the conservative/libertarians get the votes, but offend the media and Democrats. It is likely that a moderate candidate will get lots of cash. They may count on a Romney repeat, a moderate candidate with lots of cash taking about 30%, with 7-8 conservatives splitting the remaining 70%.

    however if Rand Paul is strong out of the gate, and keeps his bold colors, he will outrun any moderate challenger. One problem will be the general election. The moderates may rather have a liberal Democrat in office than an honest to goodness conservative in office.

    The results mean that Rand Paul is very likely to be strong out of the gate. And unlike Obama whose campaign was driven by personality, Paul’s star is shining with the light of principle. People know what he stands for and like him because of his principles, that means his campaign is about ideas. How else could a guy get this popular when his dad is sort of the crazy uncle of the republican party? (although Ron Paul singlehandedly resurrected the idea of spending as a real issue) idea’s are more powerful than personalities.

        • Goethe Bore — as usual you do not know the meaning of words…kid.

          It is demonstrable (apodictic) that Rand Paul must become the next US President in order for our Free Republic to be SAVED from the forces of evil that have not stopped since Obama was elected in their ZEAL to destroy the USA.

          Apoplectic is what your posts are — your delusional mind posting here as if someone cared about your BLEEDING LIBERAL CRAP!

            • kooky Geothe Bore — I’ll give you credit….

              with your limited intelligence it is a wonder that you can energize your small brain to the point of achieving the needed energy to move your fingers in order to type actual sentences, and even paragraphs … regardless of the hogwash that you post, you still manage to post something (that’s an accomplishment on its own)!

              And learning new words on top of it…WOW, kid, Tess Liehard would be proud of you…..

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