The 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) takes place over the next two days at National Harbor just outside the beltway of the nation’s capital. On hand delivering remarks will be just about every major Republican who hopes to become the nominee in 2016. The entire conference is aired on C-SPAN and if you want to watch any of the speeches live, the schedule is available from CPAC.

Report from Fox News:

Sen. Ted Cruz kicked off an annual gathering of the conservative faithful by accusing his own party of standing “for nothing” in recent elections and urging the GOP to regain its stride by co-opting President Obama’s mantra of “hope and change.”

“Our country is at a crisis point,” the fiery Texas Republican said in the opening address of the Conservative Political Action Conference, held in suburban Washington.

Cruz addressed head on the current divide in the Republican Party between moderates looking anew for common ground with Democrats and party hard-liners like himself more than happy to keep waging battle against ObamaCare and other policies they see as representative of a bloated government.

“We need to repeal every single word of ObamaCare,” Cruz bellowed from the podium.

Cruz, to the delight of the crowd, borrowed Obama’s famous campaign trail phrases from 2008.

Recalling the unsuccessful fight last fall to repeal the health care law, Cruz mocked the outcry from Democrats and the media.

“They said ‘this is hopeless, don’t you understand, just move on, just accept it, you can’t do anything to stop this.’ — Yes we can,” he said.

Apparently Christie received a standing ovation this morning after delivering his speech.

CPAC always culminates with a straw poll at the end which is a somewhat meaningless but highly coveted prize for would-be contenders of the Republican nomination. However, Mitt Romney did win the straw poll in 2012 and go on to become the nominee so perhaps it isn’t entirely meaningless.


  1. I get impressions of politicians.

    For some reason, Cuban-Canadian Cruz reminds me of Drew Carey.

  2. It has to be the Democrats that are pushing Bush.. it could not be a clear thinking Republican.

  3. Prediction — Rand Paul will win the straw poll, with Ted Cruz coming second and Rubio far behind (fat Christie will be last, unless Jeb Bush opens his mouth).

  4. Chris Christie — the Rino Governor of one of the least free states in the Union, New Jersey — showed what he was all about.

    These are his sickening words that came out of his mouth — for all real Americans to see what a true anti-American Rino stands for!
    Speaking to an audience that stands to his right, Christie concluded on a cautionary note, tacitly suggesting that the GOP has hurt itself by nominating candidates that are too conservative.

    “We don’t get to govern if we don’t win,” he said.

    He, like all Rinos, Dems and Liberals WANT TO GOVERN — meaning to OFFICIALLY CONTROL the people what to do, or else!

    This threat of DICTATING our actions by someone that WANTS TO GOVERN US is the reason we revolted in 1776, but nowdays we are to put up with it..?!

    Sorry NO, Real Americans had had enough of you and your ilk!

    We want our Freedoms back, ALL OF THEM, under a limited and constitutionally responsible government to We the People, AGAIN!

    Crawl back under the rock that spawned your despotic sickness, Fat Christie, and may all of your kind follow your disappearance from US politics, too!

  5. As an Independent, who has been known to vote for Republicans, my greatest concern with their policies is their ability to attach labels. Sorting the populace into good people and not-so-good,the downright bad and dangerous people,the unreal Americans,and the anti-Americans has become a collective chant.

    What is a real American? As opposed to an unreal American, a fake American, an un-American American or an anti-American American? Anyone have a good definition? There is no disputing the fact that if you are born on US soil that you are an American .(in the Constitution). So, just who determines the status seems to be in the eye of the beholder and his or her political orientation.

    A belief in God, judging from speeches by Senator McCain and President, Barack Obama, is an essential part of American-ness. A violation of the US Constitution.

    From 1600 to 1778, Europeans living on our east coast were simply colonist of Great Britain, subjects to the rule of the English Crown. Due to the Seven Year Indian Wars, the English Crown decided to refill their treasury with taxes from the Colonist. Hence, no taxation without representation and the Colonist started a Revolution. In 1776 the Colonist started using the term United States of, I guess we ALL became Americans at that date, without any stigma’s attached.

    • Tess Liehard — what an idiotic post…did you Google this crap… since you are unable to think for yourself (but have displayed so far only the ability to parrot what you’ve read (regardless of its validity) only)..?!

      A REAL AMERICAN IS One that WANTS A Return to US Constitutional Law — whereby the US Government is SUBJECT to the Will of The People!

      Not what is transpiring now under the Usurper of the White House — Obama — and his underlings…where Real Americans are TO BECOME Subjects to this wannabe Dictator!

      Tess — why do you hate our Free Republic, to want to destroy it…are you an Illegal mexican here…?!

      • are in one clueless state of mind not to have any comprehension of the History of the United States of America. Constitutional law deals with the relationships among the states, the states and the federal government, the three branches (executive, legislative, judicial) of the federal government, and the rights of the individual in relation to both federal and state government. The Supreme Court plays a crucial role in interpreting Constitutional Law in Supreme Court rulings.

        The Framers founded a Republic because they recognized that mob rule could be just as great a threat to liberty as the rule of a king. Representation, Madison explains in Federalists 63, is “sometimes necessary as a defense to the people against their own temporary errors and delusions.” America’s constitutional framework thereby seeks to protect the people from the dangers of unchecked popular democracy. The people’s representatives, of course, remain ultimately accountable to the people who can vote them. People praise democracy as the most just form of government. What they mean by “democracy” is a regime in which free elections regularly take place and a government that protects the rights of all. Understood this way, America is a democracy, or to be more precise, a democratic republic. (From: The Heritage Foundation– Julia Shaw-Contributor)

        This is the United States of America and race is no longer a lawful factor so why would you ask my nationally? If you have the shadow of a doubt–call ICE.

        • Tess Liehard — took you 6 days to Google what’s common knowledge…?!

          And still you could not come up with a single original thought on your own… what a sad little Obama troll you must be, to parrot the Dems dead dogma non-stop…LOL!

          And I asked if you are an Illegal mexican here, since you sound like one (in your zeal to have our freedoms destroyed so illegals like you can reap the benefits WE, Real Americans, created in this nation)!

          You still have not answered….

  6. Goethe – thank you for the semi-support, it’s unfortunate that Godfrey bloviates (much like POTUS daddy) and has no clue. As I told on these threads a number of times I am a registered Tea Party and Libertarian and subscribe to their Platforms, unlike most Democrats who say they are but mostly they just full of mendacity. And the present POTUS is closer to the primary definition of a Fascist than a Democrat and bordering on a the secondary definition – He is also full of mendacity and that is why I despise him and the only President in our history that i don’t respect.

    CPAC – What Perry said about “eliminating the federal government’s role in businesses and education. (So they can) represent the new hope that America can be great again.”

    Paul talked about not voting for the lesser of two evils but that it was important to elect a “lover of liberty.” Remember, he is not as old as his father and not as fixed, his is trying to hear what “his people” want, and will modify to try and speak that he will pursue.

    Above all the Republicans / TeaPartiers need to get their shit in sync and combine the ideologies and make sure that 1st Amendment and all the Amendments are followed, leaving the bedroom out of all platforms. I still believe in Peace by being the biggest “Gorilla’ who believes do your own thing but “Leave me and mine alone”. But all the treaties . . . it’ll never happen.

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