For the most part, the battles in recent years have focused on domestic issues like the economy and health care. However, topics such as Libya, Egypt, Syria and now Ukraine have been on the front burner of international affairs.


Come 2016, which party will take an edge in addressing matters of foreign policy? Hillary Clinton will no doubt rely on her time spent in the White House and State Department as evidence she’s well versed in these matters. Do Republicans have any candidates currently testing the waters who can match her experience on paper?

I raise this topic because Reason Magazine, a libertarian outfit, had a piece asking whether Rand Paul’s views on foreign policy will be ignored in 2016 due to American apathy.

A lot could change before the 2016 presidential campaigns begin in earnest. However, assuming there is no major shift in American opinion before Paul’s widely expected White House bid begins, it unfortunately looks like Paul’s positions on foreign policy, which ought to be taken seriously given the current state of American foreign affairs, will be mostly overlooked by an American public that continues to be largely indifferent about foreign affairs.

Here’s an alternate question. Given Hillary Clinton’s questionable foreign policy record, will she be inclined to steer the campaign away from this area in general?

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