The President will deliver his State of the Union address for the sixth time in his Presidency tonight. The focus will likely be expounding upon the theme of “income inequality” which is set to be the Democratic platform in 2014.

Report from the BBC:

US President Barack Obama will bypass a fractured Congress to act on income inequality as he delivers his annual State of the Union address later.

The White House said Mr Obama would unveil an executive order to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour for new federal contract workers.

The Democratic president is expected to announce other executive orders, which do not require congressional approval.

He is facing some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency.

Mr Obama has called for a “year of action”, though Congress will limit his ability to get much done.

Just over a year after his re-election, Mr Obama must contend with determined opposition from the Republican Party, which controls the House of Representatives and has the numbers in the Senate to block his agenda.

Time is running short before Washington DC turns its attention to the 2016 race to elect his successor, threatening to render him irrelevant even with three years remaining in office.

So executive orders as far as the eye can see? Is that what we’re in store for until the next president takes the oath?

Undoubtedly, the President will say the “state of our union is strong,” do you agree with him?


  1. But for the liberal/socialist media and Democratic Party who have supported him, we would not be in the crisis that we are now. They have not withdrawn their support so we know where our first and biggest problem lies.
    Our candidate would not have been defeated except for the liberal media who campaigned and lied for him and then covered up the voter fraud.
    Don’t ever forget — they assisted in bringing this imposter and his Administration too office and continue to do so.
    As Rohm Emanuel said: “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” They have been weaked by Obama Care because it has gotten through/around the media — keep hitting them hard.
    We also need to turn our attention to them because they continue to be a future threat to our beloved country.
    In the interim, we need to stop as much of their damage as we can.
    They also support voter fraud and we should expect it to ramp up.

  2. By raising the min wage for Fed contract workers, he start the snowball for all wages everywhere to be raised for status-quo. Instead of making the United States business friendly to bring corporate’s and manufacturing back stabilize us and big money will starting spending instead just holding on to it offshore. But then Obama’s dream of making us the USSA and a second rate nation would fall by the wayside.

  3. To counter a tactic used over umpteen years the republicans in Congress are inviting their guest to tonight’s SOTU address who have had negative results from President Obamas policies.

    The “Politico” article entitled “State Of The Union 2014: GOP Guest highlight Obamacare Trouble”

    Really is this show and tell of any benefit besides to the low information public who doesn’t pay attention to what is happening and votes according to pure emotion? And come to think of it those constituents most likely are the last ones to even listen to the SOTU address. Why not give the American public a bit of credit, treat them like adults and cease with the pony show.

  4. State of the Union 2014 — or to be correct: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

    “Look Ma, he is nothing but a naked wannabe dictator”….

  5. 2014 State of the Union: Enhanced Broadcast — the whole 8 hours of this incredible Circus! Worthy of Nero the Emperor who burned Rome (the only part missing from this commercial-filled Bread-and-Circus show, is where the lions maul the Christians in the Arena).

    Dissecting it a part at a time (so you can see the travesties in just a few minutes!) — skip to tape clock time shown below to do so (or watch the entire 8:02:34 hrs/min/sec video and pay attention to the points made):

    ) 4:46:19 – 4:49:03 — nearly 3 minute Commercial cartoon plug for Obamacare (you know, the one that Obama DICTATES you to buy something even if it is against your will, or be TAX penalized if you fail to obey him).

    ) 4:50:34 – 4:52:54 — “Koshering the White House Kitchen” — super speedy video, ala Charlie Chaplin, showing how A Ginger Bread White House is made for the Obama’s (how cute, to spend so many men-hours to make it for them at the expense of American taxpayers monies)!

    ) 4:55:50 – 5:12:55 — the Circus begins. Skip these 17 minutes — to save time (Obama takes his time and won’t show up until his sycophants are in place to applaud him).

    ) 5:13 – 5:16 — Now Obama opens his mouth, and nothing but pure bull propaganda (that he mispronounces at times — it is as if he forgot the English language when it comes to lies, so can’t help himself but butcher it when lying) comes out of it.


    This is just the beginning of my dissection of the usurper’s address to his subjects — time to go, the fish are biting in Costa Rica.

    In a couple of days I’ll post the entire dissection of the Kenyan’s usurps, and MSM’s complicity in advocating it!

    Free the USA — Impeach Obama-where-is-your-real-birth-certificate Barrack Hussein !!!

    • SOTU 2014 continued: (will make a combined dissection with Numbered Points later on):

      ) Starts at 0:02:30 – 0:03:18 with some videos of some presidents — then at 0:03:19 begins Obama’s dogma, combined with propaganda by those that work on his behalf! Truly sickening stuff for the next 8 hours — so condensed by points for you to see this travesty in less than an hour!

      ) BHO propaganda continues till 0:04:58

      ) 0:04:59 – 0:10:10 Barrack and Michelle act up on photo-shoots, and the media shows how playful and cute they are, just like their new dog added to the White House (Sunny… and Bo, how cute is that…?! LOL) Then Obama stutters and mumbles trying to IMITATE the gravitas of Dr Martin Luther King… (if he was white — the media would have crucified him for what he did)! Plus, more, and more, and more propaganda (where Barrack still has the problem of stuttering when he is unsure of what he says — AND THESE ARE THE BEST, OF THE BEST VIDEO OUT-TAKES THE WHITE HOUSE HAS TO OFFER…LOL).

      ) 0:10:10 – 4:46:00 — 4+ hours more White House propaganda, and nothing else. Oh, except the constant plugs for Obamacare, and Obama spouting forth how great he is as president…!

      This is SO SICK, no different than the propaganda Hitler and Stalin used on their subjects, that I’ll take a break before going into what BHO ACTUALLY MEANT in what he said in his 2014 SOTU.

    • Har. The Surfisher/Gulag/Oblivious show returns.

      I wondered why he brought back the discredited “Surfisher” monicker, then I found out why: Not onlydid he spam over FIFTEEN different threads here, but also started at 3am at the Ron Paul site.

      • Goethe,Goethe,Goethe;

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      • goethe — “…I wasn’t engaging him…”

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