In a turn of fortunes for Chris Christie and Ted Cruz, both of whom lost six points in this poll since December, it appears a new front runner has taken the spotlight for the time being.

Report from Politico:

In the wake of his “Uncle Sugar” comments at the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has taken the lead in a hypothetical 2016 Republican primary, according to a new poll.

Huckabee gained 3 points in the past month to top the GOP field at 16 percent, according to a left-leaning Public Policy Polling survey released Wednesday.

Behind him were former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, at 14 percent; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, at 13 percent; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, at 11 percent; and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tied at 8 percent.

Both Christie and Cruz suffered major falls in support in the past month, each losing 6 points since December.
The poll was conducted beginning on the day Huckabee made waves with his RNC comments, which Democrats seized on as evidence of the so-called “war on women.”

“If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, so be it,” he said.

Interesting to note the drop in both Christie and Cruz. Christie I’m not surprised about, he’s taken a beating in the media over the purported “bridge gate” scandal and there may yet be more shoes to drop in that story. Ted Cruz is another matter since he regularly was leading polls in recent months. Why he’s been knocked down a few pegs is up for debate. Perhaps the Karl Rove crowd is having an effect at cooling support for the more conservative, outspoken elements of the party.

Still, most important to note, Huckabee leads the field with a measly 16 percent. Far short of anything even resembling a coalition. The major theme is that the identity of the party for 2016 has yet to be claimed.


  1. Huckabee has his own weekend FNC show and can rebuke leftist media, so some of their power is minimized. He is a pretty straight conservative shooter, I don’t think he is strong enough to take Clinton down or he would have already done it.

    • I agree. So far, the Republicans haven’t set forward any potential candidate who could beat Hillary, unfortunately.

      • Not:

        It’s worse than that.

        The GOP is going to spend a lot of time and brainpower to come up with ways to attack Hillary–and then, the Dems will pull out another dark horse.

      • It is a mystery to me why anyone things Hillary is a serious threat in going for the presidency in 2016. Her husband has the infamous distinction of having been a former Oval Office occupant impeached for perjury (his law license temporarily revoked fbecause of it for a time thereafter as well) whose record while in office was a disgraceful evening news continuum of reports of one affair after another, even with an intern young enough to be his daughter. When they finally left office, it was reported that the White House had answering machine messages that should have been censored and Bill & Hill had the unmitigated gall of having tried to make off with some of the White House antiques that had been there for centuries. Hillary as Secretary of State is now best known for having disgustingly declared “what difference at this point does it make” regarding the deaths of our ambassador to Libya and 3 troops whose deaths could have been prevented on her watch but to this day have not been vindicated by a military tribunal for both Obama and Hillary, yet it is sorely overdue. The only destination for Hillary after Benghazi should be the ash heap of history and a dead end to her political career, period. Just let the GOP begin parading the records in debauchery of Hill & Bill in political commercials and they will surely be history, giving Ted Cruz an easy landslide vote toward becoming the first American President of Hispanic descent. We can beat the Clintons, yes, we can. I think a Cruz/Pence ticket would be unbeatable.

    • Thanks, guys. Nope, I’m here. It’s been hovering around zero, and my pipes froze yesterday. Took me half the day to get water back.

      But there are two other reasons for my silence. One is that I’m afraid I’ve been too active on here, fearing that others might be sick of me. The other reason is that I have two unread posts from Surfisher/Gulag/Oblivious–and I’m testing your theory that if I ignore him, he’ll go away.

      Back on-point, if the poll shows leaders at 16, 14, 13, and 11– wouldn’t they all be within the margin of error?

      But Nate’s right. A six point drop by the Cuban-Canadian is curious.

      Also, congrats to Nate, for the teaser headline. I was guessing Rand Paul.

      • Welcome back Goethe – there is one person on here that i ignore and may soon be another. actually i probably have several that i antagonize. you and I “strongly discuss” but it’s all good. I thought you’d jump in on the other thread where Tess, Bob, and I land up discussing ‘Nam. When commenters just comment to denigrate, it is poor taste. As an excellent debater (which I’m not), you can and need to stay above it.

        Bob – I just went back and reviewed the comments on the previous Huckabee thread – Good, grief Charlie Brown what a discussion, i really got up on my spiritual horse and opened my alligator mouth. but you’re correct, we actually covered poor Huckabee’s chances.

        • Sam: I tried to find the thread on ‘Nam, because it sounds as if it might have been interesting. Couldn’t find it. What was the heading?

  2. Mike Huckabee. What an appropriate name! I am fascinated by the religious ‘right.’ folk. I keep trying to figure out what religion it is that they practice.

    • Why Tom – I’m quite surprised you would ask that. It is mostly the dominant of the three Abrahamic religions – Christianity – which is 78% of the U.S, population. Throw in Judaism (2.45%) and Islam (0.8 -> 1.0) and you’re over 80%. And all three religious laws about abortion are the same – Right to Life, and Momma”s choice if health of either human’s life is a factor. But many of them believe that government and others stay out of their bedroom, they’ll decide their rights.

      You really should go to and get the real story and not believe everything you read, hear, or see in the left (not right or correct) wing media.

      • Sam: I’m pretty sure Tom was being a little facetious–suggesting that what most “Christians” practice is the antithesis of what Jesus taught.

        I read a study that claimed that atheists are actually more moral than people who claim to be “Christians,” since the latter assumes they’ll be forgiven for whatever they want to do, and so, they do it–whereas atheists don’t believe anyone is overseeing us, so we’d better be as ethical as possible, to prevent total chaos.

  3. While I like Mike Huxkabee in that he has a good Christian stand on the social issues, he has already lost once and so it would be a good idea to nominate someone else for the Presidency on the Republican ticket. Ted Cruz is still in my opinion the proven conservative with the best chance of defeating whoever the left puts forward in 2016 and we should be working to get him onto the ticket without hesitation. I sometimes have to wonder who or what drives the polls. We know the DNC wanted us to nominate Christie, which would have surely been political suicide. They hate Cruz, all the more reason in my opinion to get behind that candidate for the nomination, in addition to which is the fact that he has taken a strong stand against the socialized medicine bill vehemently opposed by a vast majority of the country, so he is well known for standing with the electorate on the issues. A strong ticket in my opinion would be Cruz/Pence. Mike Pence is the governor of Indiana who also served prior to that many years in the Congress and is another proven conservative who would be a great asset to the ticket. Let’s not repeat mistakes of the past but rather go for a ticket with a higher probability of success, to the rescuing of America. The left cannot credibly attack Ted Cruz without alienating the Hispanics who will be flocking to the Republican side to support their own and what an interesting sight it will be when they try to see our side being able to throw back at them “what, are you racist? What do you have against Hispanics?” I guarantee you they are shuddering at the thought of being confronted with that very possibility which is another reason they are into damage control trying to derail a Cruz nomination for 2016. I will gladly support Ted all the way to the Oval Office. Cruz for President!

  4. The Huckabee folks have asked me to do some fundraising for them and to come up with a catchy slogan so I decided to use this one : $$ GIVE THE- HUCK-A-BUCK $

    Sung to the tune of the famous dance craze ot yester year called the huckabck. Only old timers will rememeber

  5. OMG, Steve, you’re talking about REALLY old-timers.

    I had to Google it and found this onYouTube:’

    I’d use it carefully. The GOP is already seen as the “blue hair” party.

    On the other hand, if done right, young people might be intrigued. They reject their parents, but are interested in what their grandparents liked.

    • Christie is the DNC favorite because he is a RINO that they know they can easily defeat. While Cruz may have lost a few points temporarily, there is a huge push to get him back at the top of the nominee pool and therefore a good chance he could still succeed. I think he will make a great candidate and the DNC is clearly into damage control on steroids since they know that every Latino will flock to our party to vote in the first American President of Hispanic descent when that happens, they will be history for that electoral cycle. Ted Cruz for President in 2016, to the rescuing of America!

      • Yes thanks! I was just having some fun we should not take politics too seriously because whether we like it or not we are all being manipulated by catch phrases and sound bites by both Dems and Pubs

        I do not fall in line any more– I have been a member of both parties and neither party can honestly hold the high ground on ethics and morality! I also have travelled and campaigned with candidates all over the country. So I know from which I speak!

        This reply is for Goethe!

        Here is my take on both parties from experience not all of them but many:

        Pubs are “mean as hell”! and the Dems are a “bunch of crybabies!”

        • Steve:

          My sentiments exactly. We had a discussion in another thread that nationalism and “tribal thinking” has caused irrational problems throughout history.

          That goes for party affiliation, too. I am really concerned when people on here say that the world will end (or at least, the national will implode) if THEIR political hacks don’t beat the other guy’s political hacks in the next election.

          There are also one (or so) hero worshippers, who “agree” with their idol all the time, right or wrong. Even when I like a politician, I ALWAYS disagree on some issues.

  6. Goethe—I refuse to say “ditto” but I agree with your enlightened take!
    It is amazing to me that some of these “group think” partisans listen to ” talk bad instigation radio” which only serves to turn concerned American citizens against each other and everyone remains in their close minded amen corner even if their guy or gal is a ethically challenged self-serving liar—so what he is your guy nonetheless!

    Of course we enjoy freedom of speech and,the political history of American elections as we know is full of vitriol and perfidy –times may change but human nature never changes.

    I have been a group think partisan some,25 years ago and you can truly believe you are correct and sometimes literally hate the other side.

    Once you demonize the other candidates and hold your side out as sacred—-you have entered the close minded land of the brain dead!

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