The clock is ticking down on 2013 and the political narratives of this year are heading into the off-season to be picked up in January. Time for some predictions, political and otherwise, of what you see playing out in the next 12 months.

Lots of open-ended conflicts in the world of foreign relations and domestic politics.

Pick some topics and make some bold prediction with some supporting evidence. Will Republicans takeover the Senate? Could they lose the House? Will Obamacare turn out to be a massive success in 2014 leaving the GOP with nothing to run on?

Will Syria descend into worse chaos? What about the Iranian nuclear program and Israel’s possible response? Russia? China?

How about what happens to the economy in 2014 and monetary policy? The stock market’s going up but it’s being inflated by the Federal Reserve. Does that bubble pop next year?

Here’s my not-so-well thought out prediction off the cuff. The Republicans need six Senate seats to flip control of the upper chamber. I’ll predict that, despite the Obamacare backlash, they’ll only pickup 5 seats leaving the 50/50 tie with Vice President Joe Biden assuming control of the Senate. Thus giving him a greater role in national politics and raising his profile against Hillary Clinton in 2016. The establishment versus Tea Party war within the party next year will cost
them the extra Senate seat they needed to take control.


  1. Why waste anyone’s time on “not-so-well thought out prediction[s]off the cuff” (your words)? Or are you just putting one of many “off the cuff” predictions out there so that you will inevitably be able to say, “Aha! I told you so!?”

    I’d rather see a list of well thought through predictions, with dates, and then let’s see how well you do.

    This is “not-so-well thought out” stuff is useless Bullshit. Anyone can do that. Why shouldn’t we expect better?

    • Herb, you’re right. I apologize. Give me your order number and I’ll refund your subscription to this site. In the mean time, I enjoyed reading your well thought through predictions, with dates.

      • No,let him go to the Liberals as he belongs,then the true almost Conservative,Tea Party,which are us ole time voters with all the ole timey common sense,otherwise called Tea Partyers, make our voice known LOUD and very CLEAR! Take back our country,our yungens’ deserve it!!!

    • Herb: Actually, the professional pundits don’t seem to be very good at seeing the future, either.

      I’ve heard studies that suggest that a large number of people with a little knowledge are actually better at coming up with the right answer than a small number of experts. It’s sort of a “crowd sourcing” thing, in which a mass of people seem to be able to “divine” an answer. That might explain why the stock market seems to move ahead of the economy.

      But,anyway, if you stick around, I think you’ll find some interesting and surprising posts here.

  2. Good idea. In fact, maybe we should do an objective yes/no list for people to check off. And we should revisit the responses at the end of the year.

    The status of the Tea Party will be a question. The establishment is waging a counterattack. There are many Tea Party challenges to encumbent seats. Will they succeed? If not, will that be the beginning of the end for the Tea Party? OR will TP candidates win and take full control of the party?

    What else could be on the list?

    • Here’s a good one… depending on 2014 outcome, will Boehner retain his Speakership. If they lose seats, he could be in jeopardy. If they win seats (more TP seatS), he could be in jeopardy.

      • Nate: That is a good one. Boehner seemed to be willing to do anything the Tea Party wanted, and then he blew up.

        Boehner is like Obama. Nothing he does is spontaneous. His “outburst” was planned. But also, like Obama, I think he could benefit from appearing to stand tough.

        The question may be whether he survives his primary, not whether he retains his chairmanship.

        Next year is still too early to determine whether Hillary gets the nomination, but here’s my prediction: that she will once again appear to be a shoo-in, but someone totally unexpected will pop up and grab the public’s imagination,and make her seem like “yesterday’s news.”

      • Goethe;

        “I tried finding it via Google, and apparently “All I want for Christmas” is -Bob!”

        Shhhhh ! Oblivious thinks we are one in the same person and that quote would only start another rumor!

          • Oblivious, you once again illustrate your total lack of a sense of humor, despite your “teenage girl” over-usage of “LOL.”

            You really should get out among humans, to see if you can begin to understand human communication.

            • Goethe:

              I appreciate you attempting to straighten out oblivious but if you succeeded then we would have to find another name for him.

              He realizes perfectly that I was pointing out (“The Greatest Threat…..” thread 23rd December @11:43AM) his double standard of him saying Tess can’t use quotes in her post but in his inflated sense of significance it’s O.K. for him to do so. He is also well aware of the argument on what is politically plausible I was making but by giving his dog chasing his tail response attempts to make it sound like I’m avoiding him and thus he won the argument.

              Leading a mob with verbal gymnastics is easy when anything can be made to mean anything. I don’t know if you noticed or not but he gives his caterwauling rhetoric about the woulder, coulder, and shoulder in the abuse of the Constitution but neglects to give any details on how to avoid this when the republican party is a major part of this legalized plundering. I believe it’s described as “Leading a mob from behind”.

              The only way to treat these coffee house patriots is to ignore them.

        • little bobby — i already responded, but again you fail to comprehend it, thus avoiding it.

          are you and Goethe Bore conjoined at the hip — which one of you is the fore and which is the aft of the donkey…?

          December 26, 2013 at 4:53 am · Reply

          Bob — shame on you for sounding like Goethe Bore!

          Your post is nothing but sophistry, thus lacks merit.

          1) Tess Liehard uses Google to find liberal crap that agrees with her idiotic precepts. I quoted a real human — Ron Paul.
          So, apples and oranges, kid.

          2) I understand why you won’t answer — since you cannot refute, you sink to the bottom-feeder level of non sequitur accusations.

          3) There are no such things as Republicans after Reagan — the only true ones are the few Tea Party Reps left, the rest are scum of the earth, no different than the scum of the earth that are ALL Democrats.
          anyway, I wish you:

          Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

          • Oblivous:

            Your real problem is that most people here don’t read your pablum, or they just scan it, hoping to find something of value.

            Bob thinks if he doesn’t respond to you, you will wither up and blow away. But I think if you are not answered, your delusional mind thinks you have somehow “won.”

            I don’t hate you. I just pity you.

            • Goethe Behr — LOL!

              You have no pity, only hatred to all that expose you for the weak-minded troll that you are.

              You have never stated any principles that you’ll stand by no matter what — instead you curry the favors of those that agree with you, and bash the ones that disagree with your tripe.

              You are nothing but this forum’s Court Jester, kid.

            • Oblivious: Still using “LOL” like a teenage girl, I see.

              Only a really paranoid person would see “hatred” in what I write to you. You’re just laughable.

              You are just a very thin-skinned, weak minded person who deludes himself, because he cannot convince anyone else to be equally neurotic.

              But you do add a sort of political “soap opera” to the site.

  3. If history is a teller, then most points go toward a republican landslide in 2014. Obama passed Obamacare in 2010, and there was a response of a republican landslide victory in 2010. 2012 saw the advent of the ‘low info voter’ being credited with Obama’s re-election, but the House was also a 100% seats up for grab, and the Republicans held fast. This means people turn out for Obama, but don’t have much of a desire for Democrats. 2014 won’t have Obama on the ticket, likely republican land slide.

    Further support for this – Clinton pushed a gay agenda and healthcare reform in the early 90’s, this resulted in the Republican Revolution of 1993/4. Again America is faced with a president pushing the gay agenda and healthcare reform – 2 things that hit at the root of American values…morality and freedom. *Most* points go toward a republican landslide.

    Caveat – if the public at large, and libertarian/conservative voters generally do not believe the republicans will take action, people will not turn out. If the republican message of 2014 is to try and find middle ground, they will lose. Republicans lost the house and senate once Americans lost faith in their conservatism. They flipped even faster on the Democrats though once Obama passed Obamacare.

    2002/3 – just 10 years ago – saw for one of the few times in history the party of the sitting president gaining seats. Why? Americans by and large believed that Bush and the republican party was for morality and freedom…unapologetically. Since that time, the republicans have decided that being a moderate and trying to find middle ground is the way to go. They have not done very well when this is the message.

    Conclusion, 2014 is stirring for a Republican Landslide, however, if they try to go after the middle ground, they will lose the opportunity. I say 60/40 republican landslide, if not a landslide, then not much change at all. It is very unlikely that Democrats will do well… the sting of ‘you can keep your plan’ won’t wear off for a while.

    Phil Robertson’s situation may also play into this. If it is around election time when they are in the midst of season 5 changing over to the episodes which haven’t been shot yet. If Phil Robertson is absent, it could stir a lot of voters…since the Democratic Party has made forcing gay marriage to be accepted part of the party ticket.

    • Josh: No. the 2002 success of the GOP was because it was right after 9/11 and before the Iraq invasion. Americans had the crap scared out of us, and we were happy with the idea of one-party rule for the president, so he could do anything he thought he had to do without question.

  4. Goethe – go to your Facebook page – Search LiberalLogic101 – go to page and like and follow and it will post on your timeline – you have a “ad Blocker” or virus detector in place that prevents you from accessing their website direct.

    • Sam: I don’t do facebook. I object to its tentacles getting all into my business. But, of course, the Internet is being sucked into its grasp. I tried to post to another blog today, and it told me I’m not allowed to comment unless I first prostrate to the Zuckerman monolith. Ah, well. . .

      Anyway, as these things sometimes go, I clicked again just now, and this time, it worked. They say a sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. But when it comes to the Internet, it’s not crazy to come back later and try again.

      • you or another Goethe Behr has a private Facebook page that must be a friend to see anything on that page. I don’t care what gov or people see about me, My emails prove i am already an enemy of the Obama state. and if they throw me in the FEMA hoosegow it would be only a slight inconvenience. I follow several conservative people and orgs (like L.L.101) on Facebook and go up on my timeline now then and look at the cartoons and wise(?) sayings posted.

        • Sam: Sorry. I set it up to see what it was, but I don’t have anything on it. I think I tried to delete it, but at that time, it was impossible to get away. So I made it as blank as I could and walked away.

  5. I had forgotten about that timing, agreed that went in with it. But, I do think that America had lost faith in the democratic party, starting in 1973 with Roe v. Wade. Clinton’s pursuit of gay rights (against the clear will of the people), raising taxes, and Hillarycare were a perfect storm that caused America to dump the democrats for almost a generation.

  6. I agree with most of Josh’s thots – and should have included the Dem’s push for immigration in ’14; but i think the GOP will have a more difficult time that Josh stated. The fragmentation is very destructive.

    I personally wish the Tea Party and Libertarians would ban together, void the GOP and form a new party. Tell the RINO’s convert or become Dems for real. Give Reince Priebus the boot, he obviously can’t organize or Chair even crap. With the Advent of a new party get Koch to buy in and market it like wildfire. Defocus on Christianity and use the morals of Deism. No personal liberties at stake then.

    Robertson and Duck Dynasty has brought a lot of Christians / Conservatives (incl Lo Info) out of the forest(?) and previously quiet voices are being heard. Dems are crying,”not a 1st Amendment” (because no Government) but it certainly is a free speech.issue related to the 1st Amendment. As with most Liberals, it is fine to have opinions on personal liberties as long as it is their opinion.

    I don’t see conservatives letting go of DisasterCare nor letting go of both Obama and Clinton around the four U.S. deaths at Benghazi. The “What difference does it make!” of Hillary in her green dress is burned into every serviceman’s and veteran’s mind and I’m guessing most Conservatives’ minds. If it isn’t into most Democrats’ minds as well, then . . . especially listening to the survivors in Congressional testifying.

  7. One absolute prediction — Obama will get darker come 2014… after all, vacationing in Hawaii makes for a great suntan….

  8. Pardon me for being a pessimist, I don’t think much of the republican party and their incessant persecution of the Tea Party will sink them. They have already lost some leverage by doing Cuccinelli race in Virginia and I am certain it will shoot them dead in 2014. I hope I am wrong. However, the Dem/Libs have made up for even a landslide loss. The Judiciary appointments will prevent any take back as well as the 40+ liberal lawyers added to DHS. So my prediction will be “no change”. At this point a constitutional convention may be our only way outside of revolution.

    • I escaped from a gulag in 1972 and came here for freedom. After 40 years my freedoms are now less than under the Soviets that put me in a labor camp for speaking against oppression. What happened to America? I escaped from communism to come to the land of the free and brave, only to see myself die of old age from what I escaped from. So sad, to risk my youth to escape communists, only to end up in a country where I’ll die under them.


      • Soooo sad….. But so true,enough of the 2 “party system” we need a party for the voters,including and perhaps the Tea Party says it all,but including them or we will continue down,down.

        • My proudest moment was when I became a US citizen in June 1976 and then proudly traveled to New York city on July 4th and watched the bicentennial celebrations as an American. I remember it well, it was very hot and muggy. I walked the Hudson river sidewalk with thousand of my fellow countrymen watching the boats spray fountains in the air. Then when darkness fell the heat did not not go away, it became even muggier, but I didn’t care for soon the fireworks started. The most spectacular I had ever seen, they must have been the best ever, for we celebrated that day 200 years of our free nation.

          I was not born here, I became an American by choice. I was ashamed of my thick accent in the beginning, but that day I truly understood the greatness of the American people, for none laughed at me, but all asked me how did you get here, and congratulations on escaping communism and becoming one of us. The freedom and goodwill I felt that day is forever etched in my memory.

          For that I’m forever grateful, for I felt truly free for the first time in my life.

          If things get as bad as they seem, and we lose our freedoms in this Big Brother Government, at least I’ll die holding on to this hot, muggy and brilliant day of July 4th 1976 as the memory of the best day of my life in America. The day the earth stood still for me for a moment in time, and I was free!

          • Gulag: Don’t be too concerned. There’s an old saying that “God watches over drunks, small children, and the United States of America.” People don’t realize that the essence of the “news” is to find anomalies–not what is typical. Also, if you’ve been in the country for years, you must have noticed that Democrats shout outrageous claims when Republicans are in control, and vice-versa.

            I had lunch with a group from Russia at a Chamber of Commerce event, and the Americans were saying we are like the USSR, and the president is like Stalin or Brezhnev. The Russians shook their heads and said we had NO idea what we were talking about.

            I do not like what I have heard about the NSA and other actions, but 9/11 was such a shock that most Americans were willing to forfeit their rights for security. I think that era of hysteria is finally ending. So take heart and have a belly new year.

          • Gulag – Thank you for your post and story – Except for the American Indian that migrated 25000 years ago from Russia, our ancestors or we are all immigrants. Except the 12 -> 20 mega illegals, The rest of us are natural born or legal.immigrants. Most of us are here because we want to live in a free country and assimilate to the needs and desires of our country, and why we were founded.

            However there is one of the political parties and part of another that wants us to live in Socialism, but that can never happen because there are no leaders, so it turns out to be Communism or a Monarchy and one political party. With the present Administration and dominant party and Mainstream Media and higher education, the communism is trying very hard to take over.

            99% of veterans and active duty military believe in our freedoms and the Constitution and have gone to war to protect them or the advance of an aggressor that threatens us. We get a deep feeling of satisfaction when someone like yourself tells a story of why you came to the U.S. and the pride associated with becoming an assimilated American. People like to say they are hyphenated Americans, but that is for history – we are all just plain Americans (U.S. Citizens).

            I hope Goethe is right and the Tea Party and Libertarians resume control of this nation and once more return our freedoms, Capitalism, our original Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Basics of a Democratic-Republic.And most of all leaders and citizens are once more proud to be a U.S. Citizen.

            • Sam: It’s a good article, but I don’t see anything scary in it.

              They’re just talking about making state driver’s licenses compatible, right? I have to say I was annoyed that they told us we had to get a fricken passport to drive across the line at Detroit–as if Canada were a “foreign” country.

              Also, if they make driver’s licenses in a way that can’t be counterfeited, seems to me that it’ll be easier to find illegals, right?

              Like anything else, it depends on what is done withit. When Social Security cards were first introduced, they were supposed to be private, and no one could use them for any other purpose. Now, when you buy just about anything, everybody wants to know your Social Security number, and some even use it as your “ID” number. I do resent that. But of course, most people these days don’t seem to want to have any kind of privacy. . .

            • Goethe – actually it is Conservative biased, but it is another Federal (not State) dB and another ID # and another way to track you. The military switched to SSN (1-1-72) and the SSN dB has my address, ph#’s, religious affiliation, my clearance levels, my blood type, my health record, my federal pays. From my top secret clearance they have my complete list of addresses since birth and friends and ancestry up till their last investigation.

              If they can con us into another ID# and Fed dB, it is just a hop skip and a jump to a gun registry dB and they will want my driver’s license and SSN and Fed ID. It is bullshit, not required. How ’bout cleaning up (not amnesty) the illegal immigrant issue, and voter registration. Then there is the NSA, Patriot Act, further enhanced by Obama’s updated E.O.

              Ask Gulag his thoughts and his having been there with Khrushchev.

            • Sam: Good idea.

              Gulag: Tell us of your experiences in the USSR that you think are not as bad as what we have here.

            • Gulag: Very few Americans know anything about the world outside, except “Toyota,” “Absolut,” “Kung Pao Chicken,” and “Kate Middleton.”

              I used to read Atlas/World Press Review, which was a U.S. magazine that gave monthly excerpts from the foreign press. The thing that always amazed me was that articles from Pravda referred to very esoteric American tidbits, even down to individual streets and semi-famous people.

              PLEASE–PLEASE–PLEASE describe your life in the USSR,where you lived, and your typical day. We never have an opportunity to hear directly from a primary source. PLEASE tell us what it was like. PLEASE!

          • Hey, “Gulag”–seriously, we’d like to hear about your life in the USSR. Probably none of us were there, then, so we really want to hear what it was like.

            Where did you live? What was your typical day? What did you do for a living? Why did they throw you into the gulag?

            Inquiring minds want to know.

            • Gulag:

              We are interested in what you have to say.

              Please tell us about your life in the USSR.

              Where did you live?

              What experiences did you have there?

            • Gulag: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! Tell us about your life in the USSR. We don’t get any news from there so it would be very instructive to most of us.

              Hey, doesn’t anyone else want Gulag to tell us about his life???

            • Gulag: We are getting into new discussions about other topics that relate to your experience, such as the interaction of civilian and military power.

              PLEASE–give us your input, as well as more information about your background.

      • Gulag 1972…Any one that reads, remembers 1972 as the year the American Basketball team refused to accept their Olympic Medals and our Resettlement Program with the Soviets. Were you part of this program? Regardless, Welcome to the Home of the Free. The people of America still say what they want to, when they want to. Just reading all these different opinions on one page should tell you that. America is the melting pot of all nationalities which makes us a very complex, very compassionate group of people. What makes us work? That’s kinda like asking a bleeding man about his cholesterol level. We just keep going strong.

        • Gulag: We had a discussion on here about the idea that health care was the basis of the Soviet Union.

          Since you were there, can you describe health care during the Soviet Union? There’s a lot that you could tell us.

          • Gulag:

            Now that you’re back online, PLEASE describe the health care system of the USSR, so we can see how it compares with the modern-day US system. We really need your input.

  9. Christmas 2013;

    Wishing everyone and their families the gift of peace, health and happiness this Christmas and throughout the New Year.


  10. Our liberties keep getting fewer with each election, and eventually they’ll end if unchecked by a new President (congress and senate) that’s for Individual Freedom and small gov (as the Original US Constitution clearly states).

    This is obvious to all, that can still think (not the brainwashed ones), that if Obama and his likes are allowed to continue the devastation of our nation, we’ll reach the point of no return!

    Unless Rand Paul (or someone with his presidential stature and beliefs) wins in 2016, we are doomed as free people — another Obamanite (whether Repub or Dem) will end US!

    Slaves of the State aka “Hunger Games” will be the eventual result!

    This is not a prediction — just a logical conclusion of things to come, if the Obama-like American-freedom-haters are not kicked out of office, and replaced with actual patriots that love our free republic!

    Therefore, hope all true Americans stand for Rand … Paul !!!

  11. Sam, didn’t you tell us you lived in the U.S. because your soul had chosen your [American] parents before you were born? So by your logic, the souls of the women in India, for example, who are virtual slaves and who make 84 cents a day chose their economic condition too, right?
    Now why would they do that? Do they hate freedom?

    “99% of veterans and active duty military believe in our freedoms and the Constitution and have gone to war to protect them or the advance of an aggressor that threatens us.”

    Sam, your confirmation bias is showing. Most of my veteran friends recognize that war is just murder for self-serving advantage and that the U.S. hasn’t fought a war in defense of freedom since WWII.

    • Godfrey: Did you mean “conservative” instead of “confirmation”? I am not picking. I just want to be sure I understand. One problem with being a former English teacher is that I tend to read verbatim, and if someone flubs, I don’t know if it was just a typo, or if they intend some special meaning that I don’t get. Just as when Sam said “this vice that” and I asked if he meant “this versus that.” The word “vice” has many meanings, and I wasn’t sure.

      Anyway, you bring up a point worth going into. . .

      Sam: You suggested that the Great Spirit “chose” where each of us would end up. Does that mean we “deserve” where we are, presumably because of what we did or learned in our most recent life?

      I guess it doesn’t matter whether we were “sent” here, or if we won some sort of genetic lottery, or if we are here simply because our parents were here. The point is that nobody chooses where they will be born, and that where we are born is the largest determinant of who we are, what we have, and the reasonable limits of our potentiality. I think that was Tess’ point.

      Happy New Year (for those who go by the Gregoriian calendar)!!

      • Aw Goethe, i don’t mind at all talking about my feelings, beliefs in Spirituality, Deism, and Theism. but i don’t think too many on these threads have anywhere near the same beliefs and probably believe I am a pure wacko wingnut..

        But any way, as a refresher, samreusser
        December 22, 2013 at 7:31 pm — and the next URL may take you directly there:
        at especially 6th paragraph.

        Source / Creator / God / Allah / “Great Spirit” doesn’t “choose” for you or “send” you anywhere. You are a unique energy in the Source Love, Energy Plasma. You are in charge of your own soul and make all your own decisions and paths throughout eternity. You may choose to never incarnate or maybe at equivalent to 1000 years in the Time domain. Remember in the – 5th dimension, Energy domain, Spirit world, Heaven – there is no time domain, only “NOW”.
        You may ask a Time Domain Guide to take you to the Big Bang or the Dark Nothingness of this universe. Your wisdom and evolvement growth and closeness to the Source depends in the beginning on what you master in lessons and soul contracts of incarnations.

        The Source or your Council, Guides, or Soul Group or any other energy does not judge you. You judge yourself and you cannot deceive yourself, you will see the complete egoless truth and evaluate your actions and lessons of a incarnation. In the “NOW” everything is perfect and nothing but Unconditional Love exists. Council, Guides, or Soul Group may offer suggestions or possible solutions but for you, You make your own decisions. Free Will in the Energy Realm or in an incarnation.

        You, (your intelligent soul energy) as you prepare for an incarnation, meet with your Council, Guides, and Soul Group and other souls than you may want to have interaction with, and discuss Soul Contracts and lessons between other souls. it is at this time your parents and friends pick each other what planet / universe, if earth “where on earth” and why, lessons to be learned. Typically the harder a life the more evolved you are to be able to handle the decisions and difficulties of an incarnation.

        Godfrey i have no idea why a soul or set of souls would pick the scenario you described. Because i can’t be hypnotized (give a nut if I could be) i can’t figure out why i picked my life that has had more challenges than i’ve been happy about. We purposely lose our eternal memories during an incarnation so we don’t rely on past experiences and possibly not learn anything. Depending on who we will become as we evolve, i personally have a different opinion about that.

        I’m told, if you pick more difficult lives, like maybe blindness, missing limbs, along with the other issues most of us have. we will learn more, evolve faster, no longer incarnate and becomes more immersed in the wisdom of Unconditional love.

        Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and Happy July 4th 🙂 🙂

        • Sam: That’s very interesting. I am always interested in what people believe. I’m also interested in how they believe as they do.

          Godfrey asked if you made it up or read it somewhere. I’d ask, to what degree are your beliefs based on what you have read–since you are a voracious reader–and to what degree it is from talking to others, in person. And if you share beliefs with people you know, is there any kind of network?

          I tend to believe that IF there are universal truths, that they are revealed to individuals, and like the old story of the blind men who describe an elephant, the same truths are “seen” in different ways.

          I was brought up Catholic, and of course,Catholics consider themselves a direct line from Jesus, through Peter and all the popes. And that all the other sects were just human interpretation, as Josh and I discussed.

          Tonight, we had a “New Year’s Fest” downtown, with entertainment at the downtown churches and auditoriums. At one of them, I was thinking about our recent religious discussions on here, and it made me wonder. . .

          There are a number of “prophets” in the bible. But they stopped at year zero CE.

          Why doesn’t Christianity Mohammed as a prophet?? Islam sees Jesus as a prophet. They even believe in the Virgin Birth. Seems to me, if Christianity had incorporated some of Mohammed’s writings into a “book of prayers,” things would be a lot more peaceful in this world. I’m sure most of what is in the Qur’an would be quite compatible with Christian dogma.

        • Yeah. Maybe we need a “Third Vatican Council” to study the beliefs of all the world religions, and produce a new prayer book that validates the truths of all the other religions. Seems to me, that’s what the Second Council failed to do. It stopped claiming that all other faiths are false, but it would really be helpful to find what is TRUE in all faiths.

        • And, of course, now I have to say, by “true” I meant compatible with that religion’s catechism. [Feel like I need a lawyer to discuss religion these days.]

  12. Oops! I accidentally left our Sam Reusser’s initial quote in my preceding post:

    “Most of us are here because we want to live in a free country…”

  13. “Godfrey: Did you mean “conservative” instead of “confirmation”? I am not picking. I just want to be sure I understand.”

    I said what I meant, Goethe. Confirmation bias is when you believe what you want to be true, irrespective of the evidence. Sam seems to think “99% of veterans” share his simplistic and untrue belief that when the U.S. invades and bombs other countries, it is somehow defending global liberty. That’s utter rubbish and no one knows it better than boots-on-the-ground veterans.
    Earlier, I asked Sam what the U.S. had accomplished in Vietnam, other than murdering over 58,000 of our own troops and over a million Vietnamese. I’m still waiting for an answer.

    “Aw Goethe, i don’t mind at all talking about my feelings, beliefs in Spirituality, Deism, and Theism. but i don’t think too many on these threads have anywhere near the same beliefs and probably believe I am a pure wacko wingnut..”

    I’m still gathering evidence on just how much of a “wacko wingnut” Sam is. I actually like a lot of wackos. They’re more interesting than most people. So Sam, I just read you latest post. Did you dream up all this stuff or did you get it second-hand from someone else? It’s pretty creative! But without the faintest shadow of evidence. Not what I would expect from someone with a consulting business.

    • Godfrey:

      “Believe what you WANT to be true”–I thought that was politics!

      Anyway, thanks. I was unfamiliar with the term “confirmation bias.” Words are fun. I bought some “bias ply” tires once. They kept turning to the right.

      • Goethe Bore — responding to the english hooligan Godfrey…?

        How desperate you are to seek approval by such scum…LOL.

        • Oblivious: Oh, I forgot. The entire world is only supposed to pay attention to you and your teenage girl LOLs.

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