The clock is ticking down on 2013 and the political narratives of this year are heading into the off-season to be picked up in January. Time for some predictions, political and otherwise, of what you see playing out in the next 12 months.


Lots of open-ended conflicts in the world of foreign relations and domestic politics.

Pick some topics and make some bold prediction with some supporting evidence. Will Republicans takeover the Senate? Could they lose the House? Will Obamacare turn out to be a massive success in 2014 leaving the GOP with nothing to run on?

Will Syria descend into worse chaos? What about the Iranian nuclear program and Israel’s possible response? Russia? China?

How about what happens to the economy in 2014 and monetary policy? The stock market’s going up but it’s being inflated by the Federal Reserve. Does that bubble pop next year?

Here’s my not-so-well thought out prediction off the cuff. The Republicans need six Senate seats to flip control of the upper chamber. I’ll predict that, despite the Obamacare backlash, they’ll only pickup 5 seats leaving the 50/50 tie with Vice President Joe Biden assuming control of the Senate. Thus giving him a greater role in national politics and raising his profile against Hillary Clinton in 2016. The establishment versus Tea Party war within the party next year will cost
them the extra Senate seat they needed to take control.

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