Congressman Paul Ryan has been spending time in Iowa lately which has fueled further speculation he may step out of the Vice Presidential limelight and run for the top spot himself. However, Ryan believes the path to victory for Republicans must include passing some form of “immigration reform” in coming months.

Report from the Des Moines Register:

Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan thinks Republicans need to take their limited-government message to voters who are “unfamiliar with hearing us.”

“Go into inner cities, go into minority communities,” Ryan, who speaks in Iowa tonight, told The Des Moines Register in a telephone interview on Monday. “Go into communities that have not seen or heard from Republicans in a long time.”

Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin, was responding to a question about whether lessons can be learned from Republican wins in blue states, like Gov. Chris Christie’s victory in the governor’s race in Democratic-leaning New Jersey on Nov. 5.

“Absolutely,” Ryan answered. “It shows that we have to go and campaign in non-traditional areas, non-traditional neighborhoods, and by showing up not just a few months before the election, but by being in these communities all year round, that will make a difference.

“What Chris’s victory shows is that conservatives can win blue states if we focus on being inclusive and campaigning in every facet of this country, we can open up the electoral map, far more than where it has been.”

While Obamacare has stolen the news cycle in recent weeks, a group of Republicans in the House, including Ryan, have been quietly pushing for the return of an immigration reform bill. This action continues to face stiff opposition among opponents who view it as either outright amnesty or, at minimal, a form of soft amnesty by curtailing enforcement measures.


    • exactly;
      ryan is a two-faced preacher that wants what the dems have gotten already, illegals to become legals, and hoping they’ll vote for his (ryan’s) kind of “republicans” instead.

      what a numbskull and piece of excrement ryan is.

  1. Sam…I’ll be watching for your comments on this post. I commend Paul Ryan for stepping up to the plate when his colleagues were sitting on their hands. He is right on these three points: (1)Visa overstays make up about 40% of the undocumented immigrants in our country today. We need to know who is in our country and why. (2) We need a mandatory employment-verification system. (3) One of every six international students is educated in the U.S. We educate some of the best students in the world—especially in fields like science, technology, engineering, and math. And then we send them home. We should find ways for them to stay. This I fault: Only after the border has been independently certified as secure and employment verification and visa tracking systems have been implemented can we allow the 11 million illegal immigrants to exit probationary status and take the next step toward full legal status in the U.S. As John McCain said “and when pigs fly”. When we refer to illegal immigrants, we think Brown. Only 62 % are of this color. Maybe someone could figure out a percentage by eyes or accent. If the land border is walled in and certified secure, how will we secure the seaports from Maine to Brownsville,Texas and California to Washington state where the undocumented slip through daily.

    • tess,
      on immigration;
      mexican illegals in this country are the real problem — they break the law by illegally crossing our border by the thousands each day (unlike the few cubans that escape once in a blue moon to get here by boats).

      unless a stop to this criminal activity is put in place, and all mexican illegals are sent back to mexico, a time will come when mexico will be nearly empty, and the usa will have more mexicans than americans determining the fate of our nation.

      Tess Trueheart on your post of
      November 16, 2013 at 11:15 pm; i answered with the below reply;
      and still you are unable to refute it, but post instead another red herring.

      mexicans that cross the us border illegally is a crime.
      not to be caught, and thus unavailable to be judged in a court of law, does not change the fact that they are considered criminals at large under the law (for breaking the law in illegally crossing the us border).

      the cubans you cite as an example for all immigrants to be treated alike, is another gem of your red herrings.

      cubans are escaping a communist dictatorship by risking their lives to cross 90 miles of ocean on leaky boats, to gain freedom, and as such are granted political asylum (once they are processed by immigration and verified that they come here to escape a tyrant and not for economic gain). read up on the necessary qualifications to get a political asylum in the us.

      while mexicans are illegally crossing the us border just to make more money here (no political persecution there, on part of the mexican gov) just financial gain for these criminals at large that are never processed by immigration in order to enter our nation.

      not only are you throwing red herrings in your arguments again, but also comparing apples and oranges, and peaches and plums.

      when i was a teenager, all the fastfood places were filled with american teenagers; 30 years later my teenage kids could not find a job for many months — mcdonalds, wendys, burger king, all have 35 year old mexicans at work, so no place for american highschool kids to get a job there.
      the mexican invasion has nearly put all american teenagers out of traditional teenage jobs;
      i used to cut lawns in the summer as a teenager, now that’s gone mexican too.

      and you cite that cheap mexican labor is a boon — tell that to american teenagers that are out of job because of these illegals.

      what is most amazing is that you place lawbreaking mexican illegals “rights” (entitled to none, since they’ve broken the law to illegally get here) above your own law-abiding citizens!

      here is your exact post (so you can’t say it was redacted);

      Tess Trueheart
      November 16, 2013 at 11:15 pm · Reply

      Obvious…I live in a border state that has 1.68 million illegal immigrants. This does not include the documented (green card) immigrants. About 62 % of these are from Mexico. These people are forced to live in the shadows, work for pittance because companies know they won’t report being degraded and underpaid. Show me a toll road in Texas that these men didn’t do back breaking work on. They clean our homes, do our landscaping, wash dishes in diners, any menial work they can find and are happy to be here. Yes, some are criminal but not every jail mate in Texas is brown. By the way, you are not a criminal until you have been convicted by judge or jury. I firmly believe that all immigrants should be treated exactly as Cuban immigrants. As soon as their feet touches American soil they are refugees, eligible for housing, food stamps,all the goodies. At the end of one year, they can become a US citizen if they care to.

      Has it never occurred to you that the very soil we stand on belonged to various Indian Tribes. Our forefathers were illegal immigrants to this land. We became combative and took the land by force,especially true of Texas.

      • Obvious…you foment trouble…but I will attempt another useless effort and say: I stand by my posts.
        1. Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that crossing the border illegally is not a crime. It is a civil case U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said that while entering the country illegally is considered a federal misdemeanor, simply lacking legal immigration status is a civil violation. “Illegal presence” as the offense is called, is not a violation of the U.S. criminal code.
        2. Anyone who looks 35 years of age greeting me at McDonald’s window would be a rarity. I will say that McDonald (etc) hire from all races. My complaint with McDonald’s etc is that they do not pay a living wage. You still see “help wanted” signs in the windows.
        3. No way, did I say cheap labor was a boon. Business and homeowners are also law breakers when they hire illegals, when they do not deduct taxes and do not pay even the minimum wage. Ever hear of anyone being prosecuted for breaking that law?
        4. The Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act of 1966 was passed to adjust the status of some 300,000 Cubans who found themselves in legal limbo after fleeing Cuba’s socialist revolution of 1959, arriving in the United States as refugees. The law did not require the Cubans to make a case for political asylum, but automatically granted them entry and the path to permanent residency after two (now one) years. It did not have a cut-off date. Even today, Cuban do not have to come through a port of entry…just whatever beach they land on. The US accepts about 20,000 Cubans annually via a heavily oversubscribed immigration lottery, as well as thousands more under special programs for family members seeking reunification, and political asylum cases. Since 2008, the US has lifted virtually all restrictions on Cuban-American travel to the island for family reunification visits. Washington also guarantees a minimum of 20,000 visas to Cubans per year — an assurance not available to any other country. Senator Marco Rubio has said that he and other senators, now negotiating a U.S. migration reform package, might not “be able to avoid, as part of a comprehensive approach to immigration, a conversation about the Cuban Adjustment Act.” Adding,“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify it for my colleagues when there are people who come to the United States … and within a year and a day are traveling to Cuba 25 and 30 times a year

        All these fallacies about fruit and fish…what are you really saying?

        • tess,
          you can spin all you want, but the facts remain;
          illegal mexicans have taken away nearly all the jobs that young americans traditionally had as teenagers and then as college students.

          see bellow;

    • Tess – Actually i agree with you on all three of your points. True closed border security before anything!
      What chaps my butt as much as anything is “For every 100 illegal aliens who find jobs in the U.S., 65 American workers are displaced.”.

      Need specifically more ICE, If Visa overstays, no criminal activity and become illegal aliens – out they go; Illegal alien SHOULD be criminal, not civil;
      Foreign students should have to “work here” for X amount of time or pay an incredibly large tuition

      I have no problem with bringing illegal aliens “out of the dark” as long no criminal activity and follow Ryan’s 15 year plan to citizenship.
      According to the Journal Sentinel, Ryan outlined a 15-year pathway to citizenship that would provide undocumented immigrants with a “probationary visa” in the interim. That reflects the pathway to citizenship being crafted by a bipartisan group of seven House lawmakers in its comprehensive bill.

      Void “Anchor Baby” law. Child must earn citizenship.

      • sam,
        question for you on foreign illegals in our nation;

        who are the ones taking the side of lawbreaking foreigners, over law-abiding americans, and why?

        • Obvious – illegal aliens favorites: in general i’m guessing whoever the top dog and leader is of the Democrat party usually sets the ideology tone and almost all Dem’s are in lock step. For the the most part this includes most liberals i.e., like “Entertainers”. these people have the misguided conception that non-citizens should have the same rights as citizens or “We The People”. Another reason is their belief that favoring illegals will gain voting preference by the legal immigrants from those countries. And to top it off there is also illegal voting and guess who they will vote for??

          not sure why you asked?? i’m guessing you have your own theory as well as listen to any media or i’m also guessing a 20sec google search will give you more than you can ever gulp down.

          My great-great paternal Grandfather was one of three Swiss to migrate through NY from Bern tween 1840 & 1850 (1846) for religious persecution. Failed crops and religious persecution were the two biggest reasons in the 1800’s – no quotas back then, when arrive you are on your own – please scatter!!!!.

          I think Democrats (or at least Leader) (BHO) still think that’s how it is.

          • All heat and no light.,

            Mexicans come here for jobs. Duh.

            Why do we keep avoiding the obvious solution: STOP employers from hiring them. Every employee needs a social security number. How hard can it be to confirm that a number is legit?

            The answer must be that politicians WANT the cheap labor–made even cheaper because illegals can’t really complain.

            • Goethe – of course that’s the reason today and for the last 70 years. USA offer a better life and better chance for a job. For every 100 illegals take away 69 citizen jobs (i can look it back up again if you like,from a different thread on here some time ago).

              I had been talking about my ancestors and other immigrants to the Americas from the 1600’s till middle 20th century. also hoping for easy bucks or get rich quick opportunities.

            • Sam: Absolutely. My point is that there is so much immigrant-bashing these days. You can’t blame them for trying to escape the craziness in some of these countries–or pass up what is “cheap labor” jobs to us, but a big improvement for them.

              But my point was that if you decide that “immigrants taking jobs” is the problem, it is a waste of breath (and good will) to dump on the immigrants. You have to fine the sleazy employers who are, in many cases, purposely seeking illegals–since they can’t complain.

            • Goethe…you accurately put it all in a nutshell. In Texas, the majority of our toll roads are built and jointly owned and operated by companies from Mexico (mostly Cintra-Zachary whose parent company is in Spain) . These companies are not bound by US hiring practices so it is safe to say illegal immigrants helped to build our Texas highways and toll roads. Corporate welfare sanctioned by Governor Perry. If 100 illegal immigrants take away 69 citizen’s jobs in Texas it is primarily because local citizens are not inclined to toil on road work or heavy labor jobs, Do I believe illegal immigrants should be deported? Yes, I do. The Refugee immigrant is extremely hurtful to our economy. In 1948. a legislation provided for the admission of an additional 650,,000 displaced Europeans refugees. In 1975 the U.S. resettled 3 million Indochinese refugees. As late as1980, the “Mariel boatlift”, allowed an uncontrolled migration, resulting in an additional 100,000 Cuban migrants landing in the US. The US allows 20,000 Cubans to migrate to the US each year. Any refugee is immediately given cash assistance, medicaid, food stamps,educational help, housing, and the opportunity to become an American citizen without even a written test or 15 year pathway to citizenship. Do I think refugees should be given all these freebies? I do not.

            • Tess: And here’s another consideration. Not only is the flood of Cubans a drain on our resources, but it served as a “safety valve” for Castro.

              When Cubans don’t like what’s going on, do they try to organize to fight for change? No, they hop a boat, costing us money, and helping Castro eliminate malcontents.

              There can be no serious opposition if they can float to the freebies of the US of A.

  2. One sure fire way for Paul Ryan to lose his shot is to promote an immigration reform that gives a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants…other than the path already in place. There is a path to citizenship today, the vast majority of the over 300 million citizens today have either followed it, or their ancestors followed it.

    Americans (democrat and republican) are very against the idea of amnesty (granting citizenship to those who have not followed the process in place to earn citizenship). That is part of the reason Republicans lost power in 2006. it was Bush and the republicans after all who were pushing an amnesty bill and America revolted…giving the house and senate to the democrats on 06.

    America’s view on immigration hasn’t changed.

    • Josh – Ryan’s immigration reform is a 15 year path to citizenship – the job displacement is an issue but at least bring them out of the dark and get taxes from them and they still can’t legally vote. And if they are criminals parachute them by the military over their homeland.

  3. tess,
    you can spin all you want, but the facts remain;
    illegal mexicans have taken away nearly all the jobs that young americans traditionally had as teenagers and then as college students.

    30 years ago you walked into a fast food place and saw american kids behind the counter, now you see mostly mexicans;

    30 years ago american kids were cutting their neighbors lawns, now its mostly mexicans;

    30 years ago american college students were painting peoples houses and doing construction work during the summer, now it’s mostly mexicans;

    and the list goes on what illegal mexicans have taken away as jobs that used to be tailored for the american youth;

    one could postulate that the teenage crime spike is a direct result of illegal mexicans having taken the jobs away from our kids!

    obviously you are a school girl that has no clue what used to be, but depend on the web to search for “laws” that should never be accepted as proper (just because your liberal pals have stated that invading the USA by illegally crossing our border is not a crime, doesn’t make it true);

    but, let me concede this point to you, the illegal mexicans that are invading at an ever escalating rate our nation are not criminals (per federal statute as of now), however, even you admit that they are breaking the law by entering the us illegally.

    so, my question to you still remains — why is your ilk taking the side of lawbreaking foreigners, over law-abiding americans?!

    • Obvious…any way you choose to spin it…a law is a law and it can be used against you until it is repealed. I do prefer to rely on actual facts but since this is not your choice…I will write as you do from selective memory.

      Thirty years ago it was not a badge of honor to work at McDonalds. The American youth was still in Revolution and celebrating crack cocaine coming from the Bahamas. The Rolling Stones and Madonna were busy with new body moves and controversial wordage. Our government was involved in the scandalous Iran-contra affair. Not exactly heaven.

      Thirty years ago if an American kid cut a neighbors lawn, it was for a fast buck and not a profession The neighbor used child labor so he could laze back and watch TV.

      Thirty years ago, where did you see a large percentage of college students painting houses and doing construction work? In 1983 college tuition for 3 terms was something like $600.00. Room and board cost more than tuition. I applaud the many young that did work their way through college but I do not believe painting houses was a job many held.

      What do you consider jobs tailored for the American youth? Somewhere in the recesses of your mind something must tell you that it is not kosher to work anyone, child or adult, for a mere pittance for the value of work done.

      Lastly, the lawbreaking foreigners and the law abiding Americans. The foreigners should not enter our country without a legal visa but they do. If an American hires an illegal to mow his lawn or pluck his chickens, that person or corporation becomes the lawbreaker. A lawbreaker is a lawbreaker regardless of race or position.

      • tess,
        using more and more words to defend what’s indefensible does not change the obvious conclusion:
        you, and your leftist pals, place the interests of lawbreaking illegal foreigners above those of your own american citizens.

        that’s both wrong and shameful, but your kind has no shame in the inability to distinguish between right and wrong, as your posts have shown.

  4. Obvious..your shabby reasoning and mind numbing minutiae appears to have no end. The malicious contents of your posts displays a graceless thinker. And those “thuggish” false repetitives are unnecessary. You need to go to your pastor and ask him(her) to explain the true meaning of lawbreaker, wrong, and shameful.

    • tess,
      when losing an argument you resort to name calling since you have nothing left.

      the fact still remains that you, and your leftist pals, place the interests of lawbreaking illegal foreigners above those of your own american citizens.

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