Sure, there aren’t many meaningful elections during these in-between years prior to the midterms and before the next presidential election, however, Virginia and New Jersey will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, November 5. In the case of New Jersey, it appears Governor Chris Christie has a total lock with most polls showing his lead at anywhere from 20 to 30 points.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, where Governors are limited to a single term, the gubernatorial race is tightening and may prove to be a nail-biter on Tuesday evening. Report from RealClearPolitics:

When a new poll of Virginia voters this week found a tight gubernatorial race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, it seemed like an outlier. For the past few weeks, surveys in the Old Dominion have shown the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee leading by a comfortable margin, and sometimes by double digits. (The RCP Average has him ahead by 7.5 points.) Such numbers should have been reassuring for McAuliffe, given Virginia’s habit of choosing its governor from the opposing party of the president.

But a four-point race — the margin that Quinnipiac (which has a slightly lower sample of Democrats than other polls) found this week — might actually be right where Democrats want it heading into the weekend before Election Day. It’s also where both sides figured the contest would be in this purple state.

For Democrats, a tight race could help mobilize key Obama-coalition members (African-Americans, Latinos and young voters) who are integral to Democrats’ hopes of gaining an off-year win in the commonwealth. And for Republicans, a close race could wake up some of their sleepy constituents too.

Democrats emailed supporters on Thursday after the poll surfaced, portraying a high-stakes scenario that called for cash and turnout. “It’s a dead heat,” the email read. “. . . We’ll all be kicking ourselves if we fall short on our opportunity to defeat Ken Cuccinelli and stamp out the Tea Party in Virginia and elsewhere.”

Most polls taken have shown Clinton money-man Terry McAuliffe with a decent lead throughout most of September and October but polls in recent days show a tightening of the race. The lead for McAuliffe now varies from 2 to 10 points depending on the pollster and the sampling used. In these off-year elections, Virginia tends to tilt Republican as witnessed in 2009 when current Governor Bob McDonnell won by 17 points. What happens on Election Day will be anyone’s guess and will depend mostly on turnout which could be around 35% if most estimates hold true. For comparison, in 2012, 70% of eligible Virginia voters cast a ballot which illustrates the lack of interest in the off years.


  1. There are lots of things to discuss about this election. I waited to post, since I often begin a discussion, and I don’t want to seem as if I am lurking, waiting for the next post.

    And it’s possible that this may be just you an’ me, Nate, since no one will get this post except you, at this point.

    But the Virginia election is PACKED with issues. I’m sure, regardless of outcome, the GOP will say it proves that the Tea Party is hurting itself by not falling into line and supporting the GOP candidate.

    And, the media will try to read national lessons into it–even though it’s an INTERNAL election of one state. The winner will have no impact on the national scene, and their stands on national issues don’t really even matter to state voters.

    There will also be a lot of talk about how “purple” Virginia is, and suggestions that the Solid South may finally have a few cracks. It occurred to me that the smartest thing Hillary could do now would be to go to Alabama and do everything she can to seem like a southerner. She’s not, of course, but as former first lady there, she could swing it. Also, of course, Bill could help her seem “southern.”

    She already has the New England and liberal vote. Why try to appeal to them? She could take her Neocon military stand, and her hawkish stand on Israel to appeal to fundamentalists.

    At this point, there’s no way a Democrat could be taken seriously in the South, but if she can make it appear that way, she could force the GOP to waste money down there–and in the process, remind people that the GOP is now the Solid-South party.

  2. I hope in all local, state, and national elections, the voters are allowed to vote!

    Also, I hope the voters do their research and look at the candidates past record and thoroughly evaluate the candidates positions on all state and national issues.

    We need candidates that are working for the American voters, not themselves!

    Lois Denaut, Henderson, Nevada

  3. Expect obamanite McAuliffe to win — The Democrooks Party stand together in their zeal to socialize America, and, therefore, are much better financed by America’s enemies to achieve their goal.

    While the GOP is hampered (fractured, and thus ineffective as a body) by the Old Neocon Guard still hanging to power and trying to persevere their cushy jobs by attacking within what America desperately needs — the up-and-coming younger generation of Republicans (the New Libertarians preserving our Constitution) that are concerned only with saving our nation from further Obamination, and nothing else!

    Until the old Guard of the GOP folds, we’ll be left at the mercy of Obama’s toads!

    Dangerous times to our Free Republic are ahead — unless the people awake up soon, remove the word FREE … and just make it Obama Banana Republic….!

    • Elmer: I appreciate it. Usually I just get hate-mail from Surfisher-the-Troll. In this case, my post above agreed with his ongoing comments, but he didn’t bother to read what I wrote, which is one of many things that make him so tedious to endure.

  4. Nate: “In the case of New Jersey, it appears Governor Chris Christie has a total lock with most polls showing his lead at anywhere from 20 to 30 points.”

    But of course — obese Christie is nothing but a Democrook in Rhino clothing, in one of the most local government oppressive states in the nation!

    What’s funny is that MSM is tooting Fat Christie’s horn as the GOP’s Favorite in 2016 — unless he looses 200 lbs and gets a functioning brain, he’ll be laughing stock by then!

    But that’s how the paid-for mainstream media works — spend all their time talking about a NOBODY, thus having no time for SOMEBODY: Rand Paul (the only true American that can save us, along with Ted Cruz for VP, from another Obamination)!

  5. Reality check — Bad news across the odd 2013 election for All Real Americans!

    Democrooks won mayoral races in NY City and Boston. Also won the key swing-state of Virginia’s Governor (now obamanite McAuliffe will back to his dying lying breath Hitlery Clinton to win his state come 2016)!

    Worst perfidy was democrooks actually spending money against their own, to help reelect Fat Rhino Cristie in NJ (the reason — polls show that if Fat Cristie runs against Clinton in 2016, Hitlery will win by 52% or more)! So, the Democrooks threw one of their own under the bus, to assure Cristie-the-Hippo would have a chance to win the 2016 Republican Nomination…in order to lose to Hitlery Clinton!

    I’d be ashamed to call myself an American by watching what is transpiring. The only thing that’s stopping me is the realization that America is being transformed by inequitable immigration laws that favor the Democrooks’ elections (see Virginia where the latino and african population has become the voting majority near DC)!

    The Liberals immigration dogma for the last 30 years is paying dividends — flood Our Nation with anyone (but Europeans…the original builders of our country). Bring in Mexicans, Muslims, Africans and promise them that if they Vote for You, you’ll make sure all their cousins and friends and relatives will be allowed to come here! Current Laws enacted by the Demcrooks allow anyone to legally (or illegally) immigrate to the US, as long as they are NOT White Europeans!

    If this trend continues — expect the 2014 elections to be a dud, and come 2016 enjoy becoming a Subject of the State (not a free citizen)!

  6. Question to all:

    Which sections of our now motley nation helped to get Obama elected — and what does this say about our nation’s survival as a Constitutional Republic (when these NEWBIES HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND OUR CONSTITUTION) ? Why are they NOW allowed to decide our Nation’s Future?!

    99% Gays and Lesbians

    97% Blacks

    95% Jews

    92% Latinos

    Why are people afraid to ask such questions — how meek have we become to be afraid of being labelled “racists” when the FACTS speak for themselves!

    Prove me wrong — show the below to be FACTUALLY untrue…go ahead obamanites, try your perfidy so I can expose it again!

    99% Gays and Lesbians

    97% Blacks

    95% Jews

    92% Latinos

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