The biggest seems to be here in Virginia for the Governor’s mansion and the downticket races.

Report from Politico:

Candidates for Virginia and New Jersey governor and New York City mayor on Monday sprinted toward the finish line of Election 2013, trotting out the big names to keep their voters from getting complacent in a trio of races with clear — if not prohibitive — frontrunners.

In Virginia, home to this year’s marquee gubernatorial race, Vice President Joe Biden warned Democratic voters that the only way Republican Ken Cuccinelli could beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe is if they don’t bother to show up at the polls on Tuesday. Stumping for Cuccinelli a few hours later, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) portrayed the election as a referendum on the troubled Democratic health care law.

We’ll update later with some results…

If you’re in Virginia, who are you voting for and why?


  1. I voted this morning. There were a handful of people there. I commented to the guy outside (passing out “sample ballots” for Cuccinelli) that the turnout seemed to be decent. He said it was only about 20% of what they had two years ago. I’m assuming he meant last year.

    I read somewhere that VA usually has ~70% turnout for a presidential and ~30% for a gubernatorial.

      • If that’s the case, I would say this is a bad sign for Cuccinelli. My county should be a particularly good county for Cuccinelli, so if people aren’t showing up …

        • Forgive me for interrupting, since Nate said this was a post for Viirginians, but I wanted to reassure Ryan. I heard that a small turnout would favor the Republicans.

          • This year is weird..

            Arguments to be made both ways. Low turnout helps Cuccinelli because fewer Dems vote in high-dem precints. But, then ObamaCare exploded in the news so the other argument is higher turnout might be OK for Cuccinelli because maybe anger over Obamacare will bring him votes?

            On other hand, high turnout could deliver more Dem votes to McAuliffe regardless of Obamacare news.

            All cuts many ways.. we’ll know at 7pm.

            • I was talking specifically about my county. Both candidates want their voters to turn out. The election is swayed not by total turnout, but by which voters turn out. Total turnout is simply the aggregate of both candidate’s voters (plus Sarvis’s.) My tiny little anecdote here is that Cuccinelli’s voters don’t seem to be turning out (though maybe McAuliffe’s aren’t either.)

  2. Bad news across the odd 2013 election for All Real Americans!

    Democrooks won mayoral races in NY City and Boston. Also won the key swing-state of Virginia’s Governor (now obamanite McAuliffe will back to his dying lying breath Hitlery Clinton to win his state come 2016)!

    Worst perfidy was democrooks actually spending money against their own, to help reelect Fat Rhino Cristie in NJ (the reason — polls show that if Fat Cristie runs against Clinton in 2016, Hitlery will win by 52% or more)! So, the Democrooks threw one of their own under the bus, to assure Cristie-the-Hippo would have a chance to win the 2016 Republican Nomination…in order to lose to Hitlery Clinton!

    I’d be ashamed to call myself an American by watching what is transpiring. The only thing that’s stopping me is the realization that America is being transformed by inequitable immigration laws that favor the Democrooks’ elections (see Virginia where the latino and african population has become the voting majority near DC)!

    The Liberals immigration dogma for the last 30 years is paying dividends — flood Our Nation with anyone (but Europeans…the original builders of our country). Bring in Mexicans, Muslims, Africans and promise them that if they Vote for You, you’ll make sure all their cousins and friends and relatives will be allowed to come here! Current Laws enacted by the Demcrooks allow anyone to legally (or illegally) immigrate to the US, as long as they are NOT White Europeans!

    If this trend continues — expect the 2014 elections to be a dud, and come 2016 enjoy becoming a Subject of the State (not a free citizen)!

  3. Question to all:

    Which sections of our now motley nation helped to get Obama elected — and what does this say about our nation’s survival as a Constitutional Republic (when these NEWBIES HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND OUR CONSTITUTION) ? Why are they NOW allowed to decide our Nation’s Future?!

    99% Gays and Lesbians

    97% Blacks

    95% Jews

    92% Latinos

    Why are people afraid to ask such questions — how meek have we become to be afraid of being labelled “racists” when the FACTS speak for themselves!

    Prove me wrong — show the below to be FACTUALLY untrue…go ahead obamanites, try your perfidy so I can expose it again!

    99% Gays and Lesbians

    97% Blacks

    95% Jews

    92% Latinos

  4. What happened here in Virginia makes absolutely no rational sense at ALL. The man whose only claim to fame was having been a fund-raiser for a former DNC president defeated a man who had honorably served as both our state senator and attorney general. Did anyone in this state hear of people voting multiple times in the same election as happened rampantly last year? I find it hard to believe that this even happened, with the state electorate having proven to be that totally clueless in the matter! Something is not quite right. Time for a recount!

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