Deny them, of course, only if both networks proceed with their planned documentary and/or mini-series on Hillary Clinton sometime between now and 2016. If the networks cancel such plans, the RNC seems satisfied to continue partnering with both networks to broadcast primary debates.

Report from The Washington Post:

The Republican National Committee formally decided Friday not to partner with CNN and NBC News for any presidential primary debates during the 2016 election cycle, a rebuke of the networks’ plans to air programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Top RNC leaders voted unanimously on a resolution stating that the national party will not partner with the networks nor sanction any primary debates they plan to sponsor and broadcast.

Cable and broadcast television networks have sponsored and produced dozens of presidential primary debates during the recent presidential election cycles, often partnering with state parties or other political organizations in order to draw candidates to the televised events. During the 2012 cycle, top networks sponsored at least 20 debates that stretched from May 2011 to February 2012; CNN hosted seven debates, while NBC News, CNBC or MSNBC hosted four.

The networks do not need the permission of the RNC to host such debates, but the resolution approved Friday likely will prompt state party officials and other conservative organizations to not sponsor, sanction or attend any debates hosted by NBC or CNN and thus keep candidates from attending.

In an early sign of the resistance the two networks might face in early primary states, officials with the New Hampshire Republican Party said the RNC “was right to raise concerns” and that it agreed with plans not to partner with CNN or NBC.
Party officials approved the resolution Friday morning in Boston at the RNC’s annual summer meeting.

Some GOP leaders have been calling for an outright ban on major media outlets altogether since they see an inherit liberal bias in their reporting to begin with. We’ll see how this plays out but perhaps the 2015-2016 debate season won’t look like it did in 2011-2012.



    • yes Goethe, that’s is exactly a statement i would expect from you

      Lois, why would you be interested in what the GOP has to say – you vote Democrats ticket – These two media networks are admittedly Democrats biased anyway. Do you get a thrill up your leg, too, when the biased moderators and Democrats collude to make Republicans look bad in front of low information voters.

      And i can imagine you will continue to vote the straight DP ticket – because you have never taken off the the blue filters or are one the payees for this Socialist administration and have no clue as to mishappen politics both foreign and domestic and attempts to make America a divisive second rate nation,

      • Sam: I was just talking strategy. Obama walked into office attempting to portray the GOP as an extremist party, and the RNC has not failed to fall into the trap. And they’re making themselves look ridiculous in front of what you call “low information voters.” And your paranoia about the media really is concerning. They really are not out to get you, personally. They are not biased–they’re just incompetent.

        And leave Lois alone. There’s no one on here who is more blinder-focused than you. You can’t possibly watch the networks you are so venomous about, and my guess is that you only hear from Limbaugh and Hannity et al. My guess is that Ed and Lois listen to a wide range of sources, and it’s just a pity that she didn’t know she was posting into this viper pit.

        While it’s smart for people to read for quite awhile before posting, it’s also our responsibility to ease them in. Give them a break on their first few posts. If they stick around, you’ll have plenty of time to gut them later.

        Let newbies feel welcome, at least for awhile. Wouldn’t you say that, Nate?

        • Goethe – once again you are wrong about my blinders. and yes i do watch all the networks, except MSNBC who is flagrantly Obama and socialist plus edirorial twisting with news, it makes me want to regurgitate. and you have no room to talk – you are still blinder focused with Obama and taking ABC’s, CBS’s, & NBC’s twisted editorials as news. I don’t believe for a NY minute you are a Libertarian or a Centrist. You are a Socialist. Take the test on the Homepage of and notice how far left your score goes. And your statement about the RNC further proves you are the low information voter who only looks backward and studies history vice what is good or this nation and listens to what the Administration says as Gospel. And i do have NO common ground with Democrats / Liberals / Socialists as no Libertarian would. .

        • Nate if you feel that i am too cutting a commentor, please feel free to banish me – this is the the only websight i comment on and actually i was looking for a Libertarian sight similar to this. As the are no GOP or true Libertarians here i should move on

          ps Goethe – i only listen to Hannity when he has an Audience group session consisting of Democrats – Liberals – Conservatives – Republicans. i have heard Rush less than 10 minutes in over two years time (occasionally snipets other Medie pick up
          pps – but i do listen to FNC -Hannity only carries i hour / day of current events. but there are about 15 other host and they report slight conservative leanings but when there is analyses or the content, FNC has more than 60 “FOX news non-conservative, usually Democratic Party Planners and Campaigners Contributors, most of which Judges/prosecutors/defenders.

          • Sam:

            Cripes, man, don’t get your panties in a knot. Here you are acting all defensive and paranoid because of a few words thrown your way. Can dish it out but not take it, eh?

            My point about Lois is that she is a newbie, and we need newbies, so when they first arrive, we should pat them on the head if we don’t agree with them. Let them stick around for a few weeks before you reach for mace and flail.

            Nate would like as many people on here as possible, and we do him a disservice if we scare new people away.

            Regarding my political opinions, if you took the care to notice, you’d see I am all over the map. Like Billy, most of my posts are in reaction to someone else’s pompous pontification. Since I joined up more than year ago, nearly all the posts have been from Ron Paul supporters and NeoCons. That’s why my responses seem socialist-communist-Zoroastreian-whatever to you.

            I have noticed a few new voices lately. Must be Nate’s been getting the word out. AND, the new people seem to be more liberal than the current crowd. If it gets to the point where they are heavily represented, you can be sure that I’ll be roasting their chestnuts, too.

            Dude, nobody on this list is more predictable than you, with wild claims and charges that had to come directly from Rove-vania. The very fact that you think MSNBC is slanted and Fox is in any way objective shows that you have the blinders on. I don’t watch either, because they’re both BS–EQUALLY

            If you want to disagree with a newbie, give them a link and let them see for themselves. No need for the name calling when they first get here. Wait till they’re old farts like you [smiley face].

            • P.S. I don’t remember ever promoting Mr. Big Ears. But some of the Obama-hatred just requires a response from somebody. I’m somebody. Just as I have defended Newt and the others, when I felt an attack was unfair–or ridiculous.

      • Thank you for the ongoing dialogue. It’s great to live in America where we have freedom of speech! Hopefully, all American voters will be allowed to vote this year! Also, why are the Republicans attempting to deny students, African-Americans, Hispanics, etc. from the ability to cast their vote??? What are they afraid of??? Possibly another Democratic President??? Ed and I, Lois, enjoy watching all news and political sides to the various ongoing discussions here in America! How else can we “learn” actually what is going on??? More Americans should be more open-minded and listen to “all” views, not just the views they want to “hear”!

        • Lois Denaut — LOL, another Obama shill caught here.

          Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver — for shilling like Tess does.

          (could it be that you are Tess….with a new monicker)

          • Lois: The appropriate response to Surfisher would be something in the line of–

            “So’s your old lady!”

        • Lois, evidently i am a men ‘ol man picking on you, Well if you are under 18 and writing a school paper – grow up 1st. if 18 to 35 and have a heart, then i guess Socialism and their accusations are normal as communes “And it takes a community to raise a child” – but that doesn’t really hold water. If you are over forty and still holding on to that Kumbaya, that the world owes “me” a living. You might be a socialist freeloader.

          The simple silly declaration that,” why are the Republicans attempting to deny students, African-Americans, Hispanics,etc” is pretty strong conviction of your socialist thought process and that you listen to the media for “low information voters”. I’m sure it never occurred to you that the desire of the RNC and most “We the
          People” is that ONLY U.S. citizens be allowed to vote. by voter registration as the tracking element – visual before and electronically after – no duplicate voters, no illegal voters, no 116% of the voters voted.

          try researching the very, very scary things going on before joining this group of Socialists.

  2. My husband and I vote for Democrats, not Republicans.
    We like to watch, listen, and read about the Democratic and Republican Candidates for the United States Presidency.
    I believe the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing the broadcast of the Republican Debates on CNN and NBC news stations. The American voters will view this as the Republicans attempting to “hide” their political agenda from the voters!
    What happened to “open and honest” political debates???
    Ed and Lois Denaut, Henderson, Nevada

    • Lois Denaut — you state: “What happened to “open and honest” political debates???”

      The better question is what happens to politicians that lie in order to get elected — obviously nothing, because of the like of you.

      Here is what your Democrat said to get elected, and then did the opposite.
      Since you voted for Obama, are you now going to support his Impeachment — or let him slide since you only vote for Democrats…regardless of their perfidy?!

      • Surfisher ,this post wasn’t as obnoxious as usual. If you had clipped the second half of the second sentence, you might have kept her attention.

        Likewise, the last paragraph might have led her to click your link if you had just said something about the difference between what Obama promised and how he’s running the show. As it is, I’d bet 3-1 that she didn’t bother to go to the link, because your intro to it makes it sound like blathering propaganda, rather than a reasoned exposition.

        The thing is that you’re not really trying to bring anybody to your point of view. You like to paint yourself as some kind of elitist professor who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else put together, which turns people off, and makes them think less of you, not more.

        As mammy used to say, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    • Lois…glad to see another woman aboard…while I am neither democrat or republican…I reserve the right to vote for the person I feel is the most qualified, and needless to say, my selection has often been a regret. I liked your obviously honest quality which is a rare gift. If you are a solid democrat, then continue to defend your stance.

  3. Nate — what are the mini series called, that the GOP is in arms?

    Hitlery Clinton — “The Wicked Bitch of the West?”

    • NBC has said to wait till you see it, so I’m sure Democrats will see the show as a hatchet job.

      My guess is that a LARGE portion of the show will be about the poor betrayed woman–the one thing Hillary is trying to run away from. And of course, an extended portion about pant-suits. Then, there will be the hairdos. We’re talking about NBC entertainment. It will be as superficial and irrelevant as it can be.

  4. This is not the first time the Republican National Committee has badgered and threatened the networks. In 2003, CBS produced a mini series called The Reagans. The RNC’s objection was lines about homosexuals and intravenous drug users–who, in the view of President Reagan and his domestic policy advisers, brought the disease upon themselves by engaging in immoral conduct, Another objection was that Reagan was played by James Brolin, whose wife Barbra Streisand is an outspoken liberal. CBS caved to the pressure and later the series was seen on Viacom’s Showtime.

    Reince Priebus has now ban CNN, NBC and their affiliates. Also ban is CNN Espanol and the Telemundo Network. Fox is producing the Hilary Clinton series for NBC but Priebus has given Fox a pass. It appears the only viewers they wish to reach are the ones already committed to vote Republican.

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