Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts Senator and Tea Party upstart of 2010, is apparently exploring the possibility of a 2016 presidential run. Brown visited the Iowa State Fair this past weekend which is typically a priority stop for anyone wishing to compete in the Iowa caucuses.

Report from the Huffington Post:

Less than a year after losing his bid for reelection, former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is “curious” about pursuing a higher political office.

Closing out a weekend where he visited the Iowa State Fair, a key 2016 stomping ground, Brown said he is exploring the possibility of a 2016 presidential run.

In an interview published Sunday with the Boston Herald, Brown’s comments gave a clearer picture of where his White House ambitions stand.

“I want to get an indication of whether there’s even an interest, in Massachusetts and throughout the country, if there’s room for a bi-partisan problem solver,” Brown said. “It’s 2013 — I think it’s premature, but I am curious.”

I’m going to guess that for most conservatives in the base of the GOP, Scott Brown will be seen as little more than Mitt Romney, version 2.0. Brown is in the mold of a moderate, New England Republican and that slot might be filled in 2016 by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.