While not always being the most accurate predictor of the GOP’s nominee, the CPAC straw poll is a good test of where the conservative base of the party is heading. It is also a good test of which candidates spend the most time and money organizing supporters to win the top spot. This year, it was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who took the most votes followed closely by Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Rand Paul – 25%
Marco Rubio – 23%
Rick Santorum – 8%
Chris Christie – 7%
Paul Ryan – 6%
Scott Walker – 5%
Ben Carson – 4%
Ted Cruz – 4%
Bobby Jindal – 3%
Sarah Palin – 3%
Other – 14%
Undecided – 1%

There were 23 candidates on the ballot and 44 write-ins.


The “Other” option was incorrectly marked at 34% by the source of my numbers. This is now correct at 14%. See this PDF from CPAC with the accurate numbers.


  1. Chris Christie came in fourth, even though he was not invited, and was being trashed. I find that the most interesting thing about this.

    In traditional GOP style, either Santorum or Ryan would eventually be knighted as the nominee. But if libertarianism is gaining ground, Santorum is history. He’s all about bugging your bedroom and policing your internet. . .

  2. Ok, so they mention sarah palin at 3%, but is there noone polling better than that among those mentioned “Other” at 34%?!?! Am I the only one questioning this? And if im not, shouldnt they have foreseen that and made the Others available to us, the ppl.

    • dave, I went checking into this and the correct number is 14% for other. I also found all 23 names but not what percent each one got.

      1. NH Senator Kelly Ayotte
      2. AZ Governor Jan Brewer
      3. KS Governor Sam Brownback
      4. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson
      5. NJ Governor Chris Christie
      6. TX Senator Ted Cruz
      7. Former IN Governor Mitch Daniels
      8. SC Governor Nikki Haley
      9. LA Governor Bobby Jindal
      10. OH Governor John Kasich
      11. NM Governor Susana Martinez
      12. VA Governor Bob McDonnell
      13. Former AK Governor Sarah Palin
      14. KY Senator Rand Paul
      15. IN Governor Mike Pence
      16. TX Governor Rick Perry
      17. OH Senator Rob Portman
      18. FL Senator Marco Rubio
      19. WI Congressman Paul Ryan
      20. Former PA Senator Rick Santorum
      21. SC Senator Tim Scott
      22. SD Senator John Thune
      23. WI Governor Scott Walker
      24. Other _______________________
      25. Undecided

      • I see Perry and Palin as the only been there done that candidates but my vision isn’t all that good. There may be more.

        • Billy: I still don’t see what you see in Palin. She was only in office a year and a half before she abandoned the State for fame and fortune. And, generally, the first year of a governor’s term is carrying through what the other governor and legislature planned. So she really only had a couple of months of say before she decided the job was too much work.

          That’s just what we need: a president who quits after a year or two if National Geographic can come up with another show for her. . . .

          • 12 billion reasons when she left and she is worth 14 million today. I never knock success. Bottom lines are hard to argue when they are solid black.

    • When it comes to bring home the bacon and job creation, no one does it better. Got 12 billion reasons to say she can get the job done if she would just shut up and run on her record. She is a been there done that politician.

    • Tess: Are we going to start another “birther” idiocy? Cruz’ parents were both American citizens and remained American citizens. The fact that they were outside the state line when the baby popped out shouldn’t really matter, the way I see it.

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