Aside from Hillary Clinton in 2016, there are a handful of other names on the Democratic side waiting in the dugout for a chance to play. As speculated by a commenter in a previous post, Clinton’s name is being dropped often now but Democrats could grow tired of the thought and someone else could emerge seemingly out of of nowhere in the next two years.


According to In The Capital, here are a few more names on the list as it stands:

Joe Biden – Vice President
Andrew Cuomo – Governor of New York
Martin O’Malley – Governor of Maryland
Cory Booker – Mayor of Newark, NJ
Rahm Emmanuel – Mayor of Chicago, IL

That’s still a pretty short list to me. None of those names have the mass public persona that Hillary Clinton does but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything as witnessed in 2008. Sure Joe Biden is well known but he isn’t exactly electrifying for most Democratic voters.

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