Aside from Hillary Clinton in 2016, there are a handful of other names on the Democratic side waiting in the dugout for a chance to play. As speculated by a commenter in a previous post, Clinton’s name is being dropped often now but Democrats could grow tired of the thought and someone else could emerge seemingly out of of nowhere in the next two years.

According to In The Capital, here are a few more names on the list as it stands:

Joe Biden – Vice President
Andrew Cuomo – Governor of New York
Martin O’Malley – Governor of Maryland
Cory Booker – Mayor of Newark, NJ
Rahm Emmanuel – Mayor of Chicago, IL

That’s still a pretty short list to me. None of those names have the mass public persona that Hillary Clinton does but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything as witnessed in 2008. Sure Joe Biden is well known but he isn’t exactly electrifying for most Democratic voters.


  1. You’re right, that list is way short. Don’t underestimate the vast pent-up demand on the part of Dems to nominate a woman in 2016, even if Hillary decides to enjoy retirement.

    So I would add to that list the names of several women, any or all of whom would potentially make strong candidates in the event that the former Secretary of State does not run: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y., Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minn., Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

  2. It does appear that Biden is being given more to do in the second term. Meanwhile, the 60 Minutes joint interview was seen as a tacit endorsement for a 2016 run. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama would like to see the two of them slug it out.

    I don’t believe that a primary battle is necessarily bad. If someone has a message, that’s a long period of getting the word out. The only reason it didn’t work for Romney is that the more we knew, the less we liked.

  3. Is it just me, or is the “run” for The Oval Office is becoming more and more like a sweepstakes rather than an opportunity for the citizens to weigh in on who they believe is best to lead.

    We truly need leadership.

    • I certainly don’t see any leadership coming from the right. They elect a speaker and then don’t support him. That’s leadership. Perhaps they want a racist in their like Rand.

      • One question is- -what IS “leadership”? Is it gathering support- -or is it just taking charge? It strikes me odd that Rand Paul is going to be given a platform to respond to the State of the Union. Who elected him to speak for the Tea Party? Why didn’t the Green Party get someone up there? How many speakers and counter-speakers do we need?

        The New York Daily News calls this the first 2016 Republican Debate between the expected candidates.

      • Everybody is a raciest to some degree. I could live with Rand calling the shots. I’d rather go with a governor in or was in the top 10 though. The voters go with the bottom feeders though and they deserve what they get.

        • Billy: I agree. Anyone who claims NOT to be racist is racist, because he can’t even face his own prejudices.

          We ALL have prejudices–although we like to call them “common sense.” Anytime you believe something without thinking about it, that’s a prejudice, by definition.

          The question is, what do you do about it? Do you find ways to justify your own prejudices, or do you evaluate them? Certainly, some things we “know by common sense” actually are true, but they’re not true because we believe them–they’re true in spite of the fact that we believe them.

          • Watched a program on it. Starts with you. You want the job or the girl even though the other guy is better qualified. Then it moves to your family and relatives. Then to friends and their families. You get the picture, in living color.

            • Billy: Yeah–“tribal mentality.” We claim not to understand infighting, like Sunni and Shi’ite, but we’re not immune. We have “circles” of loyalty, from family to city or religion or party. Anyone outside our ring is considered “wrong” and “stupid.” If you read the comments on Yahoo or AOL, you’ll see it.

  4. @Billy Malone

    Such as maybe but given their opposition is likely to be an old white guy with out-dated beliefs on race, gender, values, economics and war, as was only recently proved, they’re toast.
    The only interesting question about the next election is whether those running the Republican party have learned enough from last time or plan to re-package that which was so comprehensively rejected in November. In short, do they have the stomach for someone like Christie or do they think the American public are stupid enough to vote for the idiot Palin?

    • Tom I never listen to a word any politician speaks. Last election we had two guys running that had at best dismal track records concerning debt reduction and job creation. Romney was what, 47 out of fifty and left office with a billion dollars worth of red ink. Obama ran up over 5 trillion in red He did create a net gain of about 125,000 jobs in 4 years but they pay far less than the jobs lost.

      As for Palin, she left Alaska with a 12 billion dollar surplus.

  5. A third new party is the real answer – but there is no Soros or Buffett to ramrod it and buy the media.

    The Dems have another two years to find another BHO – and all the bright Blacks and Latinos are Pubs. Maybe they could try Powell, but don’t think Dems trust him

    No matter who the Pubs put up they will find dirt somewhere to preach to the masses.

    ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN will elect who next, even there will even be a new POTUS in ’16.

    I like Goethe’s pick of Dr. Carson – But if you google National Prayer Breakfast on ABC /CBS / NBC/ sites — no mention of Carson. Have to go to FOX and alternate media’s.

  6. The 2016 Democratic presidential field could have a ethnic candidate of color given the demographic composite of the elected officials. Female candidates are more likely given the 2008 Hillary Clinton candidacy. Senators Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Claire McCaskill, and others are possible contenders in the even that Hillary Clinton declines. A Latino or Asian-Pacific American could be on the next Democratic presidential ticket.

  7. Billy,

    The only people that care about Lybia at this point are John McCain, Lindsey Grahm, and Rand Paul. No reasonable person cares that much now, and will even less in 3 years… I expect the 3 dumb asses I mentioned to bring it up, so they get on tv a bit. However this will have no impact on Hillary’s chances should she run

    • It will be brought up for sure but so was Romney’s dismal record as governor. You are right. Romney should have been tarred and feathered but they gave him the nomination.

  8. Don’t under estimate Obama’s ability to maneuver the country into supporting him for a third term. Today, there is not enough organized opposition to stop him from becoming America’s new king. The Constitution? Poo! After over 100 years of packing the courts with central power elites, opportunists and ideologues, “democrats” can move to attempt the last stage, complete takeover. What or who is to stop them? Republicans? You’ve got to be kidding. The GOP seeems complacent, ignorant or blind. All other parties are dinky and don’t count. The Tea Party is a hope, but it’s dwindling and the hope is fading. Everything is related to economics. Think about it this way: government is overhead. What happens when overhead consumes the entire pool of savings and productive capital? What happens when taxes constitute 100% of all private sector (the productive sector) income? Under Obama and a fawning congress, we are rapidly approaching that point now. It took the Russian communist party only 17 years to confiscate all private assets, bank accounts, homes, farms, factories, real estate. Why so long? Primitive record-keeping. Today it should take only a few months to complete the takeover. Food for thought.

    • Richard: I like to play with a conspiracy theory as much as anyone, but you have to realize when it turns into schizophrenia. The Supreme Court has been solidly conservative for decades, and even if Obama gets a chance to replace someone, it’s going to be Ginsberg, so nothing will change.

      As for Obama trying for a third term, that is just laughable. The guy doesn’t even have solid support in his own party, not to mention the visceral hatred from the other side.

      Wake up, dude. It was just a nightmare.

      • Yeah well who every though a black politician from Chicago would ever get in the White House. Then after he mess up really bad fewer even thought he had any kind of a chance for a 2nd term. THE DIFFICULT WE CAN DO RIGHT AWAY. THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A LITTLE LONGER…that’s Obama

      • Richard – Goethe – Billy: Somethings to consider. For us to ever get a true budget the two major parties must find some common ground. Not gonna happen. They are mutually exclusive. The stronger party is Democrat because it has more money, main media, and therefore the most influence on the general public, all of congress and the Supreme Court as well. The Republican party is heavily fractured, all other parties (including Libertarian) don’t carry enough weight for any influence. The government will continue to grow and be as dysfunctional as ever. There will be many thrusts for failed adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Spending and false sense of security of the recession ending will cause a complete financial collapse before 2014 elections.

        Obama has stated outright many times “America needs to change”. He has been told by Soros and others that under their guidance he can control and preside over the world and that’s where he is headed. When we are in chaos, panic, and bordering on Anarchy, Obama will declare a state of emergency. We will be basically one party by that time and if gun controls and registration isn’t in effect it immediately will be, and then all Arms confiscated.

        Obama will immediately force a third term for himself, and the American Democratic Republic is teets up.

        Goethe believes that the two party system is strong enough to prevent that. But I believe the MainMedia is too ignorant to believe this scenario could ever happen and their fearless, all knowing leader will Leader is leading them to Liberal, Socialism, Nirvana. Big surprise coming their way.

        Republicans and Independent dissidents like myself will be herded into camps not unlike Asians here and Hebrews in Germany during WWII. DHS and the Military will do it in very short order.

        Immigration will stop with the exception of followers of Islam. The percentage of Islam vs Christianity must be reversed and Sharia will integrate into our legal system.

        Our people distribution will soon be on the order France, England, and Spain. And our financial despair will be on the order of Greece.

        • Sam:

          How can you say the Democratic Party is stronger? The GOP has had the presidency 23 of the last 40 years, and has an overwhelming majority in the House (with no chance of losing it for at least a decade). While having control of both house and senate would allow them to pass anything you want, having control of the senate without the house is meaningless because all the minority has to do is HINT at disagreement to kill any legislation. (At least Rand Paul had the courage and integrity to do a REAL filibuster.) As for the Supreme Court, the GOP has had a GOP majority for ALL of the last 40 years.

          Up until Clinton, the Repubican Party always had overwhelming advantage in cash, too–since it was the owner/manager party. But Clinton found a way to peel off some of the rich donors, and Obama has added to it. Still, that’s only party money. The GOP-supporting pacs and “comittees” have had more money than God.

          I just get really tired of Republicans playing “victim.” And Romney’s 47% mentality is not only false, but also insulting the people the party needs.

          Conservatives have a good argument to make for free enterprise, but they always get caught up in defending big oil, big banks, and other crooks. Libertarians need to separate themselves from the televangelistas, NeoCons, and the shills for big business. It’s long past time to end corporate welfare as we know it.

          Despite kissing up to the establishment in the recent election, I think Rand Paul is saying the right things–supporting the little guy against big government AND big business. THAT is the winning message for the party.

          • Goethe – I’m really having a hard time trying to understand you. 1st – Pub control is ancient history. That party is so fragmented that they and Libers couldn’t come up with a bloc vote if they had to. And the Dems are lockstep solid and will remain so until the U.S. crashes and burns. The Pubs have no more money than the Dems – they each have different sources. Big Oil no longer exists in the U.S. except maybe Alaska who sell’s it to China. All two of the big banks left since 2009 and they are not loyal to anyone. and who owns your state by the way. i’m really trying to figure how the Pubs pissed you off so badly – there was no way Ron Paul could have beat Obama, MSM would have taken him apart just like Romney. The only good thing i’ve heard from you is about his son and I’m in hopes he starts campaigning now and win a nomination. if he can convert the public now he could save the U.S. but that means the Pub/Liber fragmentation has to come together. it also means no wild hair up BHO’s butt and he leaves office peacefully and supports Biden so the Dems will become divided.

            You really need to look at ALL of the PACs and money sources. Both parties are guilty of non-affiliated Super-Pac violations, but you only find Pub related baddies because of your sources.

            The Supreme Court is not now Conservative and has no Nads and is totally afraid of BHO and the MSM or they would have cratered Obamacare.

    • Have to agree that the GOP is indeed just another bureaucracy that has lost it’s way. Any one of the top 25 governors could have beaten Obama and the GOP puts up #46 out of 50. I think the only thing he was #1 in was debt per capita when old Romney was governor. (most debt not least)

  9. You fellows sound like you are trying to translate Revelations. That book has an unknown author, an unknown time and and an unknown place. That the world is in turmoil is an accepted fact but before it’s over you will have to trust someone to lead. Pick the one that shares your personal agenda and support him (her). We all have questionable associates but that doesn’t mean we follow their path or take their advise. I am an Independent (often called a bleeding heart liberal by dear friends) but I do believe that the good in the United States will prevail if everyone uses their intellect and votes. I do not worry as much about George Soros’s money as I do about the Allen Jones’ and the Limbaugh’s that have poisoned tongues. i worry more about a US Senator who would defend a company in China that stole a patent from an american inventor. The Senator denies it but the court documents read: Lead Counsel: Ted Cruz.

    • Tess – your words in themselves tell of your liberal bias, just like mine tell of my conservative bias. I don’t know about Revelations, i was never able to get that far in the New Testament. And to me, any religious text are history and parables, some good, some not so good, and a lot to patterns to live life by. Still, they are written by man and revised by man and until we get HOME we won’t know their validness. We each, for a little while yet, have that 1st Amendment to express our individual thoughts about the subject.

      My theory of what could happen in the U.S. is in fact valid if BHO is allowed to run amuck and drive us into Grecian type financial chaos – look at Cyprus today. Japan’s broke and could call the $1B due them DUE. i’m within a few years of dying but my wife and kids and grand kids and others will be here for awhile to see the U. S. crater and it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion.

  10. I believe the best candidate for the Democrats in 2016 is Vice-president Joe Biden. He is an FDR Democrat who enjoys the respect of Republicans in Congress. He was there from 1973 to 2009. having chaired the foreign Relations committee for several years he has an experienced Command of foreign affairs.

    If elected president he will have also served eight years as Vice-President. Biden has a winnning personable personality and a sense of humor reminiscent of JFK.

    He is a staunch family man , going home every night to be with his children especially since his wife was killed in an auto accident almost forty years ago.


    Biden is the right person at the right time.

    Michael SHEA
    LOS LUNAS, New Mexixo

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