Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan took the airwaves this weekend appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The interview was wide-ranging but of course focused on the Presidential race.

Here is Ryan’s entire 24-minute interview:

Ryan took some heat in this interview for stating that it would take him too long to explain the specifies of the Romney/Ryan tax plan, report from the Washington Post:

“It would take me too long to go through all of the math,” Ryan explained Sunday morning. But Wallace wasn’t asking for “all” of the math, just basic numbers. As usual with the GOP ticket, the only specific figure Ryan wanted to discuss was how much he and Romney want to drop tax rates. Wallace repeatedly asked Ryan whether Romney’s proposed tax cuts would cost $5 trillion, a question meant to establish one side of the budget equation before moving to a discussion of how Romney would pay for the cuts. But Ryan repeatedly refused to go through the addition and subtraction, instead insisting that the numbers eventually come out in his favor — Romney’s proposed tax cuts would cost nothing, he said, because Romney would offset them by cutting loopholes, primarily for upper incomes.

But which loopholes, and where does Romney draw the line between middle- and upper-income Americans? Ryan had nothing too specific there, either.

While watching Sunday Night Football last night, the Obama campaign had a commercial at the beginning of the broadcast which laid out some specific plans in a “step 1 through step 5” format. I think the Romney campaign is going to have to get specific or risk their plan being defined by the Obama campaign and the media for a lack of definition.