Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan took the airwaves this weekend appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The interview was wide-ranging but of course focused on the Presidential race.

Here is Ryan’s entire 24-minute interview:

Ryan took some heat in this interview for stating that it would take him too long to explain the specifies of the Romney/Ryan tax plan, report from the Washington Post:

“It would take me too long to go through all of the math,” Ryan explained Sunday morning. But Wallace wasn’t asking for “all” of the math, just basic numbers. As usual with the GOP ticket, the only specific figure Ryan wanted to discuss was how much he and Romney want to drop tax rates. Wallace repeatedly asked Ryan whether Romney’s proposed tax cuts would cost $5 trillion, a question meant to establish one side of the budget equation before moving to a discussion of how Romney would pay for the cuts. But Ryan repeatedly refused to go through the addition and subtraction, instead insisting that the numbers eventually come out in his favor — Romney’s proposed tax cuts would cost nothing, he said, because Romney would offset them by cutting loopholes, primarily for upper incomes.

But which loopholes, and where does Romney draw the line between middle- and upper-income Americans? Ryan had nothing too specific there, either.

While watching Sunday Night Football last night, the Obama campaign had a commercial at the beginning of the broadcast which laid out some specific plans in a “step 1 through step 5” format. I think the Romney campaign is going to have to get specific or risk their plan being defined by the Obama campaign and the media for a lack of definition.


  1. Right.

    Ryan can’t say because he doesn’t know what his boss will do–because Romney has no idea what he’s going to do tomorrow, much less the future.

    Example: Romney INVENTED Oromneycare, then he said he wanted to repeal it all on day one, then he said, well, we’ll save parts of it, and now, trying to counter his “heartless” image, he is bragging about what Oromneycare has done for people in Massachusetts.

  2. Paul Ryan said on Sunday that he “doesn’t have time to explain the numbers”. Voters need to know Romney’s plan, including the numbers, to want to vote for him. unless of course, you’vote strictly by party and hope. As an independent, I await the debates, but it doesn’t sound like there will be much substance. just wait and see, in which case Obama is the devil we know. I would suggest that once a day until election day Romney’s camp puts out DETAILS and numbers to support what he intends to change, if elected, and at what cost or savings to individuals and family. keeping his plans secret, will surely lose him the race. I believe that is why his numbers are dropping. Voters have waited, and are giving up. he better come out with some REAL substance on Wednesday night!

    • Susan,
      Unless you’re familiar with the IRS tax code, I doubt that you would understand it if Romney or Ryan went through it line by line (which they actually do during their town meetings across the country). You could watch the 24 minute interview with Paul Ryan (the link is on this website where he gives a more detailed description of their plan).

      In lieu of either of those, I’ll give it a shot: Romney/Ryan’s tax plan is to lower tax rates by 20%- across the board. Max rate was 35% which will become 28% (35%-20%(35%)). If your marginal tax rate is 8%, take away 20% of that and it becomes 6.4%. So, this puts more money back in people’s pockets when they get paid weekly. The way the government recovers those funds is by eliminating or reducing or restructuring some of the tax loopholes. The wealthier taxpayers have been more likely to be able to take advantage of these in the past such as 15% tax on capital gains, 1031 exchanges, tax breaks to people who invest in risky projects such as oil wells, reduced taxes for foreign sale corporations. There are too many of these to mention but suffice it to say that these could be altered or eliminated on the higher end of the taxpayer spectrum to provide tax relief for the lower and middle class.

      The rationale is that this tax policy becomes revenue neutral. The tax changes offset the reductions in tax rate putting more money in the hands of the taxpayers, spurring the economy. Lowering taxes has shown in the past to have a multiplier effect – people have more money, they have more disposable income, they can buy more goods and services, companies selling the goods and services make more money, they pay more in taxes, they hire more workers increasing jobs, more employees make more money reducing unemployment and paying more taxes, ad infinitum.

      Bottom line is it works and it’s a good thing. Government stimulus puts more money into the economy but, unfortunately, the government has to borrow it in the first place which means they have to pay it back plus interest increasing the deficit – definitely a bad thing.

      I hope this helps.

  3. I have a feeling the information withheld was and is intentional. Saving it for the Debates. Not giving out too much information. At least Romney’s, VP select, Paul Ryan took time to meet with Wallace. It amazes me how many people complain about what Romney and his campaign does or does not do but leaves Obama alone when he is the CURRENT PRESIDENT damaging so much in and out of our country. He’s a LOSER and I hope HE LOSES on Nov. 6th.

    • Instead of “debating” — have the BO and the Mitt take an independent IQ test on National TV.

      If their combined total is close to 85…have them fight it out with noises produced by whichever orifice they feel is their most potent one…and after the smell clears, declare the winner as the most productive wind and methane producer (Go Green…).

  4. I have been hoping that info would be released during the debate. but, when Ryan brushed off the question on Sunday, I am now fearful the same will happen at debates. like I said Obama is the devil we know, that is why there is less questioning of him. Romney claims change, but won’t tell us specifically what that will be and what it will cost/save us. I think that is why Obama seems to be getting a pass. if he does nothing different, at least we know what that will be. Romney? where are you? what are your plans? You are running out of time to tell us. early balloting has already begun! I am an independent, still waiting,but losing patience.

    • How did Ryan “brushed off the question”? Do you really expect him to lay out for you a detailed financial and other plans of America’s development for the next 4 years in 25 min of conversation that he is having with the reporter? Would you be able to lay out a detailed plan of you own life for the next 4 year in 25 minutes, while answering tons of other reporter’s questions at the same time, should I add? Are you people serious? Ryan said plenty in this interview. Did you even listen to it? They must have a clear direction of where they want to go, have a strong stance on basic points that need to be covered to get there – and both Romney and Ryan are excellent with covering these points and clearly describing the direction in which they want to lead. And are not afraid of clearly stating and repeating the points they stand by again and again. They do not camouflage anything – they state their points and principals in very clear manner. Isn’t it obvious that it is not up to them to have and to present to you a detailed plan of American development, in their pre-election time. We are not electing a king, or monarch or dictator. It is up to the government – representatives that YOU choose – to create these details of the plan of action and development through debates, voting, etc. President is there to lead, to have the direction and to manage the process, not to do the work that YOUR representatives should do. Both Romney and Ryan have an excellent leadership skills and offering you a clear and realistic direction and ways that can realistically be used for us to move in that direction from where we are. Even blind can see it. I would be proud to see them representing America on the international arena as well and finally restore some respect from the world toward us as every normal country should have, instead of our ambassadors being killed and flag burned. The president that we have has proven to be unable of anything better that promising ‘a better tomorrow in a long run”. There are no results, only promises. You call it “knowing what you have”? I call it brainwashing… You decide… Do you want to keep having your brains washed, or do you want to take a chance in something real and experienced. Give a chance to people, who do and live what they preach – to experienced business person who openly and clearly states that he can fix your economic situation. At least there is a chance… And it is certainly MUCH better chance than continue living lies of a by-now-experienced brainwasher, who we already know and tried, as you exactly mentioned…

      • I too watch the news! The whole brain washing thing is totally the words of someone else. It will be nice when people start formulating opinions for themselves verses repeating what they hear someone else say. I personally think that it might be better for you to get the facts of what really happened over there and why the response to it and everything else is going the way it’s going before you throw your opinion out there. It doesn’t matter if Ryan can give us a totally detailed plan or not in 25 minutes. What matters to me is the fact that they really aren’t giving us anything. He’s basicly saying – I have a plan follow me. He wants to do all these things in order fix all this stuff but he can’t tell us what he’s going to get rid of, where is the money going to come from for these tax cuts. I’m so tired of hearing about Big Bird but I have the common sense to know that canceling PBS isn’t going to get the job done. I’m not trying to sway anyone here. I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind voting for Romney and maybe then I’ll be persuaded. Right now I’m undecided. It seems to me that you don’t even know or have a clue as to how Romney is going to make this stuff happen really without sacrificing the poor, middle class, PBS or the elderly. All he’s basicly said is- I’m going to do this and my doing this is not going to affect all of these other things. He never says how it’s going to or not going to affect people. How can you vote for someone who thinks you’re to stupid to do simple arithmetic? My mother always told us that “The plan will never fail but you can always fail to plan.” Obviously classic Romney…

    • I think a lot of what I’ve read here is BS! I can’t believe that so many Americans are willing to blindly follow. If Romney and Ryan have a real plan then they should be speaking on it and I’m not just talking about in their home states. Regardless of wether or not they feel as if the American people can understand the numbers or not they still need to reveal whatever their plan is numbers included. Stop assuming that the people won’t understand and explain it in a way that can be understood. Stop making excuses and telling untruths to get to where you want to be. As of right now I have no clue who Romney really is. I definitely will not be voting for a man who is going thru some type of identity crisis with himself. Romney now has me so confused about what he’s going or planning to do. I personally think it’s a little to late for Romney to sway still undecided voters into voting for him. All the lies he told in the debate will, I believe come back to bite him in his butt… I know way to many people who’ve decided not to vote for Romney based off the fact that he’s a humongous liar. Who would really want someone like that in office and why? If you already not being truthful with the American people we definitely can’t expect him to if he becomes President. I’m a military veteran and I personally find it shameful that people have the audacity to say Obama has done nothing for this nation or that he’s fulfilled none of the promises that he said he would. That’s not true on any level. Some of the reasons things haven’t gone as smoothly as possible is because the republicans were never willing to work with the President which is something they have finally come out and admit to. What’s even harder for me to understand is why is it when the nation was rapidly heading towards a depression everybody was screaming for Obama. Now that he’s got this country headed in a new direction everyone turned coat. Ridiculous!! People would rather vote for a man who thinks the American people are to stupid to understand his plan so he won’t talk about. Is this the President you really want and why?

  5. I am amazed that anyone would even start to consider putting a check mark next to a persons name who after 4 years in the White House he has spent more time on the golf course versus – working on a jobs plan, working on a budget plan that at least gets ONE VOTE versus ZERO VOTES, works toward getting 47 million people OFF food stamps, stops blaming an administration (1,460 days ago) that he vowed to he would produce HOPE AND CHANGE and all we hear about is that he was not aware that the bottom was so deep! OK once you found out the bottom was so deep 4 years ago you have had all this time to do something about it BUT all you have done is BLAME and BLAME and we are so tired of hearing it.

    • Well, it’s him versus the guy that won’t even tell us what he’s going to do. I’m amazed that someone would vote for a guy who purposefully and openly witholds his plans. How can you have a democracy if the candidate doesn’t reveal his plans.

      The only sensible choice here is to vote for a 3rd party candidate: Green, Libertarian or Constitution depending on which way you lean.

      • I have been listening again and again about people repeating this “I know Obama and I do not know Romney’s plans”, so I support Obama…. This is just so entertaining really. It is like person drowning saying: “Ok, I have that guy on the boat offering me a stick to grab on, but I do not really know him, neither he presented his plans clearly to me, so I will just continue drowing. At least it is something I know.”… Makes total sense… lol Happy drowning with Obama’s help that, you are right, we all know well enough.

        • That wasn’t a very intelligent reply or remark. It makes absolutely no sense at all. After watching Ryan on Fox it became very evident that 1 Romney is a huge liar and full of crap and 2 neither Romney or Ryan think the American people are intelligent enough to understand it. If they believe that we aren’t intelligent enough to understand their plan now how do you expect them to act as President and Vice President. If they get into office they’ll do whatever they want with absolutely no regards to what is good for us as a nation. This is what scares me. If Romney is President he’ll only worry about his own and people who are like him. The rest of us should just make it easier for ourselves and die off… I have one question for you. Are you F—ING serious?

  6. It’s really very simple for those “with eyes to see and ears to hear.”
    Obama has proven to be very very very bad.
    Romney is an American of vastly better character and accomplishment.
    Vote for the American.

    • Romney lied all the way through the debate and you get on here and talk about Romney’s character. Please stop you are not helping. I’m wanting to hear from people who can really give me some sort of insight into how Romney is going to fix or make anything better. Please respond people with serious relevant, meaningful and truthful responses.

  7. I agree with you, Mary. As an American, I can’t BELIEVE ANYONE would vote for Barack Obama for a second term!? President Obama has NOT met with his INTEL folks in months, nor has he met with the House or the Senate! **All his administration has done is whine they couldn’t get anything done because of the bad circumstances from the Bush administration and Republicans wouldn’t cooperate. The Obama administration was entirely democratic for the first 2 years of his Presidency! **The Obama administration raised our countries’ debt to over $16 TRILLION in less than 4 years-the MOST of ANY president! **Don’t wave Obamacare as a winning flag, either. Implementation of the new computer system and software has already cost me at my doctor’s office. Two physicians I know of are retiring because they see the writing on the wall. Don’t you think Obamacare will be the NEW Medicare? Instead of dealing with Medicare/Medicaid, we’ll have Obamacare. Read those addendums that won’t be implemented for 2 or 3 years; Obamacare will “evolve” into a single-payer system. **Our country now has over 45 million people on welfare. **Millions of people are out of work or have just quit looking for work; unemployment is not over 8%, it is closer to being over 10-15%, especially if you calculate it demographically. **The Stimulus? What a JOKE! The car companies who accepted the stimulus paid their CEOs millions in bonuses, but have not repaid the taxpayers money. GM? Their stocks are down, plus they have not repaid their ‘bailout’ completely. Usama Bin Laden may be dead, but the Navy Seals did that; Obama just gave the required Presidential OK. THe Bush administration began the hunt for Bin Laden! **Obama didn’t win the war in Iraq either, the Bush administration did. **Obama has claimed he’ll reduce the military budget significantly, draw all the troops out of Iraq as he will from Afghanistan, so where will we be? Well, check out what’s happened in the last 3 weeks. Four people were KILLED in our US Embassy in Libya, including Ambassador Stephens. Such an occurrence has not happened since the 1970s! Yes, Obama and Sec Clinton spoke at a service when the caskets were brought home, but during these last 3 weeks when the Obama administration was LYING to the American Public about what happened at the Embassy instead of calling it what it was- a TERRORIST attack on American soil- Obama was off to meet with Beyonce’ and Jay-Z for a $35K plate campaign meal, tape an interview with David Letterman, tape an interview with the “girls” of the ‘View’, campaign in Ohio. Obama made a speech of LIES at the UN, BUT did NOT meet with one SINGLE official from another country -not PM of Israel, not the leader of Libya, Syria. FOUR AMERICANS were KILLED in an American Embassy and our President is in campaign mode! The people in Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Germany are protesting America, Americans, burning the American flag and burning Obama in efigy, but Obama is still campaigning away. **Have you read about Fast and Furious and our failed Justice Department? **Have you read about overspending by GSA? **Have your read about programs at NASA being shut down? **Have you read about Keystone? **Have you noticed our rising gas prices? **Have you noticed the rising food prices? **Have you noticed commercials on TV touting China, Brazil, Venezuela, and Korea? **Obama has said he intends to have another stimulus, decrease military spending, increase government programs, go forward with Obamacare, used Executive Privilege to implement a program for those here illegally, appointed far-left liberals for his staff, his Czars are farther left than liberal or progressive! **Can you spell S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M? We are headed down the path of Spain, Ireland, Greece, UK, Germany, etc… There is SO MUCH more debauchery, cronyism, bullying, lying, favoritism (re: Solyndra, Solopower). The question isn’t “are we better off after 4 years of Obama”, the question is WHAT KIND OF AMERICA WILL BE STANDING AFTER 4 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA?

  8. Okay fast and furious was started by Bush. Obama raised the debt over 16 trillion but didn’t raise it by 16 trillion.

    I don’t have enough time to comment on all of your inconsistencies in your arguments galXe. (To be very clear, I am not an avid Obama supporter, or even a ambivalent Obama supporter. I do dislike Romney more, mainly because of all the Religious shit wrapped up in the republican platform. But I do believe that Romney won’t care about any of that as president because he is such a pathological liar.

    The whole reason I started this comment is because 5 min into this video on Ryan he said that the Ayatollah’s had to do something about the Nuclear program. Well Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme religious leader of iran, issued a fatwa in 2003 that said that it nuclear weapons are forbidden. The Iranian people do listen to him.

  9. This is quite annoying. We have a tired unfocused looking President and a completely dumbed down– “Believe me but I cant tell you the specifics of how much a 20% tax across the country will add up to” approach by the Ryan Romney clan..

    What do they think the American public cant do math ?or they can win votes by keeping their plan specifics ‘ secret’ How condescending or do they think they can fool people by just repeating the same old crap with no backing numbers…Give me the details Romney/ Ryan if you want to swing anyone undecided out there…

    Chris Wallace should not have let go without a number any number — come on we are a few weeks away from the election….

    Without that this will become a case of better the devil you know than the unknown devil..

    • Voting for the lesser of two evils, still gets you evil.

      Has anyone noticed the Barack creature looks more and more like a chimpanzee, and the Mitt creature like a statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum…and that both are liars and cheats that hate Free Americans!

      So, are you going to vote for Plastic Man or Monkey Boy…hoping whichever one of these evils “wins” will destroy our Free Nation at a slower pace…?

      Or, are you going to take a stand against these two anti-American subhumans, and vote your conscience instead!

      Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE — if you are a Real American and want to save our Nation!

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