With the first Presidential debate happening on October 3, the days are beginning to dwindle for each candidate to brush up on their debate skills and the weaknesses in their opponent’s record. The Huffington Post offers a checklist with points for each candidate to be aware of heading into October.

Some points from Alan Schroeder via The Huffington Post:

Things for Obama to work on:
• Shortening his response times and sharpening his rhetoric.
• Connecting policies to people-storytelling, for want of a better word.
• Avoiding the urge to agree with his opponent, as he too frequently did with John McCain in the 2008 debates.
• Diminishing Romney without appearing rude.
• Capitalizing on Romney’s thin skin.

Things for Romney to work on:
• Avoiding awkward chuckles when asked an uncomfortable question.
• Not getting baited into testiness.
• Moderating his rhetoric for general audiences.
• Treating Obama respectfully without seeming intimidated by him.
• Keeping the debate focused on Obama’s economic record.

The common thread? Tear apart your opponent but come off friendly while you do it. I understand where this thought comes from but sometimes I think voters aren’t afraid of someone who can make a point and tie it personally to the other candidate, even if it comes off a bit direct.

Schroeder also offered some notes for Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan:

Things for Biden to work on:
• Curbing his prolixity.
• Avoiding Washington jargon and Senate-speak.
• Not overdoing the pathos.
• Resisting the urge to condescend to his younger opponent.
• Mastering the intricacies of the Romney-Ryan record in order to make a case for Obamanomics.

Things for Ryan to work on:
• Projecting maturity.
• Showing empathy with the voters.
• Brightening up an inherently non-sunny personality.
• Debating Obama, not Biden.
• Performing at a level that protects his viability as a future candidate.

Biden’s short list to work on is quite simple: don’t make any unforced errors as he has the last several months on the campaign trail. Paul Ryan is sharp in his delivery and is not typically gaffe-prone. However, Ryan’s biggest asset of coming off very personable can also come across as dull on occasion.


  1. I think it could have been put more succinctly:

    Hey, Obama and Ryan–stop sounding like a professor.

    Hey, Romney and Biden–stop sounding like a Moron.

  2. Wake up America, this election is a charade not matter who win the elections; they will continue with the demise of this United States. This United States is run by the world elite, The IMF, The Federal Reserve Bank, The WTO and the Multinational corporations; their money made politicians, the US News Media and many of the especial interest organizations to work for them and support their agenda.”World economic control”. The world elite made our country the worse economic predator, we invade countries overthrow legitimate elected government, created chaos and fabricate lies and terror to justified military intervention, and all this is done with the help of the Washington politicians, the US news media, our Federal Reserve bank and the World bank; in the name of national security and the protection of American interest. Fellow Americans do your own research and ask yourselves why millions of Americans are dying, are they really protecting the American people or we are helping the American multinational corporations to exploit and rob the natural resources and human capital of other countries?. you must also ask yourselves why Washington push for more free trade agreements knowing that free trade destroy millions of factories and demise our economic, millions of jobs was lost by the implementation of free trade, not to mention the decreased on our wages, most people lost 40% or more of their income on account of free trade that was promoted and sold to us as an economic tool to make us competitive in the world market. What a joke; American corporations manufacture products for the US market in other countries, the only winners on this free trade are the Americans corporations, they exploited the human capital and resource of other countries to made themselves richer at the expense of the American and foreign workers.
    You decide. you can continue believing their lies and deception or do what is right for our country, do not let money control the destine of this United States; force Washington to pass an election financing reform. Presidential election financing will be done by the contribution of every working American a five dollar deduction per week from their income should be the sources of funding for a presidential elections. not corporation or especial interest should be allowed to contribute or finance any political event or promotion of any person that is running for president or the congress-senate. this will stop this Washington culture of corruption and the killing of millions that are use by this corrupt government to protect the multinational corporation and destroy our liberty.
    Do what is right for America, take action be an activist start today; do what is right for our America.


      As President Obama’s first term nears its end, it is time to take stock of his accomplishments, as well as to assess progress toward the goals not yet achieved since his historic election. During his first two years in office, the president made substantial progress in dismantling the dangerous legacy left by President George W. Bush and took many steps to put in place a truly progressive, pro-worker agenda. When the Tea Party took over Congress in 2010, advancing a progressive agenda became almost impossible. But the president has regained his footing, speaking forcefully of the need to restore economic power to the 99%, and using his executive authority to get around Republican obstructionism.
      Taking office during the worst economic downturn in a generation, Barack Obama took America from the brink of a second Great Depression by pressing Congress to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which saved or created 3.6 million jobs—and he could have done more if not for resistance from Republicans in Congress. Losing 750,000 jobs a month because of Bush policy was stop by President Obama!!!! Comprehensive health insurance reform, while far from perfect, gave the promise of health security to millions of our fellow citizens, a goal that had eluded Democratic presidents for nearly 100 years. And Wall Street reform, passed over the objection of almost every single Republican, is beginning to reverse decades of financial deregulation that put our entire economy at risk.
      Recognizing that the ARRA had halted the collapse of our economy but had not been large enough to end the jobs crisis, in September 2011 President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act (AJA), which was designed to put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work repairing our nation’s infrastructure, and provide a new round of state and local aid to help keep teachers, firefighters and other public workers on the job. Though most of the AJA fell victim to Republican filibusters (only the unemployment insurance and payroll tax holiday extensions were signed into law), the president has not given up: He intends to fight for the most important elements of the AJA during the remainder of his first term. The president also has proposed several major initiatives to revitalize domestic manufacturing, including tax proposals to reduce the incentives to offshore millions of good jobs to low-tax, low-wage countries.
      More recently, spurred on by the Occupy Wall Street movement, and in a widely praised speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, the president shined a spotlight on the widening income gap and directly confronted the powerful and the privileged. President Obama called on the rich to pay their fair share in taxes, reaffirming his commitment to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire and proposing the so-called Buffett Rule to make sure millionaires never pay a lower effective tax rate than the people who work for them. He also has called on Congress to close the so-called carried interest loophole that taxes the incomes of private equity and hedge fund managers at a lower rate than ordinary workers.
      Of course, working people have experienced some frustration, too. We were disappointed that action on the Employee Free Choice Act was delayed, and then sidelined, after Sen. Ted Kennedy’s tragic death cost the Democrats their filibuster-proof majority—and opportunities to advance labor law reform through other vehicles went nowhere. The Affordable Care Act is a critical first step toward quality health care for all Americans, but it remains a work in progress without the public option or Medicare for All. In addition, critical issues affecting workers’ ability to bargain healthcare benefits remain unresolved in the implementation of the act. Similarly, we were disheartened when President Obama got distracted by a fruitless debate over the budget deficit, spending the first eight months of 2011 in unproductive deficit talks with Republicans, even though their real mission was to make Obama a one-term president and to undermine Social Security and Medicare. And we opposed the president when he pressed ahead with the South Korea, Colombia and Panama trade pacts—despite the continuing murder of trade unionists in Colombia and the flawed Bush-era terms of those agreements. Finally, we remain concerned that too many important Obama administration initiatives to protect workers and the public—ranging from health and safety protections to rules implementing financial reform—have been stalled or weakened under pressure from business interests.
      Three and a half years into President Obama’s first term, America is beginning to dig out of the 11 million jobs hole dug by George Bush and his pro-corporate, right-wing economic agenda. Nearly 3.8 million jobs have been created in the past 23 months and manufacturers have added 334,000 jobs. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) finally is taking steps to level the playing field for workers who want to organize, and agencies that are charged with protecting the lives and livelihoods of workers, from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, now are led by competent individuals who are aggressively enforcing the law.
      The labor movement, which played such a big part in President Obama’s 2008 victory as well as helping him pass key elements of his legislative agenda, has plenty to be proud of in the president’s first term in office. But there is much left to be done. This section includes highlights of the administration’s accomplishments for working families to date. REPUBLICAN ARE LYING ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!!

  3. Reynoso…
    Campaign finance reform only works when you have an unbiased media that equitably regarding time, and equally in tone covers both campaigns, and includes third parties that achieve viability (15%). The MSM are unabashed Democratic apparatchiks that cycle in/out of the Party and the corporate run news/entertainment Divisions.
    Explain the demographic differences between each of the polls and the methodologies each and every time. These are as much a part of the story as the poll result themselves.
    Foreign Policy/Free Trade: we should disabuse ourselves of false modesty and false ethics. Act in a way that maximizes US economic and diplomatic advantages. If it drops the price of oil, and provides us a market, so be it. The foreign leaders YOU admire may NOT be the same as mine. How many of these “freedom fighters”, came in, and looted their treasuries as fast as they could, while we sat here on our asses watching “Jersey Shore”, singing halleluiah and pat ourselves on the back?
    I am tired of protecting people and nations who find it so easy to turn around and curse me. We should have shot every protestor that jumped over the Embassy walls. The Libyan Govt says these were foreigners and not Libyans? Let them prove it, track down and Hang the participants.

    • Write in Ron Paul for 2012 President is online!

      Vote and spread it like wildfire!



      A vote on principles is much better than a No Vote — and a trillion times better than voting for what one perceives as the “lesser of two evils”!

      My take:

      This election has been reduced again to voting for the “lesser of two evils” (but which one is the “lesser”?).

      All indicators point that Rmoney is the CHOSEN ONE by the NY and London Banks (the International Banksters that control the Federal Reserve) and by Israel.

      Since their goals are directly opposite to the well-being of our Nation, by deduction this Bought-And-Paid-For-Mitt-Mutton-Puppet MUST NOT win!

      [[Should Rmoney win — expect the US to start an all out war against Iran to protect Israel from a possible single atomic bomb being developed in…10 years from now…? (certainly not to protect the US from such silly and nonthreatening remote eventuality) within a week of this creature taking office.

      What’s even more worrisome, is this Creature’s Control of the GOP (forcing a fraudulent “Aye” vote at the RNC convention), thus assuring It won’t be opposed to win a 2nd term!

      Eight years of Mutton-Mitt will mean a COMPLETE AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE USA — when wars will be started at a drop of an Israeli Hat (sorry, meant to say: yamaka), when the US Constitution will become null-and-void, when the US Dollar will finally become utterly worthless, by a phone call from his Banker Masters (who’ll call in their chips).]]

      On the other-hand — the BO Creature will have 4 more years to further plunge us into Socialism and suck us dry through more taxation and further devaluation of the US Dollar and the attempted destruction of our Constitutional Rights.

      This creature will, however, be hampered by some republican wins in both Houses, thus having most of its venomous teeth pulled during its 2nd term.

      [[However, should the BO see itself not as a clear winner, it will assure its reelection by attacking Iran with two weeks to go (mid-to-late October) — since a “patriotic” War always guarantees the “Commander-and-Chief” a sure win!]]


      Either subhuman will get us into never ending wars and ever closer to loss of All Liberty, All Prosperity and the eventual Total End of Our Nation as Free People!

      For which “lesser evil” will you vote, now?

      I, for one (and my family and friends) will not be party to such infamy! If either of these Horrible Creatures wins, at least we’ll have a clear conscience that we did not compromise our principles by acknowledging their existence in the voting booths!

      We will vote our Conscience — Writing In Dr. Ron Paul!

  4. All Real Americans must watch this in ITS ENTIRETY –and spread it like wildfire! You’ll be shocked, disgusted and outraged of what the US Government has already done to Us, We The People, and what it is planning for Us further!

    Award winning documentary from Aaron Russo (producer of such movies: Trading Places, Wise Guys, The Rose). Full Length Documentary Below — Watch, Share, Spread, Discuss!



  5. NATE:

    Here’s another consideration. I was looking at the topics and the responses. I’ve noticed that the “horse race” topics don’t do well. Some have had as little as three responses.

    For instance, this one, about the two candidates prepping for the debates got 8 responses, but the next one, about WHETHER third parties should be in the debates got 55 responses. And, of course, the abortion debate got over 350.

    I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong. I’m just trying to boost participation. It seems to me that if you can frame the topic as a referendum on an issue, you get more responses and debate.


    There is something operating in the minds of some white Romney’s supporters! That “something’ is white racism white hatred and white stupidity! The power of white racism is controlling the decision of some white voters! Some white Romney’s supporters are willing to over look that Mitt Romney. Was a one term Governor that rank 47 in job creation that left the state billions in debt! Some white Romney’s supporters are willing to over look that Mitt Romney. Join a racist cult religion that practice discrimination against black people. Also the Mormon religion participates in child molesting of 12 year old. Fifty year old Mormon men can marry as many 12 year old girls as they like. The religion also believe in baptizing the dead and magic underwear! White evangelical Christian are willing to vote against GOD principals purely base on white racism!

    The so-call Christian evangelist Billy Graham has taken public steps to embrace Mitt Romney for President, removing Romney’s Mormon religion from a list of cults on his website. That had been there for years! And taking out an advertisement that appears to urge people to vote for Romney. Graham’s Evangelistic Association removed the word Mormon from its website, where it used to be listed along with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Scientology as a cult. Rev. Graham is a hypocrite and has shown his hatred for President Obama. Even questioning whether President Obama is a Muslim. Along with Pat Robertson Rev. Graham both had call the Mormon religion a cult! Both Graham and Robertson prove that white racism is more powerful then their so-call Christian beliefs!

    White hatred has alway made white American vote against the country and other American base purely on HATE! It’s the very reason America is not going forward or recovering from the recession Republican cause! Some white Romney’s supporters are willing to over look that Paul Ryan. Participating in a meeting a day before President Obama took office! Planning to sabotage the country and the Presidency of President Obama. They discuss “Voter Suppression Laws” and suppressing any money that would give. American home owners relief that homes were underwater. In other words just like the terrorist on 9/11 these 15 white Republican plotted against the country. Remember Paul Ryan is a tax paid politician….so by being at the meeting Ryan was participating in treason!!!

    The 15 Republicans were in a sombre mood as they gathered at the Caucus Room in Washington, an upscale restaurant where a New York strip steak costs $51. Attending the dinner were House members Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Pete Sessions. From the Senate were Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Ensign and Jon Kyl. Others present were former House Speaker and future – and failed – presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and the Republican strategist Frank Luntz, who organized the dinner and sent out the invitations.

    White stupidity is the total fact that some white Americans are willing to vote against their own best interest! After hearing from Mitt Romney that he could careless about 47% of Americans!“STILL” some white Americans will vote for Mitt Romney and against 47% of Americans! After hearing that Mitt Romney’s five point plan “DOES NOT” add UP! Simple math would allowed any person with one working brain cell to know Mitt Romney “DOES NOT” add UP! Yet some white “STILL” are voting for Romney! After all the lying and Flip Flopping on issue after issue . Some whites are willing to vote for a pure liar and against the country and President Obama. Purely base on HATRED” of the first black President!

    • Tyrone:

      I am not agreeing with what you are saying, but I do think it’s hypocritical to call Blacks “racist” for voting for OBAMA

      –but NOT calling it “racist” that southern white men are voting AGAINST Obama at almost as high a rate.


    How many time did the country hear that Senator Obama had “NO” “executive experience. Therefore “COULD NOT” be President! Four years later President proven that to be WRONG!Executive experience is a person or group having administrative or managerial authority in an organization. Like Governor of a state. Well Ronald Reagan…Sarah Palin……George W. Bush……Mitt Romney all serve as Governors! All four in my opinion were the dumbest of the dumb!Take former Republican President Ronald Reagan he raise taxes 11 times raise the debt ceiling 18 times and left office two trillion in debt! Under Reagan administration a $9 hammer was being purchase for $400! Seven million American went from middle-class to dirt poor in need of Government assistance! The second term clearly Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer and his staff was running the country!

    Former Republican Governor Sarah Palin that only serve two years of a four year term as Governor and left office because she could not handle the job! Then turn around and criticize President Obama every chance she got and President stay on the job! The movie “Game Change” showed that with executive experience Sarah Palin was still an idiot. Would had been a horrible pick for Vice President! Down right scary if she had to take the office of the President! Sarah Palin single handedly killed the notion that executive experience is needed to be President! Former Republican President G.W. Bush may go down as the worse President in American history!

    Under Bush administration two wars were started (Afghanistan & Iraq) war! The Iraq war was totally unnecessary and cause 4,500 American troops death for nothing ! 150,000 American troop disable for life and 250,000 Iraq citizen dead for NOTHING! A prescription plan for senior citizen and the Bush Tax Cuts” Were all started under Bush and all were not paid for! The Bush administration de-regulation led to recession and the financial downfall! The Bush administration borrow 2 trillion dollars from China. Executive experience did nothing for G.W. Bush!

    Former Republican Governor Mitt Romney claims his business experience and his executive experience both makes him ready to be President. Romney would like for everyone to forget as a one term Governor. Romney rank 47 in job creation left office billion in debt! There is one thing Mitt Romney cannot Etch-A-Sketch away and that is this: Mitt Romney is a Pathological Liar and Flip Flopper on steroids. Romney is not ready to be President when he is overheard saying that 47% of Americans are worthless!

    President Obama has earn the right to be re-elected and none of the above could had done as well as Obama. Had they receive the same conditions as Obama !

    • Tyrone:

      “Executive Experience.” Bain was never more than a handful of gamblers and vipers.

      I have had a small business for decades, and I have always been amazed that THREE fricken people will form a “company” and they are suddenly, “President and CEO, Vice-President and COO, and Second Vice President and CFO.”

      Romney has delusions of grandeur like that.

  8. My mother sister and I were at the voting site at 5:55….It open at 6….Obama/Biden 2012 ,,,,to continue the recovery!!!!

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