Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee took in a decent fundraising haul for the month of July raising over $100 million. Figures are not yet available from President Obama’s campaign or the Democratic National Committee so we don’t know how the two have done comparatively.


Report from The Hill:

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign announced Monday that it had raised $101.3 million in July.

The fundraising haul, from joint efforts between Team Romney and the Republican National Committee (RNC), marks the second straight month that they have passed the $100 million mark and is likely to intensify concerns among President Obama’s reelection team that they will be outpaced by the GOP’s fundraising push.

The July efforts leave the Romney campaign in strong shape with three months left until Election Day. The campaign, RNC and state party groups have $185.9 million cash on hand, said a statement touting the war chest.

Romney Victory National Finance Chairman Spencer Zwick and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the fundraising gains were a sign Romney’s economic message was resonating with voters and highlighted the number of smaller donations they received.

The campaign said that over 94 percent of all donations received last month were for $250 or less. Those 600,627 contributions totaled $25.7 million of the haul.

Notable in this news is the claim that over 94% of these donations were for $250 or less. That leaves a lot of room for the same donors to once again open their checkbooks in the coming months. On a side note, does anyone actually “open a checkbook” to donate to a campaign anymore? More like punch in debit card numbers and press submit.

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