President Obama’s fundraising numbers for the month of July were released hours ago and the total is about three-quarters of what Mitt Romney and the RNC raised during the month.

Report from the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised $75 million in July for the president’s re-election campaign.

The total was well below the $101 million that GOP rival Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee raised last month. July is the third straight month that Romney and the Republican Party have raised more money than Obama and the Democratic Party.

Obama is also facing an onslaught of fundraising by well-funded, GOP-leaning political action committees.

Obama’s campaign says 98 percent of the $75 million it raised came from people who donated in amounts of $250 or less.

The campaign says the average donation was about $53.

Similar to Romney, a huge percentage of donations below $250 which means there will be plenty of room left for August and September fundraising drives with repeat donors.