2012 Republican National ConventionC-SPAN will be the only place to find complete, unfiltered coverage of both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions with gavel-to-gavel coverage. However, there will be a lot coverage from the cable news networks and some select content from the big broadcast networks.

Live Stream: C-SPAN – Begins Monday, August 27. Until that time, C-SPAN will be showing the committee platform meetings.

Cable News Schedules: Fox News, MSNBC

Broadcast Networks: 10pm ET (August 28-30) – ABC, NBC and CBS will each air 1 hour from the convention on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has been a little miffed at the lack of broadcast network coverage being afford to the convention. The major contention is the decision by the networks to skip Monday prime time programming, the day when Ann Romney will be addressing the convention.


  1. When I was a kid, conventions were actually “news.” Now they’re “infomercials.”

    I remember the fight for the vice presidential nod in ’56. Kennedy was trying to get it, but it went to Estes Kefaufer. Imagine having a convention in which DELEGATES fought to pick a presidential nominee, and then, fought to pick a veep candidate. Neither was ordained ahead of time.

    And of course, Rockefeller tried to buy the nomination several different times. Back then, you couldn’t just BUY a nomination, the way Willard did this year.

    They say, this year, that Republicans will watch the Republican convention, Democrats will watch the Democratic convention, and Independents will play Angry Birds.

  2. Is ABC, NBC and CBS also limiting coverage in the same manner for the Democratic Convention as they are doing for the Republican Convention?…if not, how much more obvious is their pro-Obama biased reporting of the Presidential election. The proud previous history of the honest search for truth and reporting in journalism is shamelessly lost for the sole called “major media”

    • funded by a relatively small 6-cent per subscriber affiliate fee[1] paid by its cable and satellite affiliates,

      Kind of hard to follow the money on this one.

    • David:

      No news value.

      The networks will get big bucks for running political commercials.

      Why should they give the time away for conventions are now no more than canned and fake political commercials?

      Even Fox had only planned to broadcast 10pm to 11:30pm.

      Simply no news value, not some wild conspiracy.

  3. Superb news American Patriots !!!!

    Being Saturday, I can let some cats out of the bag (not all…that will have to wait till early Monday morning) — too late for Rmoney’s Machinery to negate what is about to transpire in Tampa!

    RNC’s newest perfidy to try and change their “rules” once more, in the 11th hour — to make it from a 5 State plurality into 10 states, prior to the Convention — FAILED!

    Meaning: Ron Paul will be on the ballot (therefore, Rmoney will NOT get A FREE PASS for the needed 1144 in the first round of voting — just say: BROKERED CONVENTION!)

    For now — here is FOX’s reality check by Ben Swann:
    *GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention*



          • Hey man was in the army so there isn’t much I haven’t been called. And they call you those things when you have a loaded gun in your hand. LOL Not too smart on their part now is it. Worse thing I saw was a guy tosses the rifle on the ground and told the Sarg, “you so smart, find someone else to carry it”. (Nothing happened to him)

    • If you watch Sjurfisher’s youtube to the end, it says that while the 5-state rule remains, the RNC de-certified the ENTIRE STATE of Maine. So the news ain’t so “superb.” Muzzled again.

      • Goethe Behr — “Sjurfisher’s youtube”…LOL, still sore that I declared Nate the obvious winner… (to misspell my handle and declare it “my” youtube…when it is Ben Swann’s)?

        p.s. If you care for exactitude: “the RNC de-certified the ENTIRE STATE of Maine” is a fallacious statement on your part.

        RNC is “recommending” it… thusly, not an accomplished fact.

        Kid, again, you lack Logic (otherwise, you are tops)!

        • Dude. If I were going to insult you, it wouldn’t be with an obvious typo. I’d use Kingfisher (for those old enough to remember Amos & Andy), or SureFickle, or SirFlusher, or Surreal, or something of the like. Such as “Dude.”

          Regarding the YouTube, if you recommend it, for clarity here, it is absolutely appropriate to say it is “yours,” as opposed to someone else’s posted YouTube.

          And while you’re calling the situation “superb,” you obviously didn’t watch the video you recommended to the end, to see that the “five state rule” that you celebrated doesn’t matter if, as they take Maine away from RP, anyway.

          And, in the interest of “exactitude,” in the video you recommended, at the 3:40 point, the speaker says that the RNC calls for “THE COMPLETE INVALIDATION OF THE MAINE CONVENTION AND THE DE-CERTIFICATION OF THE MAINE DELEGATION.” I would say that my wording that they “de-certified the entire state,” is, in fact, precisely accurate, The fact that they are hand-picking five NEW delegates to stand in for the 48 ELECTED delegates does not alter the fact that the ENTIRE state is being invalidated and de-certified. The NEW delegates are philosophical carpetbaggers who do not represent the wishes of the citizens who elected the real delegates.

          Regarding logic, you did not reply to my request to explain and justify your so-called logic, so that argument is null and void. Capriciously depicting one’s argument as Sophism, without explanation, is simply SwiftBoating, and nothing more.

          As for age, I don’t mind being called a kid, but If I had Willard’s money, I’d bet you $10,000 that I’m older than you.

          So, ok, enough of that. It is a sad week for the GOP and for the country. Let’s not take out our disgust over it against each other.

    • Attn: US Patriots in Tampa (the million+ Ron Paul supporters that will be there) — make sure you Meet-and-Greet each Delegate before entering the Convention Center and ask for this Verbal Commitment of Each Delegate:


      (according to RNC’s own rule #37) and ALSO not to break US Federal Election Law which states that no entity (in this case the RNC) can force ANYONE to vote according to what those in Power dictate!

      Video tape them all!

      (that’s #5 on the list of surprises (from another 7 left…) that will neuter Mitt & GOP Perfidy Inc.)

      • Surfisher…why don’t you accept the fact that Romney will be nominated? The most important thing to save America from the Marxist ideology of Obama is to defeat him in November. You are are helping Obama by not supporting Romney…Ron Paul shamelessly fails to publicly ask his followers to support Romney.

  4. As I viewed the convention schedule, I am mystified as to the absence of Sarah Palin , who certainly would be an appropriate speaker after being VP choice in 2008 & a significant contributor to the GOP ? He words & wisdom will be expected & missed by many Republicans , as a noted female speaker! Why is she not a scheduled speaker ?

    • Because they don’t want to win? Sure seems like it with the two birds the a putting up to run against Obama.

  5. reading over the comments I see that this “Bill Malone” is a negative person- and doesn’t know good thing when he sees it.
    Billy you are boring.

      • Don’t think my GF would agree with that as I spend a lot of time blogging and remember she can’t read. LOL

        • Billy:

          Then don’t TELL her that you’re blogging. Tell her that you’re writing and rewriting a love letter for her. . .

          • Told you she can’t read. She has a great utility program though and an even better entertainment program. LOL

  6. ABC NBC CBS can you spare at dime? One hour of broadcast for the Republican’s convention – it better be the same 1 hour broadcast for the democratic’s. otherwise, the people are coming to get you.

  7. I wonder why all Presidential debates are moderated by Democrates? Why can’t it be even? Maybe a Libertarian once in a while. Who decides who ask the questions? The media, as we all know, is biased to the left. Why can’t the tv stations have even round table discusions? I love Fox News because they invite alot of liberals on. It makes it so much more intersting than having a liberal love in everytime. Very boring.

    • Mack:

      The debates are run by an agreement of the TWO parties. The moderators are not biased, they are just too easy on both sides. They throw cream-puff questions and don’t dare follow up.

      Here’s the explanation of the commission:


      “The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) began in 1987 by the Democratic and Republican parties to establish the way that presidential election debates are run between candidates for President of the United States. The Commission is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation as defined by Federal US tax laws,[1] whose debates are sponsored by private contributions from foundations and corporations.

      “The Commission was then taken over by the Democratic and Republican parties forming today’s version of the CPD.

      “The Commission is headed by Frank Fahrenkopf, a former head of the Republican National Committee, and former Massachusetts Senator Paul Kirk, a former head of the Democratic National Committee.”


      Fox is no more “fair and balanced” than MSNBC, which also features conservatives, including their morning host.

      The problem is not that the media are biased, it’s that they NEVER ask any of the TOUGH questions. They’re just lazy.

      There is no reason a separate organization couldn’t schedule a debate and invite candidates, including the Libertarian and Green Parties. It would just have to be a big enough organization that the major candidates couldn’t just ignore it.

        • ACTUALLY, here’s a better idea. . .

          Someone ought to put on a DISCUSSION, with all the THIRD party candidates. Let the Libertarian, Green, and any other party that is on at least two state ballots talk about their party and their ideas.

          Then let them trash the two major parties, and each talk about how the two parties have failed us.

          I’d like to see that, and I’ll bet you would, too.

          • I don’t know, someone (or two) wrote a song about “People hearing without listening” (Sound of Silence)

    • Fox spin zones you mean. When you contrast Fox with say NBC one would think they were reporting on two different countries. Try al jazeera sometime.

      • Billy:

        My favorite is the BBC. They are true journalists.

        You know what I’d like to see?

        If we MUST have a debate with only the Republican and Democratic candidates, we ought to have Bill O’Reilly ask questions of Obama and have Rachel Maddow ask questions of Romney.

        Now THAT would be something to see.

  8. One of my local PBS stations – Georgia Public Broadcasting – is covering the convention from 7 – 11 pm tonight (8/30). I was disappointed when I couldn’t find it airing on any of the networks or cable news outlets.

    • Cathy B:

      Simple: it ain’t news. Networks want to get paid for putting on propaganda. You’ll find the same scant coverage two weeks from now when the Dems do their propaganda show.

      • Moose:

        You thought maybe they all died? What? SSDD.

        The week after next, we’ll hear puke from the Dems and crap from the GOP.

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