The festivities and events happening on Monday (8/27/12) at the Republican National Convention in Tampa have been scrapped due to Hurricane Isaac’s impending landfall. The convention will be gaveled open on Monday but all events and speeches have been canceled. A new schedule for Tuesday through Thursday will be released and things will be shuffled around.

Report from the Associated Press:

Republican officials abruptly announced plans Saturday night to scrap the first day of their national convention, bowing to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac as it bore down menacingly on Florida.

“The safety of those in Isaac’s path is of the utmost importance,” tweeted Mitt Romney, his formal nomination as presidential candidate pushed back by a minimum of 24 hours from Monday night to Tuesday.

The announcement was made as delegates and other convention-goers flocked to the Tampa Bay area by the planeload for what had been scripted as four days of political pageantry and speechmaking with a purpose – to propel Romney into the fall campaign against President Barack Obama.

Officials said they hoped to begin laying out a revised schedule on Sunday.

The announcement said that while the convention would officially be gaveled into session on Monday as scheduled, the day’s events would be cancelled until Tuesday.

More information on Sunday when it becomes available.


  1. Billy:

    Because the networks were not going to cover Monday, anyway.

    Why put on a not-at-all-real reality show if no one is watching?

    Any excuse will do.

    • politicaljules

      By how “corrupt” and wayward the GOP has become, you’ve got to wonder which god the GOP serves…

      2 Corinthians 4: 1-6

      {4:1} Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; {4:2} But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. {4:3} But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: {4:4} In whom the god of this world (Satan) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.{4:5} For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake. {4:6} For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to [give] the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

      • politicaljules

        Surely you didn’t forget how the GOP audience “scoffed” at the Golden Rule. The Neo-cons must be ELIMINATED from the Party. They’ve successfully “hijacked” the GOP by “perverting” Genuine Christianity and REAL Patriotism. You can THANK Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for that!

        • Think it all started with the American Indian. The white man spoke with a forked tongue then and it’s been more of the same ever since.

            • I don’t know, you know if you got a 10% return on a slave prior to the 1800’s you were doing really good but I think the government gets that just in sales tax in a good many states. I think the return on us is somewhere in the 50% range when we do away with the smoke and mirrors.

  2. Now yall are looking at this the wrong way. This is the best thing. It keeps the convention in the news and more people will be drawn to it, if even out of sheer curiosity.

    Plus, it keeps the convention safe because the insurgents will be less likely to be hanging around trying to stir up something. This is a blessing in disguise.

    • “it keeps the convention safe”

      If them shysters didn’t deal from the bottom of the deck there would be no need to keep them safe from the crowds.

      Think Ron Paul needs that kid of security? At most meetings he brings his own and it is very small.

    • PJ:

      Yeah. Those naughty free-thinkers. Don’t they know this is supposed to be scripted and orchestrated propaganda?

  3. They should combine it with the democrat conventionn. Why not? Both parties are the same anyway. They both work for the same puppetmasters. The banks!

    • DT:

      Because they can run more commercials if they’re on different weeks.

      What they COULD do is just RE-run the GOP convention and CALL it the Dem convention two weeks later. No Reps watch the Dems and no Dems watch the Reps, so no one would notice.

      I should be a network executive. . .

      • Billy’s train of thought derailed again.

        “Henry, it’s conventional to ridicule politics here.”

        • Back on topic: beautiful day thus far here in Tampa. Heading to the flea market. The city looks like it’s occupied by some foreign country as there are a lot more soldiers on the streets than the natives or so it seems. They don’t dress like cops, more like army. My buddy got stopped for no reason and had to open his trunk, show ID and then on his way. I think they want the natives out of the area. Kind of scary, sure wouldn’t want to live like this for long. Now more than ever I see why we need Ron Paul.

          • Billy

            Too bad the RNC, in cahoots with the Corporate Media, shut down Ron Paul’s Campaign. The 2 Headed, One Party “Monster” calls the shots and the people watch it and listen to it like Sheep.

            In this classic example, you can see how the 2 Headed, One Party “Monster” sells their Candidate to the American people. They choose their Candidate FOR the people and then “showcase” them on the people’s FAVORITE and MOST WATCHED Media Show. But first, you have to understand HOW the “Monster” commands their Candidate to “Run” in this encoded message. They KNOW the people will buy into it with the Media’s help.


            • Every time. The true art seem to be to extract as much money out of the peoples’ pockets and get a standing “O” for doing it. And both parties are very good at it as they do indeed control the media via advertizing money. You want the money you cover what we tell you to cover.

  4. They are vastly different to me. I am not sure what party you are listening to, but Obama needs to go. It will be vastly different and I am not willing to throw away my vote. You all can whine and cry about nothing ever changing thus throwing in the towel, but not I. I will continue to do the hard work to combat the apathy apparent in these comments. But hey. Go lay on the couch and complain while we continue to work and stay involved. Your party is what you make of it.

    • PJ:

      “Apathy”?? Where is there apathy??

      There is NO apathy in these comments.
      There is disgust, yes;
      ridicule, yes;
      disappointment, yes
      –but I don’t see any apathy here.

        • No problem.

          Not sure if and for whom I’ll vote.

          November is still a long way off,

          but I know for whom I will NOT be voting,

          and that’s Willard Mithering Robme.

          I cannot imagine anything that could happen

          that would make him acceptable as president.

          No apathy here.

          • No, you may not. 😉

            I was just curious since I am interested to know if Paul supporters will be writing him in or not voting. As in, which do Paul supporters fear more, an Obama second term or a Romney first term? Do you perceive them as being so close that it doesn’t matter, they’re one in the same?

            • Yeah, right after I pushed “submit,” I realized the correct response should have been “I will if you will,” but you have already shown your cards by not denying that almost every post has been worded as pro-Willard.

              The propaganda is that a third party run is a waste of time. Worse yet, is the argument that if you vote for a third party that you will elect “the other guy.”

              But as Surfisher notes, it’s all about the math. The major party mathematicians say the entire election comes down to about 12 or 20 counties in the entire country. But that’s taking us all for granted. As Surfisher shows, you don’t need a majority of ANY group–you just need to pull a portion of a lot of groups. There are a lot of anti-war Democrats. There are a lot of true conservative Republicans. There are a lot of sick-of-BS independents.

              As Billy shows, a professional wrestler, who was seen as a joke, won the governorship of Minnesota, and against popular opponents.

              If Ross Perot had not been such a gadfly, he could have won in 1992. Even after getting out of the race, then back in, and after making wild accusations, he still got almost 20% of the vote–almost half as much as the two major candidates. So Clinton won with just 43% of the vote. Nixon also won with 43$ in 1968.

    • . . .or stand around, head off in some other direction, dig a hole, climb a ladder, or you know, mug the leader.

      • With the semi-martial law and the heavy equipment in the alley ways, snipers on the roofs you might want to think twice about mugging the leader. If this is freedom I wonder how they define oppression. Oh you can still drive around and walk to everyplace you want to go for now anyway.

  5. News:

    Ron Paul told Fox News late Tuesday that he hasn’t decided whom to vote for in the November presidential election.

    Fox’s Neil Cavuto brought up ex-New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, a former Republican running for President on the Libertarian Party ticket.

    “Well, there’s always the possibility of everything,” Paul said. “But I haven’t made up my mind. Put me down as undecided.”

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