Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney addressed the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) convention on Monday to deliver his campaign message. Romney received some booing at his mention of repealing ObamaCare yet did end the speech receiving a standing ovation.

Here is Romeny’s complete 23 minute address:

Report from Business Week:

HOUSTON (AP) β€” Unflinching before a skeptical NAACP crowd, Mitt Romney declared Wednesday he’d do more for African-Americans than Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president. He drew jeers when he lambasted the Democrat’s policies.

“If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him,” Romney told the group’s annual convention. Pausing as some in the crowd heckled, he added, “You take a look!”

“For real?” yelled someone in the crowd.

The reception was occasionally rocky though generally polite as the Republican presidential candidate sought to woo a Democratic bloc that voted heavily for Obama four years ago and is certain to do so again. Romney was booed when he vowed to repeal “Obamacare” – the Democrat’s signature health care measure – and the crowd interrupted him when he accused Obama of failing to spark a more robust economic recovery.

“I know the president has said he will do those things. But he has not. He cannot. He will not,” Romney said as the crowd’s murmurs turned to groans.

At other points, Romney earned scattered clapping for his promises to create jobs and improve education. In an interview with Fox News after the speech, Romney said he had expected the negative reaction to some of his comments. “I am going to give the same message to the NAACP that I give across the country which is that Obamacare is killing jobs,” he said.

Vice President Joe Biden will be addressing the NAACP convention today. President Obama will not be making a speech at the convention this year.


  1. Romney gave a great speech @ the NAACP. He looks so presidential with a clear message. I know for a fact, that when blacks get together they seem to stick together, however that isn’t always true.
    My black friends will be making up their own minds and they see a dim future for all Americans not just for blacks. The writing is on the chalkboard. If you vote for Obama you get taxed–medical services will be taxed and we will all feel the pinch. Mitt is our best shot at saving “the American way” that’s best for all.

    • Gigi

      Hey! I’m a white guy and I join in with the chorus of your black friends. They’re right! The future is dim for all Americans. But it’s a shame that you can’t see why it’s dim. You’re still “stuck” in the Right/Left paradigm that the Media wants to convey. The facts are that there is NO DIFFERENCE between Romney and Obama – Republicans and Democrats. What do you think is going to happen if Romney becomes President? All-of-a sudden the Debt will go away? LOL.

      Step out of the paradigm – just for a minute and you’ll see what the REAL CAUSES are, for the mess we’re in. It’s BOTH Parties, Government Spending and the FEDERAL RESERVE!

  2. A convicted felon cannot vote! Let alone vote for himself to be nominated for office!

    Therefore, it follows that a FELON is ineligible by his own volition to run for the President’s Office.

    Question: Would said felon, be able to run for office, if others nominate him to run?

    Reason to ask this: Mitt Rmoney may be soon convicted of Federal felony!

    Make this video Viral!

    • I don’t think so as once you hit that 7 figure salary you are not responsible for what your signature appears on. That law applies only to the little people.

  3. Ron Paul is a Gentleman, in a political Arena filled with vicious subhuman Carnivores (bent on devouring America for themselves)!

    Dr. Paul has always taken the highroad — always speaking the Truth, never attacking any individuals!

    While the RABID Animals-in-Power have always sunk to THEIR lowest, darkest, insidious, perfidious, despicable, degenerate, appalling, repelling, corrupt, nauseating, immoral, unconstitutionally evil, sinister, asinine, decaying, poisonous, disingenuous, venomous, malignant, treacherous, hypocritical, SELF-LOATHING LEVEL — to personally attack the Greatest American Patriot in the 21st Century — Dr. and Future President to cure America, Ron Paul!

    Just because Dr. Paul is The Nicest Person on the Planet — and shrugs off these idiots — does not mean that His Supporters have to put up with such INFAMY!

    We need to Fight Fire with Fire — a tooth for 3200 teeth, an eye for 10,000 eyes!

    The Silent Majority is awakening, and just as the Japanese learned from Pearl Harbor, let these ATTACKERS AND USURPERS OF OUR NATION LEARN that the Sleeping Giant has Awaken, and we, Real Americans, will END them eventually!

    Our fight has just began!

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