Many big labor groups are still seething over the Democratic Party’s decision to hold their nominating convention in North Carolina, a right-to-work state where unions hold little power. As a result, some big name union leaders are planning a sort of boycott convention to be held in Philadelphia, PA on August 11.

Report from Fox News:

Three weeks before the Democratic National Convention this summer, union leaders plan to hold their own “shadow convention” to promote labor issues they believe too many elected officials are ignoring.

The union gathering in Philadelphia on Aug. 11 was inspired by the anger many labor officials felt after Democrats decided to stage their nominating convention in North Carolina, a right-to-work state that is the least unionized in the country.

Most unions are still planning to attend the Charlotte, N.C., convention, but more than a dozen are boycotting it. Other unions are not spending big money on the convention as they have in the past.

“Having the convention in Charlotte was kind of a wakeup call to that fact that really no one’s paying attention to the middle class and to working people in this country,” said Ed Hill, president of the Electrical Workers union.

The Philadelphia rally will feature thousands of union members and a “union bill of rights” that officials hope becomes a talking point at both the Democratic and Republican Party conventions.

Some Democrats see the event as an unwanted distraction that highlights divisions among traditional political allies, but Hill says unions remain committed to reelecting President Obama.

About a quarter of Democratic convention delegates come from unions.

President Obama will still receive the majority of union votes come November, there is little doubt about that. However, this does illustrate politically just how important the right-to-work policy is and how many unions are so deeply opposed to it that they will not even support the convention due to North Carolina labor law.


  1. The Dems are screwed. Unions are protesting, and DURING the convention, OCCUPY is planning disruptions. Add to that the odd choice of North Carolina, and it’s gonna be a real circus.

  2. Billy:

    Scott didn’t “cave.” It was “divide and conquer.” He began his term deciding to REWARD some unions and punish others. He didn’t change at all from that.

  3. Nebraska GOP Mafia has vowed that on the 14th of July they’ll do WHATEVER it takes to have Ron Paul Supporters SILENCED! See the strong-arm tactics these creatures have already set in motion to cheat Ron Paul of Delegates :

    Contact Lawyers4RP, Ron Paul’s Campaign — and ALL that are needed to go to Nebraska and assure that NO CHEATING against Real Americans is done, again!

    Spread this like wildfire!

  4. HEY, NATE!

    How come we have no topic about Mittney’s business discrepancies this week?

    We need to get the word out about this guy so that the GOP will have time to dump him and pick somebody decent.

  5. Doctor poised for Green Party nod for president

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — “People are not wedded to these parties, and they are as unhappy with the money-dominated political process as they are unhappy with the products of that process,”[Dr. Jill] Stein, 62, said in an interview the day before she was expected to accept the [Green] party’s nomination at its convention on Saturday

    “It is yet another sign that we are in a different historical moment right now — that people are taking the stakes here very seriously and understanding that it is we, ourselves, who are going to get us out of this mess, we, the American people,” Stein said. “The corporate-sponsored political parties — the establishment — isn’t going to change the status quo for us. We’ve got to do it.”

    • I don’t think the green party has much of a chance as half the people I talk with think it’s the EPA.

      • Billy:

        Yeah. The Greens will never be more than a “spoiler.” I would just like to see these smaller parties gain some traction.

        I’d like to see parties form on specific issues and develop more of a parliamentary process. The way it is now, the two major parties claim to have a stand on a whole list of issues, but they are not committed to any of them, and their attitude is that if they actually ACCOMPLISHED a goal, they could no longer run on “fixing” that.

        If we had smaller parties, built around one or two issues, if the major party didn’t act, the small party would just pull out of the coalition.

  6. I thought it was particularly funny when Willard complained that Obama should call off his attack dogs–and that, as the boss, Obama is responsible for what they say.

    This is the same guy who says he has NO responsibility for the way Bain was run–when he was still president AND ceo AND sole shareholder. Face it, Mittens, you can’t have it both ways.

    Maybe the GOP will take another look at its rules and suddenly “discover” that NONE of the delegates are bound to Rmoney, and see who they come up with in August. Well, I know, but wouldn’t it be nice?

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