The President was speaking in Roanoke, Virginia, a few days ago and delivered some remarks that could be welcome by some but served to produce a strong reaction in the business community.

Report from Fox News:

Prominent business groups are joining conservatives and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in calling out President Obama for his recent comments about the relationship between government and business.

The president made the comments Friday during a speech to supporters in Roanoke, Va. Arguing that successful business owners got help from others along the way and suggesting they should pay more in taxes in return, he noted how government often provides the infrastructure needed for success. “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that,” Obama said. “Somebody else made that happen.”

David Chavern, chief operating officer of the Chamber of Commerce, accused Obama of slighting the remarkable achievements of extraordinary individuals.

“We should applaud the risk-takers and the dreamers who are willing to stand out from the crowd,” Chavern said in a Chamber blog. “Rather than denigrate what these people have done, we need to encourage more people to be like them.”

The National Federation of Independent Business said the president’s “unfortunate remarks over the weekend show an utter lack of understanding and appreciation for the people who take a huge personal risk and work endless hours to start a business and create jobs.”

The President has gone all-in on the campaign strategy of asking the wealthiest Americans to pay higher taxes in the hopes that he can build a populist message and find a majority coalition agreeing with these philosophies. Clearly these types of comments are aimed at Mitt Romney’s business background and wealth since he will be the target President Obama is most often speaking of.


  1. The man has gaul. Somebody gaters money, works 16-18 hours a day, builds a business, makes it possible for others to earn a living by hiring. Now he says that person has not done it alone. Yes, maybe the government got out of the way, but the person did it themselves. If they should br greatful to anyone it is God who had blessed him or her.

    These people usually do give back, on their own, to their Churches and other charities.

    No real fan of Bill O’Reilly, but he is an example. He has made a success after coming from a middle class family has set uo a charitabl, maybe not legally a foundation and supports many charitable organizations.

    HE especially sees to wounded warriors and and the children of, especially deceased service men.

  2. You think there is any truth to what he said? I’ve been to countries where there is really free enterprise. You know what I mean, guys running around with popcorn carts, peanut stands, crushed ice carts, etc. etc. no license required. Most of theses have one thing in common, 3rd world countries. However, we were that way at one time too.

  3. When Obama’s statements seem stupid, just remember; his is a 3rd-world mentality. That’s his “raisin’, thet’s his experience. This accounts for why ne doesn’t know how our economic system works. Neither, it seems, do any of his inner circle. We have only two hopes of rescue: One of them is to vote not only Obama, but all Democrats out of office come November.

  4. Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! The business elite are not going to support Obama. Um. . .is this a “slow news day” or what?

    Next thing we’ll discuss is whether the NAACP will support Romney.

    Sorry, but this business/bama story is the most “No sh*t, Dick Tracy” topic we’ve had so far.

    • That’s kind of why I always likes Palin as she said something like that when running for governor of Alaska. It was more like, “Those people are not going to vote for me no matter what”. Like why waste time & money on them.

  5. Your idea of ” elite” must mean bogotted, regressive, ill-informed, rude, and ignorant. Better hide behind Daddy Warbucks…

  6. If “elite” means regressive, ill-informed, rude, and ignorant, you’re righjt in the money…

  7. Yah, that’s it! That’s it! We just tax and tax and tax those “elites”. OOPS! it’s those “elites” and businesses that provide the tax dollars Democrats love so well. What will you do, Behr, when we go pure socialist and all that taz income is gone with them? Oh wait… we all attain the same level of misery….like has happened wherever socialism is tried. But, hey, we got equality! Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Major:

      I’m saying that it is NOT news that the One Percent are on Willard’s side–he’s one of them. They were scared to death of Ron Paul.

      • Why would the 1% fear RP ? ? ? I would think the hate the IRS a lot more than the guy who pays nothing.

        • Billy: Don’t be a one-issue dude.

          RP’s program is comprehensive. It’s not just “trash the fed” or “set fire to the IRS.”

          RP knows that the government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of corporate interests, and part of his program was to stop SUBSIDIZING them with CORPORATE WELFARE. They don’t like that at all.

          Likewise, the 1% makes lots of money by sending your kids to die thousands of miles from home.

          If you pick out one or two issues, you’ll LOVE or you’ll HATE Ron Paul. But if you look at his entire program, liberals and conservatives could both LIKE him, because his stands fit together.

          The 1% does NOT like democracy, and that is why they do not like Ron Paul. They LOVE Willard Mittney Romnibus III. And they like Barry’s bailouts, too.

            • Billy:

              Exactly. Votes are simply PURCHASED these days. Willard had to outspend his competitors by as much as 17-to-1 to beat them in the primaries. He certainly wouldn’t have spent that much if it were not necessary, and if it’s “necessary,” what does that mean? It means that our minds are for sale.

              I much prefer the example of the recent election in Mexico, in which the PRI reportedly gave gift cards to grocery stores to buy votes. That’s a lot better than bombarding ups with mind-twisting propaganda. As Goebels said, if you repeat a lie often enough it BECOMES the truth. I’d rather get a free box of corn flakes and have them leave my mind intact. . . .

            • But wouldn’t you think the voters can read. Romney has a record as governor and it sucks. Perry’s record was way better than Romney’s, all he had to do was shut up like Hillary should have done.

            • Ah, but the voters love the lip service they receive and show their appreciation at the polls time after time. Lies resonate much better than truth.

        • I think it would be counterproductive to have a march on Washington. First, this is not a Washington issue, it’s a GOP establishment issue and the GOP establishment has named Tampa as it’s “capital” this year.

          More importantly, it would distract people from going to Tampa. Anyone who can borrow a car or buy a bus, train, plane ticket should be in Tampa to show the sheer number of people who want Ron Paul instead of Mittney Tweedledee.

          • Right-on. But it’s going to be hot. This is the first Summer I’ve stayed here in 20 years. Well the rest of the nation isn’t much better. Leadville Colorado sure looks good though.

  8. Lets be real, I get dividends, if I spend them, it’s at a store, usually I save them
    and the bank pays me almost no interest no matter how they use the money. If it is
    taxed, I help to pay for important programs and maybe teachers and firefighters. Now
    which really heips society the most?

    • Major:

      What? Against Willard??? Surely you jest.

      The GOP picks the worst possible candidate when it doesn’t want to win. Part of it is the party’s rigid “loyalty” to the person who came in second last time, or whom they think, deserves a “lifetime achievement award.”

      Willard was the establishment’s pick this year from day one. Part of it was because he was the “conservative” alternative to McCain last time (believe it or not). Part of it is that he has been beating the bushes for so long that they figured he paid his dues. But I mean, look at the dude.

      In 1996, the party felt that Bob Dole had been around for so long that they’d give him a shot at it, but he was a horrible campaigner.

      Ford was bad, but what could the party do? He was already president!

      Before that, Nixon worked tirelessly, running across the country for four years, picking up chits, which he cashed in in 1968.

      The GOP didn’t want to win in 1996, since Clinton had caved on nearly every issue. Why rock the boat? And this year, the GOP does not want to be party to firing the first Black president, so they picked Slick Willard, who thinks if he takes every possible stance on every possible issue, he’ll get 100% of the vote!!

      • I don’t purport to know what other people think; however I agree with a lot of what you say. The Repubs are famous for shooting themselves in the foot and misreading the political pulse of the country. Then there’s the the “circular firing squad” bit. I am not keen on Willard, for he exhibits no fire. What’s to rally around? Well his best supporter is BO’s mouth.

      • yeah but this loser is so good there isn’t even a close 2nd. He leads in something like 43 states and the rest of the field divides up the rest. Listen to fox news and you might even think this guy had a chance. This is Bob Dole all over again.

  9. If Ron Paul can accomplish to audit (which eventually will end) The Feds — this Act alone will declare him the Greatest Human Being of the 21st Century!

    Pay attention to this, and what it means. (In short: the tons of money created by the Feds, BUT NOT YET USED, will soon hit the fan —and when this happens in the very, very, near future, price will double and then triple and quadruple, and so on, in a very short span of time)!

    “…most of the dollar deposits created by the Fed via successive rounds of “quantitative easing” remain on the balance sheet of Fed member banks. Because of very rational economic fears, banks are not lending, businesses are not expanding, and individuals are shedding debt. So, the trillions of dollars created by the Fed since 2008 remained largely undeployed. When those dollars eventually make their way into the world economy, prices across all sectors of the economy are likely to rise dramatically.”

    Ron Paul:

    Later this month Congress will have an unprecedented opportunity to force the Federal Reserve to provide meaningful transparency to lawmakers and taxpayers. HR 459, my bill known as “Audit the Fed,” is scheduled for a vote before the full Congress in July. More than 270 of my colleagues cosponsored the bill, and it has the support of congressional leadership. But its passage in the House of Representatives is only the beginning of the battle, as many Senators and the President still don’t see the critical need to have a national discussion about monetary policy.

    The American public now senses that the Fed’s actions, especially since 2008, are enormously inflationary and will cause great harm to the American economy in the long run. They are beginning to understand what so many economists still don’t understand, which is that inflation is a monetary phenomenon, and rising prices are merely a symptom of that phenomenon. Prices eventually rise when the supply of US dollars (paper or electronic) grows faster than the available goods and services being chased by those dollars.

    This fundamental truth has been thoroughly explained by Milton Friedman and many others, so today’s Keynesian economists have no excuse for their claims that “inflation is under control.” Ordinary Americans don’t need a PhD simply to look at the Fed’s balance sheet and understand the staggering amount of money creation that has occurred in recent years. They know it will have harmful consequences for all of us eventually.

    I’ve spoken at length about inflation, and how Fed money creation is effectively a tax. Every dollar created out of thin air dilutes the value of the dollars in your pocket and your savings in the bank. But the truth is that we are only beginning to see the results of the Fed’s dramatic increase in the money supply. As former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan himself explained last week to Larry Kudlow, most of the dollar deposits created by the Fed via successive rounds of “quantitative easing” remain on the balance sheet of Fed member banks. Because of very rational economic fears, banks are not lending, businesses are not expanding, and individuals are shedding debt. So, the trillions of dollars created by the Fed since 2008 remained largely undeployed. When those dollars eventually make their way into the world economy, prices across all sectors of the economy are likely to rise dramatically.

    The true evil of inflation is that newly created money benefits politically favored financial interests, especially banks, on the front end. Over time, however, the net result of monetary inflation is always the devaluation of savings and purchasing power. This devaluation discourages saving, which is the key to capital accumulation and investment in a healthy economy. Inflation also tends to hurt seniors and those living on fixed incomes the most.

    For decades the Fed has operated without any meaningful oversight whatsoever, resulting in the loss of savings, loss of purchasing power, and loss of quality of life for all Americans. It causes individuals and businesses to make bad decisions, misallocating their capital because market signals have been distorted. It causes financial ruin by engineering the inevitable boom and bust cycles that so many erroneously blame on capitalism. And it does all this in secrecy, to the benefit of the financial and political classes. It is time to Audit the Fed, as a first step toward ending its unchecked power over our money and economic fortunes.

  10. How long you folks gonna keep crying over the fact that Paul lost (again)? It’s sounding sour.

    • I guess until he (his vision) is accepted. And it will be accepted, his way now or the Greek way later. But then maybe you have a 3rd way out of this mess Major? Bring it on.

      • I just think Willard is going to self-destruct the way Tom Eagleton did in 1972, but it will be better if it’s before the convention.

          • Major:

            I think Willard is going to fall apart because he’s just not a “real” human being. He doesn’t know how we think. He doesn’t know what to say. Look at the Bain Capital thing. He claims that he left the company and had “nothing” to do with it for three years–yet, he was drawing a $100,000 salary. It may not be illegal, but it’s not the way I live. And worse, he’s trying to claim that he didn’t deserve the salary (did nothing, knew nothing).

            He has had over a DECADE to think about this, and yet, he had no answer. He had to “retreat” to his home base and hide out for the weekend to try to regroup. It looked like he was hiding.

            Then he comes out and does he have an answer? NO. His response was to complain that the criticisms were “unfair,” without saying why. He had no answer, so the public must assume he has something to hide.

            Then his wife says they’re not going to release any more income tax returns–because it would give the opponents more ammunition. If you’re not going to release information, you don’t say it’s because it would get you in trouble. You might as well plead the Fifth Amendment and get it over with.

            Willard should have come out swinging. He should have said the criticisms were because his competition doesn’t understand business. That’s a great answer, since most of us don’t understand business–AND it would have put his opponents on the defensive to prove what’s wrong. And they wouldn’t have been able to, since their response would be complicated, and we wouldn’t have understood them.

            (1) He’s not “like us.” His job is to come up with a way to say, no, he’s BETTER than us–if not, we’d all be running for president.
            (2) This was an obvious issue, yet he was taken totally off-guard, and his only answer was to hide and then to complain. No answer.
            (3) His response was that Obama is “in charge,” and he should rein in his attack dogs–yet, Romney did not see that that response only underlined their charge that Willard was “in charge” (president, ceo, AND sole owner) of Bain until 2002.
            (4) He never defended Bain’s actions during these years, so it’s like admitting that the company did wrong, and his only defense is that he didn’t know what they were doing (even though he drew a $100k salary).

            This is a sign that he is not ready for prime time, and this is a relatively minor issue. I can think of several things that would put him on his heels and leave him with his mouth open.

            I continue to think that the GOP establishment purposely picked him, as they picked Bob Dole, so that he can give the president a second term. It’s almost like they want to solidify the concept that the presidency is for 8 years. The truth is that over a little more than a century, presidents are only re-elected about half of the time. It’s not assured.

            Also, I think, the GOP chiefs don’t want to be responsible for firing America’s first Black president. Or maybe they want Congress to be able to give the base red meat, but have the assurance that it will be vetoed, so they can keep giving the same red meat to the same base. If they actually passed stuff, they’d become irrelevant.

            • Sounds good to me but then I only have a GED. Guess things get real complicated when you have an education. Just look at the difference between George & Mitt.

            • You seem to be drowning in Democrat propaganda pushed daily by ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC. Sorry. I pass.

            • Major:

              To fox drones, even the Bible is Democratic propaganda.

              [BTW, the adjective is Democratic. Foxfolks don’t get the English language.]

      • Hey, if you are worth over $300,000,000 you must have either printed it or gotten it in some other way. If you want to be Prez, the law says you tell us where it came from.

  11. P.S. Has anyone noticed that when clicking on such YouTube videos, there is NOW about a 10 second delay before they play?

    Could the reason for this delay be that uTube wants to verify your IP addy so they can report it to some Big Brother US Agency to make a file…of who watches what?!

    • OR–you know–it could just be that so many people are checking it out that they can’t provide immediate access. . . .

    • Major:

      I assume you’re referring to Billy’s comment about George and Willard.

      Well, let’s see. . .
      George worked in the wheat and sugar beet fields in his teens.
      Willard rolled in dough.

      George learned construction trades, but was crushed in the Great Depression.
      Willard learned to crush companies and profited from the Great Recession.

      Also due to the Depression, George attended but did not graduate from college.
      Willard took his silver spoon to the Ivy League and enjoyed “slumming it” (except for taking a plane home during breaks).

      As American Motors chief, George outsourced jobs out of Michigan.
      As prez, ceo, and solw owner, Bain outsourced jobs out of the US of A.

      I guess the biggest “difference” is that George started with nothing and worked hard to succeed–and was an important part of companies that built things, improved America, and hired people; while Willard was pampered, started out rich, but instead of using his wealth to build, he destroyed the types of companies that George built.

      Yin and Yang, I guess you could call them.

      • Thanks for the help. Trouble is I read from the bottom to the top on e mails. So you stated it better, I’ll give you that but I bet I can beat you at tennis or maybe even line dancing, LOL.

        • Billy:

          Don’t be so sure. My brother-in-law was very good at tennis, and invited me to play. It had been years since I played, but what-the-hey. I was lousy. I always got to the ball, and that’s all it took. I’d swing, hit the ball with the wood, so it went like a bullet, in unexpected directions. I’d hit with the racquet sideways, putting a backspin on it, and the ball would bounce back toward me. But the thing he found most frustrating was that I would LOFT the ball. He’d have to wait for it to come down, and would miss it, since he was so used to hitting balls that were coming at him horizontally. I beat him and he never asked me to play again.

          “Line dancing”? Oh, yeah, “hillbilly River Dance. . .”

    • You mean between Father and Son? You got to be kidding. Night and day, good and evil,
      water and oil, life and death. George grew up dirt poor, Mitt grew up with a silver spoon all the way. George never graduated from college. Mitt graduated from one of the best. George saw his family fail time after time despite his hard work in the fields and as his lath & plaster work. Mitt never worked a day in his life and nevesaw failure on the home front. In business George was a white knight, Mitt was a black knight. In politics George won by 80,000 votes the 1st time around and 380,000 the 2nd time. Mitt was tossed out the first time he ran for Gov of Mich but bought the election the 2nd time around for $10 million dollars. Needless to say he didn’t even try for re election because of his dismal record.

      Shall I go on?

      • Why go on? You are wasting your time. The upcoming election is not between Mitt and George; it’s between obummer and Mitt.

        • Major:

          Ever notice how FoxDrones ask a question, and then, when they get a solid answer (facts, not BS), they scatter and say, “why bother”?

          And you’re wrong. If the GOP doesn’t find some, last-minute way to dodge the bullet, the debate in the fall will be between Willard, Mittney, and Rmoney–arguing all three sides of every issue, as Barry sits back, with his hands clasped behind his head, feet up on the desk, big smile on his face, cruising to re-election. Romnibus has more skeletons than Amityville.

      • Billy:

        Your last point was most telling. When he purchased the governorship of Massachusetts, he realized that public offices CAN be bought, and he spent up to 17-to-1 to get votes in this year’s primaries. Sadly, the fact is, as Goebbels said, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes “the truth.” We’re gonna hear a LOT of lies in the next four months.

        • Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
          (there are no other options!)

          All REAL Americans, and ALL People around the world— that believe in Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Honesty, Truth, Goodness and Self-determination —are for Ron Paul.

          President Paul wants to save our Nation and heal the World, and desires nothing for himself — making him a True Patriot (unlike the megalomaniacs that want The Presidency, so they can get a bigger pie, and engorge themselves further at the people’s expense — marking them as Leeches on the path to suck US dry)!

          Ron Paul has awoken the Sleeping Giant that is We, The People! We are growing in numbers and our voice is no longer distant thunder — but a Roaring Storm that’s approaching and eventually will wipe out the PUPPETEERS that have stolen Our Nation!

          We are the MANY, while the Criminals in Power, that want to control us, are the FEW (and their subhuman squeals are getting weaker)!


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