As if the economy could become a back-burner issue, it certainly won’t be with unemployment data showing the number ticking up to 8.2% according to government figures. The “experts” have been predicting that the unemployment number would have to hit 8% in order for President Obama’s re-election prospects to brighten. As it is now, the trend just ticked back in the negative direction which will certainly be a point of discussion between both campaigns this month.

Report from the LA Times:

The nation’s unemployment rate rose for the first time in nearly a year, to 8.2% in May, as the economy added a disappointingly small number of jobs for the third straight month.

The government said Friday that employers created on net just 69,000 jobs last month — less than half of what analysts were expecting. What’s more, the Labor Department revised downward the job-growth numbers for the prior two months, putting the average monthly job growth at 96,000 for the last three months. In the prior three-month period, from December to February, the economy added an average of 252,000 jobs a month.

The May jobless rate ticked up from 8.1% in April, after steadily declining since last August, when the unemployment figure was 9.1%.

The latest data are certain to heighten fears that the economy has slipped into a dangerous spring stall similar to the prior two years — and it could create trouble for President Obama and his reelection bid. The president is today scheduled to visit a Honeywell manufacturing facility in Minnesota, where he is expected to talk about creating more job opportunities for veterans.

With Europe still on the ropes with its debt problems, and the big economies in China and India slowing, global economic growth is weakening and presents a serious threat to the American economy. The government said Thursday that U.S. gross domestic product, or economic output, grew at a sluggish 1.9% annualized rate in the first quarter.

Consider these dueling press conferences for a sense of where the campaigns are strategically. Senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod was in Boston to hammer Mitt Romney’s record on job creation in Massachusetts. Word of the press conference leaked and Romney supporters overwhelmed Axelrod and the entire event lost any impact it might have had.

On the flip side, the Romney campaign made an unannounced stop at the headquarters of the failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra on the same day:

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Clearly this is not 2008 anymore and the Romney campaign appears to have a better strategy than John McCain did along with a quicker response team. May was a tough month for the Obama campaign and given these unemployment numbers, June could be a bumpy ride as well.


  1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn’t even deal with REAL TIME Data, thus it’s not credible or trustworthy. Shadow Government Statistics – “ShadowStats” (SGS) says in April – REAL Unemployment is 23%!

    Charles Biderman from TrimTabs has much to say about REAL TIME Data compared to the “fuzzy” numbers which the Government uses to LIE to us. We-the-People can see that the Government is Lying. We just look around at all the “Vacant” Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

    • Many seem not to understand that we, Ron Paul supporters, are not fighting to create a “new” nation, but to restore ours back to what it used to be and what was guaranteed since Day One by our Constitution (free and prosperous Sovereign Individuals, whereby the Government is subjected to Our Will, not the other way around which is now the Case-in-Fact)!

      • But with liberty comes responsibility and I’m not sure too many Americans are ready for that. Why should I provide for my family when Uncle Sugar is doing such a wonderful job? So long as the dumb taxpayers are willing to shell it out, there are many willing to take it. Ron Paul is no Uncle Sugar.

  2. America can no longer compete therefore we have to make what is out there obsolete. As you may know Mikhail Prokhorov,(Russian) has invested millions in the yo-mobile. Not saying it will work but if it does, cars that we build become as obsolete as the tube type TVs.

    • Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants

      Could it be true that such key figures in the USA Government are party to this globalist gang?

      I can’t believe it — this list has to be false….

      Director of the NSA & US Cyber Command
      Governor of Indiana
      The National Security Advisor Of The White House
      Senator for Massachusetts John Kerry
      Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury Rubin, Robert E.

      It is understandable the rest from USA — CEOs of Banks, Foundations, Finance Groups, Google, sciolistic Professors, and other such private persona — to attend this meeting whose goal is an eventual One World Government.
      As a private organization, Bilderberg may not disclose the Minutes of their meeting.

      But if it is true, that our Government Officials and Holders of Office, are in attendance — isn’t there a constitutional law requiring them to give full disclosure by providing all transcripts, so the people they serve, The Citizens of the United States, are aware of exactly what was said and done?

  3. why you are helping to OBAMA to be re-elected? why the economy now is 8.0%? why you are making favor to some one have the economy in a 19 trillion deficit?i don’t have a job can you tell me where is the job in los angeles california? 3 year and half out of job and not unemployment becuase i am not blck!

    • jorge

      The objective is not to re-elect Obama, but to show the fallacies and flaws of the argument “It’s all about beating Obama”.

      Please put things into perspective and for God’s Sake, don’t “parrot”, listen to or watch FOX News or Rush Limbaugh. All you’ll get from them is the “It’s all Obama’s Fault” rhetoric. People who have “honestly” analyzed the Economy know what it’s all about – and you have made the case right along.

      It was under President Bush that the Economy “tanked” in 2008, but it was a long time coming – and Democrats and Republicans share the Blame. They did what they did (Spend us into Oblivion) to gain the votes of the Economically Illiterate. Now, we’re paying the Price.

      In my opinion, the Exponential Function is taking over. In other words, the $16 Trillion in Debt will increase more and more no matter who is President (except for Ron Paul).

      In order for the Exponential Function to stop it’s upward trend, Government Spending must meet the Revenues taken in through Taxation. Instead, the Government is spending $1.4 TRILLION more than it takes in. Thus, the Government is “forced” to borrow the money from Foreign Countries or Investors. But, the Government doesn’t actually borrow “money” from these Countries or Investors. The Government borrows money from the FED, who creates this money “Out-of-Thin-Air” and then charges a rate of “Interest” to the Government on the money it has just created. So in order to borrow this money, the Government creates “Instruments of Debt” called T-Bills or Treasury Bonds to provide to the FED to be auctioned off to Foreign Countries or Investors. There is another rate of Interest “attached” to these T-Bills to provide the Investor with an Return on Investment (ROI). In other words, OUR DEBT is bought with Interest. However, Foreign Countries and Investors have “scaled back” on buying our Debt – so the FED is buying it. Thus, the FED is “monetizing” Our Debt.

      If this Trend is ever going to stop, Government Spending must meet Revenues taken in through Taxation and Government Borrowing must CEASE. And the Debt must be “Paid Down” or Liquidated. Otherwise it’s “Hasta la vista” Amerika.

      And if either Obama or Romney are elected to the Presidency – NOTHING WILL CHANGE, except for the MASSIVE Debt to Increase – and Unemployment to Rise. Both Negative to you and the rest of us. Ron Paul has the ONLY Viable Plan. Otherwise, Taxes will Rise and Austerity will be the norm.

      • (Taxes will Rise and Austerity will be the norm.)

        Little confused here as the reason to hike taxes, write more, more citations, closing tax loop holes and increasing fees for all government services is to avoid austerity. I think they still think either Romney or Obama can extract a great deal more from to dumb taxpayers to avoid austerity. So long as they have the printing press it’s going to be hard to stop them.

    • Sorry this isn’t going to make much sense to you Jorge, but first you got to find out what the rules or requirements are for what you want. (Unemployment comp)then you got to get yourself into a position to qualify for it or some other hand out. Has nothing to do with color although it sure seems that way, I know but they do seem to qualify easier than non-blacks. I think they just know the rules a little better.

      • Louisiana — How more despicable can this Corrupt State be?!

        One of the cops actually by falsehood, took away a citizen’s phone as “evidence”…!

        (I spent about 3 hours trying to remove the background noise to isolate this — PAY ATTENTION TO THIS EXCHANGE!)

        Listen to the cop’s misinformation (an abuse of his limited powers) at the near end of this video (minute 5:50 till end at 6:15).

        Cop: “I need your phone as evidence…can I get your driver’s license for me, please…” — (unless a Court Ordered Subpoena is served, no officer of law is allowed to divest a person (that has not been arrested) from his property under the guise of “evidence required by the police”. Also, no cop can demand of a bystander to disclose his Identification (driver’s license in this case) FOR HIS OWN CURIOSITY (“for me”) or for any other purported reasons!)

        US Citizen replies: “My driver’s license…?”

        Cop: “Yeah…”

        US Citizen: “You’ll take my phone…?”

        Cop: “It’s evidence…correct… you were recording….”

        US Citizen: noise that sounds like(“what (or nah)…”)

        Cop: “You weren’t recording…? I still need your driver’s license”. (THE CITIZEN WAS NOT DRIVING A CAR — therefore, this Cop cannot demand his driver’s license (unbelievable abuse of power)! Also, IF-or-NOT the citizen was recording IS COMPLETELY OUT of the domain of any police force to dictate either way!)

        US Citizen: “Why…you are taking my phone away from me…”

        Cop: “It’s evidence… noise (sounds like ‘correct’)…you were recording….”

        My 2 cents:

        There is a special hell for the 5 pigs that took down an old and handicapped man — BUT this PIG, that went beyond the take-down and tried to erase the evidence by confiscating the camera phone, deserves an even worse end!

  4. I think that it is not very well in USA and all thing go very wrong. And if it will not be change of power, everything will deteriorate.
    Ron Paul is the only politician, who will make proper, positive changes.If he would loose, USA will go down, it is sure.
    People it is just such slogan: save own as… If USA goes down, all people, who live in USA will go down too, it will be poverty, bancruptcy and who knows maybe even global world war. You can protect, save USA by electing Ron Paul, he is the only normal man and normal person among these candidates. Romney or Obama are no solution, they will ruin USA, both, they will ruin the world.

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