By winning the Texas Republican Primary, Mitt Romney will likely have the delegates needed at this point to seal up the nomination. The delegate count showing Romney surpassing the 1,144 mark is still speculative since nearly half of the delegates haven’t been bound via state GOP conventions yet. However, it is safe to say he will obtain that number and ultimately become the GOP nominee.

Report from the Miami Herald:

There was no drama or suspense, but Texas finally played a bit role in the presidential election Tuesday. It gave Mitt Romney enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination.

Romney won 71 percent of the statewide vote in early returns, according to the Texas secretary of state’s office. The former Massachusetts governor drew slightly less in Tarrant County, with 69.8 percent.

Texas had 152 delegates at stake Tuesday night, and Romney won his proportional share of them to formally clinch the race. He surpassed the 1,144 delegates needed to claim the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.

“I am honored that Americans across the country have given their support to my candidacy and I am humbled to have won enough delegates to become the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee,” Romney said in a statement. “Our party has come together with the goal of putting the failures of the last 31/2 years behind us.”

Romney did not come to Texas for the primary. He campaigned in Colorado and attended a fundraiser in Las Vegas with Donald Trump.

The Republican National Committee effectively confirmed Romney’s standing.

“I congratulate Gov. Romney on winning the Texas primary and securing the delegates needed to be our party’s official nominee at our convention in Tampa,” Chairman Reince Priebus said.

Ron Paul continues to amass delegates as well and his numbers will grow as more state parties convene to officially elect delegates to the Republican convention in August.


  1. What a lie we live in.

    The establishment forces home their puppet candidate by the sheer propulsion of inflated Federal Reserve Notes, only to run and lose against Obama. Not that it matters who wins or loses. No matter what, the people lose, because Goldman Sachs and the other banksters still own this country.

    If Ron can’t pull an upset at the convention, it may be time to dust of that constitution and start thinking about the individual state’s rights to secession. This government, coupled with the special interests, has gotten MUCH to big and despotic to call it one that governs under the consent of the governed.

    Ron Paul or noone at all!

    • Now who is at the top of the investors :

      Goldman Sachs $573,080
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $415,075
      Bank of America $398,850
      Morgan Stanley $373,850
      Credit Suisse Group $317,410
      Citigroup Inc $301,550
      Kirkland & Ellis $248,052
      Barclays $228,400

  2. Approx 70% ‘win’ for Obomney in Texas?


    They’re not even bothering to make this look like a fair election anymore. They’re just spouting the predetermined numbers I said they would, some days ago. I would love to say I’m psychic but no, it was just obvious what the numbers would be as they are the standard numbers being perpetrated by these fraudsters State to State.

    I do wonder what the actual numbers were, though. At least that would have been interesting.

    Just waiting for MSM to read out the same numbers for Cali and I’m off to the funny-farm from laughing so much at the blatant scam, though I’m not sure which is funnier; the numbers being called out and the fraudsters thinking the people will believe them, or, the fact that some people are actually going to believe them, or, the soon-to-be riots in the streets from the people that know the whole thing is a scam and they’ve been duped out of their Rights/Liberty/Vote/Country by toxic scum deceivers who’ve prepared for the riots by arming the TSA with military weaponry as they and the DHS and the military enact the NDAA on the People; at gun point.
    “We come in peace. (shoot to kill)” Star Trek parody.
    “For your protection.” Click, click.
    “For your freedom and liberty… get back in the house and do as you’re told.”

    Insanity – to believe what a government tells you to believe via MSM. If you truly believe these results are genuine, then it’s you that’s insane.

    Welcome to 1984

    For anyone reading this and think I’ve gone too far, I say this; I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

  3. if morons don´t want to have peace and prosperity ( Ron Paul ), than they will get wars and poverty ( Romney ).

  4. (Submitted this early today on the previous thread. More appropriate here.)

    What now?

    Will Ron Paul supporters sit out the fall election? Go over to support the Libertarian candidate? Abdicate integrity and support Rmoney? Focus on the locals and let Willard twist slowly in the wind? [That’s a Watergate reference, for you kids.]

    What about the convention? Will the Ron Paul supporters continue to get as many delegates elected as possible? Try to run AS “Romney delegates?? Try to abstain from the first ballot? Push Rule 38 interpretations? Walk out?

    Is it all over already? Is there anybody out there?

  5. So many people have rallied behind Ron Paul and his struggle to bring back true Constitutional rule in the USA than they fail to mention other documents that also remind them, not only of their Rights and Privileges, but of their Duties too.

    “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute new Government…”

    Declaration of Independence

    It’s a sign of the times, and a sorry state of affairs, when it has to be an Englishman that reminds the American People of who they are, what they are and what their duties to themselves are.

    The USA Government is preparing for an uprising, of their own design, from their totalitarianistic Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA and armed TSA/DHS, false flags and CIA constructed fake Al-CIA-da ‘terrorists’, anti-liberty, sheep-herding, New American Century BS.

    Why aren’t you?

    • Yep, only way you can vote twice is have two computers. Are there more two computer people than dead people that vote,

      • Hey Billy boy, everybody has only one SS#, except for obama and he got caught. As far as Texas goes;
        * Ron Paul loses Texas, 5-30-12
        155 delegates to obama, maybe. The GOP establishment’s old guard elite Republican National Party (RNC) is wrong again. Massachusetts won the primary too and look what happened. We took 21 of 24 delegates and took out the old guard, Boston Globe. Massachusetts was romney’s big state, his home state and we wiped the floor with him. Rule #38 will prevail at the party because all Republicans have to follow it. We don’t have to believe their lies, obama’s “first ballot” will fall like a deck of cards. Watch Ben’s video.
        Jennifer Sheehan, legal counsel for the RNC, even upheld this:
        “The RNC does not recognize a states binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a ‘free agent’? who can vote for whoever they choose” Unit Rule # 38
        “No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.”
        Directly from: The Rules of the Republican Party
        As Adopted by the 2008 Republican National Convention September 1, 2008.
        Amended by the Republican National Committee on August 6, 2010

        FOR YOUTUBE: runronpaulDOTcom/activism/free­-candidate-comparison-sheet-ha­ndout-honest-ron-paul-vs-mitt-­romney/
        UPDATE COUNT: thereal2012delegatecount . com is a good place to see updated counts
        TEXAS VOTE WATCHING JUDGE: annebeck58 said, You and probably 72 percent of REAL TEXANS voted for Paul. I watched it happen all day? long. There is simply NO WAY Romney took the vote, and it will be proven in the DELEGATE CONVENTION, next week. These bastards messed with out votes, and I am sure of it. I definitely saw MANY more Pro-Paul votes than Rom votes, in the precinct I watched as a judge. NO WAY did Rom win this. I was giving a conservative estimate, that Paul took 66 percent, and based ONLY On my experience of hearing people and what they had to say, ALL DAY LONG. First person in, when asked party affiation, said, “Ron Paul”. It went on all day long, with last vote at 6:55pm. THE VOTES WERE OBVIOUSLY FLIPPED. This I am sure of,? one-hundred percent!
        and, late-afternoon, the county tech guys came in to let US know that our votes had not been recorded ALL DAY LONG. The other jugdes and clerks laughed. SICK.
        VOTE COUNT DONE ALREADY: Kindrickskayaks, Don’t worry guys we’ve selected our pct/county delegates already. The revolution will be alive and well June 7,8,9th! Stay tuned, cause mittens may just drop out after we kick his? butt out of Tx! We don’t vote for liberals here!

        • Voter turnout was low for the primaries. Only 1.3 million votes were cast in a state that has over 13 million registered voters, according to the Texas Secretary of State. Only 13 percent voted as Republicans

          With such a low turnout I would have expected RP to do well as his supporter all get to the polls.

      • Everybody has only one SS# and one vote so voting can be done on line. I think it’s better to do it by phone and get a paper receipt of your vote with your bill.

        • Or like the USPS does and charges $1.00 on your credit card but then most have more than one credit card and if you don’t have any you shouldn’t vote.

    • The Banks want your money, the government doesn’t want your vote. It wants to tell you what your vote is. There’s a big difference. That’s why it wouldn’t work. Better to have a physical paper trail and a receipt!

  6. Hi DT. You said: “USA Today Leaves Ron Paul OFF of List of Candidates For President”
    That means we can officially call USA Today an Fascist newspaper. A corporation in cahoots with the obama government.
    “Fascism should be called Corporatism because it is the union of corporations and the state.” – Mussolini

    • DonJ:

      You have to go to the source when you hear political claims.

      The purpose of the USA Today/FactCheck article is to try to hold candidates accountable for their ads.

      The YouTube about this topic was posted on May 24, but it is clearly out of date. USA Today is NOT tracking Santorum and other primary ads anymore. It’s only tracking Obama and Romney ads now, and that’s because they were told that Romney HAS the nomination.

      This is the up-to-date page:

      The media are not duplicitous, they’re just lazy and stupid. They report what they are told, instead of digging up the facts on their own. The GOP establishment has said the race is over, and face it, the Paul campaign has NOT made any real effort to dispute that claim.

      The Paul campaign is waging a “stealth” effort to get delegates, and doesn’t seem to want the GOP establishment to know the extent of the effort–because the GOP establishment might change the rules.

      The irony is that the behind-the-scenes delegate battle is unprecedented in American history, and SHOULD be “news.” But if it were reported, the GOP would act to suppress it.

      So the bottom line is that the Paul campaign does not want the delegate battle to be news, and so, by being lazy, and not reporting about it, the media are actually aiding the Paul effort.

      • Goethe said, “and that’s because they were told that Romney HAS the nomination.”
        They were also told to give Ron Paul zero coverage by obama. Giving Ron Paul equal coverage would show his ads are right on the money. I’ll stick with calling USA Today Fascists because they are.

    • Way back when I was I high school a civics teacher said something like, they (USSR) will become more like us and we will become more like them.

  7. By the way, folks, note that the headline on this page is about “speculative” delegates.

    On the upper right of this page, there’s the R12DC count of ACTUAL delegates–where Romney has well under half of the delegates he would need. And that’s assuming that even those delegates are forced to vote the way the primaries and caucuses directed them to vote.

    • Sounds good but there are only two men standing and for Mitt to knock out all other GOP candidates with his rotten track record as governor underscores the fact that he has put together a great machine. I still don’t think he can beat Obama only because he hasn’t fired up enough GOP voters to get out and vote.

      Although you and I know what his 25 years of business did for the state of Ma, (47 out of 50) most voters seem to believe without said 25 years, thing could have been 3 points worse.(dead last)

      • Standard M.O.:

        Democrats count the votes
        of dead people.

        Republicans discourage and
        then don’t count the votes
        of living people.

        • There is a difference between Surfisher calling it the “GOP establishment” and you calling it just the Republicans. Calling it Republican includes Ron Paul. The new GOP is changing and will follow the Constitution, the established GOP is just like the Dem’s. We will get around to changing them later.

          • I don’t believe that will happen.

            I compared Democrats and Republicans as a joke, but the jokes on us. I would bet money that Romney will get the nomination. Ron Paul’s people will be patted on the head at the convention and then ignored. And if Slick Willard somehow gets to the White House, nothing will change.

            I pretty much stand by my earlier statement. What this country needs is a new party, in the way that Lincoln let the Whig party destroy itself–and started over.

            • I agree but don’t see how Romney can go up against Obama unless he somehow shoots himself in the foot.

            • BillY:

              All they have to do is hid Willard, or at least put one of those shock-collars on him, to keep him from going off-script and revealing his true self.

              If they do that, I think he may have it. The economy is going down the tubes, and since economies in Europe are already dropping–and now China is running out of gas–I don’t see how the U.S. can/could avoid further erosion.

              Add to that the fact that the Dem convention is going to be a bar brawl, with gay and abortion fights PLUS a major disruption by the OCCUPY people, and it’ll be all over.

              But if you’re dissatisfied with what we have now, you may want to move to Canada if Slick Willard and his banksters take charge.

            • If the past looks bad the future looks worse. The fix is so easy as we all know what caused it, big government, so an easy fix, just shrink it. Problem is only one candidate
              wants to do just that and the voters feel they will lose what they don’t have, security.

    • Meeman — talking of sewage….

      *President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama.*

      Just got this in my e-mail — seems BO is quite the little racist….

      (over 2.3 million viewed, with about 95% negs!)

      Watch it and post your reactions!

      • Surf:

        I don’t actually see that spot as “racist.” It’s just “focused.” He also has “Cat Lovers” appeals (believe it or not). That doesn’t mean he’s anti-human.

        The Obama campaign is just doing exactly what the Ron Paul campaign SHOULD have done. You locate a “market,” and tell your story in a way that makes sense to that specific group. You don’t have to lie, you just point out where you agree. For instance, if Paul had done an appeal to anti-war people, they would have known there’s NO other candidate, of any party, for them.

        The days of appealing to the masses is almost gone. People don’t listen to the same radio, they don’t watch the same TV, and newspapers are nearly dead. The compartmentalization is even worse on the Web. While there are still a few “general” sources, such as Yahoo and AOL, people go to their own, same sources, exclusively, and they only hear one viewpoint–for the most part.

        • Geoth — seems nearly all disagree with your take.

          Look at the thumbs down count (and after-all, according to you, it is how effective it is, not the gist).

            • They use them on a lot of blogs but not this one. Might have been just a little oversight. Then again we might be missing something here.

        • You are right as I tuned out all the others just on the Patriot Act. All were for it except one. I didn’t compare Mitt to the others until most were gone and found they all had much better track records than Romney. Gee I would put him in last place based on his record.

      • The only thing I didn’t agree with on obama’s “President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama” is that he says the only reason for the blacks’ gaining rights is because of their fighting for them. That not true, Look magazine with Rockwell’s painting of the little black girl going to a white school shows whites were fighting to end racial discrimination also. Today we have black colleges but we are not allowed to have white or Christian colleges. I think the gov’t should stand aside, it’s not the gov’t’s job to separate or join individual races or religions. Obama did seem to be telling the black race to stick together and vote for him as a group by linking it to a fight that he says they did before.

        All of this is just a diversion away from the fact that he lied to become president and should be arrested or impeached now.

    • Ron Paul to WIN (or America to END 2012)!

      Mitt’s muttons will stop at nothing — fraud, rigged elections, false electronic vote counts, shadow parties to counter the people’s choice, locking RP supporters out and holding secret delegate elections, turning off the AC in Arizona and ballot stuffing, turning off the lights and cordoning off the people in Oklahoma, having the controlled media do a black out on Ron Paul while also covering up their nefarious and fraudulent actions! And on blogs trolling for dollars (paid by and for perfidy Mitt)!

      Here is the difference:

      On one hand (more apt: underhanded) — the Mitt (who’s only real support is NOT for him, but AGAINST the BO — the usual voting for “the lesser of two evils” mentality) knows he needs to resort to all of the above crookedness, to have a chance to win the nomination (in order to lose to the BO). These are the forces of the Dark Side.

      On the other hand — there is Light! Ron Paul’s message of what is TRUE is irrefutable. It has ignited the hopes of all good people in our nation (and around the world) that Truth will win out over Lies, Good will trample Evil, Liberty will prevail against Tyranny, Government will bow to the Will of The People (not the other way around as the BO and the Mitt desire), all senseless Wars will be put to an end (we’ll speak softly again, but also carry a big stick), The Law of the Land will be the Original US Constitution (and all the hundreds-of-thousands of OPPRESSIVE Laws, Rules and Regulations passed unconstitutionally will be NEGATED), that the Citizen will be Sovereign AGAIN (and Government will become the Subject), that US Money will have Intrinsic Value AGAIN (not Promissory Notes printed ad hoc by a Private and Corrupted to the CORE Organization) thus guaranteeing Prosperity once again…and the list goes on!

      Despite the organized effort by the controlled media (here and abroad) and the nefarious means of our crooked politicians and their hired thugs, The People have embraced the Last American Patriot — Dr. Ron Paul — and the liberty flame that burns within us WILL NEVER be extinguished!

      Our time is NOW (since we’ll reach the Point of No Return if the BO or the Mitt steal our Nation away from US) — We, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE, will fight for this cause that is Just and Honorable! You, the Despots in Power NOW, may spill our blood, but unless you kill us all, We, The Real American People, WILL END your reign!

  8. Surfisher

    I had a peek at that video. It’s a pro-Obama one and refuses to allow any comment that isn’t pro-Obama. So much for fairness.

    Censorship = Fascism

  9. I’ve watched the primaries from afar (europe) and am absolutely dumbfounded by the blatant fraud and the monstrous MSM coverage that has been done to keep Ron Paul out. Ron Paul needs to win this. I will never believe MSM again unless there is a big clean up.

    • MSM in this country is a business and its CEOs have to know which side the bread is buttered on.

  10. You bunch of sore losers. When Romney barley won in Massachusetts all you guys could do was talk about what a loser he was because he barely won his home state. Now Ron Paul got humiliated in Texas and you Scream voting fraud? “Who are you the Media with your double standers”. Don’t be too disappointed when Romney is on the ballet come November. A course you guys will still be here arguing about Ron Paul’s delegates count. Word of advice next time don’t pick a website where it shows your candidate in dead last, it make you guys look stupid.

    • Logan Matthew

      Word of Advice. Next time, when you end your post by saying people look stupid for supporting Ron Paul, it would probably be a wise move to do a spell check before clicking the “Submit Comment” Button. Misspelling of words only makes you look more stupid than the people you are saying are stupid. Stupid!

      • DT at Logan Matthew

        Hey, don’t you dare start picking on Americans for their inability to spell English properly. That’s MY job! It’s one of the few pleasures I have left. LMAO JK

      • I just can’t help feeling that I am missing something here on why anyone would support Romney over the rest of the field with the exception of Ron Paul. Like if you are all for items like the Patriot Act & TSA I can understand not liking RP but what about the field? I myself see Romney dead last but yeah he is the GOP frontrunner. The guys track record sucks in so far as what America needs, jobs and big cuts in government spending.

    • what a loser he was and still is. Come November if RP doesn’t win we will just follow the Greeks.

      While we are on the Romney subject could you please tell us why you think he would make for a great president based on something he did in the past and not on something he says he is going to do in the future.

  11. I used to think the only reason not to vote for Ron Paul was because he is an Isolationist.

    That was until today when he voted against a bill that would ban gender based abortions. He was one of 5 Republicans to do so.

    Totally irrational. That makes us like China. Also makes him like Obama. Even 20 Democrats voted against it.

    I will no longer comment on Ron Paul because he is too far gone and even worse than I thought. Being a Pro-Abortionist is yet another deal breaker.

    • That’s good. Don’t vote for the ONLY man who cares about ‘we the people’.. instead vote for Obama who steps and wipes his feet on the constitution and Romney who will take you to war to finish the NWO’s agenda. Let’s see, who does that leave?

      I don’t know. It’s a tough one. I think I’ll go with Ron Paul.

      Once he’s voted in, maybe we could change his way of thinking.

      The others? They don’t need congress anymore. They just play it by ear or whatever makes ‘them’ money in the Cayman’s.

    • Tim you have it wrong. Ron Paul is against any abortion of any gender. You used to think, now you don’t.
      And he’s not an isolationist, he’s for minding our own business, we don’t want to police the world. We don’t want unconstitutional wars started without being attacked. 25% of our GDP is feeding the war machine. We don’t want obama. “Get it? Got it? Good! ” Peaches.

      • No you have it wrong on both accounts. Minding our own business is Isolationism.

        If you do a search you will find that even the Ron Paul website forum is busing for Paul voting against the Ban on Gender abortions.

        Don’t shoot the messenger when you are uninformed and don’t understand the issues. Enough said.

        I was shocked about it myself. To not ask were I got it from when its all over the place. Get mad at your candidate and not me.

        And you say I don’t think. Do the search. Also look up Isolationist in the dictionary.

        Also we should when governments are putting bullets in babies brains like in Syria get involved and anyone anyone who thinks otherwise can go to hell. Whole families be killed just like in Africa. Just like the Nazis in WWII.

        We should not get involved for our national interest. Hitler did that. But to protect others we should not invade, no nation building but we should do when people are being butchered by there own leader is bomb the dictators.

        Maybe if you Ron Paul people would debate people instead of insult them you might learn something.

        • Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

          Here is the difference btwn Perfidy Mitt and Honest Ron Paul:

          On one hand (more apt: underhanded) — the Mitt (who’s only real support is NOT for him, but AGAINST the BO — the usual voting for “the lesser of two evils” mentality) knows he needs to resort to all frauds and crookedness, to have a chance to win the nomination (in order to lose to the BO). These are the forces of the Dark Side.

          On the other hand — there is Light! Ron Paul’s message of what is TRUE is irrefutable. It has ignited the hopes of all good people in our nation (and around the world) that Truth will win out over Lies, Good will trample Evil, Liberty will prevail against Tyranny, Government will bow to the Will of The People (not the other way around as the BO and the Mitt desire), all senseless Wars will be put to an end (we’ll speak softly again, but also carry a big stick), The Law of the Land will be the Original US Constitution (and all the hundreds-of-thousands of OPPRESSIVE Laws, Rules and Regulations passed unconstitutionally will be NEGATED), that the Citizen will be Sovereign AGAIN (and Government will become the Subject), that US Money will have Intrinsic Value AGAIN (not Promissory Notes printed ad hoc by a Private and Corrupted to the CORE Organization: The Feds) thus guaranteeing Prosperity once again…and the list goes on!

          Despite the organized effort by the controlled media (here and abroad) and the nefarious means of our crooked politicians and their hired thugs, The People have embraced the Last American Patriot — Dr. Ron Paul — and the liberty flame that burns within us WILL NEVER be extinguished!

          Our time is NOW (since we’ll reach the Point of No Return if the BO or the Mitt steal our Nation away from US) — We, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE, will fight for this cause that is Just and Honorable! You, the Despots in Power NOW, may spill our blood, but unless you kill us all, We, The Real American People, WILL END your reign of tyranny and corruption!

          Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
          (there are no other options!)

          • The flaw in your post is within the phrase, of all good people. Just not enough of them vote. It’s the , what’s in it for me mentality that votes or does not vote.

        • Just what this country needs, one more law that could never be enforced anyhow and somehow if passed would change the world. Dream on…..Tim, Dream on. But tell us if it were to pass how would it be enforced. Yeah another law that states mandatory ultra sounds. Got a brother-in-law that sells the equipment?

        • Hey Tim, Who is going to pay for this imperial empire you propose. (911 for the world)
          We are in 126 countries now and you and Romney feel were should be in more? Well I have 16 trillion reasons why we shouldn’t.

        • Tim —

          Many seem not to understand that we, Ron Paul supporters, are not fighting to create a “new” nation, but to restore ours back to what it used to be and what was guaranteed since Day One by our Constitution (free and prosperous Sovereign Individuals, whereby the Government is subjected to Our Will, not the other way around which is now the Case-in-Fact)!

          • Yeah but what if Tim is in the construction business, you gotta love Romney:

            The Big Dig was the most expensive highway project in the U.S. and was plagued by escalating costs, scheduling overruns, leaks, design flaws, charges of poor execution and use of substandard materials, criminal arrests,[2][3] and even four deaths.[4

            4 years of this was under Romney. Yeah, I’d say he’d take to DC like a duck to water with this kind of experience under his belt.

            • Billy: You got it.

              I’ve been trying to figure out how they can claim that Rmoney has “business” experience. He wasn’t involved with anything that PRODUCED anything.

              The guy has been a gambler and speculator and business DESTROYER all his life. He started out as a millionaire and has crushed people’s dreams to make more millions.

              I’m trying to figure out what he would do as president. On Day-One, he would sell the Statue of Liberty to get the scrap value for the copper. That is really consistent with his “business” experience.

            • Billy: Yeah. Found this on the Big Dig:

              Massachusetts State Police searched the offices of Aggregate Industries, the largest concrete supplier for the underground portions of the project, in June 2005. They seized evidence that Aggregate delivered concrete that did not meet contract specifications. In May 2006, six employees of the company were arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. Immediately after the arrests, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced he would return $3,900 in political contributions from employees of Aggregate Industries.

              Returning contributions–Sorta strikes me as closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.

            • The man carries a lot of baggage, doesn’t he? Like I posted before, he will take to DC like a duck to water.

        • Tim: The “gender” issue regarding abortion is the most BS non-issue of the year. It’s just a backdoor way to further hassle women. Blame the victim. Put someone in a tough situation in a worse situation.

          I do not believe that even 1% of abortions are due to someone not liking the gender of their pregnancy.

          I am more concerned that Dr. Paul wants to force women to come to term when they–and their doctors–think it’s a bad idea.

          It’s one of the few areas where I feel Dr. Paul lets us down on personal freedom.

          • Oh that may be the way he feels but where I agree with him is that it is not a federal issue. A lot of great ideas out there but should they be forced on individuals in the form of laws?

            • Billy: That’s like saying the Constitution is not a “federal issue.” Rights are rights and must be protected. If you let local yokels decide what you’re not allowed to do, well, that’s pretty scary.

              Abortion is not a “federal issue,” it’s a personal right.

              Look at it another way. There are more than TWICE as many gun-related deaths as there are abortions (using latest available figures). Does that mean guns are twice as bad as abortion? The case could be made.

              The government should stay out of such issues altogether.

            • The government should stay out of such issues altogether. Amen

              But is it the government of the people???? The average person wants a law against everything except what he or she does. Gee I heard that back in high school.

    • Tim

      Once again, Ron Paul’s Position on Abortion has to be explained Ad Nauseum. For the LIFE of me, I don’t understand why some Pro-Life people don’t get this!

      Ron Paul has stated over and over that the way to end abortion is to remove it from the Federal Jurisdiction! Santorum didn’t get it. Gingrich didn’t get it. And sure as HELL, Romney don’t get it. (if he’s Pro-Life today) But, sadly, it’s you Anti-Paul “Pinheads” who don’t understand HOW Abortion and Roe vs. Wade should end.

      When the Republicans had control of both the House and the Senate PLUS the White House – wouldn’t you think that Abortion would have ended? It didn’t. Why? Because the Pro-Life Lobby wanted a FEDERAL LAW Prohibiting Abortion! In other words, they “dropped-the-ball” on ending Abortion and Roe vs. Wade – and they cost the LIVES of MILLIONS of Unborn Babies! TOTAL and COMPLETE SANCTIMONY! Ron Paul “proposed” the Solution, but it fell on DEAF EARS! (including yours)

      “Here’s the Solution” by Ron Paul

      Pass a Bill that Limits Jurisdiction and Roe vs. Wade will be REPEALED OVERNIGHT! This could have been done when Republicans Controlled the Federal Government, BUT the Pro-Life Lobby wanted to make their SANCTIMONIOUS POINT!

      • And how many millions of those babies would have been the crack cocaine type on welfare? Cheaper to sen a kid through Harvard medical school many times one than just one of these kids cost. Oh I’d like to indeed held everybody but if you try it you are able to help no one in the end.

    • Tim, you can’t see the forest through the trees. Just because there isn’t a law against something doesn’t mean you are compelled to do it. Liberty is you make the choice, oppression is government makes the choice for you.

      In America you are not even considered a whole person unless you have a valid SS number.

  12. The moderators of this site are biased just like the US media.
    It’s frustrating to even try to comment in this place. Everything has to be checked, deleted if you say anything anti.. (and everything is)


    • No political opinions are deleted. However, new commenters are moderated to prevent obscene language and/or personal threats, etc… All opinions welcome in the comments. Once you’re approved, you’re approved unless someone complains and your posts are somehow obscene or personal in nature.

      • I got an idea. Like other sites where comments are welcome they have an ‘abuse’ or ‘report’ button.

        Then all comments posted are real time and not 15 minutes down the road. If other ‘readers’ consider it profane, rude, obscene or whatever, ‘they’ have the choice of deleting or ‘reporting’ the post.

        Sounds real fair to me. Some people would like to comment, have someone reply to their comment and have an opportunity to reply again. With this system, it’s not happening.

        Just a commentor’s opinion.. It’s YOUR site afterall.

        • Hey on some sites name calling is indeed the name of the game and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve been call names that would make a sailor blush but so what. I have left many a site because they have become too restrictive but never left one for being too liberal with words. They are knd of funny when the issues warning though, 3 and you get blocked LOL,

          • This site is interesting because people seem to care. We read each other’s stuff. On some sites, like Yahoo and AOL, I drop a comment and then forget it. Then I get insulting and borderline obscene references to my mother or whatever. Certainly not intelligent discussion.

            I have felt that a few people have been shouted down on this site, probably unfairly, but at least the replies were relevant and issue-based, not just insults.

      • And who sets the standards??? More opinion. Like I’ve been on some pretty nasty blogs and all one needs is a sense of humor.

        • Billy: I’m with you. Let people speak.

          I’ve posted on sites like Yahoo and, of course, people believe one way or the other. If they disagree with you, they push the “thumbs down” button and if they can get enough of their side to give you the thumb (so to speak), they delete your comment. What a horrible affront to Free Speech. It would be quite sufficient to SHOW the number of thumbs down, and the reader should be able to choose for himself whether the comment as merit. As it is, if you happen to write on a day when you’re outnumbered, not only are you insulted, but your voice is totally taken away. That’s just not right.

          In this case, it might have helped if Nate had pointed out what the person did wrong. And if there were not time constraints, write back to the person and say if these abusive words are removed it can run.

          • Oh, I’m not out to set any standards for sure, these blogs are kind of fun, that’s it for me. Yeah, I learn a few things but I’d get by just fine if I didn’t at this point in my life. Right now I’m in Florida and wish I was in the U P. It’s hot.

  13. Thank You. Eric. thank you! looks like voter fraud does affect both sides. are the “RIGHT” the only ones who use it upon their own party??? Oh…………. by the way..”what the hell happened in the senate race???????????????? really?

  14. Surf

    Watched Alex Jones’ Infowars video. I said ages ago that the ones that are in the firing line to lose big will contemplate taking Ron Paul out but the reason they haven’t done it so far is because they don’t want to make him a martyr, like they did with JFK. Unlike JFK, Ron Paul has had a good and long life and even if he died by a genuine accident, such as fall off his bike, his ‘movement’ would still grow and flourish.

    He’s in the position of where his message is more important and carries more weight than the man giving it. So live or die, makes no difference, the people that have taken his message, that of the Founding Fathers’ struggle for Freedom and Liberty, to heart, will strive even onwards till the last.

    And so, for the Bilderbergers et al to prevent losing their strangle-hold on the peoples of the World, a, orchestrated and provoked fake incident will occur to force a ‘Us against Them’ world war. A one that may or may not involve deadly weapons.

    Strange days. Remember, 1984, the parody of what went on during the 2nd World War by British and American and French Governments to secure the flow of information and win the War, was supposed to be a Warning to the future, Not a Manual for World domination.

    • Meeman:

      Most people think “propaganda” is only used by “the other side.” They think our government ALWAYS tells the truth about EVERYTHING.

      And, of course, most of us grew up being told that 1984 referred to the awful Nazis and Communists, but the author was warning about our OWN governments.

      And, finally, I would be interested in hearing if the people posting here believe that Wikileaks is a good thing. Note that they released a bunch of government secrets, but immediately upon their saying they had BANK secrets, they were stifled and legal actions were begun. Kinda shows you where the real power is. . . .

      Anyway, folks–Wikileaks–are you FOR or AGAINST?

    • Meeman:

      I was in school the day JFK was shot: In the second row from the closets, about six seats from the front. The announcement came over the wooden box above the black chalkboard.

      There are so many things that might have prevented the assassination. Having the top up. Or allowing the Secret Service to ride on the side of the car, which was common practice. Of course, even that assumes there wasn’t a conspiracy. My heart still sinks when I remember that day.

      I felt that Ike was “my president.” I felt that JFK was “my president.” I have not felt that any of the guys since were “my president.” They have just been pretenders to the throne.

      • Why do are Presidents need such security and in countries like Dubai the big kahuna drive his own car with the windows open and waves to the people.?

          • If they were they sure hide. I think the real threat is from relatives, not the people as they get everything free. How could you not love the guy? He is a big animal lover too. Best not to step on a dog’s tail over there, LOL. No the usual punishment is you are asked to leave after a few warnings. My daughter goes out in shorts and a smoke in her mouth, LOL, she got a nice warning like real quick. No more problems.

            • I like foreign names.

              Abu Dabi always reminds me of the old song, “Aba Dabba Honeymoon.”

              Today, they are talking about the picture of the little girl who was burned by napalm 40 years ago. Now that she’s 49, and healthy and happy, I think it’s funny that her last name is Phuc.

              But my favorite Vietnamese name of all time was South Vietnam’s Defense Minister, Nguyen tu Duc (pronounced “When to duck”).

            • It would seem that Vietnam, where America lost is doing a lot better than Iraq where America “won”.

  15. IF… obama was born in KENYA, THEN the Congress, and the Senate, need to investigate, and IF this is proven to be true, THEN he HAS committed FRAUD, IS committing FRAUD, and the DNC IS complicit.
    Investigate, prosecute and IMPRISON obama, and top DNC managers for FRAUD!!!!
    …end of story!!!
    If our Congressmen, and Senators do NOT stand up and demand this, then replace them ALL with Tea party candidates.
    Go Ron Paul – Reinstate the Constitution!!!!
    …now the BAD news –
    George Soros owns a company called Skytl, which is a Portugese based vote management company. Skytl just bought the U.S. company that will be counting OUR ballots in the election in November.
    obama’s buddy Soros will have CONTROL over the tallying of our ballots.
    Email your Congressmen, and Senators, and DEMAND that this NOT be allowed!!!!

    • Tim: Relax.

      Skytl is a Spanish company, not Portuguese, and there is no evidence that Soros is involve in anyway.

      Furthermore, if the U.S. uses their machines, it won’t be for many years. Besides, the federal government doesn’t run elections, anyway, the states do. That’s why we have so many different kinds of voting equipment.


      This is an online voting system. Ironic that last week we were discussing online voting as the only way to go. . .

      • (Skytl is a Spanish company, not Portuguese,) Come on now Ms Behr, close enough for me anyhow.

        • Ms. Billy:

          I wasn’t saying it mattered, but it was just one of many inaccuracies/untruths.

          HOWEVER, this is a textbook lesson in one of NeoCon Karl Rove’s propaganda techniques. He disputes ONE tiny detail of an issue, that becomes the argument, and the media run off reporting silliness.

          SO–you’re right: Spain and Portugal are one peninsula, it doesn’t matter. But the REST of the Soros/skytl silliness IS ridiculous and wrong.

    • Ah, them tea party people who got voted in have not all panned out. And where Obama was born is a dead horse issue. Let’s stay focused on getting the best man elected now. If Romney or Obama is you choice just state why and the blog will put the statement to the test.

      • Thank you, Billy.

        Obama LOVES to hear that Kenya crap because reasonable people know it’s crap and the rest are just running around in circles. It just wastes time and attention that should go to issues.

        Unless your purpose is to stroke Trump’s massive ego.

        • The only people that believe it (even if it were true) are the people who would never vote for him anyhow. So if I were Obama I’d say, yeah, bring it on, let’s talk about anything but the economy.

          • Precisely. That’s why only morons like Trump are bringing it up–and only because he loves attention.

            • I’m not fan of the Donald but he is far better suited for the job than Romney:

              Wollman Rink

              The rink was closed in 1980 for an announced 2 1/2 years of renovations. When the work was not completed by 1986, Donald Trump persuaded Mayor Ed Koch to let him complete the work and he completed the renovations in four months to have it open by the end of the year. Koch initially objected to the proposal but public pressure prompted him to reverse his position.

              Contrast that with the Big Dig in Boston where Romney was part of the problem and in no way the solution.

  16. Vietnam and Iraq… two countries invaded and millions slaughtered after the USA staged false flag ‘attacks’ for… money? power? to sell/test military equipment?

    Acts of extreme violence and cruelty; an occupation conducted by small children, the mentally/emotionally disturbed, and powerful warring countries.

    The Saudis have a great way to deal with such things. Their motto is…

    If you can’t keep your hands to yourself… we’ll take them off you. LOL

    Perhaps it’s time to not let banksters have the last word on where the military go to kill people. Just an idea.

    • Yeah but the Vietnam war got Nixon on the books for killing 70,000 civilians and put him in the top 50 for genocide. (I think he was #30). Way behind Hitler & Stalin but at least he got on the same page with said company.

        • Yeah some of our past presidents are judged alone with some very interesting characters for sure. But we are different in that we only kill good people for good reason, they kill good people for bad reasons. Somehow I see the impact on good people as being the same.

          • Cripes, Billy:

            Don’t you listen to our government reports?? When we kill someone, they automatically become “bad.” It’s sort of like how the Catholic church turns folks into “saints” when they die. When we kill someone, they become “bad.”

            Oh, and we do creative counting, too. I remember in Vietnam that if you believed the government numbers, we killed every man, woman, and child many times over in Vietnam. Maybe the Vietnamese were like cats–with nine lives?

            In Iraq, it was the other way. We denied that Iraqis were dying. And when someone proved that Iraqi’s were dying, we claimed they died of “natural causes.” After all, it’s “natural” to die when you’re riddled with bullets. . . .

            • I can pretty much tolerate the lie cheat and stealing but draw the line when someone gets hurt. We can’t help anyone though if we can’t help ourselves and with 40 people being shot in Chicago last weak and a record number of tickets being handed out for now seat belts …………..well something is a little out of kilter there. Using the police to make up budget shortfalls.

  17. Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    Ron Paul MUST win the 5 states needed plurality to be seated in Tampa! And then — “Bringing Down The House” won’t be just a song!

    That FEAR is what has made the GOP Establishment not just hysterical, but blatantly crooked — an animalistic response to self-preservation (disregarding all future consequences)!

    Unfortunately, the GOP Establishment has went berserk in trying to save their money-ticket (Mittney) — so are acting like Cornered Animals fighting for this bone!

    I dare anyone to Honestly state they still support Rmoney — after seeing all that has transpired so far!

    (here is just one example of hundreds recorded):

  18. Nate: Why was my reply to Billy deleted? It was there, now it’s not.

    What is the reasoning behind deleting a correction that had NO profanity and NO insult of any kind?

    If you don’t want to post it, send it to my email.

  19. Slightly off topic, but not much:

    Just heard on the radio that Israel is claiming that it’s worried that Syria’s weapons may “fall in the wrong hands” (as if they are now in the “right” hands). They are sending up trial balloons to see if they could get away with attacking Syria.

    Israel hates Syria because Syria is allied with Hezbollah (in Lebanon) and Iran.

    Israel is the king of “pre-emptive” strikes (and you thought W invented it).

    The first step is to conjecture in public about some supposed threat. Then you suggest that attack may be warranted. Then you wait for a response. If there’s no uproar, you go ahead and do what you damned well please (which is what Israel does, anyway).

    Stay tuned to have us sucked into yet another war–or at least our weapons (and our money). Obama has tried to stand up to Netanyahu (“nut and yahoo”) three times, and each time, he has had to back off, because of people HERE who won’t stand up for the United States if the United States has any kind of disagreement with Israel.

      • Billy:

        But that would assume that America runs its foreign policy in the Middle East. We don’t.

        Israel determines our foreign policy, as Netanyahu SAID when he was here–that our foreign policy IS his foreign policy. “Sir, yes, SIR!!”

        Tail wagging the dog. Not “wag the dog.”

          • Billy: I have no problem with people getting elected, or working in Hollywood, for that matter.

            I think you have to make a distinction between Jewish Americans and Israel’s government.

            The Jewish people I know are embarrassed by Israel’s overly hostile paranoia.

            The people who egg them on are primarily fundamentalist Christians. They believe that the end of the world can’t occur until the nation of Israel is destroyed, so they want to keep stirring things up over there. And the hardliners inside Israel are only too happy to oblige them.

            • Sorry I don’t have any Jewish friend but I do know there are a lot of private clubs that won’t let them in. I’m sure not going to call them wrong until I find out why. Then again I’m not really that. interested . I think any private business should be able to refuse service to anyone at any time. Yeah, that includes hospitals too after they stabilize a condition.

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