Republicans in Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia hit the polls on Tuesday to have their say in the GOP nomination process. At this point, they’re voting for either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul but the primary is still ongoing nonetheless. Along with Romney’s victories, Republicans also ousted Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana which is considered a victory for the Tea Party who backed the more conservative leaning Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock. North Carolina also voted overwhelmingly to amend their state constitution to outlaw gay marriage and defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

Complete results in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia: CNN Election Center

Report from WABC:

NORTH CAROLINA — Six-term Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar was routed by the right flank of his own Republican Party on Tuesday, and North Carolina voters decided overwhelmingly to strengthen their state’s gay marriage ban. It was a double-barreled show of conservative enthusiasm and strength six months before the nation chooses between Democratic President Barack Obama and GOP rival Mitt Romney.

Romney swept three Republican primaries, moving ever closer to sealing his nomination in an otherwise sharply polarized environment.

“We are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now. These divisions have stalemated progress in critical areas,” Lugar, a Capitol Hill diplomat and a deal-maker, said as he conceded to the tea party-backed GOP opponent who ended his nearly four-decade career in the Senate. Lugar’s foe, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, had painted the Republican senator as too moderate for the conservative state.

North Carolinians voted to amend their state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman, effectively outlawing gay unions through a ballot measure pursued by the right.

Also Tuesday, Democrats overwhelmingly picked Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to challenge Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a June recall election. The primary outcome set up a re-match; Barrett lost to Walker in 2010.

These results all around can be seen as a positive for Romney since it does show the Tea Party is still actively affecting the process and the voters in North Carolina may not have moved as purple as once thought following the 2008 election. President Obama won North Carolina in 2008 and it is considered a must-win this time around if he is to be re-elected.


  1. Ron Paul:

    11% NC
    11% WV
    16% Indiana

    Those are approximately the numbers he got in Nevada and Louisiana —- where Ron Paul won most of the delegates!

    • PRESS RELEASE (thanks Darryl for the heads up!

      Republican Executive Committee Member Calls for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

      Due to an alleged violation of the national GOP’s Rule # 11 (bans favoritism of one candidate while more than one candidate exists), an Executive Committee member within the GOP calls for the resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

      Washington, DC, May 07, 2012 –(– Jeffrey Bales, a Member-at-Large of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee (Tucson, Arizona), says:

      “Due to violation of the RNC’s Rule #11, I call for Chairman Reince Priebus to resign immediately. It is un-American and beneath the standards established by the Republican Party to violate this rule. It is unethical to support a single Republican Presidential candidate (Mitt Romney) while other Republican candidates remain in the race.

      “Further, I call upon Mitt Romney to denounce this behavior and ask that the RNC repair the breach of trust by including the other remaining Republican Presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, in any dispensation of funds, effort and labor. It would benefit all Americans if Mitt Romney would further clarify the fact that 2 candidates remain if he challenged Dr. Ron Paul to a debate.”

      Rule #11 states:

      “Rule No. 11 Candidate Support”

      (a) The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office. In those states where state law establishes a nonpartisan primary in which Republican candidates could participate, but in which the general election may not include a Republican candidate, the candidate endorsed by a convention held under the authority of the state Republican Party shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the Republican nominee.

      (b) No state Republican Party rule or state law shall be observed that allows persons who have participated or are participating in the selection of any nominee of a party other than the Republican Party, including, but not limited to, through the use of a multiparty primary or similar type ballot, to participate in the selection of a nominee of the Republican Party for that general election. No person nominated in violation of this rule shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party from that state.

      Official RNC rules are available online at:

      This call for resignation is based upon statements released by the RNC on 4/25/12 that said,

      “Governor Romney’s strong performance and delegate count at this stage of the primary process has made him our party’s presumptive nominee,” Mr. Priebus said. “In order to maximize our efforts I have directed my staff at the R.N.C. to open lines of communication with the Romney campaign.”


      “It’s my intention to have a seamless and complete merger between the presumptive nominee and the Republican National Committee,” Mr. Priebus said. “That means political, communications, fund-raising, research and the chairman’s office, along with the governor’s main operational team, are completely merged.”

      Jeffrey Bales is available for commentary.

      Contact information:
      Jeffrey Bales

      Pima County GOP Executive Committee page:

      Jeffrey Bales’ Official GOP email: [email protected]
      Personal email: [email protected]

      Contact Information
      Jeff Bales
      (520) 465-3645

  2. N.C. banned niothing they protected Traditional MArriage. they do not care what other people do. If Chruches or employers wish to recognise rights to people they are not in Traditionl Marriage it is not to be called Marriage.

  3. Mitt Obomney supposedly got between 65$ and 70% in those States.

    Oh please… come one!

    Not even a trawler smells this fishy!

    According to delegate news updates, Ron Paul has WON between 8 and 11 States already, depending upon who’s giving the news.

    The People vote for Ron Paul in record numbers and yet Mitt Obomney ‘wins’ another three States on the 8th of May.
    Seriously, WTF is going on?
    Why are the yanks letting this fraud happen? Any other country and there’d be armed revolt in the streets. Get? a pair of balls, yanks. A little revolution now and again is good for the soul. Do you people have one?

    Ron Paul or corporate-owned servitude.

    Don’t you people even WANT to be free?

      • Surfisher

        LMAO! Good one. I liked that. Touche.

        As you’re already aware of by now, I’m on your side. Just trying to stir up some emotion to get the idle off their arses. lol

        Capt. Myles

        No Law is difficult to live under, unless you violate it. With Obomber now introducing 40,000 new ‘laws’, I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with your ‘Christian’ Laws, rather than those foreign ones. Oops, forgot, Christianity IS a foreign concept. Middle-Eastern. Jewish. LOL

        • Meeman — I know that. Here is some more you can rub in…. Seriously, spread this on the Continent!

          City of Austin Texas Steals Elderly Veteran’s House for Crime of Having Fallout Shelter!

          UNBELIEVABLE!!! Words fail me to describe my DISGUST of what Legal INSANITY our current Government can do AT WILL, and Without Just Cause, to its own Citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Share, send, call, e-mail — SPREAD THIS TO ALL!!!

          • Now you know some lawyer is going to make millions on this but it will take years before the dust settles. Poor Joe may not live long enough to see a penny of it.

  4. Minor correction. Santorum and Gingrich will be on most if not all of the remaining ballots and people are still voting for them. Paul came in second in all three contests but Santorum was very close in all three states.

    More importantly, I don’t see how this is net positive for Romney. He got mid 60’s in all three states. I believe NC was his worst performance. About 20% of Republican voters voted for candidates that have left the race and endorsed Romney. Another 10% voted for Paul and these are the least likely to vote for Romney in November.

    I didn’t confirm this, but I saw where someone said that Romney is doing worse than McCain at this stage.

    Looked at another way, Romney only did slightly better in NC than he did in VA. If you just compare those two states I would say that last night was a complete disaster for Romney, that he’s gained absolutely zero ground in uniting the party.

  5. The Tea Party is “peddling influence?” LOL! Author of that statement doesn’t know what “peddling influence” means and should get the bias out of his reporting.

    • Good point, poor choice of words on my part. No bias, I have changed the phrase to more clearly state what I meant. Simply that the tea party continues to have influence on the process.

  6. Sign petition!

    Just spoke extensively with Jeff Bales (520) 465-3645 — super nice guy (erudite and logical)! Here is the run down:

    1) He initiated the Call for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (Due to violation of the RNC’s Rule #11).

    2) Other members in agreement started the Petition (given above by Don Howard) ASKING for consensus to have Reince Priebus RESIGN (voluntarily).

    3) If Reince Priebus does not resign QUICKLY — by the mounting pressure of this Petition (that’s why ALL need to sign it) — he has also contacted Ron Paul’s Camp with this info.

    Ron Paul being the INJURED Party — is the most likely ONE to quickly succeed in winning a legal action! (Others, CONFIRMED Delegates ONLY, could also start legal proceedings on their behalf — but, it is advisable they coordinate with Ron Paul’s legal staff).

  7. JOY< JOY JOY:

    Romney supported raising various fees by more than $300 million, including those for driver's licenses, marriage licenses, and gun licenses.[119][132] He increased a special gasoline retailer fee by two cents per gallon, generating about $60 million per year in additional revenue. Romney also closed tax loopholes that brought in another $181 million from businesses over the next two years and over $300 million for his term.

    He brought nothing into the state he only took more from the dumb taxpayers who elected him than the guy he replaced. He can and will do the same for the nation as he did to his state.

    • Billy

      Your last line kind of says it all. Is he doing things ‘for’ the people or ‘to’ the people?

      We all know where Ron Paul stands on that issue. He’s all FOR the people.

  8. Dr Ron Paul is the best US candidate and he should get this nomination. It is everything for good of USA and US nation to have Ron Paul as president. He is really good.

      • Billy — about time you drank again…!

        Donate to Ron Paul as much as you can NOW (after-all, if he is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future)!

        Donate at:

        The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

        “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

  9. Funny how the WBAC has already determined that Obomney is going to be the one to ‘argue’ against Obomber.

    “…before the nation chooses between Democratic President Barack Obama and GOP rival Mitt Romney.” Copied from the except at the top of this page.

    If only we all could see the future so clearly… I’d have gone for the lottery numbers.

  10. Every pro-Romney article has zero pro-Romney supporters in the comments section. What does that tell you?

    • Donate to Ron Paul as much as you can NOW(after-all, if he is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future)!

      Donate at

      The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

      “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

    • and his proof You Tube.

      and his solution is. Bitch about it.

      His solution should be to ask his candidate to sue over it.

  11. Donate to Ron Paul as much as you can NOW (after-all, if he is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future)!

    Donate at:

    The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

    “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

  12. Surfisher

    Just read the story of the old veteran who was terrorised by the local police and then sued and evicted from his own home… just for having an old 1961 style shelter as a basement.

    The USA truly is a Police-State!

    If you guys don’t get Ron Paul into Office then you’re seriously fk’d!

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Take note and do something! It may be you next!

  13. Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

    These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

    According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

    Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

    Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

    What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

    What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

    But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!

  14. Why is there such a fuss over Reince Priebus stating the obvious? Since Romney has the only numerical chance of winning at this point, I don’t see the controversy over RNC chair stating the obvious. No, Romney was not my first choice, but he is, without Santorum the only one who has the money and the ability to beat Obama. That is our main objective at this point. Ron Paul, if you really are realistic, hasn’t a chance in you-know-what of doing anything except be a spoiler. Let’s get on with the nomination and go after Obama and the real, not social issues, like jobs, economy and foreign policy.

    • Karen

      Romney couldn’t beat Obama on any issue as both of them agree on every issue. Haven’t you even been watching? They may as well be twins. Wake up to yourself, woman!

      It’s Ron Paul or more-of-the-same, but worse. That’s it!

      • Haven’t you been watching as he has won the most and all reasonable people that were running have dropped out accepting that they could not win! Maybe you should look at the Fox news channel once in a while and not whatever you are watching. Ron Paul is so far down the list, and it seems you are just wishing upon wish and not reality!

        • Isn’t that what the people in Greece did? Calif did the same in electing Jerry Brown.

          Please tell us why you think this country has a chance if Romney is elected based on what he did as Ma governor.

    • like jobs, economy and foreign policy.

      Jobs: 47 out of 50

      Economy: hike taxes (aka fees) (aka closing business loop holes)

      Foreign Policy: War

      Way to go with Romney

    • Most Ron Paul supporters are a little more educated than that Karen. We care more about just beating Obama, we want to revolutionize America into a better place with a more transparent government that doesn’t screw us over. Ron Paul or no one.

      • That’s about as close to right as you can get at this point in time. Seems though at the beginning of all this there were a lot better choices than Romney.

  15. NOTE :

    According to the R12DC Delegate Tracker at the top of this page, Romney only has 342 delegates.

    Not exactly the same number as the MSM are putting out.

    I’ve seen on one news caste that Romney’s is closer to 600 and Ron Paul’s is closer to 400 delegates, respectively.

    No-one seems to agree on any of these numbers. Nor will they until the end when the real voting begins. The People will finally have Their turn to stand up and be heard. Can’t wait for them to wipe that smug smirk off the MSM faces. LOL

    • Has anyone taken a look at the numbers at the top of this website? It shows Romney with 966 and that comes from the WSJ not MSM as some have posted. Ron Paul has not even as much as Santorum had and he realized he couldn’t win as well. What we need is to stop the petty infighting and get on with getting someone other than Obama elected. I say again, Ron Paul hasn’t won and is not in any case able to win. If you think this you are delusional!

      • Yes I have and if the people think the Prime Parasite or the Prince of Pork are better choices than Ron Paul then I would suggest you take a second look at what happened in Greece. Big spenders, higher taxes and more wars are not the easy way out of this mess.

      • Thank you Karen. I was a anyone but Romney but then I really though about what an Isolationist could do to harm world peace and had to support Romney.

        I actually like Paul better as a person and think Romney is a jerk but the Isolationism issue is a deal breaker.

  16. Surfisher

    YOU are going to love this! LMAO

    MSNBC ‘reporter’, and I use the term loosely, says, and I’m NOT kidding, that

    1 – the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
    2 – Ron Paul’s delegate number is 94
    3 – Ron Paul is 77 years old
    4 – Ron Paul hasn’t won a single Primary/Caucus on the night they were held
    5 – Romney’s delegate number is 856
    6 – Ron Paul has ran for Office three times already

    If any of you are only getting your info on this issue from MSM like this, then it’s no wonder people use the term ‘sheeple’ to refer to you. Wake up and take MSM with a pinch of salt.

    For those of you that don’t know, NONE of the 6 things the reporter said in the list are true or accurate at all. If you didn’t know that then you really need to pay more attention!

    • Meeman — no need to needle us!

      Dear World,

      We, the Real Americans, in supporting Ron Paul to win in 2012, are not just risking our livelihood — but our liberty and life — in order to Save our Nation from the brink of total disaster, and thereby the World!

      Failure to elect Ron Paul as President, will quickly result in us — the ones that dared to speak from heart-and-mind — to be deprived of life and liberty (since all internet posters, and pictured Ron Paul supporters, have already had their identity made by OUR GOVERNMENT…probably in a file for disposing such “undesirables” in the near future)! This will be just a small loss for the few.

      But a Catastrophe for the World. Hope you’d enjoy living in a “Brave New World”…where all your actions will determined afore!

      It is not that we, Real Americans, want to give up — we won’t!

      But the most powerful government in the world — our own — can, and will, use UNTOUCHABLE Governmental Agencies to quash any-and-all individuals that dare oppose its might!


      Even a Doctor, that saves lives in the USA — still has no chance to become free of this Tyranny!

      Here is an example of a Doctor that the FDA went after (eleven times…if I’m not mistaken) over 20 year period to stop from curing Cancer patients! And the FDA lost the case — but are still going after him….since he’s just a citizen…while they POSSES the Nation’s Might!

      Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski –– watch this disturbing documentary…to see the POWER we’ve given up, and how it CAN and WILL be used against all people that are just Citizens…!

      Part one:


          • Karen, If it were not for stupid people you could not make a living. If they were smart enough to to cook their own books, they sure as hell wouldn’t need you.

        • “You can’t fix stupid”

          Well, that explains Obomney supporters. Or should I say, Obomney’s employees; as he’s having to pay people to attend his rallies, not to mention help him rig the votes.

          There’s another old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Thing is, there’s nothing new about Ron Paul’s message. It’s the message given out by former, and I must say, better, Presidents, over 200 years ago.
          “If we do not learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them.”

          The past century has been a deliberate and orchestrated ‘mistake’ perpetrated by the people who’ve had a vested interest in it. Namely, the banksters and big business corporations. If you haven’t enev realised that then there’s little hope for you. Afteral, who do you think gave financial aid to Hitler so he could make his weaponry? That’s right, Bush’s grandfather. He wasn’t the only one. Certain other American companies also threw money at him; companies you might not even have expected. War is profit!

          Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is about voting in a President. Don’t make that mistake for a second. It’s about getting the People their Rights back. Rights, Liberties and Freedom from an oppressive taxating over-bearing, authoritarian, all-powerful overlord. THEN, it was the British King, his bankers and his Military. NOW, it’s the British bankers via Wall Street, Big Business and American Muscle via Police/Military/IRS/CIA/FBI/DEA/DHS/TSA etc. etc.

          WAKE UP, or just go back to sleep and wait for your name to be called for your RFID chip and FEMA camp allocation, you Muppet!

          • All your ranting and raving will not change the facts. The facts are Romney is way ahead in being the nominee and all Ron Paul is doing is not going to change that.

        • Karen

          I like the fact that you start off saying you run your own accounting firm; like that makes you some sort of exert or some authority about anything.

          Truth is, if you actually do run your own accounting firm then you of all people should be desperate for Ron Paul to get into Office as the other two, Obomber and Obomney, are, like Bush did, destroying the value of the Dollar with every second that passes.

          The President ASKS the Federal Reserve for a loan.
          The Federal Reserve ASKS the Treasury to print money.
          It costs 6.2 cents to print a $100 note.
          The Treasury GIVES that printed money to the Federal Reserve.
          The Fed Res LOANS the money to the President.
          The President creates a BILL for the People to Pay.
          The People Pay Taxes(unlawfully) to the Fed Res.
          The Fed Res pays for the 6.2 cents per $100 bill printed.
          The President uses the People’s Money to pay back the LOAN, AT INTEREST, to the Fed Reserve!

          You’re an accountant. Does that sound like good accounting to you?

          The President has the Authority to tell the Treasury to print ZERO Interest money. He chooses not to.


          There have been three Presidents that have printed zero-interest money.

          They were each assassinated.

          Who by?

          Who had something to lose?

          Am I going to fast for you?

          You don’t live in a Democracy.
          You don’t live in a Republic.
          You live in a bank-owned fascist state.

          WAKE UP.

        • Karen

          Out of curiosity…

          If you run an accounting firm… in Fairfax County/Virginia?… and do people’s taxes, then aren’t you a party to fraud?

          As an accountant, you of all people should be aware that the 16th Amendment was never ratified and so there’s NO LAW demanding any individual to pay Income Tax. Even in the IRS’s own code book, it’s listed as a Voluntary donation.

          Perhaps that’s why you’re desperate to knock the Ron Paul supporters and bolster Obomney; as he’s in bed with the Financial scam, sorry, Market, of the USA that’s scamming Millions, if not Billion, if not Trillions of Dollars from the working people of the USA and shoving it into their own bank accounts.

          I suppose, for you, it doesn’t matter which gets in to Office, Obama or Romney, as either way, you’ll still have employment as a sub-office of the IRS. Thou Shalt Not Steal. There’s your sign!

          Good day, madam.

          • To Meeman,
            Obviously, you are misinformed as to needing to pay taxes or the tax code as it exists. There are scam sites who try to get people to believe they don’t have to file or pay taxes. That is tax fraud. Check more on the IRS website under tax fraud and you will find multiple tax evasion scams. If you have a good accountant, the deductions that you are allowed will be taken. I work for my clients, not the IRS and have been doing so for over 30 years.
            As for Ron Paul, you seem to continue in thinking you have a chance. Well, November will come and go and the facts will speak for themselves.
            Have a nice day.

          • Karen

            I’ll repeat…

            In the IRS’s OWN TAX CODE BOOK, Income Tax is listed as a VOLUNTARY DONATION. That’s NOT a Law, NOT a Demand, NOT Mandatory. It’s Voluntary! No more Mandatory than giving to charity!

            YOU can waste your time looking through scam sites all you want. I’d rather read that one little sentence in the IRS’s own Tax Code Book and recall that High Court Judge saying to a IRS Clerk,
            “If you take the time to read up on the matter, you’ll find that the 16th Amendment was not ratified, as not enough States signed off on it.”

            The only private individuals that are committing Tax Fraud are the ones Paying Income Tax; along with their conspirators;- their Accountants, and their Accountant’s Masters, the IRS!

            Know the Law, Know the Truth, Know the Facts! I do.

            Corporations are supposed to pay tax, but even then, only on their profits. As Labour/wages is deemed a fair-trade exchange, not profit, it was never taxable, whether it be for the individual or the corporation.

            You just go back to scamming your fellow country men and women out of their money and I’ll go back to a better world where I can hold my head up knowing I’ve not scammed anyone out of anything. My morality is not for sale nor taxable. Sad to see that yours is.

          • Karen

            YOU commit FRAUD against your own people by aiding in collecting UNLAWFUL taxes and to hide that you call me “nuts”.

            That’s the same mentality as someone that calls Ron Paul “kooky” for NOT wanting to bomb innocent children that just happen to be in a foreign country.

            You’re evil. If you even had a conscience you’d away with yourself.

            • Like I said before, you have the nerve to write what you just wrote and think you are okay?
              Not, please discontinue any correspondence as you are abusing this forum. It is not for your personal vendettas.

  17. Surfisher

    It takes between 3 and 10 minutes to download 1 minute of video footage on this computer, so I’ll not try to watch your video. At 36 minutes it would take me all day. Yeah, I know, get it checked out.

    On the subject of Cancer, I have researched this and found 12 Cures, none of which involve Chemo. My two personal favourites are Cannabis and breast milk. That’s right. About 20 years ago it was shown, by accident I may add, that human breast milk has something in it that kills cancer cells. To cut a long story short, the milk was spilled onto the Petri dish by accident in a cancer research lab and when looked at the next day it was seen that all the cancer cells were dead. This was shown on a British documentary and I remember discussing it with my family at the time.

    Ten years later, Rick Simpson used cannabis flowers and leaves to make his Hemp Oil that also cured Cancer. It was later discovered that the cannabinoids in Cannabis were identical to those found in the human breast milk and it was those that had killed the cancer cells. Yes, you heard me correctly; it seems that Cannabis is as natural to humans as breast milk, and just as good for you. Brings a whole new argument in favour of having it Mandatory, as opposed to unlawfully prohibited, doesn’t it.

    Anyway… lol

    Keep up the good fight against oppression, for if you lose, everyone loses.

    Ron Paul or None At All.

    • Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

      1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

      2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

      3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

      4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

      Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

      • Oh Ron Paul will win in the end for sure. The question is are we going to get there the easy way by electing him now or the hard way by electing someone like him later.

        Greece had the same choice and chose the hard way as did the state of Calif.

    • After extensive Google, for a Mitt Romney blog (that allows people to post responses) this is the only one I’ve found so far.

      It is NOTHING but a Propaganda site — mostly asking for donations — and displaying NO Forum where people can debate his pluses or short comings…wonder why?!

      • Right on Surf, I sure would like to see or hear one post the states why Romney would be good for this country other than “well he’s better than Obama”. Again being 47 out of 50 in job creation and closing business loop holes, like he did as governor in Ma, just doesn’t seem to me to be what American needs right now.

    • It would be interesting for sure the read just one reason why Romney. I mean the guy’s track record sucks.

  18. Tuesday 15th of May 2012

    I wonder who’s going to ‘win’ the states voting today. Hmm…

    Best if we just wait for Texas and Cali to vote and see if the GOP/RNC/Goldman Sachs/Obomney people even dare scam the people’s votes during those two rounds.

    None of the other scammed States seem bothered enough to cry out about their votes being falsified; but these two will.

  19. O look at that, Ron Paul has stopped active campaigning. And gets to keep 1.4 million dollars…

    Well he sold you out, how does that feel?

    • Every penny of it was donated unlike Romney who obtained millions by raiding the poor man’s pension funds.

      • Ya I would agree with that statement as well Billy.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m basically unhappy with the entire Field.

    • My thoughts:

      1) Ron Paul HAS to become our next President! The mantle of delivering us from this evil government is being thrust upon him — and he, being the brave Patriot, WILL accept it…we just need to do our part to assure his win in Tampa (make sure all National Delegates are aware of RNC rule #38)!

      2) Seems his team though, is pulling back the reins:

      a) Benton SEEMS to be conceding to Mitt (perhaps a ploy to have his hawks relax)?
      b) What is worrisome is the transparent attempt to conciliate with Rmoney (the bartering of principles is the downfall of liberty).
      c) The plea to have Ron Paul supporters respect the BLATANT Frauds perpetrated in front of their own eyes (that one is a shocker — rather than expose the GOP’s PERFIDY, the people are asked to close their eyes, be mute and accept their disenfranchisement for the sake of DECORUM)!?

      3) Benton further astounds us with the comment that Ron Paul may, or may NOT, speak at the Tampa Convention (ploy, subterfuge or just plain betrayal)? Ron Paul HAS to make his speech in Tampa (which will finally give his message a national exposure)!

      4) Benton seems to indicate that the goal is no longer to win the presidency, but rather to eventually change the Republican Party by the election of a few Ron Paul supporters in key positions (long term wishing, rather than a spot on solution — the nomination of Ron Paul)?

      My apodictic statements — and you can bet the farm they’ll transpire (unless Ron Paul wins)!

      A) Mitt Rmoney will NEVER become President (his “followers” are apathetic, and Ron Paul’s true supporters will NEVER vote for him, but will write him in instead — meaning Mitt will lose about 10% of the Republican vote and possibly 5% from the Libertarian one).

      B) Therefore, the BO will be reelected by a landslide.

      C) All of the myopic visions of Jesse Benton’s goal to have some Ron Paul supporters get elected in order to give the Republican Party “new vision”, will come to naught — since the BO will have 4 more years to finish the destruction of our nation he started (and by the time he’s done, the BO will also be successful in destroying ALL opposition…such as a “NEW” Republican Party ).

      D) Under the BO’s second term: Expect the disappearance of ALL individual Freedom, a total collapse of our economy, loss of right to private property, a police state that tells us what to do…or else…! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

      The ONLY Logical Conclusion that follows to prevent the above is:

      Mitt Romney HAS to withdraw from the race now IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, and pledge his total support of Ron Paul! (Failure to do so, will result in Mitt becoming an UGLY footnote in US History — as the one that ASSURED the BO’s DESTRUCTION of the USA, because he, Mitt, was too selfish to assume he may win — when faced with the FACTS he NEVER could)!

      Send this to the Mitt — Resign NOW in Favor of Ron Paul, or be cursed LATER as the one that Destroyed The USA!

      Below is Jesse Benton’s message:


      • At least France has found a way out of the financial mess by electing Foxy Loxy: (just like Obama/Romney)

        Energy: endorses reducing the share of electricity generated by nuclear power in France from 75 to 50% in favor of renewable energy sources.
        Tax revenues above 1,000,000 euros per year at a 75% rate The creation of an additional 45% for additional income of 150,000 euros, capping tax loopholes at a maximum of €10,000 per year, and questioning the relief solidarity tax on wealth measure that should bring €29 billion in additional revenue.
        Education: supports the recruitment of 60,000 civil servants (new teachers), the creation of a study allowance and means-tested training, setting up a mutually beneficial contract that would allow a generation of experienced employees and craftsmen to be the guardians and teachers of younger newly-hired employees, thereby creating a total of 150,000 subsidized jobs.
        Aid to SMEs, with the creation of a public bank
        Recruitment of 5,000 judges, police officers and gendarmes.
        Construction of 500,000 state ruled homes per year, including 150,000 social, funded by a doubling of the ceiling of the A passbook, the region making available its local government land within five years.
        Restoration of retirement (paid by the State) at age 60
        The provision of development funds for deprived suburbs.

        Big government is the answer

        • Billy —

          At Tampa — would this be the best Sign to carry?
          Please, submit yours.

          Stop the Fraud–
          Vote your Conscience!
          Ron Paul 2012

          • Just showing up is the important thing. I have made up signs before though way back when Perot ran. Home made ones have a better chance of getting TV time, Negative ones against Romney would be even better but they got pros in the crowd that are pretty good at covering you up. They put three or four people around you with professional signs and hold them up when the TV camera comes around.

            Oh I even got the SS to come by my house back when Dole ran. They were polite just checking to make sure you are not a nut case.

    • Why is it that your Paul numbers are the same as what has been projected and the others are not.

      Not logical. If the other 3 are off then Paul’s have to be off as well.

  20. Ron Paul to WIN in Tampa — see HOW below!

    Superb article — must read!

    Some key points:

    “Romney’s Achilles’ heel is a moral one. It is the sum of all of the cheating that has been done in his favor by the party. For example…
    In Oklahoma, party officials pulled out a ballroom divider to cordon off Ron Paul supporters and shut them out of participation. Later they turned out the lights. Voice votes that were clearly lost were declared won….In Virginia, at a district convention, officials coaxed the Ron Paul delegation outside and then locked the door. The pastor of the church that was hosting the event was, himself, locked outside.”

    (And the parade of GOP frauds in favor of Mitt goes on: nearly in every State!)

    Add to this breaking rule #11 —“…the GOP wasn’t bound by its own rules when it chose to provide material support to Romney while the race was still ongoing.”

    It is the American Way to support an underdog — Ron Paul in this case — “People get very excited about an underdog who can win — especially if he is an underdog that was kept down by nefarious means.”

    Read this superb article — and pass it on!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

    (there are no other options!)

  21. Gee. I guess the Paulistas are right. Obviously the results would have changed if only the State GOP had been neutral. Overnight, Ron Paul would have become somebody who deserves to be taken seriously.

    There is simply no doubt about it. All of reality is a massive conspiracy against Ron Paul.

    So how are things on the Mothership, guys?

    BTW, it’s worth noting that Barack Obama lost the Democratic primary in West Virginia to a convicted felon.

    • Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!

      Here is the difference btwn Perfidy Mitt and Honest Ron Paul:

      On one hand (more apt: underhanded) — the Mitt (who’s only real support is NOT for him, but AGAINST the BO — the usual voting for “the lesser of two evils” mentality) knows he needs to resort to all frauds and crookedness, to have a chance to win the nomination (in order to lose to the BO). These are the forces of the Dark Side.

      On the other hand — there is Light! Ron Paul’s message of what is TRUE is irrefutable. It has ignited the hopes of all good people in our nation (and around the world) that Truth will win out over Lies, Good will trample Evil, Liberty will prevail against Tyranny, Government will bow to the Will of The People (not the other way around as the BO and the Mitt desire), all senseless Wars will be put to an end (we’ll speak softly again, but also carry a big stick), The Law of the Land will be the Original US Constitution (and all the hundreds-of-thousands of OPPRESSIVE Laws, Rules and Regulations passed unconstitutionally will be NEGATED), that the Citizen will be Sovereign AGAIN (and Government will become the Subject), that US Money will have Intrinsic Value AGAIN (not Promissory Notes printed ad hoc by a Private and Corrupted to the CORE Organization: The Feds) thus guaranteeing Prosperity once again…and the list goes on!

      Despite the organized effort by the controlled media (here and abroad) and the nefarious means of our crooked politicians and their hired thugs, The People have embraced the Last American Patriot — Dr. Ron Paul — and the liberty flame that burns within us WILL NEVER be extinguished!

      Our time is NOW (since we’ll reach the Point of No Return if the BO or the Mitt steal our Nation away from US) — We, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE, will fight for this cause that is Just and Honorable! You, the Despots in Power NOW, may spill our blood, but unless you kill us all, We, The Real American People, WILL END your reign of tyranny and corruption!

      Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options!)

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