Over the weekend, Republicans caucused in Louisiana and handed Ron Paul a victory. A portion of Louisiana’s delegates were awarded on March 24 during the statewide Primary while the remaining delegates were awarded this weekend in a GOP caucus.

Report from the Daily Caller:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul claimed another come-from-behind caucus victory this weekend, announcing that approximately 74 percent of the delegates to Louisiana’s state GOP convention will be Paul supporters.

Louisiana has a unique system of selecting delegates to the Republican National Convention. Twenty delegates are selected based on the results of the state’s March 24 primary and another 26 delegates are based on the outcome of the state’s caucus process.

“Preliminary results from the Louisiana Republican Party indicate that Ron Paul supporters won majorities in Congressional Districts 1, 2, 5, and 6, with a narrow decision having occurred in District 4,” said a Sunday press release from the Paul campaign. “This means Ron Paul supporters won about four and a half of the six Congressional District caucus conventions held yesterday.

“Taken together, victories across four and half CDs mean that Ron Paul supporters are likely to control the outcome of the state convention in June,” said the Paul campaign. “To be sure, a win on this scale gives Ron Paul supporters a majority of yesterday’s elected delegates and the ability to choose most of the at-large delegates, as well as the three National Delegates from CDs 1, 2, 5, and 6.”

Rick Santorum dominated the Louisiana primary with 49 percent of the vote to runner-up Mitt Romney’s 27 percent. Paul fared poorly — receiving six percent of the primary vote, behind Newt Gingrich’s 16 percent.

There are several similar upcoming contests around the country where the GOP delegate selection process is finalized and Paul is expected to outperform the other candidates. Many of the early primaries and caucuses were non-binding and left the delegate selection process officially to a state convention or smaller contests down the road. Similar to Louisiana, some states held a statewide primary but left a portion of the delegates decided at state and county conventions or caucuses.


  1. GREETINGS, love, peace and respect from wet and windy England…!

    GO RON PAUL!!!

    Bloody tragedy USA didn’t have 8yrs of this man in 1988 (when as a Brit I first noticed him) or in 2008… But never say never and never too late.

    Please keep the momentum up – The whole world needs RP, now more than ever!!


  2. Thear Sirs, administrators of this homepage,

    Why don’t you then update your Delegate Tracker with your own knowledege?
    Of course the Wall Streat Journal (WSJ) and CNN wan’t do it…

    Or due to out of date information, don’t publish it on your homepage…

    Best regards

    • Thomas — they did!

      Blow dealt to Rmoney over the weekend!

      Ron Paul gains 44 more Delegates — Rmoney gets only 6 !!!

      Rmoney’s camp Attempt TO DEFRAUD the Elections — by sending plants using FAKE delegate badges and circulating FAKE delegate slates, and even impersonating real delegates — BACKFIRES! It only helped to galvanize The People in further rejecting Perfidy Mitt!

      Paul —148

      As of May 7th:
      Paul —192

      More good news for Ron Paul — according to RNC rule #38, the Mitt has probably lost about 50 bound delegates to him; while Ron Paul has probably gained that number.

      Therefore, it could be that the more accurate numbers are:

      Paul —242

      Fox New’s REALITY CHECK Show is the source for the above numbers. Watch this video and pay attention the explanation of Rule #38 (from minute 3:15 till end of video –4:23).


  3. This letter was published on Ron Paul 2012 and Daily Paul websites and a few others, it didn’t seem to make MSM news, so in light of Ron Paul’s good news coming from Louisiana, it seems appropriate to share.

    April 10, 2012

    Ron Paul Endorsed By Two Louisiana State Republican Central Committee Members

    Committeemen from Ascension and Jefferson Parishes declare support for Paul ahead of caucus

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by Louisiana State Republican Central Committee members Paul Goppelt of Ascension Parish and Wallace Lucas of Jefferson Parish.

    In making their endorsements public, Messrs. Goppelt and Lucas issued the following statements:

    “For too long, traditional Americans like me have misunderstood Ron Paul and what he stands for. America’s problem is the government. America’s solution is liberty. Once you understand everything that means, Ron Paul becomes the biblical and moral choice for president,” said Paul Goppelt, an Ascension Parish GOP Central Committeeman.

    “I believe Ron Paul is a true champion of the Constitution, and the only authentic conservative running for President. He will be a strong voice for all Americans as he moves to restore the institutions that make America the great nation it is. Dr. Paul’s ideas about lowering the corporate tax rate and reducing the government workforce are steps in the right direction,” said Jefferson Parish GOP Central Committee member Wallace Lucas.

    “Join me and others, as I endorse and support Ron Paul for President,” Mr. Lucas concluded.

    Jefferson Parish is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana with a population of over 400,000. Ascension Parish, the fastest growing parish in the state, is part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    • romney will never quit im glad for ron paul but im not sure if they are doing enough i still think romney will win but im hoping ron paul wins by some miracle

      • It’s liberty vs socialism and so long as they have the printing press socialism may be around a bit longer than Ron Paul but let’s hope not.

    • As for Mitt, The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  4. Thank Goodness .. at last a glimmer of Hope !! Just be patient and the Truth Will Out !! We need Ron Paul .. and he needs us to help him win .. remember the power of the pen .. we can write him in for President if all else fails.

  5. Ron Paul also won in Iowa and Minnesota in the delegate count. He took 152 delegates in Missouri. He is also bound to win Nevada, Colorado, Maine… will do well in Alaska. He continues to draw crowds of 1000s regardless of which State he’s in. He continues to draw in the most campaign contributions. He IS having success and even if he doesn’t get the nomination, he WILL be a major player at the Convention. Romney can NOT win without him and his supporters. He’ll definitely have leverage with the Party Platform.

    • Obama

      Microsoft Corp $304,690
      DLA Piper $302,527
      University of California $243,486
      Sidley Austin LLP $234,611
      Google Inc $191,719

      Mitt Romney
      Goldman Sachs $564,580
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $400,675
      Bank of America $364,850
      Morgan Stanley $363,550
      Credit Suisse Group $316,160

      Ron Paul
      US Army $99,733
      US Air Force $75,652
      US Navy $73,057
      Google Inc $40,827
      US Dept of Defense $32,479

    • Hello! Get to the facts!1) I think Ron Paul is actually wininng, but the media will never report it2) More importantly the party doesn’t want him3) The peoples vote make little difference, check # 2 again4) The peoples? vote vs the electorial vote in each state5) The popular vote doesn’t elect the president, so start crying6) The media represents the parties who don’t want Ron Paul7) Good luck with the controlled bias

  6. Hahaha I guess I really like RON PAUL. Well, I do believe he will make positive changes if he wins and doesn’t this country need it?

  7. Billy

    Liberty and Socialism are NOT opposites or adversaries. They do live well together in some countries. Mine being one of them. Perhaps you meant to say Capitalism verses Socialism. Don’t be fooled, as they too can live together in the same country/community.

    If you’re going to spout propaganda and incite some modicum of nationalism then the least you can do is comprehend what exactly it is you’re talking about.

    Just a suggestion, not a command.

    • “Socialism is the belief and the hope that by proper use of government power, men can be rescued from their helplessness in the wild cycling cruelty of depression and boom.”

      • Billy

        Quoting someone else’s words, to prevent yourself from taking responsibility for having an opinion or comprehension, does not define something.

        Socialism is the idea that the group/community/people take care of each other; especially in times of greatest need.

        If the people of the USA had a modicum of socialism in their souls then the flooded areas of the south would have been sorted out by now and the displaced people given new homes.

        The ‘capitalism’ mentality of the USA has left this undone with the ‘I’m OK Jack, screw you.’ mantra leaving parts of that first world country into third world slums.

        You get back to your quotes and I’ll get back to the Humane world.

        • I see little difference between our two meanings other that yours is voluntary and mine is mandatory.

        • The problem is that socialism is not simply people helping each other, especially in times of distress. In fact, that is great, and happens all of the time in this country (USA) without the interference of the government. Unfortunately, socialism as we refer to it politically is the taking of things (usually money), by force or threat thereof by the government, and giving it to someone else. Anywhere else that behavior is refered to as theft and is considered a crime.

          In a truly free society there is a higher level of personal responsibility required of the individual in exchange for the freedom to live their lives as they choose. That means that people are free to live in known flood zones if they wish, perhaps to benefit by farming the rich flood plain, but they bear the responsibility for what happens to them the next time the river floods. That is fair, and a lot better than a top-down control system which would likely tell them that they are not allowed to live there and farm the land and be self sufficient whether they choose to take on the responsibility or not. This is at the center of the concept of liberty: You cannot be free and dependent on others at the same time.

          As to the assertion that the victims of flooding should be “given” new homes, that is both absurd and immoral. I do not want anyone to suffer, and like many others I contributed to the relief efforts, however I do not approve of forcing the people of this country to sacrifice in order to give new homes to others for any reason. They may do so if they choose, but it is immoral to force them to do so. What’s more, the assertion suggests that these people are somehow helpless and they are not. It is not as though they are living out doors, there are apartments, houses to rent, and other alternatives well within the means of the displaced. It may not be as cozy as a new house, but that’s where individual responsibility has to come in.

          The truth is that the people of the United States are some of the most charitible people on the planet. If anything stands in the way of more grass roots support it is the idea that big government is taking care of the problem so the individual doesn’t have to, when in fact departments like FEMA are essentially useless bureaucratic money-making machines for the government, providing virtually nothing in return.

          It is natural and good that we feel sadness when we see others in need, but too often people want to sooth those feelings of sadness at the expense of the individual rights and freedom of others. That is too high a price to pay for the selfish wish to not be sad. In aid of those in need I stand with you, take action, but don’t demand that others be forced to. That crosses the line.

          • I’d drink to most of that but I kind of go along with a small safety net. Like tents and K-rations. I’d like to say used RV’s but you see what happened when we gave them new ones….

          • I’m replying to myself because the system didn’t give me a “Reply” link for Billy’s last post.

            Billy: Agreed WRT the safety net, but I think the best safety net would be one provided by a private organization, not the government. In the case of a massive disaster, immediate help could be provided by the government, but as recently demonstrated after Katrina, our present government is incapable of even managing that with days of advance notice.

            It’s going to take a big overhaul of the system to make it work right. I think the best approach at this point is to get the government out of our lives to the greatest extent possible and replace any needed services ourselves. We already know that the government can’t do the job, what do we have to lose?

            As an aside, this link is to a first-hand account of what it is like to be a disaster survivor. It was written by a man in Southern Indiana who’s home and privately operated public airport were hit by tornadoes during a recent outbreak. It’s interesting to hear just what it’s like to deal with FEMA, the Red Cross, TSA, and others in contrast to the locals and businesses like Walmart.

            Here you go:

            • But the church collection box can’t compete with the tax collector. And these guys are known to get in bed with the government. When the do they are even harder to deal with than the government. Kind of like the insurance companies.

  8. Romney was my last choice but we need to get on board with him now. There is a very good chance America would not exist as we know it with four more years of Obama.

    It is impossible for anyone else to win now. We need to stop playing games which would include putting a 3rd party candidate or standing in Romney’s way in any manner.

    Obama is the most corrupt socialistic (as in a Nazi) president we have ever had. He is no different than Hitler. If you don’t believe me then you have not studied Hitler and Obama close enough. They are both against Jews, both use rebuilding their countries as a weapon, both use class warfare and both ram their beliefs down peoples throats.

      • Because we won’t survive 4 yrs of Obama. We would survive 4 yrs of Romney and he is the nominee. He will have the number he needs within 3 weeks. Even Gingrich had to face up to this.

        Paul is not going to win and as a isolationist he would be better than Obama but not Romney and I don’t really care for Romney.

        By the time Ron got on board with stopping Iran and North Korea there would be no Israel and South Korea. Right now even without Paul’s influence genocide against Syria is taking place.

        What is going on in the world is invasion and then nation building instead of bombing until submission. We are fighting against our strengths and pushing our weaknesses.

        Paul is not going to win and the would will not survive if we don’t confront bully’s in the world whether on the school yard or in the world.

        • Written like a true hawk. Problem is as the RP supporters see it that we have had over 200 wars since 1776 and we now have a 16 trillion debt. What about countries that don’t have wars like Switzerland? They still have debt but nothing like ours.

          • We have expensive wars because we fight them wrong. Before WWII Chamberlan tried the let’s play nice thing with Germany.

            How did that work for him?

            I’m for protecting the people from the bullies who can’t protect themselves. Like the children in schools in Africa that were killed to make a point.

            If that is being a Hawk then I’m a hawk.

            • 911 of the world but if you try to help everybody you end up being able to help nobody not even yourself.

  9. Newt supposedly will officially withdraw today.

    Your take on how this may affect Ron Paul?

    [(Newt is a sly one, so his delaying is most likely due to making the best deals for himself…before he officially makes the inevitable announcement. Here is some food for thought:

    1) Cutting a deal with Rmoney to become his VP — looks like a strong ticket against BO (would Rmoney accept him after their spats…?)

    2) Becoming Ron Paul’s VP — this looks like a winning ticket that may just topple Rmoney even before Tampa (but will Ron Paul accepts him with all that baggage….?)]

    • Newt would indeed be a great VP if he could be controlled. Yhe big question now is who can bring in the most votes and here Newt falls a little short. That running up a big debt on his campaign may be a bit too much baggage to carry.

    • My take is how can you think Ron Paul can possibly win with 1/10th the delegates of Romney and only 1/3rd to go.

      I wanted Cain to win. He didn’t. I then wanted Newt to win. He didn’t. I then wanted Santorum to win. He didn’t. That means Romney has won.

      If I can accept the facts you folks should to.

      Ask yourself “will America be the America we know with 4 more years of Obama”. If the answer is no then let’s try Romney because we know what Obama is about.

      • Thank God the Family man of the year and the Prince of pork didn’t win..Both left heavy debts behind. Mitt’s track record stinks (47 out of 50) Can’t we at least have someone in the top 25? Asking too much? ? ?

      • Tim —

        These numbers are TOTALLY WRONG!

        Would anyone here spend the time to get a close approximation of the TOTAL so far (Ron Paul won 111 in Louisiana alone….) so I can spread this number to counteract the FALSE ONES given by the main media.

        Much appreciated!

  10. FYI. I don’t have a problem with Ron Paul still running and not dropping out. That is his business and no one should be telling him he should drop out.

      • and I would expect about 8-12% to go to Paul because Rick & Newt will endorse Romney. No one wants an Isolationist.

        • I thought Ross Perot got about 19% of the popular votes back when he ran and he was indeed an isolationist. 19% represents a lot of people.

          I myself am with RP in that private business should be able to trade with anyone.

          • I voted for Ross Perot and don’t remember him being an Isolationist.

            As a general rule I am for free trade as long as the country we are trading with is free.

            I would not allow trade with China, North Korea, Iran, and if Putin returns Russia back to what it used to be then Russia as well.

            I would save our trade to countries that are actually for free trade such as England, Poland, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, etc…

            • Like we don’t need to trade with the largest oil producing nation in the world. Anyhow if that e-mobile is 1/2 of what they claim Russia sure as hell doesn’t need the USA for anything. Not holding my breath though as Russian cars in the past have been pure junk but the engine is or was USA.

  11. Someone needs to go to math class, how does Ron Paul get 111 delagaes in Louisianna when they only have 46 total? 20 in the primary and 26 in the caucus.

  12. What did this young girl do, to get the Dogs-of-State to pursue and knock her of her bike brutally to the ground, and then maul her into painful submission?

    Watch carefully the chronological order (FREEZE picture at the time count given below — to see why):

    1) 0:32 — one of the Dogs-of-State signals the rest that he’s seen a cyclist taking a picture of “SOMETHING THAT MUST NOT BE SEEN”! So they run in pursuit.

    2) 0:44 — she is dragged down by two Dogs-of-State

    3) 0:51 — many more “Gang-of-Brothers” arrive surrounding their victim being mauled on the ground

    4) 0:57 — see the hand taking her cell phone away from her

    5) 1:10 — she manages to free one hand

    6) 1:11 — she tries to pass it in desperation to the people outside the circle of about a dozen Dogs-of-State trampling her rights

    7) 1:12 – 2:03 — she is still screaming in pain…but no-one can help her (since the AGGRESSORS, The Dogs-of-State are ARMED, and thus can inflict pain AT WILL on the disarmed, peaceful citizens)!


    And more abuses follow!

    This is the MOST DISTURBING VIDEO I’ve seen taped on American soil!

    DISGUSTING is mild — words fail me to describe my feelings on this OUTRAGE — watching the ‘US KGB’ MAUL and ABUSE a young girl!

    Don’t know what you’ll do about it — but I’m sending this to Judge Napolitano, the ACLU, News Media outlets, and even contacting my Lawyers to look into filing a civil case against these SS Troopers (hopefully pics can be enlarged so their badge numbers can be seen)!

    • What beating. I see people rioting, then resisting arrest and very patient police preventing chaos.

      I don’t like seeing Rodney King type thing either with cops beating on someone. Not happening here though.

      Calling police officers Dogs-of-the-State is what is disturbing. They are trying to arrest someone for an illegal activity. She will have her day in court. I didn’t see a young girl but a young woman.

      Do you really think Ron Paul would support you on this. I don’t think so.

      • (They are trying to arrest someone for an illegal activity.) Yep, the right to peaceably assemble.

        • Peaceable? Looked like a Riot to me. In another city they were trying to blow up a bridge. What these folks are doing is starting to look a lot like terrorism.

        • If you want to know something were the police were out of line it would be were the time they had the ones sit on the ground and sprayed them with pepper spray.

          This was a case of not being able to control someone darting around on a bicycle. The woman was taken down in a standard police method and she resisted.

          She wasn’t hit, smashed into the ground, etc….

          When a riot is going on, smart people get out of there.

        • I’m ashamed to say that we are no longer ‘Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ but by MOB RULE have become: “Land of the Oppressed and the Home of the Meek”!

          Unless Ron Paul WINS (which will amount to a Miracle, since The Ones In Power, that are occupying Our Nation, are doing their best by hook-and-crook to PREVENT it) IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!

          A TRUE POLICE STATE that controls ALL “Citizens” (by then, the proper term will be SUBJECTS)!

          It will be Historically Termed as: ROMNEY’S REVENGE (when he looses to BO)!

          Fight for Ron Paul to win in 2012, or face this as a prelude of ‘Things to Come’:


          • News flash: Surfisher gets mugged here is the 911 call:


            “Hello Dogs-of-State” “I just got mugged” “I was at one of Occupy Wall Street events one of them mugged me”


            “Hello Dogs-of-State” “Dogs-of-State please help me I’m bleeding to death”

            “we are not able to complete your call at this time please hang up and try again”

  13. Tim

    So you went from Cain to Newt to Santorum …. so why support Romney ….. just yet.

    Surely with Ron Paul still in the race, would it not be in your best interests to support Ron Paul.

    Its not over yet. besides, Paul has better numbers against Obama than Romney

    So why settle now?

    Ron Paul can still pick up a ton of delegates – lets hope he does.

    • We had two losers who ran up big campaign debts. Like they had any intention of bring down the national debt, a joke.

      Then there was Herman…………well Blacks hold high offices and dominate the political arena in Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., New Orleans and other cities. Yet these are the very cities with the nation’s most rotten schools, highest crime rates, high illegitimacy rates, weak family structure and other forms of social pathology. I am not saying that blacks having political power is the cause of these problems. What I am saying is that the solution to most of the major problems that confront many black people won’t be found in the political arena and by electing more blacks to high office.

          • Your belief is Racist. FYI As a Conservative I don’t use that term lightly.

            How can an Isolationist and Anti War person be a Racist shill?

            I think your beliefs are not in line with your candidate’s views.

            Ron Paul would never believe the statement you made and would be more in line with my view of color as a myth.

            Obama is more in line with your comments of division.

    • I will not consider an Isolationist after what happened in England and then the US before WWII.

      I believe you have to stop bullies (dictators) before they start killing their own people.

      Look at the 10,000 people killed in Syria.

      Even though Paul is ok on other issues, being an Isolationist is a deal breaker.

  14. Watch how easily Ron Paul dismantles the dogma of “Professor” Krugman (from Princeton…no-one can possibly claim the REAL title of Legitimate Professor from this Nest of Political Correctness Indoctrination “School”)!

    By extrapolation (since one of the most venomous creatures in America — Krugman — was so easily disposed of) Ron Paul will make mince-meat out of BO (who can hardly speak coherently without a teleprompter)!

    Share this as an assurance that Ron Paul will destroy in any debate the current occupier of the White House — the BO!


  15. Like I said Ron Paul would never support you on this. He is for law and order.

    You say cop spotted clubbing her. Then you present a video with no evidence of that.

    You call police officers Dogs-of-the-State.

    Take the officer on the “real” cop out of line video with the cop pepper spraying people. He was fired and rightly so.

    This video has no evidence of what you are claiming and I showed it to others that agree with me.

    You folks think we have no business going into Syria and they have killed 10’s of thousands of innocent of there own people.

    Get real. The Wall Street people are trying to cause problems and don’t even know why. Just ask one. If they really knew why the would be blaming Obama. They are not. They are thugs. Any that are not have left the movement.

    Even then if this was a real beating I would say the cops were out of line. I would not call all cops names. I would call for an investigation.

    You two seem to be liberals. Why would you support a law and order conservative like Ron Paul. He is a isolationist but a conservative none the less.

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcgOuuM1VkM&feature=player_embedded

    This is a Prosecutor’s Bonanza! From Jennifer Taylor’s recordings — several lawsuits can be successfully filed. Federal Crime to fraudulently influence an election’s result (a Felony); State and possible Federal Crime to falsify ‘Registered Mark’ documents; Federal and State Crime to Falsely take someone’s Identity (Jennifer Taylor needs to identify the woman that Impersonated her, and the Other Impersonators that did so to The Legitimate Ones, on the Count ANNOUNCED as TRUE; the Voice accepting these FAKE “refusals for nomination” of Ron Paul needs to be pinned to the individual (so his Name and Address can also be tied as Collusion to Defraud)! Very important to have Exact Name and accurate address — in order to file lawsuits expeditiously!

    All of these need to be leaned on to admit they worked under Romney’s DIRECT Orders — or face long terms in jail!

    After all, it is Romney we need to put in Jail (since he’s the General that gave the orders TO DEFRAUD, if not, THAN HE IS THE ONE THAT CAN’T CONTROL HIS OWN TROOPS — THE FAULT STILL LAYS WITH HIM)!

    HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS — the Weakest Link has been SPOTTED (see video count from 3:14 to 3:21).

    This Young Man MUST be Confronted with these ONLY Options: become Rmoney’s sacrificial lamb, and spend your Life in a Federal Prison (till you grow old and gray); OR get Amnesty by testifying Against Romney, that you were put up to do this on HIS BEHALF!

  17. Surfisher & Billy Malone by taking stands you have you are harming your candidate and not helping him.

    Ron Paul would never agree with many things you have said here.

    I have mentioned this several times about Ron Paul not supporting anti-police and racist beliefs.

    You have not yet commented on that. You need to study you candidate more.

    The only thing I have against Ron Paul is his Isolationist stance. He is correct about most everything else and would be the best person if he wasn’t one. We need to change the way we fight necessary wars and not think we can avoid them.

    Billy you don’t even know what an Isolationist is. Surfisher has a link for everything but understands nothing about Ron Paul as a person.

    • I’m sure the word takes on different meaning to different people: America has never been and can never be an isolationist nation. But we must cease to be compulsively interventionist one. We must stop volunteering to fight other nations’ wars, defend other nations’ borders, and pay other nations’ bills, or we will go down as all the other empires of the 20th century did before us. And for the same reason.

      • Billy we were an Isolationist before and after both WWI and WWII. Because of that we almost lost WWII by getting in so late and we did loss countries like Poland and th slovak countries because we were in such a hurry for peace that we gave them to Russia.

        What since did it make to go into WWII to defend Poland like England did and then give Poland to Russia.

        I’m not in favor of going into a country for our interest. That is what Hitler did. I am for going into it when people are being killed. Say Cambodia, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc…

        Had we let General Patin go into Russia after the war instead of giving them 1/3rd of Europe we would never have had a cold war.

        First thing Russia did when they were given Poland was kill a bunch of them. After killing many more people in Russia than Hitler did what did we expect.

        We should have never allied with Russia. That meant we owed them after the war.

  18. It is very good information. Good luck Ron Paul. God bless you and your supporters.
    people in France have changed. People in USA can change too. Ron Paul is the best US presidential candidate and he will be the best US president.

    • Rav —

      Blow dealt to Rmoney over the weekend!

      Ron Paul gains 44 more Delegates — Rmoney gets only 6 !!!

      Rmoney’s camp Attempt TO DEFRAUD the Elections — by sending plants using FAKE delegate badges and circulating FAKE delegate slates, and even impersonating real delegates — BACKFIRES! It only helped to galvanize The People in further rejecting Perfidy Mitt!

      Paul —148

      As of May 7th:
      Paul —192

      More good news for Ron Paul — according to RNC rule #38, the Mitt has probably lost about 50 bound delegates to him; while Ron Paul has probably gained that number.

      Therefore, it could be that the more accurate numbers are:

      Paul —242

      Fox New’s REALITY CHECK Show is the source for the above numbers. Watch this video and pay attention the explanation of Rule #38 (from minute 3:15 till end of video –4:23).


  19. Donate to Ron Paul as much as you can NOW (after-all, if he is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future)!

    Donate at:


    The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

    “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

    • Being an Isolationist is the biggest threat of liberty to the globe. — Timothy D Lynch

      Just wait for all hell to break lose if we ever elect one. Every dictator and terrorist in the word will consider that open season.

      They are bad enough with the semi isolationism Obama has done.

      Paul is fine on everything but national security. With Isolationism you can’t have liberty.

      Take Syria for instance. They are free to do as they please and 10,000 people are dead.

      Iran is only a few weeks from developing a nuke and then they will be able to attack Israel at will. Semi Isolationist Obama does nothing.

      Imagine what a full out Isolationist like Ron Paul would do. All the thugs will running things in the world because there is no one to stop them.

      I’m not talking about sending our military in. I am talking about one good bombing run that only attacks the dictators house. Like Reagan would have done.

      • Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

        These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

        According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

        Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

        Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

        What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

        What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

        But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!


        • If this were to actually happen 2 things would happen. Obama would win reelected and there would be a big push to go to a straight popular vote election which we should have done 150 yrs ago. The electoral system we have was designed when sending people to a convention was the only way we could do it.

          The events you mention would have been more likely with Rick than with Ron who may be able to get to 3rd place replacing Newt. That would be about the best he could do.

          Also any person not bound that would ignore the voter’s votes on the first ballot like you say is going on would be a person against a democracy and not a true American. If no one gets it on the first ballot then they can do as they want.

          Just because something is Constitutional doesn’t mean it is always right. Voting as the the people voted is just as Constitutional and is much better.

          If you had a Congressman who voted against the will of the people, he might be legally within the Constitution but is not a real American. He might be more like say the Europeans.

          All said however the idea that a person could win with 1/10th the popular vote is crazy. Never going to happen.

          You need to really back off and study what Obama could do with 4 more years. Do you really think that would be better Romney. If you still do then look again into you have it clear.

          ****Change to Popular Vote Elections before 2016****America for a true Democracy*****

          • There is more of a reason for the electoral college than convenience. The system provides a check against a few large states dominating an election due to their population. If Alaska, California, and Texas got together and decided they wanted X as their president, by popular vote they might just be able to force it on the other 47 states. The purpose of the electoral college is to allow the weighted population of a collection of smaller states to stand up to the sheer numbers contained in larger states. Ref: Link

            Changing to a popular vote alone will not make the system better, rather it has serious risks of its own. What would be an enormous improvement would be the abandonment of the electoral college in favor of Ranked Choice, or Instant Runoff Voting: Link.

            IRV would allow the best overall candidate out of many to prevail, and would eliminate the problem of a two party system. No longer would candidates like Ron Paul fear running as a Libertarian because the threat of being discarded as a “spoiler” is removed. There are no spoilers in IRV, only candidates, and the most popular one wins.

          • JF

            I think you are mistaken with the reason for the system we have. It was done for practical reasons. In the late 1700’s by the time you gathered all the votes together for popular votes, the winning candidate might have died by then.

            What you are saying is more likely with the system we have now. In this day and age if you had a national election with no states in play you would not have a state winning for one candidate. They would be pooled together.

            We don’t elect State officials by county for instance.

            I think a primary election with no political parties followed by a general election with no parties would be a much better system.

            You could have 12 2 hour debates before and after the primary and not allow advertising or any other money being spent.

            The primary ballot names could come from a general write in petition with the top 12 names going to the primary. All a person would that wanted to run would be allowed to do is announce he would accept the nomination.

            With this system money would mean nothing. Political party would mean nothing. We would have a true Democracy.

            • Tim:

              I understand your point about why the system was set up the way it was, and I agree. My point was rather why it is still useful today. I’m not saying it’s the best system, but it is better than a raw popular vote.

              Your example system suffers from the fact that many candidates would mean that a clear majority winner would be very unlikely. With a dozen candidates you could easily have a “winner” declared who only received 10% of the popular vote, 90% of the population did not want this candidate, but their votes were spread over the other 11. Not a good system. That is why I recommended (in my link) Instant Runoff Voting, which takes your concept and allows the voter to rank the candidates from first choice to last. If your first choice doesn’t get a majority, then your second choice is counted and so on until a winner with a popular majority is found.

              I also want to make another point: Under no circumstances do I want a “true Democracy”. The founders of our country knew the dangers of a true democracy and worked hard to give us a Republic instead. They understood that historically, what is referred to as tyranny of the masses was the eventual result of all true democracies. This phenomenon occurs when the majorities interests are put ahead of those of the individual, and can be seen in the concern these days that approximately 50% of the people in the USA do not pay any income tax. The fear is that these people will never vote for a tax on themselves, and instead will vote to raise taxes on the others. As the number of non-taxed Americans grows, this majority becomes more powerful, cannot be overruled, and then has the power to oppress the remaining taxpayers at their will.

              Historically, this sort of thing has happened in most, if not all, true democracies, and is a stepping stone on the way to their eventual collapse. I do not want a Democracy, I want a Democratic Republic. It’s an important difference.


            • Although your system is fine also, I don’t see were having a primary for 12 people and then a run off in a general election of the top 2 or 3 is any different than your plan. I would support your plan if it had more of a chance to pass.

              Also I don’t see were the issues you bring up aren’t already happening and would happen more often than now with either plan.

              The problem we have now is that the political parties are playing games with us which is much more of a disaster than either of the 2 plans you and I have. The main thing is that I want an end to parties, elections being bought and powerful people running things. The masses deciding things is better than the rich and powerful running things.

            • The masses deciding things is better than the rich and powerful running things.

              I agree completely. Regarding your point about a run off of 2 or 3 from a field of 12; that is fine, once you get rid of the parties. As long as the voters are led to believe that only a mule or elephant can win, and the rest only dilute the pool, there is no way to get a good group from which to choose. Instant Runoff Voting immediately removes the obstacle of 2 party rule because by ranking your choices you eliminate the problem of vote dilution. Implementation of such a system would immediately open the field to any number of candidates; it’s a solution to the problem standing in the way of your desired system.

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