Sources inside the campaign of Newt Gingrich are stating that the former Speaker intends to exit the campaign next Tuesday and will likely endorse Mitt Romney at the same time. The decision follows a major defeat in the Delaware primary, the state which Gingrich had hung his last campaign hopes on.

Report from Fox News:

Newt Gingrich plans to formally leave the Republican presidential race next Tuesday, senior campaign aides told Fox News.

The former House speaker will “more than likely” endorse Mitt Romney when he makes his announcement to either suspend or end the campaign, a source said.

The decision comes after Gingrich huddled with senior advisers following the five primaries Romney swept on Tuesday night. Romney’s victories made it virtually impossible for Gingrich to secure the 1,144 delegates needed for the Republican nomination.

For several weeks, Gingrich staffers have been reviewing accounts and making preparations. Gingrich had been holding out hope for a strong performance at least in Delaware Tuesday night. Absent that, Gingrich decided to plan for his exit next week.

He will complete his North Carolina schedule this week, making it something of a goodbye tour while supporters, friends and family arrive from across the country for his departure from the race.

Earlier on the trail, Gingrich signaled Wednesday morning that he was preparing to drop out. Telling a breakfast gathering of county Republicans in North Carolina that it’s clear Romney will be the nominee, Gingrich said the campaign is “working out the details of our transition” and will have more information in the coming days.

I am assuming that following the Santorum departure, Gingrich wanted a contest in a 1-on-1 with Romney with hopes to build a conservative coalition able to eek out some victories. Tuesday night proved that wasn’t going to happen and there really isn’t a path forward for Gingrich. The beneficiary of this can only be Ron Paul who will probably collect some votes from Gingrich’s exit, especially the “not-Romney” holdouts. Obviously Mitt Romney will benefit also since 2 out of his 3 major remaining opponents have exited or will be exiting the race and both will be endorsing him.


  1. This is weird.

    I’ve never heard of a candidate dropping out of the race and taking a shot at the front-runner at the same time.

    The media are expecting Newt to endorse Romney. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Newt endorsed Ron Paul?

    • Newt and Rick should have dropped out after NH and endorsed Ron Paul, then this country would actually have hope. Nope instead they have stayed in, without the funds or support, and have assured Mitt Romney gets the nomination. Luckily, Mitt has self-destructed the whole way through, and still won’t have enough delegates to clinch, and may very well lose the nomination in Tampa.

      • Eric

        There is a (not so) secret little war being waged by the Republican Party itself against Ron Paul. Constitutional-Conservative, Ron Paul, is a “game-changer”. He poses a real threat to unseat the entrenched Neo-Conservative control of the Republican Party and Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are Neo-Con team players.

        Despite the rhetoric and campaign battles among them, Santorum and Gingrich will not bite the hand that feeds them, they will fall into the Neo-Con party line and throw their support to the “presumptive” Neo-Con winner….Mitt Romney.

        For those of you who have prospered the past 12 years and believe that our country has become even greater, safer and more free, if you are among the minority who support never ending unconstitutional pre-emptive wars on terror and tyranny by “Executive Order”, vote for your man Romney, or Obama or don’t vote at all………truly, “the only difference is in tone”. Judge Napolitano

        • Windisea:

          Well, Santorum and Newtie are NeoCons.

          But I don’t think you can say Romney is a NeoCon.

          How can you tell WHAT Romney is??

          • By his track record as governor. Big government, high taxes, and a 47 out of 50 finish. Can’t we at least have someone in the top 25 or would that be asking too much?

          • Goethe

            Ha Ha, Right you are, he’s a liar that’s for certain and I don’t think he knows himself! But he cannot deny he’s the Neo-Con party “presumptive Presidential candidate”. Or can he? Oh yeah, he can…..

            And that’s why I’m sticking with Ron Paul!

            • You are right but I can’t argue with success. He won’t be the first guy to have lied, cheated & stolen his way into the White House. Hell, we got one in there now that showed Mitt how it is done.

            • Windisea:

              Ron Paul’s problem has been a horribly inept and incompetent staff. They attack the wrong people at the wrong time and waste energy on wild goose chases.

              Right now, the number ONE thing RP supporters should be doing is focusing on the Libertarian convention next weekend. Paul can’t “run,” because it would look like he was dropping out of the GOP contest. HOWEVER, there should be a grassroots campaign to DRAFT him. He would have no reason to turn it down, and if he’s drafted, he can continue to seek the GOP nomination, too.

              Number two on the list is to make sure all his supporters know about Americans Elect. Draft him there, too. If he got both of those nominations, the GOP would take another look at their darling Willard, who barely wins primaries at this stage.

            • I don’t know, you think by ringing the bell there are still more that want to come on board? Liberty is a hard sell to people who have been doing pretty well on the socialistic system. I mean, if your a have not, why not let the government do the stealing for you. If you a super have because of laws you paid lobbyist to get you, why give it up?

              No these people are not going to vote for RP no matter what. Like, what’s in it for them?

            • Billy:

              The key is that NOBODY seems to WANT Willard. Even his most ardent supporters can only say he’s inevitable (like death and taxes).

              Since Eisenhower, when I first started watching, I have not seen a candidate whose support was so shallow and lackluster. The whole primary season was about who could possibly beat him, so even people like Bachman and Cain were taken seriously, out of desperation.

              If RP’s campaign would tell SEGMENTS of people WHY to vote for him, RP could take off–because nobody has come up with any reason why to vote for Willard, except that they see no alternative.

  2. gingrich should have dropped out long ago but his pride cost his party and our country because romney will never defeat obama i personally will have to think seriously about not voting at all instead of supporting romney

    • If you are really a Republican you would never consider voting for Obama over your parties candidate. I didn’t love McCain last time but I sure wouldn’t have voted for Obama!!!

      • Amy, don’t just follow orders.

        Isn’t that really the main problem in our country today: One gang of political hacks opposing the other gang of political hacks–following the party line, even when it makes no sense at all?

        Reminds me of the Jets and the Sharks in West Side Story–fighting just to fight. And their arguments are usually not as intelligent.

        • It’s all about anticipated effort vs proven results. We know the prove results of Romney as governor of Ma. 47th in job growth and big increases in taxes (aka closing loop holes & fees). We know his anticipated effort is to add 100,000 to the government par roll.

          Ron Paul intends to cut over 100,000 government employees from the pay roll. 1 trillion dollar in savings the first year, a cake walk for RP.

          By adding 100,000 per Mitt Romney the deficit is sure to go up fast but not as fast as your taxes.

          • Don’t forget Romney’s HUGE increase in defense spending. And that’s without the wars he has already hinted that he wants to start.

      • Some Republicans, who vehemently oppose Romney, have argued that it is better to vote for Obama, because he is limited to only 4 more years. I disagree, in my opinion that man is dangerous! He has already shown what he means to do by taking “Executive Authority” unto himself and 4 more years will surely lead to absolute Tyranny on his part, including extreme and cruel tactics against his own people. Dictators are just harder to be rid of.

        But some say “Support your party candidate” Why? If they mean the “presumptive party candidate” what kind of person trusts the party that much to willingly vote for the “chosen establishment” candidate over the best Conservative candidate, especially when the party leaders push for it? Not me!
        The Republican party today is a perversion, it was co-opted by Neo-Conservatives who deceptively call themselves “Conservative” as a ruse, they use phrases like “I’m more conservative than the other guy” without substantiation to rope in and manipulate the masses, easy prey, who are usually willing to follow the party-lines and accept establishment news without much skepticism or investigation. Too trusting, too self-involved, too complacent or just too overworked, the majority of people calling themselves Republicans have never checked or verified for themselves, what their chosen party “represents today”….. and the truth is not only shamefully ugly, it’s dangerous.

        Ron Paul is a very viable candidate and as such, a threat to the establishment and Neo-Con party leaders. A real conservative is the natural “foe” of the entrenched Neo-Cons and establishment profiting from their policies. Should Ron Paul become the next President the Neo-Cons will lose control of the party. Evidently, every weapon of opposition is on the table and no avenue left out in their effort to prevent it, including vote tampering by Republican Party Chairmen. The front to shut out Ron Paul is possibly even more important to the party and status-quo than the need to beat Obama.

        Ron Paul’s grass-root support cuts a very wide swath with a huge verifiable and growing base, who include among others, Traditional Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, young Republicans, University students, Independents, active Military troops, Senior Citizens, frustrated Democrats and people fed up with Neo-Cons.

        Any informed Republican with strong conviction will not vote for Romney, any “real” Conservative Republican who understands the party is subverted will not support the party/establishment “presumptive candidate”. “You know them by their fruits”, and Mitt Romney is the most liberal Neo-Con of the bunch. His plan is to continue the course we are on now, with tweaks, how can he possibly improve America’s economy by not only continuing the same policies but escalating them too? He can’t and he won’t!

        Aaron Russo left the world too soon.
        We could sure use a well-produced documentary along the lines of,
        “The Republican Party, Freedom to Neo-Con Deception’ or, ‘AMERICA, How We Got Conned!”

        Anyone Angy Yet?

        • I have come to the conclusion that either the elections are fixed or the American voter is dumber than a box of rocks.

          How did Romney get this far? The guy should not have even been allowed on the same stage with men like Huntsman & Johnson. But the again, Obama was elected Prez. Was the election fixed of just stupid voters.

          Obama has suggested a federal law against cell phone use (includes texting) while driving. Good or bad ? ? ?

          • Billy:

            In the case of Romney, I don’t think it was fixed. If the primaries were fixed Willard wouldn’t have had to spend such totally obscene amounts of money to buy votes. Of course, we did see cases, such as Maine, in which the GOP establishment helped “the guy who came in second last time.” But it was mostly saturation bombing of propaganda. As Goering said, if you repeat a lie often enough, it BECOMES the truth. Or at least “truthiness” as Colbert says.

            Regarding the cell phone law, I think I could agree with that. I have a cell phone in my car, and I have used it to check my messages or to say I’m running late for an appointment, but too many people chit-chat the whole time they’re “driving,” and you can see in their faces that they are oblivious to the world around them. It’s scary to be on the road with such people.

            You don’t see the same glassy-eyed stupor if they’re talking with someone in the car. It seems that talking on the phone puts them in “a different place,” where the two phone people exist outside of reality.

            If you can outlaw drunken driving, I think you can outlaw phone-stupor driving.

            • If the elections are not fixed, and the dead do not rise up to vote, and the non voters do indeed vote, then it has to be the stupid voter that believes in the con. (16 trillion in debt didn’t happen overnight)

              As for cell phone use: just like prohibition, the 55 mph national speed limit, the war on drugs (cocaine price down 80%) etc. etc. Trading human life for revenue.

              As fox new pointed out, every state that has enacted any kind of ban on cell phone use while driving has experienced an upswing in the amount of crashes attributed to cell phone use. Easy to understand why as if it’s legal you hold the phone up by the wheel. if it’s illegal you hold the phone by your lap. How many states knew this when the passed said laws? All but the first and the fact that they didn’t repeal it…..well

              I say any person that has anything to do with passing a law the is going to kill more people than it saves should be castrated. I give the girls a break here but I won’t say why. LOL

            • Billy:

              I work in advertising. I know you really don’t need to fix an outcome if you can manipulate people to do what you want. And if you have the resources to do the brainwashing. Willard lined up the friends in powerful places, and then amassed an unprecedented war chest.

              And if that doesn’t work, manipulate the count, and simply “lose” votes. The real fraud is not the action of voters. That’s just a smoke screen, a red herring. Typical diversion. It’s about the counting. Diebold et al can give you any result you like.

              Regarding the cell phone law, there really is no way you can control the usage, I agree. People who blather inanity into a cell phone all day are not going to stop. They are addicted. If they stopped talking, they might actually risk (gasp) thinking.

            • Kind of deep being taught what is unknown but I hope you got my point about laws that cause great bodily harm even death vs money being a no brainer for politicians. Just turn back a few pages in the history book and anyone can see they don’t give a rat’s rear end about the health or safety of the individual. But what gets me is even after the proof is
              incontrovertible the voters still can’t see the forest through the trees.

              Prohibition lasted about 14 years and the 55 mph speed limit lasted 20. The war on drugs started ….when about 1968? Took about 6 months to realize all were dismal failures but so long as a few were making big bucks, what’s a few lives

              Now we come to Mitt Romney another dismal failure (when governor) and they want to make him president. (47 out of 50 a success???)

          • Billy-Goethe

            My opinion about federal cell phone legislation is NO, it’s not a federal matter, it’s none of the Tyrant’s business and it’s a waste of time and money.

            People driving get glassy-eyed and distracted messing with the music, GPS, eating, looking at themselves, gawking at others, day dreaming and dealing with the kids, pets and livestock. If your state hasn’t already made it illegal like mine than it’s already covered under a driving distracted law. Enough is enough.

            On the other hand if we keep him occupied with small potato’s the tyrant won’t be signing Executive Orders. LOL

            • Mostly agree Windisea.

              However, there is something distinctly different about talking on a phone. It’s sort of like an out-of-body experience, since it puts you in touch with someone far away. I think the mind is teleported (so to speak) outside of yourself, taking a great deal of your alertness and consciousness with it.

              You can listen to the radio and still focus on the road. You can even talk to the person next to you, safely. But that is really different from phone talking.

              Obviously, I’m not a fan of cell phones. I have a “stupid” phone and only use it when I absolutely have to. . . .

            • Think if you check out the stats, more than one person in the car is a distraction but offset slightly by the second set of eyes. And I agree the cellphone is bad but the law that prohibits its use is worse. Prescription medications kill a hell of lot more than cellphones. Can’t fine people for that though if they have the RX.

            • Billy: I know you’ll disagree with this one, but here goes:

              Michigan just repealed its helmet law. Why? Because the bars and wineries figure more bikers will come to Michigan if they don’t have to wear a helmet. Seriously–it was the liquor lobby: Juice ’em up and stick ’em back on the bike without a helmet!

              I had a bike when the original bill was passed in 1970. A lot of bikers were pissed off. I didn’t say anything, because secretly, I WANTED to wear a helmet, but anyone who did, was considered a sissy. I was very grateful for the law. I wasn’t a sissy. I was just law-abiding.

              A few months later, I jack-knifed my bike and the next thing I knew, I woke up looking at the sky. I didn’t even know my name. They sent for an ambulance. Ambulances cost money, so for the next five minutes or so, I pieced together who I was and even where I had been going. They released me right away, because although my bike was crashed, and my helmet was all chipped up, my head was just fine. [Hold the jokes.]

              Having that law saved my life, because my brains would have been spread over twenty feet of pavement otherwise. The blood of bikers will now be on the hands of this governor and this legislature. And the worst cases will be fun-loving kids who would have worn a helmet if the peer pressure were not so great to go flying through the air bare-headed.

            • You know me well. Just like seat belts, great idea everyone should use them but I don’t need a law to protect me from me. Once they get their foot in the door ……Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. That puts you 50 out of 50. Scam artists flock to your state because of the catastrophic “protection” that is mandated. Will they repeal it, no they just keep raising the premiums to pay the scam artists. And if they catch a few, they put them in jail and it cost the taxpayer even more money.

              Remember, Michigan had it all and lost it because of the slick politicians or the dumb voters. I lived in K-zoo for years.

            • No, they DID repeal it.

              So I’m wondering, how can they justify seatbelt laws–when we have a whole car around us–and even air bags–when they let naked bodies fly through the air with no protection at all?

              I wrote a letter to the gov. And I was quoted on statewide radio. The law could have passed without his signature. I just don’t know how a human being signs a law like that.

            • Michigan drivers will pay $30 more for auto insurance starting July 1 to care for accident victims who have brain damage, paralysis or other catastrophic injuries, raising the annual fee to $175 per vehicle.

              Once they get their foot in the door aka checkbook) they always need more.

            • I hate insurance companies. And I hate banks. And I really hate insurance companies that are now becoming banks.

            • Billy:

              This is an oldie, but only today AOL had an answer. You said that insurance companies charge more in Michigan than anywhere.

              Well, here are the top ten MOST DANGEROUS places to drive, both in lives lost (per capita) and cost of repairs (highest first):

              South Carolina
              West Virginia

              So if (I can’t find a hateful enough adjective) insurance companies are charging us more than anybody, it’s certainly not an honest determination. {Sorry–“honest” and “insurance companies” should never be used in the same sentence.]

              Also, last time I heard, the federal government was STILL taking more of OUR tax dollars than were being returned to us–and giving our taxes TO the above ten states. Harrumph.

            • Yeah but once they get their foot in the door there goes another freedom that we may have never had but at least thought we did. Look what they did with the 2nd amendment and I live in Florida & don’t even own a gum. Florida has issued close to 100,000 concealed weapons permits. So why do I need one?

          • im going with stupid voters i have seen some news storys asking people about the republican candidates and they are incredibly clueless

            • Most kids, now voters of today, never read or heard of Joel Chandler Harris and the lessons taught by Uncle Remus in his books. Disney sanitized the stories to the point they had little meaning but read the originals, if you can. It takes some doing but they are all about the art of a con. That rabbit was as slick as any politician walking today.

  3. Good news from the US Supreme Court — looks like the BO’s beloved Illegals (those criminally entering our nation — the stealers of US jobs and carries of crime) will finally get the Boot!

    Now, BO and Rmoney need the Boot…!

    Ron Paul — get ready to bring down the house in Tampa. Also, prepare for the AmericansElect and Libertarian Party nominations!

    • Surf:

      I dunno about this one. I’m not crazy about “show me your papers” laws. Seems like the courts would be uncomfortable about that and make us ALL show papers, to be fair. Yikes.

      And from a logistical standpoint, making it MANDATORY for a cop to check papers will use up a lot of his or her time. And how do you punish a cop who doesn’t hassle a suspect-citizen? “I’m sorry, citizen, I’m just following orders.”


        • Hey, you! Pull over. “Malone” eh? Sounds like a WOP name. You know what WOP means? Without Papers. Get out of the car, please. Can you prove that you’re not the Mafia trying to infiltrate? Walk that line. You seem a bit shaky to me.

          Hey, sorry, man. I am required BY LAW to hassle you. I’d really like to be a nice guy, but it’s the law. Touch your toes. And you know what else? The Supreme Court says that we can do a cavity search without reason or cause. Drop ’em.

          Well, it’s quitting time. You can go. See you tomorrow. . .

          • A little inconvenience, that’s all. A small price to pay for this great socialistic state we live in. They give me and my family free medical, free food, a place to live, a check to pay my energy costs. My kids go off the beaten path they have free correctional facilities. I pay nothing in the way of taxes for fire & police protection. Free transportation on the city buses. And my little girl is going to grow up to be somebody, maybe even reach the top, a welfare queen. My state ID card is even free.

            I’ll strip naked every day of the week for 1/2 that and if it’s a lady officer ………

  4. “The People’s Choice”??

    Mitt Romney set a record with at least two of Tuesday’s primary wins, but it’s an achievement the presumptive Republican nominee probably won’t be bragging about.

    The former Massachusetts governor won Delaware with 56 percent of the vote and Pennsylvania with 58 percent. According to University of Minnesota political scientist Eric Ostermeier, that marks the first time that a presumptive GOP nominee has failed to reach the 60 percent mark in a contest conducted after his last major challenger exited the race.

    “While Romney avoided the embarrassment of winning with a mere plurality, never has a presumptive nominee won a primary contest with such a low level of support at this stage of the race with his chief challenger no longer actively campaigning,” Ostermeier writes at Smart Politics, the university’s political site. Smart Politics reviewed Republican primary election data since 1972.

    • Low level of support what news articles are you reading???? Bigger question what Liberal media are you up to date on ???

      • Amy: Read the words.

        More importantly, read the numbers.

        Even without the big name opponents campaigning, Romney barely made a majority. Even with the vice chair in New York robocalling to suggest that there were no other active candidates on the ballot.

        As for “liberal media,” we’re talking about Tea Party Activist sites, such as Richard Viguerie’s 60-Second Activist:

        But regardless, the reference above was just the actual numbers, whether you like them or not. Regardless of thinking “My Party, Right or Wrong.”

      • Amy, us RP supporters don’t argue facts, we look them up:

        Just 20 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the Keystone State primary, according to figures released Wednesday

  5. New Yorkers — take Vincent Reda to Small Claims Court (firstly, then go for criminal)!

    Att. New Yorker’s who didn’t bother to vote against Rmoney, because of the FALSE phone robocalls you received by Vincent Reda— LYING that all other candidates had dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney.

    Take this liar to small claims court (a token $300 charge that he disfranchised you from voting by his perfidy) — easiest way to have a quick confrontation in a Court of Law! Make sure you tape the proceedings if allowed. If not, get a written record of the proceedings!

    Here is the proof you need: his actual phone message!

    Don’t delay, take this crook to court Today!

    • Surf:

      Interesting gambit, but I’m not sure it will work. I think small claims requires proof that you suffered a MONETARY loss. How can you prove that voting has monetary value?

      I think this can only be handled in criminal court, and of course, that would mean finding a prosecutor who wouldn’t blow you off.

      • Goethe Behr —

        Anyone can file a Small Claims Court claim (usually if it is $300 or less, it goes through the system automatically — a $2000 will not)!

        The idea is not to win — but to have this Vincent Reda creep taken to court!

        If thousands of NY people do it— it will be quite a show (especially when recorded)!

        THEN, start criminal proceedings (which take a lot of time) against him!


        • I don’t believe it.

          Small claims cases have to be SCHEDULED. The papers are reviewed, and SOMEBODY has to give the case a DATE. I don’t think you can file a small claims case if you can’t show any economic loss. I think it’d be tossed out before anything happened.

          You’d have a better chance of taking a neighbor to court over a barking dog, because then, you could at least claim loss of sleep, and therefore, inefficiency at work, for which you could come up with a financial cost to you.

          • Goethe Behr — Vincent Reda will be eventually taken to criminal court, but it may take a year or more before the case is heard.

            Anybody can take anyone for nearly any reason to Small Claims Court, and usually the case is heard in less then 2 months (in some counties 30 days). You are not filing for a Law Suit, but a CLAIM Only (claiming a wrong and placing a Dollar Value on your perceived Loss). Once the hearing is scheduled — the Judge has to hear the case! If he/she deems your claim has no merit, you lose — if not, the Judge may award you a lower dollar amount.

            Regardless of the outcome — it’s a WIN, since the point is to drag this low-life through the mud ASAP, not much, much later (for all such creeps to watch and learn NOW)!

            Here is the beauty of this ploy (since the defendant (Reda) must show up on the given date and time — if he doesn’t, you win your claim, and he has to pay you the amount! Or, get special permission from the court, to excuse his absence in person — he may be FORCED to establish phone communication during the hearing — and have his lawyers represent him):

            1) If a thousand people file such a claim — and Reda does not show up, he’ll be broke financially.

            2) If allowed by court to have only lawyers represent him — he’ll have to hire hundreds of them, to be present when many cases would be on the same, or close to the same, day when the hearings are set!

            Hope all New Yorkers, that were disfranchised from voting by the LIE of Vincent Reda, file a Small Claims Court CLAIM against him — the creature needs to be penalized for his perfidy!

            One could claim an emotional distress that upon hearing, from a trusted official, that your candidate (say Newt, or Ron Paul) is no longer running according to the phone call, YOU broke down emotionally and stopped eating, sleeping, going to work, etc — LATER (after the voting was over) You found out it was all a Lie. And now, you are even more emotionally distressed since you lost your right to vote, because of the false statements.

            You put a $$$ TOTAL on your Claim (with the exact name and address of Vincent Reda) — and submit it in Small Claims Court.


            • I dunno, man. I just listened to the recording. It DOES say “even though the other candidates have dropped out of the race,” but it does not say “ALL the other candidates have dropped out.”

              I do think it’s improper for a party vice chair to use party funds to endorse one candidate. And I think THAT is the “monetary” argument. You could demand your party contribution to be paid back, due to misuse of funds.

          • Goethe Behr —

            Logic — “even though THE OTHER candidates have dropped out of the race…” (excludes all but Rmoney).

            Don’t challenge me on logic…..

            A Small Claims Court case is a shoo-in, as stated how-to above!

            On your: “I do think it’s IMPROPER for a party vice chair to use party funds to endorse one candidate.”

            Wrong — it is Illegal…and therefore Criminal Charges CAN be levied successfully!

            It needs to be shown that Reda used party funds, not his own (since such ilk usually dip into other people’s pockets, one can postulate that Reda used other than his own money…)!

            STOP trying to discourage people to do what is RIGHT — file a Claim against this human trash!


            • Surf:

              NO–“the other” does not necessarily equal “ALL the other.” You lose on that argument in court.

              It reminds me of the scene in the movie, Two Weeks’ Notice, in which Sandra Bullock says Hugh Grant is the most selfish man on the planet, and his reply was not to deny it–he replied, “that’s just silly–have you met every man on the planet??”

              If you were to say, “he’s not like the other guys,” you’re not necessarily saying he’s like no one else on earth. To make that statement true, you just have to have TWO “other guys.” Likewise, Reda could say he was meant Cain, Perry, and Santorum–who are “other guys.”

              Ironically, you could argue that Reda should not have discouraged people from voting for Newtie, as well, since Newt is STILL a declared candidate until at lest NEXT Tuesday.


              And I was helping your point on the other issue, saying that as a PARTY official, using PARTY funds, it was improper (OH, I’m SO sorry that I didn’t use the word “illegal”) to promote only ONE candidate, when Newt and Paul were still declared candidates. I was giving you the legal grounds–not that he was just a bad guy, but that he was acting in his role in the party, and therefore, improperly, or if you like, “illegally.”


              But this is just more wasted time and energy. At a time when you want to find a way to fight Willard in the upcoming contests AND elect Paul delegates in states where positions are still up for grabs, do you really think this wild goose chase is an efficient use of time and energy??

              Delegate count is the only issue now, and anything else you spend time on now is time contributed to the Willard campaign.

            • It don’t matter if you win, just being served with the notice to appear in SCC means you lose something.

          • Goethe Behr —

            Nonsense on your part for the above post.

            1) When THE OTHERS are no longer there — means only Rmoney is left (Organon…Logic).

            2) Reda’s statement was Illegal (to disenfranchise voters by declaring NO OTHER candidates but Romney are left is SEDITION)! Criminal if proven he used party funds.

            3) If NY people file a Claim (since the election there is over) it is NOT a waste of time FOR THEM — but can only help to expose this PERFIDY in other States that delegates are to be fought over!


            • That’s why we have judges and everybody is entitles to have their day in court. Oh and if you don’t show up, you lose.

            • Surf:

              Think what you want. It’s a waste of energy that could go to something productive, and that’s been RP’s problem in the whole campaign.

              RP’s staff has shown zero strategy–in fact, negative–because things they’ve done have sometimes been counterproductive, such as attacking other non-Romney candidates. They should have been working WITH the non-Romney candidates to keep him from getting the delegates. They should have been “packaging” quotes to feed the media, so they would have word-toys to play with. They should have been honing messages to give to specific groups–the truth, mind you, but specific issues that they could understand and buy into. Yada-yada-yada.

              And at a time when all the effort and attention should be going toward finding and convincing delegates, we have this dog-and-pony show of punishing the dope in New York.

              And on top of that, I have heard no talk of getting the Libertarian nomination–NEXT WEEK, and also nothing serious about Americans Elect–a first ever, revolutionary concept that could actually challenge the two party system. . .instead we’re talking about fighting last week’s battle. . .

            • Because everything in this life is all about time and/or money. If it cost more in time and money to defend in SCC than it cost to file the complaint against your opponent then go for it. Think it doesn’t work? Just ask Mr Barry Scheck about how many innocent people are in jail just because the state had a lot more time and money than the man the stripped of his freedom.

        • And file as an indigent, they never check and even if the do tell them it’s all your wife’s

      • I would think your right to vote might have some very small value but then what is a million or so lives worth that dies so you would have said right.

    • not a surprise that you would be wrong about something but vincent reda said the other candatiates have left which means that it didnt have to be about romney since technically 2 other candidates are in the race i do that what he did however is illegal but your never gonna win anything besides misuse of funds because of the wording

  6. CISPA is the New SOPA — BEWARE of this NEW attempt to control the LAST medium of free speech — the Internet.

    George Orwell’s “1984”…if we let them…? The FINAL END OF ALL FREE PEOPLE?!

    • Yeah if they get their foot in the door it will be just like gun control. !0,000 laws on the books and counting.

    • surfisher just give it up your dreaming romney is 300 delegates away from clinching and the rest of the states arent winner takes all so he will get delegates even if he loses all the remaining contests your only decision left to make is whether you are voting for an obama-like president or obama himself or as im considering not voting at all

      • antiromney — the delegate count is speculative. So regardless if the media declares Rmoney as winner — it will still mean cow patties until the actual count in Tampa.

        Also — Ron Paul WILL run Third Party, if the need arises!

        It is not unprecedented for a candidate to be the standard bearer for more than one party — Ron Paul can also be nominated (if the GOP cheats him) by AmericansElect and the Libertarian Party! Then Ron Paul will destroy BO and pretender Rmoney in the debates!

        Real Americans: WAKE UP — Ron Paul 2012, or we die as a Free Nation!

        • (or we die as a Free Nation!) Free to do what???? Had to show my State ID card (that I had to pay for) just to register to vote. With all the voter fraud how can you say we even have freedom to vote even after we pay for the ID needed to vote in the first place.

  7. I was once told not to believe anything that I hear and only 1/2 of what I see.

    No I don’t live by this as I believe most of what I hear and everything I see unless someone suggests doubt or I check it out. Even then mistakes are more often the case rather than lies.

    • Billy:

      Yeah. With today’s technology,
      I don’t automatically believe ANYTHING I see or hear.
      Especially if it seems “too good to be true.

  8. Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins

    By Doug Wead

    “Well, the cat is out of the bag. Saturday’s district conventions in Louisiana give the Ron Paul campaign 74% of the delegates headed into the June state convention where the delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be finally determined. Another state, another unseen victory for the Texas congressman. And, it should be noted, another embarrassment for the apparent nominee, former Governor Mitt Romney. Now, the question is this. How many other states have their own surprises coming?….”

    Full article —

      • This doesn’t sound good to me. As much as I think Willard is a sleazeball, I don’t know what the public will think if Ron Paul mysteriously shows up at the convention with a large number of delegates. You really can’t argue about the fact that Romney “won” most of the primaries. The appearance would be that Paul’s “fanatics” cheated.

        The key to winning has always been to just keep Willard from getting a first-ballot win, and then see his support peel off in two or three more ballots.

        If Ron Paul shows up at the convention with more than Willard, it will look fixed by some dark power.

        More importantly, the leadership of the GOP wants Willard. If he does not get it, they will sabotage Paul in the fall. If Ron Paul wins, they lose. Simple as that. And they won’t lose their power without a fight. They’d rather lose one election than to lose their intra-party power. We’ve seen that over and over.

        The real path to the White House is a draft of Paul as Libertarian and Americans Elect candidate. In those organizations, he will not have leaders stabbing him in the back.

        • Goethe Behr — NOT directed at you, just what I posted elsewhere.

          Seems trolls do not understand (or pretend no to) our safeguarded election process.

          Here it is in general terms (simplified):

          1) There is a popular vote (The Many choosing their candidates).

          2) Then, the Decisions of the Many are handed to the delegates (the Qualified Few), who deem if there is merit to the popular vote or just a mob’s folly.

          3) Accordingly, the delegates cast their votes to reflect the meritorious ones.

          This instituted CHECK of Mob Rule is what has kept us as a Free Republic….until recently, and HOPEFULLY AGAIN! (The Ignorant Many can be mislead by TONS of Ads by an Attractive Politician who promises what THEY want to hear (but never intends to do — that’s where The Intelligent Few come in, and The Delegates determine if MERIT is to be assigned)).

          Recommended reading: Plato’s “Republic” and J.S. Mill’s “On Liberty”

          • Surf:

            Fear of the public is what brought about things such as NOT having the Senate elected directly by the people. “The people are too stupid to pick their leaders, so let’s have State legislatures pick their national senator.”

            Likewise, the people, who are “too stupid to elect the right president,” can still be overruled by the Electoral College.

            I’m sorry, dude, but relying on Elites to “correct” the public is what we’ve all been fighting against.

            Instead of Plato, it appears to me that Ron Paul agrees with GWF Hegel, who believed that history moves forward, and efforts to thwart the public will are doomed to fail (eventually). Or as Paul put it, “Governments, whether they’re dictatorships or democracies, REFLECT THE PEOPLE. When the people get fed up, they throw them out.”

            You and I agree that Willard is buying the nomination with huge expenditures on propaganda. But even the Soviet Union’s extensive, and mostly unchallenged, propaganda eventually failed, just as Mubarek and Gaddafi eventually fell.

            I am very uncomfortable with having ANY candidate manipulate the system so that your “qualified few” can give us what they think we need (and deserve).

            • How can any amount of money cover up being 47 out of 50 in job growth and being a parasitic business man?

            • Billy:

              You don’t gotta cover up.

              You just gotta make the other guy look bad.

              Willard’s goal is to discourage his opponent’s supporters. After all, even his most ardent supporters can only say, well, I guess he’s inevitable.

              How many employees does Willard think it takes to screw in a light bulb?
              Answer: ONE (and then he’s fired).

            • Well I still got $500 out there saying Obama takes it. That’s my money talking, not me.

          • (The Ignorant Many ) but if you educated the ignorant many the become the informed few.

  9. Nate —

    Dear Sir,

    Could you do something about the misleading 2012 Delegate Tracker posted on top….?

    79 for Ron Paul is just plain silly — Louisiana just awarded 111 (and on June 2nd one can expect that number to be even greater). Also, many other States are awarding Ron Paul much more delegates than published in the main media.

    That low number is just plain FALLACIOUS — thus utterly MISLEADING to the DETRIMENT of one candidate (Ron Paul)!

    Adjust accordingly, or just remove this SPECULATIVE count.

    Thanks, Surfisher

  10. Starting a poll — all good people here, vote for the best Ron Paul quote! Here is mine:

    1) “Government cannot grant you a thing, it can only place limits on that wich was rightfully yours to begin with!”

    • “Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country” – Ron Paul,

    • Bumpersticker quotes. I’ve said from the outset that the Paul campaign needs bumpersticker quotes. Eight words or less preferable.

        • OK, first go here:

          But they have to be edited in order to hit home, such as these EDITED quotes:

          “Use of force is always the violation of someone else’s rights.”

          “Starting wars about what MIGHT happen is not the American way.”

          “The rejection of the dollar will severely threaten you personal liberties.”

          “Cliches about supporting our troops are designed to distract from failed policies.”

          “Deficit spending is a tax on future generations.”

          “Don’t police the world–THAT’S conservative.”

          “The purpose of government is to PROTECT the privacy of all individuals.”

          “The best formula for peace is minding our own business.”

          “I have NEVER met anyone who did not support our troops.”

          “I will always vote the Constitution.”

          “Personal liberty is the purpose of government.”


          “Wannna get rid of drug crime? Get rid of drug laws.”

          “You NEVER have to give up liberties to be safe.”

          “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

          “Good example is a far better way to spread ideals.”

          “Free Americans are responsible for our own lives and decisions.”

          “When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”

          “Liberty is lost through complacency.”

          “Don’t steal. The government hates competition.”

          “Liberty is not easy, but tyranny is much more difficult.”

          “Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than conformity.”

          “Ideas are more powerful than bombs.”

          “Our Pentagon budget nearly equals those of the rest of the world COMBINED.”

          “There’s only ONE right: your right to liberty.”

          “Two parties, with two sets of bad ideas, do not result in good policy.”


          “I favor the very opposite of isolation: diplomacy, free trade, and freedom of travel.”

          “The real isolationists are those who isolate their country in the court of world opinion by pursuing needless belligerence”

          “Governments, whether they’re dictatorships or democracies, reflect the people. When the people get fed up, they throw them out.”

          “War is only beneficial for those who benefit from war expenditures.”

  11. What did this young girl do, to get the Dogs-of-State to pursue and knock her of her bike brutally to the ground, and then maul her into painful submission?

    Watch carefully the chronological order (FREEZE picture at the time count given below — to see why):

    1) 0:32 — one of the Dogs-of-State signals the rest that he’s seen a cyclist taking a picture of “SOMETHING THAT MUST NOT BE SEEN”! So they run in pursuit.

    2) 0:44 — she is dragged down by two Dogs-of-State

    3) 0:51 — many more “Gang-of-Brothers” arrive surrounding their victim being mauled on the ground

    4) 0:57 — see the hand taking her cell phone away from her

    5) 1:10 — she manages to free one hand

    6) 1:11 — she tries to pass it in desperation to the people outside the circle of about a dozen Dogs-of-State trampling her rights

    7) 1:12 – 2:03 — she is still screaming in pain…but no-one can help her (since the AGGRESSORS, The Dogs-of-State are ARMED, and thus can inflict pain AT WILL on the disarmed, peaceful citizens)!

    And more abuses follow!

    This is the MOST DISTURBING VIDEO I’ve seen taped on American soil!

    DISGUSTING is mild — words fail me to describe my feelings on this OUTRAGE — watching the ‘US KGB’ MAUL and ABUSE a young girl!

    Don’t know what you’ll do about it — but I’m sending this to Judge Napolitano, the ACLU, News Media outlets, and even contacting my Lawyers to look into filing a civil case against these SS Troopers (hopefully pics can be enlarged so their badge numbers can be seen)!

    • Goethe Behr — depends on the State they represent.

      Some can, other are “prohibited”….

      • Surf:

        I’m not so sure about that. Seems to me that they are “bound” to Romney, but I think that just means they can’t vote for anyone else on the first ballot. I think they can abstain “for personal reasons.”

        Here’s another idea. A lot of times, when a State is called, they will “pass.” They usually just do it so that the winning vote can be cast by the candidate’s home state, but at least there’s precedent for it.

        If a number of the expected Romney states passed, the count would grow for Paul closer, and at some point, the unbound delegates might switch sides. When all the states are done, they’d go back for the states that passed on the first time through, but by that time, enough of the votes may have jumped ship so that when Romney got the “early” bound votes, they wouldn’t be enough.

        The name of the game in this campaign has always been to try to push it to a second ballot.

        Every group has a dynamic, and it’s human nature to want to be on the winning side. If Willard looks like he’s on a roll, delegates will collapse into line. But if it looks like a “jump ball,” they may stand their ground.

  12. Watch how easily Ron Paul dismantles the dogma of “Professor” Krugman (from Princeton…no-one can possibly claim the REAL title of Legitimate Professor from this Nest of Political Correctness Indoctrination “School”)!

    By extrapolation (since one of the most venomous creatures in America — Krugman — was so easily disposed of) Ron Paul will make mince-meat out of BO (who can hardly speak coherently without a teleprompter)!

    Share this as an assurance that Ron Paul will destroy in any debate the current occupier of the White House — the BO!

  13. I’m ashamed to say that we are no longer ‘Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ but by MOB RULE have become: “Land of the Oppressed and the Home of the Meek”!

    Unless Ron Paul WINS (which will amount to a Miracle, since The Ones In Power, that are occupying Our Nation, are doing their best by hook-and-crook to PREVENT it) IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!

    A TRUE POLICE STATE that controls ALL “Citizens” (by then, the proper term will be SUBJECTS)!

    It will be Historically Termed as: ROMNEY’S REVENGE (when he looses to BO)!

    Fight for Ron Paul to win in 2012, or face this as a prelude of ‘Things to Come’:

    • I’m sure North Korea and China will save a copy of the clip. Be nice viewing when Hillary comes around preaching liberty & human rights American style.

  14. OK, now what?

    The Libertarian Party is so ignored that its convention isn’t even a topic on here.

    As expected, Gary Johnson is the nominee. And he is hoping that Ron Paul will try to throw HIS support to Johnson for the fall campaign. That’s because he needs 15% in the polls in order to be part of the debates. But, of course, that means Paul couldn’t run at all this year–and because of his age, this will be his last presidential campaign.

    It would have made news if the convention had drafted Paul, and it would have given him more visibility. But that opportunity is gone.

    Paul still has a crack at Americans Elect, but he says he doesn’t want that, either. He has all his eggs in the GOP basket, even though in issue after issue, the Republican establishment is against him. The GOP is all about spending even more on the military, starting wars all over, plus “wars” on drugs, sexuality, privacy, the Internet, and personal liberty.

    There is NO way the GOP establishment is going to allow Paul to become its candidate, and if his supporters find a way to win on the delegate level, they will work to defeat him in the fall. They’ve done that before, when they had a candidate who didn’t tow the established GOP line. (In 1972, it was the Democrats who sat on their hands, because McGovern won “their” nomination through the new primary system. The establishment of each party doesn’t like upstarts.)

    Maybe Paul should go ahead and support Johnson. How far is Johnson from the Ron Paul program??


      This is a Prosecutor’s Bonanza! From Jennifer Taylor’s recordings — several lawsuits can be successfully filed. Federal Crime to fraudulently influence an election’s result (a Felony); State and possible Federal Crime to falsify ‘Registered Mark’ documents; Federal and State Crime to Falsely take someone’s Identity (Jennifer Taylor needs to identify the woman that Impersonated her, and the Other Impersonators that did so to The Legitimate Ones, on the Count ANNOUNCED as TRUE; the Voice accepting these FAKE “refusals for nomination” of Ron Paul needs to be pinned to the individual (so his Name and Address can also be tied as Collusion to Defraud)! Very important to have Exact Name and accurate address — in order to file lawsuits expeditiously!

      All of these need to be leaned on to admit they worked under Romney’s DIRECT Orders — or face long terms in jail!

      After all, it is Romney we need to put in Jail (since he’s the General that gave the orders TO DEFRAUD, if not, THAN HE IS THE ONE THAT CAN’T CONTROL HIS OWN TROOPS — THE FAULT STILL LAYS WITH HIM)!

      HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS — the Weakest Link has been SPOTTED (see video count from 3:14 to 3:21).

      This Young Man MUST be Confronted with these ONLY Options: become Rmoney’s sacrificial lamb, and spend your Life in a Federal Prison (till you grow old and gray); OR get Amnesty by testifying Against Romney, that you were put up to do this on HIS BEHALF!

      • Surf: I don’t think anyone impersonated her. In the video, she just says someone put her name in the running. Luckily, it sounds like all the fake candidates repudiated the bid. That is an amazing outcome, since if I were nominated, I think I would be terribly flattered. I hope when the people removed their names, they endorsed one of the true slate at the same time.

    • “Johnson left the state fiscally solid,” and was “arguably the most popular governor of the decade . . . leaving the state with a $1 billion budget surplus.”[41] The Washington Times has reported that when Johnson left office, “the size of state government had been substantially reduced and New Mexico was enjoying a large budget surplus.”[28]

      Sounds like a man for the job.

  15. The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

    “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

    We’ve been Bamboozled into looking for ghost Enemies under our beds — when the REAL Enemies of America are in front of us…living it up in DC.

    Donate NOW to Ron Paul below:

    After-all, if Ron Paul is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future…so what do you have to lose?!

  16. Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

    These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

    According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

    Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

    Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

    What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

    What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

    But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!

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