In an eye-opening victory over the weekend, Texas Congressman Ron Paul took an amazing 20 out of 24 delegates up for grabs based on congressional districts. Another 13 Minnesota delegates will be awarded based on a state convention in May.

Report from the Daily Caller:

Minnesota will send 40 delegates to the Republican National Convention. Twenty of the 24 delegates based on congressional districts were awarded to Texas Rep. Ron Paul in selection processes that concluded this weekend.

Thirteen Minnesota delegates will be allocated based on the results of a statewide convention in May, according to Paul campaign senior adviser Doug Wead.

Wead wrote on his blog that GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney is an a “panic” after the Paul landslide. Similar efforts to bolster the Texas congressman’s delegate count are underway in Iowa, Colorado, Maine and other states.

“[A] number of Romney Hawks are now deeply concerned that Ron Paul has already laid the groundwork for similar success in six more caucus states,” Wead wrote.

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul declined to comment on the record about whether or not Romney is indeed in a panic.

This is why the delegate count is purely “speculative” at this point since many delegates haven’t been tied to a particular candidate yet. With intense organization on the ground, Paul can certainly make an impact in these types of situations where the delegates are being finalized. The hurdle for Romney will be whether Gingrich and Paul can essentially siphon off enough delegates to keep the 1,144 number out of Romney’s reach before the primaries end.


  1. As I recall, Al Franken found a couple of stuffed ballot boxes in northern Minnesota and won a Senate seat.

    He, too, is a loser!

  2. Thanks for putting this up Nate. It does indeed demonstrate that the delegate totals are an utter farce except in the cases where they are all bound based on the results of a winner-take-all primary. Those will be Romney’s only “hard delegates” if Paul supporters have any say in it. And even some of those will be Paul supporters who abstain from voting in the first round at the convention to prevent Romney from getting 1144. The convention will be its only little revolution.

    This is why Romney is having “parties” where you can only get in if you sign a pledge to vote for him at the national convention. He’s trying to BUY insurance of the nomination. This is why Romney wants to pretend the GOP primary is over and that it is now a race between Obama and Romney… He wishes.

    It’s time to turn the lights on and watch the cockroaches at the Fed, Goldman Sachs, and other elite financial institutions scurry from the insecticide that will be Ron Paul wielding the constitution as POTUS. Get ready folks! It is time to remember what freedom is all about!

    RON PAUL 2012!

    • But with freedom comes responsibility and how many Americans are ready to give up Uncle Sugar’s free checks?

  3. Ron Paul has re-ignited Americans’ hopes this time. Dr Paul is a tried and tested leader who will never disappointe. Mitt Romney must be having sleepless nights this time around as the lone soldier, RP soldiers on. I’ve always said it and debated it in various forums that given a favourable environment and innocent election officers the situation will allow for a level playing field that the GOP has always supressed. In the 1st quarter Dr Paul bagged $10.4mil and $1.8mil cash. This shows that his associates and supporters are increasingly confident of a RP victory and nomination come what may. If truth be told, Ron Paul is the man. This man has proved all Romney media and praise-singers wrong. Republican supporters should do the right act now, to force the GOP to suspend Mitt Romney on electoral fraud charges. Investigations as to the authenticity and integrity of all Romney s previous results should commence. Ron Paul s next punch should be able to dislocate Romney s jaws instantly.

  4. Yayyyyyyyy!!! I’m not for Ron Paul, cuz he’s too afraid of engaging the world, which makes him wrong for the country. But I’m not for Romney either, who will sell out this country in the same way he sold out the workers in all those companies he closed for a quick buck. Obama? Why not. He’s working hard during hard times. Gingrich? Now, there would be a new way of thinking, of revitalizing this country. Yeah, I’ll vote for Obama if Gingrich doesn’t win out at the brokered convention Ron Paul is creating with this win in Minnesota and elsewhere

    • LaIncoherent? Do Gingrich/Obama supporters all vote like this?

      eeny meeny miny mo
      Catch a Gingrich by the toe
      If he loses, I’ll vote BO
      eeny meeny miny mo

    • So being in favor of free trade that isn’t live bombs, ammunition & mass carnage is now considered “afraid to engage the world”?

      Ron Paul supports a peaceful, constitutional foreign policy that keeps diplomacy on the table rather than shunning it as “wimpy”, and actually strengthens national defense by bringing troops home and securing the borders. Are you gonna go to the front lines for chickenhawk Gingrich or Obama? Ron has the support of the troops, I wonder why that is? Oh yeah, he’s not willing to sacrifice lives for nation building and geopolitics. He does however support free trade with ANY nation, and eliminating protectionist import policies that cause high prices in the US. Are you from the US? Don’t you want to pay less for things? Don’t you want the fed to stop printing money, making our dollar worthless?

      Don’t you care? or do you vote as arbitrarily as one cheers for a sports team or a race horse?

      Time to spend a bit more time reading, and less time typing buddy.

      • Come on now Eric, socialism is the way to go if you ain’t got nothing and/or you don’t intend to do anything to better your position on the food chain.

        • That is the problem with people, but the real welfare problem in this country involves the financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan, etc. Those guys get the big trillion dollar welfare checks that make food stamps laughable.

          When are people going to face up to that?

      • Doesn’t it drive you NUTS that people will regurgitate garbage that they heard on tv and use it as their argument against Ron Paul without even a minimal amount of research to back up their claims? My girlfriend said to me the other day, “Ron Paul’s against helping tornado victims!”…NO!(my response) Ron Paul is against STEALING money from someone in New York(ie,it’s where I live) to pay for someone’s misfortune in Tornado Alley, USA!…”What are those people supposed to do?”…For one thing (my response), they better not hold their breath for the Gov’t to help em. FEMA did such a GREAT JOB with Katrina!!! Plus, there are TONS of Americans that would gladly DONATE money/resources to help out. Look at Katrina again. Thousands of people from all over the country did what they could to help, only to be TURNED AWAY by FEMA! And with the gov’t out of the picture, private run org.’s would spring up to fill the void…I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, point being, she mentioned Ron Paul to someone she works with(only because that’s all she hears out of my mouth), they mention how insensitive Ron Paul is and how he doesn’t want to help tornado victims (repeating what they heard on tv), then she comes home believing that Ron Paul’s a monster! AND NEITHER ONE OF EM HAS A CLUE!!! Believe me, my 15yr old daughter and I have been trying to change that, but I guess some people just don’t get it(or could care less). I think the problem is that a lot of people just DON’T KNOW WHAT IT TRULY MEANS to live in America and what goes along with that. If you want the gov’t to take care of you, MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, DON’T RUIN OURS! Right?!?! As you can see, I am extremely frustrated and I apologize for my rambling. Just wanted you to know, YOUR NOT ALONE…peace

        • Mike

          I have a Christian friend who actually told me that Ron Paul WANTS Iran to have Nuclear Weapons. I asked him to show me where Ron Paul actually said that. My friend “refuses” to believe anything on the Internet, even if it’s the Re-Runs of the GOP Debates.

          I told him that I’d watch the Debates again to see if Ron actually said that. If he didn’t, I’ll be sure to remind him that it’s important NOT to bear False Witness against people – for that’s what the Jewish Leadership sought and found in Matthew 26: 57-68 in order to condemn Jesus Christ to Death.

          This just shows that the Neocon Agenda has “hijacked” much of Christianity within the United States – with the “Blessing” of their Pastors and Leadership. These Leaders provoke their Congregations to HATE all of Islam because of 9/11.

          • Could be that hate is much more effective than love when it comes to extracting money out of people.

    • (Yayyyyyyyy!!! I’m not for Ron Paul, cuz he’s too afraid of engaging the world, which makes him wrong for the country.)

      That’s a fair enough statement and that statement can bet backed up, no doubt about it as America has engaged in close to 200 wars since 1776. So how can war be wrong? Well I can give you about 16 trillion reasons to start with.

    • Afraid to engage the world. Don’t sell the old man short. He would probably kick your rear end until you got a nose bleed. We lost 59,000 in Vietnam, which I was part of, and what did that get us. You need to wake up and smell the roses.

  5. It amazes me how many voters are ‘out of touch.’ I was at a function in Windsor, ON last night. We have a lot of Michigan visitors here. Politics came up and I was in disbelief of how many are still in the dark.

    The brainwashing of the US government is working and the lack of proper media is backing it up. When mentioning what’s REALLY going on, they stood with their jaws dropped in awe.

    Did you know that you have 6-800 FEMA concentration camps in the USA?

    New World Order Death Plan Fema Concentration Camps

    They still believe that Iran is a threat, they believed that Libya was for humanitarian purposes and think that Obama is still better than Granny Smith’s Apple pie.

    They have no idea ‘who’ Ron Paul is.. and were dumbfounded to hear some of the truth.

    The US of A is in trouble and it’s citizen’s don’t even know it.

    That’s scary..

  6. Good news from the US Supreme Court — looks like the BO’s beloved Illegals (those criminally entering our nation — the stealers of US jobs and carries of crime) will finally get the Boot!

    Now, BO and Rmoney need the Boot…!

    Ron Paul — get ready to bring down the house in Tampa. Also, prepare for the AmericansElect and Libertarian Party nominations!

    • Not at all as those that die before that 16 trillion dollar debt is addressed don’t have to worry about ever paying it back and they got to enjoy the use of a small fraction of it. For the chosen few that became millionaires many times over on borrowed money, they don’t intend to pay one dime of it back. The stupid ones are the ones that are alive when the markers are called in as it could get ugly fast.

    • And they will be patrolling a lot more than just the border for illegals crossing for sure. (Person of Interest aka dead beat dad)

      • Are you guys kidding me ? Newt,Santorum? newt was kekcid out of office and Santorum wants to bring back the Inquisition, witch hunts and crusades -complete screw ball ..Only one man talks real issues and not on a morality crusade’ or war platform . Ron Paul is the only man that can beat Obama,bring back a strong US dollar , restore the Bill Of Rights by repealing the Patriot act and NDAA ,BRING OUR TROOPS HOME and stop empire building building . Take your country back read the facts not 6 o’clock media agenda -Join the Ron Paul Revolution !!

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    Here is the proof you need: his actual phone message LIE!

    • Romney and Obama are actually clones —

      “Claim scientists at Rothdale’s laboratory in Lead’s, Ireland who publicly announced yesterday that both men were actually cloned in the King’s College – Chicago University experiments of 1956. ”

      For all of those that have kept on stating, and warning the American people, that Romney = Obama — now you have this video to back you up!

      Share it — funny stuff…sadly!

      • Ron Paul to WIN — or America to End 2012

        Take your pick…there are no other options!
        Ron Paul must take Rmoney to Tampa — to expose the GOP’s perfidy — when hundreds of thousands of Real Americans will come to the Convention voluntarily, supporting Ron Paul, the ONLY REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT in this race (vs a few hundred BUSED Rmoney bullies pretending they are actual people)!

        If the Republican Convention cheats Ron Paul out of The Nomination — then, go Third Party!

        There MUST NOT be a way allowed, for Rmoney to “debate” BO one-on-one — since this will be a Clowns’ Show (two liars trying to out-lie each other…when they are one-and-the-same HUMAN TRASH)!

        Ron Paul MUST be part of the DEBATES — so, he can clearly show up THESE politically trained monkeys for what they are — The ULTIMATE Destroyers of the USA!

        Elect Ron Paul as President, if you want to Save America — vote for anyone else, if you WANT to DESTROY the USA!

  8. Romney and Obama are actually clones —

    “Claim scientists at Rothdale’s laboratory in Lead’s, Ireland who publicly announced yesterday that both men were actually cloned in the King’s College – Chicago University experiments of 1956. ”

    For all of those that have kept on stating, and warning the American people, that Romney = Obama — now you have this video to back you up!

    Share it — funny stuff…sadly!


  9. If you want more of the same, vote for Mitt Romney. If you want to restore what has been lost for the past 80 years, vote Ron Paul and see a prospering America reemerge and see the federal income tax you have never owed, vanish and YOU keep your hard earned money.

    • by closing the departments of Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education, as well as abolishing the Transportation Security Administration. Well a step in the right direction for sure but he is going to need big bucks to put a dent in the national debt. Taking a big pay cut (shutting down IRS) may not be the way to go about it ? ? ? But the again you got to take the kid out of the candy store. Way beyond my pay grade.

      • What did this young girl do, to get the Dogs-of-State to pursue and knock her of her bike brutally to the ground, and then maul her into painful submission?

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        4) 0:57 — see the hand taking her cell phone away from her

        5) 1:10 — she manages to free one hand

        6) 1:11 — she tries to pass it in desperation to the people outside the circle of about a dozen Dogs-of-State trampling her rights

        7) 1:12 – 2:03 — she is still screaming in pain…but no-one can help her (since the AGGRESSORS, The Dogs-of-State are ARMED, and thus can inflict pain AT WILL on the disarmed, peaceful citizens)!

        And more abuses follow!

        This is the MOST DISTURBING VIDEO I’ve seen taped on American soil!

        DISGUSTING is mild — words fail me to describe my feelings on this OUTRAGE — watching the ‘US KGB’ MAUL and ABUSE a young girl!

        Don’t know what you’ll do about it — but I’m sending this to Judge Napolitano, the ACLU, News Media outlets, and even contacting my Lawyers to look into filing a civil case against these SS Troopers (hopefully pics can be enlarged so their badge numbers can be seen)!

  10. The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

    “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

    We’ve been Bamboozled into looking for ghost Enemies under our beds — when the REAL Enemies of America are in front of us…living it up in DC.

    Donate NOW to Ron Paul below:

    After-all, if Ron Paul is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future…so what do you have to lose?!

  11. Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

    These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

    According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

    Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

    Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

    What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

    What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

    But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!

  12. Ok, everybody – IF you did NOTHING to support Ron Paul, in his Campaign for President,
    MENTION – FOUR MORE YEARS OF OBAMNEY! I’ve already donated $200.00 – $100.00
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