Yes, there still are primary battles left to fight but with the exit of Rick Santorum from the race, Romney will be essentially running unapposed in most of these contests. Neither Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul has been able to mount a serious coalition with Santorum’s exit. At least not in these northern eastern states which Romney was heavily favored in even with Santorum in the race. The one exception was Pennsylvania which Santorum was doing competitive in but will now likely fall in line for Romney.

Voting Tuesday (4/24/12): Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Report from the Pittsburgh on the state of the primary in Pennsylvania:

Ron Paul’s visit to Pittsburgh Friday was a reminder that, technically, the race for the Republican presidential nomination continues, but Rick Santorum’s withdrawal this month put Mitt Romney firmly in general election mode and made Pennsylvania’s once highly anticipated primary a national afterthought.

A GOP battle for U.S. Senate nomination and a handful of U.S. House and state legislative races provide a few islands of contention Tuesday but they are scattered across a sea of political ennui.

“We’re anticipating an abysmal turnout,” said Frank Snyder, secretary treasurer of the state AFL-CIO, the umbrella labor group that’s trying to make its voice heard in several races.

“Nobody knows Tuesday is election day,” Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto lamented on Thursday at a rally for Democratic state attorney general candidate Patrick Murphy.

A word on the New York primary from the Ithaca Journal:

New York was supposed to be a major factor in this year’s presidential primaries, but there will be little sense of urgency surrounding Tuesday’s vote.

There was some hope that New York would help decide which Republican would challenge Democratic President Obama. But with Mitt Romney assured the nomination, GOP voters will head to the polls Tuesday to make more of a statement that exert influence on the decision.

Romney solidified his support after former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania suspended his campaign April 10. His name will still be on the ballot. Votes for Santorum will be counted toward delegates because he did not submit documentation that would invalidate his candidacy, a spokesman for the state Board of Elections said.

Turnout certainly will be lower Tuesday than it would have been if Santorum were still in the race, said Ed Cox, chairman of the state GOP Committee. He has personally endorsed Romney.

“We’re just pivoting, just like Romney, out of the state-by-state primary campaign and into the national campaign,” Cox said.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, has been described as being too stiff.

We’ll have complete results and a wrap-up once the voting takes place. Even in a complete sweep, there are not enough delegates for Romney to hit the 1,144 magic number this time around, he’ll have to wait until May for some more contests.


  1. My Libertarian friend in Missouri sent me this link:

    It explains how Bain Capital worked. They would buy SUCCESSFUL companies, with little down, borrowed huge amounts, saddling them with crushing debt, refused to continue equipment purchases or maintenance. Then they would pay themselves huge “management” fees.

    It’s a long article, but this is an important quote:

    “Romney is not a vulture capitalist, as Rick Perry says, since vultures eat dead carcasses,” notes Josh Kosman, who has written about the private equity business for 15 years. He’s “more of a parasitic capitalist, since he destroys profitable businesses.”

    • (He’s “more of a parasitic capitalist,)

      Right and if the pie is only so big, he & Bain end up with the biggest slice if not the whole thing. The community is thus left with a lot less than they had before Romney..I think he can do the same for the USA if given the chance.

      • Billy:

        Yeah. I thought “parasite” was too generous a term.

        SHARK is more descriptive.

        They swam in, tore out all the assets, and left residue.

        • Just not what this country needs at this time. Be a lot better if he was running for

          President of the People’s Republic of China

        • Goethe Behr —

          Superb artricle! With your permission I’m repostig this and sending it to many.

          • Surf:

            It was just sent to me, so yeah, spread the word.

            It really shows that Romney-as-businessman is a lie.

            American business tries to be about building, not destroying.

            Even Darwinism doesn’t describe what Bain has been about. In nature, it’s the weak and slow that are eaten. But Bain USUALLY found companies that were so successful that they had money-in-the-bank. And they went after the money. That is pathetic. That’s just legalized theft. It may not be illegal, but it’s “criminal.”

      • Billy Malone

        The community is thus left with a lot less than they had before Romney.

        The community is then left with MORE Debt “after” Romney. Yes. If he’s elected, the community (the Country) will have MORE Debt which will ultimately lead to the community defaulting on the Debt and Declaring Bankruptcy.

        However, the United States is ALREADY Bankrupt, but the United States has the World’s Reserve Currency and also a Monumental Printing Press to “make” MORE “Counterfeit” Money. Thus, the MORE Debt there is – the MORE “Counterfeit” Money there is – and vise-versa.

        Romney will “run” this Country as he ran Bain. He’ll leverage the United States World Reserve Currency Status for MORE Bail-Outs for the Money Manipulators so that the Government can pay it’s Bills through the “infusion” of Newly Printed “Counterfeit” Money (Capital) into the US Economy by the FED. All the while, “heaping” the incurred Debt through “leveraging” upon the American Taxpayer. The “Game Plan” is to NOT let the Banking Sector FAIL. (Too BIG to Fail) However, that’s NOT how a Free Market Economy works. “Capital” is to be “infused” into a Free Market Economy by Investors taking the “Risk” for Reward. The Banks already KNOW that they AREN’T going to be “exposed” to ANY Risk because they know Romney will Bail them out. (Too BIG to Fail) That’s why they’re “Bankrolling” his Campaign. The SAME “sinister” Plan is happening in Europe (Greece).

        • How this guy managed to elbow out Johnson & Huntsman I will never be able to comprehend but they gave MacArthur the Medal of Honor for the greatest defeat in American history. Then Truman gave the bastard what he deserved, he fired him.

      • G. Behr — here is what I’m sending. Hope you like it.

        *Mitt Romney, American Parasite*

        (Mitt Grosny — Romney The Terrible (my prefered title))

        It explains how Bain Capital worked. They would buy SUCCESSFUL companies, with little down, borrowed huge amounts, saddling them with crushing debt, refused to continue equipment purchases or maintenance. Then they would pay themselves huge “management” fees.

        Some notable excerpts:

        “Romney is not a vulture capitalist, as Rick Perry says, since vultures eat dead carcasses,” notes Josh Kosman, who has written about the private equity business for 15 years. He’s “more of a parasitic capitalist, since he destroys profitable businesses.” (The host must be healthy enough to be force-fed all that debt, then slowly bled to death…until the parasites drain all the wealth for themselves).

        “When Bain was about to buy a company, its partners would hold a meeting. “He said that about half the time [they] would talk about cutting workers,” Kosman says. “They would never talk about adding workers. He said that job growth was never part of the plan.” That claim was buttressed by the Associated Press, which studied 45 companies bought by Bain during Romney’s first decade. It found that 4,000 workers lost their jobs. The real figure is likely thousands higher, since the analysis didn’t account for bankruptcies and factory and store closings.

        “The Armco plant closing involved more than the torching of 750 jobs, Morrow says. Contractors and suppliers collapsed. Workers’ children and widows lost health care and pension benefits. And while Bain received millions in tax breaks—paid for by the very people left holding the bag—Romney walked away millions richer.”

        A must read article (long) but recommended to all!

        Share it!


          • Gingrich spent some years in France too when he was a teenager. And I rmemeber in the late 60 , these handsome young men, very friendly and speaking good french, ringing door bells to hand out leaflets, always in pairs. We would often let them in if they wanted a drink after telling them we were not interested in their speech. It was fun. And very different from our strict calvinist upbringing.

  2. When you read this Blog “Northeast “Super Tuesday” happens tomorrow” – be sure to read-between-the-lines on what the Democrats and the Obama Sycophants are saying.

    Because of Media Manipulation against Ron Paul, coupled with the LACK of “Grassroots” support for the GOP “Establishment” Candidate, Mitt Romney – Obama will win in a Landslide.

    • You speak the truth sir. There is absolutely NO WAY Romney will beat Obama. Not that it matters, they are 2 sides of the same corrupt coin. Only Ron Paul can rally the people and beat Obama. Only his support crosses party lines and brings in people who couldn’t bother to vote for the 2 puppet candidates.

      Its Ron Paul VS Goldman Sachs 2012!

      • Eric

        You also speak the Truth. People FAIL to realize that the Ron Paul “Plan” is the ONLY Plan that “Realistically Deals” with the Financial Meltdown of this Nation.

        U.S. debt crisis explained: IOUSA – The U.S.? has $15 TRILLION in national debts and $123 TRILLION in “unfunded liabilities”. The US economy is under a gradual erosion due to the dollar losing its reserve status little-by-little. The COLLAPSE will occur when this process is accelerated. How?

        1) When the world stops lending the US by buying US treasuries at a rate of more than 600 billion a year.?

        2) When the Federal Reserve (The FED) accelerates its printing process to cover for the budget requirements.

        3) When the US becomes “desperate” to borrow money from foreign countries by raising interest rates. Excess spending caused by unlimited fiat money by UN-Constitutional “central banks” that have been doing this since before the birth of Christ.

        Vote for Ron Paul – and ONLY Ron Paul – Vote for the Statesmen and women who “understand” how Government Spending effects the Economy – END THE FED and don’t pay those debts – which in reality are the FED’s debts. They “forced” the DEBT down our throats without proper approval by Congress. It’s all a scam and a CRIME against the American Taxpayer, by which our children, our children’s children and our childrens’s children’s children will NEVER Pay Back!

  3. “Even in a complete sweep, there are not enough delegates for Romney to hit the 1,144 magic number this time around, he’ll have to wait until May for some more contests.”

    Yeah, especially since the “delegate totals” as of now are fabricated projections, and not real delegate counts. We don’t know how many delegates the candidates really have yet. Iowa’s delegates haven’t even been selected yet, and it was the first contest this primary. Why not paint the race to be more interesting? Why are we accepting that it is going to be Goldman Sachs VS Goldman Sachs in the general election when the primary season is FAR from over?

    Speaking of Iowa, Ron Paul is probably going to get ALL the delegates there, because the GOP committee in Iowa has shifted to around 80% Paul supporters since the primary.

    It will be quite the show in Tampa.

    • Eric, Iowa may well fall just you have projected, if Minnesota is any indication.

      Ron Paul just won Minnesota outright. (and, of course, it was all over the news 🙂 🙂 ) As of this past weekend, 24 of Minnesora’s 37 delegates have been chosen, and 20 of those went to Ron Paul. Of the remaining 13, the RP campaign feels that they will get around the same percentage (80%+).

      I also noted this quote in the article: “But with Mitt Romney assured the nomination, GOP voters will head to the polls Tuesday to make more of a statement that exert influence on the decision.” [Ithaca Journal]

      I guess they haven’t been paying attention to Iowa, or Colorado, Missouri, or Minnesota, or even “bound” states like Nevada where the delegation is like a hand grenade waiting for the pin to be pulled with the first failed ballot in Tampa. Even the primary-type states are a potential source of embarassment for Romney if the first ballot doesn’t land him the nomination, as some of those delegations are heavily seeded with Paul delegates who will vote their conscience as soon as they are released to do so. And in “bound” states where Santorum won substantial numbers of delegates, those delegates may end up being specifically unbound for the Tampa convention (especially if there are significant numbers of Paul people attending the state convention as voting delegates. This could be 1920 all over again.

  4. Ron Paul or none at all.

    I am sure glad I don’t believe the Lame Stream Media anymore. You would think that Ron Paul was losing when in reality he is fixing to clean Romney’s clock.

    The GOP party sure knows the truth and despite whatever they say they know the R3VOLUTION is alive and well and coming to Tampa.

    Vote for the real Pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-gun, pro-99%er candidate.

    Just say no to Mr. 1%er. The people are going to speak and everyone will hear us soon!

    • Romney – Ron Paul in brutal battle!

      By Doug Wead

      The war over delegates at the district level last weekend descended into a brutal battle, more like a scene from the plains of the Serengeti than a political convention. Romney Hawks, now in complete control of his campaign (See Romney Hawks) are using strong arm tactics to shut out the Ron Paul forces. A county chairman in New York has commissioned robo calls declaring that all other candidates have dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney.

      “If Mitt Romney has won the nomination,” says one of the Ron Paul state directors, “Why are they so threatening and running so scared? Why would they risk breaking the law or openly lying to people on phone calls?”

      I reported to you yesterday on the Ron Paul success in Minnesota and Iowa. But only partially. I held back the full extent of the good news. The Des Moines Register reported that Ron Paul had won six members on the state committee. Ahem. There is much more to say but it is not wise to share. But since Dr. Paul, himself, let one of the cats out of the bag on CNBC today, I will reiterate his announcement that we took 15 out of 17 members of the Iowa state GOP steering committee.

      But don’t cry for Mitt Argentina. Romneyites are using every trick in the book and then some. In one instance they literally locked the door to keep Ron Paul young people from participating.

      From scattered reports of district conventions in numerous states, the Rick Santorum forces are scattered, like sheep without a shepherd. In many places his campaign is being picked clean by the Romney forces with their “unity” slates, which are anti-prolife and anti-everything else for which Rick Santorum stood.

      BTW, if you are Santorum delegate, don’t sell yourself cheap. The Romney people are making big promises to your colleagues, don’t give away your vote for nothing. And if you happen to still believe in something, come over to us.

      In Missouri, where a Santorum-Ron Paul coalition could have split the delegation, the Santorum people flipped and moved to Mitt Romney, instead. Depending on how one interprets the final tally, it looks like Ron Paul will get 20 of the delegates, and Romney will get most of the rest, giving only a token to Santorum. Ironically, the socially conservative, Rick Santorum had asked his people in Missouri to cooperate with Ron Paul, a pro lifer and an evangelical Christian. But in the end most of the delegates were Santorum supporters in name only and did their own thing, cutting a deal with Mitt Romney.

      In Washington State, where Ron Paul and Santorum people are openly cooperating in some districts, the modus operandi of the Romney establishment was especially curt. The 37th legislative district of King County is a case in point. Borrowing successful tactics used by the Romney Gestapo in Alaska, a determined King County Chairwoman, Lori Sotelo, instituted a last minute “poll tax” of ten dollars. The Ron Paul people were not deterred. They meekly submitted to this surprise “rule” and paid her the money. The meeting began, late but the duly elected delegates were committed to see it through.

      When the delegates in attendance, overwhelmingly Ron Paul supporters, duly elected their own Tamra Smilanich as the permanent chair of the caucus, Sotelo watched for a few minutes and then began what can only be described as a continuous assault on democracy at work. First she interrupted the proceedings to announce that the caucus was adjourned. She declared that Smilanich was an “operative” of the Ron Paul campaign and had turned the event into a Ron Paul campaign meeting. Since the insurance was paid for by the King County GOP, she determined it did not cover a Ron Paul event, thus the meeting was closed.

      No reason was cited to substantiate the accusation and videos now abound on the internet giving viewers a blow by blow account of events as they unfolded. Participants insist that Smilanich operated within the Robert’s Rules of Order and her election was legitimate. Her only fault was she hailed from the Ron Paul camp.

      After Smilanich allowed for speeches and just before the body could vote, Lori Sotelo made another attempt to end the proceeding and prevent any vote from taking place. Once more she contended that the premises had to be vacated because chairman Smilanich was acting as a Ron Paul campaign surrogate. A few minutes later she announced that the premises had to be vacated because the place had been rented for a limited amount of time and that time was now ended.

      With this ugly tug of war ongoing, the meeting dragged on for hours, relocating to different places, but, miraculously, a quorum was maintained and delegates were elected to the next round.

      See: High noon in Washington State.

      Of course, the establishment GOP and the Romney campaign continue to make every effort to stop or discourage the Ron Paul involvement on the grounds that Mitt Romney has won the nomination and the party should unite.

      Vincent Reda, the Rockland County, New York chairman had robo phones call to all Republicans in the county declaring that all other candidates had dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney. Where the calls made with Republican money? If so, it was illegal.

      Listen to Vincent Reda give his false message”:

      One wonders why the Romney forces are so nervous. Why would they misrepresent the facts? Why would their shills in the main stream media keep beating the drums, saying to the Ron Paul supporters, “Get out, get out, get out.”

      No one stops to ask the question that if Mitt Romney has the nomination won, why should all of these people have to get out? Why wouldn’t the Romney organizers be saying, “Get in, get in, get in?”

  5. Ron Paul Wins in Iowa and Minnesota, Romney in a Panic

    By Doug Wead

    Ron Paul supporters surged to victory in yesterday’s Minnesota and Iowa district conventions, dominating the process and picking up more delegates to the Republican National Convention. As reported last week, a number of Romney Hawks are now deeply concerned that Ron Paul has already laid the groundwork for similar success in six more caucus states.

    Yesterday’s results for Ron Paul will only increase the influence of Hawks inside the Mitt Romney camp.

    Romney advisers are concerned that the rising total of Ron Paul delegates will lead to an unmanageable RNC. Some observers felt that the 1992 convention hurt an incumbent president George H. W. Bush and was a factor in his loss to Bill Clinton.

    In most states, victories at the district conventions decide who will move onto the state conventions where most of the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be selected.

    The rules in Minnesota are slightly different and some of those final delegates were actually selected at scattered district conventions yesterday. Reports from our own Marianne Stebbins in Minnesota show that Ron Paul now has 20 out of the 24 delegates already chosen to represent the state at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the campaign is poised to do just as good at the upcoming state convention, May 18-19, when the final 13 will be chosen.

    In Iowa, Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter for the Des Moines Resister, broke into open what had been our little secret, namely, the takeover of the GOP in Iowa. “A rising tide of Republicans who share Ron Paul’s philosophy of limited government are flooding into GOP party roles in Iowa,” Jennifer wrote, reporting on yesterdays Iowa district conventions.

    Actually, it is a phenomenon seen all across the country. It is viewed by many political observers as the biggest transformation of the Republican Party since 1988, when evangelical Christians joined the process and dominated state positions for a whole generation.

    While the Iowa Ron Paul campaign is keeping its cards close to the vest, we all got a sneak peak from an the Des Moines Register story which reported that six of the new Iowa GOP state central committee members elected Saturday have publicly expressed support for Ron Paul. Joes Kurtinitis, Kris Thiessen, Dave Cushman, Jeff Shipley, John Kabitzke and Marcus Fedler. “Two more,” Jennifer Jacobs reports, “have close ties.” The new state chairman is also a Ron Paul supporter, who served as a co-chairman for the congressman’s Iowa state organization.

    The Iowa state GOP convention is set for Jun 16, 2012.

    Meanwhile, the sleepy New York Times has posted for five months and still posts, even today, that the total delegate count for Ron Paul in Iowa is one. They say that the total delegate count for Ron Paul in Minnesota is nine. In fact, Ron Paul supporters will now dominate both state conventions. And the same trend is ongoing in states across the country.

  6. Sounds like the Ron Paul website. Even a shot at General MacArthur;who by the way would have won the Korean war if Truman and his one world government attitude hadn’t stopped him and fired him. Trusting the AP for quotes without dates is obscuring the real story. Yes Romney may not be everyones favorite, but he is not Ghengis Kahn either. He is what we have and he will beat Barry.

    • No, MacArthur was Ghengis Khan, not Romney.

      Romney is a Chicken Hawk, who claimed to be a “minister” to get out of Vietnam.

      Back to MacArthur, yeah, it’s likely that MacArthur could have “won” the war in Korea, with his plan to drop THIRTY to FIFTY atomic bombs on the country. But he wasn’t fired for insanity. He was fired for insubordination.

      The worst kind of “loose canon” is one that’s filled with nuclear “canon balls.”

    • oldtimered

      You can “Rah Rah” all you want for Romney, but if he’s the GOP Nominee and Ron Paul isn’t in the Race, Obama will win a second term…EASILY!

      Are Republicans that “forgetful” from what happened just 4 short years ago with John McCain and Sarah Palin? Only this time around, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO Difference on the Issues between Obama and Romney. Even the Wall Street Campaign “Bribers” (I mean Contributors) are the SAME.

      Perhaps you should spend more time on Ron Paul’s Website instead of watching FOX News. You may actually read about a TRUE Conservative Republican in Ron Paul – instead of the Neocon Agenda that FOX News reports as being Conservative/Republican.

      • I do believe Romney can and will suck the last bit of life out out of USA a lot quicker than Obama as you just can’t beat experience. Mitt has the proven track record no doubt about it. He is indeed a true ebola virus.

          • I think if you check it out Mitt is more of a virus than a parasite for a number of reasons. It was explained to me by a doctor, leaving politics out of it, and Mitt fit squarely within the definition of a virus more so than a parasite as a parasite usually dies when the host dies a virus spreads and infects other hosts. Sound like Bain? Ebola!

    • The shot was at FDR, a commander and chief with no prior military experience. A few years prior the voters elected another commander and chief with no prior military experience, Woodrow Wilson. Switzerland took a pass on both WW’s but they had the mountains to protect them and the wars were so far away, why bother.

      • Billy:

        No big deal, but it’s “Commander-in-Chief.”

        Anyway, there was also Sweden (“Make love not war”).

        • You are so right, sorry I just watched that crummy movie “Master and Commander” . Russell Crowe was the star.

    • oldtimered

      This is not a Ron Paul site, what you see here is just a MERE snapshot of the REAL support Ron Paul ACTUALLY has for POTUS! There are several excellent highly-informative videos posted on this page I hope that you view them.

      As for Mitt…..please watch this video.

      Mitt IS Barry…………!
      The Establishment have been dosing ALL OF US with Paregoric for far too long………
      Are You Angry Yet?

      • . Are You Angry Yet?…………..Could be he is thirsty for more, much more of the same.
        However, if you try to help everybody, you end up being able to help nobody.

        Then again I was wrong on Calif. when they elected Jerry Brow as they are still afloat.

  7. Any ideas??

    Today, Newt says (a) Romney is being “presumptuous” to assume that he already has the nomination wrapped up, but he also said (b) that he would be “re-evaluating” his campaign.

    “Re-evaluating” usually means pulling out. BUT if he were planning on throwing in the towel, why would he suggest that Willard does NOT have the nomination wrapped up? Ordinarily, a candidate bows out and says, “the best man won,” in order to ingratiate himself.

    So what is Newt up to? Is there any chance Newt might try to get the Libertarian nomination at their convention in ten days?? What is he “re-evaluating”?

    Maybe he’s just going to announce that he’s going to try a different way to campaign for the GOP nomination. I dunno. Does anybody have an idea?

    • Newt would make the greatest can-do VP the nation has ever seen. As Prez he would be a train wreck.

  8. Take Vincent Reda to Small Claims Court NOW!

    Vincent Reda will be eventually taken to criminal court, but it may take a year or more before the case is heard.

    Anybody can take anyone for nearly any reason to Small Claims Court, and usually the case is heard in less than 2 months (in some counties 30 days). You are not filing for a Law Suit, but a CLAIM Only (claiming a wrong and placing a Dollar Value on your perceived Loss). Once the hearing is scheduled — the Judge has to hear the case! If he/she deems your claim has no merit, you lose — if not, the Judge may award you a lower dollar amount.

    Regardless of the outcome — it’s a WIN, since the point is to drag this low-life through the mud ASAP, not much, much later (for all such creeps to watch and learn NOW)!

    Here is the beauty of this ploy (since the defendant (Reda) must show up on the given date and time — if he doesn’t, you win your claim, and he has to pay you the amount! Or, get special permission from the court, to excuse his absence in person — he may be FORCED to establish phone communication during the hearing — and have his lawyers represent him):

    1) If a thousand people file such a claim — and Reda does not show up, he’ll be broke financially.

    2) If allowed by court to have only lawyers represent him — he’ll have to hire hundreds of them, to be present when many cases would be on the same, or close to the same, day when the hearings are set! That will also be a financial burden!

    Hope all New Yorkers, that were disfranchised from voting by the LIE of Vincent Reda, file a Small Claims Court CLAIM against him — the creature needs to be penalized for his perfidy!

    Share this — if many more than a Thousand people file a Small Claim, this Clown will truly be put through a Circus!

    One could claim an emotional distress that upon hearing, from a trusted official, that your candidate (say Newt, or Ron Paul) is no longer running according to the phone call, YOU broke down emotionally and stopped eating, sleeping, going to work, etc — LATER (after the voting was over) You found out it was all a Lie. And now, you are even more emotionally distressed since you lost your right to vote, because of the false statements. You put a $$$ TOTAL on your Claim (with the exact name and address of Vincent Reda) — and submit it in Small Claims Court.

    Here is the proof you need in Court: his actual phone message LIE!

  9. Romney and Obama are actually clones —

    “Claim scientists at Rothdale’s laboratory in Lead’s, Ireland who publicly announced yesterday that both men were actually cloned in the King’s College – Chicago University experiments of 1956. ”

    For all of those that have kept on stating, and warning the American people, that Romney = Obama — now you have this video to back you up!

    Share it — funny stuff…sadly!

    • Ron Paul to WIN — or America to End 2012

      Take your pick…there are no other options!
      Ron Paul must take Rmoney to Tampa — to expose the GOP’s perfidy — when hundreds of thousands of Real Americans will come to the Convention voluntarily, supporting Ron Paul, the ONLY REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT in this race (vs a few hundred BUSED Rmoney bullies pretending they are actual people)!

      If the Republican Convention cheats Ron Paul out of The Nomination — then, go Third Party!

      There MUST NOT be a way allowed, for Rmoney to “debate” BO one-on-one — since this will be a Clowns’ Show (two liars trying to out-lie each other…when they are one-and-the-same HUMAN TRASH)!

      Ron Paul MUST be part of the DEBATES — so, he can clearly show up THESE politically trained monkeys for what they are — The ULTIMATE Destroyers of the USA!

      Elect Ron Paul as President, if you want to Save America — vote for anyone else, if you WANT to DESTROY the USA!

  10. What did this young girl do, to get the Dogs-of-State to pursue and knock her of her bike brutally to the ground, and then maul her into painful submission?

    Watch carefully the chronological order (FREEZE picture at the time count given below — to see why):

    1) 0:32 — one of the Dogs-of-State signals the rest that he’s seen a cyclist taking a picture of “SOMETHING THAT MUST NOT BE SEEN”! So they run in pursuit.

    2) 0:44 — she is dragged down by two Dogs-of-State

    3) 0:51 — many more “Gang-of-Brothers” arrive surrounding their victim being mauled on the ground

    4) 0:57 — see the hand taking her cell phone away from her

    5) 1:10 — she manages to free one hand

    6) 1:11 — she tries to pass it in desperation to the people outside the circle of about a dozen Dogs-of-State trampling her rights

    7) 1:12 – 2:03 — she is still screaming in pain…but no-one can help her (since the AGGRESSORS, The Dogs-of-State are ARMED, and thus can inflict pain AT WILL on the disarmed, peaceful citizens)!

    And more abuses follow!

    This is the MOST DISTURBING VIDEO I’ve seen taped on American soil!

    DISGUSTING is mild — words fail me to describe my feelings on this OUTRAGE — watching the ‘US KGB’ MAUL and ABUSE a young girl!

    Don’t know what you’ll do about it — but I’m sending this to Judge Napolitano, the ACLU, News Media outlets, and even contacting my Lawyers to look into filing a civil case against these SS Troopers (hopefully pics can be enlarged so their badge numbers can be seen)!

  11. The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

    “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

    We’ve been Bamboozled into looking for ghost Enemies under our beds — when the REAL Enemies of America are in front of us…living it up in DC.

    Donate NOW to Ron Paul below:

    After-all, if Ron Paul is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future…so what do you have to lose?!

  12. Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

    These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

    According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

    Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

    Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

    What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

    What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

    But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!

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