Wyoming Republicans have been caucusing in their respective counties over the month of February leading up to the announcement of the results on Wednesday, March 1. The final county held its caucus Wednesday night which meant the results could now be tallied. Mitt Romney was handed a non-binding victory with Rick Santorum following closely in 2nd place.

Complete Results: Wyoming GOP

Report from The Boston Channel:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has won the Wyoming caucuses.

Based on straw-poll results compiled and released by the Wyoming Republican Party, Romney won 39% of the votes cast in straw polls conducted at county-level caucuses.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum came in second with 32% of the straw poll vote, followed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 21% and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with 8%.

The delegate count may be closer. Of the 26 delegates at stake, CNN estimates Romney will pick up 10 delegates, while Santorum will take in nine delegates, Paul will receive six, and Gingrich one.

Throughout the month of February, Wyoming Republicans held caucuses and cast votes in straw polls in 22 of the state’s 23 counties. The final county, Sweetwater County, held its caucus Wednesday night.

A little more than 2,000 people caucused this year in Wyoming, the state with the country’s smallest population at just over half a million residents.

The February caucuses and straw polls are the first step in Wyoming’s delegate selection process. County-level delegates to the national convention in Tampa will be chosen at county conventions on March 6-10, and statewide delegates will be selected at the state GOP convention in April.

Wyoming will select their delegates at their state convention later this spring.


  1. I don’t think it matters much be it Rick, The Mitt, The Newt, or Obama, as all four represent more of the same.

    • Yeah they share the same opinions on all the issues and would make all the same decisions I’m sure.

      • OK —

        Ron Paul is the only one who wants to restore our Freedoms and Prosperity (and get us out of the business of war making).

        The rest are for even more ‘people control’ ; see what FOX aired in this show: “Illegal Everything” — a Must See!

        Shows how Americans are “breaking” the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

        From the Nation with the most Freedoms in the civilized world, we have now become the one with the least!


    • I certainly hear your discouragement. In all elections except this one, I felt the same. But this time, it’s not. There’s a big difference between the Republican candidates from the most Liberatarian (Paul) to most Conservative (Santorium)and from most moderate Romney to moderate-conservative (Gingrich).

      It helps to determine what issues you feel strongly on and then see which candidate represents the majority of your views. Likely no one will represent every view you hold. Please do vote for the one that you believe in. For me, that’s Santorum.

      Watching the debates helped me make up my mind. You can see the debates in their entirety at this link: http://www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com/2012-debate-schedule/2011-2012-primary-debate-schedule/

      Thank you for your consideration.

      • For me, that’s Santorum.

        The Prince of Pork……..voted 5 times to increase the debt ceiling, the Bridge to Nowhere, the tea pot museum, all for war with Iran etc., etc

        Just what this country needs, more of the same

      • It amazes me how parochial people are these days. And it is illustrated in our political choices.

        There has been a great shift over the past century. In the early 1900s, there was no question about it. The Democratic Party was the “workers'” Party, and the Republican Party was the “managers'” party. Since there are always more workers than managers, the Democrats won most elections.

        Trouble is, in the 60s, the Democratic Party decided to fight for civil rights. LBJ is quoted as saying he knew the 1964 Civil Rights Act would lose the “solid south” for generations.

        At the same time, the anti-war movement grew among worker families, since it’s always THEIR kids who die. But protesters became too vocal and sometimes violent, so it turned people off, even though the Vietnam War was becoming more and more unpopular.

        Nixon and Agnew used these threads of fear of civil rights and anti-war violence to bring people into the managers’ party–figuring they’d rather be “managed” than worry about civil disruption.

        Since then, the managers’ party has gathered a wide range of constituencies, from religious fundamentalists to gun lovers, but if you look at the Republican agenda, it continues to champion programs that primarily benefit the “one percent.”

        Meanwhile, Democrats have lost popularity, because they have forgotten to self-identify as pro-worker, even at a time when worker income has stagnated for 40 years, while most affluent just keep getting geometrically richer.

        Democrats have always been the “immigrant” party, and the “minority” party, and the only thing that is saving the Democratic Party from total decimation is that we now have more “immigrants” and “minorities” than ever before.

        The Republican Party is becoming a fragile “big tent” of cards, because as they have grown, they have assimilated segments that will eventually realize that their real needs are not being met. For all the talk, there is little to no effort for their real aspirations, and eventually, party members will realize that.

        So Ron Paul really should be running as a Libertarian, and hope that he can build a new party, just as Lincoln and his friends buried the Whig Party in the middle of the 19th century, and just started over.

        • Gee I can’t see where one party was any worse than the other in running up the 16 trillion dollar debt. Bush had his trillion dollar war and Obama his stimulus packages. Both have endless wars that can never be won (war on drugs, war on poverty, etc., etc.)

        • I forgot to add that additional proof of the “workers’ party” versus the “managers’ party” is that Reagan added to Nixon’s coalition by bringing workers into the Republican Party–by focusing on law and order and fear of foreign powers–even though the party doesn’t focus on their economic issues. We still call workers who vote Republican as “Reagan Democrats.”

          • Debt is the #1 threat to America and:

            Economist Mike Kimel notes that the five former Democratic Presidents (Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman) all reduced public debt as a share of GDP, while the last four Republican Presidents (George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford) all oversaw an increase in the country’s indebtedness.[14] Economic historian J. Bradford DeLong, former Clinton Treasury Department official, observes a contrast not so much between Republicans and Democrats, but between Democrats and “old-style Republicans (Eisenhower and Nixon)” on one hand (decreasing debt), and “new-style Republicans” on the other (increasing debt).[15][16]

            • Bush squandered more than money. After 9/11, the whole world was on our side. The French leader even said “We are ALL Americans.” He could have become the international statesman his father was.

              BUT more importantly, after 9/11, the American people were unified and patriotic like no time in over 50 years. That was the time for a leader to tell us to roll up our shirtsleeves and work together. Instead, he said the government doesn’t need your effort. Why not go shopping?

              Worst of all, he started two major wars and put it all on America’s credit card. After 9/11, people would have gladly paid the taxes to fight Al Qaeda. Instead, we went on a spending spiral that will be very difficult to stop–and the war continues. When Bush walked into office, we had a surplus–and as Billy says, economic security is what power is all about.

            • we could be getting Bush back in the White House as:

              Twenty three of Romney’s senior advisers served under Bush in some capacity, several serving in key roles in the administration.

            • Likewise, there are a lot of Clinton people in the current administration.

              That’s why we need at least three viable political parties. Otherwise, it’s just the blue guys replaced by the red guys replaced by the blue guys. . .

            • John McCain: He never saw a war he didn’t like.

              Now he wants us to “declare” war on Syria.

            • He is one guy I really would like to like but he thinks war is the answer to everything.

              I guess if it were up to him we would still be in ‘Nam.

            • Right. McCain’s answer to everything is that we didn’t send enough troops, didn’t spend enough money, didn’t stay long enough.

              But I have liked some of the things McCain has done. There’s no such thing as a perfect politician. So it’s better to fight for issues, not to blindly follow “leaders.”

            • Ha Ha (LOL) RP come across as close enough to perfect for me. I do think however; that the state will pick up any slack in regulations if the feds were to back off. Hell they duplicate most everything already 3 times over. (city, county & state)

            • I would feel better if Paul were not anti-abortion. That, seems to me, is a Libertarian concept–like gay rights, which he does support.

              But. you know, the irony is that if Paul were elected, he would be stymied by Congress on domestic issues–but these days, the President can do pretty much as he pleases in foreign affairs. Congress has to ratify treaties, but there’s a lot you can do without a treaty. For instance, he could bring back ALL of our troops–from places like Japan and Germany, for instance.

              The best thing would be that he could demand a law from Congress that all future presidents must go to Congress to get a declaration of war. How could they turn down the idea of doing their Constitutional duty? Then future presidents would have to text them or tweet them or email them or whatever, but he’d have to get a DECLARATION before he sends our guys to die.

            • I would feel better if Paul were not anti-abortion.

              That may be the way he feels but what would he do about it if elected?? Nada, Nothing, Zilch. Not the Feds concern.

            • That is an interesting point. The Supreme Court has stated that States are not allowed to outlaw it. Of course, a new case could go before the court, and the Court could change another precedent (this is a pretty activist court). In that case, the Court could allow States to make laws to limit the right to an abortion. But, yeah, the president would have nothing to do with it.

              Nobody is in favor of abortion, but they happen. The difference is that rich girls can take a nice vacation to the Riviera, get an abortion, and come back with a bunch of airline points. Meanwhile, poor girls will lie dying in the alley, victim of a coat hanger job.

            • For instance, he could bring back ALL of our troops- All 330,000 of them and let them spend their pay checks here creating 3 to 4 jobs for every one service man he brings home.
              Now that would be a real stimulus package.

            • Yep. You got the key to economics. If you suddenly had hundreds of thousands of people WITH MONEY, you’d have a boost in the economy. Why? Because “consumers” are the real “job creators.”

              I have a business, and I can tell you, I am MOT a “job creator.” The job of every manager is to get as much work as possible from as few people as possible, and if he can eliminate a job, he gets a bonus.

              The real “job creators” are people who buy things. They cause a demand, that creates’ jobs, and the corporation is just the “job filler,” not the “job creator.”

            • Couldn’t agree more and RP can create close to 1 million jobs like close to the day he is sworn in. (might take a little longer as some of the troops are on the other side of the world)

              The other candidates as well as Obama all have plans that will take years to take effect.
              Like long after they are out of office and costing the taxpayers 1 million dollars (each former Prez) a year not counting SS protection that is also a waste.

          • He himself is against abortion yes. But he wants the states to decide for themselves whether or not to declare abortion legal. He may want to leave the decisions up to the states so that abortion may be illegal in some states. However with that in mind, inevitably it will the the States and their respective people who decide the legality of abortion.

    • J Brennan posted a good one — here is paraphrasing it.

      You gotta feel bad for ‘poor’ Mitt. He’s there plugging every week, and every week somebody gets ahead to help out. The people who have led Mitt so far: Donald Trump, then Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich & Rick Santorum. He’s been led by a reality show star, a crazy lady, a stuttering cowboy, the guy who brings the pizza, the nutty professor & a
      hyperactive 58-year old ‘teenager’ who looks like he’s running for student council. That’s gotta hurt a little.

      Since Ron Paul is being black-balled, Republican voters have been reduced to using the same criteria as a 4 a.m. barroom pickup: Has a pulse and no visible cold sores….

  2. Thank God that delegate count on the right is wrong! Despite the media’s efforts, and the power brokers in the party, Ron Paul is doing better than that.

    • People are fanatical about Ron Paul because they don’t think he can win. He has specific issues, like ending aggressive war, like cutting down the government, like an end to drug laws–a lot of individual things that have individual followers, and they cheer for him because they don’t think he’ll win. But if it looked like he could win, they’d take another look, and see that while they agree with him on their individual issue, there are a lot of things in his program they’re not so sure about.

      There have been a number of candidates who had a big following until they actually got the nomination.

      • That’s got to be the stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard. Wake up dude. Ron Paul is the only candidate that is even addressing the most important issues that we are facing today. He is ready to cut $1trillion from the budget in the first year and he will have it balanced by the third. He will audit then end the Fed which seems extreme to the uninformed (do some research). Search your soul and be real, his foreign policy right.

        • I have to agree the greatest threat America faces is it’s debt, no doubt about it. For RP it’s a cake walk but only after he gets in. That then becomes America’s greatest challenge.

          I’m not a real religious man but as best I recall a few years back when a saviour was put up against a criminal it was “Give us Barabbas”. I don’t think people have changed much over the last 2k years.

      • Goethe Behr —

        So these people waiting in line look ‘fanatical’ to you? Or did you word it badly, again…or are you speaking in general….

        The rest of your post is an even weaker sophism.

      • Politicians have to say what the voters want to hear. “I’m for a strong defense, I’m really big on education, and I’m tough on crime”. What they don’t say is that so long as they control the printing press and China loans us the money they can give it to you.

        To the RP supporters defense means defending America not occupation of 126 countries around the world. Education means all you can pay for.Crime means a violation of laws and regulation and RP says we have way too much and way too many. As for money we can print as much as we want so long as we have something other than debt to back it up with.

        This is something the average voter does not want to hear.

  3. Goethe:
    People are fanatical about Ron Paul because he’s the only one who “gets it”. I don’t agree with everything he says, but at least he knows that the problem is the sheer size and power of government. Everyone else just plays around the edges and talks about the cost of government. Ron wants to actually make government less powerful. He’s the only candidate saying this.

    • I think people sometimes think in 1800s terms. We like to think that “we” would be better off with almost no government, but the government is not really the problem, anyway.

      It is huge corporations that really run the world. They use governments to gain advantage (subsidies, restrictions, etc.). And the “regulations” are really the rules that one corporation thrusts on another, using the government to do its work.

      So the way I see it, the problem is not the government. The problem is that corporations USE the government, buy elections, and bribe officials (indirectly).

      With all the talk of “regulations,” can you point to even ONE that has any impact on YOU, personally?

      • Goethe Behr — LOL

        I guess you didn’t see what FOX aired in this show: “Illegal Everything” — or you wouldn’t have posted this nonsense.

        Shows how Americans are “breaking” the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

        From the Nation with the most Freedoms in the civilized world, we have now become the one with the least!


        • Right on, the more regs the less freedom. Liberty is YOU make the choices. Oppression is THEY make the choices for you.

      • Oh but if the right man gets into office, one whose shirt tails are clean and aims to keep them that way…………..well a whole new ball game.

    • Why would the average voter want to “get it”. He can buy a Chevy volt off of e bay for about $43,000. That car cost the taxpayer $240,000 (“get it”) Thus that “get it” is a really hard sell item that RP is pushing.

  4. im really tired of the ron paul people on the website they seem to be forcing his policys on us i agree with alot of what he says about no war without a declaration of war but most of his policies are radical and he needs to get out of the way so a real candidate will have a shot at obama he either needs to start attacking romney and stop trying for his vice president spot or he needs to leave the race

    • Could you give us one radical idea of Ron Paul. Something way outside of the U S Constitution. Something like the Patriot Act maybe. (RP opposed it)

  5. To all the Ron Paul supporters:

    You need to wake up, my friends. While Paul has good economic ideas, the isolationist view he takes on foreign policy is disastrous. He says he wants to stop being the world’s policemen… but I would ask Dr. Paul if he’s ever seen what happens in the “bad parts of town” when all the policemen leave? Because that is exactly what would happen if the USA stopped keeping the peace around the world – anarchy, chaos, and evil would spread through the world like a wildfire consuming everything until there was nothing left, or until another world power arose in our place to bring order and keep peace. Right now, the only comparable body is a radical Islamist Caliphate. Dr. Paul’s policies would essentially hand the world to Islam, who’s policy is submit to Shariah law or be killed. It would be an end what what little freedom the rest of the world has, and would soon threaten our freedom and security at home as well.

    • man, stop to say nonsenses. USA does not make peace on the earth. USA brings genocide, crimes against humanity, anarchy and chaos.
      Your politicins: bush, clintons, romney, santorum bring such peace as hitler did it in Europa and globally.
      It must be something, what will be done with this mainstream led by such morons as you. Remember blind cannot lead deaf, because they will fall in the whole.
      Look at ,,politicalhumour.about.com,, and write bushism in this small window left, then romnism, then santorism, your politicians are already subjects of jokes thanks to their big intelligence. it is time to have one time normal, sane, intelligent politician ( Ron Paul ), who will save, protect, restore your country, give holy peace to the rest of the world and stop to vote for complete criminal morons.

    • the isolationist view he takes on foreign policy is disastrous.

      Could you just give us just one out of the 126 countries we have soldiers in that we are needed in for national security?

      • The temperature is my take but I’m sure you knew that. As for their vote counting……..
        well, being from Chicago many years ago, you don’t have to convince me about having the fi in place.

        Mich is blue no matter what, just like Calif.

    • Gup20 —

      Except for the “While Paul has good economic ideas” — the rest of your post is fallacious. Just a jumble of childish suppositions:

      1) “…if the USA stopped keeping the peace around the world – anarchy, chaos, and evil would spread through the world like a wildfire consuming everything until there was nothing left, or until Another World Power arose in our place to bring order and keep peace….”

      Name that ‘Another World Power’ that will arise!


      2) “Right now, the only comparable body is a radical Islamist Caliphate. Dr. Paul’s policies would essentially hand the world to Islam, who’s policy is submit to Shariah law or be killed. It would be an end what what little freedom the rest of the world has….”

      USA should not be concerned with the rest of the world — since no enemies in sufficient numbers can possibly threaten us.

      3) “…and would soon threaten our freedom and security at home as well.”

      By what means — do you expect the near stone-age-majority of fanatical Muslims to build tens of thousand of Ships, to attempt to cross the thousands of miles of oceans, in order to invade our shores?


      You get an F — for the content of this illogical post.

      You get an A — for Israeli propaganda.

      Nice try, kid — LOL

      • Some misinform people are so attached to their misinformation though that it’s almost too late to change their minds with evidence. At least with ignorant people, you get a fresh start.

  6. It was already Hitler, who was elected by mainstream, it was already Bush, who was elected by mainstream and there are now Romney and Santorum, who are elected by mainstream. There are wars, there are debts thanks to mainstream. People, what do you want more? A complete financial bancruptcy like so called Great Depression or maybe global world war, because these people, who are elected by mainstream can lead to such situations like they have done it in the past?
    Certainly that the only normal, sane, intelligent candidate, who wants to change the most disasteric issues in your country and save your country from fall is Ron Paul. He is just this person, who is worthy to be president.

  7. @Gup20
    Why do you hate the East so much? I’m from Canada. They are NO threat to us except for maybe Isreal (whose been taunting that fraud in the White House) Iran is not what the media is painting.

    ‘Obama will have to back Iran strike to get re-elected’

    It’s not about ‘security threats’ bud… it’s about MONEY, RESOURCES and CONTROL. That’s what the middle east threat is about. There was never any war for ‘true’ humanitarian purposes that the local media wanted you to see.
    ‘Black Gold’ War in Libya – USA/NATO afraid Gadaffi will devalue the dollar by repricing Oil in Gold


    Do you think for one minute that CNN, Fox or any other biased media would show you this video? Not in your life. You have to FIND the truth.

    Romney is a clone of Obama. Picture if you will for one second while you hear him ‘flip flop’ and ask yourself.. would he take a paycheque from Isreal? The answer… YES. Don’t do yourself or Americans any favors. You’re in a big pickle now.. and look.. you can’t get rid of it. He’s tearing your country apart. I wouldn’t be surprised if Romney is being groomed right now in case Obama doesn’t get on the ballot.

      Help us to spread the truth, pass this on and help us to take our country back.
      The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. (Maximilien Robespierre)
      Fellow Americans, we are paying for the inept and incompetent Obama administration, this administration never take responsibility for the lack of leadership. Mr. T Boone Pickens invested millions of Dollars to get our country in the path of energy independence, but Obama and the democrats in congress fail to approve the energy tax credits to encourage more wind power investments and shifting to natural gas as a transportation fuel for the trucking industry. Now they are keeping the Canadian oil out of the US market. When Obama took office, the price of Gas was $1.81 today it’s $4.10; we are paying $2.29 more per gallon, and because transportation cost is up, we are paying more for every thing, from food, clothing and every thing we use to support our families, inflation is up 16%, but the mainstream media and our Federal government lie to us; their report indicated only 2%. Their explanation to justified the price increase on oil, is the typical supply and demand BS; the real truth of this inflation is the devaluation of the Dollar, this huge national debt is destroying the wealth of the middle class and making millions of Americans economic slaves. The entire U.S. Economy is predicate on our ability to use our resources to produce oil and energy, to decrease the price of energy; we can not continue importing our oil and paying these high prices; the best energy policy that will be in the best interest of our country; it is not to steal other countries oil, but producing our own energy, we must work to be energy independent. The production of food and other goods and transportation without cheap energy price, will skyrocket; food prices that are already at an all-time high, will continue to increase, hunger will be the number one killer in our country.

      Fellow Americans, the wars and the so call Free Trade are the results of this economic catastrophe. The main objective to invade Iraq ,Afghanistan, Libya and overthrow the governments in the Middle-East, was to have control of the oil; to be manage by the elite of the oil corporatism. Bush and the CIA fabricated the motives for justification of the invasion, that cost us $4.5 trillions Dollars. If the 4.5 trillions dollars was use to the development of our own energy; today we could be energy independent and more prosperous.
      Free trade and globalization, cost our country millions of jobs and the demise of our manufacturing, farming and the closing of thousands of small business; the average American worker lost and the big U.S multinational corporations, China, Mexico and all the other foreign countries that we have this treaty win. When are we going to learn? are we that stupid that we can not see, what our future is going to be if we don’t change our policies?. Obama with the help of the CIA and the US special forces are building motives to invade Iran to steal their oil, just like we done with Iraq and Libya. This corrupt system of government that expended trillions of Dollars to protect the multinational corporations interest must be throw out. This nation is a Nation by the corporation for the corporations. Shame on the SOBS that betray our trust.
      Fellow Americans the invasion will be forward if we do not take action, we must stop this military intervention, it is immoral to steal other countries natural resources, it is a fact that the CIA and this corrupt government for years under the pretense of national security and national interest had lied and betray our trust, we are being invade by illegal aliens and we do nothing because this invasion benefit business, but we are ready to start wars with people that are thousand of miles away from us declaring them a threat to our national security, this is nothing but a propaganda to brainwash the American people.
      Fellow Americans the only way that we should enter a war, is by a war declaration by congress, we must refuse to invade any country and put our soldiers in arms-way to be kill and expend trillions to help and protect the multinational corporations that exploit the natural resources and the people of other countries for their self interest and the greed of money and power. Most countries in South American and Europe hate our government for what they are economic predators that take advantage of under-develop nations and get them into debt to force them to sell their resources cheap or bribe their officials so they can have free hand on the exploitation of what ever they want.
      Fellow Americans, this ideology of one world order and the exploitation of people and natural resources to control the world’s economic is immoral and wrong. This concentration of wealth is destroying our middle class and impoverishing more the American working class. The future of our country depends on us; this November we must vote all the corrupt politicians out of Washington, do your own work do not believe on the mainstream news media, they are bias and corrupt .
      The entire global economy will be better if we adopt a better Global economy model like the John Kennedy’s “Alianza for Progress”, in Latin America; Helping other nations to be productive and help their own people. This US economic model of exploitation and overthrowing governments in the name of national security and best interest of American, must end, people will retaliate against us and will kill thousands of Americans. Our country is not secure we had created a multicultural society that refuse to be abuse, we have millions of people from the middle east that do not like the Taliban, but they will retaliate and create an unstable American under US tyranny. Obama’s policies, are of great concern to Americans that love this country and know the Constitution and the rule of law. Obama a teacher of our Constitution should know better. Trashing our Constitution will destroy his political future; he will not be able to BS and lie to the American people any more.

      God Bless America. I pray to God, to give us the wisdom to learn and work in unity to save our country.

      Gas inflation – http://gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx

      The real cost of the wars. – http://www.stripes.com/news/middle-east/true-cost-of-wars-in-afghanistan-iraq-is-anyone-s-guess-1.152268

      U.S Military – CIA intervention http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covert_United_States_foreign_regime_change_actions

      We are being brainwash – http://www.hermes-press.com/brainwash1.htm
      Class I United States Senators
      (US Senators up for Re-election in 2012 and 2018) http://www.wrhammons.com/class-1-senators.htm
      The Fredom Movement – posted by Juan Reynoso – [email protected]
      We must strengthen the federal government by redirecting its time, energy and resources toward those objects for which it bears express constitutional responsibility. Our Government is a government of limited and enumerated powers. The power not delegated to the federal government by the written Constitution is reserved to the states or to the people respectively.
      We must end the Obama’s Nazism dictatorship type of Government.


      • Obama with the help of the CIA and the US special forces are building motives to invade Iran to steal their oil, just like we done with Iraq and Libya.

        Could you tell us what they did with it??? It sure as hell never made it to this country.

  8. It’s perplexing that people continue to vote to enslave themselves. The minions think there ‘smart’, but all they’re doing is validating the rampant corruption…the bribery and extortion politics in america has become along with the wholesale looting of the economy. If they really understood the Federal Reserve, they should be outraged. It is the dream of monarchs…to have at their disposal an infinite treasury…to cover the cost of their wars…to build an articial middle class (the castle moat)…to keep their friends well fed. It’s good to see Paul supporters here. It is nonetheless perplexing the public will not support a man of genuine honesty and integrity…a doctor no less…who’s warned us over 30 years of our impending fate and who has been right!!! Yet, they choose, instead, to vote for the same tired rhetoriticians, the lawyer or actor…the professional liar. In the end, those who continue to vote for this scum will end up on the curb and I am looking forward to seeing that day.

  9. Here is what Ron Paul stands for — Memorable Quotes:

    ““Foreign Aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country”” — Ron Paul, Speech at CPAC 2011

    ““We should abolish the federal income tax, prohibit eminent domain, impose term congressional limits, make Congress part-time, return the power to elect senators to State legislatures, abolish the Federal Reserve system, and prosecute for malfeasance any member of Congress who cannot articulate where the Constitution authorizes whatever he or she is voting for.”” — Judge Andrew Napolitano,
    Lies the Government Told You

    ““In the American political lexicon, ‘change’ always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power.”” — Ron Paul,
    The Revolution: A Manifesto

    ““Given that money is one half of every commercial transaction and that whole civilizations literally rise and fall based on the quality of their money, we are talking about an awesome power,
    one that flies under the cover of night. It is the power to weave illusions that appear real as long as they last. That is the very core of the Fed’s power.”” — Ron Paul, End the Fed

    ““We need to take away the government’s money power. The banking industry needs its welfare check ended. The dollar’s soundness depends on its being untied from the machine that can make an infinite number of copies of dollars and reduce their value to zero.”” —
    Ron Paul, End the Fed

    ““Governments, whether they’re dictatorships or democracies, reflect the people. When the people get fed up, they throw them out.”” — Ron Paul, Turn Off the Printing Presses,
    Allow the People to Keep What They Earn

    ““One only needs to reflect on the dramatic decline in the value of the dollar that has taken place since the Fed was established in 1913. The goods and services you could buy for $1.00 in 1913
    now cost nearly $21.00. Another way to look at this is from the perspective of the purchasing power of the dollar itself. It has fallen to less than $0.05 of its 1913 value. We might say that the government and its banking cartel have together stolen $0.95 of every dollar as they have pursued a relentlessly inflationary policy.”” — Ron Paul, End the Fed

    ““It is, of course, not possible to fight the greatest military empire in the history of the world with its own tactics. Religion forbids it, and so does even a moment’s rational thought.
    Only peaceful resistance – staunch, educated, principled, and unyielding – can succeed. It can appeal to good people in the ranks of the state, which is essential. Look to Ron Paul and
    Murray Rothbard. A peaceful revolution, firmly grounded in the ideals of liberty, that is our banner. Our only banner.”” — Lew Rockwell, LewRockwell.com

    What do the rest stand for…the further enslavement of us, the people!

    • As most any American Indian would say: “Words”

      However, RP’s voting record would tend to back up said words.

  10. Billy, Barabbas failed before and will fail again. There are already too many conspirators and war-mongers among us. Granted, the temptation is great but we cannot by application of deceit, force or brutality make people see the light. That only shuts their eyes. They turn away and move further in the darkness.

  11. It’s truly remarkable the tendencies of people to enslave themselves. This is a constant throughout man’s history and wrought by our tribal heritage. We celebrate the Exodus more than we do the establishment of the first Republic (circa 600BC – Rome). It is not enough to simply escape bondage only to enslave others and, ultimately, ourselves. This was man’s fate and an ever recurring nightmare for him over the course of a million years or so. The Republic, too, represents an escape from bondage, but with one small caveat…to do so PERMENANTLY!!! Never again a King!!! If we do not grasp that difference, then we remain in the dark. We have become a Republic by name only. We are ruled by Kings and would-be Kings alike and their existence made possible by central banking. We must end the FED and restore the Republic.

  12. I’m not sure I understand what you mean, Billy. Quicker on their feet for what? To arm more quickly in their defense? No, I do not understand why the U.S. has been advancing monarchism around the world. We prop them up and then slam them when they get out of line. We save their skins as we have with Great Britain and raise the dead Kings out of biblical fiction to foment conflict around the world. If your choice of governing is monarchism or anything less the a constitutional republic, then you can expect to be attacked at a moments notice, and to live a paranoid existence. You must then adapt a strategy to kill or be killed, to enslave or be enslaved, to extinguish or be extinguished. That is the Law of the Tribe. I could give a hoot about Dubai.

    • I could give a hoot about Dubai.

      Thanks to his vision, Sheikh Mohammed has competently authored the Dubai success story in record time and put the United Arab Emirates on a unique course, which nations around the world compete to replicate.

      Remember the national 55 speed limit? The one that failed to deliver and took 20 years to repeal?

      I read what you write but each year we become deeper & deeper in debt and places like Dubai (you give a hoot about) become richer & richer.

      (quick on his feet)

  13. Ron Paul is really the best presidential candidate. This man has clear mind,he is, sane, intelligent, peaceful, tolerant, normal and conservatist, he cares about future of USA and he does not want to devastate the rest of the world.

    • His voting record does indeed indicate all you posted is true but is this what the American voter wants. Via their voting record, it’s war, more regulations, and much more debt that they want. Right, more of the same.

    • Now we know where all the support for the dollar was coming from, the laundromat.

      Hey Ron Paul has been on to Alan Greenspan for years. He so stated in more than one of his debates and/or town hall meetings.

  14. @Americans for Ron Paul,

    I don’t hate the East. The east is a place. What I do hate is Islam – a violent, bigoted, intolerant and destructive ideology based on hatred and intimidation who’s goal is to force itself upon the entire world by any means.

    Perhaps you don’t know that according to the Koran a woman is a “mute animal”. Perhaps you don’t know that the Koran says if an infidel (non believer) will not convert to Islam, they must be killed. Perhaps you do not know that their prophet Muhammed took wives as young as 7 years old, and murdered young girls as young as 5 for being disrespectful. Perhaps you don’t know that it is a requirement of Shariah law that you cannot execute a virgin (the list of capital crimes is very extensive and includes such minor crimes as wearing the wrong clothing) without first raping her… And that once you have raped and murdered a young girl you are required to go pay a certain price to the girls parents and describe in detail how you raped and killed her in accordance with shariah law..

    Perhaps you don’t know that the supreme ayatollah of Iran and Ammadinnejad are both “twelvers

    You say you are from Canada – surely you realize that the only real security you have as a nation is because of the military might of the United States. The reason no one threatens Canada is the same reason the entire middle east doesn’t decend on Israel – because of the USA.

    @Billy Malone,
    You asked about the 126 countries we have soldiers in… I would ask you a similar but opposite question – I would ask you – of the top 126 cities in the united states with the highest crime rates, which ones do you think will improve by pulling out all local and state police and leaving them to themselves?

    • Sorry but I’m a trekker (Star Trek) and remember the prime directive.

      I read your message as a message of hate and said message is welcomed in America as evidenced by our long list of wars throughout our short history.

      To answer you question in a word, none, but I do feel we are way over regulated and way over policed.

  15. @Billy Malone

    I agree that more regulation and bigger government is not the answer. But as George Washington said, government is a necessary evil. The reason the Articles of Confederation didnt work is because they were too far towards anarchy on the scale from total anarchy to progressive totalitarianism. I believe Dr Paul’s foreign policy, like the Articles, is one of the extremely rare examples of too little government.

    • I’m sure you are mindful that Washington was one of the riches men in America and by far the wealthiest man ever to hold the office of Preside Remember in war many must die so the rich can become richer. Thus Washington went from a man owing the most in taxes to the one collecting the most in taxes.

      As for RP’s foreign policy (much like Switzerland’s)……….well it sure as hell kept the Swiss out of two WW and they didn’t even have the Atlantic Ocean to protect them now did they?

      • Billy Malone — explain the 1st paragraph (unclear the meaning).

        “As for RP’s foreign policy (much like Switzerland’s)……….well it sure as hell kept the Swiss out of two WW and they didn’t even have the Atlantic Ocean to protect them now did they?”

        Spot on!

        • You want me to commit blasphemy:

          In today’s money George was worth 1/2 billion. King George was a tax collector and George
          was a taxpayer. A little war later and a few dead red coats and red necks ……..one of the Georges was no longer paying but collecting and the other George was living on a little less.

  16. “What I do hate is Islam – a violent, bigoted, intolerant and destructive ideology based on hatred and intimidation who’s goal is to force itself upon the entire world by any means.”

    GUP or whatever the h*ll your name is, you just descibed the human race. If we left them alone, then as you describe them, they would surely destroy themselves. Our current foreign policy does nothing more than unite them against a common enemy…which happens to be the USA for now. We advise one side or another with military strategems and arm them with advanced weaponry, killing millions, but, in the end, they only end up being deployed against us. There are entanglements, of course (e.g., China, Russia..) But our foreign policy is, nevertheless, LUNACY!!!!

    • Rather than just change it maybe we ought to do it the RP way by doing away with it all together. You run your ship we run ours.

    • @GJohn,

      Yes, they destroy many of their own people. This is disturbing because they seek to rule the whole earth in a theocratic caliphate. They get new converts by force and proceed to kill them as well. The top 3 countries in the world in death penalty executions are 1. China, 2. Iran, and 3. North Korea. No surprises there. So it’s not enough that they destroy themselves, because they seek to rule the whole earth and destroy everyone.

      Furthermore many Islamists (such as the Supreme Ayatolla of Iran and Ammadinnejad) are twelvers. A twelver believes in the future return of the 12th Imam. They believe that he will only return when the world is steeped in war and chaos. They believe they can hasten the return of the 12th imam by causing that chaos! They believe that 12th imam will come and cause the whole world to come under the control of the Islamic caliphate.

      GJohn, our policy doesn’t unite Islamists against us… Islamists are against us because they are vehemently against freedom, and they oppose any force that limits their totalitarian theocratic control of the whole earth.

      • Islamists are against us because they are vehemently against freedom,

        Gee you would think they would love us if they are against freedom as I’ll bet we got a lot more regs and laws than they ever thought of.

        An you forgot to mention that the USA is still in the top 10 in executions. Pot calling the kettle black????

  17. “…But as George Washington said, government is a necessary evil.”

    Billy, there are no evils that are ever necessary…period!!! Government can be good if it abides by the limitations set forth for it by the constitution. Washington may have said that but it is due to Washington that this nation was made possible. The greatest contribution a single man can make to the benefit of civilization was made by Washiington. He embraced the fable of Cincinatus…a Roman farmer who when called upon, put on his uniform to lead the defense to victory. When he returned, he took off his uniform and returned to the farm. Washington could have made himself emperor, but his greatest achievement was to STEP DOWN!!!

    Good to know you are a trekkie. So am I.

    Sorry but I’m a trekker (Star Trek) and remember the prime directive.

    Billy, you don’t mean that

    • The greatest contribution a single man can make to the benefit of civilization was made by Washington.

      Sure was as he made himself one of the richest men in America and by far the richest man ever to hold the office of President of the USA. Not to mention he found a way to duck King George’s taxes.

    • Yep many must die so a few can become rich. But there are other ways to become rich and I admire many but not all of those people.

  18. Gup20 I have nothing but respect for your opinion, you have the right to believe as you may, so please only take my responce as constructive critisism (sorry if my spelling is off today also). I used to believe the same thing you believed, that Islam was out to get us, the truth is a majority of Islamist are not out to get us and couldn’t even find america on a map, it is the few who are in the seat of power using Islam as a means to impose there will on others and it creates a fear that they are going to unite like this zombie nation to destroy us, but the truth is alot of those under those dictated societies don’t like their evil leaders, the young don’t like the old telling them “do this because I say so” because it only benefits the old and enslaves the young, take what we are seeing in the middle east now, in egypt the people want the power given back to them, it didn’t take a war to cause that only a unification of the people against a common foe, (their government) and the seed of power is now given back to the people to hold free elections. the truth is evil can’t sustain itself if people don’t beleive in it, a big fear people had is that Iran would invade Iraq and have full influence over the middle east the funny thing is I would love to see them try, they can only spread their resources and man power so far, it would bankrupt them. take for instance the Afghanastan wars, the soviet union could not afford to stay at war with them because the will of the Afghan people was too strong and was literally bankrupting the soviet union, we are seeing that now happen to the U.S. as we try to police more and more of the world we are bankrupting ourselves and uniting the people against a common foe (The U.S.) the true solution is to pull out of these nations and let their people make the choice themselves, the middle east is not this Zombie continent that follows their leaders aimlessly without question, why do you think if any of them were given the choice they would kill to live in the U.S. the soviet union ultimately fell because they had to look at themselves and say “shit look at us and look at them(the west) I want what they have”. if we pull out of these countries and stop with all the aid then these countries would have to sustain themselves and they would have to ask themselves “is our domestic policies really working?” and that would be left up to the people to decide, no more blaming it on the U.S. no more getting aid from us to sustain their dictatorships, hell the only reason China is advancing as a nation is because we borrow so much money from them and owe them so much money in interest off these debts, its a great investment for them. we know the U.S. can sustain itself without forgein aid the question is can they? if a war like Iraq or afghanistan is bankrupting us and we are one of the welthiest nations on earth imagine one of these poorer broke nations trying to occupy other countries.

    • I want what they have”.

      Like our 16 trillion dollar debt is indeed the envy of the world.

      • No one wants our debt, but other countries want what we have, when compared to other countries the pros out weigh the cons, freedom to choose (which is slowly being taken away) if you had to chose between living in North Korea or here, which would you chose? our debt is terrible the only candidate willing to take it seriously is Ron Paul, however I would still chose to live here rather then Mexico or North Korea or Iran. my point I was making in my previous post is that we don’t need to be policing the world, the people will take care of it themselves, let the foreign governments answer to their own people not to the U.S.

          • lol your getting way off topic from my message but to answer your question I’d way rather pay my $50,000 per citizen than live in North Korea (if you are referring the amount per citizen that is, i presume you are), I think there is better ways of handling the debt, people in North Korea would gladly pay 3x the amount of their share to get away from that government and society if they had the means, so if you were expecting me to say “gee I’d rather live in North Korea than live in a country with a lot of debt then your questions are getting quite foolish”. and your credibility is sinking.

            • I’d way rather pay my $50,000 per citizen than live in North Korea

              You think the average guy with a family of 4 can come up with $200K. Many a family has had to move gach in with their parents here in America. Each N Korean owes $1000 towards the national debt. Oh I like the good life too so long as I don’t have to pay for it. Maybe you idea of wealth is how deep in the whole you are and thus far you are right. As right as Greece. But that could never happen here.

  19. How come Ron Paul only have 20 delegates listed when he is supposed to have 25 or more? Before Wyoming he had 19. He got 6 delegates from that state which should bump him up to 25. Why is it skewed?

  20. “GJohn, our policy doesn’t unite Islamists against us… Islamists are against us because they are vehemently against freedom, and they oppose any force that limits their totalitarian theocratic control of the whole earth.” – GUP20

    Hey Gupe, it’s apparent you’ve been watching too many Godzilla movies. Of course, the power elites in the U.S. would consider you a breath of fresh air. To them, it’s important to keep the ‘paranoid meter’ raised in the U.S. Let me explain…

    My mother often warned me that my friends would lead me down wrong path. While she did not know the angel that I wasn’t, her warnings were justified. The U.S. should heed her advice. Our friends overseas depend on us for their very existence. Their greatest fear is to be abandoned. They’ve had a commanding influence on U.S. policy (domestic and foreign) over the past 100 years and have largely succeeded. One need not look long and hard for the evidence…the introduction of central banking, the Revenue Act, the assassinations of Huey Long and JFK, RFK, MLK, and the expansion of the Vietnam War, 9/11, etc…). Just ask yourself, who benefitted? Climate change was introduced as a valid scientific theory but only to insure the U.S. remain dependent on foreign sources. The U.S. can never realize independence with these kind of friends. We have to throw the British out all over again!…along with a few others.

    The ‘paranoid meter’ is raised less they’ll have to defend for themselves. It’s their very survival. Time to let go. Gupe…you’re watching too many monster movies.

  21. I like how your trying to put words in my mouth now, I never said I enjoy or endorse the debt, government has let it get way out of control, but to say your better off living in North Korea just because of the debt alone makes you a fool. I don’t believe the words ‘living in North Korea’ and ‘Lucky’ belong in the same sentence in your exact words I quote….

    “If you had to pay your share of the debt you would be lucky to live in N Korea.”

    This claim alone has to be the dumbest sentence I’ve read on the internet this year, do you realize how bad it is there?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LYjo81MlQM <—–tell me you'd rather live here, I seriously question your intelligence and I think its people like you trolling the internet that make it less creditable. you damn right the guy in this video would gladly pay 100x the amount of his share to get out of that evil hell hole land of North Korea, Hell no I don't support government spending money like its going out of style, hell yeah I'm pissed we have 16 trillion dollars in debt but to say this North Korean prison camp would be such a great alternative is idiocy, watch that video before you talk out of your ass. you insult everyone's intelligence with that comment you made.

    And I'll make it clear I don't support government having an unlimited amount of credit that they can throw on the people to pay off because of they're irresponsibility to balance the budget.

    • Well it’s clear is indeed living in the past.

      North Korea’s new rich made their fortunes amid the economic chaos and social disruption of the great famine of 1996-1999. This new bourgeoisie matured in the next decade as the North Korean economy started to partially recover from the disastrous 1990s.

      They don’t welcome losers (people heavily in debt)

      • You realize you are the reason people see Ron Paul supporters as nuts right? your defending North Korea’s economic plan. yes I support Ron Paul too, but it’s people like you who give us a bad name. the number one thing people are missinformed on is his forgein policy plan, I was trying to clarify it and explained earlier that we don’t need to get involved in other countries business because their people will either rise up on their own or their economies will colapse on its own, yes our debt is very bad that is why it is the number one issue and could cause or economy to colapse too that is why we should not be wasting our money policing the world, but we have the choice and oportunity to change all of that, you try to turn that around into “well North Korea doesn’t have as bad of debt as us so they are better off than us”. that has to be the most dumbest statement I have ever heard that undermines an arguement to get our debt under control by not policing the world and having bases in 130 countries by simply saying “well simply because of our debt alone our country is worse off than a country where you will starve to death and be put in a prison camp for as little as speaking out about socialism”. no matter what you may read there is NO upper class in North Korea besides the very very few elite.

        1.) We have 16 trillion dollars in debt.

        2.) Government could pay this off by massivly downsizing and not wasting money on useless programs or getting in the way of private businesses that could help generate tax flow to help pay off those debts.

        3.) Policing the world is not paying off it never has and it never will, it is a huge reason we are 16 trillion in debt, we need to acknowledge that is a huge part of our useless government programs that are NOT working.

        4.) none of the main stream candidates will take the debt crisis seriously or do anything about it besides RP he has been talking about it and trying to take action against it since the 80s (and probably even before that).

        5.) If you like North Korea, go live there.

        • Hey, your the guy that put N Korea into the equation. I’ve been to a lot of really poor countries and they all seem to have one thing in common. They all have some very rich people who would tell you the USA is a nice place to visit but they wouldn’t want to live there.

          If you are poor the USA is indeed the greatest country in the word.

  22. Mitt Romney = Judas Goat

    If not aware of this olden days’ meaning — here it is:

    When sheep are led to be slaughtered, they instinctively feel something is wrong. So, mill around and bleat, but won’t enter the gate leading to the one waiting to smash their heads with a sledge hammer. So, a Judas goat is placed in the pen. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them through the gate, and passing it safely — while its own life is spared, the ones flowing get their brains bashed!

    Mitt will lead us — and at the end of the gate, Bama will wield the sledge hammer….

    • As I watch the results from the voting process in the USA.. I can only shake my head. With all the new laws and freedoms disappearing.. people must thing that Romney is going to be the savior. How sad is that. I can easily see Romney sitting in Obama’s chair cutting the same deals with the same people. If people don’t believe me.. ask yourselves this question..

      Obama managed to build between 600 – 800 FEMA concentrations camps in the USA to prepare for Civil Unrest and Re-education. Do you really think Romney will tear them down? I didn’t think so.
      Good luck with all that.. you wanted him. You’ll have him OR Obama. Don’t forget. These elections are going as the elite planned. Groom Romney just in case Obama gets found out and has to leave the country in a hurry. However, with all the fraud and voting control.. who can say. You know it will be one or the other.

      How about this move:
      Former Marine Protests Photo ID to Vote Law on Election Day


      They’ve disabled ‘like’ on youtube and you can’t share it. Yep.. those laws keep on comin’

      • I can easily see Romney sitting in Obama’s chair cutting the same deals with the same people.

        as you stated down a few lines it’s either/or. My money is on the or guy as the voters want pork and more pork. Greece is too far away to think it can happen here.

  23. Did anyone notice the change in the published Wyoming results? The new results published have Gingrich at 14% (up from 8%), and Paul down to 12.5% (down from 21%).

    What I want to know is how the delegate elections in the country conventions went. Are there any Wyoming-ians here that can shed some light on that?

    • Gee I think it would be hard to find any Wyoming-ians even in Wyoming as it is a mighty big state with very few people.

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