The calculators are out in full force following Super Tuesday determining how each candidate, if possible, could forge a path to the magic 1,144 delegates needed to clench the nomination. There are plausible paths for each candidate but for Gingrich and Paul, it would mean severely over performing in the next few months given their performance in the first two months.

Report from USAToday:

Mitt Romney’s prize of 212 delegates out of the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses still leaves him less than halfway to the 1,144 delegates he needs to lock up the GOP presidential nomination.

But the delegate math is even more daunting for his challengers.

Romney has won 56% of the delegates awarded so far, and needs to garner 47% of the remaining delegates to reach the magic number, according to a USA TODAY analysis of delegate counts provided by the Associated Press.

His challengers have a higher bar: Rick Santorum would need 63% of the remaining delegates. Newt Gingrich needs 67%. And Ron Paul needs 71%.

With none of the candidates giving any indication of dropping out, Super Tuesday’s results may only prolong the nomination battle into June or beyond.

Anything can happen over the next couple months and this will likely not be settled until almost June given the way states keep splitting on their votes.