The four remaining GOP hopefuls gathered in Arizona on Wednesday night for the final debate prior to the Arizona and Michigan primaries coming up on February 28. This debate was sponsored by CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona. It was held at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Original Air Time: Wednesday, February 22 at 8pm ET on CNN

Participants: Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul

Alternate full debate video link:

Report from Fox News:

The Republican presidential candidates head back on the campaign trail Thursday after a debate in Phoenix, Ariz. that, while fiery at times, ultimately changed little in the race for the 2012 presidential nomination.

The debate, which took place one week before a flurry of voting begins with contests in Michigan and Arizona, saw Mitt Romney reaffirm his genteel but biting attack style. His main target was Rick Santorum, who faced a host of questions from his rival aimed at cutting short the would-be path of an emerging frontrunner.

Romney went on offense from the start against Santorum’s record of spending while in the U.S. Senate, accusing him of raising the debt ceiling five times, funding Planned Parenthood and expanding the Department of Education.

In a searing first shot the Republican presidential primary frontrunner said during Santorum’s watch, spending grew 80 percent of the federal government.

But in a quick retort, Santorum, seated next to Romney one week before they and candidates Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul hear from voters in Arizona and Michigan, said that while he was in office in Washington, the debt as a percentage of GDP went down from 68 percent to 64 percent.

No doubt that Santorum took a beating from both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Gingrich gave an endearing performance but I am not sure that will be enough to reignite his campaign.

Ron Paul actually seemed to come out looking the best after last night and it was due in part to letting the other candidates talk themselves into corners. Paul hammered Santorum on spending and it was a little uncomfortable watching Santorum attempt to justify certain earmarks over other earmarks.

Probably the two who benefited the most from Wednesday night were Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. The attacks on Romney have been played out time and time again in these debates so we didn’t hear anything new. Santorum and Gingrich delivered the standard lines against Romney’s Massachusetts health care law but those critiques have been heard time and time again.


  1. Did Newt just hijacked Ron Paul’s idea and claimed as his own? I think he even hinted how Ron Paul’s ideas are closer to his (and not another way around).

    WOW, just wow!

    Lets talk about the career politician again, shall we?

    • ‘How to Chop Down the Tree of Liberty and Succeed’: A Politician’s Handbook (Chop it at the base, and the People may revolt, but a barely noticeable branch at a time, for as long as it takes, will work for sure).

      At the beginning, the Citizens had the Freedom to walk all paths. Then Government decided that some paths are not good for the people, so closed off a few paths. Now, the People had Freedom to walk a few less paths. Encouraged by this, the Government passed even more laws telling the People what other things they cannot do (because it is for their own good). Pleased with the outcome — the Citizens’ obedience — the Government went into the full-time business of Manufacturing Laws (rules, regulations).

      Since Politicians produce nothing of intrinsic value — they found their calling in writing stuff on paper, telling people what not to do (“for their own good” of-course).

      As of 2010, it is estimated that there are about 1/2 Billion Negative Laws/rules/regulations on the Books telling the People what they CANNOT DO upon threat of punishment (that’s more Laws than there are US Citizens)!

      Headlines at end of 2011 read: 40,000 New Laws in effect for 2012. Translation — 40,000 more paths each Citizen has lost the Liberty to walk. The crude graph below for visual effect:


      Are the Citizens this blind, not to see the end result — the eventual straight-and-narrow path Government wants to dictate its Subjects to walk….

      Only Ron Paul is talking about this near complete erosion of our Freedoms — the rest are silent-partners-in-crime against our Liberty!

  2. Ron Paul destroyed all other candidates in the Arizona debate in Mesa.
    The last question of the night, summed it up.
    “What is the biggest misconception about you, in the public debate right now?”
    Ron Paul answers John King’s question.
    Newt dodged and only kind of answered.
    Mitt Romney says. “You get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want.”
    Rick completely follows Mitt’s lead.

    John King is representing “the people” in a way. His questions, echo the questions and concerns of “the people”.
    When Mitt says, “You get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want.” he is in fact, not answering the people.

    Is this the kind of person you want as president? When the people demand answers he’ll say, “You get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want.”

    This isn’t being strong or presidential, this is being political and systematized.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m also tired of media debating which of the three corrupt, inconsistent, and unethical ‘poll leaders’ will get Ron Paul’s votes. Let me be perfectly clear: THE ONLY PERSON GETTING MY RON PAUL VOTE IS HIS RUNNING-MATE!!!

      I hope his strategy is to use these debates to market and promote his ideas, experience, intelligence, and values, pulling a majority from both parties and giving our first real chance to break the bipartisan mess that ‘we the people’ have been stuck with for longer than we all can remember.

  3. Newt has always used others ideas. Funny no one has noticed before. So does Santorum. Mitt Romney winner last night!

    • Wow… Mitt has always used other peoples ideas, like on health care… he was for mandates, and then he changed to a free market bottom up system. He panders to the crowd, but Rick and Ron have their own ideas. Rick and Ron are genuine. Santorum will say he was wrong. Mitt won’t say that his healthcare bill was a mistake.

      • Actually, if you have been watching each of the debates you apparently missed his comment that there were problems with the MA healthcare bill. And that is one reason why he doesn’t support it on a Federal level. If you are a politician seems you can’t win no matter what you say. You say, I was pro-choice, but then I decided that I couldn’t morally agree with signing a bill supporting the destruction of embryos–the result–oh, he’s a flip-flopper. People cry about the injustice of Americans going without healthcare, a state decides it wants to make it more available to all of it’s constituents, and it’s a bad idea! A state is justified in finding solutions for it’s own problems and issues. That is constitutional.

    • It would be stupid not to use other people’s ideas and try to “reinvent the wheel” for everything. What America needs to avoid is people who don’t recognize and embrace good ideas (and good candidates). Mitt did a great job at the debate! Republicans need to stop being so fickle, hurry up and embrace Mitt, and allow him to save some money and focus for beating Obama in November. If Republicans don’t stop grasping at straws (aka-voting for anyone but Romney, flavor of the month, etc), we may end up losing the election and republicans will have gotten exactly what they deserved.

      • Thank you!

        Part of being a leader is the ability to synthesize a range of ideas in order to find the best solution. Gov. Romney shows that ability. I see him as the one to sit down with others to evaluate and look at the problems and ask, what is the best way WE can solve this? What are your ideas? How can we come to a consensus? That is a leader and Gov. Romney has shown this ability time and again in the debate process. Although, I suppose some would give him no credit for it.

      • the best solution is always the Constitution! Romney is funded by wallstreet and will owe lots of favors. He is a fake and has been raised by a father who was the head of the mind control program run by the CIA> The CIA is ALWAYS up to no good.

        • I agree that the Constitution is the only way to go. However, I disagree with your other statements. Just where do you get this information? Grief, it sounds like the bad information Newsmaxx was trying to push at me until I told them to take me off of their mailing list.

          • it isn’t hard to find out the information. Look up MKULRA for the mind control program and look up candidates funding for campaigns. Mitt Romney gets almost all his money from corporations or people that have vested interest. He recieved 10 million from a casino owner billionaire that has promised 100 million more to Gingrich or Romney if they win. They exclude Ron Paul because EVERYNE KNOWS he won’t take bribs! The only large amount he recieved from anyone was the CEO who started paypal and that was 1 million for a superpack. All the rest of his money came in small amounts from individuals like me. I send him $100 every week. He recieves more money from military personnel than ALL THE CANDIDATES PUT TOGETHER! That shouuld let yoou know their opinion on the wars. Facts are, if we don’t get out of there and stop killing people without just cause then we will be in sereous danger. Face it. We are the terrorists.

          • sorry…MK ULTRA is what I meant. It is a mind cntrol program the CIA runs and it has people testifying to being put through satanic rituals. After that look up Bohemian Grove. Gingreich is in pictures from there along with Clinton, Bush and father Bush, Kissinger, and countless others. IT is a satanic ritual and gathering of our politicians. This is not conspiracy! LOOK it UP! We are in more serious trouble than anyone would want to imagine. People turn away from the idea that our government is capable of such evil, but if you take the time to find out, you will see it is true. After you know the complete truth it is hard to watch these guys and believe anything they say. Ron Paul is a good person with a good heart. My biggest fear is that they will have him killed. You really need to understand that the whole terrorist thing is a hox. Yes, there are terrorists but the term means , anyone who is agsainst the established authority. They are using this fear tactic to take our rights away and empliment things like NDAA. We can be called terrorists just for what I am writing and they can now lock me up for just writing this, not give me a lawyer or trial and torture me in a foreign prison for and endless amount of time! That is not the America I believe in! All the candidates think this is ok, EXCEPT RON PAUL . Look it up!
            Look up
            false flag
            MK ULTRA
            911 truth
            agenda 21
            chem trails
            straw man
            truth behind social security
            federal reserve
            CIA history

            there is a lot more but that is enough to start. After that you will seek out the rest on your own from pure shock. Please look hard enough for the facts because they are there. There is some misinformation as well, like not all chem trail videos are actually chem trails but some are and there are pictures of the planes that carry them and their locations. Be prepared though, because what you will find out is everythig we were taught about America and our lives was a lie that the government has fed uss. Ron Paul is aware of this mess and is trying to fix it, but if you don’t know the whole truth, as many people don’t, then people tend to laugh at him. When you learn the facts you will understand WHY HIS SUPPORTERS ARE SO PASSIONATE! Never have supporters been so passionate to a candidate in this many nmbers! Investigate!

            • Suzan thanks, I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts and pass that information onto me. I will certainly take a look at what you have pointed out. However, it probably won’t be today as Sunday’s are my Sabbath, and I won’t be able to burn the midnight oil again tonight. thanks again 🙂

  4. Ron Paul is the best candidate there and he should be president. He as president means positive changes especially in foreign politics and improvement in domestic politics. The rest of these candidates are without meanings, they don´t represent interest of USA and US nation.
    By the way, Ron paul as the only republican has chance to win with Obama thanks to his intelligence.

  5. Well, they all have baggage. Even Obama…he is collecting more all the time. Romney is not a winner at all. He looks and sounds tired. He sounds like he is whining have the time.
    Why would I want to watch it again. It was just a liberal bashing of the candidates. Having them all sit up there like school kids in front of the principal. I noticed no question from the principal on why the econonmy is so bad. Good for all of them on the answer to the social issue of birth control which was put into the public square by Obama to take the heat of the economy and his resume of having no record.

  6. Carmen

    Mitt Romney winner last night? He will lose in November by a Landslide. It’ll be John McCain all over again.

    Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who even has a shot at defeating Barack Obama. Plain and Simple.

  7. Ron Paul is way to old to beat Obama.. he needs to be able to run down those steps of Air Force One…getting all the photo opts he can. Paul gives us nothing new. Just the same old words all the time. He is laughable to most people.I, however do respect him for trying and for speaking up for what he believes to be true. You can’t beat that. They all deserve a medal for what they are doing. It has to be very difficult.

    • Way too old? He is a marathon runner you fool; I bet he could outlast you any day of the week. Paul gives us nothing new? Are you kidding me? He would only be laughable because most people are idiots and don’t understand what it will take to restore our country… I suppose you are one of them.

      • I don’t care if he’s done an iron man. If a guy is 77 years old, he cannot handle the pressures of the most pressured job on earth.

        • I would rather have Ron Paul for two years, the only candidate who speaks to real issues consistently, and ironically the only one with new ideas, than any of the others (including Obama) for any length of time.

          I like Ron, he answers every question put to him in a straight and honest manner. If any of the other candidates had the [email protected]@#s (courage) to answer even just a few questions the way they honestly feel, I’m sure Ron would not only be “electable,” but would outrun them all like a triathlete vs a midwest 360-pound daily McDonalds visitor.

          As Mitt and Frothy displayed on their final answers, they would rather speak completely empty rhetoric to fool an easily manipulated public, than to provide any real solutions to the dire questions this nation faces.

    • Ahh, yes, the stair descending foot race. A perfect alternative to democratic elections. Some of history’s most successful civilizations have chosen leaders based on how they exit aircraft. When we have each candidate exit Air Force One do the judges give style points or will our next president be chosen only by his time from the airplane door to the ground?

      And you’re so right that Ron Paul gives us nothing new. Ideas like fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, small government, sound money, anti-military-industrial complex are over 200 years old. They’re in this nation’s original documents, for pete’s sake. Where’s the new, flashy, hip ideas to make the United States of America look more like forward looking George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and less like 1791, the year the Bill of Rights became law.

      • Paul — LOL!

        The East German judge is known for her severity…in awarding points for style of egress…..

        ‘1984’ — “newspeak” (the weekly changing of the meaning of words) seems to have failed (PC — people are making fun of “political correctness” now days). Maybe ‘Animal Farm’ is the powers-to-be new goal…?

        Nice and sardonic post!

    • Francis, you’re so right about Ron Paul. “Just the same old words all the time. ”
      I hate when statesmen use words.

      Actually, Aaron is right to imply that you’re an idiot. His knowing you has nothing to do with anything. His implication is obviously based on your idiotic comments

      • People who insult, offend and disrespect others because they disagree are as much as the problem as most of our problems together. There are many productive ways to show Francis what factor she is not considering and redirecting her energy, time and care to a better place instead of shutting her off.

        a) Francis is not considering that all the new ideas is what got us in this mess. It’s like all the new gadgets you see on TV everyday which promise to make your life better and never do. so in the end you go back to the old ways, what your parents tought you was right. that is Conservatism, and Ron Paul.

        b) Aaron should not call anyone stupid because they express a faulty opinion or because he thinks differently. The only way you win elections is by adding people to the cause and your views not insulting them. Ron Paul has enough of a battle Educating people about the role of government. Insulting them does not make it easier.

        c)The arrogant, bully, strongest, inconsiderate, unfair attitude makes us weaker not stronger. It’s never right to insult or offend anyone. whether you know them or not.

        • Agreed steve. “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it” -voltaire. If you try to bully people into believing what you believe, it doesn’t matter how true it is, you are no better then the problem we are trying to remove by getting ron paul elected…

    • same old words huh? Maybe that’s because his never waivered on his beliefs, doesn’t change his ideas to be more attractive… I don’t understand your concern here?
      He is the only one with any refreshing ideas, and if you watch these debates he consistently teaches the other candidates on the issues at hand.

    • francis

      Realistically – NO one cares about politics. They know it’s all a sham.

      And without Ron Paul in the race, that number would be even less.

      I don’t mean to pick-on-you, francis, but you need to be challenged on what you said about Ron Paul, his age and offering nothing new. I call you the “typical” voter.

      The typical “voter”, as exemplified here by “francis”, would much rather live in a FAILED Economy as long as they get a leader who “looks” strong.

      These voters are the typical “scared little kids” who need a strong “father figure” in the house – even if he’s a DRUNK ABUSER.

      These voters cannot stand living in a “Healthy” household with a “frail appearing” or “older” father figure. (Ron Paul) They need that “strong looking”, “Presidential looking” guy sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office, no matter if he’s just an Unqualified “Politician”. They NEED their President to “look strong”. It doesn’t matter to them what he stands for or how much he will “abuse” them with his Policies. He’s got to “look strong!”

      These voters have been SO ABUSED by these CORRUPT and SELF-SERVING “Politicians” during each and every election cycle, that they don’t know any “different way” to view a Candidate. The Media ABUSES them, too, by just promoting Candidates of the Status-Quo. These voters have now become so “acclimated” to the ABUSE that they can NO Longer “grasp” the concept of a Society or an Economy that is “Healthy”. So what do they do? They JOIN-IN with the ABUSER mindset and proceed to “verbally” Abuse Ron Paul publicly.

      It just shows that Ron Paul is WAY TOO INDEPENDENT for their psyches to handle. These voters would rather have a Romney/Newt/Santorum/Obama as President, who will exemplify the strong “father” leader who makes “everything appear okay”, but is really shoveling more sh*t under the rug.

      It’s all about perception as usual.

      The Independent intellects perceive Ron Paul to be a good leader.
      The Dependent “scared” little children perceive Romney/Newt/Santorum/Obama to be a good leader.

      • Ron Paul really has no record in Congress but that of a spoiler. How many bills did he have in Congress that have passed in the last 24 years. His comment about Santorum was rude and uncalled for. He and others with comments like that feed the liberal media and the Obama organization. A little bit of each man would be a good thing. Where do we find that person.

        • Because majority of this congressmen are complete corrupt and moronic bastards and that’w why. It does not matter about how many his projects were accepted, it gets about his records during work in Congress. He has always voted in proper way, to promote justice, freedom, peace and interests of US nation. How many other congressmen did it?
          He is really the only chance for USA. He is not corrupt and his government will be no old clique just like till now.

        • MIchaelReg — re: “Ron Paul really has no record in Congress but that of a spoiler. How many bills did he have in Congress that have passed in the last 24 years.”

          And that’s a good thing — since nearly ALL bills are NEGATIVE Laws passed to remove more Freedoms from ‘we the people’!

          Thanks, for illustrating this!

        • Because Ron Paul’s allegiance is NOT to the party, but to the oath of office–to defend the Constitution–the Republican Party leadership alienates him. Ron Paul has sponsored numerous bills to cut spending, but without the “Good ole Boy” network to push the bill through committee, it ends up “dying in committee”. Dr. Paul thinks that his oath of office to uphold the Constitution is more important than the Republican Party.

          Santorum, on the other hand has voted for bills that represent what he has told his constituency he would not support in order to be a “team player”. Such is the case with politics as usual. This is why, in support of his party, Santorum passed 51 new appropriations bills–budget busters–that increased spending. It is also why he voted to raise the debt ceiling 5 times. And why he never sponsored a bill to cut spending. Rick Santorum’s loyalty is not to the Constitution but to the Republican Party.

  8. What does Romney mean when he says “American Promise” ? I’m sorry, but we have the constitution and no promises were made. We were given rights by our creator, but I don’t remember an American Promise. Romney had a solid performance, but this phrase “American Promise” goes hand in hand with the rhetoric of Obama.

    I’d be fine with any of these candidates, but when Romney talks like this, he scares me. If he is going to win the nomination, we need to draw out these primaries until the convention in order to draw him more to the right. He’s not ready yet. Ron Paul will be Ron Paul. Santorum and Newt, those guys will represent the republican party well. Romney has the potential to win even the liberal states, but he has to fire up the conservative base to get them enthusiastic about him being our candidate.

  9. “American Promise” is just a phrase he is using for our constitution. Just because he uses a certain phrase doesn’t mean he’s like President Obama. Just pick everything he says apart! Remember, he will not only be representing the “far right”, he would be representing all the people. You guys would like us to go back to the 50’s. As nice as that would be, its not going to happen.

    • Ok, so how can Romney get elected if conservatives are not excited about him? I just want to know who would primarily vote for a republican nominee? Liberals? Independents who view Romney as Obama-lite? Please! He just needs to draw a sharper contrast.

      I don’t want to go back to the 50’s. I’d like to live in a society where the content of your character determine along with your actions determine your outcomes in life. That’s actually a strength of Romney’s by the way. I want to go into the future where we have strong conservative politicians. When conservatism is presented against Progressive ideals, conservatism will WIN every time. Conservatism makes sense to people. Conservatism works. It must be articulated well. We now have an alternate media, a conservative media, that gets the message out. Now, we just need the leaders to match.

  10. We dont need someone who knows poloitical theory we better elect someone who CAN get us seriously back on track and the only one I feel CAN do it is Newt Gingrich.

      • Buckeye: The only reasons it would seem Romney won the debate was because the crowd was extremely pro-romney (not so strange in a mormon stronghold), because the arguments against him were more of the same and mostly because santorum lost.

        • @Robin, I am not saying Romney won the debate. In fact, Newt probably did the best. He was back to his old self and did a great job.

  11. Are our leaders just politicians? Is the Presidential election just a popularity contest? How about some integrity. It appears that analyzing everything is more important than reality. There is honor and truth, and there is not. If a candidate does not tell the truth, he/she is a liar. plain and simple. I won’t vote for a liar. I won’t vote for whoever looks the best walking down Air Force One. I won’t vote for the best talking candidate. This is not American Idol. This is my country….and its your country too.

    • Yes… Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!

      God forbid that our leaders should have integrity.

      In their own eyes… I’m sure each candidate believes they are undauntedly courageous. And to some extent, (depending on the individual doing the looking) they are. Each of us have opinions of ourselves which include our faults (which we love to justify), but mostly reflect our egos. This is also true with each of the four men running for the GOP nomination.

      However, justifications don’t matter when you’re in a position like the presidency. There is only what you do, and what you fail to do. Obama has failed to do…

      Every time I hear Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum speak, it’s always about what new legislation (red-tape) they want to introduce, or what program they want to repeal so they can fire up another one. (Santorum’s Title 20 in exchange for Title 10)

      And here comes this Ron Paul guy… Oops, sorry… Ron’s been around, we just never saw him. Wonder why? Maybe because he was busy doing his job, defending the constitution against imposition by big-government.

      OLD? – Some may say that he’s old. I like the fact that he’s old. Finally, someone with some life experience and wisdom! I didn’t realize the office of the presidency was about being a linebacker! I love what you say, Malcom! This is not American Idol! Or is it? I think we should get Simon from American Idol involved. Seems his system of keeping track of votes is better than the government’s.

      Ron Paul – Integrity – in his voting record, in his beliefs, in his life.
      Mitt Romney – Polished Politician – Says “You get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want.” American People… Hello?! You don’t get a say, you don’t get a vote, you get what he wants. Arrogant, and shallow.
      Rick Santorum – Weak – Point blank says that he votes for things because he “has to”. Point blank admits that he’s voted for bad policies. But despite that, I actually like Rick… I think he’s probably a nice guy in real life. Fun to hang out with, and has a lot of depth. Too green for the white house.
      Newt Gingrich – Savvy – Too savvy. If Ron Paul was not in this… it would have to be Newt. He’d need to be a one-term president. Get it done, and then get out.

      You know… They say that one-term presidents do the best. They try the hardest because they’re trying to get re-elected. This is why Obama has to go. He’s not going to get anything done in his 2nd term. Back on point…

      The highest form of government on the planet is SELF-GOVERNMENT. People who govern their own lives and actions don’t need to be governed. If people treated each other with respect and dignity, we wouldn’t need police or the FBI. The answer to this nation’s dilemma is how you choose to drive every day; with road-rage, or with courtesy? It’s called consideration.

      Ron Paul is offering America the chance to “govern” itself again. A chance for the people to quit acting like 4 year olds in the sandbox. A chance for America to regain its integrity and sovereignty again. Let’s vote Ron Paul in 2012, then let’s vote out all the Senators and House people who don’t support him. No more locked up Congress! Let’s give America a chance to return to greatness!

  12. I agree with Dr. Paul that the root of most of our domestic issues (medicine & health choices, the war on drugs”, education via centralized bureaucracy, etc) is best addressed by limiting government intrusion in citizens lives and allowing citizens to make their own decisions.

    However, a two word description of his approach to foreign policy is “consistently crazy.”

    If Americans can exercise their God-given, self-evident rights to live their lives according to the principles of our founding documents or not, non-Americans can also choose to live their lives according to principles of their choosing.
    But when Dr. Paul attributes the hostile intent and actions of radical Islamist groups to “frustration with US for meddling in their affairs” he ignores that those radicals have exercised their own God-given, self-evident right to examine and then choose an ideology and interpret it in a way that is inherently intolerant and hostile to freedom-loving people.
    You cannot secure Peace by wishing War didn’t exist or by ignoring the existence of hostile ideologies.

    • Dave — what power can possibly wage war on us?

      Do you imagine Muslim Fanatics building fleets to invade our shores?

      Or Iran possibly, in months or years to come, to eventually build a single atomic bomb, in the hope they can somehow launch it over the ocean to possibly land somewhere in the USA?

    • Dave,

      Paul is not ignoring that radical Islamists are intolerant and hostile. What he recognizes is that they used to be fighting each other and now they’re fighting us. And what turned their attention our way was the presence of our troops over there.

      Why do you think they picked us out, out of all of the countries in the world? Some say it’s because we’re rich and free. But does that make any sense? These countries in the Middle East have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries. They can’t get over their cultural and religious differences. And then suddenly, they say “Hey, let’s all unite and attack this country on the other side of the world. And just to confuse them, we’ll say we attacked them because they had soldiers in our holy lands, but really we’re just attacking them because they’re rich and free.” Are you buying that story?

      Yes, many of the people over there are hateful and intolerant. But they were hateful and intolerant of their neighbors over there until we started meddling over there. Then they became hateful and intolerant towards us on the other side of the world.

      That’s what Ron Paul understands that Rick Santorum does not understand.

      • Ryan Belcher — correct.

        You only avoided stating what the “political suicide” of any wannabe Politician may be — of presenting the facts as they are (only after our Government was coaxed into supporting the terrorist acts of one Nation as “more just”, than the terrorist acts of others, is when the Muslim backlash began).

        Ron Paul is not afraid in stating the Truth — even if we are.
        We are not asking others to SPEND THE MONEY to secure our borders, we can do that ourselves — but we ARE finally telling you: “No more Americans working two jobs, so we can give you FREEBEES to secure yours! You are Big Boys, and we’ve given you ENOUGH over the decades to do the job yourselves, stop whining while trying to suck us dry”!

    • Completely agree Dave, Ron Paul is completely ignorant of the radiacal Islamist philosophy. They was to kill us, even before we were over there.

    • His foreign policy is just very good issue.
      limited government
      end of wars
      bring troops home
      liquidate foreign US bases
      and liquidate this criminal agency of bastards

    • he wants to liquidate this Agency ( so called cia something worse than KGB ) Gorbachev has liquidated KGB and took all Russian troops home. Russia is now peaceful, very rich country. China does not lead wars and it is now global power in everything. And USA, what is USA or maybe better usa now? Country, which unleashes all possible wars sinks in debts and live on credits from China and India. It is just USA.

  13. It’s interesting how over time the candidates have conformed a lot of their answers to sound more like Ron Paul’s answers.

  14. @Francis – Age discrimination is so ugly! Ron Paul happens to be the healthiest individual on stage. Seems like our current president was elected with a bad cigarette habit…were you raising concerns of his unhealthy habit and how that might make him incapable of running “down the steps of Air Force One”?
    Ron Paul’s ideas are timeless and are so critically needed in this country. Your comments just go to show, when critics have no legitimate criticisms, they resort to discrimination and name-calling.

    • Charles — excellent!

      Thanks for posting this (I didn’t want to sully my hands responding to that one)……

    • Claiming age discrimination for considering a person who would be in his 80’s if elected?? That is not discrimination. That is using common sense. I wonder about Ron Paul’s military service. He was as a doctor in the United States Air Force from 1963 to 1965 and then with the United States Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968. Could he be in the military now? No. He is too old. Is that discrimination?? The normal hitch in the Air Force at that time was 6 years. (four years active and two years inactive). However his total time only comes to 5 years. Something must have happened out of the norm. I wonder what. Being a doctor in the Air Force is more like a civilian job, than a military life style. Being OBYGYN would have kept him busy mostly with female dependants rather than military disipline. That makes me think less of his military credentials. All things considered, Paul does not qualify for my vote.

    • I think Paul’s age is a legitmate concern. As healthy as he may be, a 77 year old man cannot be relyed upon to lead the most powerful nation in the world.

      • USA is not the most powerful nation in the world. USA is rather thanks to their bastardic politicians and so called central agency the most problematic nation in the world and the country, which is croned leader in unleashing wars, breaking human rights, crimes against humanity and supporting many criminal dictatorships.

        Ron Paul is rather 76, he is the most healthy and fit person among all these republicans and has brain, who is smarter than brains of Obama and his administration.

        • Hugo’s remark:

          “Ron Paul is rather 76,” RP would be 77 at the time of the Presidential term.

          “…he is the most healthy and fit person among all these republicans…” Do you mean; Ron Paul, the healthiest candidate in the grave yard?

      • His age is no concern for me at all..even if you think he is told old.. That is what a VP is for.. His VP pick would theorethiclly be much better then any of these Gop Candidates.

  15. Surfisher,
    I encourage you to do two things….1) stay abreast of current affairs 2) invest some time in reading and reflecting on world history…..the question you ask demonstrates a feeble grasp on those two topics.
    God bless

    • Dave — thanks for the unsolicited advice.

      But, you did not answer the question raised (to your statement: “You cannot secure Peace by wishing War didn’t exist or by ignoring the existence of hostile ideologies.”) — “Dave — what power can possibly wage war on us?”

      Just answer it (name them) — so you can educate us all.

      • Surfisher, I think a better question would be: What power would not wage war on us if given the opportunity? Lets not give any power that opportunity.

        • B Anderson — can you elucidate on your post?

          I do not understand what you meant by stating: “What power would not wage war on us if given the opportunity?”

          (Is this an opinion, that ALL hate the USA — so if capable ANY Nation will wage war against us?)

          Also, your statement: “Lets not give any power that opportunity.”

          (By what process are we to achieve this — Bombing ALL Nations into the Stone Age (so no Power can be given that opportunity); or negotiating with some; or compromising with others?)

          I’m nicely giving you a way out, kid (to dig yourself out of the hole) — so, take advantage and respond with some semblance of reason.

          • Surfisher
            Your immature understanding of world peace is showing. If a nation had materials desperately wanted by another nation, the wanting nation could attack to get it. (weather the material be goods or a political ideology) The way for peace is to be ready for any attack from any outside nation. I can tell you have never been in the military. The military has war plans even against our friendly nations. This is normal. We must always be prepared for any circumstance. We do not need to bomb anyone. We only need to be prepared with staging areas and weapons. We do not need the want to use them, but we need the reserve to use them if needed. You being a Ron Paul follower, I doubt you will ever understand that freedom is not free. If is was up to RP or you, we would not have a nation two years from now. Grow up, kid.

      • @ Surfisher: they already did.
        For the past 50 years as we financed and trained gorilla warfare, started CIA covert operations, to destabilize governments that did not sell out to us or did not like us, and then we implanted dictators and supported them for years. We created our many enemies. They can not win a open war so instead they revert our own tactics abroad on us. Weapon of choice terrorism. So they turn us in to our own enemies by making us change and accept the unimaginable.

        Two commercial aircrafts used as weapons made us accept giving up many of our rights for security. Even the most dearest American conservative principles as a right to a fair trial are questioned by some allowing to have someone in jail indefinitely without it. Or how about McCain a Conservative? proposing the President can detain indefinitely any one without charges? Us the people accepting that anyone called a terrorist by anyone other can be stripped of any rights and even executed without trial, by a executive order. it just happened and I did not see one protest.

        • Steve L — so sad and true!

          Took millions of enemies to fight — WW1, WW2, etc. — but our freedoms still remained intact.

          Took only about a dozen Muslim nuts on 9/11 to help our Government to turn us into Subjects.

      • Surfisher,
        If you honestly need me to answer that question for you, then you have more immediate problems than who should be the next President of the United States.

        You are acting like a child who has never been in a rain storm and questions the need for raincoats…..if you can’t observe your surroundings and understand what clouds are (or simply won’t accept the connection between clouds and rain out of pure obstinance) then the only way you will ever accept the existence of rain is to actually experience the sensation of a soaking rain pouring from the sky.

        If you can’t understand that there are ideologies out there that oppose the values and the model of government established by our founding documents….
        If you can’t understand that the adherents of those competing ideologies will use the resources available to them to expand and enforce the tenets of their ideology….
        If you need to be spoon-fed a laundry list describing individual rain drops before you will accept the need for a raincoat….

        I hope you mature soon, because you will be casting a vote for the Commander-in-Chief of the men and women in uniform who volunteer to place themselves in harm’s way in order to provide you the “raincoat” you are quibbling about.

        I pray for you, and I pray for this Nation, that we find the wisdom to see the necessity of being properly prepared in case of a “rain storm.”

        I wish you well Surfish, and I hope you find a deeper understanding of the pile of blessings you enjoy to have the leisure to sit, well clothed, well fed and comfortable, in front of a computer and participate in the political process of deciding who will lead your government. Think about the span of human history and try to imagine how exceedingly lucky you are…it is pretty humbling. Or at least it should be.

        • Dave — many words, but still nothing of substance….

          You have NOT answered the question raised (to your statement: “You cannot secure Peace by wishing War didn’t exist or by ignoring the existence of hostile ideologies.”) — “Dave — what power can possibly wage war on us?”

          What is your answer?

        • Dave, are you so arrogant and self-absorbed to think they hate you because you are free?

          Sure a few radicals will, but could they amount to anything if america left them alone? The answer is no. For two reasons: 1. They would be mostly infighting, as they were before america came in and they united. And 2. Even radicals would need the support of the population.

          The normal people do not hate america. They do not know what america is. By far the huge majority in those countries is not a radical islamist who wants to see america destroyed, but once america started bombing them, killing 1000s of innocents every year (you can even wonder if thats worth the price to pay so that you don’t get attacked, a bit selfish don’t you think?) they started supporting the radicals.

          From a 2006 research I read taken in helmand and i believe uruzgan (2 afghan provinces) 92% of the population did not know what 9/11 was. So all of a sudden there is this huge army coming in, killing not just their soldiers, but also innocents, demolishing their houses and saying: now you have a democracy you didn’t want. And you wonder why they hate you?

          I firmly believe that just attacking everyone that does not like the west is not the way to go.

  16. Francis is right. To beat Obama someone needs to be younger in age and thinking. There is no discrimanation here. Just the facts. There are those who vote that way. He would never win against Obama. Voting for Paul would be a vote wasted. Sorry guys
    Now to get back to the debate. It was a waste of time. No clear winner except Obama. The candidates were set up.

    • I completely disagree. I think Ron Paul has a much better chance than some people believe. I think if someone is going to support something, support it all the way. It will go much further than you might think. 🙂

    • certainly that he as the only repub has chance to beat Obama, because he has better plans and better programm and he is more intelligent. It gets about government too. If he will not take clique and he will take normal, intelligent people he has real chance to win. It gets about president of USA and Ron Paul is ideal candidate.

  17. Now, that it has been established that we have lost nearly all our freedoms (by the pernicious process of politicians’ never-ending passing of more, and more, and more, Negative Laws each year) — what is the next step needed to turn us into Subjects of the State (and no longer Citizens of Free Will)?

    Common…it’s not that hard of a question — you can say it, it’s obvious.

    Making the Money we earn become nearly worthless.

    The Feds will make as many copies (incessant printing of paper) of our Dollars as their CHOSEN Politicians want — thereby, destroying the value of the US Dollar — without fear of punishment (since they are UNTOUCHABLE).

    At this point, when the “Citizens” have lost not only their Liberty, but also their Prosperity — the Government will finally be able to DICTATE to their newly-created Subjects each facet of their lives (do what we say, or no bread for you)!

    Nice going America — don’t listen to Ron Paul, stick with the rest…and you’ll get what you deserve!

  18. My one word deffinition for each canidate:

    Paul: Antiquated
    Romney: salesman
    Santorum: newbee
    Gingrich: experienced

  19. Santorum can’t maintain composure when he’s criticized, but I think that’s his youth and inexperience that will mature in time.

  20. Why is it that most people assume everyone believes in the Christian god? Most people try to speak as if they are all inclusive yet conform to the word god. Please do realize that: a. Not everyone believes in the Christian version of god; b. some people do not believe there even is a god whatsoever.
    So when people like Republicans are urging to teach faith based belief systems like any creation story (every denomination of individuals have a creation story)in public school systems, do realize the separation between church and state and the concept of freedom of religion. Therefore, you must acknowledge the freedom of a lack of religion. So teach things in schools that are science based, not faith backed. You can teach you faith backed ideologies at your religious based institutions or private schools.

    • You can argue about faith and religion all you want. We know that there is separation of church and state…Thank God.However the documents that have made this country great,the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were written by men of great faith and intelligence.

      • Actually MichaelReg, many of the found fathers were not high on faith.
        Article XI of the Treaty of Tripoli even states America is not based on the Christian religion. Nor shall religion ever be a reason for war.
        And some quotes from our found fathers that you say had “great faith”. You are right though, they are pretty intelligent.
        James Madison: “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.”
        “Ecclesiastical establishments tend to great ignorance and corruption, all of which facilitate the execution of mischievous projects.”
        Thomas Jefferson: “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.”
        Benjamin Franklin: “Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.”
        “In the affairs of the world, men are saved not by faith, but by the lack of it.”
        And of course obviously Thomas Paine: “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst.”
        “All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”
        – So again MichaelReg, all for the constitution. Where are these men of great faith? Do you mean men that had great faith that Americans would finally overcome the fiction that is religious beliefs?
        I forgot but one of these founding members when I was reading about the creation of the Constitution in an intermediate course of law was something reflecting the basis that: Egyptians had their gods, Greeks had their gods, now it will only be a matter of time until the next round of present day gods shall pass.

          • They aren’t actually lies, considering those are direct quotes from those individuals. However, I guess if you insist on being ignorant instead, what really is true? Truth is whatever you want it to be in your mind.

          • Not to mention, you can easily look up the Treaty of Tripoli for yourself and see that Article 11 actually says exactly what I said.
            So much for your “disproval”

          • LONG,
            I can see you did not go back and read the bloggs. The Tripoli treaty was written to Muslims, who did not care about our Christian belief. not that we were not a Christian nation. It was written telling them that the treaty was a political agreement, not religious. They writters of the statements were trying to seperate government from their religious belief. You need to go back and check the context of your sources.

          • Read the Treaty of Tripoli, quit acting like an aimless child. You can read word for word what it says. It says “Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen,—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”
            I’m not quite sure in what sense of twisting words that what a statement says, does not actually mean what it says. I believe it is pretty clear what it says. This is not a Christian nation.

            • Read the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution. Read about Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams…great men. Read what these men read. The writings of Sidney, Locke,Aristotle,Cicero,finally read The Inspiration of the Declaration by President Calvin Coolidge written for the 150th anniversary of the Declaration. These men came from a country where they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. They formed a great nation to be able to practice their religion as they saw fit. Free from the state. They were pastors, clergy, teachers etc. I would have to think that due to all they went through they were also men of prayer.
              Go the founders for your information.
              Thank you and have a remarkable day.

          • MiachelReg yes read them. We also have the freedom from religion also. So I am sorry, but regardless of your religious beliefs, they should not come into play in politics. We have different variations of religions in the U.S. and the lack of a religion in atheists. Therefore, when Republicans attempt to over step their boundaries by claiming they dont want people impeding on their religious rights. By that same virtue, they should also not be impeding their religion onto others. Like having the word God on the curreny or the Pledge of Allegiance. Not everyone believes they is a God or that their are multiple gods. Who are Christians to tell others not to impose their beliefs on other, while doing that exact thing. I believe thats what you call a hypocrite. Especially considering, originally the coin did not have the word God on it.
            Not to mention Christians claiming to be Republicans and followers of a person name Jesus, yet they do the exact opposite of what Jesus would do. Jesus was a man of the poor and lived amongst them. Not to mention, how Christians chose the values in the bible that fit their cause and neglect those that they are against. Like homosexuality, yet dont pay attention to killing your neighbor if you see them working on the Sabath.

            • You are off track..
              Again… have a remarkable day..
              End of subject….my life full of so many other things.

          • R LONG, Go back and read your ranting. You say that the non believing person has the right not to be influenced by the Christian belief. That goes both ways. As Christians we also have the right not to be influenced by your non-belief. So what you are writing is contrary to what you are demanding! We all see your demand is futile!

        • “Not to mention Christians claiming to be Republicans and followers of a person name Jesus, yet they do the exact opposite of what Jesus would do. Jesus was a man of the poor and lived amongst them…. how Christians chose the values in the bible that fit their cause and neglect those that they are against. Like homosexuality, yet dont pay attention to killing your neighbor if you see them working on the Sabath.”

          Certainly, this kind of argument is the ultimate use of sophistry. Now that is certainly a perversion of the Word. Is it your belief then that all Republican Christians move to the ‘hood to live out your ‘translation’ so they can legitimately claim being a Christian?

          Now if you can pull an OT law on breaking the Sabbath death penalty to prove that Christians keep some observances but not others, then you don’t know enough about Christianity to pass judgment. In Christ a lot of Mosaic law was done away with. However, homosexuality being a sin is in both the Old and New Testament. Now personally, I couldn’t care less what someone wants to do in their own bedroom. However, I do care when I am told that I am not free to think or even SAY it is a sin according to my OWN belief. I’m not stopping anyone from thinking what they want, nor choosing for them their bedroom behavior, but don’t tell me that I don’t have the same liberty or right to teach my children otherwise. For a group that is so concerned about personal liberty some sure don’t practice what they demand from others.

          The assertion that Republicans do not show Christian charity simply is an overstated and untrue portrayal. This is a statement often used by people with their own political agenda to divide and conquer the nation. Now, you may or may not fit into that category, so I will not make that allegation against you.

          However, it was Mitt Romney who clearly stated that he was concerned about making sure that the safety net for the poor was there for assistance. It was the bias of the media who wanted to twist his words into something he did not say—funny how taking words out of context and twisting them to suit an agenda works so well on a populace easily led. It was also Rick Santorum who said he worked on legislation to block grant money to the States for aid to those in need. And it is not unreasonable to expect that the financial assistance would come with the expectation that it was temporary assistance to the individual. Unless, you ascribe to the philosophy that we should have a permanent underclass on government assistance.

          Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are part of Churches who do tremendous amounts of worldwide charity. Do you know how much money Mitt Romney paid in charitable contributions to his church? Believe me, people who make that kind of contribution are NOT doing it because it is a tax break for them. A recent study showed that the religious give far more to charity than the non-religious. I think that should speak for itself. Although, I am sure some would find a way to discount it.

          Truly, it is not my aim to join the US against THEM campaign. I just think it is important to give credit where credit is due.

          • Please don’t lump all Republicans together as not doing what Jesus would do. We do plenty and keep on giving regardless of the cost. We love our country as much as you do and are very concerned that we have no leader. We are living in dangerous times, we meaning both Democrats and Republicans or what ever party you belong to. When you have a man,Obama, that states on national TV that the Consitution is keeping him from doing what he wants to do. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution. We are in trouble.

          • @MichaelReg, not sure, but I saw your comment indented under mine, is your comment directed at me? Or am I missing something?

            My opening paragraph was quoting directly from R Long, it is not my opinion. I agree with you and many others regarding his comments.

          • 2_amazed
            I read your blog on what you think Christians are supposed to do. example have a Sabbath. This tells me you have the misconception that most secular people have, that Christians must follow the Jewish law. Jesus released us from the law. We no longer are required to follow the Old Testament rules. We Christians are not breaking Jesus’ teachings. We are living in the freedom Jesus gave us.

            • @ B Anderson, You stated, “2_amazed I read your blog on what you think Christians are supposed to do. example have a Sabbath. This tells me you have the misconception that most secular people have, that Christians must follow the Jewish law. Jesus released us from the law. We no longer are required to follow the Old Testament rules. We Christians are not breaking Jesus’ teachings. We are living in the freedom Jesus gave us.”

              I think there is some misunderstanding of my words, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I am not saying Christians must follow Jewish law. My point was that because of Christ the old Mosaic law was done away with. He told us he did not come to destroy the law, he came to fulfill it. We should be living a higher law which involves a changing of the inner man. Live the spirit of the law, not just conform to the letter of the law. However, in both the Old and New Testament was a condemnation of homosexuality.

              Thanks for responding.

          • Oops the blog I wrote to 2_amazed starting with ” Ired your blog” was ment for LONG. Sorry 2 Amazezed for the mistake.

          • @B Anderson, Not a problem, you’ll see I didn’t get message number 2, before I responded to message number 1. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Thank you to the previous posters for all of your comments. Well said, and informative.

      R Long: “We also have the freedom from religion also. So I am sorry, but regardless of your religious beliefs, they should not come into play in politics. We have different variations of religions in the U.S. and the lack of a religion in atheists.” End quote.

      “Our Constitution was made for only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to a government of any other.” John Adams

      Many of the men and women who fled to the shores of this country were seeking religious freedom. They were persecuted by the crown for their ‘unorthodox’ religious beliefs. Many were thrown in prison. Many were killed for just wanting the Bible to be published and read by the populace. The Founding Fathers were quite aware of that history and sought to protect religious freedom in this country. NOT remove religion from the public square, or political thinking. They did not want a Federally mandated church that everyone had to join. They did not want the Federal government to impose ONE church’s ideology on everyone else and thus thwart the religious freedom their ancestors had come to America to have.

      President Washington declared a national day of prayer and fasting. Religious services were held in government buildings. Congress approved the printing of the Bible and missionary work to the Indians. These are hardly the actions of men who were against religion influencing the nation and community.

      The term, “separation of Church and State,” is not in the Constitution. It comes from a letter written by President Thomas Jefferson in 1802 in response to a Baptist Minister who was concerned that his congregation would be denied their religious freedom by the federal government. President Jefferson then sought to reassure the Minister that the government would not invade his religious liberty. (BTW, Thomas Jefferson was not even a part of the process for writing the amendment which protects religious liberty–he was in France.)

      It is only since our society has become so secular that it refuses to acknowledge that this nation was built on Christian religious principles. Certainly the many symbols displayed of the Ten Commandments in the Supreme Court (and other courts throughout the nation) are some testament to that fact. It is only because those who do not wish to acknowledge any of this Christian influence that we see the push for the silence of the Christian voice and morality in the public arena.

      Funny how those same groups pushing freedom to do whatever they want are also quick to assert that it is IMMORAL to impose MORAL standards on anyone—since it violates their freedoms. I would hope you can see the clear double standard and hypocrisy in that statement.

      Well, true freedom comes from knowing and listening to both sides; and when the non-religious try to impose restrictions on what knowledge (or POV) they deem is okay to be shared or is NOT allowed to be shared or influence policy (or law) they only seek to silence any opposing opinion. My guess is that their true intent is to control the thought process of citizens they think might defect to the other side.

  21. Also, for anyone arguing against Ron Paul’s reasoning for his foreign policy ideology, I suggest for you to go on youtube and search PSU professor Sam Richard’s speech on Empathy by searching empathy psu in the search tab on youtube.
    Since many individuals cannot grasp this concept, you would see that what Ron Paul says on this issue is quite vividly accurate.

  22. Santorum and Romney sure do have a long list of regrets… We really need somebody who is going to get this right on the first try, instead of telling us how they “learned their lesson” 10 years down the road….

    I don’t see Paul or Newt having to explain how they’ve “seen the light” on any of the issues.

    • They all need to forget the past and move on in to the future.That is what we need to hear. They get blinded sided by the moderator and beat up on each other instead of taking hold of the debates and making them their own.

      • I agree with you. (Although I did think it was a little more congenial atmosphere last night than some debates in the past.)

        Of course when they do respond the way they want to they get beat up over it for “not answering ‘the people'” as was pointed out by a previous commenter. Ahh, you certainly can’t win in politics. 🙂

  23. HAHAHA
    Here’s mine sugestions
    Ron Paul- ignorant
    Mitt Romney- realistic
    Santorum- good intentioned
    Newt Gingrich- humble (just kidding)- pridful

    • If Realistic means accepting the inevitable fact that corporations will rule the world, then i’d rather be an idealist.

      • I don’t see the logic of your assertion. Just because we elect a businessman to office does not mean that corporations rule the world. I personally would like to see are government run more like a business. I don’t see what is more ideal than a smart and lean government and Romney has the skills to make that ideal come to life.

  24. Amazing how Ron Paul supporters hijack all post debate comments. I admire your passion, but Paul loses all popularity in the mainstream with his foreign policy stances…on the rest he’s my man…but because of that, his policy would place this nation in greater danger, not rescue it. And why does he get a pass on the career politician position? He is a career politician…just like Newt and Santorum, but his supporters see him as some sort of outsider…he’s not. And no…Im not a Mitt supporter. I will support whichever of these candidates eventually win (even Paul) over Obama, because he is destroying America’s future…too bad none of them are perfect…but then again Jesus didn’t run this time. Paul supporters, I just hope that you can as enthusiastically support whatever GOP candidate comes out on top, as you have supporter Paul up to now, because he will not win…and the alternative option is too great for you to cry over spilt milk…when the carton finally tips over.

    • Ezekiel like I said, look up on youtube: empathy psu
      You would see that actually if you understood this concept, you would see why these small minorities in countries are a threat to us. You dont see these countries threatening iceland, greenland, or canada. Do you? They are not over there telling them what to do with their lives. We are.
      Now perhaps if you can grasp this concept, you will see why Ron Paul’s vision actually does make sense.

        • B Anderson please tell me your educational background because comprehension skills are lacking in you. Actually, if America stayed to America and worked alongside the U.N., not as if it owns the world, then there would be no need for other countries to attack us. Switzerland, Canada, Spain, etc. all don’t try to meddle in others affairs as much as America. Do they get attacked? Hmmmm…..nope. If they were just as controlling as America has been, pretty sure then they would be attacked, but they arent. Maybe you should go on youtube and watch that video I suggested, so you can at least get a glimpse of empathy so you can understand why others attack us. The whole belief that others attack us because they are jealous is such an arrogant belief. I don’t see them attacking the other countries that are far more well off than here.

          • Alongside the UN?? Surly you must be kidding?? That organization is the biggest ‘world government’ master plan out there. They seek to be the world police system to control the internal laws of nations. Now, sure that may sound good and all in ‘theory’ when you look at human rights issues in other nations, but we have our own laws in place in our country. US policy and laws are the responsibility of our legislature. I don’t think Ron Paul would support UN policy which seeks to control the domestic affairs of this nation, like the UN treaty on the Rights of the Child. (see

        • B Anderson — re your posts:

          February 24, 2012 at 12:18 am
          “Under Ron Paul, all battles would be on America’s soil, with American blood. I do not think that is a good thing.”

          February 24, 2012 at 12:00 am
          Your immature understanding of world peace is showing. If a nation had materials desperately wanted by another nation, the wanting nation could attack to get it. (weather the material be goods or a political ideology) The way for peace is to be ready for any attack from any outside nation. I can tell you have never been in the military. The military has war plans even against our friendly nations. This is normal. We must always be prepared for any circumstance. We do not need to bomb anyone. We only need to be prepared with staging areas and weapons. We do not need the want to use them, but we need the reserve to use them if needed. You being a Ron Paul follower, I doubt you will ever understand that freedom is not free. If is was up to RP or you, we would not have a nation two years from now. Grow up, kid.”


          The above is a mixture of paranoiac misapplication, misinformation and just plain gibberish.
          (I’ll just point out the major flaws (won’t waste time on the gibberish) hoping your young mind can still learn.)

          1) “If a nation had materials desperately wanted by another nation, the wanting nation could attack to get it….”

          Valid only for nations with multinational borders (such us in Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc.) Thus, misapplication for the USA (unless you are suggesting Canada or Mexico have the military might to attack us….).

          2) “Under Ron Paul, all battles would be on America’s soil, with American blood.”

          That is misinformation — we are separated by two oceans (thousands of miles away from the rest) for any invasion force to attempt to war on our soil. Or do you fear that “crazy” Muslims will build thousands of ships, and invade our shores by sea…to battle us on American soil…?

          • Surfisher
            Yep..I can see that you still have not gone back and read the earlier debate blogs on this subject. If you would, you will see that your ideas of peace in our time was quashed. You and your RP friends brought up the Tripoli Treaty. You apparently do not know what the treaty was about. It was about our past isolationism belief that if we kept to ourselves, no one would attack us. We were wrong. The Muslims attacked our trade ships, because the considered us infidels. As infidels, we did not have the right to live. They had the right to attack us and take our goods. The last time I checked, we still have Muslims in the world with the same way of thinking. If we take up RP’s advice, we would be attacked again… On our soil. That is not good. To answer previous qquestion 160+ cred Hrs IQ 130+, the wrong side of 60

        • You must get out of your bunker, hide your rifle. There are no danger for USA, you are the main danger for your nation and your country and it is the problem. It will be no wars with participation of your country, if Paul would win. Your criminal politicians and such idiots as you, are the main reason of all, present wars and nothing more. And Paul wants to change it, wants to make from your country, normal country.
          It was such president in USSR, Gorbatschev, he has made from his country rich, good country, which does not lead mindess wars. Or China look at this country, they are rich, they produce majority of all global products and they don’t lead wars, they know that wars kill morality and economy. And look at your country, many of your citizens are like retarded mentally, deepen in hatred against everything, lovers of illegal wars, your country is global leader in debts and global leader in crimes against humanity, genocide and illegal, hitleritelike wars.

        • It is just the point that it will be NO battles. Militaries will sit on their a..s in USA and they will make military drill in USA just like majority of civilizied nations do: Russia, China and many others. So shut the fu.. up.

    • Wow, Ezekiel, I can sure see your simple and direct question was COMPLETELY IGNORED. It appears that some people would rather NOT vote than vote for anyone other than Sen. Paul. I hope I am mistaken.

      I agree with you, none of the candidates are perfect–however, hotly that may be disputed. Each of us has biases that make one candidate appear better than the others. However, even if Ron Paul were elected, he’d only be in office for a maximum of 8 years. And during those eight years he’d have to work with the Legislature to get things done. Now, that’s were I see a big problem. Any President is NOT the king! Laws and budgets are supposed to be under the authority of the Legislature. From my understanding, anything the President vetoes can just go back through the process again and with a majority vote pass without the blessing of the President. Herein lays another problem.

    • Ron Paul supporters:

      So, here’s the dilemma, if we continue to have a Legislative body that does NOT follow the Constitution any good Sen. Paul may have done will quickly be undone. So it’s not just about having a GOOD President who will follow the Constitution, but all branches of the government need to DO as they have promised–preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. That means each branch must stay within its own sphere of authority—over the years we’ve seen that limitation thrown time and time again to the wayside.

      That being said, I think we all have an obligation to do our part as well and elect who will give us a better shot at that. It may be Senator Paul, it may be someone else. But surely, unless WE THE PEOPLE get behind whoever is nominated we will definitely be in NO better position a year from now to protect our Constitution or our liberty.

      Washington Press release, Feb. 17, 2012: “Events of the last few weeks show just how inconvenient the Constitution can be for politicians who want to get their way at any cost. On January 4, 2012, President Obama attempted to bypass the Senate and unilaterally “recess appoint” those nominees even though the Senate was not in fact in recess. (Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah)

      A group of Republican Senators opposed the President’s appointments as unconstitutional. As are result, Republican Senators who stood up against these recess appointments of President Obama where threatened to ‘change course’ by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) or he would “recommend to the president he recess appoint all these people, every one of them.” What?? The Legislature is NOT supposed to call the President on any unconstitutional behavior??

      I understand you unequivocally believe Sen. Paul is the best candidate. That is important, but the question is, is he so worth defending that you would allow this nation to continue on its current path, led by a man whose has made it clear his view on the Constitution—‘it’s a flawed document”? What?? He took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend it!

      The men who fought and died to preserve liberty in order to form our nation did it with the hope that others would continue to preserve those costly liberties. Keeping Pres. Obama in power is clearly not going to do that. Not voting for the nominated candidate because he wasn’t the candidate you wanted chosen is not going to do that either.

      Our allegiance should not be to individuals running for office, or in office, whether we voted for them our not, our allegiance should be to the Constitution of the United States. Now, Sen. Paul clearly is the most knowledgeable candidate on the Constitution. However, if he’s not the nominee, we still should feel an obligation to move forward and do what little (or more) we can to defend the Constitution. That means moving our central focus from the keyboard and arm chair arguments to the ballot box and voting for someone who we can at least reasonably feel comfortable with in the highest office of trust in our nation.

      The other GOP candidates may have blind spots, but I do not think they are under the belief, that the Constitution is a flawed document!

  25. Mitt did a great job at the debate! No doubt in my mind, he is the most competent, experienced, and trustworthy candidate running for President. You can’t fix Washington D.C. with any of the other guys (insiders) because they have each been part of the problem in the past. Do you know that Mitt never accepted a salary for his work as governor, or for his work on the Olympics? He has the money and success he needs already and is simply trying to bring this success and prosperity to the rest of America.

  26. Republicans need to stop being so fickle, hurry up and embrace Romney, and allow him to save some money and focus for beating Obama in November. If Republicans don’t stop grasping at straws (aka-anyone but Romney, flavor of the month, etc), we may end up losing this election and having Obama the fool as president for another four years. In this case, Republicans will have gotten exactly what they deserved and the nation will be much worse off because of it. I get that some people don’t know whether Romney is passionate and confrontational enough to take on Obama and his liberal ideas…but, he is and is definitely the best candidate to beat Obama in November.

    • Romney is financed for his campaign by wallsteet and if you thik he won’t owe them favors, you are wrong! His dad was the head of the CIA Mind Control program and he is into corruption up to his eyes. The issues discussed are mostly to distract away from the most immportant issues. THOSE ARE: The National Defense Authorization Act: this is a bill that was signed into law by Obama that says any American citizen can be arrested by the military for suspicion to commit a crime (no evidence of a crime), lock them up indefinately, without a trial or a lawyer and send you to a foreign prison where torture is ok. NOW THAT IS IMPORTANT! Sounds more like Germany and Hitler than America! ROMNEY, SANTORUM AND GINGRICH ALL AGREE WITH IT! Paul will repeal it! SECOND IMPORTANT ISSUE: if we attack Iran who does not have a bomb and even if they did, so what, Isreal has 100’s of them, then Russia and China will defend Iran. If you don’t think the bombs Russia and China have will reach America…you are sadly mistaken! Ron Paul is our only hope not to get into WWIII. The other candidates are supported by money from the elite and wallstreet who like war and sell weapons to both sides. They all have underground bunkers to protect them…we don’t! And they won’t be inviting us in to any of them!

  27. I have watched all these debates and the interviews of the candidates. I purposely don’t pay attetion to the political ads, they are just quick 30 second spots, using whatever persuasive means, to spread BS.
    I believe that Ron Paul is the only true hope that the U.S. has to succeed as a nation. I don’t see how anyone can honestly and unbiasedly NOT agree with what Ron Paul stands for. I now know he has my vote.

    • H. Edward Peshe —

      You are correct in your assessment.

      The problem is IN your statement: “I don’t see how anyone can honestly and unbiasedly NOT agree with what Ron Paul stands for.” — “anyone” being the catchword!

      Only the intelligent minority understands Ron Paul’s message, and thus agree for what Ron Paul stands — the ignorant majority can only comprehend it if someone trustworthy spells it out for them (but instead of educating, the main media is doing their best misinforming — nothing works better than brain-washing the masses, since in a Democracy the Ignorant Many tell the Intelligent Few what to do…who gets elected).

      • then let him find such ways, which bring to him ignorant majority not touching his foreign politics. Majority of people all over the world want to have prosperity, jobs etc. I don’t know, more money for families, more money for education, more money for pockets of republican electorate. He knows his republican electorate han let him find a way. People don’t want to have wars, people want to live really in prosperity and it is everywhere. Saying truly, the whole world or majority of countries of the world suffer from consequences of US politics and it is everywhere, not only in these poor, invaded regions, but it is everywhere.

  28. To all those who fear that Ron Paul is too old to handle the riggers of presidency; I would not want to run a foot race with this man.

    If you fear he would die in office and somehow his plans to restore this nation would not bear fruit; he has only to pick a VP that shares his beliefs 100% (I would suggest Rand Paul, but that upset too many people, so I won’t) to safe-guard against this contingency.

    Since when did freedom and liberty take second place to anything else in this country? People, when you vote with your conscious, you are not throwing your vote away. If you think so, then that is your right, for now.

    As for myself, if I didn’t vote for Ron Paul, I couldn’t look in the mirror without feeling shame. Voting for someone you believe in is such a personal honor (not to mention, great right we have, again for now), don’t let anyone steal how you feel in your heart. Let Freedom Ring in 2012.

  29. simpletruth, you must be smart as a whip……your name is perfect, it is, actually what we need, and what my HERO, Mitt Romney, has been sticking to for all these years. His chance was stolen last election during the primaries, when crossover, non GOP, or, “Operation Chaos” voters cast votes for McCain, to sabatoge Mitt, as you know, because they were terrified of him.
    Now, his time IS here, he keeps on message, to some, a bit repetitious, but that is what it takes, to blanket this nation with the simple truth drumbeat to drum the enemies of this country out of our white house. If we get back the Senate, John Bolton as Sect’y of State, leave General Petraeus as CIA head, either Marco Rubio or Chris Christie as Veep, and for God’s Sake, abolish the cabinet posts of Environment, Education, Labor, and Homeland Security, give Mitt the chance to enact his state-run agencies to handle illegal immigration, labor issues, heading them toward right to work statehood, and
    re-creating schools run by the states, and the land stewardship, since all states are different! He wants One Person to report TO HIM, as each state goes to this person with issues. He WILL shredd D.C.’s make-work set-up, balance private and public pay, and STOP
    the corrupt union machine from ruining our economy. I’m Done!

      • and Bush as his VP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Mitt is a fake Politician just like Obama and is lying about changing anything. Do some research…his dad was in charge of the Mind Control program run by the CIA. He has got wallstreet in his pocket more than anyone and will owe all of them favors.. Stop listening to the lying elite media owned by wallstreet. Mitt is dangerous and will lead us into WWIII.

        • Sorry, but sounds like you should do some research, or at least inform us of your credible sources that have given you so much information. What you have ‘quoted’ sounds like yellow journalism. I’d like to know just how such a supportive media can be so quick to assault him any chance they can make up? (i.e, “I don’t care about the poor”) Yeah, right.

  30. Ron Paul is like Socrates. Unfortunately. In the end it will not matter that he is the better candidate from almost all points of view. He doesn’t look presidential and he doesn’t rise his voice or fists and threat with military actions all around. Also he is hated by Fox News. Like Socrates he has good ideas and he is a good person. “Nationville” it’s a beautiful thought. So were the ideas of Socrates and his civism and love of Gods were true. What means to be religious? What means to be a good person. We all know how it ended…

    It pains me to observe that Santorum is the least evil and we in life, saying like Steinbeck, we often don’t get to chose between good and evil, but between two bad things the least evil. Rommey is just a wall street scam. After he get some money working he become wealth by running legally allowed wall street scams. Also his religion is not “the” true religion as he is a member of a sect. It is not me saying this, but the Christian Church. In any case, this bear no importance with me as true religion is hard, I just mention it because of the high level of hypocrisy as sometime come in the name of good things, like religion here. Wall street scam label instead is something that cannot be washed at all. You can be of any religion you want, but when you run scams as Rommey did you fail to qualify as a human being and we should stop calling you a person. Very gray.

    Newt is even a bigger failure. As a person. As a human being. As a politician. Just imagine the bath of corruption he took by getting to the position he held. He was and it is involved in everything, including houses/mortgage industry collapse, providing (or should I better say selling as he was in fact selling… I mean his company from which he take just a small amount… I mean…) inside secrets and undoubtedly protection to the trading scams who benefit of everything and basically ruin this country. Even by knowing that a person of his position likes something it is enough protection. Heaving his name on a document, isn’t this selling protection? How is this different than thugs showing of to Al Capone’s trial? Plenty of shadows and difficult to prove things… but dark gray.

    Like Rommey’s fortune. Yeah, he “worked hard” like your father and my father isn’t it? Double shifts and punching the presence card every early morning and very late nighttime… wait… not? Isn’t it? Oh… I thought that running scams and trading secrets have nothing to do with his wealth. Does he produced something? Does he had a great idea that revolutionized the world or an industry or at least a branch of an industry and here is how he become rich enriching others in the process, leaving satisfaction and admiration around? Oh… trading you said? Do I ask too much from the president to be more like Washington instead of a dubious character from “The Firm”?

    Bottom line we have the following in the room: a snicky corporate reject that he proves with his wealth the kind of reject as human being he is, likeable, but as the serpent from Adam and Eve. We have a snicky old corrupted politician, a failure as a person, as a family member as a human being, repugnant. We have a mediocre guy very confused and confusing, yelling without reason at others and saying shit, talking hard about warfare without being a warmonger, all over the place and disagreeable. And we have another guy. There are also Jesus, a Rabi, three whores and the defensive line of Giants. Which one is who you should figure it out yourself.

    • Greg — cutting through the mambo-jumbo flowing you first paragraph.

      “Ron Paul is like Socrates. Unfortunately. In the end it will not matter that he is the better candidate from almost all points of view…..” Then, you state: “It pains me to observe that Santorum is the least evil….”

      The two are mutually exclusive — (example 1: If Ron Paul is ‘the better’ than Santorum has to be MORE evil; or 2; If Santorum is the ‘least evil’, than Ron Paul cannot be ‘the better’).

      The rest of your post is nonsensical prose….

  31. Here is the bottom line America WAKE UP! The issues discussed are mostly to distract away from the most immportant issues. THOSE ARE: The National Defense Authorization Act: this is a bill that was signed into law by Obama that says any American citizen can be arrested by the military for suspicion to commit a crime (no evidence of a crime), lock them up indefinately, without a trial or a lawyer and send you to a foreign prison where torture is ok. NOW THAT IS IMPORTANT! Sounds more like Germany and Hitler than America! ROMNEY, SANTORUM AND GINGRICH ALL AGREE WITH IT! Paul will repeal it! SECOND IMPORTANT ISSUE: if we attackk Iran who does not have a bomb and even if they did, so what, Isreal has 100’s of them, then Russia and China will defend Iran. If you don’t think the bombs Russia and China have will reach America…you are sadly mistaken! Ron Paul is our only hope not to get into WWIII. The other candidates are supported by money from the elite and wallstreet who like war and sell weapons to both sides. They all have underground bunkers to protect them…we don’t! And they won’t be inviting us in to any of them!

  32. What most people don’t like about Ron Paul is his foreign policy. Unfortunately, this is because most Americans don’t understand foreign policy and they believe we give countries money to help their people and make a better world. This is a nice thought and was my thought also until I started researching the truth. PLEASE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF! Look up FALSE FLAG. This is a term that means lies to cover up real reasons to go to war. What you find out is STUNNING! EVERY WAR WE HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN WITHOUT EXCEPTION including undeclared wars like Vietnam was started behind false flags. That means they caused an incident ON PURPOSE to justify going to war. The most recent example is 911. If you still believe the OFFICIAL story then you need to research that too. It is NOT POSSIBLE that their story is true. WAY TOO MANY holes in the story. Look up Pilots for 911 truth, or architects for 911 truth, or just 911 truth! Watch several videos on you tube if you hate reading and see for yourself all the evidence of false flag. WARNING: knowledge will change the way you view EVERYTHING that America stands for…then you will see why Ron Paul supporters are so passionate.

    • suzan taylor — your posts are spot on!

      Keep posting, the masses need to be educated, or our nation is sunk!

  33. JFK really tried to warn ALL OF US.
    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” -Galileo
    JFK “The President and the Press,” before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961
    Ron Paul 2012

    • Yohon

      This speech used to remind me of the FED and the International Bankers. Now, it has new meaning to me. In essence, JFK was describing the Neo-Con Right-wing “Unconstitutional” Warmongers who have “hijacked” Conservatism in order to demonize Constitutional Libertarianism.

      Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are all part of this “bunch”. It boils down to this. If you “claim” to be a Conservative, but you support anyone else besides Ron Paul, then you’re a Neo-Con.

  34. Ron paul is not to old for 1 Term.. and even if you think he is.. Thats what a VP is for. His VP pick would Theortically be better then any one of those GOP Candidates right now..

    • Steve L — too bad George Carlin is no longer with us….

      He would have made an impact on the comical perception of the clowns running against Ron Paul.

      Nice post!

        • B Anderson

          Are you by any chance a full-fledged, dyed-in-the-wool, Constitution hating, warmongering, Israel dominated Neo-Con? Just asking…

          Why don’t you move to Israel and you can “protect” them all you want. Maybe they’ll even let you push their Red Button if you froth-at-the-mouth while you’re “screaming” how much you hate Ron Paul and all the Muslims.

          • Sorry, Darryl, I’ve had a lot of respect for many comments you have shared, but this is not one of them. I think you are above that.

            • 2_amazed

              Perhaps. But I just get so “frustrated” when these Neo-Con, wag-the-fricken-dog War-Lovers get support from the “duped” and ignorant American People. They KNOW nothing will change, but they keep supporting them anyway.

            • Darryl, I can understand your being frustrated when you think people don’t get it. But I think the reality is ALL of US CARE about this nation and the direction it is heading. It does us no good to tear each other apart because we share different points of view. Our nation is at a crossroads and if we don’t want to end up in a wreck, we’re gonna have to stick together and look for common ground. The two party system has certainly created an US against Them culture in our country. We certainly don’t need to have in our own party. If we care about the country, then lets find common ground and move forward to reclaim our constitutional liberty. 🙂

  35. Neo-Cons HATE this Song! I can just see the Romney, Gingrich and Santorum Supporters “cringing”!

    Song: “END THIS WAR!” by Golden State




    I can be sure of this
    Memories are fading fast
    A fragile heart of glass
    That shattered once before
    The walls start to break and crack
    Nothing is built to last
    Cuz Patience are running thin
    But I know we can’t give up

    If we make the choice
    To walk out the door
    And let all we have
    Become nothing more
    Can we look at ourselves
    And resist this
    Moment in time together

    Its not impossible
    That we can End This War
    Just let your heart explode
    Not too late for a miracle
    It’s not impossible

    I know we can resist
    So many shots that missed
    My heart can take a hit
    Cause I know I can’t let go

    If we make the choice
    To walk out the door
    And let all we have
    Become nothing more
    Can we look at ourselves
    And resist this
    Moment in time together

    Its not impossible
    That we can End This War
    Just let your heart explode
    Not too late for a miracle
    It’s not impossible

    No more fighting
    No more crying
    No more hurting
    No deserting
    No more lying
    No more sighing
    I’m still trying
    Arms wide open




    Its not impossible (End This War)
    That we can End This War (End This War)
    Just let your heart explode (End This War)
    Not too late for a miracle (End This War)
    It’s not impossible (End This War)

    I’ve seen the levy break
    I’ve seen a lover take
    I’ve felt the warm sun
    It’s there for everyone
    I’ve seen some troubled times
    But its not too late for a miracle
    Its not impossible

  36. Ron Paul stands alone in my eyes. Why is the media ignoring Ron Paul>>>>Because THEY ARE FRIGHTENED OF HIM! He actually stands a chance of winning!!

    Take it from a fence poster(i.e., Libertartian), I’ll jump to your side if you vote Ron Paul!

  37. Ron Paul Political Rap Song “Stand Up” by Mark Jankins


    A lot of people don’t realize that we’re at the precipice of an intellectual war; where knowledge and wisdom is our ammunition, truth and understanding is our strategy, and peace and liberty is our goal.


    We used to say the pledge of allegiance,
    It said liberty and justice for all.
    But ever since the departure of Clinton,
    I’ve been witnessing my countries downfall.
    I don’t really know where we’re going,
    And this election’s too close to call.
    But if you ask me about how I’m voting,
    I gotta stand up for Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
    It’s time to stand up for Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
    Come on and stand up for Ron Paul.

    Verse 1:

    It all started in the Monica Lewinski days,
    Newt Gingrich was screamin impeachment
    But he’s doing the same thing.
    Cheatin on his 2nd wife with his 3rd wife
    Claiming to be a man of God
    But can’t even live a moral life.
    Now that’s hypocrisy, way too prevalent in DC
    He ain’t even fit to be the VP
    Think you better switch your vote to RP
    Yep, that’s Ron Paul, Champion of the Constitution
    America’s 1 solution, to rid the white house of pollution
    We’ve been on the wrong path for way too long,
    Thought we’d recover from the Bush era when Obama came along
    I know, I voted on him to but I admit I was wrong
    But now it’s time to move on, and get this country back strong
    But first things first, we gotta balance the budget
    We’re 16 trillion in debt, and that #’s only growin
    We’re spending more than we’re making
    And fighting wars we can’t afford
    Foreign aid to other countries, time to cut that umbilical cord!


    Verse 2:

    Attention Folks! The lamestream media’s at it again.
    Look out for Hannity, O’Reilly, and CNN
    They want to tell you that a vote for Ron Paul don’t count
    They want to choke out his message, with a media blackout
    Oh no, Hell no! We can’t let that happen!
    That’s why we’re all over the internet, and I’m up here rappin
    Supporters down at the capitol, hold signs at town lake
    Spreadin the message of liberty, for America’s sake
    But it’s your choice; so pick heaven or hell
    Pick good or evil; pick right or wrong; pick weak or strong
    Pick yin or yang; pick Thomas Jefferson or Sadam Hussein
    The choice is obvious to me, but it’s up to you to decide
    Don’t base it on the media’s lop sided view they provide
    They’re spreading lies, misinformation, and deception
    Paid for by private groups that want to rig the elections, WAKE UP!


    Verse 3:

    Barack Obama, I thought it was time for a change
    Barack Obama, your plan is looking kinda strange
    Barack Obama, I know who you are
    But charisma can only get you so far
    This country needs a leader! Not another crooked politician
    Ron Paul’s got the balls to stand up to the opposition
    That’s the establishment, challenge the status quo
    Brrrrrack, you got us up sh** creek without a paddle bro
    Open up your eyes and your mind, and think for yourself
    You can’t continue wars and expect economic health
    You can’t have poor work ethic and expect to obtain wealth
    You can’t change the world if you can’t change yourself
    It’s time to take back your righteous mind
    Give liberty a chance for the sake of mankind
    But enough of me, I’ma let the good doctor speak
    And let the choice be yours…… Godspeed

    Ron Paul “What If” speech


    Ron Paul “What If” speech continued.

  38. Political Folk Song “Ron Paul Free” by Carolyn Karger

    Every day
    Somebody wakes up awake
    From the farm lands of Iowa
    To the freeways of L.A.
    Every day
    You hear the people say
    We’ve had enough and
    We’re too tough to take this
    Sitting down –

    Ron Paul
    He’s the one we want
    Ron Paul
    To take those lies apart
    They told us
    One too many times…
    Ron Paul
    He’s the one we want
    Ron Paul
    It takes a patriot’s heart
    To make sure
    That this will always be
    The land of the Free…

    Every day
    Somebody wakes up awake
    From the warm sands of Florida
    To the campuses, where they pay to play
    Every day
    They do a double take
    Who’s this man who speaks the truth to the
    Powers that be and the MSM?

    Ron Paul
    He’s the one we want
    Ron Paul
    To take those lies apart
    They told us
    One too many times…
    Ron Paul
    And the time is now
    Ron Paul
    Because we know how to ensure
    That this will always be
    The land of the Free
    We want to be FREE

    We don’t want war
    We don’t want pain
    We don’t want bloodshed
    We don’t want shame

    We don’t want debts
    We don’t want chains
    We don’t want theft
    We don’t want to be slaves

    We don’t want crowns
    We don’t want kings
    We don’t want pawns
    Telling us what to think

    We don’t want hope
    We don’t want change
    We don’t want lies
    Or more of the same

    We are the people
    Born to liberty –

    We want to be FREE! (Ron Paul)
    We want to be FREE! (Ron Paul)
    We want to be FREE! (Ron Paul)
    We want to be FREE! (Ron Paul)…

    Every day
    Somebody wakes up awake
    From sea to shining sea and the
    Purple mountains majesty….

  39. B Anderson, Carmen, Simple Truth, Buckeye, Francis, MichaelReg, Nate–I think you might appreciate this website:, this is an excellent series!

    And no, it is NOT in anyway a Ron Paul website.

    I think there is common ground between both sides, wish more of that could come across. Ron Paul supporters make good points about his Constitutional knowledge and all, but sometimes the way they present their ideas certainly makes it hard to hear their POV. Personally, I will vote for whoever gets the nomination. No one’s perfect and I think we’ll have a better chance of reclaiming our Constitutional government with anyone OTHER THAN President Obama.

  40. I went back and watched all the debates here…
    Dr. Paul is the ONLY person who actually EVER answers the questions. Not only does he answer, he’s the only one who answers intelligently.

    Mitt Romney, I swear, NEVER answers the questions… the guy fricken monologues! Like he has this script memorized! It doesn’t even matter what questions are asked, he just starts rambling! Sure, he’s smart, successful, etc… But the guy is doing CLASSIC bureaucratic, political nonsense! He’s Bill Clinton all over again. Bill was a master at this technique.

    Newt kind-of answers. Rick seems like Mitt’s puppy dog or something. Seems to me like he’s trying to impress Mitt. Maybe he’s looking for a job after he loses.

    Ron Paul seems like he’s the only person who is answering consistently. I’ve watched probably hundreds of TV spots on each candidate, and Dr. Paul is the only one with an actual message. It’s like he sees what is fundamentally wrong. I can feel it in my bones when he speaks. He’s TOTALLY unorthodox, and has this haphazard, whiny voice… but what he says cuts through all the B.S.!

    I used to think it was good when candidates fought for what I believed in, moved to put in place legislation that supported my beliefs, vetoed bills that antagonized my persuasion; but NOW… here comes Ron Paul, saying, “You have it all wrong!” The government doesn’t need to create more laws, more red-tape, more control… what it needs to do is GO AWAY!

    I like it… I like it a lot!

  41. 2_amazed
    Thanks for your post. Ron Paul’s ideas on the constitution are quite extreme. He forgets that the constitution allows laws to be made and changed. Through the 250 years of our history there have been several attempts to keep in touch with the times. Even thought I do not agree with many of the laws, and some appear to be contrary to the constitution, we all must abide by them. Ron Paul will never be able to correct even one “mistake” of the legislation that opposes the constitution. He does not have a persuasive personality. Some of our laws seem to be unfair. Why do we need to drive on the right side of the road? Maybe I like to drive on the left. So isn’t it unconstitutional to require me to ride on the right? If it were a state rights thing, some states could have you drive on the right, some on the left, or some other section of the road. No, it is for the good of the masses. Ron Paul and his followers do not seem to grasp that concept. That, and his isolation ideals are the reason I will not support him. However, even he would be better that Obama.

    Obama blatantly opposes the rights of individuals, religious based organizations, and our right to life. People have the right to purchase contraceptives for their lifestyle. However I have a different lifestyle. I should not be forced to support and pay for other’s elective lifestyle. The pill, when used as contraceptive, is not a health item. It is known to cause blood clots in women. Why has it become a health item to be paid by insurance or taxpayers? Since when is becoming pregnant unhealthy? I thought it was a natural body function. I think that is wrong for people and religious organizations to be forced to pay for them. Like alcohol, it is an item of choice. It is legal. I am not forced to pay for someone’s choice of drink. However I can see where NightQuil relieves cold symptoms, and could be covered under health care. The pill, also has uses for health care of regulating female body cycles. I could be covered for that, but not for elective purposes.

    People think it is weird that I support abortion. However, I have a different take on the subject. The couple that wish not to have a baby, really are saying that they do not want to support the child after it is born. That is fine with me. As soon as the baby is born, the parents have the right to be aborted. The child can be adopted by someone who will love and care for it. That way, the couple have the fun of sex, and don’t have to face the consequences of raising the child.

    • B Anderson —

      Lol… some more of your sciolistic prattle?

      Seen any terrorists under your bed lately…?

      You never answered how (under Ron Paul) those darn Muslims in the hundreds of millions are going to get here to wage war against us on our soil.

      What was it again —- building thousands of rowboats or dinghies….?

        • 2_amazed —

          No — you are correct.

          Ridiculing his illogical mind is superfluous — he succeeds exposing it better in his own words….

          P.S. No admonishing comment on your part to him: Was this post necessary…?
          “B Anderson — February 25, 2012 at 8:24 pm — RON PAUL SUPPORTERS… Surfisher wants you to go to his posted web page. Please go there… and don’t come back.”

          Just wondering if you are being selective….

          P.P.S. Wish you luck in your polite engagement to compare ideas, in the hope he’ll comprehend the validity of some and the disproval of others (but I think it’s causa perduta — one can do just about anything, but put brains into a fool’s head).

    • B Anderson, thank you for taking the time to respond and for sharing your thoughts and positions with me. I too am a Christian, and so I can identify with the concerns that you have expressed. That is why I think you’ll appreciate the website I link I posted. BTW, I like your take on abortion. 🙂

      I don’t agree with all of Sen. Paul’s ideas or stands on various issues. However, one thing I can really appreciate about him is his constant bringing to the dialogue the undermining of the Constitution and the national debt. I believe those are the two most pressing challenges our nation faces at this time. I am really concerned that if we as a nation do not change direction we truly will not be able to recover. President Obama has made it very clear he will not be the person to preserve, protect or defend the Constitution. From his statements, to his usurpation from the States the right to decide on healthcare as opposed to a nationally mandated system, to his most recent unconstitutional recess appointments. And to add insult to injury that the Senate Majority Leader would threaten those who would call the President on his unconstitutional conduct is unacceptable!

      Your point is well taken about there being a limit to states rights as evidenced by the driving example. There do need to be national laws for some consistency. It obviously was necessary to adopt the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments since some states would have kept things as they were before the Civil War—not that it still didn’t take a 100 years and the Civil Rights movement to ‘finish’ the job.

      As I am sure you have noticed, violations to the Constitution have been going on for decades. When the President sends troops into war without a declaration of war from Congress, he has violated the Constitution; when the Supreme Court writes a statute which amounts to binding law on all states, that’s a violation of the Constitution; when a Presidential agency such as the EPA creates regulations which amount to laws, again, it is a violation of the Constitution. Only Congress has the authority under the Constitution to make laws which are binding on the nation. They also do not have any Constitutional authority to delegate it to anyone or any agency! Furthermore, they also have the authority and obligation to call anyone on the carpet that does violate it. If we sign a UN Treaty that proposes to direct the internal affairs of the nation, as would the UN Treaty known as the CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) would, it would clearly violate the liberties outlined in our Constitution. Yet, it would be binding on the nation. (If you haven’t seen anything on this, check out

      I’m not 60 yet, but I’m quite near to 50 and for years I have wondered, why on earth don’t things seem to change when we get a new president, be he Republican or Democrat? It wasn’t until I watched this lecture series ( that the lights came on and the understanding took root. (I certainly never learned this in school!) We as a nation have not been constitutionally literate enough to demand change from Washington. We have allowed the politicians to be the experts in leading the nation, and it has been like the blind leading the blind! We need to have the kind of knowledge that allows us to know when the violations take place and hold our elected representatives– either presidential, or more importantly, congressional–accountable by the ballot box. I agree with you, no one president is going to turn this nation around. It’s gone on for too long and the obvious prevalence of constitutional ignorance among our political leaders is widespread—although for some I believe it is intentional violation as opposed to ignorant violation. Personally, I have come to believe the president sure can lead, but it is far more important that we have constitutionally literate and honest men and women serving as our congressional representatives.

      The lecture series gave me an abundance of hope—we can turn things around when we as a nation (or at least enough of us that will vote), educate our friends, children, and grandchildren on the principles that will keep the Constitution as the blueprint for governing our nation. We can turn it around when we enter the discourse around us, make our points known, listen to opposing points of views, and find common ground.

      If you haven’t seen the first lecture, I would so recommend you take the opportunity. 🙂 I’d really be interested in hearing what you think of it. Also, the one on the National Debt is excellent! If you like what you see, please let others know about it. (Unfortunately, only two of the complete lectures are on the website–there are 25 lectures in all and each is done just as well as the two available for free).

      After watching the series and better understanding the ‘hows and whys’ of the crisis we are facing as a nation I am firmly of the opinion we need to spread Constitutional knowledge so we can stand together to take back our nation from those who would destroy it from within.

    • 2_amazed

      *sigh* Apparently, you are the one who doesn’t “get it”. I was sadden to read that you would support “whoever” the Candidate is that is nominated. I thought you knew better than that. I’m sure you read B Anderson’s post. He’s really “out there”, but at least he’s been honest about his feelings and where he stands. He’s a Neo-Con. He’s Pro-Abortion. He doesn’t like Ron Paul. He could “care-less” about the Constitution. He’s a Gingrich supporter. He’s Pro-BIG Government. Oh. And he doesn’t like Obama. Pretty strange, aye?

      Anyway, Ron Paul supporters ALREADY KNOW that nothing will change under Romney, Gingrich or Santorum. B Anderson is the classic example as to “why”. He knows nothing will change in our Government either. He WANTS it that way. He criticizes Ron Paul and his supporters for even “daring to suggest” change and “mocks” Ron Paul’s message about returning to a Constitutional Government.

      Common ground? Is there any Common Ground, 2_amazed? “Tyranny”, under ANY Political Party, has NOTHING IN COMMON with Freedom and Liberty. You’re only kidding yourself if you think that there will be any chance of “reclaiming” a Constitutional Government under ANY of the other GOP Candidates, other than Ron Paul. Their Motive, if elected President, is to take the “then” Bush Republican Policies, which are “now” Obama Democrat Policies, and make them “more Republican”. In other words, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

      It’s not about “beating” Obama, like the MSM likes to report, and which YOU believe. Why? Because they’re ALL THE SAME! It’s about “restoring” the Government back to a Constitutional Representative Democracy where the People, and NOT Corporations – NOT Special Interests – NOT Israel – NOT Unions – NOT Wall Street – but the ONLY the People are Represented by those who we elect to Govern us.

      And WHO is the only Candidate speaking this way? Ron Paul 2012 !!!

      • Darryl, actually I do get it, we just disagree on what ‘it’ is. Yes, I did read B Anderson’s post—and I think you misunderstood his/her position on abortion. I understood that the position was anti—it was a play on words by using pro-abortion.

        The neo-Con label doesn’t sit well with me. I think when we resort to name calling to eliminate a point of view from the dialogue it just doesn’t help those of us who are truly concerned about how far our nation has strayed from the Constitution, as you and many others have expressed.

        Yes, I will vote for the person who gets the nomination. If Sen. Paul is not running, what else would I do? Not vote—perish the thought! Throwing away my opportunity to vote would be the last thing I would do. It certainly wouldn’t help in the least of stopping a president who is clearly bent on destroying our liberties and our Constitution. Besides as you argue, voting for anyone else than Sen. Paul would be maintaining the status quo, well not taking part in the general election certainly will do the same thing! You see no difference between anyone else and the GOP and Pres. Obama, but there I am willing to agree to disagree.

        I respect your point of view as I do many others. I know you are very politically savvy and probably know quite a bit about history to understand that those who wrote our Constitution argued over many points—some were violently opposed to creating such a document and then trying to actually agree on what should be in it was certainly a tedious process. But they persevered, listened to each other, presented their opposing opinions and finally came to common ground to adopt the document we now have.

        I see the point we are at now in history as much the same. We all have different ideas, and some of will violently oppose ideas presented by those they see as the opposition. But we are, I believe, united in a common goal. The goal is to get back to a Constitutional government, and I am sorry, but it will take years to really do that. We need more than just a president, because you know as I’ve said before on other blogs, the president is not King. He’ll have to work with Congress and if Congress doesn’t follow the Constitution then we’re in trouble. So I see this as a defining moment in history. Do we only align ourselves to one candidate, or do we at least get someone in there other than who we currently have and at least begin the process?

        I think this divisiveness within the party only supports Pres. Obama’s agenda and re-election. I think if we are truly concerned about liberty, then we’d better vote him out office or move to another country. I for one don’t plan on moving—my money’s tied up in this economy and my house—I can’t afford to go anywhere else! 🙂

        I’ve made allusions before, but personally, I like Gov. Romney. I know most of you hate him, but I think Gov. Romney is an honest man who sincerely wants to lead this country to a brighter future. I know I may be in the minority, but I do trust his integrity. Is he perfect, no, but I don’t think any of them are. I’m not really swayed by the over-dramatizations and character assassinations about him—or any other candidate, for that matter. Just as you are not swayed by others same response to Sen. Paul.

        Question, and I am honestly asking this, how will Sen. Paul stop the special interests, Unions, corporate donations & corporate influence in politics? I agree that it certainly is a corruption in the system, but what is the plan to stop it?

        You may decide to write me off, but I will still respect your right to support whom you will and respect your thoughts and opinions without derision. I would hope you would do the same for me (and others). 🙂

        Good night! 🙂

        • 2_amazed

          As we both know, the President wields most the Power coming out of the Executive Branch (against Congress) with the veto pen. Yes, vetos can be over-ridden, but this would be the beginning of the “change” that must take place in the 2 party system, of which they are BOTH in “collusion” AGAINST the American Taxpayer. The “exposure” alone, to the American People, of these “Wasteful and Crooked” Politicians that “cater” to the Special Interests would DIRECTLY come from the Bully-Pulpit at their own peril. As Ron Paul has stated if he’s elected President, he’ll use the “mandate” of his election and take his case DIRECTLY to the American People.

          Firstly, Government SPENDING is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE facing our Nation. The National Debt is now over $16 TRILLION and Growing! A Balanced Budget may be implemented years from now and President Paul does have the “Plan” to accomplish this. If Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or Obama are elected President, the BORROWING will continue and the National Debt will GROW to over $20 TRILLION 4 years from now. That’s a “Mathematical Certainty”, if “Actual” Spending Cuts aren’t made to the Federal Budget. However, as I have previously stated in other Blogs, the “Millstone” around the Government’s Neck, is the MASSIVE $16 TRILLION DEBT! In order for there to be a Balanced Budget, the Debt must be either Liquidated or Paid Down FIRST! If “Politicians” are “promising” a Balanced Budget, WITHOUT Cutting “Actual” Spending, then they are LYING to us!

          President Paul would implement these “Actual” Spending Cuts to the Budget. His “Plan” cuts $1 TRILLION in spending during the FIRST YEAR of his Presidency. He will “eliminate” five (5) Cabinet Departments (Energy, Commerce, HUD, Interior, and Education), saving BILLIONS of Dollars. He will ABOLISH the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and return the responsibility for security to private property owners (The Free Market Solution). He will ABOLISH corporate “subsidies” (Corporate Welfare). He will STOP ALL foreign aid, including to Israel. This will actually BENEFIT Israel because Israel’s Arab neighbors receive 7 TIMES MORE than Israel receives. He will END the Foreign Wars and STOP the subsidizing of other Foreign Country’s security and border control. He will also make a 10% reduction in the Federal Workforce. He will “slash” Congressional “pay and perks” and curb “excessive” Federal travel. What is MOST TELLING is that President Paul will “stand” with the American People! President Paul will take a salary of $39,336, approximately equal to the median personal income of the American worker. By doing ALL this, President Paul will return most of the Government Spending to 2006 levels.

          Although, President Paul wouldn’t have the “Absolute Authority” to repeal Obamacare, as Romney and others have so falsely stated, he would have the “Power” to set the agenda on the road toward repeal. He would also set out to repeal Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley in the same manner. He will implement the “Mandates REINS-style” approach to these repeals by requiring a thorough congressional review and authorization BEFORE implementing any new regulations issued by bureaucrats. President Paul will also “cancel” all onerous regulations previously issued by Executive Order.

          President Paul, being the Commander-in-Chief, will have the Authority to Bring the Troops Home. Yes. There’s always the “danger” that a “false flag attack” may be in the works by “Special Interests”, but “declaring war” would be placed “back” onto the Congress (the people) to investigate and decide.

          President Paul would also honor our “promises” to our seniors and veterans, while allowing young workers to “opt out” of these Programs. He would “Block Grant” Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps and other welfare programs to allow the STATES the flexibility and ingenuity they need to solve their own unique problems without harming those currently relying on the programs. (10th Amendment)

          President Paul will INSIST that Congress conduct a FULL audit of the Federal Reserve and he will DEMAND Congress to implement “Competing Currency Legislation” to strengthen the dollar and stabilize inflation (the supply of money). Whether that is returning to a Gold Standard, is yet to be determined. The FED must be audited FIRST. But it’s a FACT that the “Interest” that the American Taxpayer “pays” for the use of Our OWN Money and what is used (through Borrowing) to facilitate our MASSIVE DEBT will soon overtake the Revenues collected through Taxation. Then what do we do?

          President Paul is the ONLY Candidate who “Tells the Truth” regarding the Issues facing America. He knows there will be “Pain” associated with Government Spending Cuts. However, if implemented ASAP, the “Pain” would be short-lived and NOT as Painful if we continue down-the-road to eventual “Austerity”. And BELIEVE ME, President Paul”s Plan is Much Better than Austerity. Just ask the People in Greece!

          • 2_amazed

            I forgot a VERY IMPORTANT puzzle piece to President Paul’s Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation. TAXATION.

            Ron Paul’s “mantra” throughout the Debates has been: KEEPING MORE OF YOUR MONEY! However, because this has been used as a “Sound Byte” by so many “Politicians”, the “Meaning” falls on deaf ears.

            As stated on his website:

            “The Power to Tax is the Power to “Destroy”, which is why Ron Paul will NEVER support higher Taxes”.

            Our National Debt is currently over $16 TRILLION, with the Government Spending nearly $2 TRILLION “more per year” than it collects in Taxes. The American people should NOT have to pay for Washington’s reckless and out-of-control appetite for DEBT! People will analyze Greece and say that the Greek People “spent” all the money, thus should pay it back. It’s FAR MORE COMPLICATED than that. First, Goldman-Sachs, who is the LARGEST CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTOR to Mitt Romney committed FRAUD by “hiding” the Greek Debt so they could be admitted to the Eurozone. Secondly, the Greek People NEVER Spent the Money! All these Bail-Outs are going DIRECTLY INTO THE POCKETS of the Bankers. The Greek People see none of that money. Thirdly, because the Bankers are so CORRUPT and GREEDY, they are DEMANDING the Natural Resources and Infrastructure “as payment” for their Debt. It’s NO WONDER the Greek People are “rioting” in the streets.

            Anyway, back to the USA, it’s a FACT that High taxes “stifle” innovation, “prevent” saving, “destroy” production and “crush” the middle class and the poor. This discourages the investment of Capital into the Free Market Capitalist System. Ron Paul has said over and over again: “Every American is entitled to the fruits of his labor, especially during these tough economic times.”

            Lowering taxes will leave Americans MORE Money to take care of themselves and their families. It will also allow businesses greater opportunities to hire new workers, increase current salaries, and expand their companies. INVESTMENT OF “CAPITAL” IS THE KEY!

            As President, Ron Paul will support a “Liberty Amendment” to the Constitution to ABOLISH Income Taxes and Death Taxes, BOTH of which are Unconstitutional. He has stated that he “will be PROUD to be the one who finally turns-off-the-lights at the IRS for good! But I don’t think People “realize” what this would actually do to our Economy! Once these Taxes are ABOLISHED, the “influx” of Capital and JOBS would be unlike we’ve never seen before in our History. If you thought “Trickle-Down” or “Supply-Side” were good economic approaches to Recessions – then >b>THIS ALONE would create an “Economic Tsunami” of Wealth, Capital and JOBS into the United States!

            Ron Paul would also work toward repeal of the Capital Gains Taxes, which “punishes” people for success. Again, INVESTMENT OF CAPITAL IS THE “KEY” FOR JOB CREATION! Ron Paul would also work for eliminating Taxes on “Tips”. Struggling college students and those working hard to support their families would be greatly benefited and receive an “immediate pay raise”.

            As a US Congressman, Ron Paul has “consistently” endorsed legislation to let Americans claim more tax credits and deductions. This includes credits and deduction on educational costs, alternative energy vehicles, and health care. He also believes it is IMMORAL to tax senior citizens TWICE by requiring them to include Social Security benefits in their gross income at tax time. He believes a FIRST STEP to eliminating that requirement would be to repeal the 1993 increase in taxes on Social Security benefits. Then we must ABOLISH that tax ENTIRELY!

            Ron Paul has said that a Flat Tax or a Fair Tax would each be a “better alternative” to the Income Tax system. Congressman Paul believes we would have to “guarantee” the 16th Amendment is repealed to avoid having BOTH the Income Tax and one of these systems as an ADDITIONAL Tax.

            But there is a better way! “Restraining” Federal Spending by “enforcing” the Constitution’s STRICT LIMITS on the Federal Government’s POWER would help result in a 0% Income Tax Rate for ALL Americans! Wouldn’t that be something?

            The “answer” to “Spending and Debt” is to return to a Constitutionally-Limited-Government that protects liberty – NOT one that keeps “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. (no pun intended)

            • Darryl thanks, it must have taken quite some time to write your reply and I appreciate what you have shared. Unfortunately, I won’t have time today to respond to anything as it is my Sabbath and I have things I need to take care of for Church, and I won’t be able to burn the midnight oil again tonight. As usual, you have expressed your points quite well.

    • I have never read so much claptrap in all my life. Some people need to get a life or at least put it to good use.

  42. Surfisher
    I am wondering what country you live in. Didn’t you learn American history?.. were you in another country? How did you get here? (Please don’t answer, we don’t want to read another of your rude blogs.) Muslims built ships back in the 1700’s. How did they get here for 911??? They probably bought tickets on commercial transportation. They were trained in commercial piloting in the USA. They will do anything they can to destroy any one they consider infidels. Don’t keep asking me for information. Do your own research.

    • B Anderson —

      You ask me questions: “…Didn’t you learn American history?.. were you in another country? How did you get here?”.

      Then dictate to me not to answer… “(Please don’t answer, WE don’t want to read another of your rude blogs.)”

      LOL — what a nice little Nazi you’d make…and who is “we” (do you have the approval to speak for the rest, or just have split personality (thus speaking in plural…).

      • Surfisher
        You have had plenty of opportunities to come up with a sensible explanation of your support of Ron Paul. You have few, so you resort to name calling. This demonstrates a lack scholarship, and forum courtesy. People who have read your blogs have developed a low opinion of you. You have caused readers who may have voted for Ron Paul, to change their mind. I guess I should thank you for that. You will come up with more name calling no doubt. It will get you nowhere.

        • Who do you think you are? Who are you to try to speak for other readers on this site? Are you holding little gossip sessions someplace where you discuss others posts on this page?

          Anybody that would change who they vote for for something as extremely important as president of the United States because they don’t like some guy’s online post (?!really?!?) has no actual opinion of their own anyway and will likely change their mind a dozen times before reaching the bottom of this page!

          These ‘everyone else says/other people think’ tactics trying add legitimacy to your statements by tring to say they’re not just yours doesn’t fool anyone. High school tactics.

          Speak for yourself, not for me, and if other readers share your opinions let THEM say so!

  43. FOX aired this show: “Illegal Everything” — well worth watching!

    Shows how Americans are breaking the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

    • FOX aired this show: “Illegal Everything” — well worth watching!

      Shows how Americans are “breaking” the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

      I think the below link works:

  44. TERRORISTS? Who are the TRUE Terrorists? Iceland knew – and they did something about them! Question: Where is the Tea Party on this? Oh yeah. I forgot. They were “hijacked” by the Republican “Establishment” after the 2010 mid-term elections.

    I’m a Conservative but we all should give a BIG Ole’ “Thank You” to Neo-Cons like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others. The Bankers owe you all a Debt-of-Gratitude for “hijacking” the Tea Party Movement, while Americans will just OWE THE DEBT!

    Greece is on fire. Europe will soon follow. Iceland did something about their TRUE Enemy, but it took a lot of Courage.

  45. Ron Paul is really the best, the wisest US politician, who candidates. he is completely normal, tolerant, peaceful and has conservative values. He would be really optimal president, naturally with normal government, not with Romney or Santorum or Gingrich.
    He is as the only politican proUS – nation, he will really fullfill his promises and restore USA.

    • Ron Paul WILL become President in 2012 — IF, Romney becomes a Patriot, and forgoes his ego, for the Good of the People!

      Mitt Romney could become one of the greatest Statesmen in US History! He’d be the Savior of our Nation — the one that generations to come would tell their children: “Look at this statue, this is Mitt Romney, he saved America”!

      Or, he can reduce himself to just a tiny footnote…what is amazing is that his fate rests in his own hands (a very rare occurrence throughout the history of the world)!

      All Romney has to do, is to take advantage of this rarest of historical moments, and make a SINGLE DECISION!!!

      Withdraw his candidacy IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, with the following grandiose and heart-wrenching patriotic speech (to save his political skin):

      “I, Mitt Romney, will sacrifice my political goals for the Good of the People. Now I understand that only Ron Paul can save our Nation. I agree with all he stands for, therefore, I have deemed that our Nation’s salvation can only be accomplished when Ron Paul is elected as President of the United States of America. Without regret, but with joy, I do the most honorable and patriotic deed I can — I withdraw myself from this election, and give my full support to Ron Paul!”

      One honest person is needed to bring these logical conclusions to Romney’s PERSONAL ATTENTION (not the myopic sycophants surrounding him and stroking his ego by chanting wishful thinking as ‘fact’: “You gonna win Boss, you gonna win Boss….).

      Regardless how egotistical, arrogant and narcissistic Romney may be, some semblance of reasoning of what’s best for him, should still remain in his skull. The instinct for self preservation dictates that even the smallest of minds will chose the path that leads to safety, not the one leading to disaster.

      An honest realist needs to talk to Romney one-on-one — and explain the following to him, so Mitt can comprehend it:

      1) If you don’t win the nomination, than your political career is over (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as a failure).

      2) If you win the nomination, and don’t defeat Obama — which is the most probable outcome (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as an even LARGER failure).

      Therefore, Dear Mitt, whichever gamble you take from the above, may lead to total disaster for your political career (and probably will)!

      However, here is an action you can take, Dear Mitt, that guarantees you’ll become immortalized in the annals of US History — becoming the 21st Century Savior of America (surely this carrot of success will entice Romney’s egotism to go for it — over the probable political beatings he’d receive otherwise)!

      All one needs to do, to assure Mitt’s Historical Greatness of Sacrifice for the Good of the Nation, is to present the above to Romney’s eyes alone! I urge all able to do so, to place this document in front of him!

      Send this to Mitt Romney — as an Open Letter, e-mails, etc. — the more you send, the greater the chance he’ll get to read it!

  46. Once an American Voter’s eyes are opened to the FACTS that the Republicans and the Democrats are essentially the SAME – and they see that their ONLY CHOICE is to Support Ron Paul, the whole Media Spin and Political Landscape becomes so obviously skewed.

    It’s almost like being “Born Again” to where a person begins to say “I can’t believe I voted for Republicans and Democrats for all these years. That’s a Life I will never go back to.”

  47. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum reference ‘the auto industry’ which took bailout money. They completely ignore Ford, which took no bailout funds, and is doing just fine. I find that absolutely disgusting.

    • Mitt Romney = Judas Goat

      If not aware of this olden days’ meaning — here it is:

      When sheep are led to be slaughtered, they instinctively feel something is wrong. So, mill around and bleat, but won’t enter the gate leading to the one waiting to smash their heads with a sledge hammer. So, a Judas goat is placed in the pen. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them through the gate, and passing it safely — while its own life is spared, the ones flowing get their brains bashed!

      Mitt will lead us — and at the end of the gate, Bama will wield the sledge hammer….

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