Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday to discuss the Nevada caucus results and his plans to continue fighting for the GOP nomination.

Report from the Boston Globe:

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich shows no sign of letting up on his tough attacks against rival Mitt Romney, despite losing yesterday’s Nevada caucuses to Romney by a large margin.

On NBC’s Meet the Press today, Gingrich hit Romney for comments he made on the campaign trail and for positions he took as Massachusetts governor.

“My goal over the next few weeks is to draw very sharp distinctions between [mine and] Romney’s positions, which are very, the Wall Street Journal described them as timid, and in terms of tax policy, as being like Obama,” Gingrich said.

He dismissed the importance of the Nevada caucuses. “This is a state he won last time, and he won it this time,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich said he is relying on the southern states to boost his delegate count. That includes Georgia, the state he represented in Congress, and Tennessee, which both vote March 6; Alabama, which votes March 13; and Texas, which votes April 3. “We believe by the time Texas is over, we’ll be very competitive in delegate count,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich will be hoping to out-last Santorum and Paul if he has any hope of building a coalition to combat Romney in the upcoming contests. Of course, Paul and Santorum are also hoping the same about Gingrich.


  1. I just don’t understand why people even vote for this guy. He is so angry. Forgets all the lies he’s made in his advertising and campaining. Quoting what suits him and leaving the rest of the comment out.Talk about trying to fool the voters! Whats this about him asking to debate Romney one on one? They aren’t the only ones running. NO! What does he plan to do IF he ever won. Debate for four yrars?

    • My take on the 5 left:

      1) Ron Paul — a true Patriot

      2) Mitt — a handsome flip-flopper

      3) Newt — orating Sophist with an animal-like cunning

      4) Santorum — 58 year-old “hyper active teenager” ala Tom Cruise

      5) Obama — little narcissist that blames all for his shortcomings

  2. The unhappy, useless side of Mr. Gingrich’s discussion of the Romney platform is that Gingrich’s view is now constrained by R. Catholicism and a news-headline grasp of economics. Obama is a modern man, well able to vision the consequences of unconstrained population growth just as most modern Catholics do, and appreciative of the importance of regulation in pursuit of capital gain. One hears nothing strong on any aspect of either concern from Newt or Mitt.

  3. Gingrich had a one-on-one debate with Cain, and showed himself to be superior in knowledge to Cain on economics, foreign policy, and just about every other subject. Gingrich also had a one-on-one debate with Huntsman, I believe for the same purpose, to show himself the more intellectual of the two. In my opinion, it backfired on Gingrich, as Huntsman showed himself to have a far superior knowledge of foreign affairs than Gingrich. I would like to see a one-on-one debate between Gingrich and Romney because I believe it would once and for all disabuse the public mind of the foolish notion that Gingrich is the superior debater. But I agree, Carmen, what about the other 2 candidates. I think Gingrich sees them as nothing more than nuisances that are keeping him from beating Romney. I have no doubt Gingrich wants to be President more than he’s ever wanted anything in his life, but falling short of that, I believe he wants to have enough delegates so Romney can’t go into the convention with enough delegates to win and the bartering will begin. And I think Gingrich believes Santorum and Paul will throw their support to him rather than to Romney. Same thing, more or less, with Santorum and Paul — they want to keep Romney from getting the delegates he needs to win before the convention, making him have to barter for their support. Which means, of course, they each of them has to have more delegates than Gingrich and each other to be holding the biggest trump card. I can’t see Paul getting behind Gingrich — of all the other 3, Gingrich is the biggest warmonger of them all, and has plainly indicated he sees nothing wrong with covertly eliminating heads of states.

  4. Newt will have a hard time winning anything in Tennessee because he’s not on the ballot. He and Santorum will miss 564 delegates by not being on the ballot in all states. He has no chance for the nomination, he’s there to dilute the vote.

  5. It’s going to be nice to have a Republican back in the white house. The OWS movement has pushed me to the Republican side and I know several others that moved away from the liberal side after seeing the destructive negativism that is so frequent with Dem. presidents.

  6. Question:

    Once the 58 year-old “hyper active teenager” Santorum drops out, how do you see the split (percentage-wise), of the votes he would have acquired, going to the three left (and why)?

  7. Now that “the more he talks the less you like him” Newt has shot his wad by incessantly opening his perfidious mouth, thus clearly becoming unelectable; and wacky Santorum is nearing his inevitable end — with whom will you place your trust?

    1) Ron Paul — whose Principles over 30 years have never changed (respect the POSITIVE Constitutional Laws, which GIVE the Citizens FREEDOM, and progress from this base ONLY). Ron Paul will make Obama look silly on Constitutional Law (the basis of our Nation’s Creation!) when confronting this Occupier of the White House on his many transgressions against Our Constitution!

    2) Mitt — who has no principles (by record)! Mitt flip-flopped on all valid issues to accommodate his perception (as electable opposite of Bama). But they both stand as a pair of Socialist-Comrades-in-Crime, separated only by Mitt’s accomplishment in accumulating wealth privately, while Obama was incompetent to even to that. Obama will rip Mitt apart with the usual Obama rhetoric on “Bain…and the consequences thereafter”!
    Aside from this obvious weak point — that Obama will exploit till the cows come home — Mitt is nearly step-in step with Bama:

    a) anti gun ownership — memorize this dictum: “A Government that does not trust its Citizens to own guns, is a Government not to be trusted!”

    b) The State MANDATES your Health Care Coverage (you must accept it or be penalized for refusal)!

    c) Wars without Constitutional approval are OK — as long as they distract the people and thus keep me in Power.

    d) the list goes on — Mitt’s trampling of the Citizens rights on all fronts (all for the benefit of wannabe President — what is different between him and Obama now?)!

  8. Stupid is a disease, but luckily there is a cure. It’s called education. Where have you people been? The objective of this election is to get rid of Mr. Obama & all his czars to save our precious freedom of country. Whoever that may be we as a people have to vote for that person. GOD Bless the USA.

  9. Performance of Candidates

    What seems to be missing, and in respect to the verbiage and performance of these Candidates, is a sincere commitment to end this bickering between parties. The number one point on the GOP agenda is to make President Obama a one term President. This doesn’t endear the members of the Democrat Party to the ideas of the Republican Party. I would think that the number one objective would be to achieve a cohesive working force to soundly negotiate in good faith and come to reasonable (albeit at times incredibly difficult) agreements.

    Those who call themselves Independents and a (unknown) number of the Democrats and Republicans are tired of the obstructive behavior of the Senate and House Members. Based upon the preceding, and if the House and Senate are not in the hands of one party or another at the end of 2012, we will enjoy the same obstructionism as we have had for the last several sessions of Congress. Failing majority Party rule we will still have a President (regardless of Party) unable to lead the House and Senate to negotiate and compromise to a point that the business of the people can be conducted in a reasonable and timely manner. I don’t see a candidate at present that can be successful as a cohesive motivating leader at this point.

    As it stands now Democracy works but I think we are about to see a voters revolt over the next two elections. Otherwise, the performance of our Elected Federal Officials is appalling.

  10. Just saw this of Ron Paul — what an apodictic statement!

    ““Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country”” — Ron Paul, Speech at CPAC 2011

  11. Bama’s worst nightmare would be debating Ron Paul (without a tele-prompter Bama can hardly put two coherent statements together, let alone an unscripted hour+ debate)!

    Ron Paul’s Constitutional knowledge, accurate historical data, superior by ten fold intellect, and good nature as a genuine caring person — even though not an orator (RP) — will by SUBSTANCE destroy the small-minded narcissistic Bama’s empty Rhetoric and the Bankrupt Socialist Dogma he spews in ANGER when “displeased”!

    Bama had some worries in debating Newt (the two can out-lie each other, on any given occasion). But now that Newt is nearly done — Bama is happy.

    Bama is on top of the world NOW — since his reelection is about to be GUARANTEED by the GOP’s choice to do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) for tepid Mitt to challenge him (Romney-Money is what the out-of-touch GOP hopes may counter Bama’s billion dollars campaign)!

    This will be the best outcome for Bama — to face flip-flopping Romney (since Bama can make Mitt turn any way he wants…after all Mitt stands for everything (and nothing)…depending on the audience)! Bama’s writers have already scripted what Bama needs to remember, so he can rip Mitt apart on Bain Capital and Cayman Islands accounts!

    Prediction: Bama wins by virtue of GOP’s idiocy!

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