Colorado and Minnesota will be holding caucuses Tuesday in order to pick a GOP nominee for President. Missouri will be holding a primary to do the same, however, no delegates will be awarded since the Missouri Republican Party will be holding a caucus on March 17 for the purposes of choosing convention delegates.

We’ll have the results for each contest later Tuesday evening once the caucuses complete and the Missouri polls officially close.

Report from the Washington Post:

Three states hold early nominating contests Tuesday — and while none of those contests is as high profile as the early states that have come before (or the Super Tuesday states up ahead next month), the four GOP contenders are nonetheless hustling to make the rounds and make a competitive showing.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) is holding two public events Monday, both in Colorado — a state he swept with 60 percent of the vote in the GOP caucuses four years ago.

Meanwhile, former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) starts his day in Minnesota and ends it in Colorado, while for former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), it’s vice versa.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is holding two rallies Monday, both in Minnesota — another state that Romney won in 2008, with 41 percent to Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) 22 percent.

Both Santorum and Paul have some hopes pinned on Tuesday with Paul hoping to do well in Minnesota and Colorado while polling indicates Santorum has a chance to pull off a victory in Missouri which will be more of a superficial boost than a delegate boost.


A new Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll out today shows the potential for a big Santorum night in Minnesota and Missouri. Report from PPP:

Rick Santorum could be headed for a big day in today’s contests in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri. Missouri looks like a probable win for Santorum. He’s at 45% there to 32% for Mitt Romney and 19% for Paul. Minnesota provides an opportunity for a win as well. Currently he has a small advantage with 33% to 24% for Romney, 22% for Newt Gingrich, and 20% for Ron Paul. And Santorum should get a second place finish in Colorado, where Romney appears to be the likely winner. The standings there are Romney at 37%, Santorum at 27%, Gingrich at 21%, and Paul at 13%.

Santorum’s personal popularity is the main reason for his sudden reemergence as a relevant player in the GOP race. In all 3 of these states his favorability is over 70%- 74/17 in Minnesota, 72/17 in Missouri, and 71/19 in Colorado. He’s far better liked than his main opponents- Romney’s favorability is 47-60% in those states and Gingrich’s is 47-48%. While Romney and Gingrich have hammered each other in recents weeks Santorum’s been largely left alone and he’s benefiting from that now.

Unfortunately for Santorum, a win in Missouri won’t count for delegates but a win in Minnesota would greatly help his momentum in building a case for his candidacy. If Santorum wins at least one state tonight, coupled with his Iowa win, he will become the candidate just behind Romney in terms of primary/caucus victories.


    • My fingers are firmly crossed for Ron Paul, he fully deserves to win his first state caucus, it’s time for that!!!

      • Ross Perot, er, I mean Ron Paul needs to get out of the race. If he ever made it so far as to win the nod, he would lose by a landslide to Obama because people woiuld stay home instead of coming to vote, and that could also ensure a dem congress in both houses again.

        • Aaaaacccckkkhh! Please forgive me, if I did not spell your name correctly, but it seemed like something was missing. I have a question for you. What is more important? Making sure that Obama loses. Making sure that the GOP wins. Or, the future of our nation and world peace.

        • Aaaaacccckkk! Not only is it your opinion, but a stupid one at that! It’s people like you that are the reason we keep electing DO NOTHING, GO ALONG TO GET ALONG, ESTABLISHMENT FAILURES WHO WILL CONTINUE TO RUN THIS COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND.

        • Ron Paul is the only one that will bring Democrats and Independent voters. Ron Paul is the only one that can beat Obama. The way the Media is “advertising” santorum , the “BLAH” peoples candidate ,I would not be suprised to see some more rigged elections and Earl ,I mean Santorum , getting Ron Pauls votes awarded to him again , like in Iowa.
          Watch youtube vid:Iowa GOP Vote Fraud & Electioneering • January 2nd, 2012
          Where it was said 2 days before the vote ,that ALL pricinct “chiefs” would divert Ron Paul votes to Santorum. The way the media is setting us up this round ,I would be amazed if they didn’t steal him one or 2 of these 3 states. Criminal.

        • Aaaaacccckkk! Finally someone who understands what it takes to get a president elected. Just because all of you are in love with Ron Paul doesn’t mean he will win.

          • “what it takes to get a president elected.” <– the Main problem with my countrymen, they fail to vote according to Constitutional principle… because they don't know what that is (i.e. they refuse to read books). Instead, they follow this elusive "victory", us v. them, Red v. Blue, on & on. Yet every preident since Wilson has incrementaly expanded the Fed. Govt. and encroached upon our Rights. (I think we need voter reform to be honest).

            "Double B" – simply because you're in love with "insert bad politician", you vote for him, and he's nominated… doesn't mean you've won. However, those who vote Ron Paul actually know U.S. history, economic and foregin policy, the writings of the founding fathers, & when they step into the voting booth they actually understand what's going on, hence they vote on Principle, just as John Q. Adams had originally proposed. (you don't know who John Q. Adams is, do you Double B? READ A BOOK!

        • IKR! I’m like how is he still in this race. Everytime I see comments on a website they all say “RON PAUL _ RON PAUL!!” …but he hasn’t won yet, and he isn’t presidential. ANNNND.. he’s for the wrong things!

    • How the heck can you (John and other Paulbots) support Ron Paul?
      #1-He is a Racist, his newsletters prove it, and they will be used against him by the Dems in a General election.

      #2-His foreign policy views are short minded! The Radical Muslims (key word here is Radical) mostly hate us because we are NOT a Muslim country, not because we are in the middle east.

      #3-He is one of the top Porkers in DC, he once said inserting Pork into bills, and voting on them are two different things, so he wasnt lying when he said he doesnt vote for Pork bills, maybe so, but inserting Pork is WORSE then voting for them!

      #4-His age- sorry but 78 is to old for such a important position, he may be in perfect health now, but what about when he gets to 80, 82 and so forth?

      • #1 I agree
        #2 I agree
        #3 I agree
        #4 I don’t agree but 3/4 isn’t bad good to see some common sence here.

      • Richard I can tell you watch the mainstream news on TV.
        #1 He is NOT a racist. He didn’t write or agree with those newsletters.
        #2 Radical Muslims hate us because the US has killed thousands of their people. Wouldn’t you “hate” a people if the same thing happened here in America?
        #3 There you go watching TV again. Can you tell me of one bill he inserted needless “pork” that he didn’t vote on? I think not.
        #4 With age, comes wisdom. Even if Dr. Paul wasn’t able to complete his 4 year term, he would do more in the beginning to turn OUR country around.

        In closing, Dr. Paul is the ONLY real hope this country has.

        America, Bless GOD

      • America is supposed to be a REPUBLIC and NOT a democracy. The definition of a democracy is “Two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner”.

  1. Romney is the only one that can turn us around. Ron Paul is too extreme and is an isolationist, and Gingrich is too whiny. Santorum has good ideas, but his past of earmarking leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The only candidate worthy of our vote is Mitt Romney.

    • If you believe that Ron Paul is extreme, then you can truly understand how far we have veered away from the original intent of our founding fathers and why you are likely a part of the problem and not its solution. Be a part of the solution. Join us.

    • ‘Ron Paul is too extreme and is an isolationist’ – Lies, he’s not extreme at all and he’s a non-interventionist –> this has already been said thousand of times, but you keep posting this pathetic lie, that shows you’re just a brainwashed sheeple!

      • Isolationist and Non-interventionist are basically the same thing.. look it up in the dictionary!!
        Isolationism – isolating one country from foreign affairs and alliances
        Non-interventionist – abstention by a nation from interference in foreign affairs
        Don’t accuse people of being brainwashed when they know what they are talking about. Some say isolationist, some say non-interventionist, but according to the dictionary they are the same thing!

        • NO, there NOT the same! The key word is “interference” and he does not want to interfere in another nation. BIG DIFFERENCE

    • Agreed Joey, Ron Paul seems to think that everyone can do whatever they want, anytime they want. Morality not withstanding. Paul calls this idea liberty, the dictionary calls it anarchy.

      • There are also moral values in Paul’s position about LIBERTY and you know that! Moreover, which kind of dictionary are you referring to? Anarchy does not mean that you can do whatever you want at all, this is the way the mainstream tend to define something they have no clue about! Last but not least, Doctor Paul is not an anarchist, laughable statement…

      • Buckeye — what tripe!

        The moment you introduced “seems to” (a speculation, not a conclusion) as a lead for the rest, is the moment your post lost all merit.

    • Seems this is STRICTLY your Opinion and not the Majority of America.My Opinion is Do your homework and study the candidates and what their about (and You to can Experience the High of Personal Liberties and True Freedom.) Mitt Romney is and always will be a flip-flop fool. and wants all people to be conformed into a robotic nation as we all will be forced to govt hand-outs (they say help us) but in reality they are removing even more of our Freedoms and Liberties.

    • @Joey, Romney the only candidate worth voting for really?? the one who wants to raise the debt ceiling even further, destroy the remains of the dollar, add onto the government making it bigger? raising the Federal taxes by 15%? More government bailouts for higher corporations? abolishing the first three amendments in a slow process, especially the 2nd one? He’s just another Globalist,who loves the IRS and FED! must as well call him the white obama, well i guess if you want your nuts cut off, broke as joke, and under gov’t control with no constitutional rights! yea your right Romney is the way to go!! ROMNEY 2012!!! Who needs freedom!! WE WANT TO BE AMERICA”S BITCHES!!!

      pssst you need deported… .RON PAUL 2012 ENOUGH SAID!!!

      • Dude, None of that about Mitt is true, raise the debt ceiling! Common,if you really care, and have any intelligence, he is the clear choice amoung what we have to choose from this go around.

    • Romney is essentially the GOP version of Obama. They both get their money from the same bankers. No thanks, I’ll vote for Rosanne Barr before I vote for Romney.

      Oh, and calling PAul an isolationist is like calling your neighbor one because he doesn’t come over and break your windows.

      • No, I don’t think their is a true conservative in the mix. Romney is moderate, Santorum is a big spender, Newt is messed up, and Paul is an anarchist. However, Santorum is closest to a conservative view.

        • ‘Paul is an anarchist’ – No, Ron Paul is a conservative libertarian, and real anarchists know it and they respect Ron Paul for that!

          • Better yet, constitutional conservative. I like how actually reading and following Law #1 in this country is somehow considered anarchy. Go read the 10th amendment, and then maybe a book after that.

        • How do you get “anarchist” out of one of the most consistently constitutionalists politicians in US history? WTF?

  2. The MO vote is just a “beauty contest”. The real voting will be on March 17th.
    Romney may be 2 for 2. Go Mitt and Go Ron and Go Rick. Newt, just go away.
    Integrity matters!

  3. Rick Santorum is awesome. Everyone should know that. Mitt Romney disgusts me, please dont let him win the primarys.

    Payed for by, Everyone who likes Rick Santorum!

    • Rick is a nice guy whose time will come. But he has “0” zero executive experience. So does BHO.
      I am not going to vote for someone who has to learn on the job. We had enough of that these last 3 plus years.

      Ron is a great guy too but is past his time. I like his conviction to the Constitution. We need to move in that direction as a country.

      Mitt is a great guy who has the tools to begin solving the problems of our county. He may not be the ‘”Ultimate” conservative but he has the experience and has governed in places that needed his expertise to solve huge problems, working with both sides to the winged government. Not just the one side.

      Newt is a whiny baby. A lot like BHO.

    • Google Santorum… I don’t think the world would hold a good visualization of what a santorum looks like. American will be a laughingstock when they mention santorum like a very bad joke.

      Mitt Romney will put Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Santorum away in some janitorial closet!

      Go Mitt Romney 2012!

  4. Latest polls show Santorum pulling away in Minnesota. Likely Mitt takes Colorado and Rick takes Minn. As stated earlier, Missouri today means nothing in terms of delegates… but could be a psychological boost for Santorum.

  5. The Republicans have all but forced Romney off on conservatives, but he is not one. Screw you republican, I will never vote for Romney, you are on your own. If a split causes Romney to lose, it’s on your heads not mine, I am NOT selling out because the party has turned either left or chicken shit.

    • How can you say Mitt is not a conservative? He balanced the budget in Mass and left them with extra money to spare. He also saved the Olympics in Utah and left it with money to spare. He is the fiscal conservative who is what the country needs right now to fix the deficit problems and other problems.

      • BeeHive, I don’t think you understand what a fiscal conservative is. It’s not just balancing the budget. He’s believes in keynesianism, as does Obama. for example, government bailouts to augment demand (which didn’t work in the 30’s and 40’s and isn’t working now).

        Also, it’s ironic that you say he balanced the budget in Mass and left them with extra money. The whole point of balancing the budget is that there isn’t debt and their isn’t extra money, its BALANCED. If there is extra money, he’s taxing too much.

  6. I am a young adult from London so I’d like to give an outside view of the race. Having studied politics for many years now, reading book after book, educating myself as my own nations education system is a failure, I found myself looking towards one candidate in particular, after reading about this candidate, looking at his policies and his track record I found Ron Paul was the one who can actually make a change instead of the usual lip service from your banker politicians.

    The other 3 unfortunately are all the same just a different exterior. It’s sad that for decades the American people have been calling for change, but president after president the wrong decision was always made, and sadly they don’t realize that the only real change will come from candidate Ron Paul. Sure he isn’t the greatest speaker, he doesn’t have that charisma that seems to attract so many voters, but compare him to any of those candidates and you will see he is the only one who can bring prosperity not only to the united states but to other nations as well. He hasn’t changed his views to suit the crowd; he sticks to his views which make him the perfect presidential candidate.

    I hope those opposed to my views will not just shun them, but instead take a look at them, go study the facts and formulate their own opinion, this candidate is not only important for the United States future but for my countries future as well.

    Peace, M.O.

  7. ‘Paul is an anarchist’ – No, Ron Paul is a conservative libertarian, and real anarchists know it and they respect Ron Paul for that!

  8. How can you not want to vote Ron Paul the guys record is awesome better then any other record, he doesn’t believe in starting wars without congress consent first which is more then these others candidates will do. Ron Paul will cut taxes which will bring businesses back from around the world giving us jobs instead businesses running away from us for better opportunities in other countries, how can people not see that. He’ll stop the government from spending everything and let us keep our money! Ron Paul will actually give us a chance to grow again and he’ll stop the government from attacking your personal rights! How can Ron Paul be an anarchist? The man is the incorruptible! The United States of America would be safer with its soldiers at its borders and being an example to the world then to go into other countries and blowing up its people getting them pissed off at us.

    • Wade Carpenter —

      Rational people see this, the reason for the Ron Paul phenomena!

      But the mainstream media has imposed a near total Black-Out on his message — so the ones making anti-Paul statements are just regurgitating the misinformation fed to them by CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, etc.

      When you read their posts, you’ll find them lacking any semblance of truth.

      The sheep just keep marching on — they are unaware that Big Brother is waiting at the end of the line, with a Big Government-issued AXE….

    • I love you ET. You help expose the Santorum voters for what they are.

      It’s stupid because his kids did online school, he’s catholic not christian, and his family values led to the abortion of one of his kids (then they took the dead fetus home to show the rest of their kids).
      But regardless, NONE of that stuff has anything to do with what he will do as president. The little record he has is not conservative. He’s a keynesianist. And he has more dirt on him suggesting possible racial bias then than the others combined. So if you just want to believe what he says he’ll do and buy into his family man persona, you’re just an idiot flat out.

  9. Totally Agree America has been begging for change. and yet we always get the same. I wanted Ron Paul back in 1988 when he first ran… I feel it is Imperative that Ron Paul Wins. Praying for Your Country and Mine

    • That tracker on the right side of this page pisses me off everytime I come here because totally incorrect [and maybe on purpose]! Ron Paul has currently more delegates than Sacred-Rum…that means, you did great in posting that link!

  10. seems we have a very diverse thought process. but my money is on the winner. meaning the majority will rule—as it should be in this country. as for me, i will stick with the best experienced candidate–mitt romney

    • If you like majority rule please take that phylosophy elsewhere. That is not what the Constitution was providing for and your comment proves; either you are ignorant of that fact or you are one of the many who enjoy trampling all over our Constitution.

      • it was the majority that decided to declare independence. i do believe we are a free people and to try to tell anyone how to believe is an infringement. there are a lot of things to consider but the choice to believe as one chooses is basic. i respect all views here but my own freedom to choose is a constitutional right.

        • No it wasn’t necessarily a majority who decided to declare independence… It is not certain how many Tories there actually were. It was a representative government of the individual colonies that declared independence and even then there were a few dissenters who refused to sign the Declaration of Independence. If it had been majority vote it is likely that independence would have never been declared because the population would have been too scared to vote for such a thing. Majority rule = mob rule get the facts straight on your history.

          Throughout much of the Revolutionary War there were often more Tories on the British side then there were revolutionaries on the battle field. Washington was constantly battling a losing battle, with numbers. The war was won because of divine providence or what some others may call pure luck. Again check your history and stop listening to what the government funded history teachers and propaganda machines are telling you and want you to believe.

          In order to win this war you must unlearn what you have learned.

          • ah, very spirited. the revolution was fought by and won by a majority of people who were willing to stand and declare their rights. mob rule? had its place i suppose but so did all factors including those who took the anti whatever stand. change was brought about by the majority of those willing to stand. interesting thing, history. Providence? God certainly directed these events as He does all history.

            • Yes Providence 😉 The Divine kind… As in God… Yes.

              My point is simply this, it is should not be majority rule otherwise we are throwing in the towel. We have to stand for what is right even if everyone else says we will lose because we are voting for the guy or person who cannot win. Remember 2008? That is what we did then and that is what people are falling for now. The Majority or the vocal majority won… We let them win because we were chicken pansies who fell for the same old line cutting out the best people for the job, before they ever had their day in court.

              The interesting thing about 2008 is though, I have yet to find a person who voted for McCain because they really wanted McCain… The same thing happened in the primary election when most voted for Obama, because they didn’t want McCain. If everyone who said they just voted for someone because they didn’t want the other guy, we might for 1 find our unifying voice and for two… We might have and have always had the best man in the job not the least of two evils.

            • we agree. gets a bit complex doesnt it? i do feel we need to look at our “favorite” candidates bad sides,for a lack of a better word, and realize none of the pack is perfect or totally honest. they will all have to make concessions when in office or strongly risk being neutralized by other bodies of government. kinda scary really. i agree with most of your points, but the reality is the majority will win regardless what we as individuals decide to call it. i like abe’s point of lets hope we are on Gods side. that is really what history proves.

        • Nicely put Ted. I too will support Romney, not because the majority are so far leaning in that direction, but because I truly believe he has the views, the experience, and the capacity to help our country turn around and start moving in the right direction.

    • ted— regarding your post:

      “seems we have a very diverse thought process. but my money is on the winner. meaning the majority will rule—as it should be in this country. as for me, i will stick with the best experienced candidate–mitt romney”

      What a disjunctive piece of nonsense — the “Majority” by definition is the rule of the Ignorant Many over the Intelligent Few (Mob Rule).

      • i respect your view. but my Brother, watch and see if the majority wins or not. if the silent majority decides to not speak, then they dont really care anyway. seems as if so many people know what is best and bark the loudest and the emptiest and get absolutley nothing done but talk loudly and try to insult others views. a shame. what makes you so sure you know the only way things will work? this country is still the greatest thing history has ever produced where empires are concerned. and i for one will give the credit to the system that has determined the leaders of our country AND to our God that we follow. and will stay that way regardless of individual opinions.

        • ted,

          You said, “what makes you so sure you know the only way things will work?” Here in lies the crux of the problem. We as a people have forgotten what we believe in. The Constitution is like a compass in many ways for how things should run in government. As true today as it was then. The principles that the Founders enshrined in that document are timeless truths. Just as those in the Declaration of Independence. But the Constitution is useless without a map, a knowledge of where we started and without a destination. We as a people have forgotten our base and abandoned it in whole sale. No longer do we care to live or die for /true/ freedom’s sake, liberty.

          We need to find the least common denominator which binds all of us as mankind. From there we can definitively stand for what is right. The Founding Fathers modeled this nation on true Christian principles and values, namely the Ten Commandments, or for those less religeous types Natural Laws as they called them. The “Natural Laws” (which if researched are the same as the christian commandments) did not cease to be true just as the Law of Gravity will never cease to be true. The prinicples are the same. Look to our base and determine what is correct and vote as near to it as possible. Irregardless of whether that candidate looks like he will win or not. If we all did that, I dare say the decission of who to vote for would be more apparent.

          Remember, God’s very first gift to mankind was life, the second as given to Adam was to choose for ourselves. There is good and there is evil and there is no in between. Now we get to choose still… May it not be our last!

          • i do value my freedom and your freedom and for the right for all mankind to enjoy that same freedom. i gave 2 years of my life to that cause and spilled my blood defending it. the trouble is not my individual thoughts. My allegiance is to our God. there are many many things wrong with our system but it remains the best thing around. the trouble is not the candidates as they are just doing as politicians do–trying to get the majority to support them by whatever means. the problem is that support. kinda feeds each other. but we can most certainly agree that the further away from God we get, the more certain of doom. the trouble is with the people as we are the ones that elect our leaders. not a cop out–just realty. none of our choices are anything close to perfect. i firmly support the constitution. i really dont think any of the candidates are all that good. rest assured the way God decides things is the way they will be.

  11. I absolutely hate it when people go off saying Mitt saved the Olympics in SLC. I was there! I worked the Olympics. Mitt was an ego-centric self congratulating jerk. The true heroes of the SLC Winter Olympics were the people of Salt Lake! Those who volunteered and took time off from their regular employment, the people who gave up their homes and allowed guests to stay with them; those are the real people who saved the Olympics. Financially despite Mitt the Olympics would have been a fiasco were it not for the volunteered…

    Further I dislike it when people accuse Mitt of being a Mormon and the Mormon Church being his primary backer. Yes a lot of LDS people are supporting him, but they do it only because he is LDS and not on principle. By supporting Mitt they are denying the tenants that came from their former Prophet Ezra Taft Benson. The most devout LDS members I know are not supporting Romney… Maybe they know something that everyone else should.

    • Who do you think came up with the SLC olympic volunteer system and mobilized all those people?
      Furthermore, you must not know very many (if any) devout LDS members. If LDS members support Romney, it’s not simply because he’s LDS any more than a catholic (or baptist, etc) votes for a candidate of their own faith for that fact alone. It’s because they know the values and principles he stands for and they, like many others of all different faiths, want those values and principles in Washington where they have been lacking for far too long.

      • Kat,

        I know who came up with the volunteer system that was used and mobilized… It was announced over the pulpit in the SLCC University 20th student ward… So as to not knowing any devout LDS members you may see now clearly that I know many. As for Romney’s own devotion to his/my Faith I can accurately say he abandoned the boat. He is spineless! He even keeps a wine closet for his guests who wish to drink alcohol in his home. Nevermind what a Prophet has counseled on that very subject. He votes and stands for mandated welfare at the expense of other’s tax dollars, when the principles of the gospel he professes to believe in clearly does not sanction mandated fast offerings. Mandating away from people what they themselves own falls short of the Law of Consecration. For references on that I point you towards, J. Rueben Clark, Marion G. Romney, David O McKay, Ezra Taft Benson, and most recently Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I would be most happy to point you to the General Conference talks that show the deviation that Mitt has taken from our Prophet.

    • Santorum is NOT a Conservative Look up the word Conservative or better yet I’ll do it for you.

      Conservative: disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

      Stop listening to what the Liberal Elite Media like Fauxnews says or what the Candidates like to “claim” they are becomes self sufficient and gather your own intel on the Candidates look at their records and make a decision based on that and not what you’re being fed by the Media.

      Ron Paul is the only TRUE Conservative in this race Romney is a Moderate and the other two are Faux Conservatives.

  12. Romney is a Democrat. He is just like Obama. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama! Don’t listen to all of these democrats. They want Romney to win.

  13. Ron Paul ! most of these people spit lies , somtimes its hard to want change and understand what it could bring but somtimes change is needed we need a truth candidate and not a hide behind the walls type guy

  14. Rick Santorum is terrifying… Seriously. Pro-NDAA, wants a “STRONGER” Patriot act, says that birth control (of all things) should be controllable by the states, thinks that its OK to assassinate scientists overseas with no judicial process whatsoever, thinks killing minor US citizens overseas, without due process is OK.

    The guy is a control freak gone wild.

    Nobody sees that this is 1938 Germany???

  15. Rick Santorum is a warmonger who wants to trample on the rights of Muslim Americans because they look different. It’s disgusting. Not to mention he has no charisma or anything special about him that makes me feel like I need to vote for him. He is not fit to be president.

    Ron Paul makes me passionate about this race.
    Vote Ron Paul for a genuine President who wants to take America back to the principles that once made it great.

  16. Ron Paul people. His ideas are NOT extreme, it’s just what we need for America. Coming from a veteran that has experience with the wars in Iraq we need this candidate for president.

  17. We don’t need another pup (Santorum) in the office. He may be the most conservative but that does not translate into action or problem solving. I do like Paul. Smart man, but I’m not convinced he can actually carry out his ideas. Certainly not within an 4-8 year span. While not thrilled about Romney, it seems he is the only one here that can hit the ground running in the right direction. Gingrich needs to leave. Not sure I can handle any more whining from that man.

  18. If you think that freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, the freedom of religion, and any other constitutional freedom that is slowly being stripped from Americans is anarchy, then you need to move your ass to any of the many nations where you do not have the right to be an individual and your problem is solved, but don’t ruin it for the people who are thankful for the freedom that America has to offer and want to see it prosper. I have extensively researched every candidate and Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually cares about your freedom and prosperity. The things that the other candidates support say otherwise. “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” -Benjamin Franklin.

  19. Vote Ron Paul. He is the only candidate that will do what he says he is going to do. Wake-up America its 2012!
    All you sponge brains who suck up everything the TV says, need to look at the facts.
    Ron Paul has the consistent record and stands by the Constitution %100.
    He is for a government that is for the people, not for the elite. If you vote for Romney you are voting for Obama care, in case you didn’t know Obama Care was adopted from Romney Care. The system that bankrupted Massachusetts.

  20. What happened in Florida should have raised a red flag if you ever suspected that RINOs are actually liberal rats in patriot disguise.……Even the FOX “fair and balanced” (balanced between truth and 1/2 truth) rats are coming out of their holes as it becomes a real possibility that a RINO will ask us to hold our noses again and support the ticket. I hope that Rick Santorum winds up on the ticket or in the administration but I deeply feel that the Newt Gingrich loss in Florida points to another Progressive “Rompublican” in the White house. Santorum simply will not have enough money to secure the nomination if Gingrich is politically buried. Rick will be next on the hit list. Ron Paul (supporters getting louder but not growing) will be limited to influencing the national platform at the convention which Mitt will ignore once in office. The statists (socialists) fear that BO is going down in flames and they are willing to tread water for 4 or 8 years with ‘Myth’ Romney as president until the next Obama can be slithered into puppet-ship. When you hear the Demlibs say they would rather face Gingrich than Romney you should be smart enough by now to know that they fear Newt like Frosty fears the sun.
    It is time for us to rally behind Newt Gingrich and get started on the salvage job ahead in this post-constitutional America.

  21. Folks,

    My 2-cents! I like Romney. He has been lied about so much about everything. I did the research, he never flipped flopped any more than anyone in life does. When the road curves do any of you drive off a cliff? And I also like Santorum and could easily live with him, But he wasn’t reelected b/c he was a hypocrit in his home state of PA. And now he’s accusing Mitt of the same. And I don’t care for Gingrich for obvious reasons. And Paul is okay, I like some of his philosophies, but he doesn’t act very intelligent; does he? If someone younger, with more energy was talking about his ideas, maybe that would interest me. Maybe his ideas will be taken in by the GOP. Mitt has a record of turning around bad attitudes, businesses, and MA. He is the one this time. How much better off we would all be if he had been the PRES the last 4 years! You cannot do anything without a job! We need to try his stuff this one time and see; don’t you think?

  22. What happened in Florida should have raised a red flag if you ever suspected that RINOs are actually liberal rats in patriot disguise.……Even the FOX “fair and balanced” (balanced between truth and 1/2 truth) rats are coming out of their holes as it becomes a real possibility that a RINO will ask us to hold our noses again and support the ticket. I hope that Rick Santorum winds up on the ticket or in the administration but I deeply feel that the Newt Gingrich loss in Florida points to another Progressive “Rompublican” in the White house. Santorum simply will not have enough money to secure the nomination if Gingrich is politically buried. Rick will be next on the hit list. Ron Paul (supporters getting louder but not growing) will be limited to influencing the national platform at the convention which Mitt will ignore once in office. The statists (socialists) fear that BO is going down in flames and they are willing to tread water for 4 or 8 years with ‘Myth’ Romney as president until the next Obama can be slithered into puppet-ship. When you hear the Demlibs say they would rather face Gingrich than Romney you should be smart enough by now to know that they fear Newt like Frosty fears the sun.
    It is time for us to rally behind Newt Gingrich and get started on the salvage job ahead in this post-constitutional America.

  23. Romney and Gingrich are bigger liberals than Obama. Look at what they have done not what they say. Unfortunatly people are more concerned with who they think can beat Obama. Romney isnt going to beat Obama, the record isnt there(Olympics and Bain capital, thats it). If its Obama and Ron Paul, The grass roots effort for Ron Paul will win conservatives and independents.

  24. Gonna be funny tonight when all the Ron Paul trolls refuse to believe Ron Paul didn’t win. Must be some sort of fraud! Some conspiracy I’m sure! The only explanation.

    • Yup just like how the other candidates tried to Sue Virginia when only Romney and Dr. Paul got on the Ballot huh?

      Out of all the Primary and Caucuses that have taken place the only time anyone even mentioned the possibility of something fishy going on was in Nevada.

    • Funny part will be KNOWING and WATCHING paid media scum like you to wander around the net and try to shit in the punch bowl.

      Reality is near… say goodby to your wanted control of others… rather than freedom of the individual.

      Nutty old us… silly old Constitution… dumb old idea of not being told what to do.

      The clear trolls will show themselves to follow what has already been done (Obama, Romney, Gingrich,Sanatorium).

      Keep doing the same thing for the same result… OR pull your head out of your ass… and do something different (and dont go to far back to see what worked), different… like what worked to make us what we are today to be able to post on a website like this.

  25. Lmao @ joey… So he is isolationist because he doesn’t want to occupy several countries and do nation building? He says, repeatedly, that he wants to trade, be friends with all countries, even lift embargoes on cuba… How the **** is that isolationist? Lmao…

    You calling him an isolationist presents yourself as a total idiot to educated people. Pull your head out of your ass and stop believing everything the mainstream media tells you to.

  26. GO RON PAUL!!!!!

    What I find interesting is that the delegate tracker saids that Mitt Romney has 101, Newt Gingrich has 32, Rick Santorum has 17, and Ron Paul has 9. However, CNN reports that Mitt Romney has 100, newt Gingrich has 35, Ron Paul has 15, and Rick Santorum has 11. Sounds like this website is not doing their research very well.

    EVERY PEOPLE IN EVERY STATE should demand a recount after their votes are tallied in order to prevent the voter fraud which seems to run rampant this year, just like last year.

  27. People need to learn the difference between Isolationism and Non Interventionism

    Isolationism: the policy or doctrine of isolating one’s country from the affairs of other nations by declining to enter into alliances, foreign economic commitments, foreign trade, international agreements, etc., seeking to devote the entire efforts of one’s country to its own advancement and remain at peace by avoiding foreign entanglements and responsibilities

    non-interventionism: a foreign policy which holds that political rulers should avoid alliances with other nations, but still retain diplomacy, and avoid all wars not related to direct self-defense.

  28. I support Ron Paul, but one way or another, he needs to start winning. All these devoted supporters of Paul that are so apparent in the comments sections of nearly every article about Paul need to better mobilize those who favor him but aren’t turning out to vote.

    However, it might be that we are witnessing the beginning of a new view of our government by the younger generation, but just don’t yet have the votes to change our course. The baby boomers are the largetst segment of our population right now, and I would venture to guess they see Paul’s views on smaller government is a real threat to their foreseeable way of life from now and into their retirement. And clearly Romney gets the majority of those votes. Strangely, Paul doesn’t seem to attract the senior vote.

    I think what Paul’s campaign has done is shine a huge spotlight on the younger generation and future leaders of our country and their opinions of the role of government. Paul will likely not win the GOP candidacy, however all those young supporters are not going to just cease to exist and cease voting in the future. Once their generation becomes a larger voting block than the baby boomers and seniors, I predict we’ll see a very real shift toward a more Libertarian government. It’s like anythinig else, most major changes in just about anything seem to be generational.

    Paul may be before his time with regards to winning the presidency, but he will from here on out be attributed to the start of a real shift in our population’s view of our government. The future leaders of the country have clearly spoken with their overwhelming support of Paul’s political views, and will manifest themselves into those who are elected as Senators, Congressman, Governors, and ultimately President.

    • Right behind you robbydawgs. The steady stream of “ronbots” makes me curious about actually how many Ron Paul supporters are blind followers (old-fashion way of stating Ronbots/Paulbots/RPbots)

      I have been supporting many Libertarian ideas since the 1970’s and Ron’s following is the largest support I have ever seen, gives me hope! However, his chance of being elected is almost nil.

      But…it is good that he remains in the race if only to spread his ideas around. And all you RPbots out there, get his ideas into the discussion!

      Pauls age is going to become a factor, soon he will be too old to run. His supporters need to look for a young person to take up the banner. Someone tall, handsome, and articulate.

      • Just saw this of Ron Paul — what an apodictic statement!

        “Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country” — Ron Paul, Speech at CPAC 2011

  29. The comments on here have been very interesting. I’m as Liberal as they come, hence the moniker, but I have a Libertarian streak. I understand why Ron Paul has such a devoted group of supporters. He’s the most honest up there. Yes, that includes Obama. He says exactly what a lot of people have been thinking but won’t admit – especially when it comes to our foreign policy.

    I have no doubt that he would push like crazy to make the changes he proposes a reality. Given a choice between Paul and Obama, this Liberal Democrat would have a lot of thinking to do.

  30. I think all you non-paulbots should STFU and go join the military like I did 3 years ago and paul did a ways back. See how much you like getting sent to Iraq and Afghanistan year after year after year while your kids grow up without you. At least during WWI/WWII/Vietnam the war ended and the troops came home. You warmongers who’ve never served are voting for dudes that never went when their country called. Marriage, gays, and Iran nukes are not the issue. One day we won’t have money to pay the troops. Heck I’ve already gone without a full paycheck because we’re so in debt the gov’t shut down. You just go to these polls blind without ever looking at what it’s doing to your “real” one percent…that’s why Ron gets our (military) money and I could get you a squadron’s worth of guys to back me up and make you eat your BS.

  31. Dr Paul is the ONLY constitutionlist. He is brilliant. The anti Paul people just have not awaken yet.

  32. Its really nice that so many people want to vote for Romney. He paid about 15% tax… the government owned only 15% of the fruits of his labour… how much of yours do they own? 30? 35%? You poor people. Your kids are out fighting cave dwellers in some desert, your corporations are running away from your country to China. You’ve borrowed so much that your kids will be the citizens of a bankrupt nation. Your old age will be pretty shitty since your social security pots have been raided to fund the wars.

    Your freedoms… the thing that made America the beacon of the world… well, you were so PATRIOTic you threw those away. aNDAA, you millitary can now execute you without trial if they suspect your a terrorist (but its fine, thats only a worry for the muslims or dark skinned amongst you- the whites only have to fear the hordes of immigrants from your open borders).

    I pity you, I really do. You have a savior presented to you in the form of a Veteran, a Doctor who’s life was dedicated to the service of others, of his country, in uniform and in government, a man who stuck to his principles…FOR DECADES… The man that would safeguard THE CONSTITUTION, the document that WAS the soul of your nation… the man that would lift the burden of over taxation from your backs, the man that would not spread fear and tyranny abroad in YOUR NAME…

    You have that man, in front of you. You have the collective power to carry him to office… and you still vote for Bush/Romney/McCain… one form of dick or the other. HOW, WHY… your watching the decline of your nation… LIVE on FOX news… can you not smell it, can you not see it… the old politics is what got you into this shyt…

    I pity you. I really do. Standing on the precipice of the fall of your great nation you can think of nothing else but voting for the slick looking moralist who rants against gays.

  33. how do people not see who can try and get america somewhat back on track. Lets think who has spent the less and made it work can we say Rick that speaks volumes on aleast getting us out of a welfare state and debt. I pledge to the republic for which it stands under God he really is a true person no more fakes vote for Rick.

  34. Santorum is indeed a war monger that snapped, at one of the debates, that he would “not cut a nickel from defense” which seemed to mean from the undeclared wars and American military outposts in 130 out of 190 countries in the world. He seems to want to take us to war with Iran and fight a war on Moslems just like those medieval catholics. He also claims that old people are the richest people in America, and snaps that “The money’s gone”. He referred to the 2.5 trillion dollar surplus that we were forced to pay to a Social Security system that he and his ilk then raided and wasted on wars. What a gem!

    Gingrich cannot even be trusted by his two ex-wives apparently and he is an admitted “Progressive” who admires Woodrow Wilson and is weak on illegal immigration.

    Romney just doesn’t have any plan to cut spending anywhere near enough to make a real difference. There is not enough in current discretionary spending, even if it was all cut, to liquidize the Debt, unless you tackle the horrendous spending on policing the world and paying “Aid” to Israel’s enemies and then giving Israel about a fifth of that sum to Israel. Israel would be much better off if we ended all “Foreign Aid” which is what Paul wants to do.

  35. I firmly values the loyalty of Paul supporters to their the good DR but when you look at non republicans and there are many of them in a general election, one must take into account how well a candidate will come across as being able to relate to them or not. Dr Paul is a dedicated and highly valued American but while I am not taking sides I do step back and wonder can he relate to decline to state voters, independents, and even angered democrats as well as his fellow challengers? I’m not giving my thought on it because I believe firmly and without a doubt that any and every Republican will back the man who wins the nomination in August. It may be the good DR it may not but i urge every voter with a passion for the Grand Old Party to stand united behind the candidate that is chosen yes there will be people who are sad or even angry but if we do not stand together against Obama behind that nominee and his choice for vice president then we are accepting another four years of a president whose answer to the current condition of this country is “it could be worse”. Stand strong GOP and stand united.

  36. Ron Paul is much better than Newt. I will give you “Ron Paul” supporters that much. And I do like a lot of his policies (especially the economic policies). But that being said, he will not be able to beat obama. You would be crazy to believe he could get independents and moderates. Im not saying he is a bad choice but as far as winning is concerned, he will not be able to bring it. He will probably be the first to drop out. And stegemann your questions on the “future of our nation” and getting a “GOP elected” are one in the same if you really think about it. And for republicians, which i am assuming most of us are on this site, isnt getting a republician in office our overall goal.

  37. It is painfully obvious that Ron Paul and his libertarian ideals are too simple for people to grasp onto. The solution is not, nor has it ever been, to add more “stuff” like gov’t has done over the years. We need to clean up and get back to basics. I realize however that this may not be easy. Especially true for those with a vested interest into where we are going currently, even though it looks like a journey to disaster.

  38. Liberatarian Ron Paul can not and will not win the REPUBLICAN nomination. if you want him so bad write him in, though he wont win the election either. He needs to go to Greece with his policies and see if they work there, because thats what we would be headed for with him in office…. FAILURE!

    • I’ve read many convoluted comments, but yours is near the top of “alltime incoherrent posts”. If you would have read books instead of mind-numbing football every weekend, you would know Greece’s economy is failing because they (like rest of word) have been using Our Dollar as their reserve currency (i.e. like gold). You see, our Fed.Govt. and it’s poor policies (i.e. idiot presidents & Congressmen you keep electing) have severely devalued Our Dollar… hence Greece’s economic havoc. So ironically it’s due to your Presidents that Greece’s failure policies ARE headed toward us. However, Ron Paul has been against bad economic policy for 30 years in Congress, but your politicians didn’t listen and created a mess. So, who do you support again;
      is it Romney- the creator of obamacare in Mass. before obamacare was even a thing;
      is it Gingrich- the guy who lobbied for Fannie & Freddie who stole your tax money;
      or is Santorum- the guy with all the deficit spending votes, and unapologetic illegal war and bailout supporting?

  39. Ron Paul seems to have a good night in minnesota (*knocks on wood*), but of course CNN is completely ignoring that. It’s getting really old really fast.

  40. I had the privilege to teach alongside a government funded history teacher who insisted his student learn from original sources. As a history buff, it pains me to see American History massacred in political discussions. Labels and dictionary definitions are nice, but they aren’t ideas nor truth.

    “Majority Rule” The American Revolution was initially supported by a vast colonial majority. However motivation was not political ideology but economics. Example: when the British tried to dump surplus tea on the Boston market, wealthy tea merchants figured a way to dump it in the harbor instead. Parading behind the patriotic banner was a convenient method.

    “Not Majority Rule” and “based on religion” After the initial anti-British economics, a group of educated, mostly wealthy men (elites?) infused ideas from the Englightment into a possible system of government. Values from science, reason, and philosophy but not organized religion. Organized religions had mostly proven autocratic and repressive, the antithesis of democracy. Deism prevailed; one God/Creator but no dogma. (eg. no Bible, no 10 commandments) Read T.Paine, W.Wollaston

    For early American history, try studying only documents written before 1799, you just might be disappointed or amazed but hopefully gain knowledge to pass on to the next generation.

    Pax dominus y’all

  41. This is pretty much what we have left against Obama: A highly hypocritical and highly unstable individual wanting to do away with child labor laws, a religious fanatic (Santorum), a mormon who not only made a living destroying people’s lives but also was born without a personality, and Father Time himself, who is really only in it to be mischievous. I think I’m pretty safe to say Obama’s got this won and the election hasn’t even started…
    By the way the only candidate who really stood ANY CHANCE of going toe-to-toe with the prez, he’s gone: JOHN HUNTSMAN!!!!

  42. Back for more…I have yet to fathom a consensus description of “liberal” or “conservative” People hurl these terms back and forth, but it seems like some people are heaving rotten tomatoes, others rotten apples, others good oranges, some kiwi fruit and a smattering of potatoes.
    Has anyone written down an objective description “a liberal is ….” “a conservative is…” ? It would really help to understand the political debate. (wouldn’t it be nice if the news media did the same?)


    Never underestimate tall, good-looking, and articulate in a popular election.

  43. 3rd round, glutton for punishment I guess…

    Sorry to tell you, your candidate doesn’t matter. And neither does the Democratic candidate. …well, they matter some but not much…

    Time and again candidates promise yet fail to deliver. Why? Its not commitment, dedication, or intentions. The problem is inertia.

    The next president inherits ~600+ departments, staffed by over 2 million workers, and a US Code over 200,000 pages long. Only superman could work against that much inertia. Health care? insignificant, social issues? not important, for the long term sustainability we need a miracle: a president AND congress devoted to condensing, trimming, and consolidating the US Code and govt depts to something streamlined and efficient. A huge multi-national company like Apple gets by on ~20K employees, even with 3rd party contractors counted they use less than 10% of the federal workforce. And I’ll bet all their company policies stacked together don’t come close to 200,000

    I’m not talking hack and slash, we need efficiency, streamlined procedures and reporting, eliminate redundancy, reduction by attrition and retirement,

    People say “gridlock” and “partisan bickering” like they are bad things. When congress and the president do things, it always costs more than we know and stays on the books forever and a day. Do we really need another couple thousand pages of new regulation? You go Gridlock!! Bring on the Partisan Bickering!!

      • It’s mid-February and still window shopping, are ya? You don’t see enough value for your money in Romney, and you will find even less in Santorum or Gingrich.

        Why not wake up to true value? The only candidate that stands shoulder to shoulder with the U.S.Constitution is Ron Paul. The Constitution is what made America the greatest nation on Earth. How can there be any doubts as to who to vote for? There is only one candidate. If the polls were entirely honest I would not be surprised that Ron Paul would be the front runner. He’s been cheated since the straw polls began.

  44. Just saw this of Ron Paul — what an apodictic statement!

    ““Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country”” — Ron Paul, Speech at CPAC 2011

  45. Voter Fraud — claimed many after the results (inconceivable that Ron Paul got so few; will actual ballots be counted, or depend on electronic machines, that may be rigged to give a casino-like split….?)!

    Here is a solution to prevent Voter Fraud:

    1) Have Donald Trump create the voting machines like an One-Arm-Bandit slot machine — when you pull the lever, you’ll see two lemons followed by a picture of the candidate you voted. Then hear the sound of a Slot Coin (bearing the supposed picture of that Candidate) drop in an enclosed box…this should make you feel secure that your actual vote counts.

    2) Have all these boxes carted to the Federal Reserve Board in DC, to be taken to a dark room in their basement, and have each slot coin (to simplify, let’s call it: Shekel) be counted by them.

    Once the Feds announce the results of these Shekels counted in secret, there could not be a question as to the election’s validity….

  46. Bama’s worst nightmare would be debating Ron Paul (without a tele-prompter Bama can hardly put two coherent statements together, let alone an unscripted hour+ debate)!

    Ron Paul’s Constitutional knowledge, accurate historical data, superior by ten fold intellect, and good nature as a genuine caring person — even though not an orator (RP) — will by SUBSTANCE destroy the small-minded narcissistic Bama’s empty Rhetoric and the Bankrupt Socialist Dogma he spews in ANGER when “displeased”!

    Bama had some worries in debating Newt (the two can out-lie each other, on any given occasion). But now that Newt is nearly done — Bama is happy.

    Bama is on top of the world NOW — since his reelection is about to be GUARANTEED by the GOP’s choice to do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) for tepid Mitt to challenge him (Romney-Money is what the out-of-touch GOP hopes may counter Bama’s billion dollars campaign)!

    This will be the best outcome for Bama — to face flip-flopping Romney (since Bama can make Mitt turn any way he wants…after all Mitt stands for everything (and nothing)…depending on the audience)! Bama’s writers have already scripted what Bama needs to remember, so he can rip Mitt apart on Bain Capital and Cayman Islands accounts!

    Prediction: Bama wins by virtue of GOP’s idiocy!

  47. It is estimated that nearly 500,000,000 as of 2010 — about 1/2 billion — NEGATIVE Laws are on the books, meaning: “You, the US Citizen, cannot do 1/2 billion things, because we, the Government, have deemed such actions to be contrary to your well-being.”

    In other words: “If you don’t do what we think is for YOUR OWN GOOD, we have approved 1/2 billion ways to punish you!”

    More Laws (about 500,000,000) telling individuals what NOT to DO, than the total count of all the US Citizens alive (about 312,000,000)!

    The Arrogance of Office is best displayed by this pernicious Sophism: “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.

    No sane person can expect an individual to memorize all the names of the 312 million US Citizens — but same individual is expected to know the EXACTITUDE of ALL 1/2 billion LAWS (or be penalized for the IGNORANCE)?!

    Only Ron Paul has questioned this EVER increasing “Law” passing — the rest are mute (seems they lack the education to comprehend the truth the Great Roman Statesman Cicero stated: ‘The MORE Laws in a Nation, the LESS Justice for the Citizens’ — nearly 2000 years later, Cicero’s warning rings true: *More Laws = Less Liberty*)!

    No wonder the main media is doing their best to black-out Ron Paul — Truth is Bane for Big Brother wannabees.

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