Three of the four remaining GOP candidates participated in a “Vegas Forum” hosted by Sean Hannity on Thursday night. Ron Paul was also invited but declined the appearance.

Here are links to the full videos with each candidate:

Santorum: Rick Santorum Talks To Sean Hannity

Gingrich: Newt Gingrich Talks To Sean Hannity

Romney: Mitt Romney Talks To Sean Hannity

Each candidate chatted about 10 minutes concerning the campaign issues heading into this Saturday’s Nevada caucuses.


    • Heh, heh, heh — Ron Paul — We never will let you win, cause we controll the media, and you are not gonna to be seen or heard off on the news!

      We make sure if Obama don’t got much chance, than we make Mitromney look alike — so he gets elected by same peoples that voted Bama in (99% of Lesbians, 99% of Gays, 90% of Blacks, 90% of Jews, 99% of Mexicanos (legal or not, we don’t care), 99% of Single Moms on welfare (and don’t you call them hoe’s…just cause they breed for extra government money), 99% of Hollywood Stars (and don’t you call em hollywood trash, cause they speak more than candidates do)….

      The rest of America — which finger do you see?


  1. Ron Paul is on to you as well Sean. You are part of the same old establishment. I hear you everyday and I for one can tell you are nothing but a establishment puppet, like the rest of the mainstream media. It sure would be nice to be able to get the real news in this country. But follow the money and you will see where someones real heart is. I hear you everyday selling out, just for the money. I and thousands of Ron Paul supporters and on to you and the other so called midea. We are sick and tired of media picking our canidates for us. Don’t even try and say you guys don’t. The American people are not as stupid as you think. Some of have are wide awake and see everything you guys have been pulling on us and just they way the media covers Ron Paul showed us how stupid you guys think we are.

    Anyway, I have heard all canidates talk over the last year and I have noticed how they are all sounding like Ron Paul now. So why vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. The others know he is right on the isues and the right man for the job. That’s why they are all picking up on what Ron Paul has been saying for 30 years. Ron Paul is my pick. He is all about our Constitution, our Freedoms and our Libarties. Something this Country needs in the worst way. This is the man we have all been waiting for. He will save America. Don’t let the Media fool you. They are all owned by the big banking, big corporation establishment and the establishment doesn’t want Ron Paul in office. They know he will put a stop to them ripping off the American people. Ron Paul is the real deal….Wake Up People!

  2. Ron Paul no good for my America. I come from Mexico illegal-likes and get welfare and drivers liscense and insurnces in California — and Obama says OK! Love him, and my compadres and if Romney comes he do same for me and us! When we becomes over 50% latinos in America here in USA, this next years or two, we tells you what to do with you Constitution — LOLs!

    No Ron Paul — he bad for us!

    • American sense of humor helps! Even if O stands at the border and waves ’em on in from Mexico himself, he can’t do it fast enough to build up enough voters… they will first be in the handout lines then celebrate, then picket for more help… O is Out. Yup there are enough of us to take back the USA with Ron Paul’s Presidency. It will be sooo wonderful, to smell the air of Freedom again, and those who were tar babied to O will at last see the light and wonder what on earth they, as Americans, were thinking to be bamboozled by this guy. Oh yeah, there will be anger in the land against the liars in government from new sources, and there will be joy in the USA to be Free Again, Free Again, Free Again at last.

      • Constitution — true story. Last year went to renew my fishing license at Wallmart (hate this China Mart, but the only ones that had Fishing Licenses in stock).

        They asked me for proof of residency — my drivers license (which I showed them), and then said: “New laws require your SS# now”!

        This pissed me off — how would my Social Security Number affect the fish I catch, or not catch — so I made a pun and said: “Don’t have one, since I’m an illegal alien.”

        The clerk apologized to me and issued my Fishing License immediately. The rest of the people waiting in line were forced to recall their SSN’s and give them!

        Amazing — with what you can get away by just claiming to be ILLEGAL!

        • Sounds like the Clerk had experience at a Polling place, logging people in to vote. Someone did a spy video at a few voting check-in tables and when the spy said oops I left my driver’s license in the car I’ll go get it… he was told no, you don’t need to show an id. Dems fight against id’s for voters, they say minorities are too stupid to get an id and it would be discrimination and denial of voting rights to require an id. I’m for photo ids and paper ballots… hand counted at the polling place by reps of all parties and cameras recording. Regarding SSN’s, I hope people start using the Connecticut SSN that we all know is held illegally by Obama. That should get some attention! Push it and make CT and local SS office that produced the number explain it to a Federal judge.
          Have a good evening everybody, and a great weekend – might not be back for a while if plans work.

  3. The Fox is still trying to pipe us to the Circus. Tra La Tra La Tra La. oh, wait that’s the Wizard of Oz tune. I was interested in most of the Glenn Beck show when related to history and events and identifying O’s administration and support thugs but when he hoisted the Israeli flag over my Red White & Blue, it looked like his pockets were getting heavier so I was disappointed. There is such a worn out curtain over Fox it’s agenda is transparent. They reject Ron Paul because he will not do what the others are committed to: Mitt will fight Iran for Israel and cheerleads audiences with claims that Israel is the very best ever Friend of USA (not true); Ol’ Newt promised to move Israel’s Capital of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the jews have demanded, and said he would split it between Arabs and Jews… he forgot us Christians… didn’t even give us a corner of OUR HOLY LAND. Flubbed up there, boy. Santorum is reeling in shock that Florida jews failed him and went for Mitt. Poor kid never got it that they will latch onto any candidate that promos Israel AND is a cult member that rejects Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour like they do – which would give them a shoe in the door of the White House in future elections. THAT is why Fox MUST hide Ron Paul. Would be H*ll to pay if they let him have a Fair & Balanced appearance. Clearly they are in a bind and had to offer the invite but Ronnie knows they would do everything to downplay him. Hannity is talking fast and furiously to shoot down what will be our next President and man are they going to look like ineffective idiots.

    • Constitution — U name very, very bad for us, so change it. It be offensive, cause this USA no respect Constitution, but like Obama-mama (he make great El Presidente und super-duper hot dogs — nothing better thens Obama Mama’s schnitzel mit sauerkraut)!

      Ron Paul very, very bad for uns — he no good for Israel (who fight our battles for us…we?…you crazy, ven your kinder can die for us)? You bad poster — me call Fox News and get you arrested for bad American!

      • Chose as my name in honor of my Constitution! I have a question that I’d sure like asked of Hoiman Munster in a debate. It would be good for any candidate to ask him.

        Here’s the idea. “Mitt, what relation to you were your family members who left the United States to live in Mexico, when did they leave, and why? Did they end their US citizenship?” The follow-up question would be “Mitt, how do you feel about your family preferring Mexico to the USA and have you continued to maintain a home there?” i.e., his relatives turned their backs on the USA, and Mitt supports their action by continuing to maintain the homestead there. (I think he has the same house but might have purchased a different one, still in Mexico). I think that question would make him angry, and would buckle his knees.

        On the subject of Loyalty, Mitt’s family history proves failed loyalty to US, Newt’s personal history proves failed loyalty to 2 wives and family, Santorum shows more flag waving loyalty to Israel than to USA, Ron Paul’s history proves successful strong loyalty to country and family.

        Wish Ron Paul’s team could use that questioning when the debates come down to Mitt vs Ron. Or, any of the candidates could start the ball rolling for a Strike! sooner the better.

  4. Economically Speaking – It would be Intellectually “Dishonest” and MORALLY WRONG for the Country – to Support or Vote for ANYONE BESIDES Ron Paul. This is NOT an American Idol Contest! The “Economic Sh*t” is soon going to hit the fan.

    The National Debt of the United States “exceeded”, for the first time in history, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on October 31, 2011. Obama wants to delay the next “Debt Ceiling Debate” till after the elections, but that may NOT be possible. Bernanke just announced that Interest Rates won’t be going up for the next 3 years! Now, the CBO says that the Government may NOT be able to pay it’s bills if it waits that long to Raise the Debt Ceiling. What a Scam! What’s the point of having a “Debt Ceiling” when there is NO Ceiling?

    If you Support or Vote for ANYONE BESIDES Ron Paul, then you are obviously Economically “Illiterate”.

    • Does not matter if Paul wins or not – he will get nothing changed because he will get no cooperation from the washington establishment – will be a wasted 4 year term that will surely see us get weaker militarily as our enemies start slapping us around in the world

  5. RON PAUL:
    1) The only candidate with military service.
    2) The doctor – not a lawyer, wall street millionaire or influence peddler.
    3) Returned money from his congressional office budget every year.
    4) Doesn’t partake in congress’s pension becasue it’s a scam to taxpayers.
    5) Is incorruptible (so says lobbyist Jack Abramoff).
    6) He follows the U.S. constitution to preserve our rights.
    7) He lived in the same ranch house for 42 years.
    8) He treated poor patients for free or lowered his fees.
    9) His kids didn’t take federal student loans because its taxpayer money.
    10) He never voted to raise his pay, to raise taxes or for an unbalanced budget.
    11) He’s never taken a government-paid junket.
    12) He’s been married 55 years – to the same woman.
    13) He proposed a presidential salary of $39,000 – equal to the ave American’s.
    14) Nearly all of his donations come in small amounts from individuals – not from Wall Street.

    If Americans don’t support him, then they deserve the criminals and puppets in Washington.

  6. I’m waiting to see what happens on the 7th when the Sec. of State for Georgia comments on Obama’s eligibility since he deliberately skipped court on the 26th of January. No respect for the law or the people.
    If they hold him in contempt, make him show original (not fake) documents and hit him with his fake SSN#.. then the other states will follow. If that works, then they have no choice but to demand the same from Romney.
    It’s called process of elimination.. as per the good ole constitution.
    Just to let you know…
    We here in Canada would LOVE to take Ron Paul if he was eligible here.

    “Canada Votes Ron Paul!” …

    Pretty sad isn’t it? When another country can see what Americans can’t. We’ve (Canada) has never been so hyped about a US election..but it’s because Harper is a puppet also.. and we know it’s coming our way. We need Ron Paul as much if not more than the USA.

    Thinking bout ya’ll in the US of A… eh!!! lol

  7. Why does the American people think the reason for the uprise in a group called Anonymous was put in place? Because this government including this current Administration are creating illegal bills and practicing illegal methods of government and the only way to stand up to this government is by illegal nonviolent force. Authorities and laws have beaten/arrested even peaceful Occupy movement demonstrators senseless at times. Government is suppose to protect us not hurt us. This government has allowed so much harm to come our way it is pathetic. This is our country and not the other way around, they work for us. They are suppose to be working in our best interest. Whether Anonymous is right or wrong the American people need to wake up and look behind the reasoning for the coming together of the group and the illegal practices of our government. Research Anonymous and their involvement against the Sopa bill and the NADD bill. What a stand, now due to the protests by several websites blacking out and DOS by Anonymous, they have shelved SOPA and postponed the draft of the latest OPEN bill. I just can’t believe so many people against these bogus bills yet they still want to vote for the current puppet president responsible for this mess. Anonymous says they will continue to fight against this corruption. Why doesn’t the government listen to the people and just say forget about it, because it is business and making money is all that matters, screw the American people? I wonder how much Romney will make off Facebook stocks? The rich will get richer! The regular middle class won’t have a chance to buy for several days, weeks or even months later. Unfortunately, the rich get first dibs, they will have an insiders pass to claim richness. Of course if Facebook fails they have the funds to take major losses. I’ll just keep watching and see what happens when Facebook goes public and the weeks and months to follow. If Anonymous shuts them down or people don’t log into Facebook once they go public, will be detrimental to these company and they will sell Facebook stock like crazy. This is a new era we are faced with now, almost like a Hi-Tec Revolution. Screw all these Corrupt individuals, I will be voting for Paul, because all the rest are and definitely will continue to screw us. At least Paul will have a solid platform, the Constitution, interesting concept! This is not conspiracy these are facts and these events have already happened. Why do you think Paul gets no coverage? Nobody wants him in because they know he will interfere with the lobbying and lot of get rich quick schemes practices put into place on our dime. People wake up and smell the coffee and by all means please think for yourselves. Don’t bother replying to this post unless you have truly done your homework and you reply with an open mind!
    The Fed, Corrupt lobbying politicians must go and then we can concentrate on what matters let our economy strive on supply and demand the way it was meant to be. Government should pass bills to protect us, traffic laws are great bills for safety. Gingrich is another law breaker don’t forget about his Congress days and Fannie/Freddie housing bubble. Romney as president, is not a good roll model if he is hiding majority of his money in the Cayman islands. What kind of example is that telling the American people. I like Paul, you can research what you want about Santorum. I’ve seen some of his interviews and his voice about gay rights on campuses. One they are embarrassing and second I really do not think gay rights issues should succeed over the FED and government corruption. I have one think to say to Santorum Federal government should leave gays alone and get to talking about the FED and corruption, of course not. Then he is no president for me. American should see how much money and time is spent on nonsense bills, the Fed and lobbying. Sneaky little BASTARDS. Paul doesn’t have a chance so I’ll just plan accordingly. Romney and Obama are the same, DUH!!!!!!

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