Nevada Republican caucuses, February 4, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage  
Mitt Romney 16,486 50.0%  
Newt Gingrich 6,956 21.1%  
Ron Paul 6,175 18.7%  
Rick Santorum 3,277 9.9%  
No Preference 69 0.2%  

Total: 32,963 100.0%

Nevada will head to caucus sites on Saturday to choose their preferred 2012 GOP nominee. Results should be expected sometime after 8pm ET once the results are counted and the tallies are confirmed.

Results: Expected after 8pm ET

Caucus Details: Nevada Republican Party

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RENO, NV – After watching all the debates and contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida, it’s finally Nevada’s turn in the political spotlight. Our moment will be brief, but at least 50,000 Nevada Republicans are expected to show up at caucus locations around the state Saturday and make their choices.

For first time participants it can be confusing. A caucus is not a primary. The government’s election apparatus plays no part. It is organized and run by the political parties.

By definition it is a meeting of local members of a national party with two major functions, selecting delegates to a convention and registering preference for candidates. Both will be addressed at this Saturday’s caucus, but all the attention will be on that second duty. It’s called a presidential preference poll.

Unlike the Democrats, Republican officials rejected the idea of same day registration, so, in order to take part, you must have been a registered Republican by January 20th.

Romney is heavily favored heading into this contest but I’d expect Ron Paul to do better than polling indicates meaning this could be a close race for second and third place.


  1. Chad, he won’t. But if he soundly defeats Gingrich, he’ll prove this isn’t a 2-man race, as Gingrich wants Paul and Santorum to believe. Paul is my 2nd choice, and I’d like to see him in a position where he could use his knowledge of the Constitution and currency manipulation to correct our monetary problems. Either Secy of the Treasury or Chairman of the Fed. hey, wouldn’t that be the best way to audit the Fed – to have Paul be the Chairman? Sometimes it’s a 2nd level position that puts a person with certain skills and talents in the best position to be the most help — Without a trustworthy Chairman of the Fed, the President is pretty helpless.

    • I happen to agree with you. Although I would rather see Ron Paul as our next nominee and President he would be a great Secretary of the Treasury and could audit the Federal Reserve. Romney and Paul at least talk to each other. Notice they do not usually attack each other in debates or in political ads. Paul even defended Romney recently!

  2. Sadly,the two “top dogs” (in my opinion)will be Romney and fig..err newton err Newt…neither of which are running for the right reason. I didn’t care for Santorum at first,but watching the debates,I have seen Santorum and Paul are at least trying to stay on topics pertaining to fixing the U.S. and have been shoved to the side by the press because they are not throwing stones like Romney and Gingrich. It seems the last 20 years of politics have gotten to be who can throw the bigger mound of dirt rather than who has the best ideas to fix what ever the situation is…I think our voting system and campaign contrubution laws are corrupt and madly out of date to correct this type of action. Something else that needs a change is money in politics…there should be a limit on how much you can use to campaign with..and super pacs that is a historic debockle…they shouldnt be even allowed.To quote [Mahadevbhaini Diary (Gujarati), Vol. V] “I shall not send him away so long as I have not come to feel that he goes about setting one against another. To measure a man’s worth, the world has no other yardstick than his work. As the work, so the man.” You know, the more I think about it, the more Gandhi was correct. We,America, have forgotten what is a mans true worth,bypassing it because we just decide not to argue and go with what we are offered. Sadly,the offering is a huge dissapointment (in my opinion) We need people that actually care about the country not thier pocket books, if you look through the facade the canidates have boldly thrown out for us to be in awe of. The true matter of our states is not able to be solved by a big money man, nor by a man that practices back door politics like changing underwear, it is solved by a man of worth,some thing that has fallen by the wayside by millions of american dollars…So as this election goes I for one will be casting my vote for the one that stays deliberate in his resolve to stay on the countries problems not the ones throwing money at people and things to make it seem like they are honest and forthright.

    • I agree with you totally Rob.
      I’ve never completely trusted Romney – in 2008 and not now either.

      At first I was leaning toward Gingrich because he seemed to be a more “mature” Gingrich in the first couple of the debates, but after Gingrich’s loss in Iowa & NH, he has showed himself to be the very same obnoxious, self-absorbed Gingrich that he always was.

      However, the more I hear Rick Santorum in the debates, in his press interviews and read up on his years in the Senate, the more I am becoming convinced that Santorum should be the next President.

      Santorum is the only GOP candidate that has been consistent on main Conservative issues since he was in the Senate.

      Santorum is showing himself to be a very mature and reasonable candidate who does indeed care about our country and who has a clear vision of how to get our country out of the economic mess that we are in AND also has a clear vision on foreign policy that I can agree with (unlike Ron Paul – who I believe will be even WORSE on foreign policy than Obama).

      I am getting more and more convinced that Santorum is also the best choice because he has the strength of character to fight for our country’s future and the resolve to stay on the right course because what he says is ACTUALLY what he truly believes.

      • Ron Paul is spot on with his foreign policy. If we stop these stupid wars then our economy will recover just fine. We are not in danger of a foreign attack. This is media build up so that Americans will be fine with us and Isreal attacking Iran. Iran is no threat to our national security.

        I have served in Iraq and Obama replaced us with contractors that cost America three times as much as having troops over there. Santorum is all for sustaining the huge presence of contractors in Iraq as he was also for the Iraq war from the beginning. Santorum also wants to attack Iran as he stated in previous debates. That is irresponsible! If anyone that is not in the military and supports attacking another country for no reason, then go enlist and serve. If you are too old to serve, then get ready to send your children off to war. I know alot of people who died for IRAQI Freedom and not ours. It is sad because they sacrificed their life because of our past two stupid presidents!

        • Iraq war is the big reason Obama was elected. He promised that the first thing he would do as President would be to immediately stop the war and would bring our troops home. Also promised to close Gitmo. Protesters ceased the marches and voted for him. The first thing this liar did when elected, was to issue Executive Orders to seal all his personal history like his birthcertif, school registrations and academic records, passports, adoption documents, and to activate Lawyers who were selected before the election to guard the secrecy of the documents and counter anyone who attempted to obtain access to that information. Clearly, O’s controllers prepared for questions regarding his eligibility by selecting lawyers and providing them with confidentiality agreements of course and directives for their tasks in protecting O’s secret history. We now know that O deceived the Iraqi war protesters from the beginning as part of his campaign platform. He had no intention of ending the war or closing Gitmo or protecting our borders or complying with the Presidential Oath of Office or Constitution. We now see him fumbling those promises keeping the ball in the air again not intending to resolve the issues… instead he has created an action totally contrary to our Founding Documents and the personal rights guaranteed therein. He has ordered that Americans can be arrested on the street, in their homes, in transit, anywhere, at his directive and without warrant, to be held without recourse to representation for any length of time he so chooses. Folks if that ain’t a tyrant, I don’t know what is. Americans have ORDERS in our Founding Documents to pull tyrants out from behind our Oval Office Desk, or capture on the street or in WH quarters or in transit, arrest and try O on many of his actions. Many Iraq war protesters believed the attack was a deal between Bush and Sharon, which would clear out much of the Iraqi population and make room for emigration of Jews from many countries to Iraq. There wasn’t and isn’t enough land in Israel for all of those who want to move from many countries, to live in Israel. Bush was in a pickle because God stopped Sharon, and Sharon supposedly remains on life support to this day. Bush just left things in the mess he created because there was no Israeli who was knowledgeable of the details of the secret deal between Sharon and Bush to step in and continue on behalf of Sharon. So, the war continued killing many Iraqis and creating a land of orphans… who can be educated into melding with Jewish immigrants. Today, the fly in the ointment for O is that Americans just won’t let that pesky eligibility thing and the phony birth certif go away. Certainly the controllers are afraid for themselves now, and probably have told O to keep playing the campaign game softly because he’s out and they are putting Mitt in. The controllers do not care which party representative they control as long as he/she obeys. Mitt is easy to buy. They hate Ron Paul because he won’t be bought. So, Americans know that USA military who served in Iraq, performed better than you were allowed, and honored us. When military is called back home, we will confidently count on them to defend our country in a different way. Defend the USA from the enemies within. If Ron Paul is elected, he will bring our troops home, position many on both borders to protect our sovereignty, restore our industry and finances so there will be many many USA jobs for everyone to make lifetime careers out of if they so choose, instead of being pawns on the corporate chessboard, and our country will provide education and training for our people to succeed in careers. Ron Paul will close the perverted Dept. of no-Education and send the responsibility back to the States where it originated, and will audit and close the Federal Reserve and send the responsibility for our finances back to the Congress where it was successfully handled until Pres. Wilson took it away and gave to some of his pals in an organization Federal Reserve. Ron Paul will give us control of our country, families and lives back to us as the Founders intended. Aren’t you tired of the shackles the government is putting on us constantly and quietly and telling us everything will be ok just hold still. We don’t hold still. We are movers and shakers and demanders of our Rights and Freedoms that our Forefathers fought for. Better stop bowing to the MainStreamMedia brainwashing, stand up and shock the crap out of all of the corporates and control freaks, by voting for Ron Paul.

          • Why are all you 09 Obama voters worryed about Iraqie war prisoner in Cuba, and would you like Sadom Hussein still
            in power in Iraq right NOW! We have to many problems in this country (Thanks to that Obama you elected) before you tell
            someone to get the saw dust out of their eye,get the log out of yours!!

      • I agree that Santorum has shown consistency but I think he still lacks in presidential wisdom. He doesn’t hold mature or unbiased views on certain world issues or even domestic ones. For instance, his hardline approach on Iran. He uses that same self righteous attitude that so many GOP’s use as some Democrats do too. It’s the wrong kind of sabre rattling talk that is exactly what a president should not have. You can still speak powerfully yet softly and carry a big stick. We’ve gotten so used to meddling in all the world’s affairs that its become normal for us to talk in a way that we will do what we want if another country doesn’t do what we like. I disagree with you that Ron Paul’s foreign policy would be worse than Obama. Not even close. In fact, a Ron Paul presidency would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity around the world. Not only that, but we would be safer. Ron Paul is not an isolationist, but he does want us to mind our own business, which is exactly what we should do! Ron Paul would put power back to the American people; we wouldn’t needlessly bomb and put boots on the ground (Declare War) in countries unless is was without the consent of our nations Congress.(Following the Constitution) Santorum, Romney and Gingrich would all bomb or preemptive strike without asking permission from the Congress. Our country needs to become responsible again, and stop being so reckless with its monetary/economic policies, foreign policy, etc etc etc. I like Rick, I do, but he’s not ready IMO. Working on board Ron Paul’s administration somewhere? Absolutely. But not ready to take the reins of the U.S.

        • Nel, I agree. Further, there is a reason that Santorum, Romney and Gingrich have all tried to out-blab each other that they would bomb or preemptively strike Iran without following our rules of consent by Congress. They are all saluting zionism, not the American flag. Santorum must have been stunned that the zionists in Florida failed to support him over Romney. He has been a strong supporter of zionists for years and they have given him financial support. What he fails to understand is that the zionists will always prefer the candidate who not only promises to serve Israel first (like Romney said his first trip would be to Israel, and Newt promised to cleaver Jerusalem between Israel and Palestinians, acquiescing to Israel’s demand to move their Capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem), but when that candidate is a lifelong cult member who rejects Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour, he is the zionists’ peach of choice. Ron Paul promises to serve the USA and Americans, and does not promise to serve any other country. He will attend to any other country’s needs when in the interest of the USA and with the full support of Congress and the American people. He is very clear that he would take the job as an employee of the American people, under our Founding Documents and his Oath of Office. The others don’t understand that very basic application form they need to fill out for us.

  3. Marlene, I’m with you. Paul would be very good in one of those positions. I can’t support Paul as president for several reasons which have been enumerated many times even though he has some very good ideas.

  4. Yeah one of my reasons is if Ron Paul does not get into office we r all going to b put in fema camps and b tested on like a bunch of lab rats wake up America support Ron Paul!!!!!!

    • You can find pix and videos of the many FEMA camps and equipment by searching FEMA camps, and also YouTube has a great variety of videos of a very scary preparation for unruly Americans… supposedly for natural disaster emergency use, but hey! Indiana has converted a stationary facility that can hold many people, with railroad tracks leading into the compound which would unload passengers behind tall fences topped with inverted spikes that prevent people from escaping. (to keep intruders out, the spikes would point outward). The one-worlders are and have been hard at work to destroy our sovereignty and make us their slaves. Better stop them America, now. Vote for Ron Paul. If you refuse, if Mitt wins, just remember you quit the fight for freedom and will deserve what would result. This is the most important election in many many years. It is doubtful there would be an opportunity for a Constitutionally committed American to ever run for the Presidency again.

    • This is true. The media is standing up Romney and he will lose the popular vote by a LANDSLIDE. He will get less votes than McCain did in 2008. Ron Paul can beat Obama because he can steal anti-war democratic votes. Ron Paul would win the Independent vote as well. That is something Romney can’t do. Who is really voting for Gingrich? He has no morals. If you can’t manage your own household, then how could you manage a country? Of course he received an endorsement from Cain.

      Bottom line: Obama will DESTROY Romney or Gingrich in the General Election. The attacks will be relentless!

  5. I admire Ron Paul. He is a good “Statesman”. However, he will not win the GOP Presidential nomination. This is for several reasons, a) he is a rambler. He doesn’t stay on track when talking. Obama and his campaign sharks would chew Ron Paul up as “old and senile”. Look what they did to McCain in 2008. Gingrich has 30 years of heavy Washington baggage; that Obama can use against him. Plus, Gingrich is part of the Washington mess we’re dealing with today. You don’t send back someone who was part of the cause to clean up. I respect Santorum, but, he is too green. He becomes angry and frustrated too easy. This undermines his message. He needs more political grooming. No, Romney IS the right choice for the GOP Presidential nomination. He has been governor, and knows how the government works. He is a strong business man and knows how to cut costs. Romney has strong ethics and can hold Obama accountable for his spendthrift ways and excessive government control policies. As a sidenote, I would like to see Romney win the election and have Ron Paul as his Vice President Candidate. Ron Paul would excel in the position of giving strong advice to the President! I wish Rick Santorum had more experience, he might make a strong Vice President as well. Forget about Gingrich as VP. He would be undermining the President too much…

    • You have to be kidding. Romney is Obama. McCain is insane. Comparing Ron to McCain is crazy. Polar opposites as far as policy and beliefs. Ron is far from senile guy, his dad lived to be almost a hundred, and sill had his wits, as Ron does. It is about his message not his age. Now I know we have a lot of dumb sheep in this country that put things like CHARISMA and LOOKS ahead of SUBSTANCE and HONESTY. I, unlike the sheep, researched the candidates in 08. At opensecrets site one can see who funds these sellouts campaigns. Oh looky, Romney’s top contributor is… Goldman Sachs. Ron runs on small citizen donations. So you are saying we should vote for this bailout, big business puppet? In 08, Obama and McCains’ campaigns were BOTH funded by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, and other bailout banks. Wake up, or are you senile?

    • Well put Ronzwyf… I think RP could serve very well as VP or some other position high up. Mit doesn’t have my full trust and he is backed by all the big bankers/Wallstreet. I really like is even keel approach and believe that is a very Presidential quality to have…being diplomatic and thinking things through as much as you can before making a hasty decision, yet able to make a decision and get others on board and lead. I like Ron Paul’s limited government ideas though..bringing troops home, shutting overseas bases, wasteful foreign spending, and personal liberty! He also proposes extreme tax cuts and working towards balancing the budget which none of the candidates talk about. (how broke we are!) Ron Paul as President, Romney as Sec.State or Sec.Treasury…

    • Ronzwyf, “stay on track”??? You claim that Ron doesn’t stay on track? He just covers as much as he can get in before the MainStreamMedia hosts cut off his microphone. Please please go back and watch Mitt in those debates. He never answers a question that he can avoid. He segues slickly to any other safe harbor like complaining about Obama and taking the heat off of himself. He is so flagrant with that tactic that surprisingly a host was annoyed at no answer to his question so he just let Romney float away then when he shut up or paused, the host with elbows on the table in annoyance and a monotone voice, repeated the same question… and Romney again floated away, and the host fought him by again asking the same question until it was clear Romney would not answer anything relatively close to the question and the host went on to another candidate.
      Please do yourself a favor, review those debate videos, and you will laugh at Romney instead of applauding. He’s like the kid caught with the hand in the cookie jar who says Mom! Look! What’s that out the window?!!!

    • Turn off brainwashed tv. CBS is owned by Westinghouse. NBC is owned by GE. Westinghouse and GE are the two turbine makers for the military. They make turbines for the aircraft carriers, jets, etc. They make a ton of money on no bid govt contracts, charge the maximum amount to the tax payer. They love war, and you will not hear any antiwar talk on those channels. Rupert Murdoch, the globalist, owns Faux. Wake up, the sellout media isn’t a friend of liberty.

    • And the sun will rise and set. No sht. It is because Ron runs on small citizen donations, not Goldman Sachs big money like Romney. So you people who watch tv, have no clue how controlled it is, and vote for who the pundit sellout puppet on tv tells you to vote for. Vote for who has the most commercials and tv talk time. That makes sense. Help the 1%ers out, vote Romney, the white Obama.

  6. Ron Paul will be US Treasury (replacing tax cheat Geither) Under President Romney Only Mitt Close to beat welfare president

  7. Romney is the most capable, honorable, reasonable with great leadership presence without using “in your face” bullying tactics. I dont know what the media is talking about when they say we are “settling” for Romney because he can win. He’s the only candidate I have seen in my 70 years aside from Reagan who makes me proud to have him lead this country. His flexibility is a winning attribute.

    • Gipsie, I respect your opinion. But, my 64, almost 65 years, leads me to a different conclusion. I have also seen a lot of candidates and quite a few Presidents. And what I see and hear from Romney is more of the same, a professional politician saying whatever whichever group he is addressing wants to hear. Primarily that ‘they’ are important, at least until their vote is cast. The one thing none of the people want to hear is that life as we know it in the United States has been shattered. But sometimes the truth is not pleasant. It is, nonetheless, still the truth. It won’t go away if we pretend it doesn’t exist. If we want to ‘fix’ it, we have to look at it for what it is. I only see one candidate with the courage to tell it like it is – even when he knows it will cost him votes. Ron Paul is right: we have no God-given right for our government to impose our military presence in every country of the world. Our government has no right to tell others what lifestyle they may or may not live, what faith they may or may not practice, what thoughts they may or may not think. Our government has disregarded our Constitution. Our government has eroded the value of our dollars. Our government has caused the down-grading of the U.S. credit rating, and credibility, with other nations. Our government has needlessly caused thousands of our young to die bloody deaths on lands far from home in undeclared, unconstitutional wars. Our government has caused the housing collapse and the horrible foreclosures putting entire families out of their homes. Our government has forced one in every children of our country to live in poverty. Our government has created divides among us by telling us if you’re white, you’re racist and what you want is not the same as what your black brothers and sisters want. If you’re not gay, then you hate gays. If you’re pro-abortion, you must fight those who are pro-life. If you’re Christian, then you hate people who practice other faiths.

      It’s all lies spread by politicians who ‘need’ to keep us divided and off the subject of what ‘they’ are doing to us and to our country. Because if we ever realize we are ‘not’ divided, ‘they’ have a huge problem.

      We all want the same things. We want our freedom to be ‘whatever’ we are, to raise our children in safe neighborhoods, to educate them in good schools, to live in nice homes, and drive nice cars, to go to work and be proud of what we have accomplished for ourselves and for our family. We all want to come home after work and relax, eat a nice meal, watch a little TV, read a little, whatever it is we feel like doing. The sins of our government against us and against the world are many. As a consequence, it’s time for all of us to bend our knees and repent, to try to repair the damage done to our children, our grandchildren, our country by what we have allowed.

      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

      • Mrs. Mae, it makes me so happy to see someone saying this without any ounce of hostility. Thank you very very much. I believe Ron Paul is THE choice, he far outranks the others in every aspect except for money. His sums of integrity and lack of money may sadly be what could cause him to not be the nominee. And that is a sad true fact. Romney flip flops, he doesn’t know what he wants, and I feel if by some slim chance he did win the nomination, then the seat for Office, he would crumble within the first year…
        Thank you again, though 🙂
        I’m too young to vote, but still, RON PAUL 2012

      • sorry, this was applied to the wrong commenter. I clicked the reply for Gipsie and don’t know how my comment “Mormon?” was misapplied.

  8. Marlene, Joyce, and Ronzwyf you are all part of the problem. You still think there is a difference between today’s republicans and democrats. Calling yourself Republican but not supporting Ron Paul because he defends the constitution, and promises to obey it is extremely hypocritical. Romney crafted Obama-care, he STILL supports and defends his individual mandate that says “Buy this or ELSE!” He supports unconstitutional war, he said he would have signed the NDAA, and SUPPORTED the TARP bailouts! He is the same thing as Obama, except with an (R) next to his name. I love how you people keep electing the SAME person as president, and then complain about the SAME policies that they just expand off of each other…they just debate about who gets the bennies. The government should have to follow the law too, he is the voice of reason. Only go to war with a constitutional declaration, eliminate unconstitutional federal departments, end the federal drug war, end the unconstitutional federal reserve system, end the NANNY state. Stop electing Nannies! Freedom should be popular!

    Ron Paul 2012!

    • I am glad to see that you truly see what is at stake here Anthony. It amazes me the excuses that people have for not liking Ron Paul, for example:
      1) I would vote for him and I like everything he says but his supporters kill it for me.
      You can’t control who your fans are gonna be. Ron Paul probably has close to 1 million supporters and within that 1 million there are 1 million different personalities, I say let them be and don’t be bothered by such things. I read crazy things from a lot of people for a lot of different things.

      2) He doesn’t have command presence. He looks too old to be Commander in Chief.
      Unfortunately in the reality t.v. era of America we have turned our focus to the most insignificant things when it comes to being President. I am a young man and know nowhere near it all but I know enough history to know that there has been an effort for thousands of years to create a free society where the people are protected from tyrannical governments. Every candidate except for Ron Paul is giving useless answers to shallow problems. We have to look at history and try to correct the mistakes that have been made rather than talk about minor changes in a completely flawed system. Ron Paul looks at the big picture and reveals to the American people the deep flaws of country. If you study history you find out that we are not as free as we think we are and you will hear the solutions coming out of the mouth of Ron Paul.

      3) He is weak on foreign policy.
      America has 3 times the military as all the rest of the world’s military combined. We are not helping a country when we kill 500,000 children instead we create more enemies. We do America no good by bombing other countries and then having broke American tax payers pay to rebuild. We have a free society to bring back to America and protect. We could easily protect our country with troops back home, ships on our casts and nuclear submarines positioned for defense. The way to have a better foreign policy is by doing just what Ron Paul talks about. We fix America, get back to being the freest and most prosperous nation on earth and we make other countries want to emulate us. We lead by example in other words. Leaders in Israel have gone on record saying that a nuclear Iran poses no imminent threat to Israel. Israeli leaders have also said that Israel can handle Iran on their own.

      There is more but I gotta go to work. Vote Ron Paul America!

    • No, Anthony. People telling other people they are ‘part of the problem’ is the problem. It’s how ‘both’ Democrat and Republican ‘politicians’ create divides between us, how they focus our attention on each other instead of on ‘them’ and the issues. Why do you think that is, Anthony?

    • I honestly think Romney is the least of a threat to Obama. Gather some facts, watch some debates/interviews, then ask yourself: Why couldn’t Gingrich or Santorum defeat Obama, let alone Ron Paul, whom I bet would be the best choice.

    • Romney is Obama. The Constitution , or what is left of it , is GONE if anyone other than Ron Paul is elected.

      • You see clearly. Let’s just hope Ron Paul is elected so that Americans don’t come to the horizon where those who see clearly must be in a position to hold till they see the whites of their eyes… again. We are not going to let any more of this country be taken from us. We will fight to take it back. Romney is a member of a cult based on Mr. Smith’s teachings that was in trouble here with polygamy so changed their style to Stepford Wives and Families. Romney likes lots of money -and will cut your job if it means more money for himself like he cut Bain jobs and filled his pockets. He is easily bought. Wish everyone could have seen him a few weeks ago surrounded by suits in a Charlie Brown style huddle moving into a Manhattan Marble and Steel Corp Skyscraper. Hiding in the center and sheepishly grinning. Come to think of it, if he isn’t glaring at a speaker at the Debates attempting to distract him, he is always sheepishly grinning. Guess he thinks he still has a little boy appeal to the ladies… that would be much older ladies… young ones go for smarts… they are for Ron Paul.

  9. People, ROMNEY is backed by All The big banks so who do you think he will serve when he is in office??? Not us! We will get more of the same bank bailout war starting bullcrap we’ve been getting for 50 yrs and YOU and I will continue to pay for this crime everytime they take money out of mine and your paycheck. If u want more of that then vote for Romney or Newt or Santorum, because they have already been bought off. If you wwant to take this country back from the ccorporations and give it back to us, the people wwhere IT BELONGS, then please vote for Ron Paul. He has more support from military families the all the other candidates combined and that is because they know he will end the wars and their support means THEY WANT TO COME HOME! If you want to know if a president will serve you and your family before anything else or if you want to know if a president will serve big industry, corporations, the big banks and Wall Street, look and see where each candidate is getting most of him campaign donations from. That will tell you who they are going to be loyal to. It NEVER fails! Romney literally owns the company that owns all of Radio shows with hosts like Rush Limbough, Glenn Beck or whoever else is on the radio bashing Ron Paul, u can bet Romney signs their paycheck. Same thing with some of the news on TV. Another little known fact about the Romney family that is NEVER mentioned and not well known is the slaves they have in South Korea. If you are not mega rich loke these people, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU! You are sub human to them and Im sick of having a president that looks down on us like that. It’s time to wake up ppl because our whole lives we have been manipulated, lied to and laughed at like dummies by these people through the TV, newspaper and it’s time you quit using the main stream as your source for what you believe is, true information. You don’t have control over your mind until you can for an opinion that doesn’t always echo what u read in your newspaper or heard on CNN, FOX or any other well known mass propaganda channel.VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  10. As a Ron Paul supporter i very much fear for the future of this country and to see people willing to support Romney ,Gingrich or Santorum which are just your ordinary politicians who will say and do whatever it takes to win an election is just historically dangerous. Now comes a person, which has been warning us about the real dangers of monetary policy,the failed drug wars and the endless wars which promises safety and freedom and gives none. A man who has promised to bring back all troops and launch America into a new age of freedom and prosperity by simply following the constitution and you sheeple wont even listen to what he has to say??? then all I can say is that I wont go down in history as a man that when the time came didnt do nothing to change it all. Have fun with your unconstituional wars,same big goverment spending, the collapse of the dollar and the end of america as we know it, you all deserve it.

  11. Nevada let’s put you on the map as being first PATRIOT STATE in the country by electing the only true AMERICAN running and his name is RON PAUL

    • Wish it could be true, but doubt it. NV has a large number of support staff in hotel and other tourist and maintenance industry who will vote for O, hoping to get the Go card to citizenship. How can they vote if not legal? ha ha ha. Mormons have populated surprising number of areas and will of course vote for Romney. Oh yeah we have a lot to work on and time is short and politicians are not willing. What will it take, Americans?

  12. I understand that Romney will have the neighboring Utah mormon vote . That is kinda of stupid , mormons voting for a mormon instead of voting for the best qualified candidate , and that is Ron Paul . Who says that religion isn’t a burden ?

      • I’m a Mormon and I know way more Mormon Ron Paul supporters than I do Romney ones. And since when do they have the majority vote in this country? Find a better reason as to why your candidate is losing.

    • The awesome will be astounding when we see each other lined up at all the polls. America, we are coming to get you back!!! We will rescue you, you darling of the universe, and repeat our citizen oaths to never fail to protect you ever again. Commies, get your sick arses out.

  13. I think you are all a bunch of niave idiots, most females vote for whoever has a nice smile or a cute ass or honest face, and know next to nothing about the issues! Then you have the idiots rooting for Ron Paul, the guys are affraid they may have to join the military or be drafted,.. a lot of them before were in the reserves to get a free ride years back, but when 9-11 happened , they got thrown a curve, they were inconvienced and were called upon! As far as the monitary policies, the candidates are all for the most part on the same page , with vary little difference! Mitt Romney is literally an idot in the sense that if he is not coached or counseled before he meets the public/forum ( his debate coach) he is lost, he cannot shoot from the hip, if he does not know what to expect he is lost and spellbound! Romney would not even be a force to be considered in this race if it were not from his super pack and the millions spent in their smear tactics against NEWT GINGRICH, of which the majority were either out and out lies, distortions! We need someone with previous experience, not on the job training!!!

    • you are wrong. sorry. You can find out lots of information on the issues you mention, you are misinformed or maybe you just got up on the wrong side of the bed this lifetime. You information is just not correct. Your opinion is your own and i respect that. But your information (ie facts) are incorrect.

  14. The delegate count is bulls*** as usual. I really get tired of all of the disinformation put out.. after hundreds of years of elections, you’d think people that were “professional” would have figured out how to count them.. This is why people begin to think that something else is going on.. Way too many “mistakes” happening ion the media to call them just honest goofs…..

  15. ROMNEY is not the only one who can beat Obomber, in fact, I don’t think he can as he acts like a fidgety tweaker when he talks. RON PAUL is the only candidate that CAN beat Obomber.RON PAUL will eat him for lunch on every unconstitutional decision, Obomber ever made while in Office. RON PAUL is correct on his foriegn policy, we are told he is wrong about it because if we are to believe otherwise, there is no money making when there are no wars going on. He is right about America bringing our troops home from all the military bases around the world on other people’s land. I don’t know why it’s so hard for grown adults to understand this. Even a 5 year old knows you do not go over to some guys house down the block, park your cars in his yard, invite some of your friends over, start throwing rocks through his window, steal the oil out of his garage and tell him this is how you’re going to run things WITHOUT doing things to get you to leave. Including getting a gun and shooting everybody but then he’d be called a terrorist. I mean a 5 yr old understands this whole concept but grown adults do not, I wonder why? Oh, I know why, because you forgot how to think for yourself, you lost that abillity and now the TV and what u read in the newspaper does all the thinking for you!! If you STILL don’t understand what I just said, you better just go to the closest sheep farmer near you and borrow one so you can bring him home to translate this for ya!

  16. Excuse me Dallas,
    But I resent the comment you made about “most females” I’m not sure what females you spend your time with, but as a college educated women, who listens to talk radio everyday, reads books on politics and the founding fathers, who just happens to understand the constitution.. a conservative Christian mom and teacher.. I can say I know alot about politics and economics. Not in the least clueless as to the declining state of our country that used to be the greatest in the world. I know what the stakes are.This election is crucial. We are teetering on the brink of destruction..Our currency is devalued, Our credit rating has been downgraded, gas prices are too high because of dependency on foreign oil, Islamic terrorism, 2 wars,unemployment at all time highs, housing crisis, corrupt government officials from the DOJ to the White house, out of control spending, no manufacturing jobs to put people to work,importing too much from China… shall I go on..I would never think of choosing a candidate based on their looks, and to assume most females would make important decisions like this based on looks or an “honest face”… well, I think you are naive and foolish. May God have mercy on you because in the end you will need it.

  17. Mitt will win!! I think we, Republicans, should make sure that whoever wins the nomination, we support. ANYONE BUT OBAMA!!!


    • southern belle, if you vote romney you may as well vote obama. They are the same. Please theres lots of information you can educate yourself with, please find out more about the important issues. Thanks.

  18. I love the LAWS of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has bestowed upon us….
    The Military & Govt. take an oath: Defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. DOMESTICS PEOPLE!!!
    Seems to me Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that wants this restored!. Obama enacted laws repugnant to the Constitution…which makes them null and void!

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” –
    — Abraham Lincoln

    Ron Paul has all of my support for 2012 President to restore America, Freedom and The Constitution!!!! Age is nothing more than experience, young kids just want to fight right away without thinking and others do what the special interest groups want….war is good for business!

    Ron Paul is not an isolationist…that’s just the BS MSM brainwashing feeble minds…the less money we spend on other countries the richer we would be.

    WHY are we doing what Israel is telling us to do? War with Iran? That’s stupid…sorry for cursing but geez, can you please vote for a MAN WHO SAYS NO TO WARS! NO INTERVENING IN OTHER COUNTRIES AFFAIRS!


  19. Spot on Trav! It may take martial law or worse for the people to stop believing what they read and see on TV. The brainwashing has been going on for a very long time and I have to admit I was victim to it for quite a while. It was when I started to think for myself… This is all insane… Everything is totally backwards! How the banker elites, and all their corporate buddies have got this far is just astounding. If we can’t elect Ron Paul this time around, I’m afraid the last window of opportunity will close! Then, Heaven help this once great country. Please people, do your own research. The internet is loaded with factual information and videos. DO YOUR RESEARCH before they switch off the net… Because that’s about all we have left!

  20. Neither Romneynor Ron Paul will be able to beat Obama…but the last thing we need for this country is to give that insane mental midget Ron Paul the opportunity to even get their! The guy makes a mental ward look sane. I am voting as much against Ron Paul and Mitt Romney as I am against Obama….they could be considered the Three Stooges if I didn’t have so much respect for Larry, Curly, and Moe that is.

    • manny I think you need to educate yourself. All due respect. And i would appreciate your not being so rude. Thanks.

  21. Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Obama, because 99% of the GOP would vote for Ron Paul over Obama, because they really don’t want Obama. The reverse is not true. Most Ron Paul supporters would not vote for Romney because he is a big government Republican backed by big money. Many would probably hold their nose and vote for Obama with the hope that we can make it another 4 years without getting into a war with Iran. Also, many conservative Christians have a serious problem with voting for a Mormon.
    While a lot of people think Ron Paul’s ideas are “far out,” when I ask them what is far out, I don’t get a whole lot of explanation. Ron Paul’s positions aren’t radical. His position is that we simply need to follow our Constitution, and that the majority of problems we’ve gotten ourselves into are from NOT following the Constitution. If you think Ron Paul is crazy, ask yourself how crazy it is that we have a federal government that is 15 trillion dollars in debt and we’re talking about starting more wars and going to the moon! THAT’S crazy! If Ron Paul secured the nomination, and the GOP establishment was forced to get behind him, you would see Ron Paul’s positions presented more clearly in the mainstream media, and a more positive attitude would form. There’s a reason he has such a dedicated following from such a diverse group of people. It’s because freedom and liberty are universal messages that appeal to all Americans.
    Right now, polls show that Ron Paul would do as well against Obama as Romney. This with almost NO media coverage and a measly 6 minutes of speaking time out of two hours at the debates.
    That’s because Ron Paul will not only get the GOP vote, but also the vote of liberals who want to legalize marijuana, the vote of anti-war Democrats who believe that Obama failed to deliver and is threatening to drag us into war with Iran, and he appeals to people in the Occupy movement who see Ron Paul as somebody who is trying to dismantle the corporate influence in Washington, by eliminating those agencies who are in bed with corporations and their lobbyists.
    All of you people who say, “I like Ron Paul but I don’t think he’s presidential material because of ….” Quit listening to the media. Listen to your values. We can have a slick, greased up weasel loaded with cash who looks good and powerful, or we can have a principled person with a consistent message and values. If America wants change, they’re going to need to get out of their comfort zone and vote for something that is NOT the status quo.

  22. I agree with Steve. Many liberals will vote for Ron Paul because he’s the only anti-war candidate. None will vote for Romney. Many military people will also vote for Dr. Paul, regardless of what party they are. They know that these wars are not protecting the US, just creating more enemies and bankrupting the country.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that can beat Obama.

  23. Ron Paul voters BETTER back the nominee whoever that will be, because this is a VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION. We CANNOT have Obamacare. That will be the end of a free America.

    • do not kid yourself my friend. ron paul voters Wwill NOT vote for anyone else. its ron paul or writing in ron paul, or a third party. but ron paul voters will NOT vote for another republican candidate.

  24. All of you who think that only Romney can beat Obama are not doing their homework. Romney is probably the LEAST likely to beat Obama of the four. The lates Rassmussen poll says that Santorum would beat Obama if the election were held today. That is the truth. Romney is not being attacked by the media right now because they know he is the Least Threat to Obama and they hope he wins, and if he does, the dirty warring will be aimed at him, because at the end of the day, the mainstreaqm media is in the tank for Obama. None of the candidates are perfect, and eventually even Romney’s will be exposed. So this “electability” stuff is nonsense. Go with your heart and vote the one you agree with the most, because ANY of them could beat Obama. Remember McCain? He was thought by the GOP establishment to be the most “electable”, and look what happened to him. Romney is onloy another McCain.

  25. We have to unite as Republicans. NO THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES! You should not worry about another war. Getting Obama out of office is too important.

    • Then better hope the Republican Party unites behind Ron Paul, because otherwise there is likely to be a strong pro-freedom candidate running outside the GOP.

    • You miss the point of many who support Ron Paul. They see Mitt, Newt, and Rick as so similar to Obama that it makes little difference if it’s Obama or one of them. They’re all just as bad. Sure they would have the gov’t do things in very different ways, but in the end, they all believe that Gov’t should be responsible for a lot of things. They want “different government”, not “limited government”. Paul supporters think gov’t shouldn’t be doing any of it at all. When they say “limited government”, they mean it.

    • I support RP no matter where he runs. If he runs Third party,i will vote in that party. I don’t see any other REAL conservative running.When Mitt and Newt looked into the camera and basically admitted to Floridians that they profited off of the 2008 housing crisis,that was enough for me..RP 2012

  26. I love Ron Pauls educational approach. Before him I didn’t have a clue about ANY of the major issues, and I think I’m not the only one. Now I KNOW what is right and what isn’t, and I would put my vote toward PEACE, PROSPERITY, and PERSONAL LIBERTY. Anything else is just “words” and words won’t cut it on this planet at this time there’s too much at stake. Action is needed, and not the violent kind. We should stop being animals on this planet. VOTE RON PAUL …. Peace Prosperity Personal Liberty yeah !!!!!!!!

    • Comments like yours are encouraging and inspirational. So much of the public is still misled, but people are waking up. It’s not just Ron Paul, it’s a grassroots movement for freedom.

      • Yes you are so right ! Keep up the good fight for Peace Prosperity and Personal Liberty ! And and END to these disgusting wars !!!!!!! Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron Paul is funny 🙂 So, i like to watch him. Nothing is essential hardly for Paul, except his own administration. Government out of most things sounds like a Presidential breeze, with the same salary. Ron Paul used to make sense.

      Now, i think he is senile.

      • Ron has stated on his website that he would take a salary of an average American. Like Who the? What The? said…proof read your crap before you post it.

    • @ “not the only one” — Ron Paul has been saying this for 30 years (but the media kept quashing his statements — and still try to do). It is today’s Internet that has finally given exposure to his spot-on views — thus the Ron Paul phenomena!

      Once Newt and Rick bow out, the main media will have to give near equal time to Ron Paul when debating Mitt — then the rest of America will see what you have deduced!

      ONLY Ron Paul can lead our nation away from the suicidal path taken under the current leadership of a Democrook in office, or the other side of the political coin — Republicon Mitt.

      • I sure hope so. It’s SO important to get things on track now, and RP’s message IS what needs to be gotten out. Even if he doesn’t “win” , the ideas are truly winning, and causing a real change in hearts and minds everywhere. This is Great NEWS ! Been a long time since so many were so passionately interested in “politics” – he has brought a whole new level of intelligence and understanding. Others who follow (and there will be many) will continue to bring the message through loud and clear – I hope its fast, and I feel impatient, but for 100% sure it is and WILL CONTINUE to have a positive impact for decades and decades to come. For this we can all be happy that Ron Paul is doing what he is doing. The doctor is good medicine and that’s just what is needed at this time.

  27. In this primary we should vote for our candidate of choice, but if they don’t win we have to support the nominee. This election is too important to just stay home a be lazy cause we don’t like the nominee.

    • If the nominee is no better than we have now,then whats the use? There needs to be more third party runs.Both Repubs and Dems alike have mislead and lied to their followers for to long. Its time for a real change. I will not vote the party any more and i would advise you to do the same.

  28. Just read less then 0% of votes. Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum. I bet that will be the order. I hope my prediction is wrong, however.

    RON PAUL 2012

      • You have no evidence for this comment. It’s people like you that need a serious wake up call if you think one of the other republican candidates are anything different from Obama.

  29. Ron Paul is the only good choice for President of the U.S. However, if history is anything, anyone who does not pledge undying alliance to Israel, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, The Military Industrial Complex, etc. has no chance of getting the Republican nomination. Money talks and bullshit walks !!!

  30. The GOP nomination is the easy part, but who can garner the moderate or Indy voters?

    I can’t see Romney gaining any new votes when the jobs are in question. His Bain Capt. might of been good business but its not going to ply well with any new voters. Also if Romney gets the nod, his Mormonism is going to be played in the media like he has a dozen wives hiding in the closet.

    Gingrich did such a poor job as speaker the GOP asked him to step down, also with this next election in the hands of the moderate of Indy voter I can’t see a disenfranchised Dem, or the mojority of Indy voters even showing up to vote.

    Ron Paul already has the swing voters, also does better against Obama in the National in most polls. Also he has the anti-war vote.

    I don’t see what the problem is, I know for a fact, while Obama is a horrible POTUS the “anyone but Obama” isnt going to bring out any new votes needed to win.

  31. Truth b told, we the people of the U.S. will just replace the crook we currently have in office now with another one. If he is not a crook b4 he goes in office he will b soon thereafter.

  32. America, answer me why anybody would choose either Romney or Gingrich? How can any of their good out weigh their bad? Why the hell does a Mega rich Bastard like Romney want to be president anyway? All the drama and stress of president, he has to be on an ego trip. I guess with all that money what else is there to do other than screw up the American people lives some more. I hope the Economist, Constitutionalist Paul wins. I’m afraid if Romney wins more wars, more government and he will scratch those Corporate backs that helped him succeed in life. The only thing positive I see about Romney is that he is a business man and maybe give the Economy a fighting chance, other than that he is not a great roll model hiding his money in the Cayman islands. That is a wise thing to do but as a politician running for office? I don’t think so. Ron Paul and Santorum are the only two that should be debating against each other. Romney and Gingrich have so much baggage it will make for an interesting debate against Obama if either should win the GOP.
    None of the candidates or president could even come close to touching Paul in a one on one debate. Even though he’s not the smoothest talker his knowledge and truths would shut anybody down. With this Occupy movement, NADDD , SOPA, PIPA, OPEN, Annonymous and Dos I do know this current Administration has to go. I just feel Romney has some of the same ideas as Obama as far as health care and war. What the heck is going to change if know one will try to audit the Fed or try to go after lobbyist….Not a DAMN thing!! We will just keep voting and voting for straight up GARBAGE. If not one president, his staff and politicians will follow the law of the Constitution, then America keep dreaming of ever getting your country back.

    • George —

      A few questions I would like to pose …

      You ask, “Why would a mega-rich …” Could it be that Governor Romney feels grateful for the fact that his country has enabled him to achieve material success, believes that he possesses the characteristics necessary to improve the situation (he did straighten out the 2002 Olympics), etc. Maybe he just likes a challenge. I know a little bit about the family, and my understanding is that Anne said, “Mitt, the country needs you.” I agree. I think that his entire life’s experience has prepared him to lead our country out the mess that it is in.

      You comment about Romney being a roll model elicited this thought … “Putting money in the Cayman Islands is common among people who are worth a couple hundred million. What is not so common is being married to the same woman all your life, being faithful to her, and standing for real family values.” To me, that is very important, especially at a time when the family is under attack.

      As to Speaker Gingrich … I see him as being able to grasp big picture concepts and he seems have a very cohesive grasp of foreign policy. It appears that he would be an excellent Secretary of State or even a VP. One of Kennedy’s shortcomings was that he did not utilize LBJ’s mastery of getting legislation through Congress.

      Your final question seems to rest on whether it is reasonable for a person to change his mind over the course of time, and adapt his policies and viewpoints to the realities of the situation he faces. I think Romney has done this. Other leaders have done the same thing, with great success. Winston Churchill, for example, switched parties during his career, and everybody agrees that he was a great leader. For me, the question is not so much, “has he changed,” but rather “does he have the goods to fix our problems and inspire our people.”

      There is no question that Ron Paul has a lot going for him, but I do not think he would be a particular success when it comes to foreign policy. Like it or not, this world must be viewed as a global unit, and I fear that he would find that, when he occupies the Oval Office, that the pace and geo-political realities would demand attention. We can’t just ‘pull out.’ His insistence on returning to the gold standard is all well and good, but it is certainly not anything new. This idea has been kicking around for several decades.

      All that said, I see Romney as being able to do what President Ronald Reagan did. Reagan was a master at building consensus. So is Romney. He has had to. Each of the other candidates have spent their careers in DC, and I think that brings a lot of baggage with it. The net of all this is that they should all be included.

      From the standpoint of reality, I don’t think Ron Paul has what it takes to win a national election. Finally, if you really want somebody with a new perspective, Romney is the only one that has not made his chops in Washington. Personally, I think he can, as you say, “help us get our country back.” That is what I want too!


      • James Johnston—

        I’ll cut across your post with prioritized answers:

        1) Principles are immutable (when Winston Churchill, and Ronald Regan, changed parties, it was not because they chose to change their principles, but because they deemed those Parties to have failed measuring up to their principles).

        Romney has not done so — he changed his PRINCIPLES to accommodate the prevailing political wind. This alone, makes him a person of no merit. (File this dictum as a litmus test for any politician’s trustworthiness: “A Government that does not trust its Citizens to own guns, is a Government not to be trusted”).

        2) Your first paragraph: “You ask, “Why would a mega-rich …”; etc.” — is a non sequitur (since it contains: could it be…; believes that he…; maybe he just likes…; I think that…). These terms are just speculations on your part — not logical conclusions (as such, they have no merit).

        3) The rest of your paragraphs are plain rhetoric supporting Mitt (there isn’t a single instance where you make a syllogism).

        Overall, interesting reading — shows the mental abilities of Mitt’s supporters. Thanks for posting.

  33. you no why Romney wants to be president ,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, he will screw the American people and turn his buddies from bain capital from millionares to billionares, remember Chaney and Haliburton?

    • Someone who has made millions on their own and continues to make millions off of investments really wants to take on one of the hardest jobs in the world and be under the spotlight to… make money?

      • I’ve seen it over and over, rich politicians perform favors for Corporations that have scratched their backs in the past. It’s a big money game. Look how much lobbying goes on…politicians make money off this. It is a conflict of interest and in no way of interest to the American people and should be outlawed. If you think Romney doesn’t have Bain Capital and other companies in mind when he becomes president…do you truly think he’s any different? He’s already taken advantage of all the tax loop holes, why not help the banks out who helped him out.

  34. Someone said ” We have to unite as Republicans. NO THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES! You should not worry about another war. Getting Obama out of office is too important.”

    NO ! Ron Paul supporters are devoted to Ron Paul and Ron Paul alone . Romney is another Obama . They both are members the 3rd Party and that consists of a alliance of high ranking Republicans and Democrats. Call me crazy but isn’t that what we said in 2008 when Bush was leaving office ? Obama just coninue the Bush administrations agenda so what makes Bush , a Republican and Obama , a Democrat any different from one another ? The parties name ? No people , we have a alliance here that many of you don’t see.

    I am sticking with Ron Paul and WHEN he runs as a 3r party candidate , I will prouly vote for him and if that splits the vote and Obama gets his 2nd term , then don’t blame the people who voted a 3rd party , Blame those who voted the Business as Usual Republican party !

  35. I hate to bust you Ron Paul supporters egos but these two wars are the only thing keeping our economy from going totaly bankrupt, the billions of $ and the thousands and thousands of jobs involved in the military effort is the main reason that’s keeping the economy going, it’s sad but it’s the truth.

    • What about young adults. What about college? How can young adults find jobs when college cost a 100 thousand a year? How do you expect them to live on part time jobs ( since that’s all to find ) and provide college? What about social security? We should be able to opt out. It’s not fair for the young to not end up getting it. Oh and so your saying we all have to join to military and risk our lives for the Corrupted Elites? This whole thing is a sham. Obama going to get re elected if they continue to ignore Ron Paul. Than Romney will lose & our dollar going to crash because Obama gonna go full throttle once he wins second term. Will it be Obamas fault? Not really, partially, but it’s really the Federal Reserve. That is why they block out Paul. Because the FED is really the power in this Country. They control everything, including media. And Paul is the only one talking about the FED. Newt said he would audit it, but we all know he would do that secretly and appoint his Pal instead of bernanke. Had enough? Fuck Politics. Stand up for your rights and lose it all!!!!!!!!!!

    • AUDIT the damn FEd!!! And get a team together and start busting up the Congress and their lobbying ways. It can be done, but only one individual is even talking about that. Majority of people on the boards do not discuss this. It is far the most important issue we are facing and politicians won’t discuss how to accomplish this task, now why is that? Maybe it’s a money maker!!

    • in dollars: Iraq $800,831,810,900 Afghanistan $498,591,125,759

      If you check it,the figures will be much higher, because the ticker keeps ticking. The cost of war keeps going up. How far do you think this money would have gone to create non-war jobs in the U.S.? Better education for our kids? Better medical care for all of us?

      Is ‘war’ the only way to keep our economy moving? I think not!

      • How many ‘people’ are, maimed, psychologically damaged as a result of these unconstitutional, undeclared wars? How many children will grow up minus a parent because of these wars? How many of our freedoms have unconstitutionally been stripped away in the name of ‘homeland security’?

        Do you think the cost of human lives, the loss of our freedoms, the trampling of our Constitution, the dollar cost is worth it? The truth is that these wars contributed heavily to the economy we face today! We would all be much better off without them.

    • what a bs? These wars and this bad foreign policy are the main reason of your financial troubles. Do you think that your ruling politicians lead only 2 wars? <Really? They lead 3 active wars ( Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, a few months ago- Iraq ) and they lead additionally a few civil wars backed by them thanks to your national money ( Lybia, Syria, war on drugs, war on emmigration, war on pirates ), what an idea is that it brings profits for your country. it is just the main reason of your financial debts. By the way, if it gets about political issues, thanks to politics of aggression, you produce enemies everywhere all over the world, irritate big, well organized countries like Russia, China, you try to attack their ally Iran, how do you think what a consequences have such politics for your future? Global world war, you can be completely destroyed as country, it is a problem with your imagination. It is really very dangerous. And these bilions for so called foreign aid – it is the second reason of your debts, can you explain, is it duty of your politicians to support and maintain all possible regimes? You have no more the biggest economy of the world and you have 14 trillions of debts and if you elect the next globalist like Romney, Obama ( evidently less evil and clearly that he will win with this Romney and it will be probably end of this republican party, if Romney would win, it can be the end of your country at all financial and it can be that he will unleash a global world war, what can be understood after his speech and after looking for his records during work in this your parliament ).
      You have normal candidate R. Paul, good, intelligent, who knows what should be changes to restore and protect your country from damadges. He is not corrupt, he is hoonest, he candidates for his country ( USA ) and for US-nation and not for his private profits or for profits of speculators or lobbysts. He has chance to win with Obama, because his proposals are better. He will have completely another government, no more clique, which has led your country to financial and other disasters. Maybe you are adult people and it is already the last chance to have normal president and normal government.

  36. Definitely voter fraud going on in Nevada! I have a buddy who just called me and he runs a well known casino in Vegas and in the past 6 months, every conversation he’s had with someone about the elections, not 1 person talked to him about supporting Newt Gingrich. Everybody that he knows in Nevada is supporting and plan to vote for Ron Paul. But here, we see Newt in 2nd with 35% . I might be jumping the gun because I’ve been excpecting this but my gut tells me, he’s getting skrewed and they will say he finished 3rd. I get the overwhelming feeling that he won Iowa, NH and prob SC but they would NEVER let that happen. Im sure Romney truely does have Nevada just like he had Florida but there is not a chance in hell, Gingrich has this much support! How is a guy with a campaign so unorganized getting this much support? He’s NOT! I guess Id rather them cheat Ron Paul in the elections than Assassinate him as President. That’s freedon for ya. Ill tell it like it is and if it scares you, don’t be. The are ppl in this country right now, that are sick of what is happening to our country because of the corruption and the LIES! Americans have been far too patient and have let the lies and the criminal get away with this for too long but the patience have run out. Mark my word, if Ron Paul does not become the president and things get worse through a Newt as president or Romney or Obama, then you’re going to see this group of people rise up and make a stand against this government. I’m not talking about a stand, like standing in the street like that stupid pointless uneffective occupy group. I’m saying, people are going to make this attempt through force and they will be the greatest heros will will ever witness. The feds know what’s coming and that is why you’re seeing bills being past like NDAA so then they can call these people that are trying to take the country back terrorists! What’s going on in this country the past 100 yrs is not what a free country is and it’s sure and the hell not what our founding fathers died for.The men of 1776 would be soooo ashamed of the “men” today because they are too busy gaming on their laptop or too busy being a real man and watching the football game on TV. Yes, this is a shot at those who call themselves men because I want you to know, the true spirit of America IS GOING TO NEED YOU and so will those that make the first attempt. Look at this number for a sec. 158,000,000 That’s a big number and one hell of an army, that also happens to be how many people in this country own guns and will fight and die for liberty and freedom. So listen men, the end of this year, we all have to unite so we can take our country back from the tyrants. I care about my 6 year old girls future in America and I will DIE fighting for change because I know, the America we have right now, is NOT the America I want her to inherit from Me. That’s what it’s all about Men! Do you want to be remembered by our children as the generation who sat around gaming and watching football and let Freedom slip through our hands because we did nothing about it which resulted in our kids lives enslaved by hardcore tyrants. If you don’t own a gun, do yourself and your family a favor and go buy one. I’m a law abiding citizen, never spent a single night in jail of all 34 yrs on this planet and I am armed to the teeth. This is how sure I am that it’s going to get crazy in America, last week, I just purchased my 10th AK-47 and 7th AR-15. I have over 100 guns, they are all legal and registered and you know what? Nobody is going to touch my family. The will not come close, if my 125 lb English/American Bulldog and German Shepard don’t get those who come onto my property first, trying to do my family harm then I swear on everything holy, after 1 warning, I am prepared to blow holes into anybody trying to hurt my family. And I mean anybody! America WILL BE turned upside down very shortly down tbe road so listen, Men. When the attempt is made, all hell is going to break loose everywhere as this group of patriots will inspire millions more to fight. Sadly, with these presidents failing us when they get in office and slways doing the opposite of what they promised in campaigns, this has to happen.We are tired of being lied to, stole from, spied on, told what kind of milk we can drink, etc. It’s reached it’s tipping point and You will witness a civil war/revolutionary war in this country in your life time. We’re counting on you, men. And men, if you flee the country and go to canada while this is going down, DO NOT come back because you are a coward! Since the cowards in DC will thrown out of office and into jail cells, this country won’t have time for anymore cowards that could possibly end up in a public office, so stay where u run to. Ok, so Im saying this, how many on this board have this feeling deep down inside that something is going to happen. I already know, many people in general have had this feeling in tbe pit of their stomach for the past year that they necer had before and it’s been constant. Well, now you know what that something is that is going to happen. Take care people and keep your family extra close to you this year. We WILL win and the America will be back where it belongs, in your hands, my hands, our neighbors hands in the American ppls hands.

  37. @Fred I would rather see the American economy collapse ten times over than to see another innocent child in the middle east lose a leg and orphaned because of these wars based on lies! Are you that insensitive to make a comment like that? Seriously, we NEED to stop looking at these people as an enemy and start looking at them as our fellow human. We are all on this planet together. It’s our government creating this divide so they have an enemy to fight. The number 1 reason I believe we should be making our choice for who we will vote for, is the candidate that does not want war. The most important thing that needs to take place, is a president that will stop the slaughter of the innocent in these wars. It NEEDS to stop. Stopping this, is WAY more important than fixing our economy. And if the killing does not stop and we are dragged into more war, then people are going to come to the defense of all humanity and pummel these war lovers into tbe ground. Count on it!

    • I agree with you, Trav 100%. Why do people of other countries hate us? Because we go on their soil, establish military bases in places we don’t need to be, we bomb them – ‘shock and awe’ – kill their children, kill the parents, roll over anyone who dares to defy the bully U.S. We even send our own to die and orphan their own children. The human cost of these wars is too great, can not be justified.

      The money spent (and still being spent) on these wars is a major drain on our economy, but it’s the human cost that truly counts.

  38. Ron Paul or NOTHING!

    Obama has no hope in running a negative campaign against Ron Paul. You can go personal, you can attack policy, you cant attach his track record. And oh, when asked to serve he went.

    Wake up America! Its not Rep vs Dem, its Ron Paul and US vs them.

  39. Well the Zealous Ron Paul supporters evidently seized this site for Ronnie. Hopefully, his financial backers will see the light and know that Mr. Magoo has no shot of even coming in second place. But Mr. Magoo knows he isn’t going to win, and just wants to cut a deal so that he can speak at the Republican convention for five minutes before they yank him off the stage, not wanting to hear his passive military approach and endorsement of Gay marriage. Please Ron, go back to your psych ward!!

    • Actually, you’re going to have a hard time finding a site that isn’t for Ron Paul, unless you go to the crazies on the conspiracy sites that are still whining for Gore.

  40. Ron Paul was getting 3/5 of the votes I saw being annouced on CNN in the last county until they cut the feeds and went to rebroadcasts.
    Anything short of a virtual tie with Romney and Paul would smell of foul play to me.

    • We all know foul play is going on, how the hell do we think Bush won. This is a complete mess, that’s why we have the Occupy and Anonymous movements and and increase in the Militia. The government would rather continue to become rich and pass bills to bust up these groups than safe guard Middle America from all of the corruption and complete nonsense going on in Congress. Wake up America, why else for these movements. Whatever, I will just plan accordingly because nothing will changed with government it will only take a movement of such drastic measures to accomplish anything. It would be nice if I were wrong but I doubt it. I will just ride it out and see how the government will react to all the movements. I feel better knowing that there are groups out there that really care for this country. It’s just sad that the government will keep cheating us out of elections, liberty and money no matter the consequences.

  41. I will vote for Ron Paul and Ron Paul ONLY!
    Its not too late… yet..
    Romney = Destruction of America.
    Obama fears Ron Paul… the polls say so.

  42. I see a lot of comments saying that Ron Paul can’t win, he rambles to much when he speaks, someone even said that they “hate to hurt the egos of Ron Paul supporters but the two wars are what’s keeping our economy going.” It really depresses me seeing that people really are missing his points and can be that incompetent. It’s so easy to see that all of these candidates with the exception of Ron Paul can do nothing to fix this country. They believe in this broken system, and so do the masses. It’s easier to believe the lies of the media and corrupt politicians than to accept the truth. If you believe in liberty, then Ron Paul should be your only choice. Why wait until this war and welfare addicted country hits rock bottom before we say “Hey Ron Paul was right” like we’re doing right now because he forewarned us of our situation 30 years ago. Educate yourselves and stop being pawns of propaganda. Wake Up! Ron Paul 2012.

  43. Who is verifying the electronic votes in the primary? How do we know that the votes are being reported properly? Is Newt really beating Ron Paul? Is Mitt?

    • That would be so cool! The State of Virginia would really wake up the media – and – America by giving Ron Paul their votes! Freida, Jerry, it’s me – Mae. Get those kids of yours out there (my guess is they’re for Ron Paul anyway) and get the rest of the family out there spreading the word. Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!

  44. Trav, I love your words so much you’re touching my heart. Fred, actually, your reasoning is misplaced. Hemorrhaging money that does’t exist doesn’t create jobs. Opening up free trade with the people we bomb would create more jobs than your claim. By the way killing 3 million Middle Easterners doesn’t do much for capatilism.

    Trav, I wish to send you my book, Wrongly Blamed. If you email me your address, I will do so n/c. My website is By the way since the Muslims did not commit 9-11 that makes the murder of them and their children particularly vile.

  45. Im more than damn sure we had more than enough support to take Nevada. WHERE ARE ALL THE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS?!

  46. Ron Paul wins again with the conscious, free, brave, and the loving members of our recovering society. What a wonderful group to take over this sick country and join the world in it’s journey back to sanity. Thank God for PAUL!

  47. All you have to do is watch this video, and keep in mind that for some reason we still don’t have the Nevada caucus totals.

    CNN’s partial coverage of the final precincts clearly showed Ron Paul getting no less then 3/5’s of the final votes. So with only 45% of precints reporting at that time, Paul’s approximated total of the remaining 55% would be about 11,000 votes.
    The 2 of 5 votes not going for Paul were being split Romney 60%, Gingrich 30%, Santorum 10%.

    Final Results should look something like this.

    Ron Paul: 16,000
    Mitt Romney: 13,500
    Newt Gingrich 7,000
    Rick Santorum 4,500

    If you’re seeing any results that do not closely match my numbers, you need to be screaming FRAUD !
    The man in the video laying hands on the Paul delegate needs to be identified and arrested promptly. He and the folks he was working for need to do some serious jail time.

  48. In following the blogs on the results pages of this Caucus/Primary website, one thing is obvious: 95% of the comments come from Ron Paul supporters, and Ron Paul is the only worthy candidate in the minds of his supporters, period. End of any intelligent discussion. So my guess is that they will vote for Ron Paul in November as well, regardless of whether or not he wins the Republican nomination.

    So who will be the President of the United States in January 2013? That is the real question. The answer is clear… it will ether be President Obama, or the Republican candidate. It will not be an independent candidate; that’s reality.

    So from the remaining three candidates, who is the candidate with the greatest leadership skills to deal with the most pressing issues of our time? Who’s lifestyle best sets the example of a man with Christian family values which is a core part of the Republican Party platform? Who best understands the free enterprise system and the types of incentives that American businesses need to return to the USA? Who has sufficient experience in the real world of business successfully running organizations that were in financial trouble and was able to turn them around? Who has absolutely nothing to gain financially from winning the Presidential race? Who’s supporters are so narrow minded that they will in the end refuse to support the Republican candidate in November?

    I like Rick Santorum, he holds a lot of promise for the future. Newt Gingrich has the gift of gab; he’s great in a debate.

    Fortunately we each have the freedom and opportunity to make this critically important decision for ourselves, and we have three good candidates to choose from, four if you include Ron Paul, but as we all know, he will ultimately be running as an independent against the Republican nominee and that’s the only reason I am counting him out.

    So God bless us to choose wisely!
    I think JWJ pretty much got it right.

    • Interestingly enough, it’s impossible for Ron Paul to “win the Republican nomination” because of an obviously fraudulant nomination process, and your now asking me to pick from one of the other candidates who are incapable of representing my interests or views ?

      Ron Paul most likely won the nomination in Nevada. It’s just a mad scramble to try and cover it up. No oraganization even attempted to cover the results after they had you go to bed thinking Romney had won by a “landslide” with only 45% of the vote being counted.

      • I will continue to vote Paul all the way through regardless, if it means a write in so be it. I will be demonstrating my vote for change, a vote for the other candidates and current president is clearly a vote for the current status quo.

    • “It will not be an independent candidate; that’s reality.”

      Oh, I don’t know about that. When JFK was running for President, people said he would never be elected because he was Catholic, but he was elected. When Clinton went for his 2nd term, people said he would never be re-elected, but he was elected. When Obama was elected, people said he would never be elected because of his skin color, but he was elected. And now people are saying Ron Paul will never be elected. And an independent candidate will never be elected. I wouldn’t bet on it. The American people have a tendency to vote for ‘change’ when fed up with the status quo.

      I think a whole big bunch of us are fed up with seeing foreclosure signs on the homes of our neighbors. Fed up with one in every five children living in poverty. Fed up with unemployment undermining the lives of our friends and families and the future of our children. Fed up with the government killing off our families and friends by sending them into undeclared wars. Fed up with rising food costs. Fed up with rising gas prices. Fed up with outrageous utility bills. Fed up with the government intruding into our lives and stealing our freedoms by ignoring our Constitution. Fed up with not being able to get on a plane or into public buildings without being felt up by people we don’t know and don’t want touching our bodies. Fed up with watching our nation, OUR nation, have its credit rating lowered because of politicians insane spending. Fed up with greedy criminals stealing our life savings – with the apparent blessings of our government. Fed up with politicians shoveling b.s. down our throats and telling us it’s oatmeal.

      I think we’re a nation of people who are just plain fed up with our government. It’s time for a real change, for a return to our roots, the Constitution of the United States of America. I think that whether Ron Paul is elected or not, there’s a whole big bunch of us who will continue to sing his/our song of freedom; a whole big bunch of us who will continue to watch every move our government makes, and shout from the rooftops what we see. So whadda ya think of that?

      • I wish more and more people were open minded and really understood the corruption within our government. Makes me feel better knowing their are hawk eyes watching that truly care about America and it’s people.

  49. Make this video go viral. This was a live feed on CNN last night and they were counting ballots outloud on camera with witnesses. The ballots are from part of a Jewish community in the biggest county in Nevada and RON PAUL absolutely destroyed the rest of the candidates. If these ballots were counted at an undisclosed location in secret, do you think these ballots would have come out lime this? RON PAUL is geting support like this all over America and we ARE BEING LIED TO. It’s time to het pissed off and stand ul for ourselves. This is a slap in the face!! They are treating us like dummies blatantly lying to us. Spread this video far and wide.

  50. The polls can very easy be rigged but when it comes to election time that is another story but still can be rigged. every one I know is voting for Ron Paul, I’m 100% sure the polls are rigged but there is nothing we can do about it. what the people need is a secure non bias web site to cast there votes, one vote only and that way every one would know if an election is rigged or not and who actually won. sadly that will not happen either.
    If Ron Paul does not win the presidency then at least the ones that did vote for him tried. and we would know the truth. personally it would be the last time I and my family ever voted again.

  51. Ron Paul does not need to win the republican nomination to win the presidential election nor does he need to run third party.

    I will write him in and millions and millions of his supporters will be doing the same thing. I vote for the president not the party and I choose Ron Paul and no other!
    Ron Paul is the only candidate running who represents “we the people” and our country’s
    best interest. Ron Paul is US!

    But we must actively monitor the ballot counting. Voter fraud is well-documented and not all of the states have added a paper trail receipt to the insecure electronic voting machines.

    Find out what you can do to protect your vote here:

    Diebold electronic voter fraud confirmed:

    Lou Dobbs interviews Bev Harris:

    Clinton Curtis Software Programmer testifies:

    Yes Trav, I too have had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach for too long now……

    Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!

  52. In 2008, Romney got more than 51% in Nevada–and lost the nomination hands-down.

    In 2012, Romney got LESS than that–and it’s supposed to be a success to LOSE support??

    Fully HALF of his support was Mormons. If you subtract them, it was a neck-and-neck race.

    • Why would you subtract Mormons. Do they not have a voice in their communities. Other religious and racial communities unfortunately vote in blocks. If Romney wasn’t a Mormon his percentages would be much higher based on values and character alone. I Like Ron Paul for the most part, but because of his stance on Drugs, Porn, foreign Policy I can’t vote for him, even Paul himself said he doesn’t expect to win. I will stand behind whomever wins the nomination and hope that they give Ron Paul the Secretary of the Treasure Position where he will benefit this Country the most.

      • Conservitive Ticker – Ron Paul’s stance on Drugs, Porn, foreign Policy – Look, I don’t like drugs and porn either, but we do have a Constitution that tells us what we and our government can and cannot do.
        So, first, let’s talk about his foreign policy. It’s pretty simple, really. Ron Paul is anti-war, but does recognize that war may be necessary in the event of a direct threat to the United States. In that event, he has said, in accordance with our Constitution, Congress must first declare war, that our military ‘only then’ is sent to deal with the threat – go in, get it over with quickly and decisively. This make sense as it prevents one person, the President, from getting our nation into wars by the decision of one person. He believes the money spent on maintaining military bases in something like 130 countries would be better spent here at home, where the military would spend their pay, thereby stimulating our economy, which in turn stimulates job growth as the demand for products increases. He further believes the United States can improve international relationships more by establishing trade with them, which would also stimulate our economy and job creation, than we can by bombing or threatening to bomb them. Yet, a lot of Americans have been slaughtered in ‘unconstitutional, undeclared’ wars. So, I ask how is getting involved in these unconstitutional, undeclared wars working out for us? Do you feel this is a path we should continue to follow?

        Porn? The federal government, nor the state government, has constitutional authority to come into the privacy of our homes. That is well established by the U.S. Supreme Court. However distasteful we, as individuals may find it, it’s none of our business, or our government’s business, what our neighbors do in their homes, anymore than it is our neighbor’s business what sexual positions we favor or whether we use birth control, or whether we get an abortion. For that matter, it’s none of our business or our government’s business, or our neighbor’s when same sex relationships are practiced -according to our Constitution. If watching porn leads to a criminal act, the States have the authority under the Constitution to enact laws, in fact already have laws in place, to deal with those who violate the laws.

        The War on Drugs isn’t working out very well either. So is legalizing drugs the answer? It was the answer to bootlegging of moonshine during Prohibition. The fact that drugs are currently illegal hasn’t stopped people from using drugs anymore than it stopped people from drinking moonshine. The laws haven’t stopped drug dealers from selling drugs anymore than it stopped bootleggers, or kept drug traffic off our highways and out of our neighborhoods. Again, the States have the constitutional authority to enact laws, and in fact already have laws in place to deal with drugs and crimes committed under the influence of drugs. There are also laws against the manufacture of drugs like meth, crack, etc. at the State level. It remains, however, that the use of drugs by individuals is not illegal under our Constitution, and just as it’s none of our business what our neighbors do in their own bedrooms, it’s none of our business, or our government’s business, what they do in their own living rooms.

        • Under your “it’s none of our business” logic many laws that are currently in place would not be. Should bestiality be legal? Its none of our business what someone does in the bedroom or farmhouse for that matter. What about child abuse? Molestation? Is it none of our business? You say they would only have authority to place laws if it lead to a criminal act. What is a criminal act? Isn’t it up to the people to decide what constitutes a criminal act? Or is that none of their business?

          The war on drugs is not necessarily something I would rush to defend but just because drug use still exists doesn’t mean legalizing it is the answer. You can’t say for sure whether or not the criminalization of drugs deters a percentage from participating in it.

          • Yes, it is up to the people to define what constitutes a criminal act. To simplify, any act that harms another, such as child abuse or molestation, is a criminal act. The States do have constitutional authority to create laws, to address such acts, and no, they don’t have to wait until the crime is committed to enact the law. The Federal government, however, does not have constitutional authority to interfere or mandate what acts the States may or may not regulate – as long as the laws do not violate our Constitutional rights. If a law is challenged as unconstitutional, then it is up to the Courts to rule on it, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court if the issue cannot be resolved by the State courts. The only laws it is Constitutional for the Federal government to make are laws dealing with national issues that affect all States that the States are unable to enact or enforce without Federal intervention.
            Take Roe v Wade, I am a pro-lifer – but – Roe v Wade was based on our constitutional right to privacy. I have to understand, and accept, that just because I don’t believe in abortion, neither do I have the right to tell my neighbor she has to believe as I do. Ultimately, it’s none of my business. It doesn’t harm me in any way if someone else chooses to abort. The same holds true if my neighbor smokes pot, or even uses cocaine. As long as he/she does no harm to others, what’s the crime? If he/she does cause harm to anyone else, the States have the authority to create laws to address the crime. Bestiality? Hey, to each his own – as long as they don’t harm others. Do you think the government can regulate things like that anyway? It’s not like it’s something a practitioner would do in public, and the U.S. Supreme Court says we all have a Constitutional right of privacy.
            You’re right that I can’t say whether or not criminalization of drug use deters a percentage of people from using drugs. But I can say it hasn’t ‘stopped’ a huge percentage of people, especially pot smokers. People do what they want to do, legal or not. But legalizing drugs would lead to ‘safer’ drugs regulated by the FDA. It would put drug dealers out of business. It might even help pay off the national deficit if drugs, like cigarettes and I assume alcohol are taxed. I can also say that way-back-when the attempt at prohibition failed and repealing it resulted in safer alcohol than moonshine, and legalizing it brought in tax revenue. Drug addiction needs to be out in the open instead of hidden which is what addicts try to do – because it’s illegal. Instead of putting tax monies into prisons for drug users, we need to be offering drug-rehab programs. Get to the root of the problem if we want to get rid of the problem.

  53. So if it ever did get to the point where other big countries decided to attack America, hopefully those countries do their recon and find out where all the underground bases are at in this country because the people you want, will be hiding in those. It will never come to that, however, because some US citizens WILL overthrow the government anyway they can if it looks like our cities will be attacked because our military is following orders to attack Iran. But, our military, as a whole is also waking up. I get the feeling if they are told they need to go fight in Iran, hundreds of thousands of US soldiers are going to take a stand together and say “no more!”
    The leaders in the US are so arrogant they don’t even realize they are turning the whole country, including military families against them. They are provoking another otential civil war in America where they WILL NOT stand a chance. Oh yeah, IT’S going to happen. Whichever way it happens is still up in the air and I know some of you feel it in your gut. Buy guns and ammo for your protection and your families protection..That’s the best advice you’ll get all year long because with this NDAA bill that was recently passed, they have got plans for us, they would have NEVER passed a bill like this if they didn’t want to round Americans up. You just need to figure out if your going to let these tyrants take you and your wife and your kids off to some FEMA camp or are you going to do something else. Don’t think a NAZI Germany situation could NEVER happen in America because it IS happening NOW! The paralells of America NOW and Nazi Germany in the 20s and 30s are so close. If you know history and see what is happening in America today, you know what Im talking about. The concentration camps are much closer than you think. Alot of us see this and Im telling you, we are not going to stand around much longer. You will see.

  54. America,

    Wake up!

    Mitt Romney’s top donors: Goldman-Sachs, Bank of America, etc.
    Barack Obama’s top donors: Solindra, Goldman-Sachs, B of A, Etc.

    Newt Gingrich’s top donors: More corporate B.S. (Hearth foundation, Las Vegas Casino Tycoons, etc.)

    Ron Paul’s top donors: Men and Women of the U.S. Armed Forces

    The fact is, OUR MILITARY supports Ron Paul for President. OUR MILITARY understands humble foreign policy better than civilians ever could. The other candidates are Pro-bailout, Pro-croney-capitalism, Pro-war, Pro-1%. The continued corruption and war mongering must come to an end. Please, reconsider real change! Consider Ron Paul for President, I implore you.

  55. Ah, so many start off with the same view *sighs* But in time, you’ll join the fold, hun. Much like death and taxes, a stint of fancying The Ramos is a fate that cannot be avoided!

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