Nevada Republican caucuses, February 4, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage  
Mitt Romney 16,486 50.0%  
Newt Gingrich 6,956 21.1%  
Ron Paul 6,175 18.7%  
Rick Santorum 3,277 9.9%  
No Preference 69 0.2%  

Total: 32,963 100.0%

Nevada will head to caucus sites on Saturday to choose their preferred 2012 GOP nominee. Results should be expected sometime after 8pm ET once the results are counted and the tallies are confirmed.


Results: Expected after 8pm ET

Caucus Details: Nevada Republican Party

Report from

RENO, NV – After watching all the debates and contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida, it’s finally Nevada’s turn in the political spotlight. Our moment will be brief, but at least 50,000 Nevada Republicans are expected to show up at caucus locations around the state Saturday and make their choices.

For first time participants it can be confusing. A caucus is not a primary. The government’s election apparatus plays no part. It is organized and run by the political parties.

By definition it is a meeting of local members of a national party with two major functions, selecting delegates to a convention and registering preference for candidates. Both will be addressed at this Saturday’s caucus, but all the attention will be on that second duty. It’s called a presidential preference poll.

Unlike the Democrats, Republican officials rejected the idea of same day registration, so, in order to take part, you must have been a registered Republican by January 20th.

Romney is heavily favored heading into this contest but I’d expect Ron Paul to do better than polling indicates meaning this could be a close race for second and third place.

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