Three of the current GOP candidates will be speaking this Friday at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC. C-SPAN will be providing coverage of the event on television and all the speakers can be watched live online direct from the CPAC website. Ron Paul was asked to be the keynote speaker this year but he declined the invitation in favor of campaigning on the trail. Here is the schedule (PDF) of when the candidates will be taking the stage:

Friday, February 10:

10:25am ET – Rick Santorum
12:55pm ET – Mitt Romney
4:10pm ET – Newt Gingrich

Watch Live: Fox News Live, CPAC 2012 or C-SPAN Live

Times are approximate since the schedules tend to run a little late from time to time.

We’ll post video of each candidate’s speech by Friday evening in case you miss any of them delivered live.