Three of the current GOP candidates will be speaking this Friday at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC. C-SPAN will be providing coverage of the event on television and all the speakers can be watched live online direct from the CPAC website. Ron Paul was asked to be the keynote speaker this year but he declined the invitation in favor of campaigning on the trail. Here is the schedule (PDF) of when the candidates will be taking the stage:

Friday, February 10:

10:25am ET – Rick Santorum
12:55pm ET – Mitt Romney
4:10pm ET – Newt Gingrich

Watch Live: Fox News Live, CPAC 2012 or C-SPAN Live

Times are approximate since the schedules tend to run a little late from time to time.

We’ll post video of each candidate’s speech by Friday evening in case you miss any of them delivered live.


  1. This is funny. A Liberal/Moderate Governor, a Serial Hypocrite Speaker and a “Counterfeit” Conservative Senator will be taking the stage at CPAC to tell us how “Conservative” they are. (I can’t stop laughing) Meanwhile, the CPAC Straw Poll WINNER for the past 2 years (Ron Paul) declined the invitation to be the “Keynote Speaker”. This is too funny!

    • My guess as to the REAL reason as to why Ron Paul declined the invitation to be the “Keynote Speaker” at CPAC 2012 is so that he wouldn’t give the other 3 Non-Conservative GOP Presidential Candidates any “Political Ammunition and/or One-Liners” to use on the audience on what it means to be a TRUE and CONSISTENT Conservative. These CLOWNS would definitely TRY to steal-the-show. This time, Ron has decided to let them “swim-on-their-own”. It’s sink or swim time for the BIG Government “Phony” Conservatives.

      I could see them all now – waiting backstage – Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are “busy” jotting down the quotes from Ron Paul as he’s giving the Keynote Address on what it means to be a “True Conservative”.

      • Memorable Quote

        ““I myself have never been an isolationist. I favor the very opposite of isolation: diplomacy, free trade, and freedom of travel. The real isolationists are those who impose sanctions and embargoes on countries and peoples across the globe because they disagree with the internal and foreign policies of their leaders. The real isolationists are those who choose to use force overseas to promote democracy, rather than seeking change through diplomacy, engagement, and by setting a positive example. The real isolationists are those who isolate their country in the court of world opinion by pursuing needless belligerence and war that have nothing to do with legitimate national security concerns.”” — Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto

    • Memorable Quote

      ““We need to take away the government’s money power. The banking industry needs its welfare check ended. The dollar’s soundness depends on its being untied from the machine that can make an infinite number of copies of dollars and reduce their value to zero.”” — Ron Paul, End the Fed

    • Memorable Quote

      ““In the American political lexicon, ‘change’ always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power.”” — Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto

    • i feel like ron paul isnt doing enough to get across his points first he declines a hannity forum and now a cpac conference ron paul needs to decide if he is in to win or just split the vote so romney can win

  2. Ron Paul is really the best candidate and he should win. He is the only man, who cares about interest of USA and who loves own country and own nation more than the rest of the country. Additionally he is the wisest and the sanest politician there.

    • Memorable Quote

      ““One only needs to reflect on the dramatic decline in the value of the dollar that has taken place since the Fed was established in 1913. The goods and services you could buy for $1.00 in 1913 now cost nearly $21.00. Another way to look at this is from the perspective of the purchasing power of the dollar itself. It has fallen to less than $0.05 of its 1913 value. We might say that the government and its banking cartel have together stolen $0.95 of every dollar as they have pursued a relentlessly inflationary policy.”” — Ron Paul, End the Fed

  3. Voter Fraud — claimed many after the results (inconceivable that Ron Paul got so few; will actual ballots be counted, or depend on electronic machines, that may be rigged to give a casino-like split….?)!

    Here is a solution to prevent Voter Fraud:

    1) Have Donald Trump create the voting machines like an One-Arm-Bandit slot machine — when you pull the lever, you’ll see two lemons followed by a picture of the candidate you voted. Then hear the sound of a Slot Coin (bearing the supposed picture of that Candidate) drop in an enclosed box….that should make you feel secure that your actual vote counts.

    2) Have all these boxes carted to the Federal Reserve Board in DC, to be taken to a dark room in their basement, and have each slot coin (to simplify, let’s call it: Shekel) be counted by them.

    Once the Feds announce the results, there could not be a question as to the validity….

    • Surfisher

      Too funny! Maybe “The Donald” will show up at CPAC 2012 seated in his Throne, while Romney, Gingrich and Santorum “Bow-the-Knee” and Kiss His Ring. I’m sure “tingles” will run up and down the legs of all the Commentators at FOX News.

      • Darryl —

        The only way to prevent real voter fraud is to get a receipt.

        When I invest into a product — buying a steak at the supermarket per say — they give me a receipt for my investment (shows the item code# and the date and time of my investment (purchasing in good faith, upon accountability by vendor, that I received the right product))!

        Elections MUST be held to the same standard — when people invest into their Right To Vote, give them a VALID receipt for their investment!

        If States can issue millions of Lottery Tickets weekly, that cannot be forged — why not be FORCED to do the same during the rare elections?!

        Only way to prevent the “foul play, voter fraud” cry.

  4. Just saw this of Ron Paul — what an apodictic statement!

    ““Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country”” — Ron Paul, Speech at CPAC 2011

    • Memorable Quote

      ““We should abolish the federal income tax, prohibit eminent domain, impose term congressional limits, make Congress part-time, return the power to elect senators to State legislatures, abolish the Federal Reserve system, and prosecute for malfeasance any member of Congress who cannot articulate where the Constitution authorizes whatever he or she is voting for.””— Judge Andrew Napolitano

      Ron Paul has been saying this for decades!

  5. Now that “the more he talks the less you like him” Newt has shot his wad by incessantly opening his perfidious mouth, thus clearly becoming unelectable. For whom would you vote?

    1) Ron Paul — whose Principles over 30 years have never changed (respect the POSITIVE Constitutional Laws, which GIVE the Citizens FREEDOM, and progress from this base ONLY). Ron Paul will make Obama look silly on Constitutional Law (the basis of our Nation’s Creation!) when confronting this Occupier of the White House on his many transgressions against Our Constitution!

    2) Mitt — who has no principles (by record)! Mitt flip-flopped on all valid issues to accommodate his perception (as electable opposite of Bama). But they both stand as a pair of Socialist-Comrades-in-Crime, separated only by Mitt’s accomplishment in accumulating wealth privately, while Obama was incompetent to even to that. Obama will rip Mitt apart with the usual Obama rhetoric on “Bain…and the consequences thereafter”!
    Aside from this obvious weak point — that Obama will exploit till the cows come home — Mitt is nearly step-in step with Bama:

    a) anti gun ownership — memorize this dictum: “A Government that does not trust its Citizens to own guns, is a Government not to be trusted!”

    b) The State MANDATES your Health Care Coverage (you must accept it or be penalized for refusal)!

    c) Wars without Constitutional approval are OK — as long as they distract the people and thus keep me in Power.

    d) the list goes on — Mitt’s trampling of the Citizens rights on all fronts (all for the benefit of wannabe President — what is different between him and Obama now?)!

  6. Looking forward to listening to Newt tomorrow.Just recd our Newt signs,bumper stickers and flyers. Newt didn’t have money for Florida Primary but Newt is gaining people power.Sorry we Floridians for Newt weren’t better organized. Florida’s early voting gave Mitt the win since his anti-Newt ads ran nonstop for 60 days. We’ll be in Tampa for the GOP convention,Newt will win the GOP nomination and hopefully his VP pick is Sen Rand Paul,KY. Vote NEWT to give Obama the BOOT!

    • Ron Paul would most likely DECLINE the VP spot. Gingrich is a Warmonger, whereas Paul wants PEACE. It would never work.

      • Do you go by facts and evidence or is that just your feeling? I mean no offense, I am just wondering?………I don’t claim to know the candidates more than what I’ve heard them stand for? I believe most of us whether R, I or D, don’t like being in war. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people who thrive on discord. However, I agree our troops should be mainly in our own country helping to defend our own Democracy. That doesn’t necessarily mean on a battle field……unless of course you agree our Borders are the battle field?…….

  7. All of the candidates sound better stumbling and bumbling trying to articulate America, the constitution, and our values then Obama. Any one of them loves America and will do their best to bring posterity back. Any one of them sounds better than Obama does in his “change” and hatred of America. NEWT is the only one who can stand beside Obama in a debate and know more about politics, congress, constitution than our “senator-cum-laude”. Newt’s phenomenal memory for history and his love for America is awesome to watch. NEWT can itemize each and every “mistake” Obama has done while at the same time flesh out the difference between two different courses for the future of America – one that has worked for over 200 years and the other “ism” that has never worked.

  8. Maire, I agree with you!!!! I think Newt has the best chance of upsetting the Elite in and out of Washington!!! I don’t think their money should be taken away….However, they should not be pompous about what they think is good for our country !!!! We need to get back to our basic Constitutional principles!!!! I also agree with Judge Napolitano !!!! Although people may not agree with Newt and the way he has gone about his life……he did make some great conservative moves in his career!!!! Together with Rand or Ron Paul, I believe the country would be in GREAT hands!!!!! I understand Ron Paul’s foreign policy. I think it just needs to be sharpened a bit to be more acceptable…… We don’t have time for NONSENSE this year!!!!!! Republicans, Independents and even our friendly Democrats (like Rep. Manchin) need to come together in order to get “Our Country Tis of Thee” back in 2012!!!!!!!!

    God Be With Us All during this turmoil !!!!!!

  9. Memorable Quote

    ““Given that money is one half of every commercial transaction and that whole civilizations literally rise and fall based on the quality of their money, we are talking about an awesome power, one that flies under the cover of night. It is the power to weave illusions that appear real as long as they last. That is the very core of the Fed’s power.”” — Ron Paul, End the Fed


    Obama floated the Contraception Mandate Controversy in order to DISTRACT Voters away from the REAL ISSUE – The Economy and the Wars!

    I heard a Republican caller to CSPAN say that “Social Issues” is what she is focusing on when it comes to the nomination of a GOP Candidate. She went on about how Rick Santorum said that Obama is “attacking” our Religious Freedoms, etc., etc., etc. blah blah blah

    I’ve got to tell you – When people complain about the Candidates in the Republican Field being “weak” and uninformed. I say – it’s the PEOPLE going to the Polls who are “weak” and uninformed!

    Romania’s Government collapsed 4 days ago – Greece is on the verge of collapse – Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy will soon follow – War with Iran and Syria seems imminent and China and Russia will then back Iran bringing about WW3 – and here we are TALKING ABOUT SOCIAL “Freaking” ISSUES???

    I don’t get it… WW3 is about to take place, while at the same time Our Economy is about to suffer another DEVASTATING BLOW when Europe Collapses. Doesn’t anyone “pay attention” to the News? Or are they just too busy texting their vote to American Idol?

    Bloomberg and the Alternative Media seems to be the ONLY ones covering these events. The MSM is definitely in-the-tank for Obama – that’s why they’re NOT covering this!


  11. Memorable Quote

    ““It is, of course, not possible to fight the greatest military empire in the history of the world with its own tactics. Religion forbids it, and so does even a moment’s rational thought. Only peaceful resistance – staunch, educated, principled, and unyielding – can succeed. It can appeal to good people in the ranks of the state, which is essential. Look to Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard. A peaceful revolution, firmly grounded in the ideals of liberty, that is our banner. Our only banner.”” — Lew Rockwell,

  12. Memorable Quote

    ““Every election season America is presented with a series of false choices. Should we launch preemptive wars against this country or that one? Should every American neighborhood live under this social policy or that one? Should a third of our income be taken away by an income tax or a national sales tax? The shared assumptions behind these questions, on the other hand, are never cast in doubt, or even raised.”” — Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto

  13. Memorable Quote

    ““Benjamin Franklin once stated that democracy is two wolves and one lamb voting on what to have for dinner, while liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting that vote. Slowly but surely, the lambs are being disarmed while the wolves continue to sharpen their teeth.”” — Judge Andrew Napolitano, Lies the Government Told You

  14. Memorable Quote

    ““Governments, whether they’re dictatorships or democracies, reflect the people. When the people get fed up, they throw them out.”” — Ron Paul, Turn Off the Printing Presses, Allow the People to Keep What They Earn

  15. You know why Ron Paul skipped the C-pac, because he is a NUT,his policies will destroy the USA, if the terrorist don’t do it for him, his so called vision doesn’t exhist, leave them alone and they won’t bother us, thats what Clinton did, and look what happened, 9-11,Ron Paul has a problem with reality peroid.

    • Fred

      With all due respect – YOU are the NUT! The fuses have been lit in Europe and in the Middle East, and an “Economic Tsunami” is about to cross the Atlantic and Crash our Economy – and all you can focus on is the Neo-Con “Conquer-the-World” WAR RHETORIC which got us in all this trouble in the first place.

      As Ron Paul said “It’s Time to QUIT This!”

    • @Fred,
      They did that among other reasons, mainly because. Hussein & Bin Laden were CIA, when H.W. Bush was the head of CIA.
      Hussein was our dictator, we put him in power, armed, trained and supported him to go against Iran, we Supplied the chemical weapons he used “against his Own people” which were Iran sympathizers.
      Similar as with Bin-Laden, we gave him all the support,training, armament, financing etc to fight in Afghanistan against the Russians. His father, the Arab Sheik, owns a large chunk of a US Company in the US Military Industrial Complex. Oh did I mention H.W. sat on the board of this company.

      They hate us because we use them and later throw them away after backstabbing them, when they are no longer convenient.

      • ohh almost forgot. We also supported and financed terrorism or gorillas in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, etc when we didn’t like what the people freely elected there. Didn’t you notice we say to export our freedom and values but support and aid more dictators then democracies. Hoe the hell do you expect any one out of the Propaganda they feed us, to like us.

  16. Bama’s worst nightmare would be debating Ron Paul (without a tele-prompter Bama can hardly put two coherent statements together, let alone an unscripted hour+ debate)!

    Ron Paul’s Constitutional knowledge, accurate historical data, superior by ten fold intellect, and good nature as a genuine caring person — even though not an orator (RP) — will by SUBSTANCE destroy the small-minded narcissistic Bama’s empty Rhetoric and the Bankrupt Socialist Dogma he spews in ANGER when “displeased”!

    Bama had some worries in debating Newt (the two can out-lie each other, on any given occasion). But now that Newt is nearly done — Bama is happy.

    Bama is on top of the world NOW — since his reelection is about to be GUARANTEED by the GOP’s choice to do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) for tepid Mitt to challenge him (Romney-Money is what the out-of-touch GOP hopes may counter Bama’s billion dollars campaign)!

    This will be the best outcome for Bama — to face flip-flopping Romney (since Bama can make Mitt turn any way he wants…after all Mitt stands for everything (and nothing)…depending on the audience)! Bama’s writers have already scripted what Bama needs to remember, so he can rip Mitt apart on Bain Capital and Cayman Islands accounts!

    Prediction: Bama wins by virtue of GOP’s idiocy!

  17. It is estimated that nearly 500,000,000 as of 2010 — about 1/2 billion — NEGATIVE Laws are on the books, meaning: “You, the US Citizen, cannot do 1/2 billion things, because we, the Government, have deemed such actions to be contrary to your well-being.”

    In other words: “If you don’t do what we think is for YOUR OWN GOOD, we have approved 1/2 billion ways to punish you!”

    More Laws (about 500,000,000) telling individuals what NOT to DO, than the total count of all the US Citizens alive (about 312,000,000)!

    The Arrogance of Office is best displayed by this pernicious Sophism: “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.

    No sane person can expect an individual to memorize all the names of the 312 million US Citizens — but same individual is expected to know the EXACTITUDE of ALL 1/2 billion LAWS (or be penalized for the IGNORANCE)?!

    Only Ron Paul has questioned this EVER increasing “Law” passing — the rest are mute (seems they lack the education to comprehend the truth the Great Roman Statesman Cicero stated: ‘The MORE Laws in a Nation, the LESS Justice for the Citizens’ — nearly 2000 years later, Cicero’s warning rings true: *More Laws = Less Liberty*)!

    No wonder the main media is doing their best to black-out Ron Paul — Truth is Bane for Big Brother wannabees.

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