South Carolina Republican primary, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
Newt Gingrich 244,113 40.43% 23
Mitt Romney 168,152 27.85% 2
Rick Santorum 102,482 16.97% 0
Ron Paul 78,362 12.98% 0
Herman Cain 6,338 1.05% 0
Rick Perry 2,534 0.42% 0
Jon Huntsman 1,173 0.19% 0
Michele Bachmann 491 0.08% 0
Gary Johnson 211 0.03% 0
Totals 603,856 100.00% 25

See below for updates. Gingrich has been declared the winner, Romney will take second, Santorum third and Paul fourth once all is said and done.

The third contest of the 2012 nomination process takes place today with South Carolinians heading to the polls. For weeks Mitt Romney had held onto a lead, however, late-breaking polls show Newt Gingrich making a serious insurgency to the top spot meaning this could be a tight race come Saturday evening. Depending on the exit polling, it could be later in the evening until we have a declared winner. I’d be hopeful that by 9pm ET we have an idea of how things might shake out.

Report from Fox News:

Newt Gingrich, on the verge of resurrecting his campaign, is aiming for his first primary win in Saturday’s South Carolina contest as he puts Mitt Romney on the defensive over his tax records and fends off questions about his personal life.

The former House speaker enters the election with rising poll numbers and the publicity from two strong debate performances at his back.

Romney, who had been leading in South Carolina following his decisive win in the New Hampshire primary, acknowledged Friday that the race is now “neck and neck.”

“I’m pretty confident, cautiously optimistic,” Romney said, adding that his campaign will “go the distance.”

But South Carolina, a state with a history of determining political fortunes, could be a turning point. Voters could reaffirm Romney as the race’s frontrunner, putting him in solid position going into Florida, or launch Gingrich into position as his top challenger and tee up a protracted battle for delegates.

Just one week ago, Romney seemed poised to go three-for-three in the first three contests, a historic feat. Then Gingrich’s numbers started to surge following Monday’s debate. Then the Iowa GOP announced that new certified results show Rick Santorum, not Romney, actually came out on top in that state’s caucuses — though the results are incomplete. Then Rick Perry bowed out, endorsing Gingrich.

Romney’s campaign was handed a last-minute gift when ABC News announced it had an interview with Gingrich’s second wife, Marianne, who claimed Gingrich once sought an “open marriage.”

But Gingrich used the debate Thursday to shut the story down. He denied the claim, and to the audience’s delight turned the tables on the moderator for asking him about the allegation.

Truth be told, the opening question in Thursday night’s debate might be the best thing that ever happened to Gingrich if he ends up winning South Carolina.


Newt Gingrich has been declared the winner in South Carolina. Mitt Romney will likely take second and Ron Paul will battle with Rick Santorum over third place.


Looks like it will finish as follows: 1) Gingrich, 2) Romney, 3) Santorum and 4) Paul according to sources. Vote totals will update live above. So much for my above prediction that we might have to wait until 9pm to declare a winner. Clearly Gingrich’s numbers must have been strong enough to call it right at 7pm ET.


  1. GO RON PAUL! Those in South Carolina who truly love freedom, be sure to get your vote in today! May the best man to turn around our country, a man that will not be compromised by big corporate America, a man that speaks honestly, a man with not only a vision but a concrete plan, win!

      • Obama — the next new host of Family Feud (can anyone give a total count of the women he kissed after his Misstate of the Union)?

        Afterwards — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels neutered in a very diplomatic way all the demagoguery Little Hussein parroted!

        Not strong enough for me — but still kudos to Mitch!!!

    • I was questioned as to why won’t Ron Paul compromise on some issues in order to be “more electable”.

      Here is my response:

      Principles are immutable — what you suggest are compromises. By my definition compromises are the bane that has poisoned our nation — since by nature they keep degrading into totalitarianism.

      If “A” is a principle and “C” is it’s anathema, when the politicians settle for “B” —which is the intermediate — then a compromise has been created which becomes the new “principle” accepted by law.

      Then when “B” is challenged by another idiocy — let’s say “I” for idiots — and a compromise is reached — for the middle of the two again, let’s say “F” (for failure), then the standard has been lowered once more.

      By extrapolation — one can see that all principles (the constitutional guarantees in this case, that allow for individual freedoms and pursuit of happiness) will eventually become non-existent.

      So, one has to make a choice now — do we compromise AGAIN, or stand by the Constitution, and hope that the people will not fall again for the Compromise Trap this time around?

        • Darryl — have read all your posts, and they are spot on!
          Thank you for this comment.

          Here is something to be considered:

          The Myth that only Newt can successfully debate Obama — sounds good, if Americans are interested in which one can outdo the other in lies.

          Here is a reality check:

          Obama cannot make a logical conclusion even if hit on the head with a tome of Aristotle’s Organon.

          He is lost without the tele-prompter, and can hardly speak coherently without the use of worn out cliches. This small-minded, unaccomplished in any way, narcissist can only resort to parroting defunct socialist dogma when not fed questions he’s prepared for — thus, any logical high-schooler can make him look silly in a debate that is not pre-written!

          Ron Paul will destroy Obama in any unscripted one-on-one debate — a genuine person concerned about saving America (Ron Paul) vs a phoney narcissist (Obama) thinking only of staying in power!

          Contact Newt and Santorum — tell them to forgo their egotism — they need to withdraw now, so Ron Paul can bring down the Joker in the White House (once one-on-one vs money-man Mitt, Ron Paul will win)I

          Then Ron Paul’s message of Liberty and Prosperity will be heard — and little Hussein will be gone!

          • Surfisher

            What you said is true, but I would be careful to not take Obama for granted. He’s going to have 1 BILLION Dollars to campaign with.

            Which is why Ron Paul would be the Best candidate to defeat Obama. Santorum will probably drop out after Florida. His money will dry up. Gingrich could compete against Obama in the debates, but he would be destroyed by the Super Pacs of Obama because he has so much baggage, with more still to come. Romney is a robot and he would also feel the Media Pacs wrath for his Flip-Flops and the Left-wing attacks against Capitalism.

            Ron Paul has NO baggage. He would definitely win the debates, because Ron would debate by “Defending the Constitution”. Obama wouldn’t know what to say. Believe me, Romney is the one that the Democrats WANT Obama to face off against. Romney is weak and easily surmountable. Gingrich would be a joke. Paul is who they’re scared of.

          • Darryl — you are 100% correct. That is the reason The Controlled Media is making a mockery of these debates — doing their best to ignore or minimize Ron Paul by directing idiotic questions for him alone!

            Tonight’s debate is a great example of this perfidy! The dog-and-pony show of Mitt & Newt, and the little mutt snapping at their Achilles’s heels — inconsequential Santorum — all these three little mice got to respond on a VERY CRUCIAL QUESTION that has been eroding our Nation for decades: Illegal Immigration! But not Ron Paul — he was asked an idiotic question instead: If he’d agree to some kind of Swamp Protection Law in FL Everglades!?!?!?

            What arrogance the main media has, that they can SLAP the American People on the face by saying this was an equitable debate! Do they think us this stupid — not to see their agenda and thus resent them!?

            A TRUE debate is when a questions is asked, and ALL candidates are given equal time to respond to said question — THIS WAS NOT THE CASE in Florida tonight!

            Shame on the “mediators” — they’ve exposed themselves for what they are (marionettes who’s strings are pulled by those controlling the main media)!

    • The Controlled Media is making a mockery of these debates — doing their best to ignore or minimize Ron Paul by directing idiotic questions for him alone!

      Tonight’s debate is a great example of this perfidy! The dog-and-pony show of Mitt & Newt, and the little mutt snapping at their Achilles’s heels — inconsequential Santorum — all these three little mice got to respond on a VERY CRUCIAL QUESTION that has been eroding our Nation for decades: Illegal Immigration! But not Ron Paul — he was asked an idiotic question instead: If he’d agree to some kind of Swamp Protection Law in FL Everglades!?!?!?

      What arrogance the main media has, that they can SLAP the American People on the face by saying this was an equitable debate! Do they think us this stupid — not to see their agenda and thus resent them!?

      A TRUE debate is when a questions is asked, and ALL candidates are given equal time to respond to said question — THIS WAS NOT THE CASE in Florida tonight!

      Shame on the “mediators” — they’ve exposed themselves for what they are (marionettes who’s strings are pulled by those controlling the main media)!

  2. Could this site or article really be any more bias? The program has moved steadily from blatantly steering coverage away from particular candidates, to ignoring them altogether.

    Let’s see here. We’ve got candidates bickering amongst themselves? Check
    AP news video coverage complete with forced ad for Battlefield 3, featuring Jay-Z’s “99 problems”? How convenient. Hey guys, where’s the real coverage? Where’s Ron Paul? Who do you guys really work for?

    America, our real “problem” is all this BS propaganda. Wake up and get motivated.

    • this BS propaganda issue became inevitably real the other night when Gingrigh tried to use it, very successfully unfortunately, to his advantage when given the unfair opportunity to comment on his ex-wife’s statement. It sickens me that we have a decent candidate, Ron Paul, just sitting there being pushed aside by the true dictators, or media as some may call them, in their presidential debates. I love sitting there and watching them all fight and call each-other out on their ethics. I’m really surprised they don’t just campaign all year, every year and get rid of similar shows like Jersey Shore. I hope eyes open soon because an option like Gingrich or Romney may not be any better than Obama.

      • Newt displayed again he is the best of sophists. Newt’s meal consisted of some facts, partial truths, outright lies, and promises never intended to be kept — he chew it all up, swallowed this melange and then threw up what has to be the most appealing regurgitated dish any candidate can offer: sophistry, demagoguery and slick oratory.

        If you are looking for a more perfidious candidate that may out-lie Obama — than Newt is the choice for you.

        If, however, you want the restoration of true freedom and prosperity — look at the GENUINE message that Ron Paul has never deviated from for 30 years.

        • Surfisher, before you use “big” words that you just heard or looked up in the dictionary, please try to get a grasp on simple English. “he chew it all up”? Tsk-tsk. And it’s “then Newt is the choice…”, not “than”. 50-cent words are unimpressive when mispronounced or surrounded by second grade grammar mistakes. It’s hard to take a person’s political opinions seriously when they are obviously un-educated and lacking in the ability to pay attention to the basic details. Ron Paul would probably prefer that you just vote for him, and leave the campaigning to those whose illiteracy is less obvious.
          p.s. Per Merriam-Webster, a demagogue can be defined as “a leader championing the cause of the common people in ancient times.” Really? Is that what you think of Newt? Cool. Maybe I’ll change my vote from Ron Paul to Gingrich. Thanks, buddy.

          • Please vote for Gingrich, I’m sure Ron Paul would not want a vote from someone that changes there mind because of spelling. You just proved how much you care about your country.
            Oh horror, I’m not voting for that candidate because a supporter misspells words.IDIOT, you belong with the Grinch. You were not going to vote for Ron Paul in the first place. We don’t care how things are spelleded we care about the candidate. Oops I misspelled a word, are you going to vote for Romney now?

          • Demagogue – a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people (per

            And why the need for such vitriol of other posters?

    • Another blatant attempt by the main media in last debate — CNN this time — to act as if Ron Paul does not exist. Took the booing of the audience to “alert” the “mediator” that Ron Paul was ignored in answering the abortion question.

      Afterwards, the main media devoted about 90% of their time covering the dog-and-pony show btw Romney and Newt, allotting another 9% on Santorum’s dares. Only 1% of airtime was given as: “Ron Paul did participate in the debate….”

      The transparency of this “black-out” by the main media (that can only be initiated by those controlling their respective news media networks, instructing their underling reporters NOT to mention Ron Paul’s name in any way) — has to have been noticed by now by the American people (since it has been in effect since day one)!

      Americans should be outraged by this inequity in media coverage — and ask these purveyors of partial coverage by sending tons of e-mails and millions of phone calls, asking them : “Give us the names of the people in charge that send you memos telling you NOT to mention Ron Paul in any way,…or look for another job!” So we know who actually controls the media in this country.

      One positive thing can be taken from this enforced main media “black-out”. Ron Paul’s Message of obeying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the silky demagoguery offered by the rest — must be scaring the hell out of the puppet-masters — God forbid that the American People hear the Truth!

      Then, they may actually do something about it!

      • Surfisher, the abbreviation “btw” has one definition, which is “by the way”. In the future, please use “btwn” or “betw”, if you want to abbreviate the word “between”. You can argue “chatspeak” all you want, but you know I am correct. Ron Paul is so very ashamed of you. Please stop ruining his chances.

        • Seriously, you know who Care’s NO BODY, what are you doing correcting peoples posts. Ron Paul and Gingrich would be very ashamed of you if they seen what you are doing.

          • Kem — thanks for the posts. But why waste your time responding to a spell-checking pedant?

            Best to ignore those lacking substance.

  3. Why are we not talking about Gun Control? this is one of the most important issues for the Presidency. If we want Obama out of office, we need a Pro-Gun GOP nominee.

    • We need to worry about more important things like the economy. America is one of the few, I’m almost sure it is the only country that allows citizens the right to bare arms. The government will not take that away just because it provides a lot of homeland protection. This country is much less likely to get attacked, though obviously not a guarantee, just because most everyone has access to a gun. Besides, if we worry about gun control, we will have to worry about it again in a couple years when the economy is truly gone.

      • I dont agree with you. This is an especially important time to be mindful of your rights. A right not exercised is a right lost.
        I will not trade my right to bear arms for a loaf of government cheese.

  4. Rick Santorum, barring some sort miraculous last-minute surge this evening; he can be expected to go the way Rick Perry went this week. His money will dry up and he will drop out.

    If he does and three-man debates ensue, Ron Paul will have a more prominent position. He will use it to “sock” Gingrich. If you’ve been watching the attacks ads in this race, you’ve no doubt noticed that Ron Paul’s attacks on Gingrich are indistinguishable from Romney’s. Ron Paul, like MANY Americans, have a “personal disrespect” for Newt Gingrich going back to 1996. The then-House Speaker BACKED a Democrat who had just “switched parties” instead of backing Ron Paul. Ron Paul won anyway and went on to become a vocal critic of Newt Gingrich’s “wheeler-dealer” antics.

    Three-way debates would be a two-on-one contest, with Newt Gingrich getting the worst of it. Gingrich’s strength has been his debating skill, but in a small group he’ll have to listen to Paul critique his flip-flops on key issues like Global Warming and the Individual Health-care Mandate. Romney’s vulnerable on those issues as well, but Ron Paul “clearly” takes delight in exposing Newt Gingrich’s LACK OF PRINCIPLE.

    Meanwhile Gingrich lacks both funding and organization. He didn’t even have the ground troops to get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot in Virginia, where only Romney and Paul will compete. And when it comes to “family values”, Newt Gingrich’s behavior brings to mind that Oscar Wilde quote: “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.” Substitute “wives” for “parents” and you’ve summed up Newt Gingrich’s MORAL history.

    “Serial Hypocrite”, Newt Gingrich, attacked the “Hypocrisy” of the Left-Leaning Liberal Media toward Republicans at the CNN Debate. The attack was followed by thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the audience. “Hypocrisy” was what the audience was cheering against. It is quite “ironic” that “Hypocrisy” was being “vilified” by the “Champion of Hypocrisy”, Newt Gingrich.

  5. Concise overview, Darryl. Your conclusion is accurate. Ron Paul is the only American who holds our country, citizens, founding documents, rule of law, and freedom as his starting point in all of his opinions and actions, and as his destination.

    Ron Paul will clean up DC, give kids back to parents by RETURNING education choices and control to States which enables parents and citizens of a State to be in charge instead of Mr. Sexualize ’em in Dept Ed. Child porn makers and buyers will be rooted out and destroyed. Child abduction and abuse will be harshly and quickly resolved and punished when new requirements are established for LE to exhibit good performance results same as now being demanded from teachers. Child protection agencies will have the same performance requirements and will be cleared of inept uninterested check cashers. Pedophile rings will be uncovered and perps punished. Ron Paul is a loyal husband, good father, grandfather, neighbor, relative, responsible congressman, honored OBGYN, honorable AIR FORCE veteran!!. just a good man with history of stability responsibility and of fulfilling duties in all areas of his life. He won’t lie to us. He won’t cheat or trick or do anything except protect our country, people, and freedom, and give us a safer and cleaner society. What more do you want? Jobs? We will have a lot of choices because he will make USA “workable” again with industry back in the USA where it belongs, farming and agriculture safe from the United Nations Project 21 hiding under Obama’s Rural Sustainable Land deception, will ensure environment probs prevented like the goof in office Bush who laughed at New Orleans, like the goof in office Obama who played with dipping fingers in oil on sand in the Gulf. President Ron Paul will ensure safety of our Founding Documents and protect 2nd Amendment that is “under the Commie Gun” and vulnerable thanks to Fast & Furious Gun Walker murdering thugs, O, Holder & thugs that take the 5th while claiming Holder is the liar, not him, now. GO Issa! Go Grassley! Ron Paul has an eye on everything that needs to be done and will do it because he is a citizen who loves the USA, risked his life for it in the military, and will fight for it as Commander in Chief. God Bless the Christian Man Ron Paul. No hankypanky, no Stepford family, no hiding zillions offshore, just a dang good real Christian who shows his gratitude for Christ in his life but doesn’t “brag” about it with his mouth.

  6. We haven’t heard much lately about Gingrich not filing on time to be listed on SC primary voting; but how can he win if he’s on listed when people go to vote?

  7. I stand corrected; it’s Virginia, not SC where he couldn’t get on the ballot; my confusion is now cleared. Thanks.

  8. Gingrich Success MEANS Tea Party “Surrender”

    The Tea Party originally stood for one simple but important message: STOP SPENDING! For “Tea Partiers”, TARP was the litmus test and ANY Republican who supported it faced the “wrath” of the movement.

    Tea Party support for Newt Gingrich is as “mind-boggling” as it is depressing. “Serial Hypocrite”, Newt Gingrich, stands for everything the Tea Party was “against”: TARP, Bank Bailouts, healthcare mandates, Cap-and-Trade, you name it…

    If the Tea Party abandons its “STOP SPENDING” message it becomes just another part of the Republican Party, the movement loses its original independence and simply morphs back into the GOP machine. (something both right and left critics always said would happen) BIG Government Senator Lindsey Graham “bragged” in 2010 that the Tea Party would “DIE OUT” because it had “no governing vision.” Ron Paul argued that as long as the Tea Party stood firmly “AGAINST SPENDING” it would remain an “indomitable force” in American politics.

    Is Graham now being proven right?

    Ron Paul wants to cut $1 trillion his first year in office. Newt Gingrich calls Paul’s plan too extreme and a “non-starter.” The choice for any serious Tea Party member is clear.

    But what it is “not clear” for “many”, may represent the first signs that the Tea Party might be “waning”. One need not necessarily support Ron Paul, to be a “Tea Partier”. But supporting Newt Gingrich “negates” the ENTIRE POINT of even having a Tea Party.

    American politics BEFORE the Tea Party was mostly a “popularity contest”. The Tea Party was supposed to “represent” something more substantive. Gingrich is a good speaker which makes him popular. But the same is true of Barack Obama. The devilish aspects of “charming” or charismatic candidates always lies in the “details”. This is especially TRUE of Newt Gingrich.

    The moment Tea Partiers decide they are NO LONGER concerned with such details, they “surrender” their movement to the “Establishment” Status-Quo.

    • Sarah Palin would not have said she would vote for Newt Gingrich if what you’ve said here was true.

      Gingrich has the knowledge, experience, and ability to beat Obama. He articulates and believes in conservative government. We don’t need a candidate like Romney who is a moderate. We need a distinct contrast to Obama.

      Vote Gingrich!

      • Sarah Palin was one of the Republicans who “hijacked” the Tea Party Movement. Now, does she want the Tea Party Movement to “Surrender” their “Principles” to Newt Gingrich’s “BIG Government Conservatism”???

        The Tea Party needs to STAND ONCE AGAIN on their Principles of “STOP THE SPENDING” and VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

      • I think you didn’t hear Palin herself, or didn’t hear everything she said. She said she wants more debates, more sharpening of the ideas, and that in order to keep the process going longer, she would vote for Gingrich. In fact, as a Paul supporter, I believe that the best outcome for SC would be for Gingrich to win, Paul to get 2nd, Romney third, and Santorum fourth. That is, unless Paul won. Since SC is winner-take-all, then if Paul didn’t win, I’d prefer to see Gingrich on top with a big bulls-eye on his back for Santorum and Romney.

        Here is the relevant part of the Palin interview:

        “These guys are getting better in their debates, they are getting more concise, they’re getting more grounded in what their beliefs are and articulating what their ideas are to getting the country back on the right track and getting Americans working again,” Palin said.

        Hannity asked Palin if she was any closer to an endorsement of a presidential candidate.
        “Well, I could tell you what I would do if I were a South Carolinian,” Palin told Hannity.
        “That’s close to an endorsement,” Hannity said.

        “If I had to vote in South Carolina, in order to keep this thing going I’d vote for Newt and I would want this to continue,” Palin said. “More debates, more vetting of candidates because we know the mistake made in our country four years ago was having a candidate that was not vetted, to the degree that he should have been so that we knew what his associations and his pals represented and what went into his thinking, the shaping of who our president today is.”

        • I agree with your thoughts on Gingrich getting SC. I think one of the main reasons he is still in the race is because he seems like the one most linked to dirty government and never seemed that much of a threat to the others, now that he is getting smooth with his campaigning,it would be good for him to pose a threat to the others and get knocked out of the way for Ron Paul

          • Thanks tj. I’d rather be a bonehead than brainwashed. With the Country in the state that it is, it’s time more people break away and vote some change in capitol hill. We can still support those things that matter to us, but do it while backing a candidate who has not continuously lied to us, showing just how much like old government he will be.

        • Neville

          To Clarify: South Carolina is NOT a “Winner-Take-All” Primary State. Florida is and that’s why Ron Paul is by-passing Florida (unless he wins SC).

          Delegate Allocation: Like the other states holding primaries before February, South Carolina will lose half of its delegates under Republican National Committee rules. Eleven at-large delegates are awarded to the candidate with the most votes statewide, with another 14 delegates awarded based to the winners in each of the state’s seven congressional districts. (A previous version of this page said that all 25 delegates would be awarded to the statewide winner.)

          I asked you, Neville. From a Conservative Republican’s vantage point, do you REALLY BELIEVE that Sarah Palin is a Constitutional Conservative Republican or a Neo-Conservative Republican? (There is a Difference)

          I would contend that Palin is a Neo-Conservative, so her statement to “continue the process” is code for “continue the Status-Quo” for Republicans. The Republican Party was “hijacked” by the Neo-Conservatives back in the 1950’s and we’ve been UNCONSTITUTIONALLY AT WAR ever since. Today’s Tea Party has already been successfully “hijacked” and marginalized by the Neo-Conservative Republican “Establishment” so that REAL Constitutional Conservatives won’t have a Voice. BUT THEN THERE IS RON PAUL…

          In essence, Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are 3-of-a-kind Neo-Conservatives who would “continue the Status-Quo” for the Republican “Establishment”. Ron Paul would Change-the-Party BACK to what it used to be before the Neo-Conservatives “hijacked” the Republican Party. It has the Neo-Cons VERY NERVOUS!

          If Palin was a TRUE Constitutional Conservative, she would throw-down-her-mantle for Ron Paul. “Actions speak Louder than Words”.

          • Daryl,

            Re. South Carolina, you are technically correct. The seven CD winners may not be the same, and so a couple of delegates may be available in each of those to someone other than the statewide winner. Unfortunately, a statewide win for Paul in SC doesn’t look likely, and outright wins in the CDs don’t look all that likely. Even if he did win some, it isn’t likely he would come away with more than 6 or 8 delegates, and even if Romney won the state but no CDs, then Paul would still come away with a net delegate loss. In practice, SC will either go effectively winner-take-all or very close to it. I would much rather that Romney end up in the bottom half and either tie Paul in SC delegates or actually lose delegates to Paul in SC

            Here is a more detailed analysis of the SC delegate-award process (with some notes on Florida, as well):
            “Delegate allocation isn’t nearly as straightforward as it might seem. FairVote has posted an updated review of delegate allocation rules in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five territories. In 2010, the Republican National Committee, to much fanfare, established a new rule (Republican Party’s Rule 15(b)(2)) requiring any state or territory holding a contest before April 1 must allocate delegates by proportional representation. But that’s not quite how it worked out.

            First, South Carolina was one of four states exempted from the requirement to use proportional representation, but it’s the only one taking advantage of that exemption. It has established a rule that may well lead to one candidate winning all of the state’s delegates with less than 40% of the state’s popular vote.

            Second, two additional states, Florida and Arizona, are allocating all delegates to the statewide winner in upcoming contests held before April 1st. They’ve lost half of their delegates already due to breaking RNC rules on when to hold the contest (as have South Carolina and New Hampshire), but are not being sanctioned for using the winner-take-all rule instead of proportional representation.

            Finally, Puerto Rico is breaking the rule as well, holding a winner-take-all contest in March without any apparent penalty whatsoever.

            South Carolina’s delegates may end up being allocated to more than one candidate, but it won’t be according to proportional representation. According to South Carolina’s Republican Party rules, the state party will award its 11 at-large delegates to the winner of the statewide primary vote and will award two delegates on a winner-take-all basis to the winner of each of the seven congressional districts.

            In winning statewide, a candidate likely will, although not necessarily, carry most of the state’s congressional districts. That means that the winner will likely earn at least 19 of the state’s 25 delegates (11 state-wide, plus eight for carrying four districts). The winning candidate could end up with a plurality of the vote in each congressional district and earn all 25 delegates, even with far less than 50% of the vote.

            South Carolina effectively would become a winner-take-all state if one candidate were to sweep the statewide primary and the congressional districts, as well. Romney still has a real chance to win the state, which would strengthen his frontrunner status, but most polls show Gingrich with a growing lead. He has the best changes to secure all of South Carolina’s 25 delegates, which would put him into the national lead.”

          • Daryl,

            Why are you wasting “ink” trying to sell ME, of all people, on Dr. Paul?

            And when did you ask me how I would characterize Palin? I don’t remember it. I don’t even remember commenting about Palin at all on this site. If I ignored you, it was definitely unintentional.

            For what it’s worth, here is my answer to your “From a Conservative Republican’s vantage point, do you REALLY BELIEVE that Sarah Palin is a Constitutional Conservative Republican or a Neo-Conservative Republican? (There is a Difference)” question…

            I think she is a mix, leaning to the Neo-Con side when the choice to stick to the Constitution become too painful. I have never trusted her, and since I live in Texas and know Gov. Perry’s history very well, I lost any remaining hope that Palin might see the light when she endorsed Rick Perry over Debra Medina in the 2010 Texas governor’s race.

          • My apology, Neville. I see that I wrote the word “asked”, instead of “ask”.

            And thank you for your intelligent response on Sarah Palin.

      • How can you watch the debates and say Gingrich is for a conservative government? The only conserving he might do would be to conserve what money we have left into his wallet. He says a lot of things you cannot believe, for instance I recall him saying the other night that he is not another one of those on capital hill, he is an outside of the box kind of guy,ok…. Vote Ron Paul and lets go ahead and get politicians like Gingrich outside of the box where they belong.

      • Newt, sees Americans like anyone from DC as absolutely stupid. So, and what’s funny is he is right!! Folks like you prove him right.

      • thank goodness the people of SC had the courage and incite to vote for the best man and a person that wants to make America strong again

    • Constitution

      The Tea Party has been “hijacked” by the Republican “Establishment” right after the 2010 mid-term elections. This is evident, because of the level of support by Tea Partiers for Romney, Gingrich and Santorum; ALL BIG GOVERNMENT Republicans.

      The 2010 mid-term elections “swept” into Office the “newly” elected Tea Party candidates. BUT because the Tea Party FAILED to “hold accountable”, arrest and prosecute the Wall Street Bankers and Corporations who “Decimated” our Economy, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement was Born.

      I believe BOTH Movements will “morph” into MASSIVE Civil Unrest this Spring/Summer. Time will tell, but I have to wonder “why” the Republican and Democrat Congress voted for the Unconstitutional Legislation, NDAA 2012 which Obama signed on New Years Eve. They KNOW what’s coming!

  9. Had enough of the anti-Paul media bias?

    Well, we don’t want to watch the skewed reporting from FOX or CNN on Saturday either. So, buckle up for a LIVE primary broadcast, for Paul supporters by Paul supporters!

    Saturday, January 21, 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

    Join Revolution PAC for Skype commentary from our boots on the ground in South Carolina. In studio, a five-person panel of seasoned Paul pundits headed by Forrest Jehlik, grassroots leader and founder of the Libertate clothing line, will analyze the race and results and get YOUR feedback throughout the evening.

    The South Carolina contest is bringing the Republican race into clear focus. Rick Perry’s exit and Newt’s … eccentricities … are drawing increased public curiosity. Let’s talk about how we capture that attention and direct it to the Ron Paul liberty camp!

  10. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are not on the ballots for states that have a total of 564 delegates up for grabs. So would a math wiz care to explain how they could possibly win the nomination?

  11. South Carolina exit polls: Gingrich 38%.
    Ron Paul 4th with 15% behind Romney and Santorum.

    They’ll give punch drunk Gingrich his first victory.

    This time we’re asking you South Carolina. Secede.

    What a complete embarrassment.

  12. The people of South Carolina have been duped by a snake oil salesman. Since when does being a good debater make a candidate worthy of the presidency? What ever happened to statesmanship as a qualifier?
    We need someone with a strong moral standing and economic background if we are going to make it through the next few years. If Newt continues to win votes it would seem that the Republican party prefers men who cheat on their wives as their candidate.

    As a registered Democrat who is very informed on the precarious state of the economy, I will be sorely disapointed not to have the opportunity to vote for the one man in this race who could save the dollar from literal collapse should Mitt Romney not win the nomination this time around. In fact, I would fear for the entire nation.

    As a wife and a mother, I find morally repugnant that a person like Newt Gingrich is even being considered for the highest office in our beloved country. We already face enough challenges as a military family without having to answer to a dishonorable Commander in Chief.

    Even my died-in-the-wool Republican husband would not vote for Gingrich. As much as he disagrees with Obama and his misguided policies, he would vote Democrat if given the choice between him and Newt!

  13. To Santorum: Please do not stop the race till the end of the elections in all states. I, as many others, will not vote for any nominee by the republican party simply because he is the nominee because what matter is the principles on which our country is based. The lack of those principles is what has taken the country to the bankruptcy level. Keep on the race till general election is over. We trust in you and your relationship with God.

    • Lily

      With all due respect, you “bought into” the moral issues “platform” which Santorum has been preaching on during his campaign; that being morality is the “Principles” on which our country is based. I’m a Christian and I, too, am “sickened” by the “Moral Decay” of our Society. It’s terrible. And Rick Santorum is a fine family man.

      But Freedoms and Liberties are the “Founding Principles” of our country. Without Freedoms and Liberties, we’ll have NO Morality, because we have NO Choice.

      It is the Greed-Filled Bankers, Monopolizing Corporations and Politicians on-the-take have “corrupted” our Representative Republic. It is THEY who have taken this country to “bankruptcy level”. And We-The-People “let it happen”.

      Social Neo-Conservative Politicians, like Rick Santorum, focus the “Blame” on the People! To them, it’s the PEOPLE who have a lack of Morality, a lack of Family Values, having children out-of-wedlock and so on. It’s the People’s FAULT that this country is at “bankruptcy level”. He’s right – to a point…

      But, Rick Santorum is a Neo-Conservative. He has NO PROBLEM with the United States Military going to war without a Declaration of war. He has NO PROBLEM with the United States Military “Invading” Foreign Countries, KILLING their Citizens (men, women and children) and “taking over” their Natural Resources. (coveted by the “Special Interests”) This is all done through FEAR. “Fear” that we’re going to be attacked at any moment by “Terrorists”. We created these “Terrorists” by occupying their land.

      The Government then “reacts” by “taking away” our Freedoms and Liberties. The Bill of Rights becomes null and void. They pass legislation like the Patriot Act which repeals the 4th Amendment. They establish the TSA to make us feel like criminals being searched and touched. They pass legislation like NDAA which permits the US Military to “detain” an American Citizen INDEFINITELY without charges being read to us and without access to a lawyer. This Law even permits the Military to ASSASSINATE an American Citizen, even on American Soil. This nullifies the 5th, 6th and 7th Amendment of the Constitution. Then there is SOPA and PIPA. This legislation permits the Government to “shut-down” the Internet, effectively “trampling” on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF FEAR!

      Unfortunately, Rick Santorum is a Neo-Conservative. The Neo-Conservatives “hijacked” the Republican Party way back in the 1950’s. Since then, the United States has been “at war”, without Declaring War, ever since.

      This is what WE DON’T SEE when we do this…. (and Rick Santorum supports this) There are now 12,000 US Troops in Libya.

      • South Carolina “Christian” Republicans are an Embarrassment to the Party and to their Faith.

        These Christian Neo-Cons BOO Ron Paul’s “Golden Rule Approach” to Foreign Policy during the debate, and yet they call themselves “Christians”? I call them Hypocrites!


        Golden Rule

        Matthew {7:12} Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

        Jesus called Christians to be PEACEMAKERS

        Matthew {5:9} Blessed [are] the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

        But the Neo-Conservative “FAKE” Christians, led by a “Secular Leader” want to KILL PEOPLE for Israel. Christians and Non-Christians are KILLED because it politically “pleased the Jews” (Israel).

        Acts {12:1} Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth [his] hands to vex certain of the church. {12:2} And he killed James the brother of John with the sword. {12:3} And because he saw it “pleased the Jews”, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)

        Oh. But Peter was “rescued” by God because he was a “TRUE” Christian. He placed his life ENTIRELY in God’s Hands.

        {12:4} And when he had apprehended him, he put [him] in prison, and delivered [him] to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people. {12:5} Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him. {12:6} And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison. {12:7} And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon [him,] and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from [his] hands. {12:8} And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me. {12:9} And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel; but thought he saw a vision. {12:10} When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord: and they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him. {12:11} And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and [from] all the expectation of the people of the Jews. {12:12} And when he had considered [the thing,] he came to the house of Mary the mother of John, whose surname was Mark; where many were gathered together praying. {12:13} And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a damsel came to hearken, named Rhoda. {12:14} And when she knew Peter’s voice, she opened not the gate for gladness, but ran in, and told how Peter stood before the gate. {12:15} And they said unto her, Thou art mad. But she constantly affirmed that it was even so. Then said they, It is his angel. {12:16} But Peter continued knocking: and when they had opened [the door,] and saw him, they were astonished. {12:17} But he, beckoning unto them with the hand to hold their peace, declared unto them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he said, Go shew these things unto James, and to the brethren. And he departed, and went into another place. {12:18} Now as soon as it was day, there was no small stir among the soldiers, what was become of Peter. {12:19} And when Herod had sought for him, and found him not, he examined the keepers, and commanded that [they] should be put to death. And he went down from Judaea to Caesarea, and [there] abode.

        But then the Non-Christians and “FAKE” Christians (Hypocrites) of Tyre and Sidon took their “Focus” off of God and looked toward the “Secular Leader” who irvariably “was displeased” with them. They “claimed” that they desired PEACE, but what they REALLY desired better “economic” conditions. The King KNEW they would “compromise” their “Beliefs” because he knew, that they knew, that “their country was nourished by the king’s country”. But God had other “plans” for the “Secular King”.

        Acts {12:20} And Herod was highly displeased with them of Tyre and Sidon: but they came with one accord to him, and, having made Blastus the king’s chamberlain their friend, desired peace; because their country was nourished by the king’s [country. ]{12:21} And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them. {12:22} And the people gave a shout, [saying, It is] the voice of a god, and not of a man. {12:23} And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.

        The HATE-FILLED Neo-Conservative philosophy has “penetrated” the Christian Church. They “play” on people’s FEARS and they “promise” better economic conditions, if, and ONLY IF they continue to “support” KILLING PEOPLE in Foreign Lands through War; thus “compromising” the “Golden Rule”. Christians SHOULD KNOW that “Conversion” to Christianity is NEVER done by “force”, but by “PEACE”. They SHOULD ALSO KNOW that people don’t become “friends” by “force”, but they become “Enemies”. The World HATES the United States because we continually BOMB and KILL them in their lands, as the World watches. And now Islam has become the “Fastest” Growing Religion across the Planet. I wonder why. Could it be that Christians have “abandoned” the “Golden Rule” that Jesus preached and that Ron Paul has invoked during the debate about Foreign Policy? You’ve got to wonder.!

        • Excellent argument Darryl!
          The ‘Golden Rule’ is the standard of conduct given to Christians to live by and to use to identify a true Christian leader!

          Some of these points that South Carolina Senator Tom Davis brought up, might help people understand Dr. Paul’s foreign policy better. Things such as, “I’m not talking about any personnel cuts” “We can have our forces anywhere in the world in 13hrs”.

          Ron Paul is a Peacemaker

  14. Here’s something we should be asking: Why are they not reporting the vote for Herman Cain?? Yes, he left the race, but his name IS still on the ballot. Huntsman quit, but they’re counting his votes. Perry quit, but they’re counting his votes. What don’t media folks want us to know?

    • Fox showed the votes that Cain received…you must be watching the wrong channel and they also showed Huntsmans votes

  15. Despite all the false propaganda propagated by the Ron Paul supporters in online forums, Newt won.

    But feel free carry on like parrots clinging desperately to your slanderous version.

    Newt 2012

    • Newt 2012

      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      If the enslaved are aware of the fact that they are enslaved, the system is practically unsustainable and there are many good examples of this “type” of slavery system in history. The enslaved have strong incentive to “rise against” their slavers and the slavers have to guard them 24/7, day and night. There are BIG expenses for the slavers just to keep the slaves calm, but the system has to break sooner or later.

      BUT if the enslaved “believe” they are free, then they have no reason to rise against the slavers, since they don’t know that there are any slavers at all. Thus, the slavers don’t have to worry about their safety and all they need to do is to make sure the slaves still “think” they are free. Such a system is sustainable for a time or until the Money runs out. The slavers have created a “system” where the slaves PAY FOR their own slavery. It’s called – BIG GOVERNMENT!

      Therefore the people are “more hopelessly enslaved”, because there is NO HOPE for them to be set free.

      As an example, we can take a dictatorship – like Cuba – and a democracy – like the USA. In Cuba, most people are angry and hate Fidel Castro, because they are aware of the fact that they are enslaved. People try to escape from Cuba and there were many attempts to kill Castro. This “system” is clearly unsustainable and the communist government will eventually cease to exist sooner or later.

      In the USA, on the other hand, people “believe” they are free. The slavers strenghten this feeling by setting up “elections” (which makes the people believe they can change something). The slavers convince the people to compare themselves to people under dictatorships. They drag people’s minds to “different problems” through media and debates. They constantly say that the “Enemy of YOUR Freedom is coming to take it away”. And the slaves will “take up arms” to fight whatever Enemy the slavers tell them to fight. The slavers know how to make the slaves do what they want.

      But when you look at the slaver’s “system” through the lens of Liberty and Freedom, you can plainly see that the slavers who run the USA have no problem in “funding” their slavery system. They have the slaves “fund” it for them.

      WE ARE THE SLAVES and we PAY FOR our own slavery. When the unsustainable DEBT ($16 TRILLION and Growing) becomes the time “when the Money runs out”, the people will then realize that they were slaves all along.

  16. I love how you left Herman Cain out of the standings even though he actually came in ahead of Rick Perry at 1.1% of the vote total. That makes no sense.

  17. Unverifiable computer voting systems such as the Diebold / Diabolical touch screen without paper trails are the real issue in this primary. Iowa worked with a completely verifiable system. New Hampshire worked with an unverifiable vote for 90% of districts reporting. South Carolina has a completely unverifiable computerized voting system, which should be the shame of all Americans. This is the final nail in the coffin of a false system. That all the candidates except Ron Paul have gone along with such a massive charade does not speak well of the Republican party. That Republican owned companies control these alterable computer voting systems and that most Republicans are not aware and those in charge are silent is a double shame. All the rest about supposed morals, character, policy etc is just for show to divert an unsuspecting public. Those in the Democratic party who stay silent are as well marked as ‘rigged’ politicians. The question which the international media is asking about the American system is whether the votes recorded are verifiable? Is there a way of cross-checking results to make sure that there is not a repeat of previous insidious programming of computers to ‘flip’ votes to previously chosen ‘rigged’ candidates. Marking our choices on paper ballots which are then counted at the end of the vote by bi-partisan or multi-party members, simultaneously scanned and reported, gives the speed of computer systems but as well a ‘paper-trail’ upon which to review errors or mischief if needed.

    • All it would take is a receipt printer attached to each machine.

      Copy 1 is torn off and used by the voter to verify his votes.

      Copy 2 rolls up inside the printer.

      End of day, a random sample (say 1 in 10) is picked and manually counted from the rolled-up “tape.”
      If it matches computer totals, this validates all is well.

      If it does NOT match, then ALL machines must be manually counted – by the tape – to obtain official results.

      Even a manual count would be simple and fast since there can be no dispute about what the tape actually SAYS. No “hanging chads” or other BS to be dealt with, nothing to complicate matters!

      Best of all, the printers needed can be had for <$100 per machine!

      So why has this not already been done?

      Who benefits from the total lack of any ability to validate results?

  18. The long history of ‘democracy’ (Greek = ‘power of the people’) among our ‘indigenous’ (Latin = ‘self-generating’) ancestors here in the Americas and around the world including every people was of Economic Democracy based in progressive ownership from youth to elder empowered in universal ownership through diverse specialized Production Societies. When Jefferson, Franklin and Adams from their own racism, sexism, slave-owning and apartheid living, wrote the Constitution, they referred to First Nations such as the Haudenosaunee League of the North-east. However they only understood the surface poitical democracy which they were attracted to. They didn’t understand the deeper Economic Democracy which they self-excluded themselves from partaking in.

  19. I am really disappointed and shocked by SC voters. I don’t understand how voting for Gingrich would be a strategic advancement for the Republican party to go up against Obama? Obviously, SC voters weren’t thinking straight or understand the meaning of constitutional rights. They don’t seem to understand foreign policy either or our economic deficit. How are we going to pay for all the “fences” along the borders or pay for war with Iran? Oil is a strategic resource we Americans need to get away from. Why Gingrich? He is not going to win against Obama.

  20. we must remember who got Obama into office. It was the young voters. The young voters as well as women are never going to vote for Newt. Mr Gingrich represents everything that the young and female voters despise. He is a old, fat, wealthy white guy with a politically checkered past.
    Making Gingrich the GOP nominee is almost a sure win for any democratic candidate.



  21. Newt won South Carolina, Paul beat Newt in Iowa and New Hampshire. Santorum won Iowa and Paul beat him in New Hampshire. In Santorum’s post primary speech, he called Newt his friend and Buddy, with a thumbs up. That means he’s kissing up for a running mate offer, so it will be Rick dropping out next and endorsing Newt. Newt will get slaughtered once he’s out of the SE USA, then he will drop out. Then it’s just Paul and Romney.

    In Newt’s post primary speech, he said Paul’s financial ideas are sound, then parroted Paul’s economic platform thereby validating Paul’s economics to Newt followers. That leaves only the foreign policy for Paul to sell, which is stop empire building and no world military occupation. That’s where the real resistance is coming from. The same entities that own the media are heavily invested in the war machine business and oil.

    If we leave all of the war zones, the amount of bombs being exploded in the world will drop by 95%. Paul is non-interventionist. That’s the same policy that 98% of the rest of the nations in the world practice. They are having big money woes, even with that policy. We wouldn’t have money woes if we pulled in everything. All the other countries would then fare better as well. So, it’s not only in our own best interest to be non-intervention, but the rest of the world too.

    If you watched Newt’s post primary speech. you will hear Newt praise Paul’s economic policy. His strategy is to try to pull Paul’s supporters to him by parroting Paul, for those don’t get it on the foreign policy. Many are saying “I like Paul’s economic ideas, but can’t agree on his foreign policy” – those are the ones Newt’s going to go after.

    In my opinion, Paul’s supporters are so fervent, that Newt’s strategy in pulling off of Paul’s support by mirroring economic policies, just won’t work. He may draw a few fence sitters, but his real supporters believe in Paul’s anti-war message, and understand that’s where the funds are coming from, for the 1 trillion budget cut, and fix broken programs. The American public is Paul’s strategy. He isn’t reliant on big biz and Wall street. Supporters are the one’s making his money happen. As long as supporters keep fueling it, he will keep on keepin’ on. In my opinion, Paul’s supporters are so fervent, that Newt’s strategy in pulling off of Paul’s support by mirroring his economic policies, just won’t work. He may draw a few fence sitters, but Paul’s real supporters believe in Paul’s anti-war message, and understand that’s where the funds are coming from for the 1 trillion budget cut and to fix broken programs.

  22. It’s amazing to me how American voters become so quickly swayed by gossip, media hype, and deep rooted prejudices instead of focusing their attention to the BIG issues our country faces. What do you personally have against Mitt Romney? I am guessing it boils down to two things: 1) He is a Mormon. 2) He is wealth. Neither of these facts in any way disqualifies him as a Presidential candidate.

    I work for a small but innovative educational company that employs about 12 people. In 2000 our company was a family owned business. They were very creative people, but unfortunately they were NOT the best business managers in the world. Our company went into receivership and almost disappeared, but three former staff members continued running the company during that low point. Within 2 years someone purchased the struggling company and inherited substantial debt. The new owner hired a CEO who happens to be Jewish. Now some of you just became inhibited with prejudice because I mentioned that our CEO is Jewish. Well within five years in an economy where school budgets are the worst they have ever been, our CEO has been able to pay off all our debt and put enough cash reserves aside to keep our company alive for one year. Next year is looking like a record-breaking year for us.

    All my life I have witnessed the sad results of politicians (Republicans and Democrats) running our country. I think it is time to give a successful businessman a chance to turn things around. This is a RARE chance to vote for a successful business leader (Mitt Romney). Forget your personal prejudices (unless you want 4 more years with Obama) and vote for Mitt Romney. Give FREE ENTERPRISE a chance for a CHANGE.

    • Butler from Colorado

      Let me get this straight…

      Since you’re touting Romney’s business experience as the “qualification” for the Presidency, are you saying that you would like a Venture Capitalist and his friends to have “control” of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve’s Printing Presses?

      You see, Butler from Colorado, that “Horse has been Ridden” ever since Bill Clinton. (sorry about the Rhyme)

      The PROBLEM is that the Government has been in the “Venture Capital” Business for quite some time now. They “stick their noses” into the Private Sector, using Taxpayer Dollars to “pick” Winners and Losers, usually for Political Gain. When the Government infuses money into the Private Sector, “Bubbles” are created, prices go UP as the “value” of our currency goes DOWN. Thus, Competition “stifles” as Unemployment goes UP as the Businesses Go-Out-of-Business. Then the Government “reacts” and Wars occur when the Recessions occur. Then “Collapses” inevitably follow and the Government, because they are so heavily “invested” in the Private Sector, must either “Bail-Out” and/or “Buy-Out” Financial Corporations, Insurance Corporations, Auto Corporations – thus forming a “Corporatocracy” or Fascism. When this occurs, (and it already has), Our Democracy – Our Representative Republic DIES.

      The Historic RESULTS of Government “Involvement” into the Private Sector have been “disastrous” to our Country and our Economy. It CANNOT be “fixed” by “going forward” with the same “approach” of Venture Capitalism by the Government, but the course of Government MUST be “Reversed” BACK down the path from which it came; BACK toward the success of “limited-government” involvement in our daily lives. The current “system” that has been “in place” since Bill Clinton was President, cannot (and will not) “fix” the Economy. It will only make things worse. Just look at the National Debt!

      Butler from Colorado – all you have to do is compare Romney’s Plan/Record to “recent history” as to what happened to our Nation since Bill Clinton. Ask yourself “why” it happened. Then you’ll see the Course that we’re on leads to Economic Collapse. Bill Clinton “started” this MESS, with Republican Help. There is NO Difference between a Republican and a Democrat in Politics today.

      When Romney starts talking about “reversing” the course of BIG Government, instead of saying the Mantra – “creating jobs to get our economy moving again”, then I’ll listen. But his “Record” shows me that he’s just another BIG Government Politician; a Businessman – a Venture Capitalist who wants “control” over the Treasury and the FED’s Printing Presses for he and his friends. I don’t care how “good” of a “businessman” Mitt Romney is, he can’t make Bread from a Stone.

      • Butler from Colorado

        I forgot to add – Ron Paul has the ONLY “Course of Action” that will “Reverse” Government and “Turn-it-Around” BACK toward the “constraints” put upon Government by our Founding Fathers – The Constitution!

        • Butler from Colorado

          I’m also curious about your company. How much of your Company’s “revenue” comes from the Educational Departments (Local,State or Federal) that is linked to the Government? And how much of your product do your produce and sell to the customers in the Private Sector? After all, our Economy is 70% Consumer Driven.

    • Darryl and Butler (from Colorado), I’ve just finished watching the Humanitarian Bombing in Libya film which Darryl has posted. The film is deep and full of information which would be the priority of any compassionate and rational people anywhere in the world. Why isn’t Mitt Romney discussing such a crucial human issue in our lives? Why is Ron Paul the only Republican presidential candidate and part of such a small group of representatives who are willing to speak these priority truths? Why do false Christians from South Carolina boo Ron Paul when he speaks the Golden Rule? I am familiar with Libya through friends who know the Green movement including Muammar Gaddafi’s unequalled devotion of African development money for Satellite systems, irrigation, orchard food production programs, disaster relief and employment, universal health care, high maternal health care, universal education, full employment, local direct democracy and a level of health and wellbeing at a world-class level. I don’t buy fully into these amazing feats there as I don’t buy fully into the poverty, diabetes, poor maternal health programs, computer-theft elections, money controlled government, excessive pollution and death rates here. However I am impressed with what the Green Movement of Libya achieved notwithstanding our active arming of Al Qaeda dissidents in that country for decades. Why is Mitt Romney so silent on these ‘economic’ issues? If he is an entrepreneur, where are his economic values? The word ‘economic’ by the way is derived from the Greek ‘oikos’ meaning ‘home’ plus ‘namein’ meaning ‘manage’ derived from ‘manus’ meaning ‘hand’ meaning ‘care and nurture’. What does Mitt know about ‘economy’? Is a trillion dollars of damage in Iraq and Afghanistan too small to talk about?

  23. Darryl, I hope for Ron Paul’s sake that the rest of his supporters are more emotionally intelligent than you, and more tolerant of their fellow Republicans. Exactly how do you expect to win people to your point of view with completely irresponsible comments like you made regarding Mitt Romney? I had respectful feelings towards Ron Paul, but another hateful comment from you will completely extinguish any such feelings. Protecting and preserving Constitutional government as it was established by our Founding Fathers is as core to Romney’s character and religion as it is to Ron Paul.

    The idea that any of the four Republican candidates would manage the money printing press as irresponsibly as the current administration is completely ridiculous. What I did say was that business leaders know what it takes to make our free enterprise economy work. Mitt Romney has the leadership skills and business sense that I would like to see implemented in Washington. I believe that Santorum and Paul would also implement very conservative strategies if elected. I am not completely sure about Gingrich.
    One thing I am certain of is that united we stand, and divided we fall. Democrats love to see Republicans like you taking cheap shots at other fellow Republicans. The only chance we have of electing someone other than Obama in November is to become united behind the best Republican candidate. And it doesn’t help our cause at all to make ridiculous attacks on each other during the primary election process.

    • Butler from Colorado

      Wake up, will you? Come out of your TV induced Coma and get your head out of the Republican Establishment’s Arse. You surely can’t be that naive. Can you? I mean, really???

      Romney and Obama are the SAME. Their Policies are the SAME. Their Campaign Donors are the SAME. They will appoint the SAME Wall Street and Federal Reserve “stooges” to the SAME Powerful Positions within their Administrations. A vote for Romney means everything will “Stay the SAME”. In case you don’t understand what that means, it means NOTHING WILL CHANGE! Geeeesh!

  24. To buffalo:
    I am a Christian woman who supports Ron Paul. I understand why you are partial to Romney. However, Darryl is right with ho’s points. Hopefully I can explain something else that may sway your vote. Romney’s religion does tell him to be financially sound, and adhere to the constitution, which is the exact reasonably Morman leaders (including the president of big lots) have endorsed Ron Paul who is a master of economics and the constitution. His record on both have been stron for 30 years.
    Also, the problem with running the country like a business is this… The main goal of a business is to make a profit. That’s not how the country runs. You have to think of it more like a non profit organization because the best you can do is balance the budget. Funds have to be allocated somewhere. If you have any left over it should go back to the tax payers to spend money how they choose and support themselves, because it is our money, not the politicians. It’s a cycle. The funds have to be despersed throughout the states, and pay for certain programs, departments, etc. right now we have not enough money and too many departments to take care of so we borrow money from china. Because we don’t cut costs it’s kind of like we took out one of those pay day loans… The kind that if you take out too many of, are impossible to pay back. Many people don’t get this. Ron Paul understands all of that and can explain it much better than I. If you utilize YouTube and search for him explaining how the economy works, I think you may understand my point much more thoroughly. Sorry i I didn’t explain well enough, it’s 2 in the morning. Please don’t be dissuade because of Darryl’s comments, he’s passionate about the cause and as a Ron Paul convert its really hard once you learn exactly how smart he is and you understand, it’s like your rose colored glasses have come off about how our country has been and sould be ran and it creates an anger from being duped for
    So long and a passion to change it.
    And Darryl, your statements are very informative, I already knew what you were speaking about, but you are spreading the message in an informative way and I give you kudos on that. One lil tip if you don’t mind (I swear I’m trying to be helpful not rude)… You could do away with all of the quotes around the words. It Messes up my reading and makes me interject and pause for every word you do it to and it’s frustrating. Lol your responses are so intelligent the quotes almost distract from how, otherwise well written they are. 🙂 thanks for your time guys.

  25. Oh crap. Between my autocorrect on my iPhone and trying not to fall asleep while I wrote, I look illiterate. Please forgive my typos. I swear I’m well-educated. Just exhausted. I’m only on the forum tonight because I’m up sick.

    • Katie

      You mentioned “You have to think of it more like a non profit organization because the best you can do is balance the budget” in relation to the Government acting like a non-profit organization balancing it’s budget.

      People really don’t understand the NEGATIVE IMPACT that the Economy would take, if balancing the budget were to be implemented onto the Government as it’s currently being run. A Balanced Budget Amendment would be fine, and it possibly could be implemented years from now, however the ACTUAL SPENDING of the Government must be cut FIRST for the Budget to Balance. It’s the BORROWING which throws the Government’s Balance Sheet completely out-of-whack. If a Politician says they can Balance the Budget, without ACTUAL SPENDING CUTS (not cuts on the proposed rate of growth), they are LYING! Thus, Ron Paul is the ONLY ONE Telling the Truth. If the Government were to implement Balancing the Budget, without cutting actual spending, then $1.3 TRILLION would immediately be “sucked out” of the Economy the second it was implemented. The Debt must first be Liquidated and Borrowing must cease. Government must learn to live within it’s means.

      And People don’t fully understand how this Government Borrowing Mechanism works. The Government doesn’t actually borrow “money” from Foreign Countries, like China. The Government actually borrows money from the Federal Reserve (at Interest) in exchange for Government Bonds (T-Bills) from the Government. These Bonds then go up for Auction with another rate of Interest and a Timeline attached. This is commonly referred to as the Terms. Investors and Foreign Countries then purchase these Bonds looking for a Return on Investment (ROI). And because Investors and Foreign Countries are scaling back their purchases of these Bonds as the Dollar becomes less of a Safe Haven, the FED is now purchasing the Bonds, essentially Monetizing the Debt of the United States.

      So, in order for the Budget to Balance, this process of Borrowing needs to cease. But in order for it to cease, ACTUAL SPENDING CUTS by the Government MUST take place. However, the Millstone that’s currently around the Government’s neck PREVENTING any kind of Budget Balancing is the OVERWHELMING DEBT. The Debt needs to be Paid Down or Liquidated. We see this Process now happening in Greece.

      Bond Holders in Greece are now being pressured to take a “haircut”. It won’t be long before they are “forced” into taking this haircut. We’ve seen this Process happen here in the United States with the Auto Industry Bail-Out. Instead of the Auto Industry going through a “Controlled Bankruptcy” through the Rules established by a Free-Market Capitalist System, they were Bailed-Out in accordance to a Socialist System and the Bond Holders were “forced” to take the Loss. Thus, Fascism replaced Capitalism and the term “Too Big To Fail” was born. Fascism is the merger of State and Corporate Powers. The Taxpayer money used to Bail-Out the Auto Industry then became MORE Debt that was heaped upon the American Taxpayer.

      All in all, the Free Market Capitalist System is Broken. In Europe, the European Economic Crisis of the Socialist system is both systemic and doomed to fail. US Banks are heavily invested in European Sovereign Debt. There are TRILLIONS of Dollars in Derivatives exposed if these European countries Default on their Debt. The Economic Tsunami created by the Default will cross the Atlantic and Collapse our Economy insomuch that will make the Economic Crisis of 2008, look like a walk-in-the-park. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE SYSTEM TO BAIL-OUT THESE COUNTRIES AND THE DERIVATIVES.

      To give you an idea for “what’s coming” to the American Taxpayer, the “Banksters” at Bank of America (BOA) just transferred $74 TRILLION worth of Derivatives to the FDIC, which is insured by the American Taxpayer.

      We should ALL be getting PREPARED – NOW!

  26. People, what is going on? You have one good and the most optimal candidate Ron Paul to be republican nominee and to be president. He is conservatist, honest, not corupt, wise, well educated, Christian, faithful husband, father of 5 actually adult children, who has aditionally the most optimal proposal for USA: to restore and to protect USA instead of caring about the rest of the world ( this caring about the rest of the world will bring USA and the rest of the world to ruin ). Is is not the only proper and optimal solution for USA? I hope so. And I think that majority of people in USA will understand it too.
    Do you think that these both corrupt, dishonest people: Mr Romney – mormon ( not Christian a some kind of sectarian), prowar and prospeculator, backed by all possible lobby of global speculators and global military lobbysts, killer of jobs. The second one- Gingrich, disgusting, corrupt, dishonest man some kind of satanist – he is mason and masonism is some kind of satanism. He is racist, prowar and prospeculators and aditionally this man supports work of children from poor families, he does not even want education for everybody. Do you think that such people are solution for your country?
    USA is great nation and great nation must have great president and Ron Paul should be the best president ever. Don’t loose this chance.

  27. I think it is funny how all the Romney supporters only cite Romney’s business success as the reason they want him for president. They don’t talk about his stand on political issues or his plans, because he doesn’t have any worth speaking of.

    Newt supporters don’t actually say anything. Other then “Love Newt” or something against Ron Paul.

    Only the Ron Paul supporters are actully talking about their candidate’s policies and stands on issues.

    Can you image what the business world would look like if businesses could have a military and invade each other? It would be pretty similiar to what the world would look like if Romney became president.

    Newt just says whatever he can to make you vote for him. He made a wonderful speech in Florida about the space program and living on the Moon and reaching Mars in the next decade, strange that he only says that in Florida and has not made any of those claims in states that don’t have a space program. What a dirt bag (I really liked his speech, almost made me want to vote for him, then I realized who it was).

    I won’t even say anything about Ron Paul, look into it yourself if you have not. Once you spend 5 minutes researching this candidate you will hop on the band wagon like everyone else does. Please feel free to debate against his policies if you would like, I would be up for that debate!!

  28. I am confused about the signifigance of these primaries. I understand that the early primaries have been forced to allocate the “winnings” (ie. delegates) proportionally while most of the later primaries are winner-take-all.

    Please post the number of delegates assigned to each candidate as part of the result.

  29. Valid observation — someone said the more you listen to Newt, the less you like him.

    And since he’s been talking endlessly, he should lose big in FL today. Without Newt in the running, Ron Paul’s message will have to be accorded greater exposure (instead of the Newt-Mitt dog-and-pony show that preempts air-time).

    Floridians — it’s up to you to make a difference today!

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