Saturday night, six GOP candidates participated in a debate sponsored by ABC News held at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. The debate was sponsored by ABC News, WMUR and Yahoo! News.

Here is the entire video in a 6-part playlist via YouTube:

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Original Air Time: Saturday, January 7th at 9pm ET / 6pm PT on ABC

Participants: Santorum, Romney, Paul, Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman

Reviews of this debate seem to trend to the negative against the moderators and the various questions.


  1. Great job with this debate ABC and the candidates made the race a ‘little’ more competitive, but not that informative.

    Enjoyed the Ron Paul and Huntsman moments.

      This was not a debate on issues that are important to each candidate, it’s contenders being controlled and forced to talk about a chosen subject. I don’t want to hear about adding jobs while not mentioning the jobs were given away along with the manufacturing rights to China. Thats an issue that would be brought up by a candidate or two in their allotted time. Most of this time was given to talking about and promoting or defending themselves on these chosen topics.

      ¼ to ? of the bottom screen with type ads and no mention on who is talking? That could be done live in the control room. Get a director that’s smart enough to add input. Get it together ABC.

      The monitors never got Santorum to apologize for his false add lib comment/joke/lie about Ron Paul “caught again Ron Perot, lying again” when the sound system went hey-wired an put out a bleep sound while Ron was speaking. What’s up directer? Who controlled the sound?
      In a National debate no less!! The monitor’s objective was to get these contenders to fight amongst themselves, not on issues. Who gave them that script, ABC? It sucks.

    • I like Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, those two are the only ones I feel are not for sale, bought and sold to corporations, special interest, lobbyist, foriegn countries, and are not war mongers, are willing to talk out problems than send our sons to be killed in a country we dont own?? Isnt Freedom important to Americans anymore?

  2. Did anyone catch that the democratic black woman commentator after the Saturday night debate spilled the beans on the WH strategy? She said something to the effect that the WH will be happy because Romney won the debate and that is who Obama wants to go against in the election because Romney is the weakest. That directly contradicts what the dems are always saying, that they fear Romney the most. Do the OPPOSITE, They WANT to go against Romney because of healthcare and they can say he is the rich 1%.

    • Sorry, but I feel like Romney’s successes in leadership with Dems in NH as well as in private business are assets. If the voters of this country cannot see the value of having someone SUCCESSFUL simply because of envy, then we deserve another Obama term.

      • Dude, Relax…are you calling Romney Successful? yes he is successfull in bankcrupting business and making money out of closing business and sending people home and making more jobs for chinese is that Sucess?

        My Definition of success is Starting Business with prime objective of making money(duh!) and in the process making jobs and not exporting them to china.

        When will you idiot Tea Party-ers will get common sense when it comes to being successfull and not racist, you guys cant support Huntsman / Ron Paul and you would call yourself GOP-ers. These are the only two guys who talks fiscal sense and true GOP value(ofcourse one cannot support ron paul on all his views). I see only evangelical and racist idiots kidnapping GOP.

        @this rate Obama is gauaranteed 2nd term, no matter how bad the economy is. Dont be like Middle Eastern country, be a Western nation and put Nation before your relegious beleifs.

    • Rush Caught this too. Here’s the article on Rush’s site:

      Donna Brazile Lets the Cat Out of the Bag: Dems Want to Run Against Romney
      January 09, 2012


      RUSH: There is a story on the Drudge Report today from Sarah Palin in which Sarah Palin says that the White House wants Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee. Now, not only did I tell you that the Broncos were gonna beat the Steelers, for months I have been telling you that the Democrats want Romney — and you all know it. You’ve been listening here and you’ve heard people call me and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, that I’m full of it, that they’re scared of Romney. “Romney is the only guy who can win.” And I have said, “No,” and I’ve stood tough, and I’ve said, “They can’t wait for him. What’s Occupy Wall Street all about but running against Romney? He’s the Wall Street guy on our roster — and then Romneycare,” and I’ve laid it all out. So here comes Palin, she says it, and makes news — and Donna Brazile has said it. This is post-debate coverage on ABC Saturday night. George Stephanopoulos, Democrat Party hack disguised as the debate moderator on ABC, had this discussion with Jon Karl and Donna Brazile.

      BRAZILE: Mitt Romney won tonight because no one touched him — and for Democrats, you know what? It was good news for us.

      KARL: Why is that?

      BRAZILE: Because we believe that the weakest candidate is the candidate that the Republicans are not attackin’, and that’s Mitt Romney.

      KARL: Oh, come on.

      STEPHANOPOULOS: No, you don’t believe that, Donna.

      RUSH: That’s Stephanopoulos. What Stephanopoulos is saying is, “Shut up, Donna! What the hell are you doing, Donna? Did you not take your meds?” That, “Come on, Donna, what are you doing? You know you don’t believe that” means, “Donna, shut up.” You know, she’s feeling her oats there. So Palin has come out say it it and Donna Brazile saying it. “Oh, yeah, the one guy not being attacked…” She practically gleeful here, and I’ll tell you why she’s gleeful. She’s gleeful because what she sees is Romney getting the nomination, so she thinks it’s okay to blow the lid off this cover now. “Mitt Romney won tonight, because no one touched him — and for Democrats that’s good news for us.” Stephanopoulos says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why is that?” “Well, because we believe the weakest candidate is the candidate the Republicans are not attacking, and that’s Romney,” and Stephanopoulos says, “Oh, you don’t believe that!” I guarantee she had a talking to. They had a talking to with her with her after this, because that’s a major faux pas. The line that’s supposed to come out of the Democrat Party is they’re scared of Romney. The line is, “Oh, no, they don’t want to face Romney. Romney is the toughest guy.” That’s the line, and they know, folks — the Democrats know that our experts are stupid enough to believe that the Democrats will be honest and tell us who they really don’t want to face. I’ll tell you who they don’t want to face when we come back.


      RUSH: The Democrats are afraid of any candidate they have sought to destroy. You can start with Sarah Palin, you can move on to Santorum. Any — any conservative who showed any interest — the Democrats set out to destroy. That’s who they’re genuinely afraid of. They are not hammering Mitt Romney at all, and Donna Brazile let the cat out of the bag. Don’t doubt me.


      • Thanks, db. It was cool to read the impressions of the Rush-ter. Butttttt, I must correct him. The One whom both, the Demo-publicans are afraid to go from head-to-head, to toe-to-toe with, is the one who has consistently been afforded the least press, debate and tv/radio airtime with which to present his message to the people has been Dr. Paul. Heck, even the Rush himself avoids mentioning Dr. Paul in your posted information and Rush consistently disparages Dr. Paul without affording Congressman-Dr. Paul the opportunity to grace his show and state his case. Rush is quick to invite “chicken-hawks, er, War Hawks” onto his show…but a real Leader and moral example?…NOT-A-CHANCE! It seems to me the Rush-ter is rush-ing mouth-first into in-credibility, disingenuity, and to proving he is not a true lexicon of the old-school values of things and beliefs that were once AMERICAN GOOD, as opposed to the current sorry state of American affairs he has so “Rush-ingly” contributed. But the Rushter is no longer fooling as many as past years. For example,they are becoming aware of his hypocrisy in regards to his drug abuse and how his money “bailed-him-out” of being held to the same legal standard typically imposed upon his Black countrymen; Lest we forget his publicized airport incident regarding sexual deviancy in the Dominican Republic, and most likely other skeletons rattling to get out of his closet. The Rush-ter is a high priced- high paid- high- bag of (fill in the blank). Bottom line, the Rush-ter has got problems in the CREDIBILITY dept.So it stands to reason that the broadcast corporations which do, with all of their baggage, would support a Rush Limbaugh whos’ well-paid mission is to contribute to the division and conquering of the American populace, and who in-turn would support a similarly-minded, equally morally corrupt individual, the likes of a Newt Gingrich. What say, ye?

  3. Performance of the moderators was atrocious. How long must we continue to allow the media to act as judge and jury?

  4. I don’t think Ron Pau is bad, I think Ron Paul is unrealistic. Newt is the man because he understands thoes who forget history are doomed to repeat past mistakes. Newt is more logical and sensible in a minute than Ron Paul has been in his life time. Just listen to what they say.

    • But that’s what im talking about, in your opinion Paul is not logical or realistic. I would like to know what he specifically says that you (and others) think is not logical or realistic. give me a topic

      • Thats the last you will hear from gerald Roger. He has no topic/issues that that the public wouldn’t like. Bring it on gerald, let’s talk about issues.

        • Im getting second thoughts about Ron Paul because so many of my friends and family say hes a nut job. But i dont want to get into a conversation about it with them so i wanted to ask people on the internet. To me Paul sounds logical only because i wrote a couple research papers for school about the bank bailouts and the causes of financial problems in this country. Another reason i like Ron Paul is because he reminds me of our nations Founding Fathers. He talks about our principles and he is for continuity — not progress. I mean compare someone like Abraham Lincoln (humble) to someone like Mitt Romney (greedy) — is this what we have come to? We might have business related problems but America is not a business, its a country.

          • I agree with u totally, the reason i support paul is because he is the only guy who wants to solve the problem from Root to the top, rather than poison it from Top to bottom ( ALL the others including Obama)

          • don’t lose your nerve. we, as a country, have gotten ourselves into a two-party disaster of a political system because of situations like the one we’re in right now. the fact of the matter is there is ONE candidate that is a strict constitutionalist. there is ONE candidate that will address both the national debt AND the cluster-f that has become our foreign policy. and, most importantly, there is ONE candidate who has consistently stood for civil liberty and personal responsibility. that candidate is dr. ron paul. you listened to your logic and you made your choice. don’t let anyone make you second guess logic. it’s all we have.

          • Thank God some people like you are actually seeing that Ron Paul is so rare and honest. I wish many more people would care this year about our country instead of just sitting on their couches, watching the sold out biased media that badmouths liberty,freedom,Peace,honesty,less government,NO TAXES, Rid DC of the corruption, Term limits on Congress(yay!),and instead read up on Ron Paul and get out and vote for RON PAUL! He is our only hope and thank God for Rand Paul because he will have to take Rons torch in the future fight for our contitutional rights. How did America get so lazy, blind and complacent? Come on people, help save our country! Ron Paul will slash Obama because Paul is a walking Constitution, Economics Wizard and he will debate Obama under the table. People will laugh at Obamas ignorance once he is up against REAL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM.

    • Yeah, what exactly is “unrealistic” about an honest person who would do the right thing??? RON PAUL IS OUR COUNTRIES ONLY HOPE! The rest of the crew are bought and paid for. Look up the things they all have done and then look up Ron Paul. If you really care about our country you can at least do that, Ron’s been campaigning for years for you, you can look up a few websites cant you and vote the way of our freedom? Is freedom still in style? Do you not like him cause he is old? Dont old people have knowledge and wisdom to make the right decisions especially if they are moral and honest? He is the only one not for sale, I guarentee you will not find another politician today that you will be able to trust except for Ron Paul and he will fix this country and we are in dire need of that.

    • newt gincrich is a crook, OMG, and a con man, bigtime. Look up “Possible Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich, The Dark Side” will tell you a list of all the many too many to write here Newt Gingrichs greedy, crooked, theiving, lying, breaking the law and getting away with it from IRS because he was 3rd in line for presidency and THE ONLY SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE THAT WAS FORCED TO RESIGN BY HIS OWN PARTY!!! This man is worse than Clinton!!

  5. I think Newt is head and shoulders above everyone else as far as knowledge and experience of getting things done.

    • Why? What about the issues that Builderberg Newt stands behind, like abolishing the Second Amendment and making handguns illegal?
      What about what he told “Meet the Press” Sunday, that he backs a requirement that every citizen purchase or acquire health insurance, a key component of President Obama’s health care law. Do you like Obamacare db? Cause that’s what Newt will get done, he’s Obama Lit.

      • Newt’s VOTING RECORD, people! google it, read it, & WAKE UP! Newt wants to get EVERY American citizen’s DNA on file with the GOVERNMENT. He WANTS MORE GOVERNMENT, not less!!!! He wants to drug screen everyone in the country that receives ANY type of government aid, which includes unemployment, food stamps, medicare–yeah your granny & grandpa, too—in other words, the POOR & the ELDERLY. Vote to get the GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES!!! VOTE RON PAUL for LIBERTY!!!

    • you have to check out all of the illegal things and immoral things that newt gingrich has done in the past. I knew there were a few but when I looked it up, there were tons of thing wrong and illegal that he has done and got away with because of his old position. Thats why his poll numbers are so low. Santorum is a scratch your back, lobby buddy guy. I looked him up also and he is a bought and paid for senator. as bad as I wanted one of these two to be honest, they are as crooked as they come. The only person ive found so far that is honest and that I actually trust is Ron Paul and I will vote for him as a republican or independent or libertarian, where ever he goes, so do I. I am sick and tired of the country for sale, war propaganda for special interest and oil, etc>>> I dont trust romney, I think he is on the take and huntsman is from money but I dont know if he is for sale also.Ron Paul serves only to help the country and I didnt think anyone still existed like him anymore. This man will get my vote no matter where he goes, so will I. He is like Abraham Lincoln and the Founders for sure. Check him out, he is amazing!

  6. We thought Diane Sawyer and George Stephanololos did a rather poor job of moderating the Saturday debate. They asked questions that they hoped would lead to provoking the candidates to tearing down one another rather than trying disclose positions and information. Stephanopolos asked a question about states rights to regulate contraception, Huntsman, Romney, Santorum and finally Paul questioned the motivation for asking that question. Media bias is rampant, we thought the candidates did a good job of not allowing themselves to be provoked into acting like buffeting buffoons.

  7. I am in agreement with the majority that Newt Gingrich is far more knowledgeable and experienced in getting things done. First of all, he understanding the ramifications of our foreign policy and what must be done to improve it. He also understands and has a lot of common sense when it comes to the economy and job creation. He knows we must close our borders to illegals and revamp our immigration system. He also understands that we must become energy efficient and independent from foreign oil. We must cut spending on foolish porkbarrel projects such as exploying the effects of a shimp running on a treadmill, or how to control the smell coming from a pig farm to name a few. He understands that we must do whatever we can for clean energy. After all we want to save our planet for future generations. I am behind Newt Gingrich l00%. Please post your thoughts on FB and email your friends with your thoughts with the understanding that they have the freedom to make up their own minds about the candidates.

    • What majority could you be talking about N.Lee Bender?
      NEWT is for increases in government size, he wants Obamacare. He voted for the government control of the Dept of Education giving us the socialistic schools we have now which teach the ethics of the New Socialist Society. It’s the bases of taking religion out of schools and teaching internationalism which is against our nations sovereignty. Newt is not following the Constitution, he wants it replaced, he’s a Builderburg. He has been a member of the Council of Foreign Nations that was started to abolish national sovereignty. He voted for GATT which controls the World Trade Organization, NAFTA and TARP. Newt voted to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. Newt wants to continue foreign aid, Obama is giving it to our enemies. Newt Gingrich is diametrically opposed to the principles of the Constitution and Ron Paul. He backs the UN, the UN backs Agenda 21, NAU and NWO.
      Who is Newt, a bad politician for us, a RINO and the majority understands that.

    • newt gingrich wasthe only speaker ever thrown out of the speaker of the house position by his republican party and ETHICS commitee and was charged with IRS fraud. GINGRICH IS THE BIGGEST CON MAN FOR SALE WHO SHOULD BE DOING TIME RIGHT NOW!!!

    • N. Lee Bender,

      Newt is NOT PICKED BY THE MAJORITY!!! NEWT IS A CROOK A WHORE, BOUGHT BY CORPS, STEALS MONEY FROM NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS AND IRS LET HIM NOT GO TO JAIL CAUSE OF HIS OLD”POSITION. OMG!!! You people are again blinded by a smooth talker, just because he spouts alot of intellect does NOT mean he is honest. He will take money from EVERYONE FOR HIS OWN GOOD!!! He is the worst of all of them! He will be worse than Obamas far left spending views, Obama care, global warming Solyntra types will control him, Clintons immoral cheating ways. Newt sleeps with other congressmens wives, thats how bad he is. He is a sleezeball!!!ewwwwww, yuck, ewwww, he is nasty!

  8. I did type a comment. It is the one above this one and I said it all in that comment. I am for Newt Gingrich. I think he is best qualified to debate Obama and to beat him.

    • What is the point of voting for someone just because you think they will win. There is no difference between Obama and Gingrich. Ron Paul 2012!

    • Ron Paul 2012!!! He is the only one that will change this country and this world! We need to vote congressmen and senators in that will abide by the constitution and start with a president that does, and thats Ron Paul. All the others are breaking the law and taking our freedom. Does anyone like freedom anymore??? What the heck is wrong with this countrys voters? Does everyone want a smooth talker with quick jokes or an honest man that tells the truth and works for the truth like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas \Jefferson. Does anyone remember what they all fought lived and died for?? Us and this country and thats what Ron Paul is doing. He wants to wake up this fat lazy complacent and blind country that thinks a smart comedic smooth talking person is telling the truth??? Why?? All the presidential candidates on the stage are all bought and paid for by rich companies, and rich foriegners and rich casino owners EXCEPT ONE, RON PAUL! The youth and military in this country have exceded the campaign donations of any pres candidate EVER FOR RON PAUL! Does that tell you anything? The youth see that he is honest also and want someone to save their country from the corrupt people stealing it from us. WAKE UP EVERYONE, THIS IS THE ELECTION TO CHANGE IT ALL I AM AFRAID. RON PAUL 2012

  9. Didn’t anyone else notice that the first thing Romney said was that the stimulus wasn’t “managed properly” Not that it was wrong to redistribute a trillion it just wasn’t managed well. You all miss the point on Romney. The establishment does not care about running against him. They know Obama is going to lose and with Romney they get another progressive to play with. Different sound same stink.

  10. Diane Sawyer was horrible! She’s incoherent. In response to her questions most candidates had to guess what she’s asking! Typically the candidates had to say “huh?” or had to ask a clarification question. Why is she still on TV?

  11. PS, I just heard George Stephanololos ask Mitt the “privacy” question. George is absolutely disgusting. What business did ABC have using a super liberal democrat like George as a”moderator” in this debate? Disgusting.

    • I think the intent of the question was to ask what the limit of states rights are into peoples personal lives – though the intent was lost and question ended up badly worded. I would point out since there had been a supreme court decision deciding states cannot outlaw the sale of contraceptives, it would stand to reason that at one point states did, or at least tried to ban the sale of contraceptives.

      Ultimately I think the candidates dodged the question so they wouldn’t have to carefully not contradict themselves in regards to abortion and ’emergency’ contraceptives.

  12. Newt’s personal & political record is shameful. He’s a CROOK, a lier, an adulterer & is the WORST person to represent “family” values. I remember his sneaky tactics in the 80’s of preaching at the pulpit in front of the cameras, but when C-Span occasionally panned the room, you could see he was doing his preaching to an EMPTY house. His next wife was probably under the podium. Newt, Mitt, Rick S., & Rick P., don’t mention it, but ALL want to take MORE of our civil liberties away by imposing more “big brother” upon us & ALL want to continue as interventionist (POLICE the WORLD) at OUR expense! I don’t know as much about Huntsman, but I like much of what he’s said here. Ron Paul is the most HONEST & CONSISTENT-follow the Constitution, return to the gold standard, RESTORE civil liberties, bring our troops home-they could be better protecting OUR borders & stimulating OUR economy, audit/END the FED, end the costly, stupid drug wars….. Ron Paul is right on a very lengthy list of things we need to change in our country, but once again, he got to speak very little about his positions. If you REALLY want TRUTH & CHANGE vote RON PAUL!!!

  13. What?… hwo can you trust Newt, He flips and flops on everything. yea he passed a lot of bills but thats only because he took it in the ass to pass it. he is not concistant with anything, and if we as ppl have a chance to make real change. we gotta go with someone we can trust.. now be honest and really weave out the most honest candidate. Ron Paul 2012.

  14. JFK really tried to warn ALL OF US.

    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” -Galileo

    JFK “The President and the Press,” before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961

    RON PAUL 2012

    • Thank you for posting this video! Everyone should watch it-they will be touched & reminded of what the press’s role SHOULD be so eloquently put by John F. Kennedy.

  15. im so happy Bachmann is not running any more..hearing her annoyed the hell out of me…although i do agree with alot of what she points out…just not the way that she delivers it.

  16. We all know the media has its vested interests, all the media channels favour one political party or other. There is no neutral media in this country. So i am not surprised with kind of moderation being done.

    Hey atleast Rick santorum and Ron Paul are given chance to speak these days…i remember debates where these guys singled out and not given any chance to speak or rebutt any chages specailly in FOX.

    Funny though Fox ran a dead news about Santorum just 3 days before Iowa caucus meeting where one of it commentator apologised to santorum and santorum was mangnanimous, SO SCRIPTED just to rekindle interest in bible belt about this Pious Candidate. LOL

      • You know, one thing I hate is the superfluous use of the term racism these days.

        What he said wasn’t racist, though it was in bad taste.

        Racism: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

        See the important part of the term “racism” is that you must distinguish a race from another in terms of superiority based on their qualities. John didn’t say anything about black people that would give you credit to call his comments racist.

        • You got it John. The term was made popular by Obama’s team because nobody likes a racist. He and his group use and spread the term in a completely wrong context. No one was racist before he got elected. The term had been dropped years before, he brought it back along with the “politically correct” term to attack those against him. I really don’t like that guy, he should be arrested now for the lies he’s told that effect our country.

        • The “ruining” of the country is describing an inferior outcome.

          The racist comment clearly blamed an agenda whose source was a race.

          It would be equally racist to say the white agenda ruins the country.

          The comment was racist.

          More importantly, simpletons are led by the Liberal/Conservative rhetoric which has no specific difference other than being divisive.

          The politicians of both parties are racketeers that play good cop / bad cop for suckers.

          • Stratus Blue said it well, I would point out the comment is racist by the definition:
            “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics”

  17. I believe DB was right-on about the WH strategy. Mr.Smiles-Romney – would be a feast for the dems. We need someone like Newt who can rough and tumble with the best of them!

  18. How is it that Ron Paul polls 2nd in N.H. after placing 3rd in Iowa, yet gets HALF the speaking time of Romney and Santorum? Given that NBC knows just how important these debates have been for voter’s views of the candidates, this is shameful.

  19. The main focus should be on JOBS and the ECONOMY. Romney is the only candidate that is willing to do something about the flood of Chineese goods coming into the US. These goods are made by a lot of the industries that used to be in the US. Romney will put a tarriff on Chineese imports to level the playing field. We can’t compete against China because they vertually have no regulations, and pay next to nothing for labor. We have to make it impossible to build things outside the US cheaper than what we can build them here. The import tarriff will do this.

  20. Is Romney tough enough and articulate enough to best Obummer? We have to win this election but it must be with a tough-talking man to stand up to this imposter!
    If Romney would smile less and show more “guts”, I would gladly vote for him.

    • Do you remember when they (Obama) started shipping our companies overseas. Our job went out the window. Where is freedom when the government starts eliminating you’re jobs? You’re not free to work because your compony you worked for is gone. They have taken away the freedom to work and took your job with it. One and the same, freedom and jobs.

      • Are you drunk Don? As much as you would like to live in that tiny little fantasy world in your Mom’s garage, jobs were being shipped over-seas long before Obama. Try sobriety and some light history reading every once in awhile and you will be able to discern truth from reality.

  21. Do you like victim-hood? Eisenhower warned of unelected powers working in government and industry to control YOU. These debates are “moderated” so that gay marriage was given as much time as an ongoing war. Moderated by unelected employees with clear loyalties and priorities which have zero to do with you. Do you enjoy being led by the nose?

    Is this just another episode of Jersey Shore for you?

    War criminals do not like to face their crimes so they escape reality. Sanctions which killed 1/2 million Iraqi children have covered you in their innocent blood. 1 person fought against them. Only he is innocent. Unlike you.

  22. Why is it only Ron Paul’s mic that gets feed back. Hard to imagine ABC wouldn’t have it together enough to fix that problem right away. seem odd. I love Ron Paul and John Hunsman seems like a good guy. I just can’t believe that Rick Santorum has really received that many votes. ??

  23. i feel like romney is a bought out rich boy that will fall in the same category as bush(god help us) if we want the constitution to mean anything ever again. or if we want the power back to the lil people and not the large corrupt corporations and lobbiest running our live we wil all VOTE RON PAUL… he is the only one that cares about u and me and this country gingrich would be good for economy but we all need to put our votes on paul… he is the only one that will not bend or break and will uphold our rights and the constitution.. with out paul we will continue to spiral out of control until there is nothing left of our once great nation and we are called new china.. this country has went down hill since the 60s with only lil bits of hope in the 8 years clinton was in.. its time we stop looking at relegion, or who is a better guy or speaks better and also set aside our thought of democrat and republican and vote for the guy that wants to give us our rights and country back!! it is sad that half the voters just listen to fox news and cnn for there perspective and our blind sheepel with no idea of what is really happening that is how bush got in and how romney probably will to.. TRULLY SAD, just wish we could get someone like paul in power to return us to our glory days and give back our rights and freedoms… VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT..for all our sakes PLEASE..

  24. who cares who is unfaithful to wife there religion if they are good for family values or if they are conservitive or not who cares about religion or wat they believe or dont.. that is wat got us here bush was a family man very conservative and a GOD fearing man but look wat he did to our country.. BY FAR THE WORST PRES EVER.. he should be tried for war crimes and hung.. we need honest trusting caring and knowledgable with a strong backbone and willing to do what it takes to make the people in this country flourish again.. and that is NOT romney or obama the only one that will set things right is RON PAUL and if we dont support him we may never get another man like him to run now is the time my fellow americans to stand up say enough is enough and we are sick of it.. vote ron paul in and get our country back,our rights back, our freedom back, and have the constitution which our fore fathers built this great nation around actually mean something again!! everything that has happened in the last 12 years is unconstitutional and is an outrage.. and we are now the MOST corrupt country in the world.. we have to change or we will crumble like all the great nations before us dating back past the roman times.. we have to care we have to do something we must vote for RON PAUL or our freedoms and liberties are dead…

  25. When was the last time you can recall an economic boom? I like Gingrich, but I think the balanced budget line is disingenuous. As speaker of the house, exactly what was done that contributed to the economic boom? I know Al Gore had a lot to do with inventing the internet, did Gingrich do the same? Seriously, if he detailed which initiatives he led and how they contributed to the economic boom, then I could be convinced he knows something about economics.

    Politifact has this debunked as a half-truth:
    “Even so, simply being speaker during the surplus years doesn’t mean that the balanced budget was his doing. He pushed for it, yes. But other factors like Clinton’s 1993 tax increase — which Gingrich opposed — were at work, too. And our experts agreed that a booming economy, generating millions more revenue, was the single most important factor, and one that no politician can take credit for” []

  26. I love how they try to write off Ron Paul’s supporters as, “the internet echo chamber”, or “alot of young supporters.” So the majority of people intelligent enough to navigate the web support Ron Paul? I guess the people we should be listening to are those who can’t figure out how to blog. All these warmongers are making millions off the “support our troops” merchandise alone…if you really want to support our troops, why don’t you listen to them? Ron Paul received more campaign contributions from ACTIVE DUTY military personel than all the other GOP candidates and President Obama combined. The people have spoken! US Citizens and troops alike want Ron Paul! The only questions that remain are; 1. Will the American people force the media to do their job, or hold them accountable for the obvious bias they hold against Dr. Paul? 2. If the media does acknowledge the voice of the American majority, and starts treating Dr. Paul fairly, are the mechanisms of corporate control going to fail, and allow an honest election? Judging from what I’ve seen so far, regarding the potential fraud in the Iowa Caucus’, I must admit I am downhearted, with little hope for a true, honest, democratic election. When 80% of the people I talk to support Ron Paul, and I can’t find a Romney supporter for miles…I CAN’T (it’s impossible) believe the polling data being forced down my throat by the corporate media. The disconnect between the moderators/experts/insiders, and the actual crowd of American citizens is so vast, it’s obvious the media is pushing a different point of view than the average American. In our support of Ron Paul this year, we need to keep our whistles ready, and an eye on the counting and recording of votes. I can promise you, the only way Ron Paul loses the 2012 election is via voter fraud.

  27. These questions were so horrible, almost no time spent on the important topics. Most of this should have been about economy, creating jobs and cutting spending.

    • The important topics are the Constitutional issues, Ron Paul has the popular stance on all the issues, follow the Constitution, the monitors have to keep the issues out of the debate and force the candidates to stay with their idiotic talking points. All the candidates except Ron Paul are happy to argue anything but Constitutional issues.

      We don’t need or want talking monitors, just a timekeeper to allow each candidate talking on his own points the same amount of time.

  28. Santorum: We tried so hard not to spend so much money but it just happened and the only thing we could do was raise the debt ceiling. REALLY!?!?! The longer we let the cannons run loose in Washington, the worse it will get…we gotta bite the bullet and pay for our sins, our beligerance America…it’s gonna get worse because we let it go on for far far too long – don’t make any more painful than it has to be, just pull the tape and get us back on track! ~ Give us a chance to restore our integrity around the world and balance our budget…VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

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