Following Saturday’s GOP debate on ABC, NBC will be airing a GOP debate Sunday morning beginning at 9am ET as a special presentation of their Meet the Press broadcast for 90 minutes. This debate is sponsored by NBC News and facebook. This will be airing live in the morning but you’ll be able to watch replays shortly following the broadcast if you miss it.

Full Video: (80 minutes)

Original Air Time: Sunday, January 8 at 9am ET/PT on NBC and 9am ET / 6am PT on MSNBC

Participants: Santorum, Romney, Paul, Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman

Report from WCSH:

Politicians wouldn’t get very far without being social. So it makes a lot of sense that the most social medium of 2012 is also where the candidates will be debating this weekend. Facebook, in a partnership with NBC News and Meet The Press, will host the first social media presidential debate this Sunday. We spoke with host of “Meet The Press”, David Gregory, about why it was important to team up with Facebook, the biggest name in social media.

“Look, it’s a great opportunity for us to do something that we try to do on the program a lot which is recognize that while we’re having a conversation, on Meet The Press, there is often a conversation going on digitally, where people are watching the program and connecting in real time and making judgments about the answers and the guests. So this is an opportunity, in the course of a debate to say — hey, we’re out here connecting to each other via Facebook. We have questions for the candidates. And by the way we can react real time to how the debate is going and get our voices heard in the middle of the debate by connecting directly with us. So the partnership from that point of view makes great sense.”

Leading into this debate, Facebook has been carefully gauging the mood of voters in both Iowa and New Hampshire, but also across the country. By using Facebook, users have been commenting on the Meet The Press page and asking exactly what they want to see in the debate. Also they’ve been talking with each other too as they post comments.

Following Saturday night’s debate, it will be interesting to see what themes spill into Sunday morning and the argument shapes up. If you miss this broadcast in the morning, NBC usually makes the replays available almost immediately following the broadcast so you should be able to watch it Sunday afternoon.