Iowa Republican caucuses, January 3, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage
Rick Santorum 29,839 24.56%
Mitt Romney 29,805 24.53%
Ron Paul 26,036 21.43%
Newt Gingrich 16,163 13.30%
Rick Perry 12,557 10.33%
Michele Bachmann 6,046 4.98%
Jon Huntsman 739 0.61%
No preference 147 0.12%
Herman Cain 45 0.04%
Buddy Roemer 17 0.01%
Total: 121,394 100.0%

See Update Below

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney barely beat our former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for the top spot in Iowa on Tuesday. The counting went into the wee hours of the morning down to a handful of votes.

Report from the Des Moines Register:

Rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum waged a down-to-the-wire battle for the Iowa Republican caucuses Tuesday, but shortly after 1:30 a.m. today, Romney was declared the victor by eight votes.

Romney won 30,015 votes, compared with 30,007 for Santorum, out of 122,255 cast.

Each of the men won 25 percent of the vote and proclaimed victory.

Ron Paul was third, followed by Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman.

Romney’s campaign strategists had carefully staged expectations to persuade the public and media that the former Massachusetts governor could emerge strongly from Iowa with a close second- or third-place finish.

Romney nearly avoided campaigning in Iowa for the most part so this will be a big victory for him. Rick Santorum came from single-digit numbers into almost winning the whole thing which certainly creates a new dynamic in the race.

Major Update

After a recount, the Iowa Republican Party has now stated that Rick Santorum was the actual winner of the Iowa caucuses.


  1. Ron Paul supporters (including myself) were a bit too optimistic with our chances.

    Thankfully, Dr. Paul never said he’d be 1st or 2nd. He treats this as a victory.

    Three winners and one on coach: Gingrich

    • @chad, Dont worry man, I’m a Ron Paul supporter as well, personally i find it very fishy, how Ron Paul was leading Iowa like a day before the results and all of sudden, Santorium jumps out of nowhere? and Romney who was down six percent jumps ahead? The GOP establishment is doing everything they can to keep Ron Paul from winning.. so keep your head up.!

      • I find it fishy how Ron Paul supporters can look at polls before a CAUCUS and think, if they didn’t turn out just like they thought they would, that there must be some conspiracy to deprive the brave Dr. Paul of his rightful win. My take: Paul placed third because he REALLY DID get fewer votes than two other candidates. How’s that for a stretch?

        • it doesnt matter the counted votes. what matters is the electoral votes and that was a 3 way tie between romney santorum and paul. each got 7 electorals. so this was a great win for ron paul. he basically tied for 1st.

          • Such political geniuses here. You made this comment 7 days ago and no one has corrected you yet. The primary does not determine the number of electoral votes a candidate gets. Primaries determine the number of delegates a candidate has representing him at the convention where the Presidential nominee is selected by each party based on the candidate with the most delegates. The Electoral College is made up of Electors assigned by each state. The Electors actually elect the President and Vice President in an indirect election. Americans do not directly elect the President or Vice President as they do their Senators and Representatives. Iowa has 7 Electors.

        • Then explain this.
          Watch youtube vid:
          The Iowa Caucus: Fake “Surges” And Republican “Machine” Election-Fixing Robs Ron Paul Of Victory
          2 days before the vote , they said they would give Ron Pauls Votes to Santorum.

        • well we all see your point but it is a little fishy and i guess we all dont see eye to eye on this subject ! but in our minds(supporters of raun paul) we can see the default in the votes and how it seem the goverment trys so hard cause we relise how great of a candadate he is and how much he is neglected from the news and everything ! i was on youtube yesterday and they had taken down some of his videos of his speeches! it does seem a little unushal! and we dont jump to conclusions if anything u are impnling the wrong thing about what we are saying! also you ignorance to what is relling happning shows a lot in what u type, u just told us how much u relly know about the subject to not have looked up online befor u typed tha astronomicly rude message! i tink u should just keep your thoughts to yourself and off the web when others think todaly diffrent things and u might just affend people! Thank you just explayning to u how it feels to be served!!!!

      • Ron Paul? Please …. most likely went to bed at 8pm. 76-77 years old? The last time we had a 77 year old president was Ronald Reagan 3 years in his 2nd term. TOO OLD!

        • – After World War II, Winston Churchill was re-elected as Prime Minister of Great Britain at the age of 76 years, retiring at 80 as one of the most revered political figures of his country’s history.

          – Golda Meir became the 4th Prime Minister of Israel at the age of 70.

          – Charles de Gaulle served as the President of France until the age of 79 years old.

          – Konrad Adenauer, “Der Alte” (The Old One), was elected as the first Chancellor of Germany at the age of 73 years old, leaving office at the age of 87.

          – Nelson Mandela was elected as President of South Africa at the age of 77 years old, retiring at the age of 81.

          – Eamon de Valeria was 76 years old when elected President of Ireland. He was re-elected (by the slimmest of margins) at the age of 84!

        • Many cultures revere their elders, and are a source of great wisdom. What does age matter when the person is clearly intelligent and has a better grasp of the realities of politics than most? Listen to the candidates, and look at their track record. That should be all you need to decide.

      • since when was Ron Paul leading? Romney was leading prior to the caucus. I am a Ron Paul supporter, and regret comments like yours that lead the public to believe that doctor Romney is losing votes. His campaign is nothing, if not gaining support!!

      • Watch youtube vid:
        The Iowa Caucus: Fake “Surges” And Republican “Machine” Election-Fixing Robs Ron Paul Of Victory
        2 days before the vote , they said they would give Ron Pauls Votes to Santorum.

    • As an Iowan – there is no way we should be the first in the nation. Ron Paul is too old!!You have to get real!

      • @Brian Far, or is it Brian Near? Who are you to tell people to get real when you can’t even use your real name? Are you afraid of being recognized? or just afraid of being honest? Age is a number. That number represents length of experience in living. Why wouldn’t Americans want a president with more experience? I don’t care what age our president is, but I do want a president who’s honest. There’s only one candidate who is honest.

      • Brian, that would mean you are too young to have a valid opinion. So have your mommy make you some warm milk and tuck you into bed. You have no idea what you are talking about if your selection of a presidential candidate is based on an age number. Very ignorant my friend.

    • Chad, I find it interesting that Santorum and also Gingrich, by his intent to team with Santorum, are saying….
      “One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a Libertarianish right. They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. That is not how traditional conservatives view the world… There is no such society that I am aware of, where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.”
      W O W ….. It makes me wonder which country’s ideals and foundations do these two guys want to impose on America? Santorum is attacking “the Pursuit of Happiness” of the Declaration of Independence!! Geez… He is DIRECTLY attacking the very idea of the “Pursuit of Happiness”? It’s the fundamental idea of America! And, now, they are criticizing “the pursuit of happiness”??? OPENLY !!! Santorum is saying that the pursuit of happiness is harming America.
      He wants to regulate society, he wants government in the bedroom, he wants government in our religious life.
      Both Santorum and Gingrich are a mixed bag of BIG GOVERNMENT conservatives. I shake my head in amazement!

    • Watch youtube vid:
      The Iowa Caucus: Fake “Surges” And Republican “Machine” Election-Fixing Robs Ron Paul Of Victory
      2 days before the vote , they said they would give Ron Pauls Votes to Santorum.

  2. So now instead og looking forward to the voting for our Titanium Lady we will be diciding between what my son calls a game show host or the man who supported the party traitor, Allen Specter and voted for funding of abortion.

    Sad day Iowa, who always follows the media to know who to vote for, has foisted upon us.

    • Really? Really?! This is why the left winged media pokes fun at Republican voters and it makes me cringe when they’re right. If we’re going to post, let’s use spell checker (oF, dEciding), use proper grammar (between WHO my son calls), and the correct names of political figures (ARLEN Specter.)

      Thanks for playing…try again!

      • At no point did you even come close rebutting Patricia. Assaults on grammar and spelling do not refute a thing, nice deflection though…
        Thanks for playing and please do try again…

        If you are going to be a grammar Nazi you should make sure your own is flawless prior to posting. Take a look at your last sentence, your kind makes me laugh…

  3. The problem with this article is that Iowa isn’t a direct democracy state. The citizens votes don’t count. The people elected as delegates after the caucus put in the votes that mean something. To make things short, Iowa has not picked how it is going to vote yet.

    Also, I would like to point out that the caucuses have a history of not voting popular vote. This actually happened during last election in 2008.

    @Chad Ron Paul supporters aren’t too optimistic. The GOP sent messages to the Iowa caucus to favor candidates other than Ron Paul; threatening that Iowa wont get the first round of GOP picks next time if Dr. Paul wins.

    Ron Paul wont be allowed to win, if he does make it past the false media adds and voting fraud than I’m sure he would be headed down Kennedy’s path.

    I’m not saying to not vote for Ron Paul… I will be myself; I’m just saying we are past the point of recovery. We are told what to do and who is going to lead us, we are not free.

    • I agree completely with what you’ve said, but I am more hopeful that Ron Paul will be the nominee than you are. We have 21 more Primaries to go, and Romney only just won the first vote-binding Primary from his own state; a tiny state at that. I’m hoping Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and ready to finally do something about this cesspool that was once the greatest country.

      Unfortunately you have a strong point about Ron Paul following the same path as JFK; since it has been speculated that JFK was in part assassinated for trying to close down the non-federal reserves (I can’t bring myself to capitalize such a corrupt legalized mafia cartel.. that is indeed not even really federal.

      I encourage you, and others you know, to begin saturating the internet with YouTube videos endorsing Ron Paul; as well I will be doing this, too.

  4. As a democrat/moderate I’m sad that Jon Huntsman isn’t showing better. Though I don’t agree with Patrica’s choice of Bachman, I do find that it is a game show: who can be the most egregiously ridiculous and sensationalist, and win on nonsensical and unsupportable party rhetoric. Remember that the winner will represent all people in this country – Republicans, Demoncrats and Independents alike, AND he/she will represent our country internationally. We don’t need a sensationalist partisan idealog for that job, we need someone who can walk the walk and can negotiate, compromise, and get things done in the interests of the majority. Huntsman is the only one on that side of the fence who has demonstrated an ability to do that.

  5. I personally think the caucus is flawed and run deceitfully. I am thankful GA is a primary state. Despite what the GOP and media have to say about Ron Paul he has a HUGE support system. Lets see if the people of this country are wanting a real change like Paul can give or if they want the country to keep failing like Paul predicted.

  6. Ridiculous. I like Ron Paul’s views on a lot of subjects, but its his hardcore supporters that turn me off. A bunch of whiny conspiracy theorists. Ron Paul doesn’t have “a HUGE support system”. He has a bunch of round-eyed, role-playing, twenty-something fanatics who find it “cool” to stump for the guy who warns you about “the man” coming to get you in the middle of the night.

    He cannot win the GOP nomination. Don’t like it? Join another party. Everyone hates the two parties, but are too lazy to support other parties. The Repubs have their agenda. If you don’t support the agenda, then join another party. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a political party built around folks who agree with the political philosphies of the party platforms. Don’t like it? Join another party.

    • I’m a hardcore Ron paul supporter and I’m not a whiny conspiracy theorist nor am I a round eyed role playing twenty something. I’m a 39 year old life long Republican who has closely followed politics since I was in high school and have finally found a candidate that is worth supporting.

      Ron Paul does have a huge support system and wouldn’t have been able to have the success he has without it. No other candidate has to fight the never ending onslaught from not only the media but the establishment in his own party. It is only through a massive grassroots campaign effort that allows him the success he has. Look at the list of donors to Mitt Romney and you’ll see a list of big bankers but look at Ron Paul’s donor list and you’ll see individual American’s many of which are active duty military. In fact Ron Paul received more donations from active duty military than ALL of the other Republican candidates combined. The active duty troops must like his foreign policy.

      As for your comments about “the man” coming to get you in the middle of the night you would do well to educate yourself about the history of the United States especially as it pertains to our rights and then take a look at what Congress the President and the courts have been up to lately. With bills like the Patriot Act and the Recent NDAA your rights are being thrown out the window and the infrastructure for a police state is being put in place. Do you Really think that America is The Land Of The Free and The Home of The Brave? Hard to feel free when your getting your nuts crunched by TSA just because you wanted to go on a vacation.

      If you really want Ron Paul and his supporters to leave the Republican party you must be a Democrat. Not only does Ron Paul espouse the Republican ideology of a smaller less intrusive government better than any other candidate, he is the only candidate that understands the current situation that the US is in and the only candidate that is offering real solutions to get us back on track. If the Republicans put up another inept candidate against obama like they did last time they’ll be getting the same result. Ron Paul offers real solutions to real problems and is the only GOP candidate that can pull a huge number of independents and crossover Democrats in the general election. Don’t like it and watch the party lose.

      • If you have only just “finally” found Ron Paul, then you haven’t been following politics as closely as you might think.

        I am not a Democrat, nor do I subscribe to the Republican mantra of legislating morality and the schoolyard bully mentality of kicking the snot out of the little guys around the world to demonstrate our dominance of the universe. I am a conservative who subscribes to many of the views that Ron Paul espouses, even though I am realistic enough to know that he would not make an effective leader.

        Although my post attacked his hardcore supporters (and rightly so), the point was simply that rather than whining about the “Republican establishment” being so mean to him, he should do what his positions make so obvious…be an independent. Its ridiculous to think that the party platform must conform to him rather than him (who chose to join the established party with platforms) conforming to it.

        I’d be more than happy to see the Republicrats go the way of the dodo bird. They’ve outlived their useless usefulness. But they are what they are, and I, unlike Paul loyalists, understand that they are who they are and I should continue my support for independent candidates who are not beholden to the political machine that thinks catchy soundbytes and attractive actors are all that is needed to win votes.

        Paulists are conspiracy theorists. Everyone is out to silence them. The media, the parties, the religious right, the lobbyists, the list goes on. Buddy Roemer wasn’t invited to the debates. Ron Paul was. Maybe his enthusiasts should appreciate the attention he does get and realize that his following is not organized enough to get out the vote rather than sit on the couch and whine about how nobody is smart enough to “get it”.

        One last sassy comment, you claim Ron Paul espouses the “Republican ideology of smaller, less intrusive government”. Since when has the Republican party supported any such things? Your previous points about the legislations they have supported are just a few of the big government, neo-conservative views the Republicans hold. The Republican party is NOT conservative, and if Ron Paul is a true conservative, he should not be running under their banner. He knows it, you know it, and I know it. But he also knows that the only way to get the incredible amount of attention he has been getting is to take advantage of their political machine.

        • So to paraphrase: your point is that he should run as an independent, but he doesn’t because he needs it for attention and to raise money(which is a fact you and he acknowledges). You like Ron Paul, but you dislike his supporters because they’re so cliché, and you dislike the Republican party and want it to die out. You really don’t have a point. As for the Republican ideology of smaller, less intrusive government never existing… You ever hear of a guy named Ronald Reagan?

          • No, your paraphrase is incorrect. I’m saying if he chooses to run as a Republican, that’s fine. But don’t then turn around and whine about the “rules” you agreed to play by when choosing them. I haven’t heard Paul whine about…but his hardcore supporters do.

            I don’t care if the Republican party dies out. They are now the party of neocons and I wish them well. I’m saying that I am not going to whine about the candidates that choose to associate themselves with that party. Instead I will support candidates that are not beholden to the party’s big government ideals. I acknowledge the fact that Paul cannot be nominated by that party and yet he chose to run under their banner for political expediency. Something his supporters fail to recognize.

            It’s the difference between being a realist and being a whiny conspiracy theorist as hardcore Paul supporters are.

            And I don’t wish to get into a debate over the party of 30 years ago. But I agree that Reagan himself was a small government conservative. We obviously need another topic thread to dive into the party platforms before, during, and since Reagan. To make it easier, I’ll change my question from “when have they ever been” to “how are they now” the party of smaller, less intrusive government?

        • Ron Paul running as a Republican is hardly an argument, and yes we get it. The rest of your post is conjecture. I’m tired of people like you trying to spin nothing into something; you completely reflect what is wrong in our government and in our society.

          Debating for us is an argument for you, and you’re not worth the time, because know-it-alls never can learn.

          • Who are you targeting, Jenny?

            It’s tough to tell not only because you didn’t include the name of the person you are attacking personally, but because your post is such a random, drive-by, unrelated attack.

        • I certainly don’t agree with you.
          Ron Paul for over two decades has consistently and very cogently been presenting his case that this government has run way off the path of what the writers of the US Constitution, the most sublime document, perhaps ever written, ever intended. Since 1917 when the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. came into being, and since getting our US currency off of the gold standard, our country has had these recession cycles and financial bubbles. JFK recognized this and actually signed the order to end the Fed. Days or weeks later he was assassinated, though I personally don’t know by who. Lyndon Johnson immediately scrapped JFK’s order and here we are decades later. Here is an overview explanation of why we need to End The Fed to restore sound monetary policy:
          90% of this animation is true and well documented. 10% is a bit of conspiracy theory drama, nevertheless. Furthermore, if you listen to Ron Paul’s congressional speeches, it will blow you away at how sharp and perceptive and economically educated Ron Paul is. NOTHING he says comes even close to conspiracy theory, for example:
          I vote in California RON PAUL 2012.

  7. People who think polls are the end all be all of elections, must be dumb enough to think Ron Paul can actually beat Obama. He can’t, Obama would clean his clock. Wake up Republicans. I love Ron Paul, but we need to be realistic about what we can get done. Romney is more moderate therefore more likely to get the independent vote in the general election; and the most likely to win democratic votes.

    • tim- you cannot be serious! romney is not that different from obama, r u paying any attention? romney will spend, spend, spend, he will say anything to please the GOP and he will run left if he gets elected. He will fix the economy? Please tell me you are joking, he will be the next Hitler with his American has to run the world war propoganda, he will start a war with iran and china probably at same time, he’s crazy dangerous, RP can win and will win so vote for him! I’ve been GOP my whole life but couldn’t stand john mc let’s go to war please please please mcain, so I actually voted obama, worst mistake ever, I should have written in paul to prove a point. GOP has to vote paul , because if romney gets it, RP will go 3rd party and he will do very well, romney will lose it will be between obama and paul, mark my words. He can’t say that he is thinking of running 3rd party , because then all the dependents won’t come over and register republican and vote for him, he is going to try for GOP and get all the support up and if he doesn’t get it, he will be ready to rock as a 3rd party, he will have no choice, all of us supporters will basically make him go 3rd party, just my opinion and prediction, but please, please, please , don’t vote for mit for cryinng out loud!!

  8. I don’t know how you can say that the Iowa Caucus is flawed and run deceitfully. I live in IA and participated last night. I listened to the presentations from those who wished to speak for their candidate and wrote the name of my choice on my ballot. The ballots were collected and the results were announced to the group. The whole process took about an hour.

    I received no messages from the GOP to favor other candidates over Ron Paul under penalty of losing our current first in the nation caucus position. I was free to write any name on the ballot that I wanted to.

  9. Take off the tinfoil hats. There were candidate observers at each step of the way. More Mitt Romney supporters showed up than for the other candidates.

    Deal with it.

    Mitt will beat Obama, nobody else can.

    check rasmussen Mitt 45% Obama 39% … Newt 39% Obama 49%

    • Get a clue girl. A lot will happen when Ron Paul finally gets an opportunity to debate with Obama. It takes more than 60 seconds to explain an idea that is unfamiliar to people, and most of his ideas are (sadly). The current polls simply indicate what people are currently aware of, and that changes dramatically. There is not enough difference between Mitt and Obama to vote him out, and even if there were, you would only get more of the same (a puppet). Listen to what others think, but in the end, think for yourself!

  10. how can you say ron paul is to old he has seen this county “which is in dire need of changes” from ever angle in his years this gives him the best perspective
    he is the only canidate to not change his views to give the people what they want to her and he has the media stone walling him
    he has more backing from the troops then any other canidate ever
    and he won our district in dyersville i would like to know how many others he won from the rest of you

  11. i am a stanch democrat and will vote for obama over any republican candidate unless its ron paul… so if ron paul doesn’t win the primaries… obama… will be taking my vote… and i’m not the only one who thinks this way… many of my colleagues who would never vote for a republican would love to vote for ron paul

    • @Dimanche, you know Ron Paul and obama are complete opposites? If anyone from the republicans, it should be Romney, becasue he is the most moderate.

      • If Obama believed anything he said during the campaign in 2007, he’d basically be the Democrat equivalent of Paul. Except the fact he’s never supported limited government.

        • Ron Paul is the complete opposite from Obama and the complete opposite from what Obama promised when he ran. Ron Paul believes in less federal government (almost none). Obama believes the federal government should control almost everything (health care, SS, education, etc ….) and backs the federal reserve ….. . Anyone who thinks Obama is anything like Ron Paul is clueless.

  12. All I can say is go to Ron Pauls website and read about his views on all the different subjects. Tell me when you are done if you care whether he is 70 or 80 or 20 years old. For me, I like everything he says. If everyone does a little research and makes up their own mind then it doesn’t matter what the media or other Republicans say. I like what he has to say and thats why he gets my vote.

  13. Wow, you’ve got me a little confused. I’d love Ron Paul too. But I assume drown Obama in the depths of the sea with a millstone. I’m a republican but would vote a democrat if he was the right candidate. Staunch anything is thick headed and shallow. Wake up and recognize that Obama is an imposter and a global world government socialist commie.
    You sound bi-polar. Ron Paul or Obama? I’m for Romney. Don’t care about the boring personality and flip flopping. I believe he is the man to fix the economy and that’s what we need. I believe he can do it and will carry out every promise he makes to his best ability. America forgets, we are voting for one third of the power of our government. Not a King!!

    • the Presidency is not a third of the government anymore. It’s 60%.

      Romney is Obama 1.5 (not even 2.0)

      He will accomplish nothing he sets out to do, and according to the EXPERTS (non-partisan) – his economic plan adds $600 billion to the deficit.

      He is not fiscally conservative, he can not control Congress and he would cause a Progressive rebirth in the 2014 elections should he become President. Gd forbid!

      Ron Paul 2012 or Obama Second Term. It’s that damn simple.

  14. Oh shut up with this too old non sense. The older you are the more wiser you will be. Why do you think he attracts the youthful EDUCATED crowd so much? Why not give him a chance? His plans for our budget make sense and foreign policy is amazing. We as Americans have no right at all to encroach on the land of other nations and not expect retaliation. It’s like attacking a person for little or no reason and expecting him or her to not do anything, it’s preposterous. But God forbid someone did something to us the U.S, we will blindly fight endless wars if we were ever harmed. Call me anti american or whatever you want but Dr.Ron Paul knows his stuff. Just give the man a chance, it cant possibly get ANY WORSE unless the dollar collapses which Dr.Paul won’t allow. RON PAUL 2012. PLEASE GIVE HIM A CHANCE.

  15. I’ll take Romney 1.5 over Obama. If Ron Paul runs as a third party we hand Obama the white house. Sometimes we need to act for the better good.

  16. As a fiscially conservative, social liberal Democrat; I have voted Democratic in every presidential election since I was 18 due to the crazy social nut jobs the GOP always puts out. It’s definately not that I wouldn’t vote GOP, I would in a heartbeat if they let go of their socially conservative, down your throat, I’m going to tell you exactly how to live your personal life adgenda. Ron Paul is actually the first GOP candidate that would take my vote away from the Democrats and I know there are many other moderate Democrats who feel this way as well. Look at his website and you will find he is the only candidate with a specific plan to get the country out of the debt mess we are in. He is the only candidate with a line item budget on his site with specifics on what he would cut and what departments he would eliminate. The rest of the GOP give false hope in “grand vague fixes” that will never become law of the land.

    It’s hard for people to really think and imagine as it hasn’t really occurred in the lifetime of many people today, but the government is already preparing to protect the establishment from revolution by the people. I’m not talking revolution tomorrow here, but the day is quickly approaching that we do really become a police state. Back in 1933 the president–then roosevelt–signed an executive order requiring all citizens to hand over their gold to the treasury. The governemnt thereby confiscated everyones “real” assets in return for paper funny money that only works when people are gullible enough to believe in the paper (which really isn’t worth anything to wipe your butt with). It’s the belief that it’s worth something which gives it worth. Gold, silver, etc are real assets that the governement cannot actually manipulate. They can’t create more out of thin air like paper money. Why do you think the price of hard, real assets are the price they are today? It’s because the value of the dollar is crap due to the endless printing of the money out of thin air. I really do feel sorry for those who will be on the short end of the governments tricks when it all comes to light–which, by the way, will be too late to do anything about when you know something is going on. The government is already slowly making it more difficut to move money around–especially out of the country. Have you ever tried to open an account out of the country? It’s a nightmare already. Eventually you won’t be able to get your money out of the US thereby keeping you here where they have full control over you. Conspiricy? No. The government is just like any other “being”, it will keep itself alive in any way it can just like the rest of us. I don’t believe in conspiracies, but do have an idea what happens when the people turn against the establishment because their governments are broke and rob their people. One only needs to look to the middle east, riots in greece, etc to see this today.

    These are the reasons we need someone like Ron Paul who has a hard line fiscal plan to get us back closer to a “gold standard” similar to what Regan experienced when Paul Volcker was chairmen of the federal reserve. Though we weren’t on the gold standard, Volcker’s policies where very similar to being on a gold standard. Ever see what happened to the price of gold the day/year the US went off the gold standard? Look it up and see for yourself. I’m not saying we need to be on a gold standard as it can tie the hands of government from helping, but getting our financial house back in order and as close to a gold standard as possible allows for a more prosperous society and allows government to step in and help when needed.

  17. I find it strange how everyone who comments on the internet is a Ron Paul supporter like me. Why doesn’t he win the caususes? I guess the only people on the internet all the time are paul supporters. BTW straw polls are never accurate just like the exit polls for elections. Only the people that care strongly enough to take a survey take them. Always non responders. When Paul wins or loses a straw/ exit poll doesn’t mean that is the way it turns out when the votes are counted. There are more people then people think brain washed by the media. I can’t get my dad to support paul because he thinks the muslims will band together from within our own country and destroy us. Apparantly they won’t if we keep attacking the middle east I guess. Logic in arguments with these kind of people is non existent.

  18. The Republicans and Democrats work for the same system. When listening to Ron Paul, you get the feeling there is someone actually in there not working for the system, but instead for the american people and their freedoms.

  19. Griffy….r U kidding me? Why don’t we just elect you president, seeing that you know all that stuff and can predict the future decisions of a president. I actually know Mitt Romney. I used to be for John Huntsman (I know him also), and I would take Ron Paul as well, but Mitt Romney is the best poised to beat O.
    Sorry, I’d listen to you more if you hadn’t voted for Obama. But in light of that fact, im assuming your deceptible along with the other millions of Americans that have their head up their butt and can’t sniff out truth if it slapped em right in the face.
    I pegged O as a con the first time he opened his mouth. And I’m quite certain that Mitt is more honest than you give him credit. Perfect?…..nope!! Made mistakes?…..yup. Done stupid things?….yup. But at the end of the day he really is in the best position to appeal to moderates and independents. Obama would have a field day with Paul. I like Paul a lot, and I ideally love his policies, but we need to be realistic about what we can get back in 2012. Extremism….right or wrong, will only cause gridlock. Bottom line.

    • It really just stuns me when someone can spur such comments, yet state that they voted for Obama….did you or do you believe that he is actually trying to get back to a gold standard as he increases our debt to DOUBLE, check it out, DOUBLE to what it was when he was senator and he said “the debt is too high currently”….what the hell happened. I will tell you what happened, he can not balance a budget and he bought into a larger government. GOP have always been for smaller government and Dem have never been. It is ALWAYS the Democrats who overspend….so how can you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Apparently you didnt research that portion as you voted democratic in every election. I am thinking you might not be as bright as you like to pretend you are.




  22. i voted for paul at my district which he won and when they were announcing the names to have someone speak on there behalf they didnt announce paul we had to speak up why dont i hear these reports for other canidates instead of just paul if its really happening

  23. i only have one thing to say, if Ron Paul looses we can say good bye to all our civil liberties. there will be turmoil and civil disobedience because i know the goverment will implement laws to restrict the way we think and what and when and how we can do things. i am very concern for my country and my people for far to long we have been opressed by all this goons in Washington, who want to make us their slaves. be prepare for if Ron Paul is to lose the whole country will lose goodbless us all.

  24. I’m ultra conservative and I don’t support Mitt or Paul. I’d prefer Santorum or Newt. I understand people likeing Paul in domestic issues but I can’t stand his forgien policy. This policy was tried by none other that Neville Chamberlain, and Britian relized they had made a mistake durning a little thing they called the BLitz. It really offends me he claims we weren’t attack. Maybe he slept in on 9/11 but the rest of us weren’t, and even he supported the war in Afganistan then, so he has changed his mind (He doesn’t do it often). I don’t think he could win the general election I’m sorry, but the thought of 4 more years of Obama scares me to the thought of moving to New Zealand (Not that I will but it’s a thought). I don’t think he’s to old to be president at all, but if any of you live in a liberal county of a liberal state it got really annoying hear people say McCain would DIE in office under the pressure, and we all know the way the liberal media hammered Palin so he really didn’t look good to these people. I respect the enthusiasm of pauls followers, but he doesn’t have a HUGE following he has a CULT-LIKE one. That’s not an insult I’m not calling you crazy but enthusiastic please no that.

    On the subject of Mitt he’s not conservative and althought I understand people saying he’s electible because he’s more moderate, but he’s really not. THe problem is Romney Care. I realize there are big differences between this and Obama Care, but when Obama’s billion $ campaign gets underway people won’t and people who know them will begin to wonder. Obama Care is the crown jewel of this administrations failures and Mitt being our candidate eliminates that. He looks electible now but wait until Obama’s campaign gets going. I also would like to mention that I don’t trust him on issues like the 2nd amendment and abortion that he has flip-flopped on. Could he get the economey going? Maybe but will he have that chance I don’t really no. It will be close. I would also like to add that I wnet and saw Obama making a speech in my liberal county. I went not because I like him but because I wanted to see a sitting president and I hoped he would acually talk about the American Jobs Act which he was supposed to but didn’t. He will run a mud-slinging campaign, and unleash on Mitt for the few business that failed under him and his stupid comment abotu firing people that was taken out of contex. I’d support him over Obama, but I’d also support a tin can over Obama.

    I like Santorum because he’s an all around conservative like me and Reagan, and others. Once people relize he’s not just socially conservative but in all sences of the word. Newt is very similar, and is a great debater which would do great in the general.

    I relize Mitt is doing good but once the field thins and there’s one true conservative left standing (most likely Santorum or Newt) then It will be a long drwn out primary that could last until May. That’s my two cents.

    P.S. Ron Paul isnt’ stupid enough to run as a third party. He would just split the Republican vote letting Obama walk into the WHite House. We don’t need another 1912. Imagine 100 years of elections and us Republicans make the same mistake again. Let’s remember the real goal here to beat Obama!


  26. Because newt and O are career politicians and owned by special interests…..corps and unions. If special interests can’t have O, then they will take Newt. Republican or dem, doesn’t matter to them, they can get what they want out of either. Remember, politicians are merely puppets, they don’t make their own decisions. They are controlled by the peeps that put em there. If newt had legitimate arguments against Romney, why has waited so long to make them. These are last minute panick ads and SC will see right through them.
    I’m a Mormon and I used to not like Mitt, but I support him now and I think he will do the best of them all. I don’t care about his flip flopping because that tells me he is open to other points of view. Career politicians can’t be open to new points of view because of their money masters. To me, mitts flip flopping tells me he is his own thinker. I don’t support romneycare, but I really don’t think Im entitled to an opinion on romneycare because I don’t live in Massachusetts. I do however, support a states right to choose how they handle health care and the fed needs to keep its greedy hands out of it.
    That said, Newt wouldn’t be able to repeal obamacare because he is supported by the same criminals as Obama. If this country wants to do away with Obamacare they better elect someone like Mitt that runs his own camp. All I can say, once he gets in, is God help him. We all need to pray, whether Jew, Muslim, Evangelical, Christian, Mormon, or whatever. There is a God up there and He founded this country. We’ve turned our backs on Him and hopefully He will have mercy.
    Study history people. A divided Nation can not stand and will eventually destroy itself from within. Thanks to Obama, that division is growing wider everyday.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am not mormon, and I dont think it truly matters what your personal religious beliefs are, however I support Romney because I think he understand business, understands family and understands the direction the country needs to go in, which ISNT the direction that Obama is taking our country in. I think Romney can win debates against Obama and I think that is our best bet for getting Obama out of office….that is if we can keep the idiot that can not form a complete sentence (as the ones that have commented on this forum) from voting 3-4 times for Obama. We all know that democrats have never and will never play by the rules – they are cheapers and liars at large.
      If Obama is elected again, there will be a revolution in this country – Most of us HAD have enough of this idiot and we are a country divided. We wont stand for another 4 yrs of this crap from Obama.


  28. Hey Kevin
    I rest my case about Obama supporters….dumb as dirt. First of all, it’s Newt that has had four wives. Romney is married to his first and has been faithful his whole marriage.
    Secondly, go back to school and take a grammar class.
    And third, marriage is defined by history and by physical plumbing. Marriage is the beginning institution of a family. And I highly doubt there is a womb inside you to grow an additional member of your man man family. Sorry dude, not to be blunt, but what business do we have as a society have to redefine an institution that has been around for thousands of years. We’ve got to be pretty arrogant as a nation to think we can tell the world what a marriage is.
    Why do you care so bad that a government recognize your love for another man? Just go out in the forest, exchange rings and call yourself married…..done!!
    And get an education.

    • I am with you Kevin – Obama needs to be out!! Although I dont think that being married or your religious belief should be an issue in the election – I think that the direction of the country is the paramount issue at hand. Just get that damn Obama out of office before he ruins our country more then he already has. He is an idiot and folks that still support him are either “dumb as dirt” or on welfare!

  29. Those are the answers I would expect from bible thumping lobbyists but wait and see your constitutional definition of marriage will be changed and I’m going to shove it in every conservative Republicans face when it is so have fun since you know what is best do you know your comment is ignorant and one sided why don’t you go to a Forrest and get married and your wrong its to gingerich or however you spell his name that was married 4 times check your facts and obviously they weren’t stable if each time there was a divorce its okay though keep your Jesus and ill keep being me and eventually I’ll have what is owed to me marriage legally Obama 2012 buddy watch hahahahahhahahaha and btw if your gunna preachh hate don’t do it in gods name

  30. I do not hold with any party. Yet, I have never voted for a Democrat. I have voted in three general elections in my adult life and I voted for Bush Jr. who ran on a similar platform as Ron Paul in 2000. I was a bit naive and ill informed as a member of the USMC. The second time was the “lesser of two evils” bit. I have and hold this vow to this day; NEVER AGAIN will I vote for the “lesser” of two evils. Ron Paul is one who stands by his convictions, principles, and the Constitution for the united States of America as well and especially for the Bill of Rights. So I support him and vote for him. I will also, try to live his example.

    Kit K.

  31. I don’t understand why certain states use the term caucus, when those states are voting under that terminology. On the other hand, where states use the term primary when voting, is correct in their terminology. Caucus means to meet with others to discuss business and has nothing to do with voting. Look it up and you’ll see.

  32. I think it is sort of “backwards” that you still have a caucus instead of a primary! Why in the world would you still be having elections in that manner? But Mitt is the front runner that could actually beat the idiot we currently have in office i.e. Obama. We had better pick someone, anyone, to get Obama out of office before America loses MORE jobs, gets in more debt and puts more people on welfare…….I just dont want Obama in office because he really does suck at his job!

  33. I am a lesbian and Ron Paul supporter who grew up Mormon. My opinion is that Mitt Romney is a little too similar to Obama… and Obama has let us ALL down. He’s taking our civil rights away… as a lesbian who has had to fight for my own personal rights forever and still can’t seem to get through to people that everyone is equal (and if you can marry two damn bottles of ketchup together at a restaurant and my boss can ask me to marry two files).. then there is no institutional definition that says I shouldn’t be able to.. (That was for you Kevin, my gay friend) However, unfortunately, this election is not my time to devote my whole choice to that one matter. There are bigger problems to address when trying to find the right candidate to run our whole country. Ron Paul isn’t the perfect candidate, sadly, but he has been headstrong, honest, diligent and never quits.. he’s been running for President since the 80’s. Perhaps he needed to run as a Republican instead of an Independent so that the narrow-minded people that think the dichotomy of our country is the only way would finally notice him. It’s taken his predictions to come to a near slap in the face for anyone to even notice he’s there. As for Tim the republican who wants Santorum in there… there’s a reason another person posted that the EDUCATED are voting for Ron Paul, I couldn’t even understand your post, go back to grammar school.

    Our country is on the verge of a revolution. With our Occupy movements finally making some impact why would we vote another rich guy like Romney in there to control everything with the 1%? I was dooped by Obama. I really thought he would bring in change… POSITIVE change, but he’s done nothing but take our rights away and try to make himself King and us under his martial law. I believe I should be Republican because they stand for less government meddling with our lives.. well at least they are SUPPOSED to, that’s what they STAND for but most are hypocrites that tell me I can’t marry and if I was raped, unless I file rape charges I cannot have an abortion. How is that not meddling with my personal liberties.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that understands our ECONOMIC responsibility and how to get back on track AND understands whether he agrees or disagrees with someones lifestyle it is not his place to make them the way he wants them to be.

    I have been living overseas the last two years and most of me is looking forward to coming home and being a large part of a political activist community. However, there is also a large part of me that is scared to death of what our country is becoming and I don’t know if I want to come back.

  34. And who says the recount was any more accurate than the first time counting? As far as anyone knows, the recount was incorrect. Doesn’t matter a hill of beans anyway since the top 3 each got 7 electoral votes a piece.

  35. Roman 13:1-5

    1 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God.

    2 Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God: and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment.

    3 For rulers are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. And wouldest thou have no fear of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise from the same:

    4 for he is a minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, an avenger for wrath to him that doeth evil.

    5 Wherefore ye must needs be in subjection, not only because of the wrath, but also for conscience’ sake.

  36. i hate polotics it brings out the uglyst side of people when we debate and fight for our opinons to be heard! all this does as anger people!!! us americans are lucky to have a rite to vote but we have screwed up the fun by all this debating crap!!! just let us vote and SHUT UP !!!! thank you

  37. I hate to be the one to correct everyone posting. Delegates are not decided by the vote in caucus states in any manner. Delegates are decided in the county, congressional district, and state conventions in the coming months. Whoever gets the most active delegates will sway the total delegation. Go Dr. Paul!

    • This man knows what he’s talking about! Ron Paul followers have been researching this system for years and by the count of Ron Pauls crew they have more delegates than ANYONE at the moment. They changed the rules to their liking and we’re going with the punches and rocking it.

      If there ever was a clearer sign for Divine intervention in the world I have yet to see it. This man is going to change the world forever.

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