Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will be suspending her campaign for the Presidency following a single digit sixth-place loss in her home state of Iowa Tuesday night.

Report from CBS News:

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann will reportedly announce that she’s suspending her presidential campaign after a dismal showing in the Iowa caucuses.

A senior Republican official familiar with the congresswoman’s plans told CBS News partner National Journal that Bachmann came to the decision to effectively end her run, recognizing that “there was no viable way forward.”

Earlier, Bachmann canceled her campaign trip to South Carolina.

Here is video of Bachmann’s press conference stating her intention to suspend her campaign:

Certainly this will help consolidate power around Santorum, Gingrich and perhaps Perry. Romney will actually have a tougher time as more of the conservative candidates fall by the wayside.


  1. Not sad at all, IMO. She had energy and opinion, yes, but no depth. She was rebellious and reactionary, and not sufficiently balanced, so she was not sufficiently representative of mainstream views to be a good choice.

  2. Here’s another devil to bite the dust,Michelle were her
    own,s worst enemy,Everytime she spoke during the campaign
    she lost votes.Notice from almost all of he speeches it
    were the big “I” who did this or i did that.She were and
    is a REAL WITCH.

  3. She is not a witch, why would anyone call a lady like Michelle Bachman a witch is beyond me! You obviously do not know what you are talking about!

    • She is an evil serpent who hates gays, muslims and non-Christians in general.

      Calling her a “witch” would be too nice.

  4. Lepolin.. Please, if you are going to make disparaging remarks about someone, at least have the decency and common sense to use proper grammar and spelling. Michelle was a true honest conservative. She believed in America and it’s people. She was fighting for our liberties, and trying to get America back to it’s conservative constitutional roots. Its sad to see someone who could have done so much good step aside.Maybe she wouldn’t have won, maybe it was time to throw in the towel. That aside, her views and ideas were far better that what we have in the white house right now. God Bless you Michelle, and your endeavors in the future.

    • “She was fighting for our liberties”

      Who is the “our” ? – certainly not Gay Americans and Muslim Americans

  5. She is a nice lady but I’m glad she’s out of the race because she has said stupid things in the past

  6. That is great to know she is willing to look ahead and embrace the future we yearn for. We need a leader who will move forward and not be stuck on the past just because we were once prosperous. There is no point on re-creating a past (water under the bridge, let it go) and look for a better solution. I only pray that she will be a strong voice and a guiding shield to our nation. We need strong people like her to support this nation.

    Let’s all move on and together as one.
    Thank you and God bless America.

    Too bad my views change about Bachmann a little too late after she left the race!

  7. Another one bites the dust.. So that’s Perry and Bachmann down.. Now we just need to eliminate Huntsman, Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich from the race, and we’re on the right track.

  8. @ Glenda

    You’re right, she wasn’t a witch or she would have had to burn herself at the stake. She was, and still is, completely ignorant about the law (where the heck did she get her law degree from?), the constitution, science, education, foreign policy and just about everything else a president, or even a reasonably educated person, needs to know.

    She was perhaps the single most inappropriate candidate for President of the United States that I have ever encountered.

    @ Sky Way

    Really? I must of missed something because she was clearly not fighting for the liberties of anyone I know. Quite the opposite in fact. She strikes me as all about restricting the liberties of others by trying to force her moral and religous outlook on everyone else.

    Perhaps you would like to articulate what liberties you’re talking about?


    Actually I believe Perry is, at least for the moment, soldiering on isn’t he?

  9. Why hasn’t McMillan been in any debates? He’s far better than these sexist and racist fools we have now. McMillan should be leading the republican polls

  10. Alencon,
    The liberties, I am referring to are standing up and in a loud voice saying, No! we will not allow the government to force the American people to buy a healthcare plan that will cripple us and cost billions of dollars,nor will we continue to accept being taxed to death, nor will we allow corruption, lies and deceptive principles destroy this great country.She’s a watchdog, and not evil in the least.Really, you don’t know any hardworking Americans struggling to make ends meet.Sorry if people don’t like what she says. They didn’t like what Jesus said either, but it was the truth. Gay people have every God given right as individual human beings, but if you read the bible and understand what it says then guess what; marriage is only between a man and woman.At least she has a standard that she holds firm too..

    • How long are we still going to do what the bible says? It was written by man in a time where people thought that the sun goes to bed at night. Religion should be banned from politics, no more wars because “God told me so…”

  11. Maybe someone can help me understand what this issue of marriage is among the candidates. I mean, marriage is defined as the “formal union between a man and a woman”. So are these candidates hell bent on wanting to preserve the sanctity of the word?

    Are they ok with gays getting equal marriage benefits in the eyes of the law but want it to be called something else, like civil union? What’s the problem with two men wanting to get married and enjoy the same fiscal benefits that straight couple enjoy? And please don’t respond with something like “God looks down on homosexuality”, because based on the constitution, it says there will be a separation of church and state, so you can’t use the premise of religion as a justification to make a law.

  12. People are idiots when they think that the Constitution says there will be a separation of church and state. That phrase is not in the Constitution so why should people quote it like it is!!!

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