Fox News will be hosting the first traditional-style debate this week prior to the South Carolina primary coming up this Saturday. CNN will be airing a debate on Thursday evening also from South Carolina. Tonight’s debate is sponsored by Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party. It will be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center featuring five of the GOP hopefuls as they battle for South Carolina delegates and beyond.

Full Debate Video: Fox News/Wall Street Journal/SC GOP Debate Video

Air Time: Monday, January 16 at 9pm ET on Fox News

Participants: Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul

Report from

The preparations were right on schedule Friday at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for the Fox News Republican Presidential Debate.

Crews have had plenty of time to get everything set up. They’ve been here since Monday.

“Right now, Fox News is finishing up the stage and the lighting, cameras and things like that,” said Paul Edwards, general manager of the convention center. “They’re probably really close to finishing their part. We should be able to put carpet down this afternoon, which another sub contractor’s in charge of that.”

Then, Edwards’ team could start doing the last bit of their job: setting up the 1500 chairs on the floor. Edwards said there’s nothing to be worried about right now.

This time around Rick Perry barely made the cut to join the stage with his GOP colleagues. Technically Perry meets the requirements set forth by Fox News, however, it is unlikely he’ll meet CNN’s requirements for Thursday evening’s debate but reports indicate CNN may let him participate anyway. See this report from The Hill for the details.


Official word that Jon Huntsman is dropping out of the 2012 race Monday morning and will be endorsing Mitt Romney. See this post for more details.


  1. CHARLESTON, — Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman Jr. has told key advisers he intends to drop out of the GOP nomination race and endorse establishment candidate Governor Mitt Romney.

    Was it any surprise that Huntsman would endorse Romney? “Establishment” endorses “Establishment” – “Money” endorses “Money” – “Plutocrat” endorses “Plutocrat”

      • Well lets see, how well did Huntsman do the last few months, just about last place in every event. It is smarter to drop out at that point, hopefully Newt will drop out next because he is pretty much in the same boat. Don’t make this about religion, since that has nothing to do with it, your ideals are elementary.

      • Roger Buck
        Your reply is offensive. Obama openly announced to Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheiet in June 2010, that he was a practicing Muslim. This interview announcement was carried by many Middle East and European news media; it was just American News Media that downplayed and didn’t report these statements. It’s not Obama’s religion that bothers me; it’s the lying to Americans and members of Obama’s own Democratic Party, and manipulative use of “Christianity Faith”, to become and maintain his presidency. You want to know the difference between Obama and Romney. Romney has never hid from his beliefs, nor changed his beliefs to win elections. Romney has openly stated to the world “This is who I am, and what I believe”; now let’s get back to work.” Personally, I don’t care what church Romney attends on Sunday; just as long as he is back to work cleaning up Obama’s legislative mess on Monday! So, let’s drop the double standard here……

        • Romney not lying? Think again. The establishment lied to us and invaded another country. Now the establishment is lying to us again so we can invade another country!

      • SO I see….that means Harry Reid is behind Romney and Huntsman as well. How dumb can people be! I have heard of dodo birds but the people that keep saying ‘Birds of a feather flock together act like they have bird brains. We are not electing a Pastor but a President

        • Your right. If Willard receives the GOP nomination and by miracle he’s elected POTUS then the majority certainly didn’t elect a pastor, but a heretic. Since all Moron’s, I mean Mormon’s are heretics.

          • oh i see what you did there… that was clever. You used the word moron in place of mormon to indicate that mormons are morons. That was very original, no one’s thought about that. You should have your own show or something, then you can spout off your nonsense to everyone who is as bigoted as you are. Then the rest of us can get back to finding a candidate that is going to best bring this country back where it needs to be.

  2. Since Huntsman is out, wouldn’t it best serve the people to ask Buddy Roemer to the debate, or is everybody afraid of his views?

  3. Ron Paul 2012. He is the one that can beat Obama. You can’t call Obama out on Obama care, never ending wars, the patriot act, the banker bailouts, the ndaa, lobyist or multiple other thing if you yourself endorse or have endorsed those thing. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can and will effectively do these thing. Republicans if you really do think anybody but Obama Ron Paul is you man

    • You are exactly right , thats what I’ve been saying too…hope the sheeple wake up in time because he is the only candidate that can win on the issues…

    • Koda,
      With all due respect, your wrong about Ron Paul beating Obama. Don’t you follow what the majority of Americans are saying; and watch the neutral polls. Obama is beating Ron Paul by 7-15 points.

      I respect Ron Paul; however, Ron Paul wouldn’t last two minutes in a “Head to Head” debate with Obama. Why? He doesn’t stay on point, he rambles. Just as in 2008 with McCain, Obama’s team will take that and discredit Ron Paul calling him, old, weak and senile. We need a leader that is younger; healthier; has a good business head on his shoulders; has made a few mistakes, owns up to them and has learned from them; understands government and the private sector having served in both; and isn’t afraid to be held accountable for his presidential promises… That is Mitt Romney…

      • This is the 1st time I have had the chance to actually see a debate this year due to my work schedule. What struck me was exactly what you have said: Is there something wrong with Ron Paul? He seems very scattered, unable to stay on point and just a touch of dementia. While I agree with a lot of what he says, I cannot see him as a serious contender for the Presidency. I was leaning toward him going into this debate, but now the prospect of him in the Oval Office scares the crap out of me…

  4. I was switching back-and-forth between FOX and MSNBC this morning listening to them “chatter” about Huntsman bowing out of the race. NOT ONE MENTION about Dr. Paul. ALL the other candidates were mentioned, except Paul.

    It’s funny. Joe Scarborough on the “Morning Joe Show” went on a “Rant” about Big Government vs. Big Business. As he was going through his “Rant”, Joe was saying ALL THE THINGS Ron Paul has been talking about concerning Big Government and Big Business. Joe didn’t even “mention” Ron Paul’s name. I mean. How much more “Biased” can the Media get? THEY (the Democrats) definitely WANT Romney to be the Candidate to run against Obama. (Knowing that Romney will lose) Joe even said “that Jon Huntsman was the MOST Conservative Candidate in the Race”. Ha!

    Maybe the Media is finally “catching on” that BIG Government, the Money Manipulators (The FED) and the “crooks” on Wall Street are the reason why there are NO Jobs. Fascism is what is RULING America. “Fascism” – The Merger of State and Corporate Powers.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate with the Solutions to reign all 3 in.

    • Darryl, I agree that the media is extremely biased, however, the “concern” for big government is only lip service to sway those on the fence that it is once again an issue with the GOP. I see it as only rhetoric, but who knows? I think Dr. Paul’s message is getting out to more and more millions of people and that scares the bejeezus out of the establishment.

  5. It’s hard to understand what the Republican Electorate “thinks” they have “in-common” with these RICH Elitists, like Romney and Huntsman. They show up in Blue Jeans at Town Hall Meetings and “talk” as though the REAL INTERESTS of we-the-people even matter to them.

    NEITHER ONE of these Elitists has SERVED in the Military. Romney has ZERO Experience in Foreign Policy. Romney has nearly ZERO “Grassroots” Support from the People. BIG MONEY on Wall Street is what’s funding his Campaign.

    I “reject” Huntsman’s assertion that Romney is “best equipped” to defeat Barack Obama. Moreover, I “reject” Huntsman’s plea that if we rally-around Mitt Romney, the Country and “average” Americans would be better off.

    The “PURPOSE” of Government is to “PROTECT” Our Freedoms and Liberties and NOT to “RULE” over us with BIG MONEY calling-the-shots.

    Wall Street and BIG Government has “screwed up” our Economy and Way-of-Life to the point where the “American Dream” has become “unattainable” for the “average American”.

    I say “Sorry Jon. Go back to your “Palatial Mansion” and leave us “average” Americans alone.”

    Ron Paul 2012

    • You don’t think managing olypics for world participants qualifies you for foreign policy knoewledge? Also since he mad profit with all donated funds and ripped off salt lake city residents for costs, think that doesn’t ake business experience and talent???

  6. It’s too bad that Huntsman pulled out. He has been one of the more rational voices of the GOP. The GOP is now left with only Romney and a raft of wackos and career politicians to choose from. Huntsman is supporting MR over the wackos. Good call. Kudos to Huntsman for answering the call to serve his country as Ambassador to China. His service to America is appreciated.

  7. To the person said America is ruled by Fascism:

    Here is the definition of fascism according to,
    1. any ideology or movement inspired by Italian Fascism, such as German National Socialism; any right-wing nationalist ideology or movement with an authoritarian and hierarchical structure that is fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism
    2. any ideology, movement, programme, tendency, etc, that may be characterized as right-wing, chauvinist, authoritarian, etc

    • fas·cism
      ? ?[fash-iz-uhm] Show IPA
      ( sometimes initial capital letter ) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    • Cuda52, I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but we are living in a Fascist society here in America. Our government has been taken over quietly from the inside instead of through war and conquer. You are one of the millions of citizens who needs to WAKE UP and realize what is really going on.
      I’m not going to write a speech here but I will make a few points. In PRE-WWII Germany and Italy, the Government seized control of all Corporations. In modern America, the corporations have seized control of our government through covert means. The end result is exactly the same. It is, inescapably Fascism. We live in a highly controlled, constantly monitored society. Our every move is documented. Our civil liberties have been taken away in the name of “security.” This all happened in Nazi ruled Germany as well. I can suggest some light reading for you: 1984 by George Orwell, Rule by Secrecy by Jim Mars, and Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Mars.
      Ron Paul is the only sensible candidate for President! He is, I firmly believe, our only hope.

  8. Ron Paul last night received the endorsement of South Carolina state Sen.Tom Davis, a state lawmaker popular with tea party activists. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman abandoned his attempt at the Republican Party’s nod on Monday, not just narrowing the number of candidates vying for the GOP nomination but potentially pushing the contest in favor of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Davis wrote on his Facebook page that he would back “the one candidate in the race for president who has consistently stood for taxpayers.”

  9. Note to Tea Party: You have been used by the mainstream business-as-usual Bush/McCain/Romney RINOs to make people hate President Obama. Now your dirty work is done, and someone completely against your values will be pushed on you. Even Fox News and Hannity are running nonstop efforts to smear Ron Paul and any real alternative candidates. The GOP did the same thing to the evangelicals. Once they were used to gain power, they were ignored and laughed at. You will be, too. If it’s not Ron Paul, it will be either Obama again or Romney, and there is very little difference between them.

    • if you download the app Skyfire(its a browser like safari) load up this webpage and it will give you an option to watch flash videos… While you watching make sure you listen to what ron paul is saying. If the other guys get in… it would be most likly that i couldn’t have told you this msg. SOPA xoxo ALL FOR RON AND RON FOR ALL!!!!

  10. Socialism ?
    Fascism ?

    Communism ?

    I think Communism is already upon us.
    Look up the 10 things that must be accomplished in order for a country to be called Communistic.

  11. despite what the msm WANTS you to beleive.. Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY one who can BEAT Obama. Isn’t that what everyone wants?!

    they spin it and talk about HIM running 3rd. ( which he won’t), and how it’s gonna end up democrat again if that happens, but hey people if romney wins the GOP nomination. Obama WILL WIN the election. CUT AND DRY>>
    is THAT what you want????

  12. Good Fortune to all the candidates tonight. May the best man win. It’s going to be interesting. I respect all the candidates still in the race. I am for Newt, always have been. We must beat Obama. That is the bottom line.

  13. The Road toward “Impoverishment” is where the United States is headed. Have you gone to the supermarket lately? Prices are going through-the-roof!

    Pay attention to what the candidates say about:

    1) The National Debt ($16 Trillion) and borrowing more.
    2) Monetary Policy and Inflation (The FED).
    3) “Actual” Cuts in Government Spending, and not cutting just proposed increases.

    The “Social Issues” won’t matter much, if we have NO Freedoms and Liberties. We NEED to choose a Candidate who will address GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

    Government Spending is what “drives up” our Taxes.

    Government Spending is what “drives up” Inflation and Prices.

    Government Spending is what “kills” job creation.

    When the Government Spends MORE than it takes in, the money either has to be “borrowed” or “printed”. NEITHER is Good for the Economy!

  14. We cannot as a country vote the usual way with the “safe” candidate. Everyone I know likes Paul and would vote for him but they keep saying but Mitt’s going to win. It is time to shack those “safe voters” up and tell them we are out of chances and this is a fight for our freedoms and our country. Obama has to go, he is turning us into communists and I know my family has not fought in every war so we can be communists.

    Mitt-safe but corporate supported and won’t do anything to fix our problems.

    Newt- either spineless or a criminal. He served as an adviser to Freddie Mac up to and after the bubble burst. He said no one took his advice but he took their money. If they did not take his advice he should at least have blown the whistle on them before the housing market crashed.

    Ron Paul- Not safe, dangerous to corrupt politicians but good for our country! He can at least put in place changing the direction of this country. He is almost 100% funded by veterans!

    I am voting for Paul even if I have to write his name in, and by the way I am a Democrat.

  15. I take offense that the first four questions and 10 minutes gone by, nothing is asked to do with the real issues that NEED to be discussed!

  16. I bet Romney will argue just as convincingly as President that American wages must go down to be competitive with China while he defends massive corporate bonuses as legitimate. I just don’t believe or trust him.

  17. Who decides the order in which the debater stand? I see Romney strategically placed in the center as if he is already the President. Bias.

  18. Fox News needs to beef up their streaming system. I have a blazing fast internet connection, but every time Fox News hosts a debate it stutters and freezes for up to 5 minutes while it ‘buffers’. This debate will take 3 hours to complete at this rate.

  19. Do these candidates live in this country????? THERE ARE NO JOBS!!!!!!

    They say No Gay marriage, No abortions. They don’t even believe in evolution. And they still don’t think that there are global climate changes since “it’s yet to be proven”. They are so far away from the real issues in this country. All they do is bash the President. They are scary to listen too.

  20. How about asking the question and letting all candidates answer it instead of moderators arguing with the candidates? This is ridiculous! I looked forward to seeing this debate since I thought that Fox would be more “fair and balanced.” This just seems like an “attack Romney and let Santorum talk” forum. Lame!

    • Fox news fair and balanced? What planet do you live on? The Fixed news network is the most propaganda infused channel out there!

  21. Wow!
    Immortal audience smack-down on Ron Paul. That is the most boo-ing I have ever heard for a GOP candidate except for Perry’s “heartless” moment

  22. These debates are so fascinating. That said, we have several good candidates, but Romney isn’t our candiate. We need the brains of Newt, Santorum or Perry. Though they have differences, they are REAL candidates speaking what they believe, not just what they’ve rehearsed to spew out. Romney, nice guy he may be, but he is a “slick willie” politician, and that’s just what he is. Money shouldn’t win you an election; it should be about values, and wouldn’t it be nice to have an intelligent conservative?! Do you want a bobblehead in the white house or a real person who speaks and stands for what is supposed to be the “United States” of America?

  23. This year will be the first year I am of age to vote, Ron Paul seems like the only candidate with a good head on his shoulders, Perry is just another Bush in the making.

  24. I am sorry to see that there are children in the audience. I have heard, other than from Paul, pure BLOODTHIRST.

    I am DISGUSTED with this audience. It is nothing but bloodthirst and shouting! Is this frikkin Sparta?! I am scared. I am scared for the children. This is not humanity.

  25. i got in about 30 minutes after it started. I pressed the |< button and it pushed back to 8:30 when the coverage started. it's stuttered once or twice, but only for a second. I have a 24 meg connection.

    I agree, bad debate for Mitt. He should not have avoided the releasing his taxes comment from Perry. Usually it seems Mitt is much more direct.

  26. There are jobs in the US. Not enough for everyone at this point, but their are jobs. the problem is there are not enough qualified people for the jobs. I think the job creators need to get together with the community colleges and high schools to help teach our students to fill these jobs. Look at the opportunity for software developers here. Look at Monster Jobs or other job boards, the majority of the jobs are for software developers.

    Perry is doing MUCH better in these last few debates, but he is getting less time as well. His 20% optional tax doesn’t solve the problem – small businesses are spending too much time filing taxes, but big companies are able to get away with paying 0 taxes. we need everyone (that is able) to contribute to pay down this debt.

    I think the order is set by how they are polling. Obviously it doesn’t directly relate to how much time they get. look how much time Ron Paul got when he was in 2nd.. more than usual, but still less than most of the other candidates. Questions should be posed for candidates something like obama’s town hall for America when he was first president. Then you would have the american peoples questions, and not so much media bias.. but i guess its the media sponsoring it, removing their agenda.. and who wants that 😐 ..

  27. I strongly believe Ron Paul will do what he says, he will reduce the power of the president. The policies of the last 100 years have been draining the US, and causing a lot of the corruption of the federal government. Congress needs to be subject to the same laws they write for every one else… and we need less layers in the system.. Not that all layers are bad, but lets get some different backgrounds into it to bring different perspectives to the table.

    Ron Paul is the most consistent and the most inline with the Founding Fathers in my opinion. I will vote for Ron Paul 3rd party or not. However, I do believe his negative ads will cause other supporters to shy away. Some ads ok, but I think all the ads of his that I have seen are negative.

    Ron Pauls foreign policy: IF shit hit the fan, I would be more than willing to sign up to defend my family, country, our freedom. I will not sign up to “spread freedom” especially when we can’t afford to do it. I have faith that a lot of other Americans are of the same persuasion. His position does scare me a bit. I do support us going to war to with a declaration. I support our choice to participate in the world wars. We just shouldn’t be as involved in other countries issues as we are.

    I do worry he will not get things through HR & Congress, but their approval rating is terrible, and I’m sure he would be able to motivate Americans to clean those houses. It is our job to make sure the people that represent us do not do what is popular, but what is necessary.

    War on vague enemies needs to stop. Anyone can be construed as a terrorist. My cat is a terrorist at 3 am when she starts freaking out over things. This scares me, and we should not have freedoms removed for that kind of thing (Patriot Act). We need to follow the constitution and our founding documents. Look how we feel about our ‘spies’ (tourists) getting caught in Iran. No one person should be able to remove an others so easily. That is why the police, the DA and the court systems are separate. The system is not perfect, but it is better than having one person say “you are a terrorist, hope you brought your swim suit, its time for from friendly water boarding.”

    We do not need a military so strong other countries fear it. We need a country of individuals so strong other countries fear us, and, more importantly, RESPECT us. They do not need to agree with us, but they need to respect us.

    Ron Paul believes in true conservatism. Liberals – increased welfare. Republicans – more military spending.

    Gingrich has good ideas, but I think we need someone who is less of a flip flopper. Removing child labor laws – let the kids learn and play .. there are already to few jobs for adults. There are things kids can do for money in the right economy. Mowing lawns, washing cars etc. Its under the table, and not legal, but it should be as long as it has not interfered with their education. Teach work ethic, get the overwhelming population of obese kids out from in front of the TV (though that’s only half the problem, diet is the other, though that shouldn’t be regulated by the federal government, parents are ultimately responsible for our countries future).

    I’m also one of those crazies that think pot should be legalized. Smoking tobacco is down over the last 50 years largely do to education. We can tax the drugs so that the education is paid for. Also – prohibition gives up the ability to control the drug. It will also fund jobs – though that alone is bad argument for legalization. Legalize, control, tax.

    Sorry for lack of brevity, a lot to say.

  28. I think many of you fail to appreciate the situation in the Middle East regarding IRAN. It is the IRANIANS who are Stepping Up the Anti with ACTIVE THREATS AGAINST THE US, EUROPE Threatening to Block the Straits of Hormiz to Prevent Oil Tankers from leaving or
    entering Ports. It is NOT the U.S. that is Threatening to Start a War with IRAN. It’s
    the Tyrant of IRAN who is Threatening War with the U.S. and Europe and the Middle
    Eastern Neighbor Nations as well. IT is NOT the Republican Party that is Declaring War Against IRAN. BUT IT is the Current Administration that is Acting Like Chamberlain with
    Hitler Prior to the Start of WW 2. The Current Administration that has the Foreign
    Policy of Appeasement. Who Pulled All the Troops out of Iraq after Announcing it to the
    World, Giving the Enemies the Advantage to Plot and Carry Out Attacks on American Troops
    who were still there. The Current President went on an Around The World Apology and Appeasement Tour Degrading the Image of the United States and our American People to the
    Detractors and Enemies of the US.

  29. Ron Paul called it right. All the rest are War Mongers and quick to send our young people down the path of their deaths, dismemberments and brain damage. For what? I am ashamed that i used to think like the mainline republicans and now I realize that it really was Americas foreign policies that incited 911. We need to mind our own business and live well. By doing so we will inspire others to be like us, trade with us and solve problems together. Ron Paul has balls of steel for standing up like that. Thats what I want. A president with balls of steel.

    • Dear NEO_cons/Fascists,
      Please, leave the Republican party. You need to read “The Doctrine of Fascism” by Benito Mussolini b/c it seems that you are all confused about what Republicanism means. Fascists believe in foreign entanglements (ie: imperialism/pre-emptive war) combined with a Corporatist economy (ie: Public-Private Partnerships) and combining the state with religion which, by the way, has historically ended in the state becoming the religion.
      We Republicans believe in the…Constitution and rule of law; NOT the rule of men. Also, take the time to educate yourselves about the International Oil Bourse, the Iran Pakistan China pipeline, and then reflect upon how the head of the Mossad said that Iran is not currently pursuing a nuclear bomb. Believe it or not, this is all b/c of the debt these very people have created; thus, our economic dependence on the PetroDollar.
      Just face the fact that you all have more in common with the Fabian Socialists than with Republicans; so leave and we Republicans can pick up the pieces of this economic nightmare that you and your cohorts have created. We must deal with this problem now before it gets any worse. The adjustment will be extremely painful; however, it will be disastrous if we “kick the can” any further down the road.

      • Still the main media is doing a “black out” (near non-coverage) of Ron Paul — since his message of telling the Truth is the bane for the ones that want to control us. The only way the media can be forced to allot more time to the only Patriot running for the Presidency — Ron Paul — is for the bottom runners (Newt, Santorum and Perry) to end their petty selfishness of trying to be elected (since clearly they have no chance) and do what’s best for the country — drop out immediately after SC. Thus, Ron Paul’s message of Truth will have a near equal coverage NOW, and not later, when the inevitable one-on-one vs Mitt occurs.

        Also, Ron Paul should state the following (thus endearing himself even more to the American People): “Hey, I know I’m not a polished speaker — unlike my opponents, who sound like professional orators. But, I trust the people to decide for substance over fancy talk.”

        Worth remembering is that our Nation was designed to be the ideal Republic as described by Plato (the only fair government system that represents ALL the people — not most, or some — BUT ALL). And only Ron Paul stands for this.

        Seems newscasters need a refreshment course on Plato’s Republic. Over two eons later his tennents still hold true — but nearly all are ignorant as to why we are degrading further into a state of Government Tyranny!

        Plato paraphrased from Wiki to save space:

        Regimes that exist in reality and tend to degrade successively into each other: timocracy, oligarchy (also called plutocracy), democracy and tyranny (also called despotism).


        Socrates defines a timocracy as a government ruled by people who love honor and are selected according to the degree of honor they hold in society.


        These temptations create a confusion between economic status and honor which is responsible for the emergence of oligarchy. In Book VIII, Socrates suggests that wealth will not help a pilot to navigate his ship. This injustice divides the rich and the poor, thus creating an environment for criminals and beggars to emerge. The rich are constantly plotting against the poor and vice versa.


        As this socioeconomic divide grows, so do tensions between social classes. From the conflicts arising out of such tensions, democracy replaces the oligarchy preceding it. The poor overthrow the inexperienced oligarchs and soon grant liberties and freedoms to citizens. A visually appealing demagogue is soon lifted up to protect the interests of the lower class. However, with too much freedom, the people become drunk, and tyranny takes over.


        The excessive freedoms granted to the citizens of a democracy ultimately leads to a tyranny, the furthest regressed type of government. These freedoms divide the people into three socioeconomic classes: the dominating class, the elites and the commoners. Tensions between the dominating class and the elites cause the commoners to seek out protection of their democratic liberties. They invest all their power in their democratic demagogue, who, in turn, becomes corrupted by the power and becomes a tyrant with a small entourage of his supporters for protection and absolute control of his people.

    • Most IMPORTANT — bombard with e-mails and phone calls Newt, Santorum and Perry —
      telling them they need to DROP OUT NOW! Having no chance — they are only hurting America
      by taking away air-time from Ron Paul’s message of TRUTH!

      Find these 3’s laggards info — and keep sending this demand!

    • Also, worth noting:

      40,000 New Laws for 2012 — was the heading the day before end of 2011.

      None of the Democrooks or the wannabe Republicons said a word of what this actually means!

      Only Ron Paul knew the meaning — 40,000 (forty thousand!) more new things the government prohibits you from having the freedom to do this year, and from now on!… (on top of the millions of other ones you are not allowed to do for the many decades such NEGATIVE Laws were passed in previous years)!

      Can anyone name a dozen notable Positive Laws passed in the last decade (meaning: Yes, we the US Government trust You, the US Citizen, to have the Freedom to do this….!) — I doubt it… but 40,000 MORE Negative FEDERAL Laws are in force this year — meaning NO — we, the Government will FORCE you, by penalty of Fines or Incarceration, YOU the US Citizen, in 40,000 new ways from exercising these particular freedoms!

      And these NEGATIVE Laws are a THOUSAND TIMES compounded on the State level, County, City, Burroughs, even neighborhoods!

      It is amazing that the supposedly erudite Media lack the education, or are simply told by their bosses, NOT to state what the Great Roman Cicero warned nearly 2000 years ago — The more Laws a Nation has, the less Justice the Citizens will have!(by inference — less Freedom)!

      That as of now we have lost most of our Liberty is obvious — since one can name Hundreds of Thousands of Negative Laws that The State tells us NOT TO DO upon penalty!
      And no-one can show Positive Laws passed that are even a minute fraction of this Travesty perpetrated by the Ones in Power against the American People!

      So, Ron Paul says: Respect the US Constitution! Which if anyone can remember is all about Positive Laws — You have the FREEDOM to do this, and this, and that….

      No one else is saying a word about his crucial issue!

      • No. 40,000 STATE Laws…

        About 40,000 state laws taking effect at the start of the new year will change rules about getting abortions in New Hampshire, learning about gays and lesbians in California, getting jobs in Alabama and even driving golf carts in Georgia.

    • Another blatant attempt by the main media in last debate — CNN this time — to act as if Ron Paul does not exist. Took the booing of the audience to “alert” the “mediator” that Ron Paul was ignored in answering the abortion question.

      Afterwards, the main media devoted about 90% of their time covering the dog-and-pony show btw Romney and Newt, allotting another 9% on Santorum’s dares. Only 1% of airtime was given as: “Ron Paul did participate in the debate….”

      The transparency of this “black-out” by the main media (that can only be initiated by those controlling their respective news media networks, instructing their underling reporters NOT to mention Ron Paul’s name in any way) — has to have been noticed by now by the American people (since it has been in effect since day one)!

      Americans should be outraged by this inequity in media coverage — and ask these purveyors of partial coverage by sending tons of e-mails and millions of phone calls, asking them : “Give us the names of the people in charge that send you memos telling you NOT to mention Ron Paul in any way,…or look for another job!” So we know who actually controls the media in this country.

      One positive thing can be taken from this enforced main media “black-out”. Ron Paul’s Message of obeying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the silky demagoguery offered by the rest — must be scaring the hell out of the puppet-masters — God forbid that the American People hear the Truth!

      Then, they may actually do something about it!

  30. We must send troops into Iran and stop them from getting a nucular bomb. We are near the end times, and if we do not premptavely strike Iran, we will be forced to fight them anyway along with Isreal.

    • Todd Pollard

      Iran is NOT Iraq. If attacked, Iran WILL fight back and MANY INNOCENT LIVES will be lost. All this based upon the SAME Intelligence that said there were WMD’s in Iraq.

      Military Action should be the LAST Option we use. We need to sit down and talk with them. They WANT to talk with us and hold a meeting in Turkey??? But Obama, at the behest of Israel, is telling Iran – NO! There is a better way! We don’t need to be starting WW3!

      • All we need to do is take out that putative rock group, Achmadinejad and the Mullahs. That’s where we made our mistake in Iraq. Kill the head and the body will die.

  31. Ever notice Ron Paul rarely if ever puts anybody down during the debates, even the President! I wish he would speak more clearly though, he still is our only one who can save the United Syaes of America. He is not in it for the power like all the rest, he is in it to save AMERICA!

  32. I just love how FOX News “directed” this debate AWAY from the MOST IMPORTANT Issue which will be facing our Nation (and our Economy) in the up coming months – Europe! Ron Paul “tried” to comment on it, but the Wall Street Journal “stooge”, Jerry Seib, kept him on the topic of Defense Spending vs. Military Spending.

    Last week, 9 European Nations were Downgraded on their SOVEREIGN DEBT. This will have ENORMOUS “Negative” Repercussions to Our Economy and Our Markets in the USA. The Euro is about ready to “collapse” which will expose $700 TRILLION in Derivatives to default. US Banks have a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of exposure because the US Banks Insure them.

    People don’t understand what this means! Greece’s Debt has to be “rolled-over” and bought, or they will default. Italy’s Debt is much Bigger. If these Countries don’t get “Bailed-Out” by putting their Debt upon the “backs” of the US Taxpayer (like they want to do), then the WHOLE Global Economy will come crashing down like dominoes. Interest Rates will GO UP, Inflation will GO UP, Prices will GO UP and we’ll ALL be in the GREATEST DEPRESSION mankind has ever known!

    Why is FOX News “Ignoring” this VERY IMPORTANT Issue during the Debate? They should of let Ron Paul answer this very “vital” question. The Financial “Implosion” in Greece or Italy will surely start the dominoes falling in Europe, with an “almost over-night” effect on our Economy.

  33. Tonight’s debate was the best so far. Romney, Santorum, and Perry did very well. They seemed more comfortable in debating. However Gingrich won again. He received a standing ovation on a “got ya” question. Williams got booed when he asked Newt the question. Ron Paul continued his political suicide. South Carolina just does not care for him.

    I noticed the “answered the question asked” poll results, Gingrich got the best rating. I also notice that Paul received no negative rating. This indicates to me that Ron Paul’s followers packed the twitter page with their normal bias, as I notice several times that Ron Paul did not answer the question asked. That voided his results.

    • @B Anderson: I agree. Newt is definitely the most qualified candidate conservatives have. Santorum is second. However, if Santorum were to drop out today, Newt Gingrich would surge in the polls or verse visa. The only reason Mitt Romney is ahead is because he is counting on the tea party vote to be split. Which it sadly is.

    • BA,

      It is not the case that Paul received no negative responses. He received no NET negative ratings, though. But there was a substantial negative vote on some of his answers that are his own signature platform planks.

      It is infuriating to see how the media will lie about a candidate (and NOT just Paul) in order to stir up fervor and sell papers/ads/partnerships. Even today, they are hyping Paul’s supposed lying about what he said in the IOWA radio interview. But the question he was asked wasn’t about a quote from Iowa (which was part of the host’s preamble to the question). What he was asked was this: “So, to be clear, [do] you believe international law should have constrained us from tracking down and killing the man responsible for the most brazen attack on the U.S. since Pearl Harbor.” To this, Paul responded “Obviously, no, and that’s why I did not say that.” Paul, as always, was painstakingly accurate. What he said in Iowa was that he would not have authorized it the way it was done (surreptitious attack within a sovereign nation with whom we were not at war). The words that Fox tried to put into his mouth, he did NOT say, and he clearly made that point. Those who try to twist his response into a lie are either misinformed as to the exact question/answer/context, or else they are themselves liars.

      Paul, from the beginning, supported going after bin Laden. He proposed this in 2001, and again in 2007, using the only other constitutional avenue available (Marque and Reprisal) since Congress refused to declare war (and had no specific nation identified on which to wage war, in any case).

  34. Dear NEO_cons/Fascists,
    Please, leave the Republican party. You need to read “The Doctrine of Fascism” by Benito Mussolini b/c it seems that you are all confused about what Republicanism means. Fascists believe in foreign entanglements (ie: imperialism/pre-emptive war) combined with a Corporatist economy (ie: Public-Private Partnerships) and combining the state with religion which, by the way, has historically ended in the state becoming the religion.
    We Republicans believe in the…Constitution and rule of law; NOT the rule of men. Also, take the time to educate yourselves about the International Oil Bourse, the Iran Pakistan and China pipeline, and then reflect upon how the head of the Mossad said that Iran is not currently pursuing a nuclear bomb. Believe it or not, this is all b/c of the debt these very people have created combined with the need of the PetroDollar.
    Just face the fact that you have more in common with the Fabian Socialists than with Republicans so leave.

  35. I love Ron Paul and what he stands for. I would vote for him if he were to run against Obama. Problem is he will never get to that point, not because he can’t do it, but because the media and “the system” will not allow him to because of his views. Even in this debate they let him focus on his Foreign Policy and that’s it. The rest of the debate was between Gingrich, Romney and Santorum, and hardly gave Paul or Perry hardly anytime. There is no way that this government will allow someone to come in and bring this country back to what it was founded on, instead they will put someone in they know they can control like a puppet. It’s a shame but we can all waste our words and time on here picking out our points and who we think who will win, but the truth is the American people don’t have a say anymore in these elections. I know a lot of people will say Ron Paul is crazy for his thinking on Foreign Policy but think about if someone came into your home and tried changing the way you live and moved in to make sure you followed their ways, I guarantee you would hate them as well and threaten and fight them back. It’s the samething we are doing in the middle east and then ask why they attack us and want to go kill everyone. It’s sad and will continue to keep going until America is destroyed and China becomes the next super power of the world. Remember every Empire has fallen in history when it went beyond it’s territory and has fallen. We are not beyond history, unless we change our thinking and the way we do things. We can still be the strongest nation in the world without trying to expand to the whole world and force our ideas on everyone. This is my opinion, take from it what you want, but seriously think about it.

    • I think it’s quite illuminating how Paul has been silenced on issues besides foreign policy, where his views are unpopular with the Republican base. Honestly, I’m not sure if he’s letting them get away with it out of political naivety or because he really wants to convince people to agree with his foreign policy.

      Ron Paul has serious warts as a candidate. The Newsletters are a problem, he lets the media manipulate his message too easily, he struggles to speak with pith, and he’s on the edge of being too old for a president. But his honesty makes all that up to me. It will be such a breath of fresh air to have a president who tells us the truth, acts on his moral convictions, and puts others in positions of power who will do the same.

      • Nathan,

        I must agree with you. He seemed off his game tonight; however, I do not believe that the Newsletters will be a factor. Obama wouldn’t bother using them b/c he knows they aren’t true and I will give Obama this, I do not think that he would bring something like this up that he knows is BS nor would he allow his PAC to do so. The reality is that most of the politicians admire Paul b/c he has principles and Obama would NOT allow blatant lies about Paul b/c he knows Paul wouldn’t allow that either. It would be more of a gentlemens agreement. I truly believe that. Besides, I think the “Black Caucus” would love to have Ron as POTUS b/c he doesn’t care about color or creed and they know that and they also know that no one would own him. He would govern our country without regard of the petty labels. Wouldn’t that be a breathe of fresh air.

        • I don’t think he was particularly off his game, his message is so hard to sum up in a minute and half especially when he has to repeat what he is saying because they twist his words. He fights to maintain his stance, he never faulters off of what he believes to gain the popular vote. That’s what impresses me about the man and also makes me take him seriously. His views are so different from everyone else that everyone thinks he is a nut, but when you actually listen to him and pay attention he makes perfect sense, but people don’t want common sense they want “status quo” and why he doesn’t get the attention and sincerity he deserves. He is the best hope for this country I believe with his views but people are too used to what they are made to think instead of opening their eyes and thinking for themselves. I actually like the fact that he stumbles with his words at times because he doesn’t sound scripted, but I will have to say that Newt did make some really good comments tonight, he has flaws but is one hell of a debater and certain topics he does hit home well. Romney is big business as usual, Santorum will take us to war and stop birth control, and Perry will be standing on the Mexican border with an AK saying “Let’s do this!!” Just saying!

    • Concerned American…This is what the media tells you to believe (that Ron Paul cannot win) and of course your taking it in as already the truth. Don’t you stop believing, cause that is what the REPUBLICAN party wants you to believe so you won’t vote for Ron Paul. If Paul’s supporters vote for him regardless of what the media keeps preaching to us, then the Republican Party will HAVE to vote for Paul to beat Obama. After all that is supposed to be THEIR agenda isn’t it?? Don’t let them take your vote with propaganda, THIS ELECTION vote with your heart and mind don’t let them take that from you. RON PAUL 2012!!

      • No trust me I do believe in Dr. Paul and his message, I don’t believe in the system we live in anymore and unfortunately with media blackout and people being so brainwashed in this country it is hard for him to achieve his goal, but is not unattainable, which is why I am commenting here!!! I do believe in the man, values and his words. It’s funny Huntsman whole campaign was about “trust” and rebuilding it in America then supports Romney, when in fact the only candidate that represents “trust” is Dr. Paul. Hypocrisy as it’s best! Huntsman is the same person 2 weeks ago that said Romney was unelectable. Does anyone not pay attention to anything that is going on or just keep feeding the machine?

  36. Several people have said that Ron Paul should run as a 3rd party candidate. This would be a guaranteed win for Obama. Paul would take a disproportionate number of votes from the Republican candidate as compared to Obama. This CANNOT happen; 4 more years of this president would damage this country irreparably. In addition to the obvious deficit and debt crises, the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution would be at stake. He has already put in place Sotamayor and Kagan on the Supreme Court. The next president will be nominating up to 3 Justices. This means the 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment would be in peril, among other Rights we take for granted. If you truly love your freedoms and liberties, we must find a way to coexist as a unified party. I would even suggest that any winner take Paul as a VP candidate (assuming Paul does not win) or Paul choose the runner-up to be his VP if he does win. We CANNOT allow a fractured vote!! This election is more important than I can stress.

  37. “I am ashamed that i used to think like the mainline republicans and now I realize that it really was Americas foreign policies that incited 911.”

    Gary, you need to go and seriously educate yourself on Islam and it’s global ambitions, as does Ron Paul.

    Regardless how the USA behaves in the world, good or bad, ALL Muslims are commanded to conquer ALL lands.

    The ambition of Islam is a global caliphate with sharia as it’s law.

    • Last I saw we were over there conquering them; they were not over here attempting to conquer us. How out of touch are you?

    • “Regardless how the USA behaves in the world, good or bad, ALL Muslims are commanded to conquer ALL lands.”

      “The ambition of Islam is a global caliphate with sharia as it’s law.”

      If this is so, then why in their 2,000 years of existence and us only here for 200 years do they decide to do it now? This is all war propaganda fed to you through lies. They only want to attack us for being on their holy land and trying to convert them to our society. How would Americans act if they came over with their military and told us “Your government is flawed, we don’t like the way you are running this, so we are going to change your whole way of living.”? Think about it, how would you react, and remember this is only been going on for the past 20 years or so, our forefathers haven’t been at war with the middle east. Hell even Reagan wasn’t at war with the middle east. Our country starts something, people hate us and fight back, then we call them terrorists. I would call that a flawed Foreign Policy! But people will keep believeing that our politicians couldn’t do that, and we as a country couldn’t do that, and the thought that maybe people just don’tlike us…. wow!! Remember we put Saddam in power, we helped Bin Laden gain power, then we just walk in and try to take over and they reject it so we go to war with them, but we fail the first time in taking out Saddam, wait a few years then we go in and do it right. Now what, Iran sure isn’t going to let us do to them what we did with Iraq so in self defense they threaten to close the Straight, do you expect anything different? I just don’t understand how people in this country can sit there and believe only what is fed to you by the media and not believe that “Hey, you know what we might be the most powerful nation in the world, but we can make mistakes sometimes. Let’s get out of this area, let things cool down and try to talk things through without a military presence there to incite them.” Imagine trying to solve an argument with somebody when your friend is standing there with a gun to his head, I don’t think talks are going to go so well!

    • David you really need to stop preaching GLENN BECK and look at this election this way. It’s 4 years that Ron Paul is asking for to set this country back on the right track…just 4 years..not 8 years like the other BIG government Republicans. We have the right to bear arms in this country and that will never be taken away from us…We as a people will have to have our guns taken away only through them prying our cold dead fingers from them could that happen. GET REAL..Islam can only do so much against a country armed like ours is. I’m positive that if ONE of our cities actually got bombed that Ron Paul would go to congress and we’d go BONZO on the country that took that action on us that way…be it IRAN or ANY country for that matter. The OTHER Republicans are just trying to keep us in the wars to keep us spending into oblivion…WAKE UP! We don’t have the money for more wars right now and we need to fix this country FIRST NOW!

  38. My Generation needs to WAKE UP! I mean really, are y’all truly serious? Or is the Ron Paul Campaign using the “COMMENTS” area to make others think he might actually have support. Just because he has supporters that NEVER leave their social networks, of course he is going to win polls like TWITTER’s. Let’s be honest, on the internet, there is a chance that every single Ron Paul supporter commenting on here is actually just one or two people posing as different users. This is the CONSERVATIVE PRIMARY! Yes he did get votes in New Hampshire but he would not survive a really conservative primary.

    In Response to Nathan:

    My husband farms and ranches and is hardly ever on a computer, his opinion is never polled, but he most definitely votes. Many, many conservatives are the same way. (Before you start with the comments on how we are illiterate because we choose not to let our lives revolve around computers, we both have a college degree and we are in our twenties). Ron Paul does not represent the majority of Texans and I can not understand how people can actually argue that he is the “only true conservative” running.

    Response to Sue:

    I loved the “Democrat” that felt the need to let us ALL know she was in favor of Ron Paul! I mean if that does not prove that Ron Paul is ” the most Conservative” I don’t know what would! (Just to let you know, I am being Sarcastic!). And you said , “Everyone I know likes Paul”. Is that because you are a democrat who’s so called conservative friends are really just NOT THAT CONSERVATIVE. I guess then I should probably mention that not one person I know can even fathom that anyone could actually support him. But probably like you, my friends tend to hold a lot of the same morals and principles I do.

    I LOVED when Perry said that Bret Baier would need a gong instead of a bell to interrupt Ron Paul! His voice is like nails on a chalkboard!

  39. You are a moron and need to educate yourself. Your completely wrong by saying ALL. ALL u are doing DavidB is stereotyping. Gary are foriegn policy is to police the world. If anything ALL USA military is commanded to conquer ALL land by our corrupt government. David must live in a bubble.

  40. Your assessment is what many Americans are feeling too with regards to dumping the Country on its head and much more, but with serious exception of your opinion being of Ron Paul not being the nominee or electable.

    The way our congress has secretly accepted the buy outs of congress seats from corporate monsters like (Lockheed-Boeing-Bain- Monsanto- Dow – making over 6 billion dollars for hiliary, kerry, mccain, obama, romney, newt, santorum, pelosi, ried, and about 38 more in congress) just in the last 6 years(Fact Check)

    and monster Monsanto who made a little under 3 billion for the same congress it is NO wonder that the country NEEDs to be dumped on its head. and in more cases than not, most need to be incarcerated.

    But what Americans have seen can not be unseen, and whats more exciting is that they do not trust anyone but Ron Paul to deliver and execute the task. Partly because he has never lied and is truly incorruptible..
    .(.30 sec fact check

    See, the cat is out of the bag, and it is a fire that will only be put out with truth and the GOP is sadly incapable of that long term. That is why my educated guess is Ron Paul by the people and not by the GOP or by Corporate corrupt buy outs.

    Think about that for a minute.

    See, if the Gop make’s Romnee the nominee, Paul knows he will still have 88% of the countrys vote if he did a third party (remember they are voting for truth and of course we respect our elders.) if that turns true then the Gop will lose. Then the corruption games will stop and the GOP cant live with that (Greed) so they want to seat their own puppet and ask Paul for his followers.

    That will never happen, we are Paul, and Paul is us. If Paul decided tomorrow to be a player of the typical games played in D.C. The GOP would nominate him at this hour. They would unseat the President and have their puppet. But we know Paul, he is not like that and that is why he has 88% of the Country behind him.

    Who else do you know who can and will continue to raise millions of dollars in $10’s, $20’s, $50’s and $100 dollar bills from ONLY people? Never Corporations. Mitt, Newt, Santour and perry tax returns will be very very shady. Paul’s will show that he did not take even a salary from tax payers much less millions in dirty money from corporations.

    You have not seen anything yet, Millions more in the next 2 months will be raised

  41. @ConcernedAmerican

    “If this is so, then why in their 2,000 years of existence and us only here for 200 years do they decide to do it now?”

    You need to seriously review your history lessons. Do you not know anything about the crusades? You also need to educate yourself on the history of Islam and it’s driving ambitions of for world domination.

    Until you do this, you really are not in any position to comment further on this topic.

    • Really? Explain then please because I have studied my history pretty well, so please take the time to explain, to everyone reading, your knowledge in depth with us, references would be apprecited. 🙂

    • Do Islam and Christianity have different origins?
      No. Together with Judaism, they go back to the prophet and patriarch Abraham, and their three prophets are directly descended from his sons Muhammad from the eldest, Ishmael, and Moses and Jesus from Isaac. Abraham established the settlement which today is the city of Makkah, and built the Ka’ba towards which all Muslims turn when they pray.

      What is the Ka’ba?
      The Ka’ba is the place of worship which God commanded Abraham and Ishmael to build over four thousand years ago. The building was constructed of stone on what many believe was the original site of a sanctuary established by Adam. God commanded Abraham to summon all mankind to visit this place, and when pilgrims go there today they say ‘At Thy service, O Lord’, in response to Abraham’s summons.

      Just incase you try to discredit me, here is the information I know. Now you can prove your point which was saying mine was wrong!

    • You also mentioned the crusades, which were Christian led wars to force Christianity on the people.

      Crusade Dates of Crusade Crusades Timeline of Events
      First Crusade 1096 – 1099 The People’s Crusade – Freeing the Holy Lands. 1st Crusade led by Count Raymond IV of Toulouse and proclaimed by many wandering preachers, notably Peter the Hermit
      Second Crusade 1144 -1155 Crusaders prepared to attack Damascus. 2nd crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and by King Louis VII of France
      Third Crusade 1187 -1192 3rd Crusade led by Richard the Lionheart of England, Philip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. Richard I made a truce with Saladin
      Fourth Crusade 1202 -1204 4th Crusade led by Fulk of Neuil French/Flemish advanced on Constantinople
      The Children’s Crusade 1212 The Children’s Crusade led by a French peasant boy, Stephen of Cloyes
      Fifth Crusade 1217 – 1221 The 5th Crusade led by King Andrew II of Hungary, Duke Leopold VI of Austria, John of Brienne
      Sixth Crusade 1228 – 1229 The 6th Crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II
      Seventh Crusade 1248 – 1254 The 7th Crusade led by Louis IX of France
      Eighth Crusade 1270 The 8th Crusade led by Louis IX
      Ninth Crusade 1271 – 1272 The 9th Crusade led by Prince Edward (later Edward I of England)

      The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars launched by the Christian states of Europe against the Saracens. The term ‘Saracen’ was the word used to describe a Moslem during the time of the Crusades. The Crusades started in 1095 when Pope Claremont preached the First Crusade at the Council of Claremont. The Pope’s preaching led to thousands immediately affixing the cross to their garments – the name Crusade given to the Holy Wars came from old French word ‘crois’ meaning ‘cross’. The Crusades were great military expeditions undertaken by the Christian nations of Europe for the purpose of rescuing the holy places of Palestine from the hands of the Mohammedans. They were eight in number, the first four being sometimes called the Principal Crusades, and the remaining four the Minor Crusades. In addition there was a Children’s Crusade.

      I think you are the one who needs to do their history my friend!

    • First I have a job, second yes I was asked for a resource and pasted it here, is that your arguement that I pasted a source? You are not defending anything instead of attacking me of producing evidence. Please if you can provide something that backs your arguements please provide it as well, instead of just trying to knock me, because I don’t care personally about your attacks, I said I knew from research and supplied it. My only mistake was not citing that as my source, you got me there, and I apoligize for not doing so, but it is true and you have not denied that either. So please I would ask you to provide proof for your arguement. Thank you.

  42. We’ve been ABUSED as voters by these Politicians. The typical ABUSED “voter” would much rather live in a “FAILED” economy as long as they get a leader who “appears” strong and “says” what they “need-to-hear”.

    The ABUSED voter becomes the “scared little kids” who NEED a strong “father figure” in the house — even if he’s a drunk ABUSER. The ABUSED voter, then, cannot stand living in a healthy household with a “traditional, older, more stable” father figure (Ron Paul) because they have NO Idea what “healthy” means.

    The ABUSED voter has been so ABUSED by the Politicians, and they are now so acclimated to the ABUSE, that they “cannot understand or perceive” a society or an economy that is “healthy”. Thus, the ABUSED voter then “joins-in” with the ABUSER “mindset” and they begin to ABUSE Ron Paul publicly.

    Ron Paul is WAY TOO “Independent” for the ABUSED voter’s psyches to handle. The ABUSED voter would rather a Romney/Newt/Obama who exemplify the strong “father” leader who makes “everything (appear) okay” by “saying” what they “need-to-hear”, even though the ABUSER is NOT telling them the TRUTH.

    It’s all perception as usual.

    The INDEPENDENT intellects perceive Ron Paul to be a good leader.

    The DEPENDENT “scared” little children perceive Romney/Newt/Obama to be a good leader.

  43. I do not argue that they desire to take over the world. In fact, through our liberal policy of political correctness they are infiltrating our country, reproducing rapidly and legislating themselves into dominance. I maintain that I was ignorant when I supported pre-emptive wars and global military installations to protect us. I realize now that it is breaking our bank and pissing everyone else off there by inviting attack. Try to understand this, understand how you feel when a big entity such as a corporation or local government unfairly takes what is rightfully is yours.

    • Gary

      It’s great that you “woke up”, but it wasn’t just the Liberal Policies of “political-correctness” which infiltrated our Country to bring about the “Sheeple” mindset. It’s was also the Neo-Conservative LIES, “spread and spun” by the “compliant, non-questioning” Media, that are about to bring about the Economic DECIMATION of the United States of America.

      The Tragic Event on the Cruise Ship, which happened this past weekend, will become an “Every Man For Himself” Scenario in America for this year 2012. Europe is collapsing, but the A$$HOLE$ in the Media, aren’t even covering it. And all the GOP Candidates aren’t talking about it, except for Ron Paul.

      The Liberals were successful in making everyone “Politically Correct”. The Neo-Cons were just as successful in filling everyone with “Fear”. The “Perfect Storm” is now upon us. The “Sheeple” can’t say that Ron Paul didn’t WARN them…

  44. I believe that the Constitution is hanging by a thread, but Romney will save the country. Obama, on the other hand, is working to establish a caliphate and the river of the blood of white Christians will be flowing though the streets of America as soon as he gives the order.

    • Larry Dean,

      You “believe that the Constitution is hanging by a thread, but Romney will save the country” ??

      The same Romney that proudly declares that he supports the NDAA, believes that the POTUS has the right to indefinitely detain American Citizens without trial, and believes that the POTUS has the right to issue assassination orders against American citizens?

      You believe THAT is the Romney that will save the country??

    • “Constitution hanging by a thread” is a coded message to Mormons about the “White Horse Phophecy.” Glenn Beck, a Mormon, references this often, as does fellow Mormon and LDS Bishop, Senator Orrin Hatch HERE

      But to those familiar with the White Horse Prophecy, it was an unmistakable signal.

      The phrase is often attributed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church. Smith is believed to have said in 1840 that when the Constitution hangs by a thread, elders of the Mormon Church will step in — on the proverbial white horse — to save the country.

      “When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the ‘Mormon’ Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it,” Brigham Young, Smith’s successor as head of the church, wrote in 1855.

      This should scare the H out of any Christian thinking of supporting Romney.


    I have had no problems whatsoever watching the debates live streamed by CNN, ABC, etc. I also had no problem watching the Fox/Google co-partnered debate. But I could not pick up the livestream of last night’s Fox debate at all. It was very disappointing. I wonder what the problem was.

    Thank you for putting up the You Tube video so I can watch it unlive, so to speak.

  46. I shivered with both anger and disgust last night as Dr. Paul said that a major foreigh policy problem is that we don’t follow the Golden Rule. Don’t do to other nations what we don’t want to have them do to us. We bomb other countries that have never attacked American and we wonder why they hate us.”

    Then he was booed by the crowd. I fear our party has become a bunch of bloodthirsty war mongers.

    The Neocons need to go.

  47. At what point do you think Romney will realize that he was on stage arguing for someone to put a “bullet in the head” of Barack Obama? This man needs to think before he speaks, or he needs to learn basic logic, or both.

    • Warren Buffet – a Despicable American!

      Warren Buffett is the “poster child” for Corporate Greed, Bank Bailouts and the implicit endorsement of Global WAR through his backing of 2012 Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Buffett should be ashamed of himself and should be blacklisted by ALL the American people.

  48. Should, illegal immigrants, receive social security, medicare, medicaid, or disability, if they haven’t paid into the America system, which depletes our funding. Some American’s who have worked their entire life, has a problem receiving benefits which, they paid into, fought, for a number of years and denied, services!

  49. The Controlled Media is making a mockery of these debates — doing their best to ignore or minimize Ron Paul by directing idiotic questions for him alone!

    Tonight’s debate is a great example of this perfidy! The dog-and-pony show of Mitt & Newt, and the little mutt snapping at their Achilles’s heels — inconsequential Santorum — all these three little mice got to respond on a VERY CRUCIAL QUESTION that has been eroding our Nation for decades: Illegal Immigration! But not Ron Paul — he was asked an idiotic question instead: If he’d agree to some kind of Swamp Protection Law in FL Everglades!?!?!?

    What arrogance the main media has, that they can SLAP the American People on the face by saying this was an equitable debate! Do they think us this stupid — not to see their agenda and thus resent them!?

    A TRUE debate is when a questions is asked, and ALL candidates are given equal time to respond to said question — THIS WAS NOT THE CASE in Florida tonight!

    Shame on the “mediators” — they’ve exposed themselves for what they are (marionettes who’s strings are pulled by those controlling the main media)!

  50. Obama — the next new host of Family Feud (can anyone give a total count of the women he kissed after his Misstate of the Union)?

    Afterwards — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels neutered in a very diplomatic way all the demagoguery Little Hussein parroted!

    Not strong enough for me — but still kudos to Mitch!

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