The final GOP debate before this Saturday’s South Carolina Republican primary will take place tonight from Charleston, South Carolina. This debate is sponsored by CNN and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. We will see just four candidates on stage since Rick Perry has dropped out this morning.

Air Time: Thursday, January 19 at 8pm ET on CNN

Full Video: Video: Watch the full CNN Southern Republican Debate

Participants: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul (Perry has dropped out)

Rick Perry barely qualified for this debate and it appears that CNN went out of its way to make sure he met the criteria. More on this from Politico:

CNN’s Sam Feist calls to say that contrary to the report by Talking Points Memo, Rick Perry has met the criteria for the debate on January 19. Per CNN criteria, a candidate qualifies for the debate if he averages 7 percent in three national polls in 2012. Feist says that Perry averages at least 7 percent based on a Gallup poll from January 3, a CBS poll from January 9, and a Reuters/Ipsos poll from January 10.

In the Gallup poll published January 3, Perry received 7 percent.

In the CBS poll published January 9, Perry received 6 percent AND 7 percent.*

In the Reuters/Ipsos poll published January 10, Perry received 7 percent.

*The source for all the confusion: When CBS published the results of its poll on January 9, it listed Rick Perry at 6 percent. However, the full release shows that Perry received 6 percent when those surveyed had an option to choose “Someone Else,” and received 7 percent when those surveyed did not have that option. Because Perry received 7 percent in the latter poll, he qualifies for the CNN debate in South Carolina… by the skin of his teeth.

So Perry just got his toe in the door on this one which still leaves him in OK standing. The fact that he nearly missed the cutoff doesn’t bode well for him.

The real story line of this debate will focus on Romney and the attacks being leveled by the remaining candidates. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul will need to give strong performances if they hope to garner some more votes to dig out of second place and right now it appears Gingrich is making some headway.


Rick Perry has ended his 2012 candidacy, see this post for details.


  1. If Ron Paul is so NUTS, then why is he so RIGHT on this?

    If EVERY SINGLE ISSUE could be “set aside” and the 2012 Presidential Campaign be ENTIRELY “focused” on the “Monetary System”, the Country’s Problems would eventually be worked out. BUT because this IMPORTANT Issue (and Ron Paul) are constantly being “Ignored”, the other Issues (problems) will only continue to manifest (expand).

        • This woman was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

          From the above link:

          “At least a half dozen doctors for both the defense and the prosecution have found that Ms. Lindauer suffers from delusions of grandeur and paranoia, which makes her incompetent to stand trial, the judge said. But she refuses to accept the diagnosis or to take medication, he said. One doctor found that Ms. Lindauer had a history of psychotic episodes going back to her childhood, possibly at the age of 7, the judge said.”

      • The Myth that only Newt can successfully debate Obama β€” sounds good, if Americans are interested in which one can outdo the other in lies.

        Here is a reality check:

        Obama cannot make a logical conclusion even if hit on the head with a tome of Aristotle’s Organon.

        He is lost without the tele-prompter, and can hardly speak coherently without the use of worn out cliches. This small-minded, unaccomplished in any way, narcissist can only resort to parroting defunct socialist dogma when not fed questions he’s prepared for β€” thus, any logical high-schooler can make him look silly in a debate that is not pre-written!

        Ron Paul will destroy Obama in any unscripted one-on-one debate β€” a genuine person concerned about saving America (Ron Paul) vs a phoney narcissist (Obama) thinking only of staying in power!

        Contact Newt and Santorum β€” tell them to forgo their egotism β€” they need to withdraw now, so Ron Paul can bring down the Joker in the White House (once one-on-one vs money-man Mitt, Ron Paul will win)!

        Then Ron Paul’s message of Liberty and Prosperity will be heard β€” and little Hussein will be gone!

    • Still the main media is doing a “black out” (near non-coverage) of Ron Paul β€” since his message of telling the Truth is the bane for the ones that want to control us. The only way the media can be forced to allot more time to the only Patriot running for the Presidency β€” Ron Paul β€” is for the bottom runners (Newt, Santorum and Perry) to end their petty selfishness of trying to be elected (since clearly they have no chance) and do what’s best for the country β€” drop out immediately after SC. Thus, Ron Paul’s message of Truth will have a near equal coverage NOW, and not later, when the inevitable one-on-one vs Mitt occurs.

      Also, Ron Paul should state the following (thus endearing himself even more to the American People): “Hey, I know I’m not a polished speaker β€” unlike my opponents, who sound like professional orators. But, I trust the people to decide for substance over fancy talk.”

      Worth remembering is that our Nation was designed to be the ideal Republic as described by Plato (the only fair government system that represents ALL the people β€” not most, or some β€” BUT ALL). And only Ron Paul stands for this.

      Seems newscasters need a refreshment course on Plato’s Republic. Over two eons later his tennents still hold true β€” but nearly all are ignorant as to why we are degrading further into a state of Government Tyranny!

      Plato paraphrased from Wiki to save space:

      Regimes that exist in reality and tend to degrade successively into each other: timocracy, oligarchy (also called plutocracy), democracy and tyranny (also called despotism).


      Socrates defines a timocracy as a government ruled by people who love honor and are selected according to the degree of honor they hold in society.


      These temptations create a confusion between economic status and honor which is responsible for the emergence of oligarchy. In Book VIII, Socrates suggests that wealth will not help a pilot to navigate his ship. This injustice divides the rich and the poor, thus creating an environment for criminals and beggars to emerge. The rich are constantly plotting against the poor and vice versa.


      As this socioeconomic divide grows, so do tensions between social classes. From the conflicts arising out of such tensions, democracy replaces the oligarchy preceding it. The poor overthrow the inexperienced oligarchs and soon grant liberties and freedoms to citizens. A VISUALLY APPEALING DEMAGOGUE is soon lifted up to protect the interests of the lower class. However, with too much freedom, the people become drunk, and tyranny takes over.


      The excessive freedoms granted to the citizens of a democracy ultimately leads to a tyranny, the furthest regressed type of government. These freedoms divide the people into three socioeconomic classes: the dominating class, the elites and the commoners. Tensions between the dominating class and the elites cause the commoners to seek out protection of their democratic liberties. They invest all their power in their democratic demagogue, who, in turn, becomes corrupted by the power and becomes a tyrant with a small entourage of his supporters for protection and absolute control of his people.

      • WOW talking about selfishness. Maybe some need to look at the person in the mirror. The great thing about this year is we ALL have the same needs and wants. Free America once again and put OUR country back on track. God how I miss Regan and he warned us about exactly what is happening. All of the candidates are better qualified and would do more for OUR country than the arrogant tyrant taking OUR country from us. The media is more at fault for the fall of this country than even the Bamster.

      • You are very informed. Do you have a blog? If not you need one and I need a blogger. I am somewhat a libertarian, but mostly True Conservative(not RINO conservative). Leave me a message at Just go to Jake’s blog and leave me a message to get o hold of you. You can even sell ads there

      • Our founders wisely did NOT want a democracy modeled off the greek model you gush about paul wanting.
        The founders did not want that, but the soviets did… and marxism wanted it.
        Our founders were divinly inspired and should not be second guessed.
        As a collection they came forth with wiseness beyond what each on his own would have arrived at.
        If paul wants to return to the greek model, it NEVER existed in this country so don’t fall for it.
        Trust the founders and build on what they devised. Trust the founders and strengthen what they built.
        No more thinking on how to fix it, that was fixed when it was built.

        So do not trust those who want to fix perfection already given us by the founders.
        If anything demand adherence to the founding documents in both spirit and practice.

        • John S — or nation was modeled on Plato’s Republic (which form of government never existed in the Ancient Greek era, but was Plato’s logical conclusion (Plato’s description was not included in my original post, since our Republic has become a Democracy)….a Republic being the best form of government (read on how this is to be attained in the Republic by Plato). Plato, actually abhorred a democracy — mob rule of the ignorant MANY over the qualified FEW!

        • So do not trust those who want to fix perfection already given us by the founders.

          You really think a 16 trillion dollar debt represents perfection??????

    • Perry’s “Newt is not perfect” Is that an Understatement!

      A NY Janitor gets paid 38,000 a year. This is less than 20/ an?? hour,,

      So how do you hire 30 kids to work for that? 0.66 cents an hour?

      If minimum wage was 4.00/ hr,, then 30 kids would be 120/ hr

      if minimum wage was 2.00/ hr then? 30 kids would be 60/ hr..

      No janitors make 60/ hr,,, so what? pay rate is newt suggesting with his data that he spewed at the debate?

      More? Watch youtube: Ron Paul Ad – Radical Stance by Newt Gingrich

        • The problem with this ad is that Newt’s last line, “don’t plot with terrorists” is something almost anyone would agree with. Now, of course, the Patriot Act and the rest of the government’s “extraordinary powers” to fight terror are actually being used for run-of-the-mill criminal matters, but that’s a story not told by the ad.

          • used for run-of-the-mill criminal matters,

            Keeps the jails full and the country in deep debt just the way they want it.

          • Nathan

            I think it goes a little bit deeper than that. Newt “the loose cannon” Gingrich made that statement “don’t plot with terrorists” to instill more FEAR into the American People. The “inference” is that if you’re a Civil Libertarian, who believes that the Government should NOT be wire-tapping or “invading” into the lives of American Citizens, then Civil Libertarians ARE “plotting” with the terrorists.

            And Newt just reiterated the Mantra that “King” Bush said “If you’re not FOR us, then you’re AGAINST us”. What Americans don’t realize is that we DID AWAY with the “King” or “Tyrant” model way back in 1776 because it DIDN’T WORK for the People’s Freedoms and Liberties. Now, the “Tyrant” model is back and the next “King” wants the Coronation. Ron Paul wants us to “go back” to a “Representative Republic” that “has worked” for most of America’s History. Liberty and Freedom is being threatened. All we have to do is watch the news.

      • so what? pay rate is newt suggesting with his data that he spewed at the debate?

        The kids only work part time like maybe 8 hrs per week.

    • Another blatant attempt by the main media in last debate — CNN this time — to act as if Ron Paul does not exist. Took the booing of the audience to “alert” the “mediator” that Ron Paul was ignored in answering the abortion question.

      Afterwards, the main media devoted about 90% of their time covering the dog-and-pony show btw Romney and Newt, allotting another 9% on Santorum’s dares. Only 1% of airtime was given as: “Ron Paul did participate in the debate….”

      The transparency of this “black-out” by the main media (that can only be initiated by those controlling their respective news media networks, instructing their underling reporters NOT to mention Ron Paul’s name in any way) — has to have been noticed by now by the American people (since it has been in effect since day one)!

      Americans should be outraged by this inequity in media coverage — and ask these purveyors of partial coverage by sending tons of e-mails and millions of phone calls, asking them : “Give us the names of the people in charge that send you memos telling you NOT to mention Ron Paul in any way,…or look for another job!” So we know who actually controls the media in this country.

      One positive thing can be taken from this enforced main media “black-out”. Ron Paul’s Message of obeying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the silky demagoguery offered by the rest — must be scaring the hell out of the puppet-masters — God forbid that the American People hear the Truth!

      Then, they may actually do something about it!

    • LOL — also worth noting:

      40,000 New Laws for 2012 β€” was the heading the day before end of 2011.

      None of the Democrooks or the wannabe Republicons said a word of what this actually means!

      Only Ron Paul knew the meaning β€” 40,000 (forty thousand!) more new things the government prohibits you from having the freedom to do this year, and from now on!… (on top of the millions of other ones you are not allowed to do for the many decades such NEGATIVE Laws were passed in previous years)!

      Can anyone name a dozen notable Positive Laws passed in the last decade (meaning: Yes, we the US Government trust You, the US Citizen, to have the Freedom to do this….!) β€” I doubt it… but 40,000 MORE Negative FEDERAL Laws are in force this year β€” meaning NO β€” we, the Government will FORCE you, by penalty of Fines or Incarceration, YOU the US Citizen, in 40,000 new ways from exercising these particular freedoms!

      And these NEGATIVE Laws are a THOUSAND TIMES compounded on the State level, County, City, Burroughs, even neighborhoods!

      It is amazing that the supposedly erudite Media lack the education, or are simply told by their bosses, NOT to state what the Great Roman Cicero warned nearly 2000 years ago β€” The more Laws a Nation has, the less Justice the Citizens will have!(by inference β€” less Freedom)!

      That as of now we have lost most of our Liberty is obvious β€” since one can name Hundreds of Thousands of Negative Laws that The State tells us NOT TO DO upon penalty!
      And no-one can show Positive Laws passed that are even a minute fraction of this Travesty perpetrated by the Ones in Power against the American People!

      So, Ron Paul says: Respect the US Constitution! Which if anyone can remember is all about Positive Laws β€” You have the FREEDOM to do this, and this, and that….

      No one else is saying a word about his crucial issue!

  2. I actually lie Ron Paul he is very honest on everything! but his Foreign Policy doesn’t me any sense to the me.

    • Our current foreign policy doesn’t make any sense to me. Its destroyed our economy, put our soldiers at risk, and we are not any safer because of it.

      • Yeah, however what happens when you allow a nation who LOATHES the United States to have a nuclear weapon? You get millions of dead Americans bud. I agree with a lot of things he says, but the foreign policy completely ruins my vote for him. Rick Santorum all the way.

        • You get millions of dead Americans bud.

          Fear all the way but a lot more nations have fallen because their money became worthless than because of being nuked. Iran knows it must get the bomb or face the same fate as Iraq. If the demand it there and you got the money, someone will fill it.

        • ya, but why in the world do they loathe us….hmm…maybe you should think about that…maybe if we stopped flying planes over their country they wouldn’t loathe us. We need to get out of the middle east and mind our own business. Ron Paul all the way!!! His foreign policy makes complete sense. It is to mind our own business and take care of our own country first! Do you go around your neighborhood snooping on your neighbors and telling them how to run their lives, I think not. Our country needs to be doing the same thing, taking care of the people at home. They wouldn’t loathe us if we weren’t in their business.
          RON PAUL 2012!

      • Actually, if you read Ron Paul’s book “A Foriegn Policy of Freedom” (which I am reading), then it actually makes a lot of sense. He’s just a little shaky on Israel, but nothing major. Everything else about him is OK: he’s anti-abortion, anti gay marridge, anti war, anti big government, the works.

          • Well Bill I guess you are well connected and have seen this nuke??? Please do tell, how about some proof??? And no, not videos of someone’s views saying they have nukes that does noting, lets see a video of one there, or a viable document and pictures of it. Since you are so sure you must have this proof, please do share, I would really like to see it, oh knowledgeable one.

            • I would really like to see it, oh knowledgeable one

              The nukes are hidden in Iraq right next to the other WMDs

          • Sorry I thought you where talking about Iran, since that is the issue now. For some reason I got ahead of my self I take the comment back. >.>

            • Sorry I thought you where talking about Iran, since that is the issue now. For some reason I got ahead of my self I take the comment back. >.>

              Close enough to most Americans they are both the same anyhow

    • His foreign policy is not what the media makes it out to be. He’s for having a strong military and defense. He doesn’t want to be occupying every nation. He thinks we should be protecting our borders, not invading others. What happened to this country?

  3. I am sick of the lack to time and focus that goes to Ron Paul in these debates. He never seems to get much talk time while they focus mainly on Romney and Gingrich. Nothing fair about these elections anymore (for all candidates, but MAINLY RP).
    Aside from the media that strays away from him, it shows you the direction our country is presently in, and its a scary one.

  4. why haven’t any of the candidates or the hosts/inquisitors addressed the possibility of Supreme Court vacancies in the next presidential term…to me this is the most important issue for Republicans and where Obama can do the most damage….

  5. Ron Paul is the candidate for the People.
    I am one of the people and I support the candidate who will serve my nation and my interests fairly and constitutionally.
    Ron Paul 2012 Honorable

  6. I’m sure Ron Paul will be ignored again in this debate. It is extremely rare seeing news on Ron Paul on CNN and when they do post something it’s negative. I am getting sick of the media bias and the way they just pretend that Ron Paul isn’t even in the race, even though there is tremendous support from the people. That’s exactly what is wrong with this country.. The people’s views don’t matter anymore, we are simply ignored and the rich and powerful make the decisions. lets RISE UP!!! Ron Paul 2012

  7. Jim DeMint: “Libertarian principles are the conscience of the Republican Party.”

    WOW! Conservative Hero / TEA-Party Hero Jim DeMint echoes Ron Paul policy on fiscal policy and military spending (says the problem is the way RP is expressing the message “isn’t giving people confidence”, and DeMint then proceeds to echo RP’s points one by one.

    Here’s a transcript of the last half or so…

    From Jim DeMint, US Senator from South Carolina, 1/18/2012 on Fox Business News:
    “We’re going to end up with less military than Ron Paul wants if we don’t get our budget under control back home. We can debate with anyone who believes in individual liberty and decentralized government. I’m very comfortable having give and take with libertarians. But I’m not comfortable having a debate and compromising with people who think we need to spend more and grow the government. There’s no room for so-called moderates and liberals when a nation is 15, 16 trillion dollars in debt. . if we spread ourselves too thin around the world, we’re not going to be able to defend the homeland. Particularly with the level of debt that we have right now, our Joint Chiefs of Staff for our military have said our biggest national security problem is our debt so it’s foolish for us to believe we can have military bases all over the world [and] spend billions of dollars when we’re going broke back home. It just isn’t going to happen. So, the best way to defend our country is to move towards a balanced budget, concentrate our defense capabilities back home, and make sure we can defend our interests around the world. But, we’re not in a position now to do what we’ve been doing over the last several decades.”

  8. Seems like these blogs are all about Ron Paul. There are three other guys running.
    We have the Corporate Vulture who is worth over $250 million and feels our pain.(MR)
    We got Mr. Family Values.(NG)
    And The prince of Pork.(RS)
    Isn’t anybody on this page for anyone but Ron Paul???

    • Well, Billy, you must not have watched the video above. Smeagol sent those other guys away, and told them to Never. Come. Back. πŸ™‚

    • According to the news media you would never know Ron Paul is running, this shows his true support. Hell with the other three, they have no real substance and no track record.



        Sorry but all my friends have been brain washed by Bill O’Reilly. You know the guy who wants everybody and his brother locked up and a war with Iran would be over in hrs. not decades.

  9. I’d have more respect for Ron Paul if so many of his supporters that post on these articles weren’t so obnoxious and insulting. Leave the slinging to the campaigns — why don’t we just have an intelligent, reasonable, respectful conversation?

    Romney is not a party to vulture capitalism, and the fact that so many of you have bought into that scam shows how easily you are fooled.

    Gingrich does have a very immoral past, including accusations of corruption while serving office. He says he’s repented; I’m not convinced. However, he’s a much better option than Obama.

    How can a Ron Paul supporter criticize Santorum for being the “prince of pork” when Paul himself admitted and defended getting pork for his home district as part of his Constitutional responsibility as their elected Congress person? Makes no sense to me.

    Ron Paul has a lot of good sound policies, but he’s very inefficient in articulating them. Someone needs to spend some time with him helping him practice keeping on message and not always resorting to his most extreme position in every debate. It’s not enough to have a good message — you have to be able to package that message so it’s understandable for the least sophisticated audience. That’s what his campaign is supposed to be doing for him — and they are failing him miserably. Listen to what people are saying concerns them about Paul’s policies and then figure out a way to make the message more clear and rebut the incorrect perceptions. But every debate, Paul continues to play into people’s fears. That’s his fault, not ours.

    • Romney was on the board of directors of Damon Corporation, a medical testing company later found guilty of defrauding the government; Bain Capital tripled its investment before selling off the company, and the fraud was discovered by the new owners

      Bain Capital’s leveraged buyouts sometimes led to layoffs, either soon after acquisition or later after the firm had left.[40][4][51][52] How jobs added compared to those lost due to these investments and buyouts is unknown, due to a lack of records and Bain Capital’s penchant for privacy on behalf of itself and its investors

    • Newt Gingrich served his first wife with divorce papers while she was recovering from cancer surgery, he left the woman he left his first wife for for another mistress (he then converted to Catholicism in order to ask the church to annul his second marriage), he petulantly shut down the government in 1995 in part because he was upset that President Clinton sat him in the back of Air Force One, he gleefully led the Clinton impeachment drive while cheating on his (second) wife, and he had, for some reason, a $500,000 line of credit at fancy jeweler Tiffany and Co. And he blamed Susan Smith’s horrific murder of her children, and the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres, on Democrats.

    • “Santorum pushed for billions in wasteful pork, voting for the β€˜Bridge to Nowhere,’ a teapot museum, even an indoor rain forest. Santorum voted to raise the debt limit five times, increasing spending and debt by $3 trillion.

    • Marlene

      You see? That’s the issue. You’ve pointed out the problem without even meaning to do it!

      You stated: “Ron Paul has a lot of good sound policies, but he’s very inefficient in articulating them. Someone needs to spend some time with him helping him practice keeping on message and not always resorting to his most extreme position in every debate.”

      I’ve watched every debate. And in every debate, Ron Paul ISN’T asked the same questions the other candidates are asked. He’s asked questions “designed” to make him look “radical or fringe”. This is all by design. If you’ve watched the debates, don’t you ever wonder why the moderator doesn’t let each candidate answer the SAME question? (especially on the economy?) I’m sure you can’t be that gullible. You do sound sophisticated.

      So, does the fault fall entirely on Ron Paul’s ability to deliver the message? No. Even though he admits he could always do better. But it’s quite “obvious” to Ron Paul supporters what’s going on here. He’s being Marginalized by the Media and the Republican Party “Establishment”. His views are REAL “Change”. The Establishment wants the Status-Quo.

      Also, I’ve looked back at the posts and I don’t see any RP Supporters saying anything about “Vulture Capitalism”. Maybe some RP Supporters have, but that was Rick Perry’s and Newt Gingrich’s attack line. Ron Paul has said NOTHING about Mitt Romney being a “Vulture Capitalist”.

      Which, again, makes my point. It’s people like you, who criticize Ron Paul for “playing into people’s fears” by putting words into his mouth that he didn’t say, which, by default means – YOU DON’T GET IT!

      It doesn’t matter WHO is elected President. The next President will almost certainly preside over the Economic Collapse of the United States of America. Ron Paul’s Policies MAY save America, but if he isn’t elected President, it’s Game over.

      I say that because it’s people like YOU, who can’t see “WHY”. To you, it’s all about perception and NOT about the substance. Never mind, that the National Debt is over 16 TRILLION Dollars and GROWING! Never mind, that our Monetary System is designed to produce DEBT and nothing more than DEBT! Never mind, that the Congress and Obama are passing UN-constitutional legislation designed to usher in the “Police State” and remove our Civil Liberties and Freedoms. Never mind, that we are “at war” with much of the World! (It’s those Damn “Terrorists” we gotta kill) You probably think “everything is OK” with our economy – after all, we’re in “Recovery!” Nothing could be further from the Truth. And because Ron Paul TELLS THE TRUTH, you perceive that he “plays upon people’s fears”. Man-o-Man!

      In the last debate, Ron Paul “tried to connect” with Conservative Christians by invoking his “Golden Rule” approach to Foreign Policy. His implication was that it could bring about some PEACE into the World (for a change). And what does he get? Booos! Unbelievable! It just goes to show how much of the HATRED of the Neo-Con, preemptive “unjust war” Propaganda has penetrated Christianity and our Nation. It’s so sad.

      If anyone needs to “repent”, it would be not only Newt Gingrich, but the people who support this “Conquer-the-World”, “kill-em-all” nonsense.

  10. Ron Paul has a lot of good sound policies, but he’s very inefficient in articulating them.

    Just what part of the trillion dollar cut the first year you didn’t understand. A cake walk for sure when he closes up 5 government Depts that do nothing but consume tax dollars.

    Job creation, another cake walk for Ron Paul as each government pay check he cuts creates 2 private sector jobs. I figure he will create over 1 million jobs the first year in office (private sector jobs that is).

    He intends to drop a wrench into the Fed’s printing press to shore up the dollar.

    All sounds real clear to me and I get a check from the VA every month because I can’t hear. (no problem if the cut it off though as I retired young)

  11. The link provided for tonight’s live stream feed goes to CNN’s generic home page and from there I don’t see any link to the place from which the debate will be streamed. Can someone please direct me to the proper link?

  12. I hope they don’t waste the time tonight in the debate talking about Newt’s “open” marriage thing. That’s old news and I think it’s time to move on. It’s been over 12 years ago and she’s just a bitter ex wife. I want to hear the current issues that concern the normal American. I want to hear the specifics of their plans not just to say they have one. The one thing I liked about Herman Cane is he did give a plan even I didn’t agree with some of it. Don’t waste our time with junk issues.

  13. Live: This just in, Mitt Romney and two of his Campaign Advisors are locked inside his dressing room, fighting to get his suite jacket to fit over his crooked spine. Reportidly Mitt has his suites custom tailored for this reason. It is believed throughout his campaign, the more he lies, the more his spine twists as if a Ponichio style curse has been hexed upon him. Watch him limbo his way through another debate. This could get ugly for Flipp Flomney… More on the tonights GOP debate coming up!

  14. I agree with Terri, supra. (“Don’t waste our time with junk issues.”) Some one should ask that bitter woman who wants to destroy Newt for what he did 12 years ago: “How much is Obama paying you to do this?”

    • “How much is Obama paying you to do this?”

      NG doesn’t need any help when it comes to loading up with baggage

  15. Ron Paul is not a Car Salesman nor a Wheather man. Among other candidates, He has the most fourth coming views that speaks for its self. He speaks un-rehearsed and projects honesty in his voice. The other candidates are trying to sell me something. Ron Paul is telling us what we already have…A Constitution. Something we strayed far from and its time for a reapraisal by honest Americans -In it to win it 2012- Carpe Diem!

  16. Yes, Billy and Neville, I did watch the last debate, in its entirety. I’ve watched every single debate. I’ve read the websites. Yes, the moderators are biased. So what’s new. Paul gave up the opportunity to be on the Huckabee forum where he could have interacted with voters one-on-one. That was his loss. But back to my point about him not articulating his position. Every time I see him talk about foreign policy, he starts off sensible, explaining principles, but then when he’s pressed he loses his focus and starts ranting. Yes, ranting. He needs someone to train him to not fall into those traps, because if you think it’s going to get easier as the election cycle goes on, you’re very foolish. Obama will do nothing but try to bait him to get him to lose his cool, and then he’ll start ranting again, and people will just tune him out. It is his responsibility to understand that they way the message is presented is just as important as the message itself. If he doesn’t understand that principle, he’s not intelligent enough to be running for President. If he’s wise, if his campaign managers are wise, they will take this criticism to heart and help him learn how to control his rantings and stay on message. His foreign policy message should never be couched in “do unto them as you want them to do unto you” — even if he believes it, it’s not a selling point, as should be obvious from the boos at the last debate. His strongest selling point about global military intervention is 1) non-interventionist principles established by the founding fathers; 2) re-organizing our global military positioning to reflect a defensive, not aggressive, international policy; and 3) the drain on our economy from a bloated military machine that has not made us safer. Just my two-cents worth. It would also be really nice if reading this posts I got the sense that Paul supporters will graciously support the nominee — I most certainly will graciously support Paul if he is the nominee — but that’s not the sense I get from Paul supporters. They, like Gingrich, seem to favor a scorched-earth policy — if I can’t have the nomination, then no Republican is going to be sitting in the White House come 2013.

    • Marlene, I don’t know what sent you off on that rant (at least to the degree it was directed at me).

      I knew you already watched the debate. You told us a few days ago. What I asked was whether you watched it ONLINE (as opposed to on television). There was a feedback mechanism online, to click and say for each candidate and each question, whether you thought they were answering or dodging the question. You were saying that you felt that Paul’s answers were insufficient, and you had previously decried the fact that the same feedback was available to Twitter users, so I was curious whether you gave your feedback in realtime to the debate producers, moderators, and candidates.

      That was all.

    • also be really nice if reading this posts I got the sense that Paul supporters will graciously support the nominee –

      No problem at all if they want to cut spending and shrink the size of the government but if they want to rebuild the navy and add 100,000 to the federal pay role, no way. That is unless the want to pay for it out of their own pocket.

  17. North Korea has a nuke, and its pointed right at us. What else do they have? Our respect. We leave them alone.

  18. it,simple people,if you want more gov’t control,more of our freedoms,rights,liberty,constitution,crushed by the elected terrist we have in control today,vote for anyone but ron paul.rp has them shaking in there boots because he will cleanhouse,the whitehouse needs a good flushing.

    • The same old old not letting Ron Paul speak

      Okay but he says the same thing over & over. I mean his message is pretty simple and he says how he intends to do it.

  19. Thank you cnn for going out of your way to make sure Mr Gov. Perry was qualified to attend your debate.

  20. i agree kevin,this has to be one of the biggest slop slinging debate to,s arommy crap/gingrichcrap/dog&pony,s plane to see who cnn recived big payoffs from,THE GLOBALIST.they do not want ron paul to get air time to get his message out.the globalist want the NWO new world order to bankrupt this great nation,socialize,and incarcerate the american peopleand santoriam voted for the NDAA bill.

  21. It’s so amazing how Paul, a physician, was not going to b able to speak on pro life stance. It’s clear who the media wants us to choose, surely not Paul

    • did you notice how the people in charleston yelled out and made them include Ron Paul…Im from myrtle beach and as you can see the people in charleston are more intelligent than here..

  22. The other day on TV there was Mitt Romney reluctantly answering questions of ABC’s
    reporter on his income-tax. With a smirk that reminded me of another guy running for president some years ago, who’s presidency cost the country a lot of money and a lot of lives of young soldiers, he explained that no candidate declares his income-tax before nomination. He also said that his income is mainly from his investments and only modest part of it (some 370 thousand) comes from his speeches. Also stated that he uses any loop holes to avoid paying higher than 15% taxes.
    This gentleman is out of touch with a normal life of average working people and never would be able to understand to a person with limited income. He does not understand that his $10 000.00
    betting pocket money could feed small family for most of a year.
    I always ask ,who are the people who would vote for another millionaire in the White House?
    DΓ©jΓ  vu again?
    Do they believe to Mr Romney’s promises of a dreamer, that he can fix the country’s economic problems over night? Would anybody believe that the economy of the United States of America, one of the largest in the world, could be fixed over night or even in four years, when being ravaged for eight years by two wars and irresponsible leadership. Many of us don’t even consider the kinetic aspect ,or some would say the aftermath, of this horrendous downfall which spills far over those eight years.
    With regards to international policy, would Mr Romney, with his charm and decisive behavior, be much faster to push the red button to show to the startled world ,who is the boss?
    Who are these people who would vote for a guy like this?
    Or does it come to a hidden agenda, that they don’t want a man with a slightly different shade of his complexion in the White House and they would vote for anybody with right Republican ideas? What ideas? When I bring out this question to some of my friends, they usually say β€œHow can you say that? There is no prejudice in our minds ,oh no, never has been!!!”
    My view on this matter is that Mr Romney was born in a cocoon of wealth with a big money cushion pampering him throughout his life and he never has to worry.
    Therefore it came to me as a bad vaudeville act, when Mr Romney was explaining his fright of
    receiving a ping slip. And people (I hope not many) ate it.
    Ping slip from where? From Mormon Tabernacle Choir? I have not hear him sing yet and thought that it is a benevolent organization.
    Only thing I can say to all people: please ,use you head and rational thinking and don’t let yourself led by a sweet talk of a man, who always will take care of his pocket first.
    I might be mistaken,but I think that is his main religion.
    Your Friend Otto K.

  23. Ron Paul has convince me. The simple fact is that on previous debates all other candidates, including the one I was previously voting for Romney, never talked about this issues the way they did tonight! They all pretty much sounded as Ron Paul’s strategy speakers. The only honest answers came from Ron Paul. I am also very disgusted with the way they have been leaving him out of the news. Why? Are you really that worry and scared of him? I can’t see any other reason.

    • It should be posted here soon, It’s how I have to watch all of the debates over here. Give it a day or two; they’ve always been up pretty fast.

  24. John King got punked by Newt. He shouldn’t have let him off the hook so easily. Greta (fox) just commented that Newt skinned king, alive.

  25. Damn, great piece Otto. Ya got me at “The big Red Button”
    We need a President who speaks on behalf of the safety of America. Romney is quick to bash on China and he will Need a millitary to back him up.(Note: Romney intends to build a big millitary already)That Big Red Button is real and We will be at the ass end of this “War on TERROR”

    Ron Paul has the Integrity to keep America Safe and Sound.

  26. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, a MODERATOR is “the nonpartisan presiding officer of a town meeting.” In the Republican debate tonight hosted by CNN, John King failed to fulfill his role as moderator. He flat-out ignored Ron Paul by denying him the opportunity to answer questions to which the other candidates had responded to in full. He also continuously instigated petty, irrelevant arguments between candidates that solely involved the other three. Leave it to the media to manipulate the vote outcome by giving airtime to their preferred candidates and thereby limiting our opportunity to hear from all the candidates.

  27. Paul is the only one that is likeable i didn’t say i agree with him. the rest are idiots or worse I am glad i am not a woman or black or very poor with these so called super smart people. I love the way they talk down to you. They want to cut government then take away womens rights…

  28. Ron Paul is clearly the most intelligent candidate, the most honest,and the best for defending our rights. He always supports his comments with facts, mindboggling how he can remember numbers like that.



      I don’t know about being heard but if they don’t listen they sure as hell will feel the effects of a country with worthless money.

  30. I was very glad to hear Ron Paul say that the one thing he’d change is to become better able to articulate his message! That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

    • I’ll drink to that but his message comes in loud and clear at the town hall meetings.

      Remember the smartest man in the world can’t even say one word. (Hawking)

    • Marlene

      He’s been saying that all along. He’s been MORE-THAN-HONEST regarding his short-comings when he has the “opportunity” to deliver the Message. Now that there are only 4 candidates left in the Race, and as he’s given more time to “expound” on his Message, “hopefully” you’ll be able to differentiate between the Message of Freedom and Liberty FOR the People – and the Message of BIG Government control over our daily lives.

      • BIG Government control over our daily lives.

        Problem is the old folks want it that way, something to take care of them and old people vote. They are not interested in liberty they want pork and security. They don’t care who is listening to them on the phone and the like all the attention they get at the airport.

  31. Otto K — you sure sound like you’ve bought into the class-warfare. Pray tell, what is so terribly wrong with being rich? He’s rich because he’s successful. He’s successful because he knows how to make good decisions. And you hate him for that. Shame on you!

    • oi vay, Marlene. I think it’s more a problem with HOW he got (and stayed) rich and his ideas about how people live. (because everyone is rich and wants for nothing, right?)

      • Success is commendable but Mitt’s loyalties belong to the corporate world. I can never forget the statement Mitt made while on the campaign trail, “Corporations are people my friend, of course they are!” This is not the kind of comment a man of the people makes, ever.

        Ron Paul

    • You just made an assumption it seems. His point was that a rich man, born into wealth and building an income of millions who can exploit tax loopholes is unlikely to be in touch with the average person. Never had to struggle to pay rent or figure out how much it costs to make a sandwitch vs. 30 cent noodles to ensure he or his family were able to eat.

      He makes choices like “which house to buy next?” when the rest of us are trying to figure out how to keep the one we have, or to keep up with our lease.

      Is that to say he hasn’t earned it? He certainly did something to earn his money. The problem is, once you have that much cash, the normal struggles become meaningless. He likely never had them. His dad was in politics, his dad was wealthy. He was born into it.

      So, when he says “I lived in the private sector” he doesn’t mean he fought hard to survive. He fought hard to make millions. It just isn’t the same thing. If the stories are to be believed, he was involved in pushing companies to make products cheaper to sell more, resulting in almost no QC. That means more warranty issues, more service costs.

      In the service industry, driving back to somewhere you didn’t do right the first time is a loss, every single time. Assume the drive is 30 min. So, that’s an hour lost (there and to next customer). It’s also wasted time you could have spent making more money elsewhere. It causes backlog, angry customers who tell their friends, and such (reduces business). However, if you’d spent 15 more min there to do it right the first time, the impact would be only that time.

      The same is true for an over-loaded warranty department. If you make the product better in the first place, you don’t have to expand your warranty department.

      Anyone who understands business should know that cutting costs isn’t about doing it faster, it’s about doing it smarter. The records that we know about have suggested that at Bane, he didn’t learn that lesson. One factory was pressed into working faster, which resulted in their product having missing parts! It was closed down later, and Bane made a profit.

      Talk about loopholes. The man is *all about* loopholes. Do you want a president who focuses on loopholes? I don’t.

      • He certainly did something to earn his money.

        But not the old fashioned way (earning it), he did it the modern way, he took it.

    • He’s rich because he’s successful. He’s successful because he knows how to make good decisions. And you hate him for that. Shame on you!

      A vulture is a pretty successful bird, I won’t argue with that.

  32. Zodac Paet obviously didn’t read the post above before commenting..

    Sadly, i don’t think the masses are ready for libertarianism, even though we are the furthest from what our forefathers imagines America should be. The masses are still being deceived by the bread and circuses.

    Read the posts above by Surfisher (January 19, 2012 at 5:44 am).

    We are almost no longer a Constitutional Republic, fallen down to a Democracy (a word which, by the way, appears no where in the Constitution or any founding document). Soon to fall to Tyranny through Progressives’ idea of a utopia (Socialism, which has failed in every instance throughout history).

    When was the last time you saw a law created that said what you CAN do? I bet it was 222 and a half years ago. 40,000 new laws this year which say what you CAN’T do.

    Do you really stand for Liberty and Freedom?

    Ask yourself again, do you REALLY believe in freedom and individual liberty?

    Or is that too much responsibility for you to handle and you’d rather a polished politician handle all your decisions for you through millions of laws that tell you what you can’t do because you are too dumb to know what is right and wrong, moral and immoral, honorable and dishonorable?

    Because thinking for yourself and actually making good social and financial decisions in your life that will make you a successful person is too hard, too much work? Makes your poor wittle brain hurt?

    Read Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”. Our forefathers were the true Libertarians.

    • a law created that said what you CAN do?

      Right on red after stop? But then we got sucker punched with the red light cameras and the money going to Australia.

    • Tholin — you are 100% correct. Let’s hope Ron Paul’s message keeps expanding (our only chance to save the Free Republic, eventually….)

      • Let’s hope Ron Paul’s message keeps expanding (our only chance to save the Free Republic, eventually….)

        I’d give it a slim to none chance as Americans love to fight. Then too we have the big bucks from the defense contractors backing the politicians of choice.

        A for the dumb voters ….. the worse they are treated, the better they like it.

        We got this 16 trillion dollar debt via smart, very smart politicians and dumb, very dumb voters.

    • Tholin — As of 2010 is has been estimated that there are over 500,000,000 (that is 500 million, or 1/2 billion) Laws on the books in our Nation! Of these over 99.9% are Negative Laws — stating what 1/2 billion things an American Citizen CANNOT DO upon threat of punishment. And each month tens of thousands more Negative Laws are passed!

      All have heard the phrase; “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse…” (judges’ favorite expression).

      If one finds oneself in a Court of Law (and states: “I wasn’t aware I could not do this” and the Judge states the above — hope one will have the guts and say: “This is pernicious sophism — since the absurdity, that one person can memorize over 1/2 billion laws, makes it A PERNICIOUS SOPHISM!”)

      Only Ron Paul is aware of this castration of Liberties by our Big Brother Government — and wants to reverse this tyrannical trend. No wonder the main media is trying for a “black-out” on his message of TRUTH! The fear the Controllers have is obvious — prevent the American People from hearing what Ron Paul has to say (is their solution)!

      Will we allow them to do this to our Nation — or will we take a stand and bombard the main media with unending requests that they play fair — equal time and same questions to be answered by ALL during the debates!

      • main media with unending requests that they play fair

        That request is sure to fall on deaf ears as regulations help stamp out competition.
        Just look what it did for the auto industry. At one time we had over 80 American cr mfgs. Enter the DOT and highway safety. We now have 3 and two are government owned. Guess it was because the automobile just isn’t needed anymore?????

  33. Hello you, who reads my message!
    I’m 23 years old, livin in switzerland and I follow the primary since the first day.
    The reason I do, is because the USA is totally on the wrong track since the day I can remember.
    The mainstream media are working with hard propaganda just as they did when there was time of dictaturship or fascism.
    I just realised it again, watchin the cnn debate in south carolina. Did you see the camera changing to the broad view nearly every time dr.paul did answer a question and then the moderator walks in front of the candidates, while paul is still speaking. This is made to take attraction away from the speaker and bring the focus of the viewer to something else. It’s like they were playing with bad tricks to try to make his message look unimportant.
    And this is nearly the tip of the iceberg right now. Because the questions they ask are always the same, they don’t want the public to be educated. They don’t want them to ask questions and they don’t want dr. paul as a president.
    I hope this fact will give him a drive and will make americans stop listening to wrong media propaganda and start them to listen to their hearts. If you are in fact wondering why dr. paul is getting these treatments, just google him and take some hours of time to listen to what he is talking about. It’s the message of peace and freedom, which is like all the religion are praying but none of them is achieving the only way to make this world go for the good! I think people just need to wake up once… if you did it its not easy to find truth but still you can get your own truth by listening to information without artificial prejudgments!
    It’s not about left or right ideologic, it’s about secret elites which cooperate for themselves and the regular people which would be working to the better of the world if they get passioned about an issue which is important to them! Don’t belive this cnn fox cbs nyt washingtonpost crap! They all suck just as most of the big media in my country do.. because they are owned by special interests and not working on the education of the people and the discloser of bad guys.
    Keep it up and work hard to get the zombies back to life again !

    • Switzerland

      Easy for you to say because your country has learned long ago all you haves to do is mind your own business and the world will come to your door begging you to mind theirs.

      How many soldiers did Switzerland lose during WWll? Yeah right in the middle of it and we were over 3000 miles away.

  34. I know everyone is upset that Ron Paul did not get as much time as the other candidates. Why not? The debate lets the victim of a verbal attack defend himself. Nobody can touch Ron Paul. Nobody can attack him with flip-flopping or illogical views. That is why he has less air time. He does not have to explain why he said one thing one year and a different thing another year. He says the same thing year after year. Isn’t that a good thing?..that none of the other candidates have anything bad to say about him.

    • He says the same thing year after year. Isn’t that a good thing?..

      Not if you want your mug on TV. News is something new not History.

  35. To say the least, what Newt Gingrich did in last night’s debate was such an “adumbration” on Newt’s part. It was the “classic case” of one “Serial Hypocrite” Politician defending himself by pointing out the “Serial Hypocrisy” of the Left-Leaning Media toward Republicans.

    I believe that’s what drug addicts would say is “Blame Transfer”.

    Were you cheering and clapping when Newt was defending himself? These “Politicians” aren’t like you or I. They are CALLOUS SCUMBAGS who will SCREW YOU at every turn!

  36. I believe that, yes, it was pretty nice of how Newt handling the question with the moderator. But I also believe that him doing so shouldn’t cause people to vote him on in his candidacy. Obviously he hasn’t served well with the Senate and won’t do a good job for the country. And also,I don’t particularly like Mitt Romney but I understood very well his points of view, and I agree. Rick Santorum did a well job of delivering his messages fluently and with quite good points. But I dont believe just because of Newt’s defending himself, people shouldn’t clap him on.

    • Obama — the next new host of Family Feud (can anyone give a total count of the women he kissed after his Misstate of the Union)?

      Afterwards — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels neutered in a very diplomatic way all the demagoguery Little Hussein parroted!

      Not strong enough for me — but still kudos to Mitch!

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