Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on Meet the Press this morning with David Gregory to discuss her chances in Iowa and her view on the race so far.

Here is Bachmann’s entire interview:

Report from the Tucson Citizen:

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said today that President Obama’s spending policies have the United States “acting like a banana republic.”

“People are so tired of seeing the government put them more in debt,” Bachmann said on NBC’s Meet The Press. “It’s absolutely irresponsible what President Obama is doing.”

That’s one of the reasons she opposes an extension of the payroll tax cut extension, Bachmann said.

Bachmann disputed questions by Meet The Press host David Gregory about the contributions of President George W. Bush to the national debt, particularly his tax cuts.

Speaking just a little more than two weeks before the first Republican contest of the primary season, Bachmann predicted victory in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses.

“I’m intending to win Iowa,” Bachmann said. “We think we’re going to do very well Jan. 3.”

I think Bachmann will do better than polling indicates. I think Rick Perry may do so as well given the fluidity of the race.


  1. What the hell was that. Does she even know how the judicial system works. Iran scares her because they might have nukes but she said she would use every means possible to prevent that. I thought we already doing that, sanctions, more sanctions – still waiting for some else to step up to the plate because GOD FORBID we attack first. She has had a hammering like that since her prom night.

    • Unfortunately people like John J. Jordan have stuck their head in a hole in the ground or some other dark place and choose to ignore the very real threat posed by Iran with the probable development of nuclear weapons in the very near future. If an American city gets vaporized and several tens of thousands die people like him will be the first to criticize Michele Bachmann or others for not doing anything about it before it happened. North Korea also denied having a nuclear weapons program until they tested a couple of devices. It is incredibly naive and blatantly stupid to assume that Iran will not pursue the development of nuclear weapons when it would allow them to threaten the United States and/or Israel as well as other countries in the region. Sanctions alone are total bs and they sure didn’t stop North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons did it? Michele Bachmann sits on the House Intelligence Committee and has access to classified top secret information so a person with reasonable intellect would understand why she might know just a little bit more than someone that just runs his mouth. Only a fool would trust the security of this country to the “good intentions” of Iran with its hostile president. If the choice boils down to either Iran with atomic weapons or the United States attacking the uranium enrichment facilities and other nuclear weapons component related sites in Iran it would be a “no brainer” decision to take the appropriate military action.

  2. Well, one of the things Bachmann is “inaccurate” about, is the president of Iran saying he would use a nuclear weapon against Israel. He simply has not said that.

    I don’t know how she gets by with saying such an outrageous lie without being challenged.

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