Once again the lead in Iowa appears to be shifting as Newt Gingrich continues to hemoerage votes in recent days. Ron Paul, on the other hand, seems to be mounting for a strong showing in Iowa as Mitt Romney continues to hang on for the bumpy ride.

Report from Politico:

SIOUX CITY, IOWA –The alarms are sounding in Iowa.

Conservatives and Republican elites in the state are divided over who to support for the GOP nomination, but they almost uniformly express concern over the prospect that Ron Paul and his army of activist supporters may capture the state’s 2012 nominating contest — an outcome many fear would do irreparable harm to the future role of the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

In spin rooms, bar rooms and online forums, the what-to-do-about-Paul conversation has become pervasive as polls show him at or near the top here just weeks before the January 3rd vote.

Paul poses an existential threat to the state’s cherished kick-off status, say these Republicans, because he has little chance to win the GOP nomination and would offer the best evidence yet that the caucuses reward candidates who are unrepresentative of the broader party.

Report on Paul’s Iowa blitz from Public Policy Polling:

Newt Gingrich’s campaign is rapidly imploding, and Ron Paul has now taken the lead in Iowa. He’s at 23% to 20% for Mitt Romney, 14% for Gingrich, 10% each for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, 4% for Jon Huntsman, and 2% for Gary Johnson.

Gingrich has now seen a big drop in his Iowa standing two weeks in a row. His share of the vote has gone from 27% to 22% to 14%. And there’s been a large drop in his personal favorability numbers as well from +31 (62/31) to +12 (52/40) to now -1 (46/47). Negative ads over the last few weeks have really chipped away at Gingrich’s image as being a strong conservative- now only 36% of voters believe that he has ‘strong principles,’ while 43% think he does not.

Paul’s ascendancy is a sign that perhaps campaigns do matter at least a little, in a year where there has been a lot of discussion about whether they still do in Iowa. 22% of voters think he’s run the best campaign in the state compared to only 8% for Gingrich and 5% for Romney. The only other candidate to hit double digits on that question is Bachmann at 19%. Paul also leads Romney 26-5 (with Gingrich at 13%) with the 22% of voters who say it’s ‘very important’ that a candidate spends a lot of time in Iowa. Finally Paul leads Romney 29-19 among the 26% of likely voters who have seen one of the candidates in person.

What happens if Ron Paul succeeds in winning the Iowa caucus? The question seems a little silly to me since if a candidate wins the contest, it means they were preferred over other candidates. Why would Ron Paul cause such a stir among the Iowa establishment and the national GOP establishment?

His foreign policy views are not in line with the traditional GOP platform though most of his other views can be shared across the conservative/libertarian spectrum such as free market capitalism and limited government.

The question is whether a Paul win essentially nullifies Iowa since it is questionable whether he can pull off a victory in a larger primary setting such as New Hampshire and South Carolina. The caucus model in Iowa where usually only the most active and enthused voters participate is a ripe setting for Paul to harvest a victory. The same cannot necessarily be said for a walk in/walk out traditional primary setting.

This will come down to the wire with the lead changing frequently.


  1. While all of the candidates could be effective leaders of the country, only Ron Paul poses a true risk for substantial change in America back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned. He is a solid individual who has never wandered far from his Libertarian roots. In the current storm our country finds itself in, he alone stands as a rock to which we might anchor this great country while waiting for brighter days once again.

    • I find it ridiculous that those who try to discredit Ron Paul say that some of his ideas are great for the country but overall they don’t support his entire agenda, therefore they cannot endorse him…. yadda yadda. Hmmm, doesn’t that apply to any candidate? Is there ANY candidate that ANYONE supports 100% of their agenda”? Has there ever been?? Doubtful, so isn’t it really more about direction than anything else. I must say I like a guy who’s agenda steers us away from the near absolutist precipice we have been slipping over for some time now.
      And when it comes down to it doesn’t the congress get to ultimately decide which policies are supported and by how much. (Isn’t that what the constitution implicitly says is supposed to be our elected officials job.)
      Ron Paul gets my vote, even if I don’t 100% agree with all his ideas, He’s solid in his Constitutional support – is By and For the people, always has been. He supports my having a say (through my elected congress person)about his ideas. AND, as far as foreign policy goes…. I at least understand the difference between an isolationist and a non-interventionist. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist, so the press needs to get that straight and report it correctly.
      I also know I won’t be forced to swallow a despotic executive order that impinges my liberties because RP stands firm on the belief that any president who ignores and wipes his arrogant feet on the Constitution should be impeached.
      Ron Paul embraces Liberty and Justice for all by saying what needs to be said, not pandering to the status quo, or poo-pooing those Americans who have been cowed by false flags,conspiracy and doomsday terrorist rhetoric, or knuckle under to the special interests that muffle the bells of freedom.

  2. The report from Politico disgusts me. The “what-to-do-about-Paul conversation” should be about voting for Ron Paul! If he wins Iowa, that means the majority of people voting in Iowa support him. End of story. You cannot say Iowa will not matter if Paul wins. This is a very important election, and the win should go to who the majority of people support. The average donation Paul receives is $60 per person. No other candidate can match the support he is getting from middle class citizens. All cadidates COMBINED can’t match the support he is getting from the military. The media can try to sell him short while he fights for their freedom, but I will give him all the support I can.

  3. Conservatives Must Adopt Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy to PRESERVE Conservatism.

    Many Republicans love Ron Paul’s limited-Government philosophy but have problems with his foreign policy. This is understandable given the state of today’s Republican Party. But what many Republicans probably don’t realize is that Paul’s foreign policy is part of his limited-Government philosophy — and it’s a crucially important part.

    If the American “right” does not begin to at least consider Paul’s foreign policy, it will continue to “forfeit any hope” of advancing a substantive Conservatism.

    As the Founders understood well, it is hard-to-impossible to preserve “limited” government at “home”, while maintaining BIG Government “abroad”. History and experience tell us that one always begets the other. This certainly rings true as we spend TRILLIONS of dollars on domestic programs that we match with TRILLIONS more overseas….

    Like every other Conservative, Paul believes that America must have a strong national defense — he simply believes we can no longer afford our current “irrational offense”.

    Unfortunately, unlimited Pentagon spending remains the “BIG Government” too many Republicans still love. During the Reagan era, when we were fighting a global superpower (Soviet Union) that possessed thousands of nuclear weapons which were pointed at us, this made sense. It does not make sense anymore.

    Today, we are fighting individuals or collections of individuals with “infinitely less” military capabilities and no particular attachments to nation-states.

    Ask yourself this: What, exactly, does having THOUSANDS of troops stationed in Afghanistan do to prevent some sick individual from trying to blow up his underwear on an airplane? Just as important, ask this: Does having THOUSANDS of troops in places like Afghanistan make it less likely — or more likely — that some sick individual will try to blow up his underwear on an airplane?

    Our own military and CIA intelligence tells us that our overseas wars actually “encourage” terrorist attacks. A majority of the members of the U.S. military AGREE, or as a Pew Research Poll of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans published in October revealed: “About half (51 percent) of post-9/11 veterans say that the use of military force to fight terrorism “creates hatred” that breeds more terrorism.”

    These are basic questions that Americans desperately need to ask. Ron Paul is asking them. The other candidates don’t even consider them questions.

    Which brings us to Conservatism’s “Fate”. Want to know why Paul is the only GOP presidential candidate who has proposed substantive spending cuts — $1 trillion in the first year? It’s because only Paul addresses Pentagon spending, the largest portion of our budget after entitlements.

    What the Republican candidates who eschew Paul’s foreign policy are essentially saying is this: We support “limited” Government “in theory” but in practice it’s simply “too dangerous”. Paul continues to make the same argument that former Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff Mike Mullen has made: that our DEBT is the “Greatest Threat” to our national security.

    Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the other GOP candidates DO NOT see our debt as a similar threat — if they did, they would be calling for bigger spending cuts.

    As for national security concerns, Paul’s $1 trillion in cuts still allows for a defense budget “four times greater” than China’s and larger than even President George W. Bush’s 2005 defense budget. This is how “drastically” Pentagon spending — along with all Government spending — has GROWN under President Obama.

    Cries from the GOP field that Obama is “weakening” our defense with “cuts” mirrors liberal shrieking about conservatives hurting the poor or seniors by reforming welfare or entitlements (just ask Paul Ryan).

    BIG-Government advocates always “claim” that any changes or reductions in the status quo would be “catastrophic”. Conservatives always argue that not only can we no longer afford such spending, but that reducing BIG Government will be better for all parties involved in the long run.

    Republicans can remain doubtful about whether Paul’s foreign policies will actually make us safer (they will, if our own intelligence and military members are to be believed). But they cannot doubt that Paul’s foreign policy addresses a cost we can no longer afford (our current foreign policy and related spending costs about $1.2 trillion annually, roughly our entire deficit).

  4. Ron Paul would make a good president. IF IT WAS 1911 ! I could fart in a paper bag and have a better foreign policy than Ron Paul.

    • Fact’s and logic defeat doubt and fear, founded on neanderthal-like inferior thinking and emotional scare tactics.

      Ron Paul The Thinking Person’s Candidate 2012

      • Ron Paul can’t even fart good enough to fill out his suits. How in the world do you figure he could fill a whole paper bag?

        • Slurpy

          Afraid little man,
          Ron Paul lives a healthy lifestyle, he eats right, stays lean, exercises and participates in several sports, in addition he exercises his mind keeping abreast of state and national affairs while running an exhaustive Presidential campaign schedule, it’s well known that lean muscle burns more calories than fat and any thinking individual rightly attributes his weight loss to these activities.

          I support Ron Paul Man for the People 2012!

  5. Slurpy
    “farting in a bag”? This is a site for discussion, apparently You got here by mistake, never the less, control your fear and stop shaking, everything will be just fine. I promise the big bad bullies won’t hurt you.

    Do some research, practice reading, writing and hone those thinking skills and then do join in when you can make a meaningful contribution.

    Merry Christmas!
    Ron Paul 2012

  6. BigSlurpy

    You said “I could fart in a paper bag and have a better foreign policy than Ron Paul.”

    I’m still trying to connect the “Visual” of you farting in a paper bag to a foreign policy on any level. I don’t know what to say other than that you must prefer paper over plastic??? Or maybe your Jackass 3D DVD must be “stuck” in your DVD player every time you go to watch your TV.

  7. “The question is whether

    [a Paul win essentially nullifies Iowa]
    whaattttttttttt? So, clearly the author is more than a just a little biased.

    [since it is questionable whether he can pull off a victory in a larger primary setting such as New Hampshire and South Carolina.]

    whaatttttttttttttttttt? The author is attempting to steer potential voters away from Ron Paul!

    [The caucus model in Iowa where usually only the most active and enthused voters participate is a ripe setting for Paul to harvest a victory. The same cannot necessarily be said for a walk in/walk out traditional primary setting”]

    whaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? The author makes untrue and misleading statements, categorizing Iowa’s caucus as “different”, unimportant in the big picture and therefore meaningless when compared with a “traditional” primary voting setting, dangerously misleading voters while denigrating Iowa voters and their legitimate time-honored voting system!

  8. Do yourself a big favor and listen to the Angry Man! Not just once but over and over again. If Ron Paul wins, all the elite entrenched profiteering scoundrels, Politicians, Democrat’s, MSM, and the Bankster’s, Wall Street, The Fed, Globalist’s, Corporatist’s Insiders, Military Industrial Complex, all of them will all be out of business!! The ball goes to our court and profiteering at our expense ends, it all ends! What do they fear? The people of course, Ron Paul is for the people and he won’t be playing ball with them ever! Find out about Ron Paul and stand up for yourself!

  9. Ron Paul is the man of the people, all the people, all ages, all races, all religious beliefs, all preferences, all personal choices. Ron Paul supports you and your right to the pursuit of happiness.

    First they ignore you, then they laugh, then they attack you…………….then you win!

    Thank You Ron Paul, the people are closer than ever now, Liberty is only a step away!
    Freedom! Ron Paul 2012!

  10. Ron Paul is an idiot, the Nazi Party endorsed his newletters a few years ago due to anti-semetic comments. He is all mouth like Obama was with no details. He claims he will dismantle government departments with no details of how to do it. Remember Obama came in wanting to change America and found out that one man can’t do it. Thank God Paul could never get his radical agenda passed. It would destroy America. Ron Paul is very simple minded and is incapable of studying issues and having concrete solutions. He is lost when asked on details.

    • First they ignore you, then they laugh, then they fight you…………………………..
      then you win! ~ Ghandi ~

      Fact’s and logic defeat doubt and fear, founded on discredited propaganda, neanderthal-like inferior thinking and emotional scare tactics.

      Ron Paul is the Peoples Candidate, All The People, all religions, creeds, race, color and preferences, he fights for all Americans to have the liberty defined by the Constitution of The United States.

    • Gene Fox

      You know? I just love when these people come onto blogs and call Dr. Paul an idiot without doing any research what-so-ever. This is so “classic”. Classic in the sense that the so much of the American population is so darn malleable to the Media “Propaganda” of the MSM. But I digress…

      If you notice, Gene Fox, here, begins his diatribe with an “attack”. Rather than come at this accusation from the standpoint of “Guilt or Innocence”, he attempts to make-the-case that Ron Paul is automatically GUILTY without knowing any of the Facts. The Newsletters, that Gene Fox is referring to, are more than 20 years old and Ron Paul has continually denied writing these Newsletters time and time again. But just because the Nazi’s endorsed these Newsletters, Ron Paul must be antisemitic and an avowed Nazi lover.

      Then, Gene Fox goes on to say that he’s thankful that Ron Paul’s “radical” agenda didn’t pass because it would destroy America. (whatever that means) Maybe he’s referring to Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy. So I guess according to Gene Fox, when a FREEDOM-LOVING Country like the United States of America, “marches” into Sovereign Countries, Kills their Citizens, Takes-Over their Natural Resources (Oil, Lithium, Poppy, etc.), Occupies their Country and Tortures “supposed” Enemy Combatants WITHOUT a “Declaration of War” according to Our Constitution…. THIS IS NOT RADICAL???

      Maybe Gene Fox is referring to Ron Paul’s “radical” cuts he wants to make to BIG Government. So I guess according to Gene Fox, when a FREEDOM-LOVING Country like the United States of America becomes “Financially Enslaved” by a Federal Reserve Banking System and Government Politicians who “run-up-the-debt” to unsustainable levels now surpassing $15 TRILLION and counting….THIS IS NOT RADICAL???

      Maybe Gene Fox is referring to Ron Paul’s Tax Policy. So I guess according to Gene Fox, when a FREEDOM-LOVING Country like the United States of America implements an IRS System through the Federal Government which “harasses” it’s Citizens and that can “Steal” a Citizen’s Wealth through an “onerous” Taxation Policy of many many Taxes….THIS IS NOT RADICAL???

      Maybe Gene Fox is referring to Ron Paul’s views on Civil Liberties. I guess according to Gene Fox, when a FREEDOM-LOVING Country like the United States of America has “Freedom-Hating” Politicians who implement UN-Constitutional legislation on it’s Citizens such as “National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA) which permits the Military to DETAIN INDEFINITELY American Citizens WITHOUT Charges or access to a Lawyer. NDAA also permits the ASSASSINATION of American Citizens, even on American Soil. Or maybe it’s the UN-Constitutional legislation of the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) which allows the Government to “shut-down” the internet (like they do in the Middle East) in order to stifle FREE SPEECH and to “Censor” what the Government doesn’t like…. THIS IS NOT RADICAL???

      What’s REALLY “Radical” is what our Government has been “incrementally” doing to it’s Citizens over the decades – Only people don’t notice it because it’s done slowly and “incrementally” in order to “brain-wash” Citizens to be like Gene Fox.

      As to Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America, I’m glad you brought that up, Gene Fox. It can be found, IN DETAIL, on Ron Paul’s website for everyone (including you) to review. Here’s the link…


  11. If these newsletters are all the media can dig up on Ron Paul to discredit him and his success, then they are grasping at straws. This is old hat from four years ago. He said he did not write them and disavowed them. Listen to videos and read speeches and research his record. The supposed quotes contradict everything he has said and does say.

    If you want concrete solutions look at his plan to restore America: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-restore-america/

  12. Darryl

    God Bless You and may you keep on writing, cut through the smokescreen and throw off establishment lies, that work like a cattle-prod to keep us in line.

    Yes it’s fact’s and logic, that defeat doubt and fear, founded on discredited propaganda, complacency, inferior thinking and emotional scare tactics.

    Come on board people, this election is about us vs. them, we can be free again, if only you will open your mind to see, the war being waged against us!

  13. Our country has radically deviated from our constitution. Ron Paul is not a redical. He is just trying to restore what is right with America.

    “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”
    — President Ronald Reagan

    • In my opinion every senator who signed this bill has posed a threat to the security of America, committed tyranny and should not be permitted to continue, send the military here Now!

      • I agree Windisea

        In fact, the Senators who didn’t sign this bill should rise to a question of Constitutional “privilege” and they should charge, jointly and severally, all these Senators and the President of the United States with “violations” of the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.

        These Senators and the President of the United States, should be charged, jointly and severally, with the crime of having treasonable conspired and have acted against the peace and security of the U.S. and with having treasonable conspired to “destroy” Constitutional Government in the United States.

        And it should be Resolved, that the Committee on the Judiciary be authorized and directed as a whole or by subcommittee, to investigate the official conduct of the these Senators and the President of the United States to determine whether, in the opinion of the said committee, they have been guilty of any high crime or misdemeanor which in the contemplation the Constitution requires the interposition of the Constitutional powers of the House. Such Committee shall report its finding to the House, together with such resolution or resolutions of IMPEACHMENT of these Senators and the President of the United States or other recommendations as it deems proper.

        This is a VERY SERIOUS Matter and should not be taken lightly. Our Constitutional Civil Liberties and our Rights defined to American Citizens under the Bill of Rights, are being usurped. It’s time someone STOOD UP for the American People and our Constitution, and show these Senators and the President of the United States that the American people mean business!

  14. First off, NEVER believe a website which is FACTUALLY known to have a public leaning. How you can EASILY depict FACT from FICTION – go to realclearpolitics.com which lists about 50 different polls. These are all nationally known reports that have the links back to the individual polling website. And again these are the most commonly known polls.

    NOT ONE of those 50 polls shows Ron Paul even REMOTELY CLOSE to Newt Gingrich or Romney!! They have to STOP spilling the KOOLAID here!! There TRUE COLORS are starting to SHOW!!!

    Here is the TRUE POLLING NUMBERS – Newt Gingrich averaging around 27.6% with Romney close second at 24.6% and Ron Paul WAAAAY DOWN at: 12.4% that’s a 2% LOSS since the last Debate on Fox!!

    AGAIN – STOP THE LIES!!! This election is WAY TOO important! This country needs to WAKE UP and do it’s homework! STOP letting sites like this PERVERT our VOTING DECISIONS!! Our Country and FUTURE needs us more than EVER! So be a RESPONSIBLE VOTER and “DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!”

    Look here: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/us/republican_presidential_nomination-1452.html

  15. The problem with the IDIOCRACY (My word, Webster is DEAD and I can use it!) that you wish to CHARGE the president and Senators with is something that you IDIOTS have never understood. STOP trying to be an Armchair QUARTERBACK like you’re smarter than the professionals here in Washington DC that Eat Live and BREATHE International Security!!! I’m so sick and tired of these YELLOW BELLY assholes that want to TUCK TAIL and run and hide behind our borders!!

    We live in a GLOBAL ECONOMY!! And EVERYTHING the world does DIRECTLY effects our interests!! To not believe that makes you the BIGGEST MORONS on the planet!!

    Ron Paul is an ISOLATIONIST! Or to quote the LIBERAL SPIN word for that: NON-INTERVENTIONISM! But, simply go here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/isolationism – scroll down to the part that read this: i·so·la·tion·ism? ?[ahy-suh-ley-shuh-niz-uhm, is-uh-] Show IPA
    the policy or doctrine of isolating one’s country from the affairs of other nations by declining to enter into alliances, foreign economic commitments, international agreements, etc., seeking to devote the entire efforts of one’s country to its own advancement and remain at peace by avoiding foreign entanglements and responsibilities.

    NOW tell me again that Ron Paul isn’t an ISOLATIONIST!!


    Another reason – He has over 40 years in Congress and not “ONE” single authored Bill or Co-Authored Bill!!! the LAST great MESSIAH you thought would RULE THE WORLD had these EXACT same ACCOMPLISHMENTS on his RESUME and you still made him President!! and LOOK WHAT HE’S DONE!! (OBAMA)

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Stop being this overly stupid culture that listens to 30 second News Clips on Youtube and SUDDENLY IT’S LAW!!!! Our country DESERVES to have RESPONSIBLE VOTERS!! Be anti-war all you want, but ADMIT THE TRUTH!! It’s simply because you DO NOT agree with war!! Not that wars are WRONG or not sometimes necesarry!! AND PLEASE don’t give me the REACTIONARY speech, PROACTIVE WARS cause us FAR LESS casualties, whether you like it or not!!

    And WHOA to the IDIOT that tries to preach to me about IRAN. If their actions, their words and their THEOCRACY doesn’t give you all the clues you need, then you’re simply BLIND!! Just keep your opinions marked as just that OPINIONS! FACTS, that’s right “FACTS” already show they have INTENT!! In our own court systems we will actually PROSECUTE based upon INTENT when we cannot produce Evidence!! WHY IS THAT!!?? Maybe you best ASK YOURSELF!! It’s because our courts learned that over time they COULD NOT always gather EVIDENCE, but that FACTS about a person’s INTENT could lead them to the same TRUTH!!!

    WAKE UP AMERICA!! Stop letting that Public School Education be your guide. Lord Knows it is brainwashed Liberal Biased thanks to our TEACHER’S UNIONS!

    Now, be careful when you debate me, because I have the FACTS and the LINKS and I have been combating your IDIOTIC Ron Paul Spooners for over 3 months now, and I’m ready to help you GET OFF THE KOOLAID!!

    Funny thing about a drunk, he’s the last to know!!!

    • BONZAII42

      Spoken like a true Washington DC Globalist!

      ? ?[gloh-buh-liz-uhm] Show IPA
      “the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world ABOVE those of individual nations”.

      With that said, we should “Do-Away” with our Borders. Right? Forget the “Sovereignty” that makes the United States of America the Greatest FREE Nation that Humanity has ever seen. Right?

      And while we’re at it, let’s “Do-Away” with our Court System and establish a NEW WORLD ORDER “Global” Court. I’m sure all the “Dictators” around the world would just love that. We can surely say “Good-Bye” to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and “Good-Bye” for citizens to have Private Property Rights. Hooray for Globalism!

      And while we’re at it, let’s “Do-Away” with the Fiscal, Budgetary and Fiduciary “Constraints” of “NOT” spending more than we take in through Taxation. (oops…we’re already doing that) Then let’s “Do-Away” with a “sound” Monetary Policy that is backed by something “Tangible” like Gold or Silver – and NOT just by DEBT, printed on the “worthless” paper “it’s not printed on”. (oops…we’re already doing that, too) OK. Then let’s “Do-Away” with the “Concept” of Inflation. Let’s “print” and “digitize” as much money as possible, jump in some helicopters and just “shower” the Planet with it. (darn….we’re already doing that, too)

      And while we’re at it, let’s “Do-Away” with Congress Declaring War according to Our Constitution. NO Constraints. NO Prerequisites. NO Rule of Law. NO Boundaries. NO Discussion. Let’s just have the Government “whisper” to the Media that another country has WMD’s or maybe that they are governed by a…a….. (wait for it)….Theocracy. Heck. The people will go along with us on that one, for sure. *wink wink* Then, and ONLY then, should we BOMB them into Oblivion and “Kill-em-All”! (ok. ok….I know we’re already doing that, too)

      So, BONZAII42, while we’re at it, let’s just “Do-Away” with the Bill of Rights and the ENTIRE Constitution! Who cares? Right? The “Professionals” (as you say) are already incrementally implementing “Totalitarianism” on American Citizens. SO, LET’S DO IT, BONZAII42!!! Why should we do it? (according to you?) Because we live in a “Global Economy”!!! (A Good “excuse” that the Globalists “think” has absolutely NO consequences. LOL!)

      ? ?[toh-tal-i-tair-ee-uh-niz-uhm] Show IPA
      the practices and principles of a totalitarian regime.
      “absolute control” by the state or a governing branch of a highly centralized institution.
      the character or quality of an “autocratic or authoritarian” individual, group, or government: the totalitarianism of the father.

      Please pass me the Ron Paul “kool-aid”. Like me, Americans are sure “Thirsty” for some Sanity!

  16. too funny, my comment is awaiting MODERATION.. Ah, so that’s how you love fist birds keep it all tainted wit KOOLAID! You simply have the MODERATORS dis-allow comments!! NICE WEBSITE THAT OPENLY ALLOWS FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL AMERICAN!!!

    • BonzaII42

      If you expect your opinion to be read or seriously considered as having any merit at all, slow down and reign in the crazy emotional outbursts and useless name-calling. Instead make an unemotional constructive point and be willing to have a rational dialogue.

      Our elected officials responsibility, first and foremost is to protect our individual civil rights, by adhering to the rule of law outlined by the Constitution, to protect the people from abusive, intrusive, tyrannical domination by government itself.

      I would like to suggest that you visualize and test your view of freedom and prosperity via global authority and intervention by thinking in the concept of your neighbors household. Go ahead, imagine yourself and every member of your family, engaged in using all your time and resources focused on coercing, dictating, managing, controlling and enforcing your will, regarding how your neighbor should conduct their lives and business for your advantage, then experience how they as sovereign individuals will respond. Then visualize the effect of neglecting your own affairs by, intervening in others, has on destabilizing your own home and family. We Americans, like your neighbor are the consequence of, not the beneficiaries of a global and interventionist foreign policy.

      I and millions of American voters continue to support Ron Paul, our candidate for Constitutional governing, national sovereignty, non-intervention, liberty, sound money, prosperity and self-determination.

      My opinion is based on my candidates merit and by Constitutional principles and is unaffected by poll numbers.

      Ron Paul 2012 The thinking persons candidate.

  17. http://youtu.be/6sRIpi-ngtc

    Ron Paul is the Constitutions most stalwart defender, his solutions are always founded, tested and grounded by it’s tenant’s. Ron Paul is America’s protector and candidate for the American people! It is far wiser to throw your support to the man whose principles support and uphold our Sovereign country and the freedom for all American’s to pursue life, liberty and happiness as granted and protected by the Constitution.

    To win the election Republicans must cast off their personal cause’s to stand for true Constitutional principles that are unimpeachable. The real debate is about adherence to the Constitution. This is the only cause that can be defended when the debate with Obama begins and there is no candidate better equipped than Ron Paul to do it!

    Ron Paul Is Us!

  18. Ron Paul will win and here’s why. He is the only Republican candidate who can actually draw disenfranchised liberal votes away from Obama in the general election,and that will guarantee his victory. No other Republican candidate has that much universal appeal.

    So, whether you want to keep the far left or the far right out of the White House, Ron Paul is your best bet.

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