Representative Michele Bachmann appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday to discuss the 2012 race and her continued fight for the nomination.


Here is Bachmann’s entire interview with David Gregory:

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Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann said Sunday that the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State is a matter for the state, not Congress, to deal with.

“This is a state matter, it needs to stay at a state level,” Bachmann said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.’’

Bachmann said that as a parent, her response to the arrest of the college football team’s former assistant coach for sexual abuse of children and the firing of the head coach and college president, would be forceful. “If that was my child, my automatic reaction would be even though I’m a small woman, I want to find that guy and beat him to a pulp,” Bachmann said.

The Republican presidential candidate said the investigation should remain in Pennsylvania, the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

As Bachmann remains in the single digits in national polls, she has tried to portray herself as the consistent conservative in the presidential race. She made that point on “Meet the Press,’’ attacking GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney for his lack of consistency – and for the health care plan he signed as governor of Massachusetts, which requires individuals to buy health insurance.

Bachmann has been plateaued in the polls for a couple months now and is looking like an increasingly outside shot to win the nomination. Despite popularity with GOP voters, Bachmann hasn’t been able to recover from her drop in the polls since late July.

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