We have watched the polls shift dramatically in Iowa over the past 6 months. Mitt Romney has always had a reasonably strong footing there until Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich and Paul have whittled away his lead. A new poll out from Bloomberg Tuesday shows a four-way race for Iowa:

Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are in a dead heat as the top choices for Iowans likely to attend the Jan. 3 Republican presidential caucuses.

A Bloomberg News poll shows Cain at 20 percent, Paul at 19 percent, Romney at 18 percent and Gingrich at 17 percent among the likely attendees with the caucuses that start the nominating contests seven weeks away.

Economic issues such as jobs, taxes and government spending are driving voter sentiment, rather than such social issues as abortion and gay marriage, the poll finds. Only about a quarter of likely caucus-goers say social or constitutional issues are more important to them, compared with 71 percent who say fiscal concerns.

The poll reflects the race’s fluidity, with 60 percent of respondents saying they still could be persuaded to back someone other than their top choice, and 10 percent undecided. Paul’s support is more solidified than his rivals, while Cain’s is softer. All of the major contenders have issue challenges to address.

A Romney win in Iowa would be huge for him in that it would start to set in motion a fairly easy path to the nomination. However, should any of the 3 others in contention take an Iowa victory, the process will be extended and certainly culminate in a fight for South Carolina, assuming Romney wins New Hampshire, and the later contests. Even if Romney were to win Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina is an entirely different ballgame. Clearly Cain, Gingrich and Paul would have a home field advantage in the South compared to Romney.


  1. People would like an opportunity to hear ALL the candidates’ input to the questions during the debates, not just the ones in the center. The media clearly has chosen the candidate when they choose only the top two to answer the questions. How are voters to make a decision? Give them less questions, but let each one answer each question. Let’s be fair!

    • ‘ashley owen’ is also obviously uneducated and unable to use correct English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    • Ashley Owen:

      Your comment is probably the most ignorant comment I’ve read on 2012PresidentialElectionNews, FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.

      Focus on the concepts of public policy and leadership, not on race.

    • Ashley Owen, I hope you’re just writing this to get some attention…otherwise, you’re making white people look dumb….

  2. Ashley Owen is patently uninformed and closed minded, as well as unwilling to use proper spelling and punctuation.

  3. America is supposed to be a REPUBLIC not a Democracy. Seems to me that Ron Paul is the only one that seems to understand the fundamental difference.

    America is entering into an Corporate Oligarchy. The definition is very close to what America is feeling at this moment.

    It really does not matter who America votes for. Since MOST candidates still follow the same old beaten path to financial dispair. It is just packaged differently. Get to the constitution and back to the way America should be.

    • Robin well said. If we do not get back to the roots
      of our country’s beginning and founding fathers ways we will no longer be the great nation we once were. We have slipped down a long way but there is still time to get
      back on the right track, but we need to start today.

  4. Robin

    It matters very much that Ron Paul is nominated and wins the Presidency. He is fundamentally different from the leading Republican candidates because his views are based in the libertarian ideology. It is the only ideology that values individual liberty above the group. RP is the only candidate that will bring a real change of course, to focus on America’s many problems and bring our troops home to defend America.
    The other candidates are in the main neo-conservatives, and yes they are only proposing to tinker with and repackage the current agenda a little differently. Exactly what we are so unhappy about!
    Ron Paul attracts more Independents and Blue Democrats than any other candidate and he has the most loyal supporters so there will be no swing to a second choice candidate. Like me Ron Paul’s supporters will write him in.

    About Classic (Libertarian) Liberalism http://youtu.be/iU-8Uz_nMaQ

    Ron Paul 2012 National Sovereignty, Freedom, Non-Intervention

    • While I agree on some of the positions that Ron Paul has his view on our national defense and foreign policy scare me. He would like us to be isolationist, we’ve tried that before and it didn’t work. Not sure which candidate will get my vote, there will never be a candidate that people will 100% agreeable with but, cetain things need to be looked at: National Defense, economy, immigration. People need to remember there is no utopia, but if we do not protect ourself, the other issues may not matter. We need to ask the candidates if we have to go to war will they let the military win. If they choose as a last resort that we need to fight, then let them fight. There is no humanity in war, if you go, go to win. Then there would not be 10 years that our young men and women have to be in harm way.

      Please be careful how you vote, sometimes you get more then you bargain for…(Obama)

  5. I agree with Vicki Woodhouse. Americans don’t get a chance to hear the other candidates. It’s completely hypocritical as well considering that the public is tired of media bias, yet we still fall for it.

  6. Please Everyone!!! VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!! I am 27,a College Graduate, proud parent, and raised Rupublican, AND NOT GETTING ANY OLDER. Our future generations need to be broken down!!! The Economy will fall no matter what the circumstances. Why not let someone that already is prepared for the downfall to take those matters into our hands!? You all have seen the results! Bush’s Bailout? Obama’s Bailout! IT IS ALL A DELAY! I was raised into the Military growing up, I have seen what this country has done. It is time for a new rise and a HUGE need to rebuild this country all over again!!! Foreign policy wont be the focus from other countries once they see what we would like to accomplish within our own! DONT YOU GET IT PEOPLE!!! I am tired of the blood on our hands, whether it be war, or YOUR HARD EARNED LABOR that is GETTING YOU NO WHERE! If we want to live happily the way we ALL would like to, why not take into consideration of a new aim or route that actually has a plan, AND WILL FOR ONCE FOLLOW THROUGH!!!
    Please vote for Ron Paul.

  7. I agree with you Daniel Gallegos!

    “The Economy will fall no matter what the circumstances.” You all have seen the results! Bush’s Bailout? Obama’s Bailout! IT IS ALL A DELAY! I am tired of the blood on our hands, whether it be war, or YOUR HARD EARNED LABOR that is GETTING YOU NO WHERE! If we want to live happily the way we ALL would like to, why not take into consideration of a new aim or route that actually has a plan, AND WILL FOR ONCE FOLLOW THROUGH!!!”

    America and the world are standing on the the precipice of the greatest collapse ever known in the recorded history of the world. We can no longer deny that the fall is at hand and a certainty. There has never been another time in recorded history when entire world economies are so intertwined and for the first time we face not only the collapse of America but a world economic collapse. We all know it. Attempts to manage it haven’t worked. The only choice we have is which direction do we choose and how do we land. Ron Paul is the only candidate who recognized the problem and where it would lead, he has been telling us for years, he knows what needs to be done and how to steer America onto a firm foundation from which we can build a sound economy. Ron Paul is the only candidate who identified and warned us of the real problems and where it would lead if America didn’t change course. He talks about the core of the problems we face today and he has a plan to lead America onto the sound road to recovery.

    No other candidate but Ron Paul recognizes this, even while they co-opt Ron Paul’s message the other candidates solution is to continue managing the current failed course, They will not acknowledge the depth of the problems until the crash. Though many are well-intentioned they only offer to tinker and manipulate the course we are on, just like Bush and Obama did. No one in America is happy with this course!

    Either direction we choose will require hard work, recovery will be painful, we Americans will experience difficulties, sacrifice, hardship and maybe worse unless we recover. So PLEASE,PLEASE, recognize the difference. Ron Paul proposes to change course. Do choose the sound road for recovery. Solution, not mere continued management of the failed direction we are on.

    America can still be all it was meant to be if we choose well and act now, strong, just, free, prosperous!

    Ron Paul 2012

  8. Please understand RON PAUL wants to strengthen and defend America instead of staying on the road we are on, war mongering from a weakened position. It is imperative to strengthen America before it’s too late. Our country is facing a crisis we must act to prevent it, our first priority!

    RON PAUL 2012

  9. Ron Paul has a cohesive foreign and domestic policy. He advocates “non-inteventionism”…anybody who uses the word isolationist is either ignorant or lying. Those who think we should go to (undeclared) war with Iran at an estimated cost of 4 trillion, on top of the 15 trillion we already owe, is sick in the head.

  10. Ron Paul is not running just to be elected. He is running to save our country from the impending catastrophy that awaits us if we do not change course.
    The devaluation of the dollar, uncontrolled inflation, disregard for our Constitution and more wars; all this is inevitable if we don’t elect a genuine
    American statesman as our President. We need Ron Paul. Anybody else will lead us to ruination.

  11. I am really suprised and very apreciative of all you out there that see the need for Dr Paul. We do need very much in our country to revert back to our founding fathers ideas of what and who we are. once we were the greatest nation on the planet. We have allowed our nation to be taken away from us because we have been too lazy and yes ignorant to what is happening in our country and yes in the rest of the world. freedom is not free boys and girls. you best wake up before it is too late. I like our forefathers have shed precious blood for our great nation. I just ask you and pray to our God that you all wake up and fight for the end of the tyranny in our country to end. I ask you! How many of you enjoy the freedom our founding fathers and yes the rest of us freedom fighters have given you? You people live in the greatest nation that has ever existed on this planet. Do you just stand by and allow peoples (there are better words for them)to take away your country? your freedom? you liberties? your wonderful way of life? I have studied the debates. I have studied the gop candidates. There is only one clear person that is trying to protect our freedom..our liberties and our country..his name is Ron Paul..Please study and try to see which person is the best for our country

  12. Why is it “isolationism” to want the congress to declare a war?

    Why does it scare “conservatives” to have a small federal government?

    Why do we not want the government involved in our lives, but we like them marching in other countries telling them how to live?

    Why are right to life people so eager for war?

    What would be wrong with bringing home our troops, re-open some bases here, and close the 900 around the world?

    How will we help anyone when we are bankrupt and on the scrap heap of history?

    Just a few questions that bother me.

  13. I say Amen to this Brock…It is why we have to fight to get Dr Ron Paul elected…But more so we MUST take control of congress somehow we must make people quit believing Dr Paul can not get elected and get people to vote for him anyway. Example…I wrote him in on the 2008 ballot. I knew beyond any doubt he would not win but guess what people. My mind and my heart is at rest because I know in my heart I did the best thing for my country. Please do not sacrifice your standards…morals or ideas by voting for the lesser of two evils. Take a stand for our once great nation and vote for the guy you know in your heart will help us to survive as a nation. If you do not take a stand this next November and vote in great numbers I am fearful that our great country will cease to exist just like the ussr and many other great nations. Look around you…see what is going on…nations are falling…laugh okay? this is the pathway to the new world order…

    • Orey
      Just a thank you! for convincing me that Dr. Paul can be elected – I’ll write him in in NY
      Thanks Again.

  14. Orey Brock

    I am with you! I wrote in Ron Paul in 2008 and if necessary I’ll do it again, we are not alone, there is an internet movement happening and people are committing to writing in Ron Paul all over the country! Keep the internet unregulated, a bill is coming before congress as soon as this week to control it. MoveOn.org has a petition against regulating the internet.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate running who understands what is at stake and what needs to be done to stop the corporate globalist’s power grab. This is about the survival of America. Be sure to vote by paper ballot, testimony has been given to congress about programs written to change electronic votes. Sign up for the absentee ballot and hand deliver it. We can signup to volunteer in voting booths. We can become delegates in our state and so importantly know the primary or caucus voting rules in your state so your vote counts.

    Ron Paul 2012

  15. We all know that there is only one candidate than can turn this country around and that is Ron Paul. This could be our last chance to vote before the entire house of cards comes tumbling down.

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