Earlier tonight, eight GOP candidates took the stage at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, in a debate sponsored by CNBC. The questions focused exclusively on economic issues. Here are some of the highlights as we await the entire video.

Ron Paul on Taxes & the Fed:

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Candidates on Occupy Wall Street:

Can Corporations Be Profitable & Create Jobs:

Why Should American People Trust Cain?

Romney on Auto Industry Bailout:

More to come as they’re made available. The full video will be posted once it is made available.


  1. Why are liberal democrats afraid of Herman Cain? Why can’t a black man be a conservative? It would seem to me that liberals have no brains – just prejudices.

    • I just want to see some evidence that Cain is actually a conservative. What is he going to cut from federal spending?

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. Most blacks are overwhelmingly conservative. However they don’t vote republican for two reasons. First republican policies create economic disadvantages for blacks, poor people and the middle class. Secondly many so conservatives aren’t really conservative at all. Being a bigot doesn’t qualify you as conservative as there are liberal bigots too.

  2. Hosts did a terrible job in asking Herman Cain questions about the accusations. Truly in bad taste. I’m glad the narrator got booed.

  3. cnbc: nice try cutting off the questions where you got booed………2nd Video on this page. They start out with, “Let me switch back to the Economy” when talking to John Huntsman. Everyone cheers.

    You people our intellectually and morally bankrupt, MSNBC exposed…

  4. Liberal democrats and moderate republicans like myself are pragmatic about all of the candidates. Herman Cain would get eaten alive in a debate with Barack Obama. These debates would be laughable if they weren’t so sad, the best that the GOP can offer is just pitiful. I would vote for Obama before I’d vote for Romney, Cain or Gingrich and that fact alone pisses me off more than anything else. 2012 is going to the Dems and these idiots are why, none of them would help build this country in fact they’d all make things worse.

    The day republican candidates decide to pull their heads out of their asses and stop pandering to the most extreme right wingers will be the day they produce somebody electable. Unfortunately it’s too late for that now and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    • I agree with you. But there is one candidate that would give Obama a run for his billion dollars. That man is Ron Paul. Too bad the media for the most part does not like him. If he brought the troops home from around the globe and ended all foreign aid then it would not matter what else he did wrong. That alone is enough to get my vote. Bring the troops home.

  5. Cain thinks the Federal Reserve can be fixed and his favorite Chairman was Greenspan, I can’t vote for him. Inflation is the worst hidden tax on the lower and middle class and Cain doesn’t think it’s a problem.

  6. It kind of bothers me when people go on about Cain’s business experience (arguably his only plus), when we have another well seasoned businessman, who was one of the most successful governors of his state (in terms of percentage of job growth, balancing the budget, etc.) as well: Mitt Romney! It’s easy to compare the Olympics to the current U.S. Mitt Romney came in to the scandalous wreck called the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake and made it a huge success. I think he is poised and charismatic, well-versed in business and politics, and a great diplomat. He should be in the White House in one year!

    • I’m sorry but Romney does not have a chance in the general election. He will be another Bob Dole. A Mormon Bob Dole. The south will not vote him. Without the south the republican chances are nil. There are at least 10 other reasons besides being a Mormon not to vote for Romney. I hope the Rep Party wakes up before it is too late.

      • I cant believe your pure discrimination. Im not even a Mormon, and im from the south. I think its time we as people in this world start letting go of our personal bigotries, and actually accept good moral people who are trying to make a difference. ESPECIALLY trying to make a difference in this country. We are a country built with men and women that defy all odds and challenge “main stream” worldly thinking and fight for freedom! Normally men and women that start out looking “different” or “peculiar.” Romney deserves so much more respect then you and other like you give him just for what he has faith in. He loves this country and is willing to fight and make it all it can be through honesty and morals. I hope you and others now and in the near future can have more open hearts and minds to things or people that may seem different but can ultimately improve communities, society, and this nation.

    • fox news won’t make these retards sound any better. They do it to themselves. It is so funny watching them destroy themselves and each other.

  7. I am so tired of not seeing all candidates equally, especially Bachman and Santorum. The biggest reason they are not being listened to is because they are not being allowed to speak equally. This has always been the case, even when Bachman was higher in the polls. Media slotting period.

  8. I am having a problem with folks so concerned about something that was allegedly said or done years ago. I find Herman Cain a man of integrity and he says what he means and means what he says. Even if it did turn out these women are telling the truth, I would much rather have a true American President than the one in office right now that comes from a communist background (parents and associates)almost destroyed our country and is best buds with George Soros. He spends most of his time blaming everything on everyone else or apologizing for our country. He has turned our country into a laughing stock of the world. President Clinton lied under oath “I did not have sex with that woman”. I guess what he considers sex and what I do are different. He still cheated on his wife. Come on folks. People are afraid of Herman Cain. Are we going to continue on this same ole road of destruction that we are headed down or vote in a man that whether or not he has a past he is a true American. We could get stuck with Mitt Romney or another 4 with Obama. I take Herman Cain any day. Thank you. A proud American and yes Michelle I have been proud to be an American since the day I was born.

    • Well, I think almost any GOP primary voter would agree Cain is better than Obama. But that’s hardly the standard we should set, is it? If–a big if–he really did what he’s accused of, and is now lying about it, that’s got to count against him. I could actually understand if he did something years ago and owned up to it, but he just held a press conference flatly declaring that this is all trumped up. So IF it turns out to be true, you’d need to revisit the “man of integrity” assessment.

  9. JETHRO? I think all the candidates agree anyone named Jethro should be working carnival stands and not commenting on politics.

    • Seriously man? Way to make the people who want to have an intellegent conversation about Ron Paul look bad. Please follow the Golden Rule when it comes to these things. Truth and integrity can not be achieved by thowing around insults.

  10. Herman Cain is clearly being ambushed! He’s been my choice from the beginning & will stay
    my choice. He’s gotten where he is from hard work, sweat and tears. Anyone who has built a business knows he’s made his share of sacrifices. Cream rises to the top. You can’t hold a good man down. Herman Cain will rise above the blood sucking scoundrels that are working to destroy his campaign. Cain clearly won tonight! Yes, he can beat O’bama!

    • good you can go down with him. He has nothing to offer just more tax for the lower and middle class and none for the rich.

  11. I support everything carol just said. Why can’t we give Cain a chance? He’s least political. He says everything he thinks even tho I think he’s bit his tongue with all this sexual harassment stuff. I think he is exactly what we need. He’s 100% black and white no gray area or flip flopping on wether it makes him popular or not!! I pray he wins and I’m doing as much as possible to help his campaign. My first ever real interest in politics. People need to read up and get involved. Everyone doing a lil to accomplish alot!!!

  12. Herman Cain is clearly being ambushed! He’s been my choice from the beginning & will stay
    my choice. He’s gotten where he is from hard work, sweat and tears. Anyone who has built a business knows he’s made his share of sacrifices. Cream rises to the top. You can’t hold a good man down. Herman Cain will rise above the blood sucking scoundrels that are working to destroy his campaign. Cain clearly won tonight!

  13. hiya,

    As you can see, theres only bit and pieces, clips of the debates. The leftwing media is still awaiting its masters to release it if they do at all.

  14. The republican party is pretty disturbing. Huntsman is easily the most reasonable, and obviously has no chance of getting elected. Obama moves further and further right trying to compromise, but the right will not be satiated, so they shuffle further, right on into crazyville. Meanwhile, liberals like myself get upset because he’s ditching us to please a bunch of morons who can’t be pleased.

    • Cody, how much money do you think the federal government should spend, and where should it come from? Just look at the federal budget. For that matter, look at the proposed budgets of the leading GOP candidates, Cain and Romney. How can you possibly suggest that any of this is the product of the right? I think you’re paying attention to rhetoric, instead of concrete proposals. President Obama’s budget is just plain surreal.

    • Huntsman won the worst idea award in an earlier debate when he called for allowing thousands of rich foreigners to come to the US and buy houses in order to keep the housing prices artificially high. What a moron.

  15. Didn’t any of you read the bottom of the page: “The full video will be posted once it is made available.” Patience people, it’s silly but these videos tend to stream live as they happen, then take a day (or longer!) to be posted online (it’s stupid, but that’s what they do). It has nothing to do with the “liberal media” (which itself is laughable), it happens with all sorts of lectures and other simulcast videos.

  16. No not really, the biggest morons i see here is you cody. You vote for hope and change. And now you dont want to reap what you sow? I see liberals like you are the one who can’t be pleased.

  17. My husband showed me this fun little thing. http://www.nndb.com Type in the names of each candidate, it is pretty interesting what pops up. I would like to ask honestly what it is about Herman Cain that puts people in his camp. I have done the same research on him, his policy and background that I have done on all of the others and have come up with absolutly no qualities that make me want to have him as my president. I would like to point out that being a “business man” is not going to give him an edge in fixing the economy. While I do agree that he has been succesfull, I find the fact that he worked for the Federal Reserve deplorable. I feel this way because when the housing bubble burst, I began to study economics so that I could understand why. What it boiled down to was the Federal Reserve and the money supply. So in all seriousness what do you REALLY see in the man?

  18. I’m still wondering when the republican party is going to say or do anything to help the American people ,instead of doing everything they can to help the rich and wealthy corporations!

  19. I can’t believe the idiot that was part of the panel asking questions. I think his name was Kramer. The man acted like a moron shouting questions. Where did CNBC find this idiot?

  20. its amazing that americans cant see its time to make the hard choices as our parents had to.give ron paul your ear what he says makes sence its time for us to become the greatest generation only we can save this country lets see if obama can sidestep the issues in a debate with ron paul

    • no it doesn’t make sense, republicans started all the war and now they are trying to blame it on Obama. If we destroy a countries infrastructure we have to help build it again, otherwise they will be worse off than before. War criminals Bush and Cheney lied about it all to save Bush Oil in Kuwait. Look up who financed Bush’s oil business there. Quite a coincidence it was bin Laden’s family and Saudi Arabia.

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