Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, will be hosting eight GOP candidates tonight for the CNBC “Your Money, Your Vote” debate focusing on the economy and jobs. Tonight’s event is only 90 minutes compared to previous GOP debates, featuring eight candidates, which have been 2 hours in length.

Air Time: Wednesday, November 9 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on CNBC (channel finder)

Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Watch Entire Debate: CNBC GOP Debate

Report from the Oakland County Daily Tribune:

ROCHESTER HILLS — Oakland University is drawing national attention as the host of the Republican presidential debate on Wednesday, when eight candidates will argue their positions with hopes of being the nominee in 2012 to run against President Barack Obama.

The debate, hosted by CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University, will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. from the university’s O’rena on the 19,400-student campus that stretches over 1,500 acres in Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills.

The number of calls coming in from the press around the United States and beyond was increasing five-fold last week as the debate coordinated by CNBC and the Michigan GOP party drew nearer, said Ted Montgomery, OU spokesman.

Professor David Dulio, chairman of the Political Science Department, said the debate is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for OU, students and faculty to experience a major political event.

“This is one of the most important events of the 2012 election cycle,” said Dulio, who is a member of the university’s debate planning committee.

“This is great national exposure,” said Dulio, who noted there are relatively few national debates leading up to presidential elections. The committee has been working since early September on the logistics of holding a debate that will not only bring the candidates and their entourages, but an onslaught of media.

Confirmed candidates are U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., U.S. Rep. Ron Paul from Texas, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania.

The debate will focus on key issues facing voters — jobs, taxes, the deficit and the health of the national economy.

The shorter length of this debate can be good and bad. It could force more pertinent questions from moderators regarding the topic at hand. Ultimately, I think it will mean that the peripheral candidates will have less time while the “front runner” candidates get the bulk of the questions.


  1. Alls I ask is Ron Paul get as much time as he got in the last debate. I promise it will be bad for you if he does not get treated fairly!

    • Agreed. Really hope he does, though I doubt it. I would like to see America strong again, I wish I was American just to vote for him. Not voting for Ron Paul at this point is almost suicidal to US’ national security and its’ existence.

    • Ron Paul is an old fart with no chance in hell of getting the ticket. why doesn’t he finally stop running to office and go fishing at a retirement community.

      • I had to stop and laugh at your comment (it was funny), but just too easy to point out. Although this field is SO bad in candidates. To be honest, he’s the only one I look at as a viable candidate. I think if I had to drag him from the grave he’d be better then the other candidates.

        • yep, I agree that he is the only true adherent to original, founding principles, and I would vote for him [and only him] until the cows come home – or the Constitution comes home through someone else, which is unlikely.

      • He’s running again because his supporters kept supporting and new supporters came on board. Every candidate running today is only touting their version of his message.
        Ron Paul is the original. I supported him in 2008, I wrote him in when he wasn’t nominated, and I am one of the millions that pushed for his candidacy for 2012.
        Go Ron Paul 2012!

          • If we were to get another 4 years of obama and biden we would be completely bankrupt. They has already devastated the economy in 4 long years.

    • First constructive debate. Previous debates have been run by “Jerry Springer. When will you give Ron Paul the time you give Herman Cain, Romney, Perry or Ginrich.
      Debt, and more debt is the greatest problem in the nation. Ron Paul knows better than anyone there is no “free lunch”. Ron is right we must end these phony wars, bring our troops home, end foreign aid, and reduce the size of government.

  2. Thank you Chris. Paul among others, are just wasting money at this point, and I’d love to see some of them drop out. If you are under 10% this late in the game. I would begin to consider it. If you are under 3% and have been the whole race. Why haven’t you already?

    • Jamison, Ron Paul won’t drop out of the race because he shapes the debates. He forces other candidates to talk about real issues rather than just get away with vague talking points. In the previous election the media and other candidates were able to get away with calling him a crazy old man, cult leader, looney, etc. This election it is more difficult to make Ron Paul look bad because everything he has said in previous years has come true. Even if you don’t vote for Ron Paul you should be thankful that he is there or you would just be watching reality show politics. Why anybody wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul is a mystery to me. Mr. Paul is the only candidate that offers a real solution to our problems by offering real spending cuts. No other candidate, including Obama can debate this man one on one, he has a proven track record and his validated predictions can’t be denied.

    • I feel somewhat sorry for you. Do you always quit if you are not front-running?
      Ron Paul is a major hope for the future of this country. If you listened more and judged less you might see that for yourself. The debt amount that we now hold is due to too many people quitting and sitting back while someone else (el gov.) carries the burden. This country really is worth fighting for and that might mean that the fight starts from behind. In 2008 people heard Ron Paul but were hesitant, now that we are in desperate straits his message finally rings true. We need to get rid of the Fed and Bernanke, we need to get back to the constitution and the rights we enjoyed under it. With every freedom we surrender, we get weaker, not stronger. These cowardly sacrifices leave us once again subject to the whims of leaders who overpower us by fear tactics. We will soon not know how to stand up for ourselves.

    • I feel somewhat sorry for you. Do you always quit if you are not front-running?
      Ron Paul is a major hope for the future of this country. If you listened more and judged less you might see that for yourself. The debt amount that we now hold is due to too many people quitting and sitting back while someone else (el gov.) carries the burden. This country really is worth fighting for and that might mean that the fight starts from behind. In 2008 people heard Ron Paul but were hesitant, now that we are in desperate straits his message finally rings true. We need to get rid of the Fed and Bernanke, we need to get back to the constitution and the rights we enjoyed under it. With every freedom we surrender, we get weaker, not stronger. These cowardly sacrifices leave us once again subject to the whims of leaders who overpower us by fear tactics. We will soon not know how to stand up for ourselves. Despite the OWS, complacency will be our downfall.

      • Team, how can any of you see Ron Paul or any of the GOP candidates being elected to anything except a joke book? Last night I watched the debate and what I heard, was one joke followed by another one. How can anyone think that either of these candiddate’s, could be an effective leader when neither could, give a direct answer to a direct question.
        I’m 63 years old and being studying world goverment for 20 years, yes world goverment! The knowlwdge that these people have collectively about how government is ran, can be placed on a dime. They should be lining up outside of the White House entrance door to kiss the President, you know what. They are truly dumb enough to beleive, that they can win the nominee just by hateing on the President.
        Do you really think Ron Paul, is the hope for the future? Do you beleive in GOD? Wake up! Oh by the way, I’m F&AM??

    • This late in the game? We haven’t even had the Iowa Caucuses yet, and most states don’t vote until March. If candidates quit now, it would make the media moguls into even greater flippin’ kingmakers than they already are.

  3. Chris – do us all a favor and grow up. Mocking people only makes you look exponentially worse. And the fact that you support the perpetuation of big government’s current currupt practices doesn’t say much about your awareness relative to international affairs either.

  4. I would like someone to ask these canidates if they would support overturning the law which was approved during GHW Bush’s term, that allowed all American airlines to offshore their heavy maintenance to China, Singapore, Thailand and other countries including those in South America. Politicians and news people talk about construction workers and manufacturing job loses, but never anything about the job loses of FAA licensed aviation mechanics.

    Before this, the FARs required all heavy maintenance of American Flag carriers to be preformed in America by Americans. As a former NWA mechanic, I have personally watched the demise of my former career and what it does to a city such as Minneapolis St. Paul when it lost the some 7,000 maintenance jobs that were once there.

    We once worked on the most complex machines every made. A friend of mine, who is former US Airforce mechanic, and I went to NASA in Houston. He had never seen the Saturn Five Rocket or it’s massive engines before. I have, and I told him, “it is just like a jet isn’t it”. The same technolgy, material, fastners and wiring that jet aircraft are made of. At the nose of Appollo 18, which never flew, there is a plaque honoring all the companies involved in the program. It consisted of aviation companies such a Boeing, McDonald Douglas and North American Aviation and others and one I particularlly noticed, IBM whom my Father worked for in Austin, TX.

    Now that was a jobs program! The calamity the dominates the news this day is no surprise to me. I watched it overcome the commerical maintenance industry in this country and what it did to people, but America as whole did not care as long as the flying public had access to cheap airfares. This, as promised by airline executives could only be achieved by abandoning American based maintenance if favour of cheaper foreign maintenace incluiding China. Put the industry back to work. I am not saying it has to be inhouse or union, just in America.

    Today I consider myself under employed as a electronics technician as a city bus mechanic, I am union and I have not shown up late or missed anytime for sick in the last 4 years of my 5 years of working there, and routinely work late when asked by my manager. I know I am lucky to have this job, and I remember what this older man told me when I hired in. He told me that when he started years ago, this old man told him, “During the Depression, we were the only ones working.”.

    I have never forgotten that.

    • PN

      That is an important question. I suppose it would have to be directed to the candidates through their websites or one of the state Tea Party sponsored Debates. There are so many good candidate questions that are never asked.
      I think Ron Paul’s answer would include eliminating the special tax breaks these companies receive.

  5. Why is Gary Johnson not being allowed to participate in this debate? He has hit the 3% mandatory poll in gallup polls and of coursed announced he is running for president. Controlling who the public gets to see and in turn who they vote for by blocking Gary Johnson from even debating is ridiculous.

    Blocking someone who has reached your requirements to participate by not inviting them intentionally shows CNBC is just another large media outlet that is about controlling peoples thought, not allowing them to make decisions for themselves. Shame on you!!

  6. I will be watching to see what new ideas and approaches the candidates have come up with during the past month. I hope not too much time is focused on sex, as our country needs ideas on the economy, foreign policy, and political reform from top to bottom. I hope I hear more about those issues than about Herman Cain’s crotch.

    I will also be covering the debate on my podcast this Friday, giving my thoughts on it from a moderate point of view.

    I look forward to substance over style tonight.

  7. @PN. The mechanics in El Salvador make about 5,000 to 10,000 a year. There is your answer. I would guess you were making over $80,000. Maybe a more equitable salary around $60,000 would bring them back. Union greed. It’s why everything has been outsourced.

    • I agree with you Ben. I made over 80 once, but I lived at the DTW airport working 16.5 hour day sometimes 7 days a week. I knew the gig was ending and I spent may last 3 years at NWA in DTW making as much as I could.

      I you reread my post, you might see that I wrote that I did not care if they were union or non union shops. I only want them in America.

      I doubt Ron Paul would do anything about this. To me he is the disease. He is a product of the most successful welfare state in the world since WWII; the US military establishment. They get socialized housing, pay rates, healthcare, education and retirement. I know so many vets that are collecting as much as 2,000 grand a month on a disablility for hurting their knee or ankle while playing basket ball while in the service, yet at the same time they work as much overtime as heavy equipment mechanic as possible.

      Do you think UPS will pay me for back problems, a bad shoulder and ankel that I suffer from my college days sorting 80,000 of frieght by hand in the four hour shifts that I did four 5 years and three day while making a little over a $100 bucks a week? Or how about getting some money from Delta/NWA for hurting myself there?

      Hell no! But the military is total socialism, and now with all those vets comming back, the Liabilities will be unprecidented.

      Incidentially, UPS will not hire me or anyone else that I worked or went to school with because we quit them once to go work for NWA, which is exactly what they told us to do after they reniged on the promise to hire us in Louiville, KY for their hub. But I do know of some real union trouble makers from NWA they hired.

      PS, Delta would not hire us in the 90’s because we had a Teamster card at UPS. I wrote them back telling them that they should hire everyone that ever worked as UPS, because if you can work for them, you can work for anyone.

      Ultimately, UPS is still the best disciline instilling college job a person can get, I recommend it to everyone .

  8. I am sick of Romney, cain, Perry. Let’s give the others more time to answer questions. The first 3 have so much baggage, they will never beat Obama. Obama is going to lie like you have never seen before in the Presidential debate. If the GOP candidate isn’t really smart and quick with his answers, and call Obama on every lie he spews out of his mouth, we lose.

  9. Will someone please bring up what the candidates think about Congress Term Limits? Over 80% of the american public from all parties are for this, but no one is bringing it up. Cain being a business person is the perfect person to back this.

  10. I won’t be watching any debates .. the last straw for me was what David Gregory said on Meet the Press. These are not “debates” …and the moderators do not focus on issues that matter to Republican voters, (it is for Republican primary after all) I will get what I need to know about candidates from other sources and not through CNBC, NBC, MSNBC.

  11. I would like to ask the candidate of knowing what we know now ;would they keep the troops in Iraq and how would they pay for it?
    What would they replace instead of Obamacare and how would they pay for it

  12. The problem with Ron Paul is that he tries to apply free market economics to every problem. He has one all-purpose solution no matter what the issue. The Iranian crazies are not going to be deterred by making nice-nice.

    Paul appeals to liberals who have had an economics course or two, but as yet, no courses in history.

  13. Well if the front-runners are going to be asked a lot of questions, Ron Paul should be the one getting the most. He is at the top right now, and if he is ignored, then damn the media.

  14. Please keep Romney and Perry under control. We tune in to learn about each of the Candidates so we can make an educated decisions. Thank you.

  15. Watch this debate to see Newt Gingrich.

    Newt Gingrich always delivers a Masterful performance worthy of a President.

    Newt Gingrich delivered a masterful performance at the Texas Lincoln Douglas Style Debate last week.

    Newt Gingrich is Surging in Opinion Polls.

    Newt Gingrich’s Fund raising has Picked up.

    Newt Gingrich who was shunned by the Left Wing Media (they still have nightmares from his tenure as Speaker) is now chasing him around for interviews.

    Newt Gingrich’s campaign has picked up momentum with new offices in NH, IA, SC and new Campaign staff.

    Newt Gingrich is a solid Republican Candidate who is slowly closing the gap with Left wing media favorites inside the Republican Party.

    • Agree with Udayan 100%. Newt is the best candidate running. Having watched every debate so far..Newt has won them all.

    • Udayan Mallik

      Yes Newt is a masterful performer.
      He was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
      The CFR led to the World Trade Organization.
      The WTO led to NAFTA and CAFTA.
      Everyone of these organizations benefit Foreign trade not American trade.
      Everyone of these organizations have had a major part in what we now know as the
      “Great Sucking Sound”
      Newt participated in doing wonderful things for the Global economy.
      That is why I Support Ron Paul 2012

  16. Udayan Mallik, Didn’t Newt Gingrich cheat on his wife then asked her to sign divorce papers while she was in her cancer bed? From what I understand, Newt went to the hospital to divorce her.
    WHY WOULD ANY WOMEN VOTE FOR THIS MAN? And this is the less of his baggage.
    Can we put someone with a proven history of, integrity and honesty in the White House this time and not these scum abusing women assholes, so many of you seem to love.

    Thank You

  17. Ron Paul 2012, or the repubs can just close up shop. America can not afford more of the same old Keynesian militarism, which is what every other candidate offers.


  18. Newt is the most knowledgeable, most experienced, most perceptive Republican candidate for President. He has my vote in 2012!

  19. Ms. Cindy,

    This column was written by Jackie Gingrich Cushman (Newt Gingrich’s Daughter). I hope it will inform you about events surrounding Newt’s Divorce 31 years ago. I further hope it will blow away the lies in you mind planted by the Left wing media’s scandal mongering.


    As for why women should vote for Newt:

    Any American who loves our country and who is looking for a leader who – 23 years after the Reagan Presidency – will finally put America above all else need look no further than Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich has Saved this country from oblivion once before. He will do it again. Vote for Gingrich for this ONE reason – For your country.

    As for the Divorce – Newt’s Wife asked for the Divorce. It is his private life.

  20. All I want is details on their stand on the following issues; China’s cheating, illegal immigration, and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

  21. Ron paul is a nut job. I can tell he’s the wrong man for conservatives. My cousin is a left wing uber liberal whack job and during one of our political discussions(loose term if you met her) she revealed her true affections for Ron Paul. She chose him as the only “Republican with any ideas I could get behind” My cousin is basically an anarchist cleverly disguised as one of “Jerry’s Kids” anyone she would identify as a good option surely would be bad for America.

  22. Ron Paul is a great American & we should be so lucky to have a man like him as president, who i believe would bring people together with freedom for all. It has been so long since we have live under the protection of the constitution we do not recognize freedom, no matter what happens in the theater of politics and our historians of the future will wonder why we did not listen to one of the only voices of sanity in the thick of a corrupt government and obvious economic disaster. I will vote my conscience and let God sort out the mess.

  23. Ron Paul deserves more coverage in these debates! Im sick and tired of watching Romney, Perry and Cain spew out the same old bullsh*t debate after debate. Lets hear more from Ron Paul. RON PAUL in 2012!!!

  24. Wow. Looks like everybody’s talkin’ bout Ron Paul.

    It does not bother me that liberals are attracted to Ron Paul. If there’s a candidate out there that is a true champion of free-market capitalism that will still somehow garner the liberal vote, I say great! Since when are elections won by saying, “we don’t want your vote ’round here!”

    Anybody that thinks we can continue to take care of the whole world via militarism is not grounded in reality. Get out, stop bleeding sons, daughters, and money, and fortify national defense HERE.

  25. I would like to know if they are running to represent the people ,how can they ignore the fact that the majority thinks that the taxes should be raised on the upper income brackets?

  26. Why is this debate limited to those that subscribe to premium channels? My husband and I have been hit hard by the recession and had to drop our cable. The only way for us to view this is via the internet – and we can’t. The republicans have locked out the average american that can’t afford premium channels!!!!!!!!

  27. I appreciate the attempt @ a live stream :0( well looks like i’ll have to sit this one out! Shucks~ hee hee well i probably need to rest my brain from all the hype anyway.. We all know Mittens is the one “they” have picked for us! It is so infuriating too! I personally think it all sux right now! I wish Sara Palin was in it @ least she has the fire in the belly and makes conservatives feel real good about America! I miss her being out there they all sux in my opinion and none of them makes me want to fly mt flag a little higher & they do not make me feel safe either! They sux @ everything and they make me frea them! I believe that is tyranny! Damn hollywood type politicians. Can mittens stick the broom any higher up his @@@ well hehehehe a bit of levity. Poor Herman he had a good sense of humor & it looks like they sucked th life right outta him. yup it sux!

  28. Nancy, you are supposed to pay for cable and get your information about the world from there, not the internet. You dumped the wrong service, sorry.

  29. Dr. Ron Paul is not corporate paid for, or a fake, or a shill for the establishment. Only ones who don’t like him are the uninformed or establishmemt. It really is that easy.

  30. Romney is a wolf in sheeps clothing… the creator of Obama Care and a flip flopper…. careful everyone. Don’t be fooled by another smooth talker… The intelligent choice is Newt Gingrich.

  31. who are all these door knobs of the right wing extremist religious nuts? Mitt is the ultimate knob. And now Herman Cain is the front runner. He’s a total knob of the tea party.

    • Stoley Eisenhower

      Ron Paul holds that the Constitution, which protects his right to believe and practice his own personal & moral beliefs, cannot also prevent any other person from practicing their own choices, as long as it doesn’t cause harm another individual.
      Liberty as granted by our Constitution, I like it!
      I support Ron Paul 2012

  32. It is such a joke how CNBC is ignoring Ron Paul just see how many questions are being asked to Romney and Perry compared to Ron Paul they are so obvious CNBC SUCKS!!!

  33. The loss of jobs is NOT due to Corp taxes being so High. It is because Labor Costs are Cheaper Overseas. Why not impose a Tariff on re-imported goods to equalize the value secondary to labor cost loss?

  34. A comment on the flat tax issue
    Has any of the canidates ever comented to the point that with a flat tax there would be no lobbist in Washington. Without lobbist there would be no special favors to be handed out while at the same time it would allow our congressmen/women 100% of their time to devote to the people who elected them . With no political favors to hand out to lobbist a lot of the corruption in Washington would go away on its own

  35. Would it be possible for the candidates to explain their ideas instead of explaining
    other candidates’ ideas? The debates have instituted a rebuttal for candidates when that happens, but it’s not enough. Perhaps they need a time out based on their behavior.

  36. Stoley, your comment makes no sense. Are you a leftie? If so, that would explain the inability to efficiently communicate. What exactly is a door knob other than an instrument used to open a door? and what does religion have to do with any of this? so that you know where I stand, I am a Goldwater Republican. Damned near Libertarian… however, I am an agnostic, pro choice republican and a tea party organizer… confusing you yet?
    The point is, we are all different, we all have to have open minds to cure the damage that Obama and the left wing regime have caused our nation. We need to stand up and stop… in fact SHRINK, the government FAST, while we are still a constitutional republic.

  37. Ron Paul makes the most sense. He is the only candidate that can beat Obama. Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney are establishment candidates. Newt attends Bilderberg meetings and is an attendee at the annual Bohemian Grove ritual in California. The others are also probably involved in these NWO events. Come on folks wake up and consider Ron Paul.

  38. Barb, always playing the typical naive right winger who refuses to admit it that your party is controlled by these religious fanatics. If they come out, then the nominee will win. Exactly the case with gw bush. They didnt come out for McCain.

  39. the more I listen to this bafoons I realize there is noone protecting the rigth of the working class america the republican wants tontake the mortgage credit on nov wacht it they dont want to help people like us they all talk of taxes to bussines to be lower no health care are they crazy the goverment should give some care if you want to pay for more you should dont be a fool this is the only country that dont give you anything from your hard earn taxes this bafoons only care for the wealthy they you train employees to get new jobs other countries do corporations only pay average of 14% taxes while average american pay 24% is good that italy and greece dont want to follow an cut the social services and taxes just to save the euro usa should never giving all that money to the banks by bush while people loosing their homes just listing to them be a fools just not undestanding the average american needs.they are for the rich and the xtra rich.

    • Miguel

      I have no idea what you are trying to say.
      Please, slow down, think about what you are trying to express, spell correctly and use punctuation.

  40. Why can’t these left wing reporters understand that the housing market will come back when the government stops ripping us all off with excessive taxes, regulations and BS?
    get the government out of our way, stop taxing us to death and the economy will spring back. Trust the consumer and business to bring us back. Trust the capitalism that made us the greatest country in the world. STOP THE CROOKED POLITICIANS FROM THROWING OUR MONEY AWAY!

  41. Stoley,
    McCain was weak, he is too left wing and he didn’t have the courage and determination to prove the corruption and demand recounts after exposing all of the Acorn and Union thugs who voted illegally to steal the election for the communist regime.

  42. The Banks are NOT loaning money to Small Business. Why not allow the Government to Set up its own bank, and allow loans to be made?

  43. Wowwww! This is pretty stunning. All the candidates are using several of Ron Paul’s approaches to government and economic policies (i.e. less government, honest monetary policy, cut government budget while letting the market regulate itself). He’s been ridiculed by the media and the other candidates and little by little each one of them are coattailing his positions. I’m sure Dr Paul is pleased to see his ideology become more mainstream but i really hope he can leverage all of this into his favor.
    Let this be a lesson to everyone who has ridiculed Ron Paul, a man full of integrity, humility, ideas, wisdom, and intelligence. People want a leader? Here he is. Ron Paul.

    • Dno

      Yes they are! It’s not only because his ideas are sound and time has proven the message true, but his supporters have stood by and seen to it that he not be ignored. Don’t give up, the only way he will not win the nomination is if you doubt it and turn away.

      • No doubts, watched 2007’s debates. No one would even come close to Dr. Paul’s message Which is the same now as in 2007) Now each candidate has adopted parts of Dr. Paul’s platform. As the good Doctor said in an earlier 2011 debate “I’m absolutely delighted to see so many people falling over themselves to agree with me”. Wake up folks, Youtube 2007’s debates and see how much the GOP contenders have come to Dr. Paul’s philosophy. Guarantee you’ll be shocked and amazed at the Party Flip Flop.

  44. Jano, you need to move to Canada and give them 60% of your income so you can have free medicine. However, you might end up like my aunt who died while waiting for treatment for breast cancer, or my uncle who had to go to Detroit and pay out of pocket for a 5 way bypass after 5 heart attackes while waiting for Canadas free medicine.

    • wacth out. sorry you pay so much what about helping the poor and social services to protect peoples rigth sorry is so hard for people to undestand we got here because all the lower interest rates on bush area people dont remenber . I live in italy nobody die of free health care read before you talk. learn

  45. I wish someone would ask them all how they plan to stop Agenda 21 this threatens our property rights and freedoms and few people know about it. This law will take away our property ownership and what we can do with the property we own. It’s the plan to have Government own all the land and leave the citizens without the right to purchase property. For a quick reference look at Agenda 21 for dummies.

  46. Jano…you want the government to take your money to loan to people who may or may not pay it back? Don’t you have a relative already for that ?

  47. Jano, give Obama another 4 years and you will have the government running your banking, your health care, where you live, what job you are allowed to have, if any… and you will get all the hand outs you want, while living in poverty. Careful what you wish for… you are asking for communism.

  48. President Obama wanted to change how things in Washington gets done, No fault of his own things have changed no one will agree to do anything.

  49. Cheryl, if this was on FNN that would be asked… we are on a left wing network with brainwashed socialist anchors… they will never bring that up. They don’t want the great unwashed to know about it. it’s bad enough that those of us who stay informed are aware of it.

  50. The system was designed for deadlock and difficult change. The Founders wrote and ratified a Constitution that would be difficult to alter. They understood how the wind of politics can change on a daily basis and how personalities can influence people. Change is difficult, but necessary.

  51. Cramer & Bartiromo are just democratic hacks.Newt blew Bartiromo away three times.Went right over her head.

  52. Kenneth, Get the damned liberals out of the senate and you will see all of the hard work congress has been doing. Harry Reed and his puppets are blocking EVERYTHING and you are falling for the left wing lie that Obama is using to make the uninformed public believe that Congress isn’t working so you will allow him to continue his dictator executive orders and hopefully vote for democrats in Nov 2012. We need to get rid of as many dems as possible to get the motor running again.

  53. Kenneth…Obama wanted to change how things were were done? He promised that no lobbyists would be in HIS administration. His admin is full of them. He’s a lying Chicago style politician. Get over your utopian style dream of having a leftist President who is going to make YOUR life better. Only you can do that.

  54. It is about time for Herman Cain to drop out of the presidential race. He is a disgrace to his race with very little knowlege or experience for the job. 999 is his only plan and he cannot even explain that. At his press conference yesterday he said that he only needed 51 percent of the vote. Does that mean that he does not care about the other 49 percent? The Tea Party, that is primary white, is the 51 percent that he is talking about. Herman Cain could care less about the poor minorities. As he said in regards to the Koch brother, “I am a brother of another mother.” Herman Cain has turned away from his own people and has become an “Uncle Tom” for wealthy white folks. Tell Mr. Cain that he does not have to worry about the Black vote. We just won’t vote for him.

  55. Lillian….I suppose you are white, I mean right. No self respecting black person would vote for a black man like Herman who has run multiple international companies and saved some from disaster, when they could vote for a man like Obama who has actually organized people to do ….what what was it they did ?

  56. Winners & Losers
    Winners tonight – All candidates demonstrated their competency. The losers? The moderators. Refreshing to witness the “tail (media)NOT wagging the dog” for a change.

  57. If we could only find a candidate to run just for President of us black people and ignore the rest of the country instead of these Uncle Toms that insist on being President of all Americans.

  58. I cannot believe that Maria Baritoma would condescend to a TMZ level…so beneath an otherwise great financial reporter
    to play on the Caine Buzz and then the most inane person on tv gives a positive stroke from joy behar..unbelievable

  59. Lillian, I would like to remind you that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr were both
    Republicans. I would like to remind you that it was Democrats who were active KKK, not conservative Republicans. I would like to remind you that every single law that has made discrimination illegal was a Republican effort. You need to get educated, my fair Lady. And you should be ashamed of yourself for calling Mr. Cain an Uncle Tom… go collect your welfare check and wait for another handout… or stand up and be a proud American who takes care of himself and his own, as King called for you to do. It was the democrats who locked African Americans into poverty with hand-outs… all to get more votes from those who didn’t understand that the handouts were robbing them of their freedom and their liberty, not to mention their dignity.

    • It does not matter whether Herman Cain is Republican or Democrat, he is still and Uncle Tom. Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King turn over in their grave when they hear how Herman Cain is out to destroy all that they gave their lives for. Indeed, I am not on welfare or am I waiting for another handout. However, businessmen like Herman Cain need to pay their employees decent wages so that they could make a decent living and then they would not need handouts. Herman Cain is not only an Uncle Tom, but he is also a lier who cannot keep his story straight. I can’t wait for the women who accused him of sexal harrassment to come out and tell their stories.

  60. Could each candidate explain to Democrats and independents how Government money in any sector of our economy relatively reduces consumer benefits?

  61. Barb…give it up….some people cannot bare the thought of dropping the chains to leave the plantation and make their own way.

  62. I just cannot believe how a presidential candidate can call us a democracy. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY…. we are a constitutional republic. DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!

  63. Ron Paul seems to be best prepared and most knowledgeable. Next Gingrich has show excellant leadership qualities.

  64. Besides the ticker tape distaction…I think 2 of these moderators need to brush up on their politeness skills. I believe in being in charge, but rude? Some of their agressive behavior has been uncalled for and is a little too much for the debate. You can accomplish just the same with respect of the candidates.

  65. wow is this a real debate or is this just to make republican look stupid. Well Obama really makes us look stupid and inepet

  66. When the first congressman cuts his staff or money spent on supplies,etc. for his office so that understands sacrifice or frugality, then I will believe they are serious about cutting expenses. I think we would be amazed how much of our money is wasted this way and then hey should go right up to ladder to all agencies,cutting expenses to the bare bone as we have to do when we run out of money. This with closing tax loopholes would at least get us on the right track. Sounds too simple? Nothing else is working. It’s worth a shot….hd

  67. Love what Ron Paul says, just not how he says it. Wish he was younger and a little less nutty. Sorry Ron, though i agree with you on everything except your opinion on international affairs, I still have to give my vote to Newt.

  68. Consumer protection? Jano…can you not make intelligent decisions on your own about what you buy regarding services and products? You need someone to tell companies what they can charge you for your stuff? If you don’t like the price of your cable, don’t buy it. Cable, cell and other crap is not a human right. Do your research before you buy something and stop whining that the snake oil didn’t deliver as promised. There is more info available now than ever in the history of mankind.

  69. Jano, the best consumer protection is the free market… if it’s junk, they go out of business… and if Obama and Nancy and Harry aren’t around to bale them out, they fold. Trust in the consumer.

  70. Does any candidate believe that having a flat tax would not reduce corruption in Congress and close tax loop holes? Would this not produce a more consumer driven economy?

  71. Full believer in the flat tax. Women who have no ta-tas should be taxed to help pay for the those who want some ta-tas. Excuse me, I think I mis-understood the subject. My bad.

  72. I’m with Barb and East!

    Of them all, I believe Newt will make us the best candidate for our next president. He has the knowledge and experience. He has way more to offer u than any of the others.

    There are several I like and some I actally feel for who are caught up in a losing rat race. But of them all, Newt’s got my vote!

  73. Steven… the best pro consumer anyone can do is eliminate regulation, government interference, corporate taxes, and leave us alone…. we will all be better off. Kill corporate tax and thousands of jobs will leave China and Europe and come back home immediately.

  74. Barb…Retired performer here (guitar player and singer) turned computer geek for Citrix. I must say that you have been a pleasure.

  75. Best debate yet. Strong showing for Cain, Romney and Gingrich. Perry will be curcified for a simple, human misstep. Mostly good panel with the exception of Harwood. Absolutely horrible.

  76. it would be a better debate to give each person a fair amount of time,,, but RON PAUL is the only one who can save our country!

  77. I think all the Republicas are a joke 😉 and Rick Perry is done after that debate 🙂 Omg who’s next??? “Go Obama 2010” 😉

  78. I think all the Republicas are a joke 😉 and Rick Perry is done after that debate 🙂 Omg who’s next??? “Go Obama 2012” 😉

  79. For the information of the reporters, the bailout of the auto makers in Michigan was NOT done under Governor Synder but WAS DONE under Governor Granholm. This mistake was made three different times during the debate.

  80. Wow, I thought these questions were being submitted to the Moderators? I was concerned, because the Candidates were NOT answering the Questions that they were asked……They so often went off on their own Tangent, without paying ANY attention to What was being asked.

  81. The people of this country can not afford to waste their votes on any thing less than the best person for the job. Our economy is at its breaking point. We must have a commander and chief that is going to stop the out of control spending, stop nation building, stop getting involved in unnecessary foreign affairs, protect our borders, audit the fed,preserve our constitution and our freedoms and that’s Ron Paul.

  82. Barb Scott: You, as well, did not answer the questions, in the Thread. Your answers were very dis-jointed, and relatively unrelated to the question that was posed. Many of the answers seemed to be a series of Non-sequiturs, and just a stream of Lash-outs without a lot of thought about the issues. What’s Up?

  83. Does an illegal war in Iraq where no WMDs were found and over 100,000 innocent civilians killed have anything to do with our National Debt Problem?

  84. Why don’t you ask a question and give each candidate a chance to answer instead of asking questions to 3 or 4 of the candidates most of the time? We can then hear each candidates opinion for each question and each candidate will have a fair chance.

  85. Another Ron Paul supporter here…he is the ONLY candidate that will significantly change Washington and get our government closer to how it was suppose to function abiding by our constitution. There is no doubt media bias against him – both conservative and liberal. Unfortunately, he does come across as a complainer which I feel takes away from the righteousness of his words.

  86. Yes Barb your right and we are experiencing the results and destruction of America, our Christian History, the destruction and respect for family values all from liberal political correctness. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS THE SUPPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH THAT’S DESTROYING AMERICA and turning everyone against each other. This country is more divided than ever, thanks to the liberals. The US Education system is a joke due to their leftwing brain washed educators, politicians and media. Why doesn’t anyone speak of the how our eight graders are being taught how to become Muslims, how to pray to allah, how to dress like a muslim. No one questions why muslim lies are replacing American Christian History in our eight grade text books! Thank God most REAL GOD LOVING AMERICANS finally now see through the liberal socialist LIES AND PROPAGANDA. The thing we can thank that illegal muslim in our WHITE HOUSE. Maybe now that our country is on the brink of disaster due to the liberal socialist rule (that has failed in every other country!) and the fraud (that doesn’t deserve the title of President of the US) that can’t even talk without a teleprompter, my GOD and the media idolizes him, and this is what is representing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! that speaks volumes. It’s no wonder we are being laughed at world wide.
    Americans will not let their country fall to the wide spread corruption of those that want to destroy us. EVIL HAS NEVER WON AND NEVER WILL. THOSE THAT LOVE GOD WILL PREVAIL, THOSE THAT ARE GOVERNMENT PARASITES WILL FAIL!

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